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their friendship is everything
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draws people holding each other draws people holding each oth
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You will fall in love with train rides, and sooner or later you will realize that nowhere seems like home anymore.
― Shinji Moon, Here's What Our Parents Never Taught Us
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B4U Taxi/Cab Service Lahore - B4U Cabs is ride-hailing service also provides railway station and airport pick and drop Service in Lahore, Karachi, and Hyderabad..
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Boba Fett when Black Krrsantan pulled him out of the Bacta Tank
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The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 1: Stranger in a Strange Land no-context spoilers
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08.07.21 - Howl
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Found at goodwill In Waverly,Ohio 🙏
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Praise// d.m
Pairing: draco malfoy x fem!reader
Warnings: SMUT! lots of smut, fingering, overstimulation kink, gagging kink, knifeplay, riding, kissing, degrading, praising, ownership kink, sub reader, dom!draco, sir kink, draco is really rough btw. Tell me if I missed anything<3
(It’s my first time writing smut, so please don’t mind if it’s trash.)
Summary: Draco had a bad day and uses you as a stress reliever.
He gripped your hips harshly as you walked up to him, his face pushed into a deadly glare that made you shiver slightly.
He brought your face towards his, letting out a harsh breath when he heard you whimper.
He pulled you towards the bed, sitting down on it and pulling you to straddle him, leaning his forehead against yours.
“Had a bad day?” you finally spoke, your voice soft, afraid to anger him more.
His icy eyes met yours and he gritted his teeth when you shifted on his lap, your warm cunt pressing against his erection.
“The worst fucking day, baby.” he rasped out, his hands on your hips, stroking your skin where you shirt didn’t cover.
You nodded, “What happened?” You made the mistake without realising.
His glare was back, all emotion gone from his face as he gripped your body tighter and pulling you against him.
You whimpered, eyes wide staring up at him.
“Shut that fucking mouth, darlin’ or I might gag you.” he murmured, staring at your lips.
You moaned as he brought his fingers up to your mouth, forcing two in.
One glare from him has you sucking on it, your tongue circling them, making him groan.
“That’s it, pretty girl. Suck my fingers like you suck my cock.” he smirked when he felt your hips twitch, trying to get rid of the ache between your thighs.
You were dripping with wetness, your clothed pussy sitting on his hard dick.
Removing his fingers, he gave you no time to react as he slammed his lips against yours, his hand holding the back of your head and pulling you closer to his face.
He sucked on your bottom lip, his tongue plunging into your mouth, exploring it like there was no tomorrow.
You moaned as his fingers curled into your hair, kissing you harshly as you opened your mouth wider.
He pulled away, staring at your swollen lips and flushed cheeks and he chuckled.
“You look like a fucking slut,” he mocked, gripping your hair tighter, “Like my pretty little slut.”
“‘M your pretty slut, sir,” you agreed, your hips rocking against his.
“I told you to shut your fucking mouth, didn’t i?” he cocked his head to the side, pulling your face back to look at you.
He waited for your reply and slowly you nodded, yelping when he flipped you over so you laid on the bed and he was hovering over you.
His face was so close to yours, his breath fanning your cheek as he held his strong two arms besides your head.
He was still in his slytherin uniform, so were you.
Keeping eye contact, he loosened his tie, his skilled fingers taking it off in less than 10 seconds.
He lifted you up so you sat and he stood in front of you, your mouth in line with his throbbing cock.
“I told you i was going to gag you. ‘M just fulfilling my promise, pretty whore.” he grinned, opening your mouth and tying the tie around your head.
You closed your mouth around the tie, looking up at him with innocent eyes that made his pupils dilate.
“Fuck,” he groaned, pushing you down and pulling you till the end of the bed.
You moaned around the tie, hands flying to his blonde hair as he got on his knees in front of you.
He hit your hands away, scowling at you.
“Don’t touch. You’re going to lay still while sir fucks your pretty pussy with his fingers.” he commands, gripping your thighs in his cold hands.
You shivered as the rings on his fingers dug into your fat flesh, your body trembling as he lifted your skirt, pulling down your panties slowly.
He let out a harsh breath, the air blowing onto your wet cunt, making you jerk, drool dripping down your chin.
He laughed, his fingers running down your slit as he watched your hands tremble.
“Let’s see how much times i can make you cum.”
His finger entered you without warning and your threw your head back, fisting the sheets between your fingers, tears welling up into your eyes as he slid in and out at a fast pace.
“So tight for me, pet. I don’t think you can fit another two fingers,” he pouted. He was mocking you, teasing and humiliating you.
You cried out, shaking your head.
You wanted to be his good girl, even if it meant taking three fingers without complaining.
His eyes darkened as he saw your chest rising and falling.
He reached up, unbuttoning your shirt, leaving your bare chest for him to stare at.
“Too bad you have no choice but to take it.” He added another finger getting a high pitched moan that was muffled by his tie.
The sound made his cock uncomfortably harder that he could feel pre-cum leaking out.
Shifting his fingers in and out, he brought his face down to your clit, sucking on it, making your hips thrust forward.
He threw his arm around your hips, holding you down as he added his third finger, stretching your cunt for his cock.
“Gonna make sir ‘eel good. Going to make him feel better, aren’t you slut?” he grunted as you clenched around his fingers.
You nodded with a whimper as he flicked your clit with his thumb and then you were cumming, Draco reaching down to lick it up.
He rode out your high, his fingers not slowing down as your orgasm finished.
You shook your head, tears running down your cheeks as he looks up at you with a smug look.
“Too much?” he asked, watching as you nodded and rolled your eyes back in pleasure. “Too bad you have to be my good girl and take it.”
You dug your heels into the bed, your fingers tight around the sheets as you threw your head back as you came for the second time.
Draco removed his fingers making you sigh but whimper when he pushes his mouth into your sex, tongue plunging deep into you.
“One more and then you can take my cock.” he whispers, blowing on your sensitive clit.
You nod, thighs shaking and body trembling as you lay there and take what Draco gives you.
He licks your cunt, grunting every-time you clench around his tongue and letting out occasional ‘fucks’ as you moan.
Finally you release into his awaiting mouth, your thighs shaking as you orgasm for the third time without a break.
Licking you clean, Draco moves up towards your face, pulling the tie out of your mouth so it hangs around your neck.
Drool falls down your chin and onto your perky round tits as Draco pushes his lips to yours, letting you taste yourself.
He grips your hips, thrusting his clothed cock into your overstimulated pussy, making you whine and groan when he starts sucking on your neck.
“Who’s body is this?” he asks, sucking big, dark purple marks onto your neck and jaw.
You struggle to reply, mouth wide open when he thrusts again.
He pulls back, growling, “Answer me whore!”
“Yours, sir.” you choke out as grabs your jaw tightly making you stare into his icy eyes.
“That’s right.” he nods, smirking.
That’s how you ended up whimpering as he carved his initials with a knife into your inner thighs, slapping your clit every-time you moan or whine.
When he is finished, he stares at his work, his cock getting harder in his trousers as he stares at his mark.
“Now you look even more prettier, slut.” he laughs, pulling off his clothes and lifting you by your hips as he sits against the headboard.
He grabs his shirt, wiping the blood away. Smirking when he sees you staring at the mark with awe.
He lifts your by your hips, lining his cock with your entrance making you scream as the tip hit your sensitive clit.
With one push, he was buried deep inside you, groaning as your tired pussy clenched around him.
He thrusted his fingers into your mouth, choking you as he thrust up into your cunt.
His eyes roll back in pleasure as his hand that grips your hip starts moving your body against his.
Tie still around your neck, he takes his wet fingers out of your mouth and pull on the tie, pulling you down with it to meet his thrust.
“Good girl,” he murmurs when you start bouncing on your own, tits bouncing.
He stares at them, taking one nipple into his mouth as you continue bouncing, moaning.
“‘S’too much, sir.” you babbled, hips jerking forward as he starts sucking harshly on your tits, leaving bruises.
“Take it like a good whore,” he growls, thrusting harder and meeting your thrust.
You feel his cock throbbing and pulsating inside you and you throw your head back, moaning loudly as you come for the fourth time, Draco not stopping his movements.
You fall into his chest, letting him use you for his own release, pussy clenching around him.
“So tight, my love,” he moans, his thrust becoming sloppy.
He flips you over so he hovers over you and then he’s pulling out, cumming over your tits.
He jerks himself until he finishes and you watch with half closed lids, thighs trembling and face sweaty and tits covered in his cum.
He looked at you with so much adoration and love. “You look so pretty with my cum dripping down your tits.” he praised you.
“I think you can give me one more.” he orders, moving down towards your cunt.
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hua cheng: don’t even worry about it bro
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jay was a trains kid, cole was a dinosaurs kid, zane was a dolls kid, kai was a pirates kid. argue with the wall
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B4U Cab is the launched best taxi services in Pakistan. Started its operation in 2018 from b4u group of company, Cab services are now available in cities including Karachi, Lahore, and Hyderabad. Having 2 years of experience and quality service, b4u cab customer base is the largest than any other competing b4u cabs services.
B4U Taxi/Cab Service Lahore - B4U Cabs is ride-hailing service also provides railway station and airport pick and drop Service in Lahore, Karachi, and Hyderabad.
We provide clients with a one-stop shop for ground transportation needs.  All of these services are underpinned by our investment in new technology to make bookings as easy and convenient as possible, through automated Internet bookings.
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Sent by anonymous
'It's been one year now (January 22nd 2021) since the death of our beloved and honourable Choices books which deserved so much better and more. Choices fans will never forget this tragedy:
Most Wanted (Cause of Death: less readers)
Hero (Cause of Death: expensive art)
Nightbound (Cause of Death: mourned for more Love and Readers. *Also first potential book which got cancelled, after that the rest of them.)
The Elementalists (Cause of Death: magickally unknown, but was very popular among readers)
It Lives (Cause of Death: unknown, but was also very popular. Monster attack? We don't know!)
Ride Or Die (Cause of Death: unknown, but was marked as "Editors Pick". Also too expensive??)
Distant Shores (Cause of Death: wasn't popular enough according to the creators)
We will never forget this. No book will ever replace them. One minute total silence, please.'
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Imagine if we domesticated moose instead of horses
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