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Red Queen | Victoria Aveyard

Last book out of the 52 and one hell of an emotional rollercoaster.

My heart still beats with all the emotions that Mare felt, lies and betrayals twist in my head. Even though I’ve put the book down, I still feel locked in the story.

Red Queen was nothing like what I had expected but instead so much more. With every page I tried to stop myself from reading more but I couldn’t take a break.

I don’t think I could have chosen a better book to finish this challenge with and I desperately need to read the next one.

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I’ve always felt like my pics weren’t aesthetic enough for this community which is stupid if I think about it for 1 second. This is about progress and learning, not wasting time trying to take a pretty picture (which may come as a talent for many people, but not me). So my first original post in almost 2 years …. Ta da ! I’m currently part of a book club and we are reading ‘La Sombra del Viento’ from Carlos Ruíz Zafón ♥️ today I’m going to be hosting the online meeting so I made a few notes.

PD. I always put leaves or flowers in books. So when I take a book from my bookcase I have to be careful of things falling off !

I hope you are all safe ♥️

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Rebels of Eden | Joey Graceffa

47th book and the last book in the Children of Eden trilogy.

I’m not going to say much because it’s the same as the other two books in the trilogy except the end goes a way that I didn’t predict and I’m still unsure about it. However it was a good story and I liked most of the characters but only really connected with a couple.

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Children of Eden | Joey Graceffa

This is Children of Eden and Elites of Eden but I decided to do one post as I read them both quickly and their practically one book. So these are the 45th and 46th books and I’m very close to being caught up which is good because I only have about 4 weeks left.

There were points when these books reminded me of the Shatter Me series and the Slated series (that I read way before this challenge) but overall it follows its own story.

Eden is an artificial closed system that hold the remaining human population after the world, including all livings things other than humans, was destroyed. But as a closed its resources are limited and so a one child policy is put in place.

It’s a YA story that follows a teenage girl who, in this case is a second child, is an outcast and fights for her freedom in society.

I enjoyed these books more than I thought I would. The suspense, mystery and tension pulling me through the pages, I could not put the books down. I’m now going to read the third and final book in the Children of Eden series.

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today was the first book club session on One Hundred Years of Solitude and we spend almost 2 hours arguing whether or not the first son has a huge dick, which is what i argued, while the other two guys thought the book simply meant the son has huge muscles 

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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo

44th book out of 52 and I only have 4 more weeks to complete this challenge. I’m trying so hard to read what I have on my shelves instead of ordering more until I’ve finished this challenge.

Six of Crows starts with a plan of a big heist but ends up being so much more.

This book is everything I love put into one, the mystery and intrigue surrounding the character’s back stories, the victorian sort of cities with added magic and of course the heist. I immediately fell in love with each character and engaged in the story so easily. I cannot wait for to read the sequel and dive right back in. This book is definitely going up there with my favourites.

I’m going to rate this 5/5. It’s such a great feeling to forget that you’re reading and instead start living the story, well Six of Crows was like that from the start.

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Starting up our book club in our writer’s discord server again! Still in the phase where we’re taking suggestions for books to read.

Then we will vote and read the winner.

Send me a DM if you wanna join our book club!

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  • legends of tomorrow high school au
    • in my defense, i’m waiting for the season finale to get into writing this in earnest
  • silicon valley post-finale nursing home book club fic
  • twelfth night, hamlet, and much ado about nothing aus for every single fandom and/or ship there is
  • genderswapped versions of the secret history and the goldfinch
  • my monstrous regiment fic that i really have to finish
  • the seraphina high school au i REALLY have to finish
  • the social network the picture of dorian gray au
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No, I think that’s bullshit. I’ve mentioned this somewhere… And addressed the same issue on romance. Basically, YA is not even a full-fledged genre, which are already arbitrary enough. It’s a marketing denomination designed by publishing houses for its targeted audience. It certainly doesn’t impact a book’s simplicity or complexity, and even less its quality. It’s mainly based on the fact that the protagonist themself is, among other things, a young adult, and that’s not something uncommon to find in other, less stigmatised genres. 

Genre should just be neutral categorisation, umbrella terms used to group stories by format or similarities or objectives. They’re not, of course, because elitism and sexism and ageism, etc—but there are “good” and “bad” books in every category, and even “good” and “bad” means nothing in itself—what matters is, did this author manage to pull off what they wanted? Did this given reader find what they wanted (or something more, or different!), were they entertained, did they enjoy it, did they learn something, were they touched, in one way or another, by what the author left behind? I feel like I’m making less and less sense but what I mean is—quality should be a one-on-one thing. A conversation. Something that is yours and that can and will evolve and fluctuate with you and that is steeped in subjectivity; not a game of societal taste. 

YA books can be as good or as bad as any other work, and as groundbreaking, and as meaningful (I still think about Adam Silvera’s More Happy Than Not and it’s been… seven years?), and really, do your thing and read what engages you and if people give you shit for that, ask them why and let them stew in the realisation that they don’t have much to show for their judgement, except a cookie-cutter preconception.

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I’ve created The Dark Room Collective for POC to collaborate on topics in the media, mental health, books, poetry, and many more things.

Every month the members vote on a poll for our book of the month discussion, with poetry discussion nights, play nights which consist of us acting a scene out, and a open mic night for members to share their poetry and or short stories.  

In server we have hogwarts common rooms, mental health chats, house points, and more! We supply PDF’s of books in the collective, knowledge shouldn’t be limited.

Come join us! Our community is very supportive, we learn new things everyday and creating bonds with other POC is worth while.  

Message me for invite link, we welcome you with open arms.

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

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