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thelogicofthetrance · 4 months ago
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“You're not sorry to go, of course. With people like us our home is where we are not...”
~ This Side of Paradise, F.S. Fitzgerald
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sadiahakim · 2 months ago
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Is that okay if I give you an annotated book instead of saying "I love you"?
Sadia Hakim
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kxowledge · 5 months ago
which are your favourite self help books?
None of them. I regret the time I spent on them if anything.
Here’s a list of better books to pick up –to believe that it is possible to do anything you set your mind to, to develop a life philosophy, to learn how to deal with adversities, to take action, to pick up virtues and discipline, to understand human tendencies, to lead a better life and to appreciate it fully.
Nietzsche, The Will to Power or Twilight of the Idols
Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
A biography of a historical person you admire (I recommend Andrew Roberts’ Napoleon: A Life)
Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound
Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus
St Augustine, Confessions
Seneca, On the Shortness of Life
Mary Oliver, Red Bird
Instead of just going through a book – the way you would with a ‘self-help’ book – spend time with it. Savour it. Break down the meaning of each part. Understand its implications. And don’t let it be just theory, but put it into practice.
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mangoslixes · 18 days ago
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june 9: holy nostalgia batman
"I mean, the West represents a lot of the best things mankind ever did - that's why the fire is still burning. That's why Olympus is still around. But sometimes you just see the bad stuff, you know? And you start thinking the way Luke does: If I could tear this all down, I would do it better. Don't you ever feel that way? Like you could do a better job if you ran the world?
"Um... no. Me running the world would be kind of a nightmare."
nostalgia for me is nancy drew graphic novels, the pjo series, and chaat. and because batman, it's found in wayne family shenanigans on webtoon nowadays.
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judestfrancisandwillem · 4 months ago
Funny how Hanya managed to foreshadow most of her book by introducing small details in the first two parts. (These are notes I made and my personal views).
Spoilers ahead **
Foreshadowing #1 : Willem realises that Jude had let him see more of him than he allowed others to see, makes a reference to [THE HAPPY YEARS] and how their relationship evolves.
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Foreshadowing #2 : Ana's death in [THE POSTMAN]. Jude had finally found someone who cared for him and loved him, but tragically died. Because of this, he sees the world as an unsafe place in which he is always in danger of losing anything he might gain. This refers to [THE HAPPY YEARS] as well, where he'll lose his dearest friend, Willem. *still crying over this don't mind me*
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Foreshadowing #3 : Andy's discussions with Jude regarding his legs and wounds. Andy explicitly says: you're not going to cut yourself on your legs. And Jude agrees with it (in that specific moment). This refers to [THE HAPPY YEARS] where Jude has a fight with Willem, eventually ending with him doing exactly what he has promised he wouldn't do.
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Foreshadowing #4 : Harold's POV has always been a bit disconcerting and disconnected, as if he knew more than us. And that's because he knows the story, but I'll do a separate post for this. During their visit at the start of ch 2 from "The postman", Harold observed the tender way Willem treated Jude and was moved by it. This, without any doubt, foreshadows [THE HAPPY YEARS].
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philolight · a year ago
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Medieval spanish to start the day.
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“Jim McCartney…was beside himself with grief; all he wanted to do, he would tell anyone around him, was to join his wife on the other side.
To spare the boys from the harrowing sight of their father’s anguish, Paul and Michael were taken…to stay with their Auntie Jin…After [Auntie Jin] had switched out the light, the boys would cry themseves to sleep.”
- McCartney: The Biography by Chris Salewicz (pg. 9)
Reading Note: Interesting, partly because it shows they experienced a sort of double abandonment from both their parents - but also with them only crying after the lights go out, it shows that side to Paul that was always quite scared to show too much vulnerability or hurt. Also interesting the way Mary was so reluctant to go see a doctor, despite being in pain over what would later be identified as breast cancer, for awhile. Wonder if this reluctance to show any hurt is in some way a familial thing?
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rickscanadasblog · 10 months ago
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bite-dispenser · 10 days ago
So I’ve finished chapter seven of baptism of fire and have even more notes than the first time.
Oh no, Geralt is brooding again
“‘He didn’t hesitate to act during that girls trial … even though he knew it would unmask him’” (Sapkowski, 290) X to doubt
Regis “‘I don’t drink blood’” (Sapkowski, 291) the rest of the hansa: suprised pikachu face
“‘Revelries and frolics; shindigs and booze-ups…’” (Sapkowski, 293) I know this is supposed to be a super heavy moment but that is the most “how do you do fellow kids?” way of saying you used to party ever
Young and shy Regis has my entire heart 😭💔
Jaskier: *asks Regis intrusive questions* Geralt: S H U T
Full moon: exists Vampires: SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!
“‘But we’re your esteemed late great-grandfather really to suddenly rise from the grave and order a beer, panic would ensue.”’ (Sapkowski, 298) NO KIDDING
“‘It starts off brainy, but always comes back to humping!”’ (Sapkowski, 301) Milva being an ace icon
Jaskier: Druid (derogatory)
Vesimir was wrong Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellgarde is a wonderful name/gen
Family bonding time via threatening a ferry boat captain
Dandelion and no sense of self preservation, name a more iconic duo I’ll wait
Deus ex Milva anyone?
“The archer and Geralt turned around, ‘Aren’t you dead?’ they asked in chorus.” (Sapkowski, 331)
“After some traitors captured and hijacked the ferry boat…” (Sapkowski, 342) the hansa: *sweats nervously*
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liiceanskylo · 10 months ago
I am but paper. Brittle and thin. I am held up to the sun, and it shines right through me. I get written on, and I can never be used again. These scratches are a history. They’re a story. They tell things for others to read, but they only see the words, and not what the words are written upon. I am but paper, and though there are many like me, none are exactly the same. I am parched parchment. I have lines. I have holes. Get me wet, and I melt. Light me on fire, and I burn. Take me in hardened hands, and I crumple. I tear. I am but paper. Brittle and thin.
The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune
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slavgf2008 · 6 months ago
white ivy - susie yang
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unhingedwomenapologist · 29 days ago
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used books are so fun because i get to see what other people found important and notated. exhibit A
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kxowledge · 5 months ago
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I was tagged by the lovely @beastliness to post 9 books I plan to read in 2022. Loved it, thank you v much. (also yes, I am keen on a colour coded reading list as well) I’m tagging (if interested) @gafgo @madame-verte @c-erudio @expatesque @semperfeminae @passionthatmoves @thecrownedgoddess [but if we are mutuals, then I would be v much interested in your TBR, even if i haven’t tagged you - I think all of you have amazing taste]
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littleflowerofchrist · 9 months ago
"When we have the possibility of stepping into the unknown, of risking failure, of beginning to live without the label 'depression' written across our foreheads, we can unconsciously sabotage ourselves so that we remain in the safety net of being able to blame our failure on depression.  After all, out of kindness and compassion for our situation, people probably don't expect much from us.  Acting with responsibility in a new venture where our success or failure is determined solely by how well we handle ourselves can be very frightening.  To accept the challenge of doing what we haven't done for months or years will draw attention.  What if we fail?  Well, it will prove that we are as human as the next person is.  There are some tools, however, that can make the first steps less ominous. ... Next, take new steps, one at a time.  Perhaps you feel something stirring inside: I would like to apply for a new position. I wonder if I could teach that class. I would love to work on that project. I would be so happy if I could bring a sense of beauty to our home again. After you settle on a goal, list for yourself the steps you think you should follow to achieve it.
Now rip up the list and begin to enumerate things you wish you could do to achieve your goal. What you wish will probably be more outlandish than what you think you can do, but that's okay. In this part of the exercise the sky is the limit.
Finally, list what you really feel like doing. What do you really see yourself doing? Find a place of prayer: a church, your room, a favorite place outdoors or in a park. One by one, present to God what you have written down: your dreams, your feelings, seemingly far-fetched impossibilities. Pay attention to your initial reaction to these ideas as you present them to God. Do you feel light, happy, excited, confident, and at peace? Or are there some ideas that leave you feeling negative, fearful, closed in on yourself, cut off from God or others? Over several weeks, bring these ideas to prayer, asking God to help you see his dream for you rooted in your heart. As you begin to cross out ideas that leave you with a dead feeling, begin to concentrate your attention on the ideas that leave you with a feeling of life and hope. Ask God to show you how you can best achieve your goal in a way that is good for you, that serves others, and that pleases him. When you and God have decided on a direction, ask him to bless it. As you begin taking steps toward your goal, pay attention to what you feel within your heart. You can repeat steps of this process as often as needed, asking God for direction and strength.
It is strange but true that we 'get' something out of depression, even as it drains us of life. By unmasking our attempts at self-sabotage, we can walk into a future of hope with God's dream for us written in the depths of our hearts."
-Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP in her book Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach (link to Updated and Expanded Edition), Chapter 6 “I Just Want to Feel Better”, section “Starting with the Basics”, subsection "Dream:, pg. 84-85, 85-86
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why-is-everything-so-heavy · 10 months ago
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Diagramma della verita
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thewildegirl · 10 months ago
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Currently reading..I tried taking notes while reading for the first time. Here they are ..
The book has elements of war set in brutal tones, the writing style offers raw glimpses of what happens to a nation like nikara constantly at war; crumbling economy, failed unification of the country front and also what I think is an important part of culture, faith in higher power, people do not believe in gods here ..but if I think like them? I see why they won't, nikara has been at war for ages, people do not care about anything but putting their next meal on plates. The poppy war manages to make war strategies interesting, because a person like me easily doses off when war planning are going on.
"War is a nightmare" says rin.
Okay, quite a contrast to the prince of thorns book by mark Lawrence. The protagonist, Jorg ancarth says something like 'war is beautiful, those who say otherwise are on the losing side' now he was a rueful 15 year old boy hinged on vengeance for his family. But rin is a war orphan herself, we get to see a very different and real take on violence. She wants to defend her city, but we see her scared of dying and doubting her abilities.
What a power movvveeee. Jiang's a dramatic bitch, try to convince me otherwise. I love him *puppy eyes*
Okay, rin is fighting with the cike, or the thirteenth division or the empress's assains or the freak squad or the bizzare children, they have a lot of names. Point is they are fighting ot steep odds against the mughen soldiers. She just choked Down Poppy seeds to call on the phoenix god, poppy seeds also cause hallucinating effects. The cike commander, atlan is brilliant strategist, even at bad odds they seem to be crushing the enemies. Rin says "it was uter carnage. It was beautiful" referencing to the sight of the enemy shipments going up in flames and soldiers dying. The last point I took, when she was afraid and scared of the upcomimg war at the academy's gate and how it wasnt what it said in the legends has changed and taken a complete180 or is the poppy seeds speaking
gut wrenching.
Rin's character dynamic changes over the progression of war against the federation. As a soldier of the cike, she finds herself constantly torn between what, her master jaing taught her and what the commander expects of her. Jiang's lessons on how to talk with gods was to show her what she had to stay away from. He asked her to not fall into the lure of phoenix's power because it always comes with a cost. Altan, her commander wants her to learn to control her power at will and call on the phoenix whenever she wants. She fears she'll loose herself to the madness but when she sees the degree of brutality and cruel ways, federation soldiers inflicted upon the people, unarmed people ..she finds herself drawn yet again the the fire of phoenix. She will condemn the world to chaos as long as her enemies suffer. The horrors of war depicted in the book are nerve chilling, Brutal and raw.
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jfrokk · a year ago
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the dude who wrote this introduction wasn’t losing any time.
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itsharuo · 3 months ago
Now, I am living out my life in my corner, taunting myself with the spiteful and useless consolation that an intelligent man cannot become anything seriously, and it is only the fool who becomes anything.
Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground
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rickscanadasblog · 10 months ago
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allenbyseyes · 4 months ago
Finished the Watergate book. Pretty good, would recommend, 4.25/5. Full review to come later in the week. 
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