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rensreadingrainbow · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Time travel always captures my interest but this was a unique approach that, while still magical, felt somewhat realistic due to all the conditions. There is always a catch, you know? The storytelling made this remarkably easy to visualize, almost like watching short films in my head. Each interconnected section has its own tension with its own ending that warms you up inside, much like cups of coffee ☕️ |Completed 2021.03.22
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ancientmariner13 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aaaaaand it's finally July!
From now on, I'd probably post more bookish stuff because school is OVER yeahhh!!
Thus, why not begin with an author I dearly love? Both of these books are set in Afghanistan, talking about sensitive topics of molestation, force and terrorism. The Kite Runner was soul touching indeed but since I'd read it after completing A Thousand Splendid Suns, I couldn't help but compare them both. Now when someone asks me which one I like better, I'll say the latter because Mariam and Laila have become a part of me.
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rensreadingrainbow · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This was so weird and cool! American Gods vibes but entirely its own thing: part fantasy, part sci fi, part horror, and part love letter to New York. It flew by for me and left me wanting more so I’m stoked that it’s going to be a trilogy. |Completed 2021.05.02
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mirah-amor · 6 months ago
Isn't it odd how much fatter a book gets when you've read it several times? As if something were left between the pages every time you read it. Feelings, thoughts, sounds, smells...and then, when you look at the book again many years later, you find yourself there, too, a slightly younger self, slightly different, as if the book had preserved you like a pressed flower...both strange and familiar.
-- Cornelia Funke, Inkspell
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nealshustermanreal · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A fan in Milwaukee made these cool Scythe keychains, and pen for me!
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Books that have a soul
I am really happy to see people gathering in Tik Tok and other medias to talk about books and share experiences and incentives reading, no matter the book category, be it YA, Sci-fi, Romance, etc...
But I am pretty bugged by see people saying "ew! You write on the margins!" or "OMG you dog-eared your book" or even "the cover is so pretty! But why did you broke the spine?"
We all have to understand that each one have a way of read and maintain their books, some are really expensive, I know, and we prefer keep them looking as good as new.
But sometimes... a dog-eared book can mean "oh my I had a thing to do so I stopped reading but did not wanted to lose time finding a page-marker, because faster I finished the chore I would run back to the reading and search a page-marker would take more of my time" and notes mean "I want to remember that page! Oh no! The characters didn't! *nonconformist writes complaining*" and a broke spine mean "I carried it wherever I went because I kept reading it over and over again and couldn't get out of this book".
The thing is, some people like to take pictures after cry a lot about book (not criticizing, I do it sometimes :p) or do journal about it, but those who have books with wrinkled sheets, yellow or stained pages and covers falling apart, those are the ones that suffers alone, enters completely in the book and leaves their soul in there, a little part of them stays in the story, the same way they'll always carry the story with 'em.
So let's normalize it, let's think about it as passion, not a crime or a horrendous thing.
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