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#book rec
earlymoderngothic · a day ago
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7 Covers in 7 Days
Rules: Each day, I will post the cover of a book that I love and nominate someone new to start the challenge.
Today, I’m tagging @englishgradinrepair (I thought it might be fitting since you recommended this book to me but there’s obviously no pressure to do this!)
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readingteabooks · a month ago
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It's Ace Week! So here's my first official book rec list.
I didn't even know asexuality was a thing until I was in college, and certainly never saw rep in the media I was consuming. So it's incredibly fulfilling to see ace characters become more common, especially in kids and YA lit. Wish these had been around when I was a kid.
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nonbinary-kaz · 4 months ago
why the Six of Crows duology is good
a list for people who have not read it, by someone who adores it
canon disabled characters. yes, that's right. characters. more than one.
a fat main character, known for her flirtatious nature and beauty, and never brought down because of it!
chronic pain rep!
seriously!! two disabled main characters!
an ADHD main character
good rep of trauma (of all sorts) and its effects
and also PTSD
(one of the two characters has dyslexia. the other has a break that never healed and uses a cane!)
literal found family.
make that found CRIME family!!
interracial relationships (two!!!)
interesting plot!
really, really good character development!
death to the "I can fix him" trope
heists. so many good heists.
the six main characters are all incredibly likable in their own ways
In conclusion: there is something for everyone in this duology. Please read it!
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books i love and why you should read them
1. instructions for dancing by nicola yoon
absolutely perfect meet-cute
made me question my existence multiple times in the best way possible
comfort book tbh
basically changed the entire way that i look like love and life
such realistic, raw emotion??? how?
the main character has a really dry sense of humour and i love it
really fast read!! i finished in two days
2. orlando by virginia woolf
it makes me feel really cool while reading because it has dark academia feminist vibes
also victoria woolf is a queen
it's based on a real life queer love story
some of the lines just made me sit back and go. oh damn,
it's surprisingly easy to read
(also full disclosure i have Not finished this yet but i love it so far)
3. six of crows duology by leigh bardugo
be gay, do crime
six teenagers who don't know what the fuck they're doing and manage to break into one of the most secure prisons on the planet and also basically take down a government
inej ghafa.
lots of rep!!
you get the awesome magic from shadow and bone without suffering through alina starkov's internal monologue
"my ghost won't associate with your ghost"
there's a massive fandom of chaotic gays so u will find a home among us <3
the character development is literally flawless
4. scythe trilogy by neal shusterman
i'm a simp for citra okay i admit it
but also the worldbuilding of this book is just. perfection
and it has limited characters but each one is so three-dimensional and you really go into depth about how each one of them thinks and feels and aaaa so good
the power dynamics that are created between characters are amazing
5. an ember in the ashes quartet by sabaa tahir
helene aquila. that's it.
ok no that's not it
but helene aquila and elias veturius are literally perfection; this book was written for the bisexuals /j
all three main characters are absolutely incredible
the number of plot twists??? im? how *sobs*
oh yeah this book will make you sob a lot
but it is worth it
the worldbuilding is so solid and i love the way that she uses magic in both the worldbuilding and the character development
also omg the character relationships? laia and elias and elias and helene and helene and laia and the way that they all develop i can't
brown rep <3
6. red white and royal blue by casey mcquinston
it's set in an alternate 2020 which was way better than ours so it's great if you're into escapism and like to avoid your problems by dissociating into fictional lands
alex claremont-diaz owns my entire heart
gay fluff
childhood rivals to enemies to reluctant allies in a time of crisis to growing trust to friends with mutual pining to friends with benefits with mutual pining to lovers
it's a hell of a rollercoaster
also lots of politics! if you're into that kind of thing
7. a court of thorns and roses by sarah j mass
don't read it <3
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awed-frog · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Somehow I never imagined she would grow up. This is strangely moving.
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savrenim · 4 months ago
OKAY. SO. I rarely go on "I deeply love this book, everyone should read it" rants because like. aaaah it's hard to write reviews, aaah it feels weird to rec things to people in general I barely rec things to my closest friends, and also aaah, let's be real, grad school has meant I was barely reading any books out of lack of time and can't rec what you haven't read, but Hands of the Emperor (aaah it's great everyone should read it does the fact that I’ve broken my ‘no more fanfic til my original work goes up’ rule for it not rec it enough) seems to have spurred me on a "guess I'm reading books now again" kick and, uh. By FAR, no question, the best book I have read on this kick (and there have been Many. double digits many.) has been A Conspiracy of Truths by Alexandra Rowland. 
The blurb of A Conspiracy of Truths seemed perfectly nice and valid and a book that I would eventually get around to reading: 
In a bleak, far-northern land, a wandering storyteller is arrested on charges of witchcraft. Though Chant protests his innocence, he is condemned not only as a witch, but a spy. His only chance to save himself rests with the skills he has honed for decades – tell a good story, catch and hold their attention, or die.
But the attention he catches is that of the five elected rulers of the country, and Chant finds himself caught in a tangled, corrupt political game which began long before he ever arrived here. As he’s snatched from one Queen’s grasp to another’s, he realizes that he could either be a pawn for one of them… or a player in his own right. After all, he knows better than anyone how powerful the right story can be: Powerful enough to save a life, certainly. Perhaps even powerful enough to bring a nation to its knees.
which, like. Is good! And true! And accurate! And gave me the entirely wrong impression, which the first six sentences of the book will probably immediately clear up:
The whole mess began in a courtroom in Vsila, the capital of Nuryevet, where I was being put on trial for something stupid. 
"What's all this about?" I said, not for the first time. 
"Charges of witchcraft," they said; at least, that was what it boiled down to.
"Utterly ridiculous," I said.
"We got some witnesses," they said. 
"Your witnesses can go fuck themselves," says I, although not in so many words. 
This book is narrated by a horrible gremlin whom I deeply love as much as I want to shake the shoulders of, it has some of the most fascinating, human, likable, dislikable (affectionate), flawed, and deeply wonderful characters. There is casual and deeply satisfying queerness baked into the world setting. There is an incredibly rich and varied world background that while not in the "hard sci fi rubs it in your face" way whatsoever has things like the author tracked how moons+orbital mechanics would effect the tides, the narration is this utterly delicious Schrodinger's maybe-unreliable-maybe-totally-reliable setup, and it's just a good story. I started out the book casually enjoying it. I got a third of the way through, and I literally could not put it down. (It was very inconvenient. I had other things to do that afternoon that did not get done.) 
So. Yeah. The once in a blue moon book rec from me: I could not recommend A Conspiracy Of Truths highly enough, and, uh, come back in a week probably to hear me scream similar about the sequel A Choir Of Lies, which I am already crying over having just read the blurb description. 
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judedxarte · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry
I love him so much. I love him more than I did yesterday, and I already know tomorrow I’ll love him even more, because every piece of him he gives me is another to fall in love with.
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literaturacademia · 11 days ago
whether you like TSOA or not, you have to admit that Madeline Miller knows how to write 'love'. and I don't mean the main plot (I'm tempted to say 'facts') because that's Homer - I'm talking their day to day behaviour, the way Patroclus and Achilles talk to each other, look at each other; the whole narrative is beautiful and the way she does it is marvelous. yes, it's obvious from the Illiad that they had a strong connection but she managed to take that legendary relationship and make it into something even more beautiful.
and I love her for that.
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the-art-librarian · 5 months ago
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This artwork: My Fantasy Place by Panji Andrian
feels similar to: Piranesi by Susanna Clarke
I discovered that fish were plentiful in the Drowned Halls. Their waters were still and I was not so afraid. The difficulty here was that the Drowned Halls were surrounded by dereliction on all sides. [...] The staircases [...] are mostly built on the same noble scale as the rest of the House and each step is almost twice the height that is comfortable for me. (It is as though God had originally built the House intending to people it with giants before inexplicably changing His Mind.)
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starrlikesbooks · 8 months ago
I’m glad uquiz is still popular because I decided I need to rate how gay you are based on books Immediately
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katy-l-wood · a month ago
Yassss! New murderous elderly lady book of short stories! And this one has cookie recipes in the back.
(It’s a bunch of short stories about an 88yo woman who uses the preconceptions about being an old lady to commit murder and other crimes. It’s hilarious and fantastic. This is the second collection of stories.)
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maandarinee · 2 months ago
Chuck Tingle has a Horror section on his website and it only contains one book
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practicefortheheart · 17 days ago
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I finished A Marvellous Light by @fahye​! And while I will draw Robin & Edwin later, I wanted to start with the ladies, because I really liked them and I hope to see more of them in the next book (KITTY IS EVERYTHING and I NEED more Maud and Addy interactions) - also I gave Addy a saree. I don’t think it’s in the book, but I felt like she would wear one. Also love the Edwardian fashion SO MUCH. 
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xiaq · 23 days ago
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Do you enjoy reading books about biblical ladies that actually consider the female experience (and the female reader's experience) rather than merely noting women as objects within male narratives? Do you want to be angry but also laugh and maybe tear up a little while considering the implications of biblical stories you previously found dull (or uh, horrifying) in Sunday School? Do you want a book that makes you not feel like, embarrassed, to identify as Christian? If so, @ursamajorstudio ‘s new book is the book for you. It’s A+++. Tumblr will only let me post 10 screenshots at a time so stay tuned for the second half of my favorite bits. You can find it HERE and wherever books are sold.
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pushing140 · 3 months ago
So You Want to Go to Vulcan
Continuing our brochure browsing.
This made me laugh out loud. The Vulcans are like “Do not say we did not warn you.”
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Tumblr media
But alls well that ends well:
Tumblr media
Should you find yourself in the providence of Kir. I want this road sign for my den...
Tumblr media
And then there’s a random prison hotel. It caught my attention bc I was curious about Vulcan even having a prison bc the supplemental novels I’ve read indicate they don’t have a typical carceral system. But it turns out it was for outworlders who were unlucky enough to be captured on Vulcan pre-Reform. But now it’s a niche experience hotel!
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