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#book trash

Saying that Nessian is not endgame is basically blatantly ignoring everything that happened between them and what the synopsis of Silver Flames is drilling into us. Eris might show up for a hot moment but he has nothing on a relationship that is a work-in-progress for years now (and I’m talking about canon time here, not publishing time. Nesta knows Cassian for how long now, 2-3 years? Something like that. That weights a lot more than a random dude crushing on Nesta for 3 sentences during an over-heated meeting where she stood up against all of the close-minded pricks but mainly against Beron for Cassian.)

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not me reading over the synopsis like 10 times to remind myself what is actually going on. Eris threw me off and come morning I realized my problem might be the fact we saw NOTHING that’s actually Nessian so far and how they will be or anything like that. I don’t mind them bickering and not being soft all the time, I just… with these teasers it seems like it’s about everything and everyone but them.

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guys, if it will be Nesta who actually sets Elain up with Lucien, I will laugh the hardest at this point. and as we know, if Nesta approves something that can be only a miraculously good thing.

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Whenever someone talks about Azriel and how great and good and cinnamon roll he is, my brain just dumps in the scene from American Psycho where the guy is dressed in a raincoat, music is playing, he’s dancing around in the living room while winging an axe and murdering someone.

For me, Azriel triggers that movie/book so much I can’t even explain it to you! And it’s part of the reason I can’t warm up to him nor accept him as anything with Elain. That man needs a huge make over and Elain is just not it. (Elain is another question, let’s not go there)

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I’m not proud of my tbr pile but a girl must read trash sometimes to feel good. reading only tumblr-validated™ books leave me empty and angry more often than not. I’m curious and I will pick them up and read it but that doesn’t mean I actually enjoy them the way I enjoy my crack-reads. they fill me with giddiness and make me want to devour the pages and just absorb everything the story has to offer. I love my smut. I love my boys the greyest grey to ever exists. I love romance and I love it raw and not this fairytale, perfect fluffy thing. I don’t need my ladies to change the guy. let them be the monsters I grew to love with their softness shining through behind their walls. tumblr is all about morality and creating slippers from dudes who otherwise stood their ground against their ladies and call it feminism. yeah, I don’t like that. most hyped books here were weak for me and reading them once was more than enough. either give me topnotch fantasy or the rawest romance with tears and snarls and teeth and nails. that’s my shit. that makes me happy. that rips my heart out and leaves me thinking about it days after.

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Everyone is losing their shit for Blood and Ash and here I am losing mine for the Legacy of The Nine Realms.

Blood and Ash is for babies and tame and badly written.

Legacy of the Nine Realms? Holy shit. It makes no sense, it’s a total crack-read but the drama of the two is 20/10👌🏻

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the closer the release date is the more I feel like it is up to Silver Flames if I will continue to read the rest of the books or just abandon the series completely. if it hints at Elriel actually being a thing, I’m out. I would care about Lucien’s story but if he gets one more “fuck you” in his face by Elain and pretty much everyone else after all he went through FOR THEM, I really will be done.

yeah, Elain can have her choice but I don’t care about her or Azriel enough to read a whole ass book about their boring relationship. you can conclude that ship in a 100 pages and that would be maxed out. I have hard feelings toward her and if she stays with Az, her behaviour will never get better because they all encourage her bad habits like they do with Feyre.

so yeah.. my only reason to be anxious about Silver Flames. I have confidence in Nesta and Cassian’s relationship, I really think the healing will go similar way as in CC and I’m fine with that. I’d actually love to see Nesta and Cassian go through a similar healing arc, together. Bryce and Hunt the healthiest and most real ship so following their footsteps is not a bad thing, at all.

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YES! Ohh yes! I had a few of these but I would say I was the most disappointed by Addie LaRue. I expected it to be something else so I’m not sure if it’s on that or the story itself but it definitely was a disappointment in the end.

Kingdom of the Wicked is another one of these on the list. It was more a cleverly structured recipe book than anything else.

Bone Crier’s Moon wasn’t so bad but it didn’t make it to my faves list either. It had its problems without question but it wasn’t as distracting as some other stories.

Also, technically it’s not this year’s book but I just finished The Winner’s trilogy maybe a week ago… Considering what I saw and heard about it, that was definitely a flop for me.

And Blood and Ash! I don’t even want to go into there, it reads like a second draft rather than finished thing that makes sense if you think about how rushed it is.. 6 months from first draft to publication is just not enough time. But sure, if someone wants to give up to the demand, the quality will suffer. So there’s that..

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there are some remarks and a few markers but no marks alone!!

(just finishing up the ones in my inbox! feel free to blacklist #book trash!) 

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Someone had painted Las Meninas in dark greens and pastel pinks above the room’s radiator, and Luke stared, captivated.

(just finishing up the ones in my inbox! feel free to blacklist #book trash!)

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idk if ur still doing the word association w/ ur wip but I have a couple??? 1. dyslexic/dyslexia 2.faints/faint/fainted

yeah i’m just finishing them off right now! unfortunately, neither of those words appears :(

(just finishing up the ones in my inbox! feel free to blacklist #book trash!)

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i’m such a bookworm i bought my family all presents from a book store because i can’t think of anything else to buy people except books

also while i was buying them presents i bought myself 2 books

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What I Say: This book was really good.


Okay, sorry. Had to get that out. When I found this book on my english teachers bookshelf, I only picked it up because it was the only book I had heard of that was left. And I’m so glad that I did. I fell in love with this book from chapter one. Benjamin Alire Sanez writes with grace and beauty, yet such raw emotion. This book made me look at life with a whole new perspective, and everything seems more defined, clear, and sharp.

The characters in this book made me fall deeper into it. Ari is one of the easiest, but the hardest characters to pick at and read about. He has so many layers, and when you finally peel on off, another one replaces it. Dante is a character that anyone can fall in love with. I did. He puts all of his feelings out there comfortably, even no one else is.

The whole time through the book, anytime Dante or Ari kissed or were with someone else, my heart hurt. They’re a pair of characters that are made like puzzle pieces. They’re made for each other. 

Okay. That’s really it. My friends won’t read it, and I just needed to speak my mind about this beautiful piece of literature.

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I cant be the only one who is going to wait ‘til may 5th to get acomaf as an ebook
U all act like ebooks dont excist;))
But i totally get it
Sadly i live in europe (cough inthedontmatterforgottenpart cough) and do not have the opportunity to get the book freakin 2w before its even released like some people
So i totally get it
If id had the opportunity id take acomaf in every shape and form possible
But nope
And yes i have read every teaser and spoiler available bc i like to live on the edge;)))

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Ah, such a wonderful moment when you finish a book and start reblogging every single post related to it, just like the little trash you’ve become.

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*doesn`t know anything about celebrities* seriously how do you even find the information for these people?
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How the little shits had gotten into the attic Jax had no clue, but he was blatenly aware that at least one, if not all of them had. How you might ask? Well, there were feathers, from his pillow and comforter, that fell away as he sat up in bed, and it only took one look around the small room to see that a countless number of items had been drug out of boxes, knocked over, and utterly shredded.

Q’ruhka was typically a light-sleeper, so he didn’t even have to glance back to the bed to know the miqo’te had likely gone down to make coffee. The quick scan over the cracked door confirmed this notion anyhow.

Jax stood and swept his hair back with a sigh. He reached for his jeans and tugged them on before walking about the attic and picking up various things, tossing the destruction into an empty crate near the fireplace. A subtle smirk spread across his lips as he remembered the previous night. The fire had roared far more vigorously then but somehow had managed to survive through the night.

He walked over and tossed another log in to keep it going. That was good enough. The room was semi-clean and by the gods if he didn’t get coffee before another thing was done someone was losing a limb. Jax turned to make his way downstairs, noting yet again that his shirt was missing. When he reached the door he hesitated, glancing back at what was slowly becoming ‘home’.

Was he truly falling for the man? Sometimes it surely felt like it, but then again, constant throws of lust often left one’s head clouded and unsure. It was easy to get confused. Jax didn’t know when, or if, he’d ever know if it was one way or another, but for now, this was enough.

The door shut and he took the staircase two steps at a time until it brought him down to the second floor of the grounds. The final step was instantly regretted as his foot splashed down into a puddle. Jax’s brows pinched together as he stared straight ahead, the most sour of frowns following. His eyes shifted to the floor without so much as any muscle twitching.

Sure enough there it was, the biggest puddle of puppy piss you’d never seen and a shadowy shape near the next staircase told him the tiny terrors had left even more surprises to be discovered.

Next time he felt the need to give Q’ruhka gifts, stuffed, he reasoned. Three puppies. What had he been thinking. Couldn’t the dire teach them? Surely if that wild of an animal could be reasonably domesticated then three itty bitty puppies could! The growl that echoed down to the bottom floor signaled the big brood’s need for bourbon in this morning’s coffee.

And a bath.

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