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abby-howard · a year ago
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MY NEWEST BOOK IS OUT TODAY! You should buy it!!
The third and final book in the Earth Before Us series follows Ronnie and Miss Lernin as they travel through the Cenozoic, learning all about the world after the big dinosaurs died out.
It’s got Megalodon, it’s got Titanoboa, it’s got mammoths and hell pigs and rhinos galore! It even talks about where humans came from!!
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missdarcy87 · 4 years ago
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"For man to rise, gods must fall."
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bookish · 2 years ago
Booknerds on new release Tuesdays...
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This is so surreal. “Drawn like a Magnet” is officially my first published book!! 🤩
Check out the book’s landing page (first link in my Linktree!) for all your buying options (physical & eBook!) or search for the ISBN 9781006774355 as it rolls out to more retailers in the coming weeks! 📚
Likewise, stay tuned for more upcoming surprises to celebrate the book’s launch! 👀
This little Magnetic Poetry collection was a lot of work to put together, but so worth it! 💖
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aghowardwrites · 2 years ago
The wait is over! Happy Birthday #Stain! ••• #OnceUponANightmare #WaitingforStain #bookbirthday #aghoward #bookstagram #bookworm #booktag #fantasy #yalit #fairytaleretelling #theprincessandthepea #beautifulbooks
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