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“When someone holds your book for the first time its like they’re holding a little piece of your heart and soul.”

I’m so happy to be holding this piece of work by Heather Blair! I won this copy from Heather in her giveaway that she hosted on bookstagram and I’ve waited a long time to read this!

I’m allowing myself to take my time with this one just to make it last! I’m only a few chapters in and I’m already loving the writing style and I’m falling in love with Thomas Greeley!

I cant wait to share my final thoughts!

You can buy For The Lost Time and Heather Blair’s other books at

What are you reading this weekend?

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The Trouble with Hating You

10/10 would recommend this book!!! I knocked it out in two days because I couldn’t put it down! The characters are amazing! Liya is such a strong, outspoken, independent woman! That even with everything that happened to her and with a narrow minded community she still had a good heart. And Jay such a loving, nurturing , yet hurting on the inside for something that happened in his past. I absolutely loved how Patel brought about strong subjects such as sexual assault and grieving. as well as how even to this time in day in many cultures women are still seen as only to be obedient wife’s and homemakers, that when one starts to be outspoken they are seen to be unfit which is utter bs. Anywayssss overall the book is well developed, it’s an enemies to lovers kind. Also I can’t wait for Sajni Patels next book that’s set for next year! Definitely an author to read!

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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif//Review


[ID: The Statue of Liberty sinking into water. The back profile of a young boy stands on top of the head of the statue with a sword in his hand. A city skyline is in the background. At the top there is text that says: Rick Riordan. Below it it says: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. At the bottom there is the Roman numeral for one and text that says: The Lightning Theif. End ID.]

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What it’s about: Percy Jackson is a young boy who finds out that he is a demigod and gets sent to camp half-blood. The place where children of the Greek gods and goddesses live and train for the summer. When Percy gets there, he gets sent on a quest to retrieve Zeus’s thunderbolt, because he suspects that Percy has stolen it.

Non-spoiler Thoughts: One main thing. Why haven’t I gotten into Percy Jackson before? It’s genuinely such a good book. I love Percy’s narration of the story, and I love the other characters like Grover and Annabeth. It’s also really funny. Usually I don’t find books funny, but there were genuinely some good moments in this book. Not to mention, that it does such a good job of solving the main conflict, while still setting up stones for the future books. Which I now definitely want to get my hands on.

In conclusion, if you aren’t a Percy Jackson fan, then get on it right now!

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I stayed up until almost 2 am to finish The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes and I need to get some sleep so I can figure out how I feel about this book

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I have this problem where if I focus on something for too long like being on my phone or reading I get nauseous and dizzy but I need to finish The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes tonight. I have about 150 pages so let’s see if I can finish it without getting sick

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“What if you knew the truth but couldn’t remember?

Over a decade ago, Heidi was the victim of a brutal attack that left her hospitalised, her younger sister missing, and her best friend dead. But Heidi doesn’t remember any of that. She’s lived her life since then with little memory of her friends and family and no recollection of the crime.

Now, it’s all starting to come back.

As Heidi begins retracing the events that lead to the assault, she is forced to confront the pain and guilt she’s long kept buried. But Heidi isn’t the only one digging up the past, and the closer she gets to remembering the truth, the more danger she’s in.

When the truth is worse than fiction, is the past worth reliving?

An addictive thriller about a case gone cold and the dangers lurking on our doorsteps, Monstrous Souls will have you gripped to the very end.” - NetGalley description

This was an utterly disturbing book that I couldn’t put down. I went into this thinking that it would be about plain old murder and assault, so when it ended up being about human trafficking and child abuse I was a bit shocked. That’s where the disturbing part comes in. It felt too realistic, too much like it could happen to anyone, and I felt genuine fear from that. The helplessness felt by the girls, the inevitability of what was going to happen to them, and the present day chapters where we see the consequences still play out all added to my uneasiness.

I didn’t have fun while reading this book. It was too heavy for that. I was too busy being sad, scared, and horrified to have fun, but I think that’s the point, no? This is the first adult crime/mystery/thriller type book I’ve ever read that didn’t involve paranormal/supernatural elements, and it was a strong introduction to the genre. I kept reading because I just had to know what had happened to those little girls. I spent a good portion of the book assuming I knew what was going to be revealed at the end too, and I was thrown for a loop when that didn’t happen.

I loved the twist. I was in no way expecting it, and the way it was handled was very moving and powerful in my opinion. I very nearly cried when the newly revealed person had to watch that tape - I was torn between anger at him for the horrific crime he committed and and unending rage at that awful man who abused him like that to the point where he could do something so terrible. It was heartbreaking.

The flashbacks paired with the dangers of the present events, plus that little sprinkling of an unknown POV who is very clearly out to get Heidi, all adds up into a very high-stakes mystery/thriller which kept me guessing even as I thought I knew the truth - and believe me, it’s not what you may expect.

All in all, a fantastic debut novel, with a gripping story that really delves deep into the horrors of human trafficking and corrupt police systems. 

Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this early in return for a review! This book will be published 25th June 2020.

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3 stars for Dream maker (Dream Team #1) by Kristen Ashley: This book reminded me of other Rock Chick books (plot, concept, and the characters). Also, as much as I like to read about the characters from Rock Chick, I was expecting something fresh and new from the new series.

4 stars for Paw (Fae Games #1) by Karen Lynch: This book was a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed reading this book, and learning about Jesse as well as other characters. I can’t wait to read the next book!

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[ID: A copy of the novel Truthwitch by Susan Dennard leans against a blue and yellow pillow. My stuffed sock monkey that is blue with small grey, white and black moustaches printed all over it sits next to the book. End ID.]

I’ve decided to start reading Truthwitch along with Aurora Rising! Hopefully I also enjoy this book!

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Sometimes I find a lot of wisdom in the acknowledgments and author notes. This one is from Marie Lu on Kingdom of Back. Nannerl is the protagonist of the book, and she’s an incredibly talented girl who was not allowed to follow her dreams because she was a woman and her place belonged elsewhere.

I think it is beautiful, honest and hopeful.

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The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt


I have waaay too much to say about this. The Goldfinch is an exploration of suffering and the beauty found there. With lessons on grief and love, it’s got it all. What an incredibly skilled writer - I’m in awe of how it is both soul suckingly sad and uplifting at once. I’m obsessed with the modern gothic feel of it. Walking around in the aftermath of this story I can sum it up like this: this is the kind of book that you still miss long after you’ve finished it.

(I also painted a little goldfinch… Not THE goldfinch but a cute one all the same.)

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