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stop talking to yubo he tobias eaton? no. no he is not important

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the lighting isn’t the best today but it’s still great i love cloudy days :)

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booooks ive read recently! gnna update diz when ive borrowed more books

  • divergent series - i love eevrythngn about it.. ROMANCE WAS TOP TIER i love cliches so the ending wasn’t my favourite but ilov it anyway, the character development was so good.. aaahhhhhhhhhhr kind of angst ish first book would probably b my Fav!!<3 i love christina, she’s jz so forgiving n jokes around..Nd the eyeliner??? tobias iz so cute..yeah thats it

OH yea i think i’m amity

  • m currently reading hunger games!!! ❤️__❤️
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Snowflake Book Review’s

Title: Kitchen Boss

Author: Ashlee Price


Snowflake Rating:❄❄❄❄(4/5)

Synopsis: Can you blame me for sleeping with him?
He went from being a nerd in high school to a wealthy chef with his own food empire.
Check that. A total drool-worthy chef.
He hired me as an intern, and it’s not just a job.
I’ve got perks.
His bulging muscles.
Our sizzling chemistry.
And his adorable little daughter.
He even asked me to be his fake fiancée.

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haven’t been posting much lately (i knoww) but I’ve decided that once my exams are over next week, I WILL COMMIT to this and post a lot more! I’ve got tons of ideas for posts and I hope you’ll like some of the new content!

for 2021, I aim to read a lot more, and will be sharing my current reads + book reviews for the year! if any of you would like to read along with me, i might do a book per month kind of thing? this year, I’m continuing my foray into the classics, but all the while reading some of the more modern literature and YA books that have come out.

reply to me with recommendations! ill read them, and post a review✨

☕ on Emma - I am almost done with Emma, and honestly, after reading Pride and Prejudice (absolutely loved it) and Persuasion from Jane Austen, I have to say I perhaps expected to like it more than I do. The first half of Emma was a little dry, and often I felt so out of touch with her character and her world more so the other Austen protagonists. It feels sometimes that Emma’s world is like a bubble, and that she is a little elitist and shallow - but she has a good heart. I only really started getting into the book toward the second half ( I tell you I live for Emma - Mr Knightley interactions, they’re the only ones I really enjoy reading, the bantering is cute) and am quite keen to finish it now. Mrs Elton is a bore (everytime she starts to speak I skip three paragraphs and then continue reading 🙈) but other than that, it’s quite a calming read. With all my swirling exam stress, it’s quite enjoyable to get lost in a simple world where the biggest dilemma is how I slighted poor, poor Miss Bates on our last outing.

Full review to come soon! Cheers.

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21.01.2021 // i recently went to gardens by the bay with my sister and cousin to use the money the government gave us and i just had to post some of the photos i took :^) we complied with all implemented covid safety measures, i promise!!

20. favourite hot drink? recipe pls ;)

i love hot milo to death but chrysanthemum tea is a close second (and neither really has a recipe, oops)

21. can you play any instruments? how long have you been playing?

i’ve been playing drums for over six years! i started learning guitar eight years ago but i’ve unfortunately forgotten most of it by now.

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Hii! Yess I have a few!


  • Pulp by Robin Talley. I started reading this one recently. It’s about the old lesbian pulp fiction in the 60s and it has a dual timeline between present day and the 60s. It’s very interesting so far
  • Wilder Girls by Rory Powers. I have this one on my tbr and I’m very excited to read it. It’s much more dark and gothic, someone described it as like a feminine lord of the flies, which I’m looking forward to.

I actually don’t know a lot of wlw YA, it’s a subgenre that I’m trying to expand my reading on this year, if anyone wants to expand my tbr by offering suggestions.


  • Ziggy, Stardust & Me by James Brandon. This is set in the 70s and is about a boy Jonathan who loves Ziggy Stardust and is going through conversion therapy when he meets Webb the new transfer student. The narrative style is kinda like Marmite. Jonathan had a very distinctive style, but if you can get past that it’s actually a very impactful and deeply moving book.
  • The infinite noise by Lauren Shippen. This book is a spinoff from the podcast The Bright Sessions but you don’t have to have listened to the podcast to read the book, honestly it might even be better to not listen to it because the book rehashes most of what the podcast covers. It’s about Caleb, a high school football player who’s an empath, he can feel and see everyone’s emotions. It’s a nightmare in high school. One day he meets Adam, who’s emotions are so strong and clear to him, and his therapist suggests he get closer to Adam to try and understand his emotions better. It’s jock and geek but with a twist and some genuinely lovely sentiments about mental illness as well.
  • Release by Patrick Ness. This book is about Adam, who’s having the worst day of his fucking life. He’s going to a party later for his ex boyfriend who he’s still got feelings for, he has tension with his religious family who don’t know he’s gay, and it’s all very difficult. Interspersed with Adam’s narrative is the narrative of a spirit who has risen in his town who is seeking to end the world. It’s a really great read.
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#2021READINGCHALLENGE C/O @studylikegeller

Week 3

Which book(s) have you re-read the most?

I reread the Legend Series the most, and last year I often reread Harry Potter.

Would you call yourself a bookworm?

If bookworm means book lover then I could count myself in.

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The Titan’s Curse is basically one huge Percabeth moment

Percy: Where’s Annabeth? Annabeth don’t die! Annabeth don’t leave me for the Hunters! Annabeth please, NO ARTEMIS DON’T ASK ANNABETH! ANNABETH PLEASE DON’T SAY YES!

(after Thalia is chosen and she says yes)

Percy: oh Annabeth? She’s just my friend :)

Grover: *in the background giving Percy a death stare and aggressively eating a can*

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Will anyone be interested if I post reviews of the books that I’ve been reading ??

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Whew it’s finally finished! I’m super happy with how it turned out! 🥰 (If I ever make another miniature book in my life it will be too soon! 😅)


I’m gonna take a little break before starting on another diarama! 🌱🌿☘

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