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Joe: We have to take action!
Booker: It’s our motto. Act without thinking.
Nicky: It’s “Act without fear.”
Booker: Is it?
Andy: I thought it was “Act without a warrant.”
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incorrect-old-guard · 2 days ago
Nicky: I'm 50% money, 80% genius, and 70% caffeine.
Booker: That's 200%?
Nicky: I'm twice the man you'll ever be.
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elderkale · 3 months ago
nile and/or copley: wow, nicky's so nice! he's the sweetest, right? :)
sébastien le livre, perpetual younger sibling, has been waiting for this moment for 200 years:
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yusufsmoon · 3 months ago
booker: this could use some salt
nicky, immediately:
Tumblr media
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giotanner · 3 months ago
Basically even in the cut scenes we can see this is CANON:
Nicky is soft, nurturer and he cooks as metaphor of comfort
Joe is the supportive husband, he compliments him, honestly
Booker is FRENCH.
And as French he is a little shit to Nicky like Nicky is with Booker...
ah, relationships between French and Italians, always the same, i can confirm we have this teasing-love
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*Quynh calls Booker, who groggily picks up*
Quynh: Bit freaked. Need to talk. Making you a coffee.
Booker: Quynh, it's three in the morning! Do you think I'm going out at three in the morning?
Quynh: No. I'm in your kitchen.
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zambomarti · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“Home Alone in the background” (no one has seen this movie except Nile)
Merry Christmas!! Buon Natale!!
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strangehighs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the old guard + text posts 3/? (happy birthday dumbass bastard!)
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alwayskaysanova · a year ago
anyway nile introduces the team to more technology and joe discovers podcasts
joe gets really in to the history podcasts but some people’s info is just plain Wrong so he decides to start his own
he swears to copley and the team that it will all be anonymous and no one will be able to trace it back to them but the people need to KNOW
he begins at the first crusades and slowly works his way through every conflict they’ve ever been involved with along with special episodes on famous people that he’s met along the way
nicky sits in on all the episodes and occasionally throws out a comment or acts as an alternative pov just to watch joe get all riled up ‘but is the earth truly round? where is the evidence?’ *joe spluttering in exasperation* (nicky very enthusiastically makes it up to him later)
andy special guest stars on a few episodes and drops all sorts of anecdotes from times before any of the team were alive ‘let me tell you something, cleopatra was more than just a pretty face, she could do this thing, with her tongue-’ 
*yusuf yelling* ‘off topic andy! lets move on!’
booker does a guest talk on napoleon and talks shit about him the whole time, ‘THE BUNNIES WERE RIGHT! THEY SHOULD HAVE EATEN HIM!’
when they find quynh she listens to it non stop purely so she can catch up on everything she’s missed, the team sometimes forgets the things she doesn’t know so they ask her opinion and every time she quips ‘the fish didn’t tell me about that one when i was in the ocean, drowning, please, do tell’
historians latch on to the podcast and collectively lose their minds bc HOW DO THEY KNOW ALL OF THIS THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH WE NEED SOURCES 
the podcast goes viral multiple times
joe really tries to keep himself as distanced as possible from the historical events he was involved in but sometimes he gets so into it that he slips up 
*yusuf al kaysani voice* AND THAT is why you should never let your husband go alone to liechtenstein because he will get lost and make friends with an army and go home with them and then you will have to go on a quest to get him back
no one can decide if joe is just really in to history, a time traveler or trolling the whole world
copley weeps
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