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<div> —  Un mundo feliz - Aldous Huxley </div><span>No me basta, no basta que las frases sean buenas; también debe ser bueno lo que se hace con ellas.</span>
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yeah sex is nice but have you ever bought a pretty book and placed it in the perfect place on your bookshelf ?

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Storytime #8 👉 “The Old Man and His Grandson” by Brothers Grimm [#8]


Thank you 🙏

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Kitaplar, başka bir yerde olmak isteyen insanlar içindir.

Mark Twain

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“…it might hurt, it was horribly inconvenient, no good might come of it, but he had found out for himself what it was to be in love, and it thrilled him.”

- Ian McEwan, Atonement

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Jorge Luis Borges - Ficciones


It goes without saying, Borges is a master of the short story genre. One of the main aspects I love in reading a Borges short story, it’s the multilayered act of reading. On the one hand you follow the events taking place, on the other hand, you undergo a cerebral task in following the concept or themes of the being made concrete by the events themselves. In his masterpiece “Fictions ”, Borges tackles some of his favorite concepts such as labyrinths, idealism, infinity, dreams, space, time, and “reality” where the stories aim to show us the concept instead of talking to us about it. Nevertheless, as complicated as such subjects seem, his writing is actual simple; someone wanting to practice their Spanish will find great resources in a Borges story. Yet such simplicity has a very important goal: Borges aims make the line between the “natural” and “unnatural ” even finer, reality is intertwined with fiction. For instance, some of the stories here are presented as fictional literary critiques of fictional authors working on real life subjects. Borges thus does a fictional meta commentary on our reality. Borges brilliantly builds layers upon layers of narration, yet still makes it accessible to the reader. To read a Borges short story is an experience, and I really recommend it.

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Si encuentras a una persona así, alguien a quien puedas abrazar y con la que puedas cerrar los ojos a todo lo demás, puedes considerarte muy afortunado. Aunque solo dure un minuto, o un día.

El nombre del viento; Patrick Rothfuss

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