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kristina-goupil · a day ago
Tumblr media
Yona of the Dawn bookmark
Made it for my friend who collects things related to Akatsuki no Yona :)
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geoguessbur · 2 months ago
wilbur met niki for the first time irl and almost immediately picked her up and threw her.
wilbur got drunk trying to find a karaoke bar and called philza "daddy."
wilbur niki fundy philza and kristin minecraft watched gacha life porn together.
wilbur met jack manifold for the first time irl and when jack went to give him a fist bump, wilbur instead grabbed his hand and gave it a little kiss.
the first time that wilbur met georgenotfound irl was to orchestrate a fake meet-up with dreamwastaken after wilbur asked him on a pizza hut date. fans would wait months for a vlog that never even happened in the first place.
wilbur heard a passing joke in a jacksucksatlife video about jack accepting applications for a new editor and emailed him, kickstarting an ARG that has gone unsolved for ~3 years. this was the first time they ever spoke to each other.
wilbur met lewis buchan from the antisocial podcast and when lewis asked if he was wilbur soot, wilbur said "no" in an offended tone and 6 months later james marriott had to tell lewis that it actually had been wilbur.
wilbur met meowriza and put the wrong discord account into her contacts and so meowriza was messaging a wilbur soot stan for an entire day before realizing that the account was fake.
wilbur met ash, a complete stranger, at a burger restaurant and saw he had a bass and asked him to join his emo band.
when wilbur and aksel met, aksel kept going up on stage and telling the same joke ("cider? i hardly know her!") in front of dozens of people. one of those people was jacksepticeye. when wilbur met jacksepticeye later, jacksepticeye thought that wilbur had been the one to tell the cider joke and wilbur went along with it.
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bellesbooks · 2 months ago
hardcover or paperback? bookstore or library? bookmark or receipt? stand alone or series? nonfiction or fiction? thriller or fantasy? under 300 pages or over 300 pages? children’s or ya? friends to lovers or enemies to lovers? read in bed or read on the couch? read at night or read in the morning? keep pristine or markup? cracked spine or dog ear?
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darkmacademia · a year ago
Tumblr media
alignment chart: bookmark edition. tag yourself i’m scrap paper
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grahamcoxongf · 2 months ago
The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory what happens to youtubers after they “expire?” the problem with aesthetics QUEERING THE SLASHER: SCREAM why you hate learning Heterofatalism: WHY straight women aren’t okay. How David Fincher Uses Pop Music Dunkirk - The Art Of Fear THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (2015): Style Vs. Substance Homosexuality Is Not Moral And Here’s Why Alternative self help is brainwashing you. How To Harm Your Audience - Wonder Woman 1984 Dark Academia: The Corruptive Allure of Aesthetic Beauty TW: trigger warnings aren’t helping you How CAGE THE ELEPHANT Overcame Their Fear of Music Netflix’s Decisions are a Very Funny Joke What Makes Disney Villains so Gay? Succession Deserves the Hype the problem with teen dramas Miss Congeniality’s Mixed Messages | Good & Bad Takeaways The Lotus Blossom Stereotype - Dangers of the Asian Fetish How To Do A Fight Scene Why the Media NEEDED Joker to Fail you’re not s3xually liberated, you’re 16 Why You Should Stop Using Times New Roman Why a movie like Who Framed Roger Rabbit will NEVER be made again The Babadook: The New Physicality of Ghosts in Horror Get Out — A New Perspective in Horror Why The Shining is Terrifying The Importance of Horror (Why Horror Movies Don’t Suck) Vaping: A Lesson in Irony I don’t have a dream job: self-help scam or revolutionary concept? How To Do A Plot Twist Hunger Games clones and how they work Why The End of Jenna Marbles Is The End of Authenticity This Angel YA romance killed my ability to feel joy or love tiktok is kind of bad for fashion The Problem with Museums Is TikTok Hurting the Music Industry? I HATE “Guilty Pleasure” Music (A Rant) our obsession with glowing up Triumph of the Will and the Cinematic Language of Propaganda Talent Belongs to the Beautiful - How Media Manipulates your Tastes Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy NIETZSCHE: THE MAN WHO VIBE CHECKED GOD KANYE EXPLAINED: A Guide To Bipolar Disorder & Creativity Sleep is Just Death Being Shy This Is NOT How People Talk Men In Black International — How to Build a Toxic Hero How Spielberg Shoots A Film At 3 Budget Levels
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nerviovago · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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sew-much-to-do · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DIY Kawaii Rainbow Book Bands
sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.
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strandbooks · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why must the internet hurt me like this?  😫 😫 😫
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yourtaletotell · 16 days ago
Bookmark ➵ Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Wanda is an eager frequenter of the city library, and one day she finds a bookmark hidden in a book. Who is the mysterious person who would be so kind as to put those bookmarks in her favorite books?
A/N: I want to thank @abimess for making the gif. At this link you have a visual concept of Luke.
Warnings: none.
Words: 2,675.
Masterlist /- / - / Chapter 1 /- / - / Chapter 2
Chapter 3 - First Day of School
That night had been one of your best nights in the city. Maybe the party wasn't so bad, after all, you spent all night thinking about it. Or maybe it was Wanda, and the little interaction after the party. Spending time with the girl was good for you, you couldn't deny that. You had your first good night's sleep after long months.
It had been a silent night, which had not happened before. You had happy dreams, which hadn't happened in a long time, you didn't have nightmares. During Sunday you helped Luke with the coloring of some drawings of yours that he had found, you spent the day coloring and doing pirate movie marathons, since that was his new addiction.
On Monday, as soon as you woke up with the alarm clock, you were worried that once again the house was silent. Luke hadn't called you at dawn, it had been a silent night. This hadn't happened for a long time.
A small sense of desperation went through your body, due to the circumstances of the last few months. You stood up quickly, you ran to Luke's room, his bed was organized, everything was in its right place. Shit shit shit. You ran again, now to the downstairs.
"I told you not to run on the stairs." Your mother's voice came from the dining room hallway.
You walked to where you heard the voice, a moment of relief passed through your body. You took a deep breath and smiled at the scene. Your mother was sitting at the table, helping Luke with the coloring. It was a pirate ship. Upon noticing your presence, they looked in your direction and both smiled. Luke stood up slowly, hurriedly ran over and hugged your legs.
"I will miss you today." Luke said with a muffled voice, he had his face hidden in your leg.
You felt your heart heavy on your chest, you bent down, took your brother in your lap and hugged him carefully. You kissed his head and smiled as you smelled him. If it had been any child, you wouldn't have had the strength to hold him, but Luke was sick and losing weight. That was easy for you.
"I thought you, Captain, had given me permission to sail new seas today." You replied by tickling the child's belly.
Luke reluctantly rolled onto your lap for a moment, controlling himself by laughing, soon wanting to leave. As you put him down, he made a funny face and looked at you seriously.
"It's just that mommy doesn't know how to make cool characters, for the stories we do." He said, lowering his head, speaking with a dramatic tone.
Your mother made a sound of surprise, causing Luke to look at you and burst into laughter. You laughed along with the child and as you looked at your mother, she shook her head smiling.
"Sorry, champ, but I promise to be as early as possible, so we can come up with the best story of the 7 seas." You said, running your hand over the boy's head. You could feel his hair starting to grow back.
Luke nodded, then ran to the table again. You approached the table, next to your mother, and kissed the woman on the forehead, who opened her smile and looked at you.
"Ready to start a new story?" Your mother asked, turning again to the drawing. She was painting the pirate ship's flag of aquamarine.
"Even though I've already met some people, I'm never happy, I'm feeling the anxiety creeping in." You confessed and looked at Luke distractedly as he drew something around the ship. "I would rather stay. Helping you guys. Are you sure you don't need me to stay here?"
Your mother pulled out an empty chair, next to you, and motioned for you to sit. As soon as you sat down, your mother took your hands on the table and looked at you, smiling.
"Look, every day is a new beginning. You don't have to try to run away." She said, still with a smile on her lips, and before you could strike back at the woman's words, she squeezed your hand and continued. "You use the excuse, every time, that you think you're helping us, to run away from something you want." You lowered your gaze, ashamed of being discovered, your mother raised her hands making you look at her. "I love you very much, you are a very special kid, but you also need to have a future."
"But no... it's just that I..." You seemed to have entered a mental conflict, until you sighed, defeated. "I can earn my future here from home."
Your mother then raised her eyebrow and smiled at you, you let go, rolled your eyes and turned toward Luke.
"He'll be fine." Your hand released your hands and brought hers to your face, caressing your cheek, "We'll be fine, no need to worry."
You looked at Luke drawing, turned to your mother and kissed her hand, You looked at the clock in the living room and stood up.
"Do you want a ride?" Your mother said as she looked at the clock as well.
"No, I'd rather go on Dad's motorcycle. Is that okay?" You asked.
Your mother didn't say anything, just threw the key of the motorcycle in your direction. You caught the key in the air and walked over to her again, kissed her forehead, and did the same to Luke. The boy wiped the kiss away, and you let out a surprised sound and began to tickle him. The child's laughter made your heart warm, you missed when he smiled like that. And you did everything in your power to make him do it.
As you walked up to your room, you heard footsteps following you. As you turned around, you saw Luke just behind you, and as you approached your room, he then pulled you into his room. You were confused and stood in the doorway to his bedroom, he ran to his bed, grabbed something from under his pillow, and came back to you. He pulled out your hand and placed a small coin on it.
"That's my lucky pirate coin, so you won't be lonely today." Luke said, smiling at you.
You spread a wide smile, leaned down, and kissed the boy's forehead again. You held the boy's face in your hands and stroked his cheeks.
"In case you need me, I'm just a phone call away." You whispered to the boy.
He then gave a soldier's salute, and ran off downstairs again. You laughed, stood up, and made your way to your room.
The school looked different from the school in your old town. It looked so much bigger, you could swear the school campus could easily look like a university campus, it was so big. You had no idea that the school would be so big that you could easily get lost.
When you parked your motorcycle, you noticed a few stares at you, you didn't notice anyone you had ever met before, just different people. You looked around to see if you remembered any familiar faces, until from a distance you heard someone shout. Looking in the direction, you saw Pietro coming running with an outfit almost like yours.
"Holy shit. That's one hell of a bike!" Pietro shouted, approaching you, he looked at you and laughed. "Hey, look, we're looking like boyfriend and girlfriend."
You laughed, slapping your helmet on the boy's arm lightly.
"No way, Pietro, we look more like siblings than 'boyfriend and girlfriend'." You said, still laughing.
The boy laughed, hugging you by the shoulder, and you walked together to the school. The interior seemed even more confusing to you, it was much bigger than in the postcard, which you had received a few days before. You were sure to complain to your mother. Not a bad complaint, but because you would be easily lost.
"So, how excited are you for your first day?" Pietro questioned getting her attention.
"I'm feeling a little out of place, actually, it's weird coming halfway through the year." You confessed, noticing a few people looking at you.
"You have me, my sister, Natasha, Yelena and the rest of the folks..." Pietro said, smiling at you. "I should introduce you to everyone later, I'm waiting for them to arrive."
Before you could answer Pietro, you heard a deeper voice calling you. When you turned back, you noticed a much older man walking toward you with a smile. You were a little surprised, you were not used to this kind of reception, until you realized that he might be the school principal.
"Hello children, I'm Nick Fury, principal of the school. Come, I'll introduce you a few things." The man said, as he noticed, he waved to Pietro who did the same and smiled.
You didn't have much choice, so you nodded to Pietro and followed with the man. Fury, as he liked to be called, was talking about the school and all the awards that made the school so important to the state. He informed you that the sports team was very well acclaimed and that your old school had said very good things about you. He introduced you to the halls of your main classes and informed you that your mother had warned him about your difficulty at some times, he didn't try to be intrusive.
You were turning down the main hallway when you noticed the familiar face from afar. It was Wanda. When she saw you, she seemed to try to turn the corridor the other way, but Fury ended up calling her. She walked towards you again, however she didn't look at you, she just smiled at Fury.
"Wanda, I need you to help our new student feel welcome at our school." Fury said as you waited for Wanda to look at you. "Could you accompany her during the day?"
Wanda seemed to hesitate, but smiled at the principal and turned to you. She didn't say anything, just nodded her head at you, greeting you cordially, and you did the same. She followed a hallway, which was silent, some people seemed to look at you or look at Wanda, you didn't know exactly.
"Hi." You said trying to get the girl's attention.
Wanda seemed to ignore you, she then pointed to a closet, and you approached it, you put the password on the paper, that Fury had given you and the closet opened. You put your things away and took only the main things. You turned to Wanda, who looked away before you realized she was looking at you.
"Is everything okay?" You asked, but nothing.
You were ignored again, before you could ask anything, the signal rang. The rush of the hallway caused you to move away, you then looked at your paper and when you turned your gaze back in Wanda's direction she was no longer there.
As much as Wanda had intended to ignore you, fate no longer had the same intention, for the first class you had was with her. When you entered the room, you noticed that the only empty seat was Wanda's side, you laughed, bowed your head and went to sit next to her. As soon as the teacher entered, she noticed you, you were a different face. You then read on the paper Agatha Harkness, she was a history teacher of world history.
"Hello class, how nice to see you all alive after the summer, I'm glad no one killed themselves with some kind of alcohol, or heat stroke, or whatever it is you young people do these days." Agatha said, making the class laugh, she quickly raised her hand and everyone went silent. "We have a new student, do you want to introduce yourself, dear?"
You stood up and made a quick introduction. You said where you were from, but not why you had moved, but the teacher gave you a look as if she already knew what this was about. Obviously, your mother had called earlier.
Wanda never once looked at you, she just kept her gaze fixed on the table, on the book you had suggested to her on Saturday. As soon as you introduced yourself, the teacher asked you to sit down again. When you sat down, Wanda seemed to look at you for a few seconds, but then looked away.
During the class, you noticed that Agatha was a joking teacher, always making jokes about young people. Everyone in the class was laughing, including you, except Wanda, who didn't seem to be having a good day. You wanted to talk to her about it, but you hadn't decided yet whether you would do it during class or afterwards.
You and Wanda only met again in gym class. Professor Colson had divided the students into groups, and you weren't so bad at sports, but you were a little sloppy about it. You changed your clothes to sports clothes, which made you look different, and who told you this was Pietro, who called you a double personality.
A few times you caught Wanda looking at you, and when she realized you were looking, she would look away and blush. You were with an exercise partner, Sharon Carter, and she seemed very interested in you, because sometimes she would say a flirtatious line or want to know more about you.
You couldn't deny that she was pretty, but from the day you met Wanda, your eyes fell in love with her.
You were already taking your second lap around the court when Fury appeared at the gymnasium door and called the teacher. After a few seconds your name was called.
You knew this routine, so you felt your heart tighten, you said goodbye to Sharon with a kiss on the cheek and made your way to the principal.
Wanda was not enjoying the interaction and the reaction of the people in her class about you. She noticed that Sharon kept talking about you in the hallway as soon as Wanda arrived. She couldn't deny that there was a little jealousy, but she thought it was just friendship. She then preferred to pretend that this was just an ordinary reaction, but in reality she couldn't handle the fact that you were in her class, so she preferred to suffer in silence.
When you arrived at the gym class, Wanda saw Sharon drooling over you. You were beautiful, and even working out made you even more beautiful, she couldn't deny your beauty. Wanda wanted to believe that she was just admiring your beauty, as a friend. She felt her nerves rise to the surface when she saw the way Sharon looked at you, she was possessed with anger, but she managed to hide it very well.
It was your first day of school, how could Sharon be like this already?
The mood changed when Fury called you in, Wanda was worried about your reaction to hearing whatever the principal had told you. Right after the conversation you took your backpack and left towards the bathrooms, you came back with changed clothes and that was the last time Wanda saw you that day.
As Wanda was leaving school that day, she noticed Pietro talking on the phone with a serious expression, a little sad. But when Wanda approached her brother, he hung up the phone and opened a smile for his sister. It was not a happy smile, just a smile. That day was very mentally exhausting for Wanda, so she preferred not to ask questions, got into her brother's car and drove to their house.
When Wanda arrived, the first thing she did was to check the book of the week. Placing the two together formed a sentence on the back.
"If I have to break my whole heart to tie someone to my life, I'll have to understand that in love wars, there are always stray bullets"
Taglist: @stephanieromanoff - @abimess - @randomshyperson - @sxfwap - @madamevirgo - @imapotatao - @wellsayhelloaagin - @trikruismybitch - @olsensnpm - @nervoustrack - @diaryoflife - @musicinourlips - @sighsam - @xxxtwilightaxelxxx - @ineedafinghug - @nat-km-mh - @AkiFoxV - @Suspect67 - @xastrydx - @chasethemoon - @imfuckinggenius - @likefirenrain - @paladinho - @bisexual-blink - @lisahayes2016 - @yellowsubsstuff - @wandamaximoffsrings - @tsmukanii - @nothing-isimpossible - @jerriesdaughter - @donnietarantino - @aquamarinescarlet - @harry-styles-1800 - @mindofwesley - @makegoodchoices - @ymzki-haruki - @mycosmicparadise - @idkbubs - @lostandsearching
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oooocleo · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Bookmark!done! since the print is going to have a darker mood I figured something colorful to contrast would be nice 👏 (whom can I talk to abt my harpy biology ideas)
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grahamcoxongf · 3 months ago
"Anti-Capitalism" is Capitalist The Darkness elenor and park should not be getting a movie. When "Allies” Pass Their Place... Performative Bisexuality: Y’all not tired? Melodrama: Lorde's Ancient Greek Tragedy Gone Girl -- dont underestimate the screenwriter pinterest aesthetics, fatphobia & whitewashing It’s Okay to be White why we hate bi men / why we hate bi women Why Do Wes Anderson Movies Look Like That Why Martin Scorsese is Right About Marvel Movies Why Do Crimes Expire? Artist Protagonists are Bad (But They Don't Have to Be) The Straightening of Chandler Bing we need to talk about Lolita Poetics (or, What makes poems good?) HBO’S EUPHORIA IS NOT “REAL” IT’S CREEPY We are killing critical thinking. i could write my magnum opus or i could simply go to bed Men Writing Women, The Female Gaze, and Why Men Don’t Deserve the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Stonewall and the History of Mafia Owned Gay Bars Does the Media Have an Obsession With Queer Pain? The Cult of David Dobrik: How to Keep A Group Obedient Why Kink is Inherent to Pride (& Why It's Complicated)
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snootyfoxfashion · 26 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bookmark Sets from PlumTreeIllustration
x / x / x / x
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jurisffiction · 8 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
They never forgot That even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course Anyhow in a corner, 
Supernatural finales x Landscape with the Fall of Icarus x my favourite poem in the world, Musée des Beaux Arts by WH Auden
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macrolit · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Candide, Voltaire
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