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God and Other Librarians

“Can I try a different book?”
“What’s the matter with that one?” The librarian adjusts her glasses up her noses with one finger….

“Can I try a different book?”“What’s the matter with that one?” The librarian adjusts her glasses up her noses with one finger. “Dunno, it’s kinda slow starting. I’d rather try a different one.” She pushes the same book back across the counter. “Stick with it. It gets better.”“I don’t know that I care enough.”“You’ll be interested in what happens later. I promise.”My eyes wander from her mouth to…

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My WIP word count is currently at 4128 words. This does include scenes that I may delete. I did aim for having much more written this month, however considering I have more than what I started with, I’m happy.

My goals for March are as follows:

• write 6k more words

• work on plotting out the first half of the book

• write and finish through chapter 2

• write everyday, even if it’s just one sentence

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im basically a photographer

i found this function on my phone
which makes the pictures all grey and old fashioned looking…

i found this function on my phonewhich makes the pictures all grey and old fashioned lookingso basicallylook forward to my poorly framed and terribly lit coffee table book someday

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Check out my profile on Wattpad, I’m Dahlia Blackheart 🖤 I am a horror and CreepyPasta writer. My genres include YA, NA, Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Suspense, Psychological Horror, and Gothic Horror. I also write short fiction. 🖤 ✨ Short horror stories and poetry will be posted weekly. 📚 ✨ Constructive criticism is always welcomed, but any and all…

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ok i´ve surpassed the part of the all-nighter when the head is drooping and now its the steely determination coursing through my veins, keeping my head clear to make this investigation the best it can be since i´m losing vital sleep over it

p.s. i´ll probably collapse in an hour in pure exhaustion knowing i will only sleep three hours. bye lovelies, hoping that you all didn´t procrastinate as terribly as i did

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Men in Hats

“Welcome to the designated “men in hats” loitering area”


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Do you ever finish a book and it’s so amazing you just want to scream?

That was me with this book. There was nothing about it I didn’t love, and Erik Tarloff’s technical skill is mind blowing.

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Favourite childhood book series?

I’m doing a course on Greek mythology this semester, so obviously I gotta reread Percy Jackson ‘for studying purposes’.

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2021 Reading Challenge

1st March

Week 1 

What is your favorite quote from the book you are currently reading so far?

I’m reading Persuasion, by Jane Austen, so far and I think my favorite quote until now is the one I underlined yesterday: “And now they were like strangers; indeed, worse than strangers, because they could not know each other anymore.”

If you could live in a book, which book would you choose?

Harry Potter, all the saga. I would love living in the Wizarding World, being a witch and going to Hogwarts every year. The only thing I don’t want is Voldemort and his Death Eaters, but for the rest the Wizarding World is wonderful. Come on, do all that stuff with a wand, wearing your Hogwarts House robes and flying on a Thestral, or on a Hippogriff, or - if you are like Harry - on your personal broomstick. And even if there is Voldemort and his Death Eaters, I would love going there, taking part to the Order of the Phoenix and hanging out with Neville, Harry, Luna and Ron, drinking a hot Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks. The Wizarding World is such a beautiful and great world.

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A Confession ( I Murdered Someone)


I wanna confess one thing,

I killed someone today,

I put knife on his neck,

Pulled the knife,

Now their’s blood all over,

First he chocked,

Then he begged for life,

In a instance of a minute,

He was dead body lying at one side,

I was too scared,

I didn’t knew what to do,

I didn’t wanted to kill him,

I did it out of my frustration,

The anger I held within myself,

I want to explain why I did this,

But I know no one will listen to my words,

You wanna know?

Who did I kill ?

It was me,

I killed myself,

I don’t have a explanation,

What was the reason behind it,

You were the one who gave me life,

I thought of asking you,

Before I could end it..

I tried,

I tried alot of times,

To forget those memories,

Those painful incidents,

I tried,

To neglect those tattoos,

I scratched them with a needle,

Still they showed up,

Everytime my skin healed itself,

I tried

To have control over those tears,

Sill the world was blurry,

They kept shedding,

Every minute I lived..

I tried,

To get over my anxiety,

It was disturbing,

Feeling that somone,

Was squeezing,

My heart,

My mind,

It felt like I was choking myself to death,

Death wasn’t ready to accept me either,

Stuck in this nuisance body,

I wanted to break free,

From this shackles,

Of loneliness,

Of pain,

Of darkness,

Of those uncountable things,

Which I’ve been living with since many years,

You said death ain’t a option muma,

For me death seemed peaceful,

Than this biased body,

Than to live in this world,

Which has uncountable beautiful faces,

Yet with dreary realities..

I just want to tell you,

I haven’t gave up,

You kiddo won’t ever give up..

I have left many things behind,

For you,

They will bring a smile to you,

Thou I won’t see your elysian smile,

Ever again now..

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Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost. – Erol Ozan


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“All life is a servitude. So you have to get used to your circumstances, complain about them as little as possible, and grasp whatever advantage they have to offer.” ~ Seneca

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Comme l'eau pour le chocolat (Chocolat Amer) Laura Esquivel  

Ce livre représente beaucoup de choses pour moi. Un lien particulier avec le Mexique et, bizarrement, un lien avec mon ex aussi, parce que nous avons adoré ce livre.
Ce livre traite du machisme et des traditions familiales au Mexique et en Amérique latine, mais maintenant que j'ai vécu ici en Europe, il pourrait être facile de trouver de nombreuses similitudes dans d'autres cultures aussi.
J'adore les romans écrits par des femmes, je ne suis pas très féministe mais j'aime la façon dont les femmes racontent des histoires et Laura fait un travail incroyable dans ce livre. Elle est puissante et si magique, que nous sommes rapidement tombés amoureux d'elle.  
Mais le plus important, c'est que nous allons tomber amoureux de la nourriture mexicaine, c'est certain !

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Damn it’s only been 20 pages and I’m already tearing up. Think I want to reread Saving Fransesca and The Piper’s Son after this

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