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Waiting on a Call

Words do not denote the fragile frame of mind

Of which you choose to share your heart.


Beginnings tend to take their time

As if the morning were not enough to start.


Endings come, it’s all encompassing in reality

No matter how hard we try to hold on.


Whether on a rainy night in late July

Or a snowy dawn in a bed without you.


Pulling me out of my desperate need

To reach out for a semblance of sanity.


The way your body moves with song

Your lips when they call me gently.


Breathing in with every kiss of those waiting lips

Stories of our future written on my chest.


I may never be enough to hold you

But I will give you all that I will ever be.


Driving us to open up, wanting more,

Not being afraid to risk it all.


As the North winds carry your name

I shall welcome you with my embrace.

In these waiting arms.

-H. Murcia 12:32AM 4/3/2020

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jumping into studyblr!

today’s goals: (4-3-20)

  • send final article to my editor 💻
  • record my speech practice and send to my professor for notes 🎥
  • start The Pink Book, part of research for a professor who I am “dramaturg” for. this is my first time working with a department other than journalism, so i’m very excited! 📚
  • repot my day lilies 🌱
  • coffee, black (3pm sharp!) ☕️
  • that damn essay that’s due monday 🤷🏻‍♀️

Originally posted by post-s

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I’ve been seeing this one marketed around on social media and i thought i’d check it out. The story caught my eye. It’s The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris.


Lale is taken to Auschwitz as a prisoner by Nazi Germany and works as the Tätowierer engraving number on the prisoners. Throughout the three years he spends in that awful place, he flees death countless of times by manoeuvering superiors and bribing soldiers while helping other inmates and falling in love with the beautiful Gita, keeping hope to leave the place alive with her. He succeeds, seperately of her but they reunite at the end and start a family.

I thought the writing was pretty simple and looked kind of amateurish. The rythm was fairly slow at the beginning in the imprisonment period but got fast close to the end and felt lazy, like the writer couldn’t finish it fast enough, especially at the reunion of Lale with his sister then with Gita.

I wasn’t surprised to see that the story was supposed to be screenwritten, since the emphasis was on the action and dialogue, and much less on the introspections or the characters development and the back stories.

The story is brilliant but the writing was not. It could’ve been better. 4/10.

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