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‘I love you, is it that hard to believe?’
'yes.’ her eyes wary
'I get it,’ he take two step back, with dreary light brown eyes, 'you’re not ready, not when you haven’t love yourself.’
Her head dropped. 'you’re not supposed to say that.’
'but that’s the point,’ he weaves his hair, 'that’s why I told you how beautiful, brave, and sweet you are. Yes you are sassy and loud and bossy. But that’s you, that’s what makes you beautiful.’
'there he said,’ her lips curved, not her eyes, 'but not what they said.’
'no need to listen what they said then’ calmly, he fold his hands on his chest.
'how could I?’ her eyes fury, 'they’re my family, my parents, they know me more than you do.’
'yes they do, doesn’t mean they right.’ he point a finger to her face, 'and say say awful things to you, daily’
Eyes burning with emotion.
'I can’t choose who I want to love, and I love you. I don’t need you to love me back, just like you don’t need them to love you back. I’ll be okay without your love, so will you.’ and he start to turn around. Slowly, walk away.

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I find myself holding him like I don’t know what else to do and he’s holding me like I’m sinking and I think he kisses the top of my head but it might just be a snowflake but he definitely whispers “Nobody cries alone” or it might have been “Nobody dies alone” and I feel that as long as I stay here then there might be some kind of tiny chance that there is something remotely good in this world and the last thing I remember thinking before I pass out from the cold is that if I were to die, I would rather be a ghost than go to heaven.

I’m not crying,,,, but I too would rather be a ghost

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He pensado en cortas mis lazos,

Abrirme el pecho en canal.

Saciar la ira despachando a gusto todo mi arsenal.

He quebrado otra vez cada hueso de mi cuerpo

Para de verdad poder escucharme gritar.

He desayunado penas,

Desvivido por levantar(te)

He dejado de lado mis miedos,

Cubriendo los suyos

Y mis propios miedos me han encontrado

Y han entrado a matar.

Debo recomponerme, salir adelante

Ser consciente de la situación,

Invertir el tiempo en quien no promete,en quien actúa.

Y ahora el que actúa soy yo.

Es hora de volver a empezar, recoger cada pieza destrozada una vez más…

Bajar al chino de la esquina y comprar pegamento del barato

Porque sabes que al final esto volverá a pasar,volveré a quebrarme

Y destruirme…en otro mundo…de otra manera…

Hasta que llegue el final.


🤍Pd: Godzilla - Leiva ft. Enrique Bunbury,Ximena Sariñana🎶 🤍

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You only know that an angel
has touched
you when
your soul takes off in a second
the flight that sorrows
have denied it !

siir-poesia ©


¡ Sólo sabes que un ángel
te ha tocado cuando

tu alma emprende en un segundo
el vuelo que las penas
le han negado !

siir-poesia ©

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I don’t ever remember not being serious. As far as I’m concerned, I came out of the womb spouting cynicism and wishing for rain.

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Court: Mr. Trump, you now have been impeached twice.

Trump: Two is better than one, therefore I am the best. Just ask my ex wives.

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Me lastimas 🔪


No quiero que te vayas 💋

Eso me mataría…..💔


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“Tell me something interesting about you,” says Michael

I think for a moment. “Did you know that I was born on the day that Kurt Cobain killed himself?”

I was born on the same day (but not year) as Sylvia Plath killed herself

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“şey güzel olurdu, birinin hayatı yolundayken de seni yanında istemesi, muhtaç olmadan sevdiği için, iyi günündeyken de seni özlemesi, kalabalığın içinde bile seni araması. güzel olurdu.”

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I don’t know what the piece of music is. It doesn’t matter. Because sometimes I hear a piece of music and I can’t do any thing but sit there. Sometimes in the morning, the radio turns on and a song is playing and it’s so beautiful that I just have to lie there until it’s over. Sometimes I’m watching a film, and it’s not even a sad scene, but the music is so sad that I can’t help but cry.

Again mood

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