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the-dust-jacket · 11 months ago
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ravipanikkar · a year ago
I know that every one loves a good bookstore, i do to!
But man, when you're early in the morning, all alone before opening and the books just start to fell!!!
This bookstore is possessed and I have proof!
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melijournals · a year ago
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The left hand of a right-handed bookstore clerk nine days before Christmas.
December 2013.
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thestarfishdancer · 2 years ago
Bookstore life in the age of social distancing:
In five hours at my bookstore shift I managed the following:
- Unpacked and stickered 6 boxes of books and sorted them into their sections or into POs (some are government orders)
-Pulled two customer orders of Indigenous language books and rang them through with the visa on file and boxed them for later pick up
-Did curbside sales for three customers (we’re doing online or phone payments, then customers can call us when they are outside and we put the books in the porch for them)
-ran through our Quick Orders of minimum on hand for all our sections 
-AND ran approvals on a media request for my other job.
I was going to make “red noodles” (a hungarian dish with meat and potatoes and noodles and so much yummy paprika and onions and garlic) for dinner tonight but that might entail too much prepping for the energy I have. 
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prodigal-zoe · 2 years ago
A long time ago, a character in Smallvile (the show that shaped my childhood 🤣) had a line that went "I have a violent reaction to stupidity" and it's been my motto ever since. I'm not actually violent I just think it sounds cool.
But seriously there are these two women in my store acting like fools and its driving me crazy.
Update: I might actually get violent, they are So. Dumb. Like. Willfully dumb. I can't describe it, but it's so annoying.
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faireladypenumbra · 2 years ago
Work tonight was its usual self, but I had a particular experience that stuck with me.
A big family was checking out in waves, and the last out was the teenage daughter with her couple of manga. She was quiet as she approached the counter. She looks me over as I scan in her book and ask her the usual "how are you? Did you find everything" bit.
"I like your lanyard," she says shyly.
I check my name tag (we change them out with different fandoms, and mine is Dark Crystal for the week). I smile. "Yeah, I love that show right now."
"No, I like... the lanyard part. That's brave of you." she says a little desperately.
I look again: I'm wearing the Pride Month lanyard we got for 2018. Some clarity hits me. "Yeah, I like wearing this one year round to show support. I'm bi, so..."
This teenager checks for her family and proceeds to unpack, on how she's come out recently, and how conservative her family is, and how she can't see her girlfriend right now and how her phone got taken away. She's thirteen, and struggles with depression, and friends at school, and she's showing me scars... And I can just listen. I give her the room and I listen.
I tell her it does get better from here. I let her know that not adults are like that. I wish her luck in finding a good peer group that loves her. I give her a big hug over the counter and finish checking out her book.
In this moment, I feel so human. Because I know, sometimes life puts people in front of us, just to give us peace. I hope I was able to give this kid some sense of personal peace. It does get better.
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oopsthisisqueertoo · 3 years ago
A customer, holding up a magazine with BTS on the front: They all look the same!
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pearsandpoppies · 3 years ago
*Meanwhile, in Books-A-Million today*
Me: *minding my own business, in the Fantasy section*
[Strangers 1 and 2 in the Young Adult section]
Stranger 1: “Oh there’s Harry Potter. Dude, Snape was such a dick.”
Stranger 2: “What?! Dude Snape was awesome. He protected Harry!”
Stranger 1: “He was terrible. He kept trying to steal Harry’s mom”
Stranger 2: “Yeah, but that’s because she was his first friend; as well as his first love!”
Stranger 1: “He fucking killed Dumbledore!”
Stranger 2: “Yeah, but that was because Dumbledore wanted him to! Dumbledore was in on it!”
*debate tappers out, and everyone drifts back to whatever they were doing*
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draw-me-some-stories · 3 years ago
I got to do story time at work today.
It was the first one this year, or in fact since I started working at the bookstore back in September.
We had exactly one kid show up, but she was a blast! Among other things she:
Told me her name was Cup.
Her mother said that wasn’t her name, but Cup was pretty insistent that it was.
Demonstrated her awesome ninja skills.
Told me that she uses her awesome ninja skills for hunting ghosts.
Informed me that she eats the ghosts. They taste like vanilla.
Told me that she does and doesn’t like spiders because they’re scary.
Drew one on her picture anyway.
Told me that she does and doesn’t like werewolves because they’re scary.
But said if there was a nice werewolf it would be good to cuddle.
Sang songs from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ve only seen the film once in its entirety, but it sounded like Cup knows the whole thing by heart.
Overall story time was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again next month.
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datenight · 3 years ago
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gynandromorphia · 4 years ago
My manager: why did the roof leak have to happen after all the boys went home?? :////
My closeted trans ass, holding a massive ladder under one arm and gripping a mop handle like a javelin with the other: step back ladies this is my time to SHINE
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samcat18 · 4 years ago
Oh man. The bookstore is still trying to schedule me on both weekend days, even though I have asked NUMEROUS times to just work one or the other. I don't need to work 7 days a week, and I get that it's convenient for them to drag me out of my home on both my days off from my actual job, but I will lose my goddamn mind and/or full-out quit if they keep trying to do it. Ugh.
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thehobbitbadger · 4 years ago
I'm having tea at Waterstones and trying to read, but I'm distracted by the girls at the next table who seem to be working through relationship issues. Apparently one of them has a bf that doesn't appreciate her enough and she dumped him, but then he gave her a sob story and cried and was 'completely different than usually' so she took him back but now he's ignoring her today. Drama galore.
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thestarfishdancer · 4 years ago
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These were not displayed together so I fixed it.
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pupcakes · 5 years ago
If anyone is thinking that working in a Bookstore is easy...
Just remember; I lifted a box of books today, that was so heavy I nearly shit myself standing up.
Also when looking for a book...people frequently look at me like I'm the idiot when they can't even tell me who the author is, what the book title is or what the fucking thing is about. .
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