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Mind you… This #video is #years old and YES it became an #episode on #boondocks but what you probably don’t know is it happened in #louisville #kentucky where #breonnataylor was #killed and at a #school that has held #kkk rally’s in the past…. rampid #racism #systematicracism #blm #nojusticenopeace✊🏾

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yup!! speak on it!!

the boondocks was a show about a black family growing up in the suburbs bruh😭 the shit that’s going to be in that show will be deemed as offensive (even though it’s literally kinda not). the sayings they have in that show, and the way that they just speak about topics in general, will be out of pocket sarah, it’s a black show, and it’s really a close representation on how black people act. sorry about it babe but it literally just is what it is😭

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“Find the real killer? Nigga I’m 10.” 

I love this child. How have I never watched The Boondocks? 

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