theerealcowboy · 2 days ago
A good friend of mine could really use some community support to survive the month & can’t post himself rn for safety reasons, so I’m posting this on his behalf
Tumblr media
Image Description: Image has a purple background with glitter and stars. Image reads:
"Community Care Ask: Help a Disabled AfroNative Survive!
A disabled afronative bigender lesbian is urgently in need of $1,100 to cover rent, bills, and other monthly expenses!
**Rent: $700
Phone Bill + New Phone: $210
New Bedframe: $200
(Rent is most pressing!)
Cash App - $asteronauts
Pay-pal - @/asteronauts
Ven-Mo - @/asteronauts". End ID
He’s also in need of about $115 for compression socks to help manage POTs! To reiterate, rent is the priority & anything helps! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll update on what’s been raised in the replies.
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ibroughtyoumybluets · a day ago
hi! I’m not used to posting anything other than art on this blog, but I created an insta account so I can post them on there as well - I’d really appreciate if you’d follow it <33
I also set up a redbubble shop so anyone who's not from Brazil can also have my art at home 🌟 I'm having a hard time finding a job as a college student, so this is all I have atm - but I do appreciate any form of support .. thanks a lot❣️
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cottaegecore · 9 months ago
“there are a lot of children in afghanistan, but little childhood.” 
please consider donating/sharing this list of trusted organizations to help those in need. please add to the list as well.
women for afghan women 
afghan aid
sanitary products for displaced afghan women
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bardcoven · 2 months ago
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i fucking love this woman.
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milfdindjarin · 3 months ago
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Pita Taufatofua, who most of you will remember as the hot Tongan flag bearer at the Olympic last year, is raising money to help with tsunami relief in Tonga
the situation there is dire, its not an exaggeration to say most of the country was underwater. the damage is extensive, and it is going to take a lot of money and work
Tonga has regularly raised huge sums in the past to aid other countries effected by natural disasters, it is only right that we do what we can to help now. any koha helps, whatever you can give
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rulerofpurple · 7 months ago
EDIT: WE MADE OUR GOAL!!! Thank you guys so much, I could not be more hopeful and great full. I love all of you so much
Y’all I’ve been hinting at it for like two days now but my father got arrested in Texas on his way to a job. He’s a contractor that travels often alone as the only black man in the entire company and because he was alone he got arrested almost immediately after getting there on some bullshit. He can’t leave, we can’t see him, and for almost a full day we thought he was dead because they wouldn’t even tell his family he was in jail. Right now he needs a lawyer to sign off on leaving the state and getting home to see his grandson and wife and me, his son, and no one who put him in the situation is willing to help out.
My step mom made a page here and if you can at the very least spread it and or donate I’d owe you my life. My father aint a saint but he didn’t deserve to go through this alone at his age especially right now in the midst of all this outward unapologetic hatred for black men. Please spread.
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sonicrainbooms · a year ago
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Hey, Americans! Support fast food workers, don’t cross the picket line. No fast food on Feb 16.
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loszeged · 3 months ago
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Petition to hold the cops accountable
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marauders4evr · 11 months ago
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[Image Descriptions: A tweet from Alice Wong saying: "The delights of being disabled: I found out the BiPap machine I use at night and day (both models) are RECALLED (US only). Due to disintegrating foam inside!! That people...who need respiratory support...are breathing in." A retweet from Erik Ekins (QueerlyAutistic) saying: "The fact that people are finding this out through Twitter, about the machines that literally help/enable them to breathe."]
SIGNAL BOOST for anyone who needs to see this:
Here's a link to the recall page:
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violetsandshrikes · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you really want to help indigenous people, now is your time.
Ngati Paoa and other protestors have been occupying Putiki Bay after resource consent was given to develop it without consent from the local iwi. Today, they are blocked by police as developers being to destroy Little Blue Penguin habitat, a species on the decline with climate change and habitat destruction.
Public outrage and eyes on Putiki may be the only thing that can save Putiki now after every route has failed. Spread information about Putiki every where you can - Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, your local group chat, whatever. Please please please help save Putiki Bay, Aotearoa NZ!
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eyess · 9 months ago
Tumblr Post+ and how to prevent it
Plenty of people here, myself included, don't want Post+. It's a paid subscription and will cause a lot (more) problems on this site.
What does it do?
- Allows blogs to create paid subscriptions that followers have to pay to see blog content. This can cause a lot of problems, as plenty of people come to Tumblr since it has never been a monetizable website.
- You can't block people who "support" your blog, meaning people can bypass the blocking system to harass blogs, just at a price.
- Creators have other outlets for these services, like Patreon.
- Again, nobody wants to pay for Tumblr posts.
Now, how can you help stop this?
By filling out Tumblr's Post+ survey! This allows you to give feedback about the Post+ system and what you would/wouldn't do. You can use this to directly inform Tumblr that you DO NOT want the "Post+" feature. If anyone has anything to add to this (info, updates, etc) I encourage you to! Keep resources current!
EDIT: I am NOT advising ANYONE to harass Tumblr staff via the survey. I am simply providing a survey link and some information about Post+. Tumblr staff doesn’t tolerate harassment and neither do I.
tagging a few people, PLEASE signal boost this (im too scared to tag big blogs, but feel free too) @that-is-not-milk @that-goose @imapursoon @milkhater3000 @official-lucifers-child @a-real-fast-goose @awkward-sunshine-and-rainbows @radicalreliablerandomness @elmo-is-a-forgotten-god
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goodnigth · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
hey guys, a friend of mine is organizing this gofundme for an unsheltered man in our town who had open heart surgery and is now struggling to pay for a hotel room per night. it’s a really great story and Andrew is a really nice man.
if you have anything to donate, or if you can reblog, please do. at the time i’m posting this it’s 23 degrees outside in this area. thanks
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chocmarss · 4 months ago
Several states in Malaysia are suffering through flash floods after days of endless heavy rain. Houses, apartments, vehicles, and properties alike have been submerged or destroyed, leaving the citizens with little to nothing to salvage. Some of them are stuck in highways for two days. Some of them are stranded on their roofs for more than 3 days with no food, clean water, electricity, and all the basic necessities they need to survive. Roads are closing and are disintegrating. Landslides are rampant.
Here’s what’s happening:
Instagram: (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The government has done nothing significant to help the people. The fire fighters are only making their way into affected towns after the flood has slowed down a bit, and what they found is the missing people, who did not survive this tragedy. They’re not properly equipped with this, even if some of the senators have warned about how bad this was gonna get back in 26/7/2021. (LINK)
The Malaysians are doing their best they can for others, hundreds of volunteers taking it into their own hands to send over food, clothing, diapers, menstruation pads, soap and shampoos, and all the required necessities to the effected towns in bulks by boats and trucks. They’re saving stranded animals who their owners, with a broken heart, are forced to leave them or did not have the chance to save them.
Here are what the Malaysians are doing:
Instagram: (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)
Tumblr media
#DaruratBanjir (translation: Flood Emergency) is the main hashtag on twitter that the people have used to reach out for everyone and anyone when flash floods are still on going. This is where you’ll be able to see just how disastrous everything is, just how much people are suffering. But, in the light that is the darkness, the people are doing everything they can for others, there will always be an ear or two to hear their needs and are more than happy to take action.
#KitaJagaKita (translation: We Help Us) is a hashtag for Malaysians who require help, those who want to help hands-on, or to just spread information on twitter. It’s been used since the pandemic started back in 2020, where the people have lend a helping hand to those who are in poverty and couldn’t—can’t— provide for their families, and it has also using it for the flash floods as well.
But, it’s not enough. The people are doing everything they can, and they’re not giving up. They’e still pushing through every obstacle in their paths, only exhaustion is starting to weight on them despite how hard they try to fight it. Malaysians need your help, our international friends, to participate if you can.
Here are some donations that non-Malaysians can do:
1) Mercy Malaysia
Tumblr media
The person below can help if you have any problems with geo/legal restrictions, he’ll be the bridge for your donations.
(TWITTER HANDLE: @/penatsetan)
Tumblr media
2) The Hope Branch
The Hope Branch is making donations of MYR500,000 to help the citizens throughout the COVID-19 AND flash floods, and has already reached MYR483,051. Their goal started on 13/1/2021 and is ending by 31/12/2021. Every penny counts!
Tumblr media
3) Reimena Notion Site
@reimenaashelyee has done a Flood Relief Hub where Malaysian artists are coordinating donation drives for international followers to the flood relief.
Tumblr media
4) gogetfunding.com
Ceddy Ang has set up a fundraising page for non-Malaysians. To quote him,
“I do not and will not take a single cent, I will keep everyone updated through the page. Currently capping the goal at USD $1,500 because I'm trying out this site for the first time. GoFundMe wouldn't allow a Malaysian to withdraw. :)”
Be sure to check it out!
Tumblr media
5) Thread of local hotlines
Hanna Alkaf, the Malaysian author to 1) The Weight of Our Sky and 2) The Girl and the Ghost has done a thread of hotline services to help with the reliefs. It contains everything you need to donate and help the people. If you have a twitter account, be sure to retweet the thread to help spread awareness!
Tumblr media
Please reblog this post to spread more awareness!!
It breaks my heart that I don’t see tumblr making an effort to help the Malaysians, we need everyone we can with this!
If you have any more fundraising links, you can just reblog and add on here.
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buginacup · 2 months ago
My game Tynk! and the Final Phonorecord is officially LIVE on Indiegogo! Sharing your art has never been so tough!
You can also play the demo for free on the Tynk! website. The first few days of a campaign are most important, so if you can back it it'd mean the world to me! ^_^
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bardcoven · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
spread this like wildfire!!
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astagfirulah · 12 months ago
I'm still seeing a few donation posts going around for sheikh jarrah, I know people are trying to help and everyone has good intentions, but these donation campaigns are not endorsed by them!! there's a lot people trying to take advantage of the situation and they're stealing money. instead, palestinians are asking for you to place political pressure, protest, boycott, divest, and share what's happening.
however, gaza needs donations for medical, financial, and food aid. below I've linked some trusted organisations:
PCRF (palestine children's relief fund) is an organisation that provides free medical care to children in palestine: urgent gaza relief fund
UPA (united palestinian appeal) is also directly based in palestine and provides emergency relief in gaza
palestine emergency charity that provide medical aid to wounded people and work with PCRF
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cultistbase · 2 months ago
Games for Ukraine
There are 3 games currently on steam where 100% of the profits are being donated to aid Ukrainian victims, refugees, and their families.
Slipways - steam article (till 3rd march)
This War of Mine - steam article (till 2nd march)
Dagon - steam article (all future profits till the conflict is over)
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cosmic-noir · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I literally just got this message TODAY and I have literally NO WAY to secure a one month deposit + rent + moving expenses in such short notice! I was already struggling with physical therapy and I NEED HELP FR
This really hit me like a freight train and my anxiety is now on 1000000 I can’t believe this is fucking happening it’s making me ill
Venmo: DarlingNik
I don’t even know what to do anymore
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therootwitch · a year ago
I explained to some absolute idiot on discord that as a blind person I hate when people make their blog titles or their usernames a bunch of letters compiled from different languages. If you use the letter that looks like an A but in Greek is actually an s, the screen reader is going to read it with an s sound. So a blind person cannot tell what you have typed because it reads as garbled nonsense.
And they thought it was just the funniest joke to intentionally type like that to poke fun. Please reblog and spread awareness that typing like this is inaccessible
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cobaltbeam · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Plo and his Wolfpack!
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