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feltpool · a day ago
The Double Stripe
It's widely acknowledged that Gree, Boost, and several other unnamed clones, sport one of the worst clone haircuts possible. We’re told the ‘double stripe’ is a sign of honour for fallen comrades.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We also clearly see that it isn’t just two strips of hair, but a single, long U shaped piece of hair.
I’m well aware that this is hardly news to a lot of people.
But what I haven’t seen discussed anywhere is how this look is mirrored here:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Echo doesn’t have any hair to wear in this style to reflect his losses, to show respect for his fallen comrades, but the styling of his helmet is highly reminiscent of this haircut.
It can’t come down as low at the back as a clone would usually wear it because of the way his helmet fits around his headpiece.
Tumblr media
And the front piece makes it more of a loop that the haircut usually is.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But that gap in the darker grey section starts roughly where his hairline would be, and I can’t see any other reason for him to have that specific panel added to his helmet. It’s more than just a paint job, after all.
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thatfairywitch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
My husband had surgery today, and turns out he now has throat cancer. It is in his esophagus. I’m including pics below. I am the only one working, so it’s really taking a toll having to pay the bills, taking care of the kids, and paying for my husbands medical needs and everyday needs. Idek how I’m going to get gas or pay the power bill at this point. The last post died, and didn’t do well, so I am making another one. If you can help, thank you, if not, then please reblog.
Cashapp: thatfairywitch
Venmo: thatfairywitch
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sl33p1ng · a day ago
i hate to post again but can i get like $100 for groceries for this week?
i’m a disabled trans person babysitting my siblings every day (ages 3, 10, 11)
we’re constantly in need so absolutely anything helps, from a dollar to a reblog.
thank you for any help 🥺
c*shapp: $wintersoulja
v*nmo: leafybb
ask for zelle
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kleavor · 2 days ago
Hey all. I hate to do this but I’m in need of help. I’m a 20 year old Iranian American trans person who’s unemployed (actively looking for work), and I’m disabled as well (PTSD, Lupus). I currently have no source of money.
P@yp@l has charged me for something I unsubscribed from, and now it says I’m around $300 in debt to them. I have contacted them and the company it charged me to, and both have stated nothing can be done except paying them back within the next 30 days. I really need help.
I need all the help I can get, because my family is unsupportive and I haven’t been able to get hired. Shares and ANY donations are appreciated.
C@sh@pp: $garchomps
V€nmo: @ nuvematown
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bumblingbeez · 2 days ago
Hey guys I'm a disabled trans person and I could really use some help! An unexpected bill hit my account and overdrafted me, I just need $60 to get out of the overdraft and to also get gas this week.
Tumblr media
Any help is appreciated, boosting and reblogs as well! Thanks !
V*nmo: Ben-Beez
C*ashapp: $bendibanjo
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I'm a black trans women in need of funds to transition I'm struggling alot financially and I'm suffering from depression and body dysphoria pls any donation or reblog helps thanks
Cashapp $hansvital34
Pay pal
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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empathwitchliv · 2 days ago
✨🎃 October Links For
My Spiritual Blog 🎃✨
I have had back to back pain crises since the end of April 2021 and because of that I have been struggling more with managing my pain and anxiety. I'm a 25yr old Black, Queer, Disabled Femme that has Sickle Cell Anemia, anxiety, and PTSD. I'm a writer, blogger, chronic illness educator, accessibility advocate, and creator in my spare time. I've recently spent some time focusing on my spiritual journey of healing hidden wounds, healing the inner self, honoring my ancestors, connecting with my higher self, and spreading love to the collective.
✨ Welcome New Followers - October
✨ October Check-in Saying Hi After Being On September Hiatus
✨ Rebirth and Reclamation (Part One)
✨ Coming Soon in October
✨ Sickle Cell Terminology : Pain Crisis
✨ Sickle Cell Anemia Treatments
✨ Sickle Cell Awareness Themed Collective Reading
Tips, commissions and my spiritual blog ✨
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kimsori · a day ago
hello! there has come a point in my life where i cannot afford my psychologist and this is causing me very serious mental health problems and although i’d never imagine myself doing this, i’m asking for ANY amount of money via paypal, even if it’s 1€/$1 
if you guys can’t donate it’s totally ok, sharing and reblogging is also really helpful ^^ and thank you in advance, this is new for me and i’ll be eternally grateful for this
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knifekris · 2 days ago
i got a popped tire while i was driving back from a delivery at work. i have a temporary spare that got me home but its leaking air and covered in rust so im going to a shop tomorrow morning before work to get a replacement so that i can keep delivering and making money.
im a disabled person working part time and making ends meet but an extra $125 charge at minimum is hard for me. ideally i could get two tires so that i have another spare just in case but my first goal is just one.
once my truck is driveable again ill be hauling some trash for a friend and that'll get me $50 so i guess at the very least $75 would keep me going.
i appreciate reblogs.
v*nmo: drey-joan
p*ypal: dannygaymer
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clovenn · 2 days ago
Hey guys! 
I am still looking for a job and struggling to make ends meet. Would appreciate any help in being able to pay for phone/internet/groceries. 
venmo: @ cloven
Cashapp: $clovennn
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girlsugimoto · 2 days ago
eerrrh so i need to open emergency commissions cuz im really scrapin by rn, i’ll be doing sketches, colored sketches and some full line art and possible colored line art pieces if i have the time to
pricing will vary based on how many characters u want in the piece n weather its full body n all that jazz: sketch is $5 ~ $7, colored sketch is $7 ~ $11, line art $15 ~ $20, line art + color will be $20+, extra characters is a dollar per character. prices also depend on how much time i have to do smt n how much u can pay
so um i don have a lot of finished art rn cuz i’ve been busy but here are som examples:
sketches will look smt like this but of course cleaner
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
colored sketches will look like this
Tumblr media
line art + color would look like this
Tumblr media
uh if ur interested pls just dm me on discord @ pillgata#8146 n we can negotiate i rly
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Hey!! Sorry to be doing one of these again.
First of all, thank you so much to everyone who helped me. It truly means the world to me and you are all the reason I still have a roof over my head.
However, I've now officially ran out of funds, I have next to no money for food, and I'm already worried about next month's rent.
Please, I haven't been able to get work and I'm growing increasingly anxious and desperate. If you have the means, please help, anything is appreciated.
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vanishingcloak · a day ago
Please help me get attention!
Hello, please spare a few minutes of your time to read my post. Last year of 2020 I was hospitalized due to high blood pressure and dyspnea, later on, they decided to admit me to the hospital due to pneumonia and graves disease. The cardiologist assigned to me asked me to get an echocardiogram / 2DEcho to check my heart and later on it was explained to me that I have "Valvular heart disease, anterior mitral valve prolapse with severe regurgitation" also known as leaky valves. The doctor then assured me that I don't need to worry about it because I don't have Edema or water retention but fast forward after being released from the hospital, I constantly suffered from dyspnea. Air hunger. It felt like I couldn't breathe well, I get tired easily and don't have much energy but I don't get palpitations anymore. The thing is, I feel like this is happening because of stress as well. I'm the breadwinner in the family and I don't get enough sleep because my mom yells almost 24/7 due to post-stroke dementia.
Because I don't feel better, I've decided to get a second opinion from a cardiologist in the Philippine heart center (it's a hospital that specializes in heart problems.) It was then explained to me that the medicines given to me by the first doctor aren't a match for MVP. She placed me on enalapril 10mg and nebivolol 5mg and later on I started feeling a bit better but I still get attacks every now and then. (Especially now because of the grieving. not even a month ago when I unexpectedly lost my dad due to CKD and covid) It was also explained to me that our valves don't regenerate, and because mine has severe regurgitation it means I'm like a ticking Timebomb and would need open-heart surgery and heart valve replacement to make sure I can extend and improve the quality of my life.
I'm considered indigent and can't come up with $25k for the surgery. I understand we all have financial problems because of the pandemic, but whatever help you can give me will be much appreciated. Any amount will do, Prayers, or simply going in and sharing my GoFundMe page will help me a lot.
Thank you, everyone, and much love.
Tumblr media
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cottaegecore · 2 months ago
“there are a lot of children in afghanistan, but little childhood.” 
please consider donating/sharing this list of trusted organizations to help those in need. please add to the list as well.
women for afghan women 
afghan aid
sanitary products for displaced afghan women
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sonicrainbooms · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey, Americans! Support fast food workers, don’t cross the picket line. No fast food on Feb 16.
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marauders4evr · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Image Descriptions: A tweet from Alice Wong saying: "The delights of being disabled: I found out the BiPap machine I use at night and day (both models) are RECALLED (US only). Due to disintegrating foam inside!! That people...who need respiratory support...are breathing in." A retweet from Erik Ekins (QueerlyAutistic) saying: "The fact that people are finding this out through Twitter, about the machines that literally help/enable them to breathe."]
SIGNAL BOOST for anyone who needs to see this:
Here's a link to the recall page:
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violetsandshrikes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you really want to help indigenous people, now is your time.
Ngati Paoa and other protestors have been occupying Putiki Bay after resource consent was given to develop it without consent from the local iwi. Today, they are blocked by police as developers being to destroy Little Blue Penguin habitat, a species on the decline with climate change and habitat destruction.
Public outrage and eyes on Putiki may be the only thing that can save Putiki now after every route has failed. Spread information about Putiki every where you can - Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, your local group chat, whatever. Please please please help save Putiki Bay, Aotearoa NZ!
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eyess · 2 months ago
Tumblr Post+ and how to prevent it
Plenty of people here, myself included, don't want Post+. It's a paid subscription and will cause a lot (more) problems on this site.
What does it do?
- Allows blogs to create paid subscriptions that followers have to pay to see blog content. This can cause a lot of problems, as plenty of people come to Tumblr since it has never been a monetizable website.
- You can't block people who "support" your blog, meaning people can bypass the blocking system to harass blogs, just at a price.
- Creators have other outlets for these services, like Patreon.
- Again, nobody wants to pay for Tumblr posts.
Now, how can you help stop this?
By filling out Tumblr's Post+ survey! This allows you to give feedback about the Post+ system and what you would/wouldn't do. You can use this to directly inform Tumblr that you DO NOT want the "Post+" feature. If anyone has anything to add to this (info, updates, etc) I encourage you to! Keep resources current!
EDIT: I am NOT advising ANYONE to harass Tumblr staff via the survey. I am simply providing a survey link and some information about Post+. Tumblr staff doesn’t tolerate harassment and neither do I.
tagging a few people, PLEASE signal boost this (im too scared to tag big blogs, but feel free too) @that-is-not-milk @that-goose @imapursoon @milkhater3000 @official-lucifers-child @a-real-fast-goose @awkward-sunshine-and-rainbows @radicalreliablerandomness @elmo-is-a-forgotten-god
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rulerofpurple · 10 days ago
EDIT: WE MADE OUR GOAL!!! Thank you guys so much, I could not be more hopeful and great full. I love all of you so much
Y’all I’ve been hinting at it for like two days now but my father got arrested in Texas on his way to a job. He’s a contractor that travels often alone as the only black man in the entire company and because he was alone he got arrested almost immediately after getting there on some bullshit. He can’t leave, we can’t see him, and for almost a full day we thought he was dead because they wouldn’t even tell his family he was in jail. Right now he needs a lawyer to sign off on leaving the state and getting home to see his grandson and wife and me, his son, and no one who put him in the situation is willing to help out.
My step mom made a page here and if you can at the very least spread it and or donate I’d owe you my life. My father aint a saint but he didn’t deserve to go through this alone at his age especially right now in the midst of all this outward unapologetic hatred for black men. Please spread.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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