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Hey there yall! I just wanted to make a quick post here in case this info will help anyone:

I recently started donating plasma in August because I was unemployed and desperate for funds. They paid really well for the first 5 donations at the center near me, and paid decently for following donations so long as there was consistency with visits. It wont be the same pay or proceedure for every CSL but I imagine a lot of them have some sort of bonus starting payment.

More recently I was actually hired on at the plasma donation place near me and I really love the work environment!

For those of you in need of money, I know its messed up that you have to literally sell blood/plasma to make some income, but I HIGHLY recommend it if you are healthy enough to.

And if youre looking for a job and have a CSL Plasma center nearby, I HIGHLY recommend looking into employment there. They train ON-SITE, no college or medical training necessary (Except for MSA/Nurse position). All you do need is proof of a highschool diploma or GED. Its an AMAZING opportunity to get into a medical setting for a career path. And if you have retail/customer service experience they really love that and you can probably negotiate a higher starting pay because you’re dealing with people all day.

I have a referal code that I can give to people whove never donated with CSL Plasma before that will get you $5 extra on top of your first donation payout (and it will help me a lot with a $25 referal payment 😩) just hmu for it!

As for anyone who may be interested but wants more info on what goes on and what the job entails, please feel free to hmu on IM! Id be more than happy to explain how things operate!

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I have recently had an overdose, seizures as a result  and head injury and my insurance wont give me an MRI because they would rather treat depression even after explaining that I overdosed and my doctor desperately wants me to get one they dont think they should have to pay.

My financial aid decided not to come through after accepting me and making me go to school for 3 weeks with no books and wait just to say I cant go. I am at my fucking wits end. I am trying to get a job AND help my epileptic wife with school but I can no longer even afford groceries food my animals anything. Getting a job could put her life in danger. Lately I can’t even afford rent because her card keeps getting overdrawn and someone stole 200 from me the other day in an apple credit scam. I literally just want my MRI so I can figure out what’s wrong with me.

If someone could provide even 40 for a lyft so I can get downtown for ANOTHER appointment and try to get this MRI or a payment plan it would be so helpful. I cant stand having to beg for help anymore. Please let me know who else I can reach out to because I really dont know how to make it. My cats are out of food, my dog, my hamster needs bedding soon, I’m living off 783 a month when my rent is 710 and with my health problems I just need them to get better so I can work. I’m trying to get a car and license because my ID is expired and its winter here which is super dangerous for my wife but the ID alone cost 78 dollars and driving school costs 500. I have no idea what to do without my school money.

If I could afford to pay my school the approx. 300 I owe them I could get back into classes as well, and then use school money for my MRI and have money left over to live. What happened is one semester I failed because I had COVID, accepted me, then denied me and kicked me out last minute because I need transcripts. Anything helps. I’m on my knees. Please boost.


Cashapp : $micahsage

Venmo : @sicknng

I follow back and will reblog and boost posts several times in return. I know I’m not the only one struggling. Just please help, boost, share, ask me for anything commissions writing promos anything. I’ve given up all luxury already. I need a miracle. I can provide any and all proof.

(Reposted from side account. Updated nov. 25th)


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I have a Folklore Compilation project for one of my classes this term and my focus is on queer and spiritual folktales, so please let me know if you know of any good ones!

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Okay guys I’m here to make an announcement! For December 13th through 15th I’m joining a large charity live stream called Thankmas where lots of streamers and youtubers will be live streaming to raise money to help feed those around the world who have been affected by Covid and need help. I need help myself setting up. So I need those that want to help with the live stream, just join in the games, and those that can help spread the word. If you can do any of these things let me know. I want to take this seriously and raise as much as we can so I would appreciate any help!  <— Planning discord.

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Hey Tumblr!!! I’m in need of help :,)

I’m a freelance artist who primarily runs an etsy shop, and with my luck my printer is busted. I need a new one desperately but can’t afford to spend all of my savings due to car payments needed at the end of the month. So I’m going to try to save up /cover the cost for it using commissions.

Please shoot me a dm or email me,!!! 

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hey guys guess what 🤪🤪 i tested positive for covid and I will be out of work for 2 weeks in quarintine.

I am a black queer retail worker and I just need some assistance for food and supplies to get through the next few weeks.

Any help is really appreciated and please pray for me and my family!!

cash app: $emiddlebrooks


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its the busiest work day of the year so ofc the app crashed :) so ofc I can’t take any orders :) of course I cant work towards the bonus :)) anyway ya bitch is extremely broke and watching her chances of earning a little extra on her paycheck go right out the window……… if u have a little extra to give pls consider hitting me up on cash app $tenderangel or dm me for PayPal/venmo

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hi everyone, can i please get some help to pay for my uni tuition fees? i’m really short on money and my parents won’t be able to pay it off, and it’s really hard to get a job because covid hit my country really really bad. please consider donating at least a few dollars if you can, i’m one of the few people in my family who got the chance to go to college, and i don’t want money to ruin my chances of getting education. if you can’t donate, please reblog and boost. i need the money by dec 14th. thank you so much. 

0/$500 nov 23rd 

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urgent: please read

please help my boyfriend get top surgery

hi everyone, i know this is a lot to ask, but we really need help. 


my boyfriend is in desperate need of top surgery. on top of the dysphoria that’s being caused by his chest, binding has caused long lasting pain and he can’t do it anymore. he is disabled and can no longer afford to put himself in more pain than he’s already in on a daily basis. 

he only has about $400 saved up because he has had to use his surgery money multiple times to make sure we eat and get medications that we both need to live. he does not have insurance either because we can’t afford it. we are both disabled and currently unemployed so anything helps. he really needs this surgery. please please reblog if you can! Thank you

paypal: PayPal.Me/OberonIV

cashapp: $31iasB

venmo: E1ias-B


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This animal rescue group works hard to rescue dogs out of the meat trade every year.

This guy called them for help because he wanted to leave the meat trade. With the support of this organization, they rescued a lot of dogs and helped him buy a plot of land so he can grow his own vegetables and stuff 😊

so donate, sign the petition and help out


Boost this!!

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