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url change

babieemochi — > jiminho-s

If i didn’t spent like an hour contemplating about this I would think this was a really good change haha

so basically it’s like jimin but also minho does that make sense

Please interact if you see this!!

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Guess who’s gonna write a whole essay based on the clones and some other stuff that I won’t share until I’ve finished it?

It me. Though idk when exactly it’ll get done because I have stuff to do and life to live so

Tag list open if if anyone wants to read me going off for idk how many words

It’ll be posted on my writing account (shooting-stars-library) prolly so

Just figured more people might see this post if I made it on this account

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Yes it is true, I am sad 😒 I’m sad with dealing with constant fear if I can even afford to transition socially !! I fear my bills won’t be paid on time. It hurts me to know I can experience food famine at any moment!! It frightens me to even ask the shitty landlord to even extend the day he receives rent money by a day or 2. Being black and a woman of a trans experience is really hard to process. So much to digest at once and so much intersect with each other. Don’t get me wrong I LOOOOOVE being black and trans but damn would it kill to not worry about racial profiling, transphobia, sexism?? I can really get into all forms of oppression I exprience. I can only dream of paying off rent for the next 6-12 months !! I joke with my family members “man I wish our bank accounts had like over a billion dollars in it so we can do SOOOOO much things for ourselves and our community.” Shit I never understood millionaires, billionaires why don’t y’all redistribute your wealth ?? Sometimes I wonder when I see ‘anonymous’ donated 1k to your gofund me was that from someone extremely rich ?? I wish I knew how it felt to redistribute funds that high!! Rich folks blow money like it’s dust, I rather them blow some into my account! So many bills so much little time!!

So yes I am sad 😞 check my bio if you would like to help me out financially!!

Speaking of GoFundMe check my family and I out:

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Resources for Youths Experiencing Crisis, organized by Haven Project
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my sweet Bean jumped to 6th today but the Top 5 CLOSES IN 2 HOURS! Please go vote for him!! He is so perfect and brings me all the joy.

You can vote multiple times by donating to PAWS (info on the link). $1 = 1 vote, and I’ll love you forever (or DM me and we can strike a deal 😉)

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Tomorrow is my sister’s big surgery. Please help us if you can.

My commissions:

My ko-fi:

I still didn’t get tested for the gene btw. : / Living with this constant anxiety that I might have a mutated gene that causes is cancer is very exhausting

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‼️Please boost this‼️

I truly didn’t want to have to do this, but I’m literally out of options.

To put it simply, my teeth are in so much pain, I can’t eat. I’ve resorted to protein shakes and smoothies (which I have to drink through a straw because they are too cold or sweet) or very soft, lukewarm foods. However, now I’m noticing that I’m losing weight and, no matter how I look at it, I can’t afford to fix my teeth.

Since the pandemic started, my hours were cut significantly and I was dropped from the insurance my employer provided because I don’t work enough hours per week. I’ve exhausted my savings to pay my for bills and medications, and now I’m living paycheck to paycheck.

I want to make it very clear that this is not a self-created problem. I was born with very weak enamel, and despite the fact that my dental hygiene routine takes more time than any other aspect of my self-care regime, my teeth continue to rot.

I’m too ashamed to post them here, but there are pictures on my gofundme page and a bit more info as well.

If you can spare even a dollar, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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making a new post bc this is a new situation.

my girlfriend jacky needs support to maintain her rent, health, and accessibility to her job. without her car she can’t do delivery, and cant make rent without that income. she needs at least 265 to make rent (due on MONDAY 3/1). anything more will go towards helping her pay HRT bills and necessary car maintenance. she’s had to use almost all of what she’s currently been given on her current fund after she experienced a recent car wreck, so that isn’t an option. 

⭐ ⭐

cashapp: $JackyAttacky

venmo: @Jack-Hayth

paypal: @jackyattacky

please share this around! i know there are a lot of other funds needing support, but anything anyone is able to give would mean the world. thank you.

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Sorry to e-beg again but i am getting desperate and i cant live here anymore.

I am a nonbinary neurodivergent person living in an emotionally abusive household and i need to move out but i dont have any money. My payp@l is here. Please donate something if you are able to. I can also do commissions, more info about that can be found in my pinned post.

If you cant afford anything right now, i completely understand but please boost this or any of my other donation / commissions posts.

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Antidepressants, anxiety medication, antipsychotics, and anticonvulsants (to name a few) can cause dry mouth.  

I take stellar care of my teeth. I went in to see a dentist yesterday, and it turned out I had developed six small cavities in less than two years. He asked if I took medication, and wasn’t surprised when I said yes. I don’t know if this is supposed to be common knowledge, but I never made the connection that a side effect from my medication could cause tooth decay so quickly. I didn’t even know what dry mouth felt like and never noticed I had it. I also had never had a prescriber or a dentist warn me about this until now.

If you take any psychiatric or seizure medications (honestly, you should check the side effects of any medication you take to see if it causes dry mouth), make sure you are treating dry mouth. Stay hydrated, drink water regularly throughout the day, and consider using a dry mouth rinse or toothpaste–set alarms to do it if you have to. Take care, particularly those of you who are mentally ill and/or neurodivergent like me and have trouble keeping track of these things. 

Even with excellent hygiene, dry mouth will fuck up your teeth faster than you think. Prevention is best, especially for those who can’t afford dental treatment or have dental anxiety. 

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Please help me! I’ve been laid off for s year and no sources of income. I’m at my wits end and I truly don’t know how I’m gonna pay my bills ($854). I’ve sold everything I can. I truly have no income anymore. This is the most desperate I’ve been. I’m close to getting evicted. And I already had to re-home one of my dogs, which was the hardest thing I had to do. If anyone can please help in any way, even by sharing this, I would be grateful. Any and all help is appreciated.$xsalo21

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i’m in touch with a woman named sherre who is in need of some funds! she’s a disabled black woman living near atlanta, georgia who has several kids and has been in regular need for a long time. she didn’t qualify for social security the most recent time she applied and is reaching out to see if i and anyone i know has funds to spare. pleez SEND FUNDS and SHARE WIDELY! let me know if you want her paypal..!

sherre’s venmo: sherre-lewis

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My friend made a tiktok with information that we can use to find B.

If you Know who he is, please dm me or her with just his name.

Its very important that we do NOT make a report yet, whether it’s anonymous or not. I’m not in the best place right now, so I’ll have to wait a bit.

Reblog this please! We really need some help

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comms are open again. lowered the price. still doing furries too, same price as above.
+$5 per character added. will accept only via paypal.

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so! i semi-recently moved out of a uhhhh rather not great living situation, yay

i will not get into specifics but uh, that place and its leasing office are haunting me to the tune of a Lot Of Money because of some loose ends. i’m gonna be fine for a lil while but im very much unemployed and have student loans coming up, so yknow

so, im doing commissions now! prices are approximated out by how long these things take me to do! dm me if you see an option you like, or almost like and wanna tweak, ect ect. happy to draw ocs and all that!

i’ve also got a ko-fi. if you wanna help out a bit regardless! if not, rbs are well appreciated on their own.


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I want to educate myself on how to use pronouns in other languages, can y’all help me?

Reblog or comment with how you say pronouns in your native language or a language you speak! I’ll start, for English you can use:








Thank you all for helping me out! Feel free to add more pronouns to the list!

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A selfie where Effie\'s face is half-visable in a round make-up mirror


Hi there! This is my first post since revamping my blog to reflect my new outlook, and I’m really excited to introduce myself to the community!

My name is Effie, and I’m a 21 year old student currently studying in Winchester, UK. I plan to use this blog to explore my interest in healthy (and not so healthy) food, books, fitness and just life in general! Recently I’ve found that writing down my thoughts has really helped me manifest my goals, and so I think putting my thoughts out there in the world might give me the push to actually do something about them.

I’m really looking to make some friends here, so please pop up and say hi!

- Effie x

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