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#bop spoilers

Harley’s lipstick was the strongest character in the movie, no cap. ma’am BLEASE drop the name brands

Black Canary and her vest and her armband and the way she ties up her hair while high-kicking men in the throat? that’s hot

Huntress and every single thing about her? that’s HOT

Harley growling at the dude before attacking him gave me rights


Victor Zsasz is lesbian representation, whether he knows it or not

Black Mask is evil Elton John reincarnated and I support him for that

Did I mention Huntress is hot and also her motorcycle restored my health bar in life

Also she is the epitome of tough but also a softie and I love that!!!! I love it so much!!!!!

The amount of absolute garbage food Harley consumes during the duration of the movie really speaks to my soul this quarantine

Cass Cain!!!!! Love that child!!!!!

Also Huntress is hot

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You know what little detail I loved in Birds of Prey? That bit where Roman forces that woman to have her dress cut off? The woman is never shown in a full body shot after that happens. It focuses on her face, and Dinah’s reaction, and Roman’s delight.

So many times in shows and movies (directed by men), we’re expected to believe that women being humiliated by men is a way to show how bad the man is, but with lingering full body shots, it’s clear to everybody that this is a thinly veiled male fantasy fulfillment. BoP subverts that entirely, and successfully condemns Roman for forcing this woman to go through this. And it’s telling that this is the snapping point for Dinah as well.

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      There were only two parts of Birds of Prey that I didn’t really love - Huntress being an awkward weirdo uses for comedic effect when she’s actually super bad ass and intense and I love Bertinelli’s backstory (which was basically erased by DC in the comics for Helena Wayne!) and then…there is no way that’s Cass Cain. That could have been literally any random child but she’s never gonna be Black Bat. She’s basically an OC with Cass’ name.

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Just saw Birds of Prey!♦️🎶🏹🔍💎

An almost perfect movie!! 💫💖🌈

My only nitpick? DC has once again taken their Bat-kid of choice, in this case Cassandra Cain, and totally replaced their personality/backstory with Jason Todd’s 🤣

Funny enough, they did the same thing to Tim Drake in Batman: The Animated Series, where Harley Quinn originated from! 🦇

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