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borealofficial · 13 days ago
I’m officially ending Boreal. I’ve come full circle with this last album and the meaning behind it and I feel like I can finally put this burden to rest. It has been a heaving weight on me for a while now, trying to continue to make depressing music when I’m also actively trying to break out of depression. It’s not working. So I’m just gonna end it here.
I’m still gonna make music but it’ll be very different to this. I’ll post a link on this page to my new project when I get an album together and start releasing stuff for it. But until then this is the last that will be heard of Boreal. I was excited about it when I started it, but it’s taken me a long time to admit that it’s just been a huge burden to me this whole time.
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emvisual · 15 days ago
La aurora boreal.
via: @art-is-art-is-art
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kuro909 · a month ago
I require you to answer me 35, 37 n 42 from that ask thing you reblogged, pls
AND it is from everyone again
Thank you
Your requirement will be fullfilled. UwU
35) What are they like as a friend?
Boreal: The kind that denies being friends despite doing everything a good friend does and being ready to go down stabbing should this friend gets hurt. He's sarcastic, surprisingly tends to be the voice of reason, gets in trouble he says he's not taking part of to take the others out of it. Actually cares.
Gýro: Won't realize it's friendship at least for a week. Takes a lot of time to get comfortable with someone, 'til then he's pretty polite, anxious and is always making excuses to leave. When do comfortable, he's often sarcastic, rather dark sense of humor, and not the kind to let a friend down. If he's responsible or not, depends entirely of the situation. Tendency to be reckless if he thinks there's no other way.
Contrast: 'This is a terrible Idea. Of course I'm in!", the play-dumb friend that can be really smart if he wants to, agrees with pretty much everything, so when he says 'no' you know it's serious. Doesn't really care though, so... He'll let you down. Eventually. Rather sooner than later. Tendency to get you in or out of trouble that you'll never know if was intentional.
Fade and Rise: Fade is the one that probably won't let you do something reckless on your own, and go with you instead for support. Rise is the one who'll stop the two of you on the way, hit your heads and say you're being stupid. Pretty much the voices of the heart and the reason in eternal argument. Both twins are always open to listen and willing to help though. They're good with the emotions part, and will always try to cheer someone up the best they can, each on their own way.
Cranberry: Probably one of the most precious kinds of friend you'll get. She's generally cheerful and avoids getting serious in order to keep everyone's mood up or distract them from any possible bothers. That's why whenever she does, it's much more meaningful. Gets super excited no matter the activity, always willing to help, empathetic, and will ALWAYS be there for a friend when she can.
37) Do they have any phobias?
Boreal: Atelophobia- The fear of not being good enough. (Shows little of it but struggles a lot internally.)
Gýro: Pistanthrophobia - The fear trusting others. (didn't get it from anything romantic).
Contrast: Haphephobia - Fear of being touched... ( Except not really. He can't really be afraid of anything, but being touched of a sudden or without warning causes him to glitch, which is mildly uncomfortable and highly inconvenient. Saying he has Haphephobia is a simpler way of people to understand they should avoid that.)
Fade and Rise: I have no idea if this has a name, but they're terrified of ending up like Dream and Nightmare because of what everyone assumes for them being twins.
Cranberry: Autophobia - The fear of being alone. (Tries not to show it and be strong, but resets in which everyone simply disappears/dies, leaving you alone to wait for this to undo when the world resets, can really mess up with a child's mental.. :') - that's also why she's such a cuddle bug.)
42) What’s the dumbest thing your character’s done?
Boreal: Tried to distract Nightmare by sparring in the day one of his main gang members betrayed him to stand for his brother and mortal enemy. He'll keep an eye out not to repeat this mistake.
Gýro: Try to bring a gaster blaster to live with necromancy. That's pretty dumb. What, Will you sell your soul next? (What's left of it-)
Contrast: The list just gets longer...
Fade and Rise: Both wore cow onesies to terrorize Cross once. That was dumb but they don't regret it. Dream probably doesn't regret not stopping them either. He got to take pictures.
Cranberry: Probably pie-prank her Uncle Edge (Fell!Papyrus) with Fell as her accomplice of the crime. Both had a great time.
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kuro909 · a month ago
how does Boreal feel about his siblings?
That depends tbh. He tries to be distant from the ones he doesn't know too well yet, because he knows he already shows too much how much he cares for those close to him when the time is right , he's afraid someone might use it as weakness.
His protective nature comes from experience, he knows people generally might try to attack a kid from anyone of the bad guys, and he has much of 'big brother' energy too. He might act like he doesn't care most of the time, but given the chance or someone does anything to any of them on his watch... Oof. That was the worst decision this person could have made.
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kuro909 · a month ago
Next magic battle concept drawing.
Tumblr media
Okay been without art for too long. Here's Boreal. -w-")/
Boreal's magic is far more solid than the others, mostly because it takes a physical form on his tentacles and bow.
He has a particularly strong aura, which results even then on the glow on the edges of his tentacles and the slightly aurora-colored wind that tends to circle him whenever he aims his weapon. His arrows are also made out of pure negativity.
Is better fighting in the moon-light and his magic is generally stronger in the dark, when the negativity from nightmares, fear and insecurities fuels him. Dislikes too much light, it annoys his sight a little.
Negativity appendages are hard to control, he's a pro for having them for so long, so he knows what he's doing. His aim with the bow and arrow is terrific.
Tries not to show any weakness, but always keeps at least one tentacle close to his body because his weak spot is at his back. His spine is shattered from when his tentacles broke out, they're all that keep It together now, but he can't afford much damage there. Hurts like hell.
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kuro909 · a month ago
So, you know, i'm Very curious about everyone 34
Oh gods XD - alright, there we go, I have no sketches of their rooms, hopefully I'll do in the future,but I know in my head what they're like and How they'd be at the moment-
34) What’s their room look like right now?
Cranberry's room is decently sized, with her bed to the wall and covered by plushies and pillows along with fluffy-looking clouds and stars patterned bedding, she has a closet to her wall with several pictures glued to it. From her and all her family, friends, happy resets... Memories.
The ceiling is covered by star stickers that glow in the dark and a planet themed lamp, Mars to be precise. In the center of the room a fluffy light-pink carpet, to the left corner a white writing desk and a pink beanbag.
At the moment (morning to me), this room is well organized except for some plushies out of place and the slightly open closed, but those are the dog's fault.
Fade and Rise's room is shared. It has creamy white walls, glow-in-the-dark star stickers to the ceiling and star-shaped wire lamps around the room, in patterns of yellow and red. Two sofa-like beds, each to one side of the room and both to the corners of the walls are present, both also have a wooden chest against their feet. One has a dark gray/purple bedding and the other a cream colored one, an uncecessary amount of varied pillows resting in both.
Between the two a single bedside table with 3 drawers and two lamps, one cylinder-shaped that projects stars around when turned on, and one elegantly square-shaped. Various items rest on the free space, a book, a few small pokemon figures, a glass of water and a picture frame.
Facing the two beds on the opposite wall, is a large carved wood wardrobe, besides it, the side close to the door facing the lighter bed, there's a sword that supports itself by resting against the piece of furniture. Probably just thrown there last night by the light twin. The right side too has a sword, but neatly placed on a supporter attached to the wall. The window has light grey curtains and is closer to the dark colored bed.
RN (morning), depending on the day of the week, one of the beds is neatly made, the closet open and the curtains drawn. The other probably to-be made later can't say the same. A few pillows are on the ground thrown off during the night.
Contrast's room was painted by himself in the anti-void. It has fully white walls with different scenarios painted to them. Each is actually a portal to some of his 'favorite' AUs. He has a writing desk to a non-painted corner with several art-materials over it, besides it a regular chest of drawers. He sees no need for an actual bed, but since it's common place, there's a simple one with light orange bedding to it. Red strings fall from the ceiling holding different well crafted mobiles, another one to be finished rests in the desk. A hobbie of his.
Currently (morning), this room is like always. Not much personality here.
Gýro's room is the last of his house, being the attic. He picked it so he doesn't have to share with anyone. The ceiling is triangle-shape, but that doesn't bother him. Closer to the wall there's a bed similar to a bunk but in place of the lower bed is a desk. The ladder that leads to the actual sleeping part is on its feet not to interfere with the chair that comes with the desk. On the ceiling a normal lamp and on the floor a pale thin red carpet. The bedding being the same color.
The opposite wall is fully covered by a full bookcase at maximum capacity. Besides it a few boxes of items that have no place. Facing the fourthwall and near the small trapdoor that serves as the entrance - and is generally ignored because of the resident's ability to teleport -, there's a decent sized drawer. On top of it, a few books and a first aid kit just to make life easier. On the writing desk various papers with sketches, notes and two pictures. One with 6 sillhouettes and one with 2.
Currently (morning), the bed is made as if not even used - because it wasn't - and a few books are open on the table, a small pile of those that were read over night is placed besides the desk. The room is generally well organized.
Boreal's room is generously large as expected from the castle. The bed is also considerably big, facing the door with a simple square headboard , a moon carved to it's center, 4 pillows and a single lamp attached to it. The bedding is a greyish blue and the light in the room is faint. Mostly the moon light from the huge window, adorned by light purple curtains, on the dark purple brick walls. On the wall atop of the bed is a shelf with a few books, a bottle of healing gel with the first aid kit, and a picture frame with the gang on it.
On the opposite wall, closer to the door, there's a writing desk with a relatively large pile of papers, a few pencils, pens, a computer and another picture frame. To the further wall there's a carved wardrobe sided by a wooden chest. The same wall has a target with darts stuck in it, for training or entertainment. Surprisingly... There's no picture stuck to it. Just the point system.
Currently, morning, the room is pretty much organized. It's been like that for at least a few hours apparently. The resident here gets up soon and goes to sleep late. Not a ton of time to make a mess.
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kuro909 · a month ago
44 - everyone! (Sorry I know I'm asking too much, just forgot to add this..! >////<)
No worries! Ask as much as you like! I was actually waiting for someone to ask this, I may draw them with pokémon at some point. -w-"
44) everyone's pokemon teams!
Boreal- Glaceon, Altaria, Dragonair, Aurorus, Froslass, Suicune (from all my kids, I feel he's the more likely to go after a legendary and actually suceed). ❄️/🐉/💧
Gýro- Flareon, Charizard (sort of an undead Charizard to replace Blaster, so without its flame), Phantump, Lampent, Mimikyu, Zorua. -🔥/🌑
Contrast- Jolteon, Dedenne, Zebstrika, Rotom, Heliolix, Lycanroc (dusk). -⚡/⛰️
Rise - Umbreon, Meowstic (Male), Vileplume, Lunatone, Chimecho, Gallade. - 🔮🌑/☘️
Fade - Espeon, Meowstic (Female), Bellossom, Solrock, Togepi, Gardevoir. - 🔮/☘️
Cranberry - Sylveon, Cleffa, Cherrim, Deerling (spring form), Shaymin (land form), Flaaffy. - 🔮/✨☘️/⚡
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kuro909 · a month ago
Everyone's 3 please
Sure thing! ^^
3) Orientation and Relationship status (single, taken (by who?), crush (on who?))
Boreal - taken, currently in a relationship with Dart (Crossfell shipkid by @jimmydrawings ). - Homo/bi.
Gýro - single, but unlikely to be with anyone. (Reaper and Geno and their overly sweet romance traumatized the poor kid- X'D) - Asexual/has no Idea.
Contrast - Emotionless. So... Single. ¯\_(ツ)_/ - uh... None??
Fade- Single. No crush either./ Rise- settled with the Idea that he's gonna die alone- - both twins are uncertain of their orientarion yet. They think they'll know If they meet someone regardless.
Cranberry- single. 'I love you too! ... As a friend! ^^ ' kind of person. - No.
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kuro909 · a month ago
I wanna know everyone's 26 and 27 pls
Sure thing, my friend!
26) Guilty pleasure.
Boreal- Take breaks during his missions every so often to visit half-siblings, spend time with his bf and friends or just play with a street cat.
Gýro- He enjoys scaring Reaper by 'accidently' leaving undead or ghosts walking around the house.
Contrast- Uh... None?? Why would he feel guilty over watching several universes crumble for the plot of others without moving a finger? Silly.
Fade and Rise - Oh. They like to torment Cross with several cow accessories.
Cranberry - 'lil criminal steals cookies or sweets from the jar when no one's watching. She should be arrested already.
27) Family relationships and who's in it.
Boreal: NightKiller family so Nightmare, Killer and all kids from them together or a part. Shortening the list, he's closer to those of his siblings that grew up with him or visit a lot. Particularly fond of the younger ones, he really enjoys helping them out with training instead of Nightmare or the gang. He knows those can't restrain sparring to child-safe-level so well by experience. He's constantly worrying about his siblings but won't say that out loud.
His relationship with Nightmare is of absolute loyalty the kind that wouldn't question an order to a suicide mission if given to. Other than that he's oddly polite with NM as if talking to his superior rather than father. They don't chat much for fun, but NM values his opinion on plans and battles tactics, sometimes they're seen together playing chess or just reading in comfortable silence. Killer is more of a fun parent, he's much more relaxed around him than with Nightmare. Same with the rest of the gang, whom he also won't admit, are considered family. He would die before letting anything happen to any of them. Very protective.
Gýro: AfterDeath family, Reaper, Geno and all kids of this group. His relationship with them is... Almost non-existent. 'Tibia' honest, he basically runs away from Reaper whenever there's the slight chance of them meeting, both are very awkward towards one another and won't be able to sustain a conversation, which, let's be honest, is a scenario anyone would like to avoid.
With Geno things are much better. He trusts the AfterTale skeleton deeply and values every chance he has of having his full attention guiltly - he doesn't think it's fair for him to take his mom's time when he has so many other siblings who probably want it -, Geno always knows when something's up with him and it frustrates him that he can't find time to understand what.
He avoids his siblings like the plague. Not that he hates them or anything, he loves them and would literally die for any, should he have to, but he's afraid of what they think of him after the whole Necromancy thing. Do they even consider him as their brother anymore? Over-thinking gets the best of him so he doesn't really wanna find out the answer to that.
Contrast: Errorink family, Error, Ink and the kids from this bunch. He lives in the anti-void with Error and they're what most people- Contrast thinks - would call close. Even though he can't feel for real and whenever the code pieces he stores in the rings of his scarf run out in that void he becomes emotionless, Error seems fond of him and even protective, the reason to Contrast is unknown. He looked up to Ink a lot when growing up, even tho the artist was a bit air-headed when it came to parenting, probably for being another souless being. Everything from the personality he acts on to the outfit he wears are the result of years of being Ink's copy-cat. The major difference of him from any of his parents is that, despite admiring their importance in the balance, the glitch rather keeps his alignment neutral instead of following in either footsteps.
His relationship with his siblings is... odd. Most find it rather weird having a brother like Contrast, always talking as if life was just a big video-game or something, and never entirely trustworthy. He also has no particular interest in bonding with his siblings, so the effort on his part is almost non-existent. He has no trouble starting conversation and being around them, but don't expect him to be protective or attached to most.
Fade and Rise: Cream family, Cross, Dream and all kids from this ship. Their relationship with their parents is great, they really admire the two of them, oddly enough, each twin has one who's #1 hero. For Rise that would be Cross and for Fade, Dream. They unfortunately don't spend this much time together at home because of their jobs - both parents are workaholics - but treasure dearly the moments they got.
About their siblings, their realtionship is good. Not amazingly close, they rather stay with each other, but good. Whenever they meet at home or the Multiverse, they have no difficulty starting a conversation or doing stuff together, that also inlcludes half-siblings and even cousins. They also generally consider the rest of the Star Sanses and Epic as being cool uncles or something.
Cranberry: Cherryberry family, Fell, Blue, Stretch, Edge, (UF x US Sans and their bros ) and all kids from the first two. Her relationship with basically everyone in her family is great! She lives in Underswap and grew to have Blue and an idol, but she thinks highly of her entire family. Loves to help the Underswap skeleton with puzzles or coooking, and loves playing pranks with her uncle Stretch. In Underfell when she goes spend some days with her dad, enjoys chatting and coming up with new games, as well as sparring with her uncle Edge. She's a little ray of sunshine really.
About her siblings, being completely honest she doesn't know many. Going usually just around Underfell and Underswap, and this ship not having many fankids, she has no way of meeting the out-code side of her family. But the few she got to meet when they passed by to visit were cool. She also tends to consider as family anyone who she really likes or spends a lot of time with, nicknaming them as 'uncle', 'aunt' or in rare cases 'brother' or 'sister' rather than just friends. She's very attached to her family, biological or not, and would do anything to see them happy.
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kuro909 · a month ago
Character: Boreal
33 and 14? From your last reblog if it's still on. 👉👈
Howdy! Sure it's still going! Thanks for the ask! ^^
14) Can they bake/Cook?
Noope. He never took the time to learn, sure he can make the basics should he has to babysit his siblings or something, but trying anything complicated would likely result in a burned kitchen. Better not to risk it.
33) How have they changed over time?
Well, from all my characters I guess I can say Boreal is the one that had the most changes so far.
- When very young he used to be very caring and didn't like the way his family (both biological and the gang) were the 'escape goats' of the multiverse and never had their side shown. He didn't want to be hated, nor them to be hated, and tried hard not to, but people still didn't trust a kid of Nightmare, so he gave it up eventually. Dedicating his loyalty and support to his family alone.
- As a teen he had his tentacles sprout and the eye ' incident', on top of that, I like to headcanon it was around that time Cross left the gang and everything was a mess. His mental included, since he was still trying to deal with all the LV he gathered in missions and keep sane. He became way more edgy and quick to snap. Hard to be any sort of kind when in constant pain from a shattered spine, broken family and the realization one of your eye-lights won't light up again. He decided to just drown himself in his work and missions to ignore that, resulting in even more LV.
( this phase lasted longer than the others )
- Then last is current time. He got a hold of himself with the LV, and has been TRYING to be a bit more nice to those around him and not attack anyone out of missions that doesn't threaten him, but the image he built on that near past still makes it hard to approach. Still a workaholic and loyal to the death to Nightmare. Another pawn on the board for the king of negativity and eager to prove himself not a failure that managed to lose an eye on a training session.
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kuro909 · a month ago
6,8 and 21 from your recent reblog
Uh... Sure, but which character? ^^"
I can make the three more probable ones, tell me if It wasn't the character you expected!
6) Headcanon VA. - Not so sure which kind of headcanon is that tbh, but I'll go with voices.
• Boreal: his voice was never particularly clear to me, it honestly changes a lot, but for now I like to headcanon him with Dabi's english voice (My Hero Academia) - Here.
• Gýro: he was never particularly hard to Voice headcanon, I imagine him as Edward Elric's english dub, but maybe a bit softer. And of course, much less secure. - Here.
• Contrast: Also from my Hero Academia, I headcanon him with Monoma's Voice but much more chill, cheerful and friendly. Here. -w-"
8) weapon of choice.
• Boreal would always go for a bow and arrows, he's really good at it, but in a specific situation he can manage with throwing knives or darts.
• Gýro can't seem to do well with several wepons, he'll settle with his scythe. Sometimes using it as a staff.
• Contrast will more likely go with his graphite smudge, basically a staff, since it serves well his magic. But he can make do with any weapon as far as he has a user to copy-cat the moves from.
21) Favorite foods/drinks.
• Boreal actually loves sweets. He'll die before admiting it though. His favorite drink would be Frappuccino.
• Gýro is something when It comes to eating. Being an out-code and all he barely does so. Enjoys tea and sometimes a cookie or so. Small things, generally nothing comparable to a full-meal sit down and eat type.
• Contrast don't have preferences. He also don't eat much since it makes him glitch a little and that's uncomfortable. Sometimes enjoys chips. (Error is not the best example for eating healthy either, so he basically knows what chips, chocolate and a few others taste like. Not much of a sugar person tho-.)
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eco-nnect · a month ago
How Americans are Flushing the Canadian Boreal Forest down their Toilets - Report by NRDC
The issue with tissue is a big one, costing the planet swathes of virgin forests.
The vast majority of paper products are made from virgin wood pulp. In the US the majority are sourced from Canada’s boreal forest. This has a detrimental effect not only on the local ecosystem but on the climate as a whole. Are we really wiping our assholes with trees? At a time when we should be cherishing trees the most—fyi they absorb CO2 and produce oxygen! Whilst politicians promise to “plant more trees” it seems ironic that companies such as Proctor Gamble are flushing them down our loos. The Canadian Boreal Forest is the world’s largest intact forest, making it a huge carbon storer. Home to over 600 indigenous communities and countless endangered species—including the boreal caribou, Canadian lynx and the American marten—it is a natural and cultural wonder. However, between 1996-2015 more than 28 million acres of boreal forest were logged to meet the US’s demand for tissue pulp. Our insatiable need for cheap tissue as well as companies’ corporate greed are destroying these pristine environments at a time when sustainable alternatives are a plenty. So what can you do? Opt for brands that aren’t ass whipes! Shop consciously and look for alternatives that use 100% bamboo, recycled pulp or are at least FSC certified.
Here the biggest culprits you should look out for: Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, and Georgia-Pacific—their brands: Charmin/Bounty/Puffs, Andrex/Cottonelle/Kleenex/Scottex, and Angel Soft/Brawny/Mardi Gras/Sparkle—They contain zero recycled content, irresponsibly relying exclusively on virgin pulp driving boreal deforestation.
Check out and download NRDC’s full report: “Issue with tissue” here, including solutions.
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goprotimhumphreys · a month ago
Doinked the flag from a mile away 🏴‍☠️ 💥 @woodwardtahoe @woodwardpeacepark @borealmtn @gopro #boreal #peacepark #woodwardtahoe #borealmagic #gopro #gopromax #vr #360 #snowboarding #tahoe #goprofamily (at Boreal Mountain)
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