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Assuming people are doing the best that they can is difficult at the best of times. It is a Sisyphean task now. All you see and hear are examples of what seems to be the exact opposite. It looks like a concerted effort to do one’s worst. 

Disease, death, infirmity, fear, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, depression, sadness, anger, frustration, fatigue and boredom are potentially all part of a typical day, in which one may also experience gratitude, joy, kindness, bravery, courage, togetherness and hope. All cylinders are firing, sometimes at mass capacity. 

It is fine not to be “okay.” Normal got on the last train out of here. All you can do is the best you personally can with what you have (it takes effort, will, grit and determination) and hope others are doing the same.

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I sit down in the living room after working all day in my office. It was just a bunch of answering emails. There is nothing more boring. I pull out my phone and pull up tik tok. I watch video after video of people making something of their recently limited lives. I laugh at some and skip halfway through others. After a while, I start to feel slightly apart of these blips in people’s lives. I want to do what they are doing. I want to dance to the songs they’re dancing to. And I want to make the little comedic sketches I see on my screen. For each instant of video, I feel apart of the moment. I laugh with them. I enjoy the songs they play. I soon realize it’s getting late and I need to eat. I leave the app and shut off my phone. The plain, dimly lit room around me becomes very apparent. I am back to my life. I stand up and go into the kitchen to find something to eat, dragging my feet all the way. Why does my life look like this when the life in the ten seconds looks so much brighter and fuller?

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All I’m looking for is a girl who genuinely likes me and isnt just using me for attention or to keep herself from getting bored till she finds her next guy…

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I am bored.

I am very bored.

I will always be bored.

I am supposed to be cleaning my room.

I will not cleaan my room.

Therefore, my room is messy.

I share my room with 2 sisters.

Therefore my room is very messy.

The mess is mostly me.

Because this quarantine has made me into someone else *eyetwitch*.

I am still bored.

Do I know why I am writing this post?

Yes, yes I do.

Will I share why I’m writing this post?

No, no I will not.

Thank you for reading this boring ramble.

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Has anyone else ever played Warmerise? Like, I used to play it in middle school instead of doing online math, and was a total beast at it and then I tried it again last year and promptly forgot about it and something just like, reminded me of it and I went on and realized I haven’t actually met anyone that actually plays it anymore??? Like, it’s there and people play it, but I don’t know anyone on there and think it’d be cool to play with friends… Anyway, if y'all are bored, you should hit me up and play it with me 👌

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Well I really want a 1960s baby blue, hardtop mustang (you can thank Johnny Depp in 21 Jumpstreet for that 😍) As for fav car in movies, the DeLorean is just one that’s prominent in the head atm. Love muscle, classics, and supers.

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