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Hi y’all! This is a modern-day BoRhap cast fic which takes place in a supernatural AU inspired (pretty loosely, you’ll see as the series progresses) by the Twilight Saga. If you’re a BYCNL reader, don’t worry; I’m still working on that series and will finish it! I just couldn’t get the beginning of this story out of my head, and there’s no such thing as too much reading material in these strange times, is there?! 😉 I might start doing alternating chapters (new BYCNL chapter one week, Eccentricity the next, back to BYCNL…), but we’ll see how it goes. 

And don’t be fooled by the first chapter…this will NOT be a Ben fic. 😉

I’m going to tag a bazillion people for the first chapter (as I always do), but I WILL NOT TAG YOU AGAIN unless you ask. 😊

Series Summary: Joe Mazzello is a nice guy with a weird family. A VERY weird family. They have a secret, and you have a choice to make. 

Chapter Title Is A Lyric From: “Til I Die” by Parsonsfield.

Chapter Warnings: Language, some depression. 

Other Chapters (And All My Writing) Available: HERE

Tagging: @blushingwueen @queen-turtle-boiii @everybodyplaythegame @onceuponadetectivedemigod @sincereleygmg@stormtrprinstilettos@loveandbeloved29@ohtheseboysilove@jennyggggrrr@vanitysfairr@bramblesforbreakfast@radiob-l-a-hblah@killer-queen-xo@caborhapch@kimmietea@asquiresofftime@sleepretreat@jonesyaddiction@ixchel-9275@omgitsearly@lovepizza-cake11@deacy-dearest@mrbenhardys@deaky-with-a-c@brianprobablywill@dancingstan@7-seas-of-fat-bottomed-girls@abigfatmess@sara-1705@thigh-your-mother-down@danadeacon@painkiller80@jazzman-19@loveofmylife-bringitback@maggieroseevans@culturefiendtrashqueen@michael-loves-chickens@discodeakky​  @brianandthemays@imnotvibingveryguccimrstark@faithtrustandrobbiekay@myguardianmailman@crazyweirdocalledfriday@coffeeandparchment@blind-melon-taylor@fierce-bab@sevenseasofcats@partydulce@young-and-youre-crazy@unicorn-princess-1999@rocknrollqueenie@coffeexcigarette@escabell@im-an-adult-ish@quarterback-5@billigskars@namelesslosers@queenlover05@someforeigntragedy@bookandband@imtheinvisiblequeen@joemazzmatazz​ @seven-seas-of-ham-on-rhye@inthegardensofourminds@deacyblues@youngpastafanmug​ @hardyshoe​ @tensecondvacation@queen-crue​ @madeinheavxn@whatgoeson-itslate@brianssixpence@simonedk@herewegoagainniall

Let me know if you’d like to be added to the series taglist! 💜


Vampires do not exist.

This is a universal truth, like gravity or the Big Bang, like the fact that the sun sets in the west and rises each morning to burn off the deep, enigmatic quilt of the universe, peppered with pinpricks of quicksilver stars so far away we still think they’re alive.

A lot of the stars you see up there have been dead since before you were born. They exploded into supernovae—swallowing worlds in groundless inferno—or collapsed into themselves, thousands of years ago, maybe millions, maybe before the dinosaurs, and their light takes so long to travel through the hollow dark of the universe that we still see it, fire that no longer exists, those last, scattered particles of their persistent life, over and yet eternal, living through the reaching, spider-spun neurons in our brains. Death is flexible, you see? Life is all about perspective. And from here on Earth, you could never tell the chaos from the light.      

For a moment—just a moment, if you can—forget everything you think you know.


There once was a sixteenth-century Hungarian countess called Elizabeth Bathory. She had peasant girls from the countryside brought into her service as maids: sincere girls, simple girls, girls as young as twelve, girls with plump ruddy blood-lush cheeks, orphans and daughters, artless virgins, girls who would not be missed. But the job description neglected a vital obligation. The Countess would murder these girls, sometimes slowly, sometimes with ice or fire, sometimes with blades; and she would bathe in their blood like a shark in hot, rolling Caribbean surf, slick and godless. She believed that it kept her young, kept her beautiful, that she had discovered a crimson, clotted rivulet that led to the Fountain of Youth. Her ambition proved her demise as she graduated to finer, aristocratic stock and moneyed eyes began to notice; gold has a way of weighing consequence, then as well as now. They caught her, tried her, and walled her up in the highest room of her castle after burning her accomplices alive. For three years she was fed through a slit in the bricks, and then she died, with sudden, dutiful mystery.

The Countess Bathory and I, incidentally, have a little bit in common. We’re both ageless. We’re both killers. And we’ve both been baptized by a river of blood, into infamy.

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a/n: this is the shortest time i managed to write a chapter. there are some new characters introduced that will also be mentioned in future chapters. also there’s some drama in this that i think is going to be good. it’s a little shorter than what i originally had planned because i had to take some stuff out but i still hope it’s good

also thank you so much for 50 followers and the picture is what imagine ben wore in the beginning


summary: when their two best friends die, it’s up to ben and y/n to take of their goddaughter and the challenges that come with it.

# of words: 3,608

warnings: a little angst, drama, fluff, a little language

taglist: @myfatbottomedgirls, @evemarie05

(message or inbox me if you want to be added to the taglist on this story)



a month has passed and so far everything has gone smoothly. ben and y/n have figured out how to work around their schedules.  most of the time she had charlie because ben was filming but whenever he wasn’t, he was with her. they moved in and ben had brought frankie with him. at first they were a little hesitant about how she would act around charlie and vice versa but now frankie had become her protector. whenever charlie was napping, frankie would be with her. sean was another problem. he didn’t like the idea of y/n living with ben but he had managed to forget about it because he knew he had her wrapped around his finger by acting like the perfect gentleman and changing his attitude. 

they had spent the next month planning the funeral and the only date they managed to get was one the 1 year anniversary of christian and lennon’s wedding or else they had to wait another few months until august and y/n didn’t want to wait that long because she didn’t know if ben would still be filming or if he were going to be taking break. ben advised her to go with it. she had never been more stressed in her life to the point where she falls asleep at random places. ben had noticed her behavior and advised her that she should go see a therapist. she didn’t want to. she didn’t want to talk to anyone about how she feels let alone a stranger, he understood where she was coming from but still encouraged her to go. he couldn’t say the same for him, he did have his bad days and did hide his emotions often.

now y/n was in her room putting finishing touches on charlie. they knew that taking a baby to see their own parents funeral wasn’t the best idea or the right one, but they had no choice. ben was in the bathroom fixing his tie, or at least trying to before getting frustrated and throwing it off and putting his hands on the sink counter. Knowing he needed to calm down, he went downstairs to get some water. on his way he saw her with charlie in her lap rocking her back and forth as charlie played with the ends of her dress. she felt someone staring at her and picked up her head to find ben staring at the both of them

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Thanks to @brightly-painted-canvas​ 

  rules : 10 fandoms, 10 characters, 10 tags. start a new post and list 10 characters from 10 different fandoms! 

1. Ron Weasley - Harry Potter 


Originally posted by headcanonsandmore

2. Marty McFly - Back to the future 


Originally posted by hill-valley

3. Han Solo - Star Wars


Originally posted by gameraboy1

4. John Deacon - Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie) 


Originally posted by fragilefiller

5. Arthur Pendragon - Merlin 


Originally posted by mmeerrtthhuurr

6. Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf


Originally posted by clnriswood

7. Simon Lewis - Shadowhunters


Originally posted by alberto-rosende

8. Sebastian Smythe - Glee 


Originally posted by lolurnotgrantgustin

9. Fer Redondo - Fisica o Quimica 


Originally posted by yaoiitime

10. Asher Millstone & Connor Walsh - How To Get Away With Murder 


Okay THIS WAS FUCKING HARD… I didn’t know what to leave out aaaaargh

Anyway idk who tag, so if you see this do it.

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Rami!Prince Adam x Reader


Originally posted by hogsmeads

Summary: A prince cursed. A young woman aching for adventure. The classic tale of seeing beauty within.

Word Count: 4.3k

Tag List: @psychosupernatural​, @someone-get-a-medic​, @bensrhapsody​, @deakyclicks​, @crazylittlethingcalledobsession​,@minigranger, @crazyweirdocalledfriday​, @the-moving-finger-writes​, @assembledherethevolunteers​, @rose-writes-prose​, @queenlover05​, @26-7-49​, @drowsebaby​, @im-an-adult-ish​, @xviiarez​, @rogerina-owns-me
If you’d like to be added, let me know!

A/N: Let’s meet our heroine! You! Not much Rami in this chapter, but he’s coming!

Warning(s): None!



Chapter 1 here we go!!!

You woke to the chirping of birds outside your window. The sun was just peeking over the hillside and through your curtains. You groaned, stretching your limbs to wake yourself up. You had errands to run today, and you needed to finish early to help your father with his newest invention. You shivered slightly as you pushed your covers back. 

You changed into a plain dress for your walk to town. Then you slipped on your boots. You stopped by your father’s bedroom to peek in on him. He was snoring, his shoulders rising and falling with his breath. You smiled to yourself, grabbed a basket, and headed out.

The crisp autumn air felt refreshing against your skin. You began to hum to yourself as you walked. The sleepy little town was also waking up. You smelled the fresh bread from the baker, heard the thud of a knife hitting wood from the butcher, and saw the bright white flowers at the florist. You waved to each of them as you passed.

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In my quarantine boredom, I’ve been trying to come up with as many nicknames as possible for the name ‘Gwilym’.

I encourage anyone with any more ideas to reblog and keep this list going. Here is what I have so far:

  • Gwil
  • Gwilly
  • Gwil-Gwil
  • Gwilmo
  • The Gwilster
  • Gwillemina
  • Gwillionaire
  • Gwilly Wonka…or Gwilly Gwonka
  • Good Gwil Hunting
  • Gwilmer Fudd
  • Gwillow Tree
  • Gwilliam Shakespeare
  • Gwilliam Shatner
  • Gwillyweed (like Gillyweed from Harry Potter but, y’know, Gwillyweed)
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Quick Little Borhap Boy thoughts


Originally posted by rogerstaylor

So these a kind of headcanons for the boys and I’ve really needed to get them out of my head

Gwilym Headcanons

  • Gwilym having a partner who is a little younger than him. His partner has adhd and insomnia and it can get pretty bad. He is so fucking sweet about it and gets upset about it when his partner couldn’t go to sleep and doesn’t tell him. He does a bunch of research on adhd and insomnia to understand it better, soon realizing that adhd and insomnia are a common duo in young adults with adhd. Gwilym literally EVERYTHING for his sweetheart.
  • Gwilym dating a writer. He gets kind of nosy sometimes. He loves it when they are in his lap when they are writing. Gwilym loves EVERYTHING.
  • Gwilym being very understanding of everything.
  • Gwilym having a Pansexual partner. He accepts them and understands. Gwilym gets them a Pan pride flag as a present because they stated they never had one growing up because they were scared of telling their parents because they weren’t exactly accepting of the lgbtq+ community.
  • Meeting his partner from a play he has done and is just completely in love with them. It was a Shakespeare play

Ben Hardy Headcanons

  • Meeting his partner in the dog park.
  • Ben literally being the sweetest with his baby. Like, he would mumble little things to his little baby. He doesn’t like to put his baby down, he always wants them in his arms. He wants them safe. Small little kisses all over his face.
  • Ben dating someone with three dogs that are on the bigger side, like bloodhounds or giant schnauzers, and his little Frankie thinks she is so big now. It’s so cute
  • He would want one or two children. He wants a small family.

Joe Mazzello Headcanons

  • Unlike Ben, he wants a big family, but that’s totally up to his partner though. He wants kids so bad and he would be an amazing father.
  • Once he learns that the person he got set up with is a professional dancer, he goes head over heals for them. He would ask them to go dancing for a second date.
  • Him dating a softball player would be amazing. He would be the loudest in the stands and would sometimes drag the guys out with him. Which means, Joe has some competition on who cheers for them the loudest. They almost get kicked out at some games because they are too goddam loud, it’s actually quite funny.
  • He likes getting matching clothes with his partner. Specifically matching onsies.

Rami Malek Headcanons

  • Him dating an archeologist/historian, and he would just love it when they start talking about work and stories about the past
  • He is a very quite, yet very much a crackhead, person. But once him and his partner start to acting like crackheads, they will not stop for the next hour. People love their antics so much.
  • Rami will always give his partner a quick kiss on the cheek or temple whenever he leaves the room. And when he comes back, another kiss. Even if it’s just walking to and from the kitchen, he will give them a kiss, it’s so cute.
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Here is the sixth part of my King! Ben Hardy series, there is a lot of angst in this part, I hope you will all like it. Feedback is always appreciated.

Taglist: @lunaticspoem @butlegendsneverdie @langdonzvoid @jennyggggrrr @rogermeddow @radiob-l-a-hblah @rogertaylorsbitontheside @chlobo6 @rogertaylors-lipgloss @sj-thefan​​ @omgitsearly@luckytrashgooprebel @scarsout @deaky-with-a-c @killer-queen-ofrhye @bluutac​​ @vousmemanqueez@jonesyaddiction@ambi-and-sunflowers @milanosaurus @httpfandxms​​ @saint-hardy @7-seas-of-fat-bottomed-girls @mrsalwayswritex@rogerina-owns-me @peterquillzsblog​​​

Series taglist: @onceuponadetectivedemigod​​

Series masterlist

Summary: Ben and (Y/n) lost their first baby but now they have a baby boy together, an heir to the throne. But life is far from easy when (Y/n)’s mental health starts to take a drastic turn.




Never before had Ben had such a restless night like that.

When they lost Finn, Ben had spent many nights without the ability to close his eyes and without the ability to refrain from watching over (Y/n). He had held her when she cried, he tried to comfort her and get her to rest and sleep and recover, but none of those nights that had been full of torment and screams had ever felt like last night.

Ben had never had a night where he felt too afraid to close his eyes in case something happened. He had felt unable to close his eyes, but never frightened. Ben had never worried that if he closed his eyes (Y/n) might do something rash, that she might even go so far as to hurt their son. He had spent the night sat up in bed or sat next to the crib trying to calm himself down and tell himself that he was being over-dramatic. But the more time he spent thinking to himself, the worse Ben had started to feel. He noticed just how many times in the night (Y/n) would wake up and look around like she was lost or just stare at the crib with so many different emotions in her eyes. He saw just how little sleep she was getting.

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