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#botanical illustration

Over yonder in my @etsy shop, I have some leafy botanical insect stickers printed on weatherproof vinyl. These glossy vinyl stickers are perfect for adventuring outdoors whilst securely attached to any water bottle, helmet, bike, on the cover of a bug-catching journal, glass jar for collecting specimens and the list goes on! I also think I’m going to illustrate more botanical and entomology stickers in hopes of making a small collection set at some point in time. I’m very new to entomology in general and I would like to learn more. Is there an insect or plant that you would like to see on a sticker? Please let me know. I’m open to suggestions! Also, thank you @stickerapp for always making such great quality stickers. If you’d like to check out these stickers check out my Etsy shop🐞🌿🪲

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Illustrations (1826-1840) from sketchbook (no.1) by Ariyoshi Kondo (active circa 1826-1840 ).

Images and text information courtesy NYPL Digital Collections.

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Plate VI. Plantes Carnivores. Carnivorous Plants. Planches de physiologie végétale. 1897.

Internet Archive

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Hello March ☕️🌿✨
• Tasseomancy from #lolleherbarium ©️Lolle (2020) 🌙
- - - -
you can still find some pics f my herbarium themed illustrations available as a mini print set on my shop // 👉🏻 shop here ⭐️

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Postcards of violets by an unknown Japanese artist(s).

Hand-painted on card.

Image and text information courtesy MFA Boston.

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Page from the ‘Hours of Queen Isabella the Catholic, Queen of Spain’ (circa 1500) by Master of the First Prayerbook of Maximillian (Flemish, circa 1444-1519) and Associates.

Ink, tempera and gold on vellum.

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Plumeria Rubra 🌸

Cherish the ones who helped you bloom 

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More illustrations by Mary E. Eaton taken from ‘Addisonia’ (Vol 6-1921) by New York Botanical Garden.

Published 1916-1964.

New York Botanical Garden, LuEsther T. Mertz Library.

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~ { i n t e r t w i n e } ~

The magical connectedness of flora and fauna. I love the dwellers of the moonlight, so here is one of my own making; a moongarden moth. She’s made up of many different lives; wisteria, datura, moonflower, gardenia, water lily, moonstone peony, honeysuckle, night blooming jasmine, tuberose, painted fern, frosted curls sedge, lamb’s ear, little bunny fountain grass. I hope to have a moon garden some day. <3 <3


You can find links to my website, shop, Instagram, social media policy, commission info (all proceeds go to charity!) and resources for justice *HERE*.

Creating art for you, for free, takes a lot of time and effort. If you like my work, please consider following me and reblogging my work. It only takes a few seconds and it really means a lot. Please help me achieve my dreams! 💀

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Some more botanical illustrations taken from ‘Sōka Hyakushu’ by Bairei Kōno.

Published 1901 by Yamada Unsōdō.

Harold B. Lee Library

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Dahlia illustrations by Mary Eaton taken from ‘Addisonia’ (Vol 6- 1921) by New York Botanical Garden 

Published 1916-1964.

New York Botanical Garden, LuEsther T. Mertz Library.

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‘A Selection of Substances used for the Production of Medicine based on the Teaching of the four (medical) Tantras’

Illustrations of Tibetan materia medica, plant and animal, used in the production of medicine.

Images and text information courtesy Wellcome Collection.

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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