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#both are dancing with Batman
canonbatjokesworld · a month ago
How can people actually say that Batman isn't attractive to the Joker? When he practically deals with them the same. the sexual tension between The Joker and Batman. The only thing is Batman never acts upon it. The only different between Batman and joker relationship is they're missing the makeup sex, like the Joker said, and of course Bruce and joker's relationship is more violent, but there's definitely an attractive there.
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mrcifci · 4 days ago
Updates From Sonic 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and More
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.
Marvel’s Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings has some new viewership details. Parasite director Bong Joon Ho has something very curious planned for an upcoming project. Plus new looks at Batman: The Long Halloween, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and more. Spoilers are dancing because it’s Friday...
Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings/Free Guy
Variety has word both Shang Chi and Free Guy will “play in theaters for 45 days before transitioning to home viewing on VOD and streaming.”
Enola Holmes 2
Both Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill are set to return for a sequel to Enola Holmes at Netflix.
G/O Media may get a commission
Untitled Bong Joon Ho Animated Feature
Variety reports Parasite’s Bong Joon Ho is now “working on a Korean animated film about humans and deep-water sea creatures.”
Bring It On: Halloween
Syfy is producing an unprecedented horror/slasher entry in the Bring It On franchise of cheerleader movies set to premiere sometime in 2022. The story will follow “an embattled cheerleading squad” locked inside a “closed school gym to practice for regionals” when “members of the squad start to disappear.” In consequence, “the cheerleaders must unmask their assailant to save themselves.”
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 soundtrack is “finished” according to James Gunn on Twitter.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Production has wrapped on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in Vancouver.
Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins.
Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Samara Weaving as Scarlett and Úrsula Corberó as the Baroness in Snake Eyes.
Meanwhile, /Film has a pair of photos from Amazon’s upcoming Cinderella musical.
Space Jam: A New Legacy
There’s also new character posters for each member of the villainous “Goon Squad” in Space Jam: A New Legacy.
Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1
A few new looks from Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1.
The Lord of the Rings
Charlotte Brändström (The Witcher and Outlander) has been hired as a series director on Amazon’s Lord of the Rings.
Robot Chicken: Archie Comics Special
Finally, Robot Chicken returns for an Archie Comics special on May 23 at midnight on Adult Swim.
Banner art by Jim Cook
from Gizmodo via IFTTT
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bigfan-fanfic · 6 days ago
*gasp* Batfam and Superfam at a Pride Parade!!
I’ve been DYING to answer this one, anon! 
Okay, so since Bruce is a celebrity, he’s always in the parade itself. The first year, he was on a float, on a throne draped in the ally flag, while a team of drag queens danced around him and occasionally sat in his lap or kissed his cheek. After he came out as bi he wore a bi flag suit and waved to people. And then he came out as gay and dressed up in a rainbow version of the Batman suit (secretly this is him coming out as himself to the whole world and it feels intensely liberating to him) and from then on he’s a fixture on the gay pride float.
Dick probably wears a rainbow crop top and sits on the aro-ace float, coming out as gay and demisexual. Being such a public figure, he really wants to help bring some awareness to the aro/ace community. 
Jason is in charge of watching over the other batboys, but also he’s there with his boyfriend Roy and enjoying himself, so Duke is really the one watching the others, or pushing along Barbara’s wheelchair so that the bi flag she has isn’t caught up in the wheels. Damian doesn’t dress up, but he does get a rainbow painted on his cheek. Stephanie wears a shirt that says “I’m the token straight” and is just happy to be there. Tim let Cassandra and Carrie put makeup on him so he’s wearing fluorescent glittery eyeshadow and he kinda enjoys it.
As for the Superfam - I can see a lot of options for Clark. I can definitely see him showing up as Superman and waving at all the celebrators below, or even donning a rainbow cape for the occasion to show his support. As Clark, I see him either going full out shirtless with a bondage harness, or he’d wear a rainbow bandana and one of those “free dad hugs” shirts.
Kara being there with the ally flag and watching Connor and Jon. Jon wears a “both my parents are bi” shirt and Connor just wears tons of pins on his leather jacket.
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choco-glow · 9 days ago
Fall Like Rain On Sunday, Pt. 9
“Asshole cop.” Jason grumbled as they walked back towards the truck, and Steph giggled wildly, her lipstick only just cleaned up from the wipes she kept in her bag, eyes dancing as they made their way through the crowded Saturday night boardwalk, said asshole cop glaring behind them. Sure, they maybe got a little too into making out on the bench, but Jason had been so thrilled by her reference, and Steph was just…absolutely in love with Jason. So. Y’know. One thing led to another and Jason’s hand had crept up her skirt while she’d straddled his lap…
And then Officer O’Grady had blown his whistle. Right in their ears.
“I agree…sorry he got your bad side…” Jason shot her a grateful smile, and she kissed his cheek softly, all sympathy. The explosion when he was fifteen had ruptured his eardrum, and high-pitched sounds bothered the hell out of him on his left side still, which was why his helmet had specialized protective ear guards, and he wore sound-reducing plugs with his domino. It…was perhaps one of the few things that Bruce and Jason had bonded over; Bruce used similar ones for his own cowl, and had adapted Jason’s with regard to the minor hearing loss.
“Eh…At least it didn’t make my tinnitus start up. All he had to do was cough or somethin’…” Steph agreed, and rubbed his back soothingly, smiling as Jason squeezed her shoulder and kissed her temple. As much as she’d liked the idea of the Ferris Wheel…O’Grady was following, she could sense his eyes on her ass, and evidently, so could Jason; he raised his free arm to flip the cop off and hugged her a little closer, arm sliding down to wrap around her waist. Not to grope her, not that Steph would have minded…but she smiled, snuggling in close anyway. It was possessive without making her the possession.
Makes Dean look like the pervert he was. Creep. And Jason and I are what…three years apart? She made a few mental calculations and nodded to herself, satisfied; they were right at three years and two months apart, and while she and Tim were the same age…she had more in common with Jay. More shared life experience, too…
“Babe? You okay there? You look like you’re a million miles away…” Jason murmured, pausing at the entrance to the carpark, and Steph shook herself, smiling up at him.
“Yeah…sorry, was just…thinking about things.”
“…Good things? Bad things?”
“A little bad, then a little good. I promise, I’m okay…just…maybe more tired than I realized.” She winced at that, but Jason just chuckled, warm and sweet.
“I don’t doubt it, we were both up early. As fun as the bench was…how about we head back and get some rest, hmm?”
“Yes please…Um…do…you mind if I ask you to take me home?” His eyes softened at that, dark green with the night, and he kissed her softly, guiding her back over the gravel with care.
“Not at all, sweetheart; besides, I don’t put out on the first date.” Steph burst into giggles at that, and Jason snickered, helping her back up into the truck. He hopped over the hood, every inch the reckless Bat-boy, which made Steph break into more giggles. Joining her in the cab, he swooped in for a kiss that Steph gladly gave, and carefully got them out of the parking space, bitching a little about idiot tourists and shitty drivers as he made his way to the road again. “Goddamn fuckin’ cop could be over here clearing this mess out…”
“At least Penguin’s men have it well-lit again; the city didn’t do shit about that.” Steph growled out, suddenly feeling far more charitable to Cobblepot and his crew. Whatever else Oswald might have once been, fatherhood seemed to have mellowed him immensely, and his mostly-legit wealth was going into things like lighting the Mile, same with Bruce; hell, Bruce had even sent baby gifts, both has Wayne and Batman, since Cobblepot had largely dropped out of the Rogues’ with the birth of his daughter.
“Yeah, I think B thanked him for it the other day, Barb was shocked on the comms because they actually had a polite conversation; he asked about Robin, B asked about Tracey and little Eugenie.”
“Awwwww…I’ll get a purple penguin for her when I go out on patrol tomorrow.” Jason chuckled at that, and Steph relaxed into his shoulder, fine with taking the back roads home to her apartment. Here too, the little improvements had made things better for everyone, not just the wealthy Gothamites; lights brightened the once gloomy alleys, and people, feeling safer, had begun cleaning them up. Dumpsters had been moved to the backs of the buildings, and play areas built, full of beat up toys. Old sawhorses and a few semi-straight boards sporting carefully repaired flowerpots full of cheap herbs and little flowers leaned against the brownstones, painted bright with cheap acrylic and leftover housepaint.
Graffiti artists, once the bane of the neighborhoods, had been given purpose and permission to express themselves via the Wayne Urban Art grants, and now murals of every color covered the once ugly cement walls. Meanwhile the old abandoned lots, once ignored by the city, had been bought up by Wayne Industries and given to the neighborhoods as small leisure areas, with young saplings and soft grass and little free gardens, tended carefully by gardeners hired by Bruce himself.
Crime still ran rampant, of course; hell, that’s why they still had patrols.
But more and more, that crime was white-collar or supervillain; the average Joe was happy to have a good job again, and a place to call home that wasn’t covered in trash and grime. Petty criminals with a family to feed or a dangerous addiction had more avenues for help now, with flyers on every corner, and kind counselors available night and day. And the only requirement was only “if you know someone else who needs us, please bring them here.” Steph approved of that, as did Jason, and Bruce had only smiled and said “I thought of you two when we set that up.” Highest compliment he’s ever given us, I think…it…it really has made a difference. Just in my life alone…
Crystal Brown had been among the first he’d welcomed to the program, and Steph had broken down crying on Bruce’s shoulder the day her mom had come home clean. Really clean now; whatever else might have happened between them, Steph was just glad to have her mom back…and Jason had had much the same reaction, so Alfred had told her, when Roy’d gone through it too. Roy was Jay’s best friend in the whole world…she smiled a little. I’d almost be jealous, but…Cass is my best friend. And if Cass swung that way, I’d have dated her in a heartbeat, I think…I’m not mad that he and Roy were a pair. I’m just glad they’re still friends.
“Gotta say, B’s really made home feel a lot less gentrified, and more…”
“Alive.” She murmured, and Jason nodded, his voice a little tight as he pulled into her apartment’s lot.
“…I was worried, when he started this, that it’d be the Bowery all over again.” He murmured, and she squeezed his arm, taking a deep breath.
“Me too, if we’re being honest here. But…it’s not. It’s not. It’s…what we would have wanted. Hell, he even retrofitted the Starlight with green tech so that the Narrows’ best babysitter didn’t have to close down.” He laughed, soft and sweet, and kissed her forehead.
“Tell me about it, I begged him to bankroll it when I was a kid because…well, it’s the last original roller rink on the East Coast. I couldn’t bear to see it torn down. I think he started doing it after I died…kinda sweet, to be honest.”
“That’s what I would have done…Ooh. We should go skating next time.” Steph mused, and Jason’s answer was in a hot, sweet kiss, his eyes dancing in the streetlights.
“It’s a date. C’mon, I’ll walk you to your door?” He suggested, offering his hand, and Steph let him pull her out, heart as light as a feather. He was easy to lean into, not handsy in the slightest, big hands rubbing up and down her back, and already, Steph was boneless against his chest, drowsing as they rode the elevator back up. Their hands clasped, Steph swung them a little as they pulled apart, yawning widely as the elevator stopped and she could lead him back down to her apartment door, pulling out her key.
“Mmn…thank you. I love you…and I hope this is still okay?” She murmured, hopeful and more than a little nervous. Jason kissed her again, then once more, and bussed her nose with his own, the smile on his lips as clear a confirmation as the words…but she liked hearing him anyway.
“I love you too, babe, and this is so okay. Get some rest, alrighty? Tim took our patrol tonight, B sent me an apology text earlier, so we’re good till tomorrow.”
“Good. Bastard should know better than to get between me and waffles.” The roguish grin on Jason’s face made her grin back, and he stroked her hair back over her ear again, something she never let Dean or Tim do, because it felt…weird with them. It felt right with Jay.
“Goddamn right, Blondie. Sleep tight, babe, can I bring you waffles in the morning, or are you waffled out?”
“Jay, if you bring me waffles in the morning, I’ll put out, alright? Waffles are life.” She retorted, and he fell back with a snicker, shaking his head as he kissed her.
“Well hell, if it’s really that easy, babe…” She swatted his arm, still grinning, and he kissed her once more, leaning into her doorway in a gesture that should have felt intimidating…but like before, well…it was Jay. It felt right. Steph kissed him back, sighing softly, and he pulled back to kiss her in the center of her forehead. “Head to bed, babe, I’m not far off. If you need anything, call me, okay?”
“Mmn, sounds good…are you really gonna bring me waffles?” She replied, hopeful, and he grinned again, his smile as addictive as his kisses.
“Goddamn right I will, babe. What time works?”
“Probably eight, at least? I need to get up early, do housework, do homework…” She made a face, and he made a face with her.
“Ugh. Well, I can help with the former, and as for the latter, I can be a quiet boyfriend and clean my guns?”
“Deal…See you then?” Steph wanted to crash, she really did, she was yawning so much now…but she didn’t want him to go…
“See you then. Goodnight, Stephie.” He murmured, kissing her once more, then closed the door for her. She leaned against it, listening to him slip down the stairs, and smiled, stepping out of her sandals with a groan of relief (they were cute, but she was tired enough for them to start hurting finally), and made quick work of taking off the rest of her make up, hanging up her dress, changing into comfy undies and a huge tee shirt. Taking down her hair, she glanced over at her phone…and grinned to see his number light up on the screen. She swiped to answer, and leaned back against the pillows.
“Miss me already, handsome?” He chuckled, warm and low, and it didn’t matter that she’d been hearing it all night; she could hear it a million times, and never get tired of it.
“You know it, baby. Figured you’d probably have trouble getting to sleep, as tired as you were, so…I thought maybe I could read to you?” He sounded so hopeful over the line, and Steph’s breath hitched in her chest. Oh…
“…I’d really, really like that. What did you have in mind?” She could see his grin as she closed her eyes, and heard the soft sound of pages turning, the faintest creak of an old book opening.
“Well, I always loved Pride and Prejudice…”
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urbanenemy · 17 days ago
5/1 新入荷リスト
999  Nasty, nasty / No pity AFTER DRIZZLE  Jamaican Tango / Back In '83 AMY  Small talk / I'm the best thing that happened to me ANY TROUBLE  Yesterday's love / Nice girls BARRY BLUE  School Love / Hi-Cool Woman BARRY BLUE  Do You Wanna Dance ? / Don't Put Your Money On My Horse BARRY BLUE  Dancin' (On A Saturday Night) / New Day BEANO  Little cinderella / Bye and Bye BIJOU  Si Tu Dois Partir / Le Tueur BILBO BAGGINS  Saturday night / Monday morning blues BITCH  Big city / Wild kids BUZZCOCKS  Breakdown / Time's up / Boredom / Friends of mine CAP HORN  On N'Attend Plus Que Toi / Ecoute Et Danse CHARLIE FAWN  Always something there to remind me / Poet for a generation DAVID BOWIE  Rebel Rebel / Queen Bitch DAWN CHORUS AND THE BLUETITS  Teenage kicks / Dream lover DICKIES  Banana Splits (The Tra La La Song) / Hideous / Got It At The Store DICKIES  Silent Night / The Sound Of Silence DOCENT DÖD  S/T LP DOOLEYS  Flavour of the month / Can't dance DR. FEELGOOD  She's A Windup / Hi-Rise DRONES  Can't see / Fooled today DUCKS DELUXE  Love's melody / Two time twister EDDIE + HOT RODS  Power And The Glory / Highlands One Hopefuls Two EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS  Quit This Town / Distortion May Be Expected ELTON MOTELLO  VICTIM OF TIME LP ELVIS COSTELLO  Oliver's Army / My Funny Valentine FILM  Kad Si Mlad / Zajedno FLASHCUBES  Christi girl / Guernica / Got no mind FRED BANANA COMBO  Yesterday / Radio JAMES BOYS  Keep Moving / Sally Don't You Run JAMES BOYS  Over And Over / Same Old Way JEFF HILL  I want you to dance with me / Feel like loving you KEYS  Just a camera / It ain't so KIMBERLEY REW  Stomping All Over The World / Nothing's Going To Change In Your Life / Fighting Someone's War LADY SKATE ET LES SKATEBOARD KIDS  Skateboard Baby / La La Leçon De Skate LAUGHING DOGS  S/T LP MICK FLINN BAND  Doin' it right / Do what you wanna do MODULATORS  She's so cynical / Dream girls MONTROSE  Space Station #5 / Make It Last NOW  S/T LP NUMBERS  ADD UP LP PAUL DA VINCI  Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore / She'll Only Hurt You PLEASERS  A girl I know / Don't go breaking my heart PRIMITIVES  Crash / I'll Stick With You PROPAGANDA  S/T LP QUINCY  S/T LP RAMONES  Swallow My Pride / Pinhead / Let's Dance RICH KIDS  Ghosts Of Princes In Towers / Only Arsenic RIVALS  Here comes the night / Both sides ROLLERS  Turn on the radio / Washington's birthday SHAPES  Wot's For Lunch Mum ? (Not B****s Again !) / College Girls / (I Saw) Batman (In The Launderette) / Chatterboks SLADE  Far Far Away / O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday SMART REMARKS  Mary's got her eye on me / Machine working overtime STIFF LITTLE FINGERS  Nobody's Hero / Tin Soldiers SUBURBAN STUDS  No faith / Questions SWEET  Little Willy / Man From Mecca SWEET  Action / Sweet F.A. SYLVAIN SYLVAIN SYL SYLVAIN AND THE TEARDROPS  LP T.REX  Metal Guru / Lady TEACH-IN  Ding-A-Dong / Let me in TRADEMARKS  Magic in her eyes / Run for your life TRAIN SPOTTERS  Unfaithful / Hiring the hall V.I.P.'S  Causing complications / Run Run Belinda / Love is a golden word
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when-she-writes-stuff · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
3. I just told you I liked you but now I’m shy and say “never mind, forget it” and why are you looking at me like that?
- -
IF DEREK THOUGHT ABOUT IT, he couldn’t remember the exact time he changed. 
It might have been gradual. It might have been slow, like each step of a waltz moving closer and closer to what he never wanted to become. The glow of bright blue eyes, the plumes of smoke rising into the air, the look in his sister’s eyes as they gradually bled to red. 
If Derek thought about it, he couldn’t remember the exact time he changed. It was some kind of dance, slow footsteps to the music of one thing becoming another. Act one was the mistakes and act two was the consequences. The pain, the death, and the ruin.
It was the steps— one, two, three. One, two, three, and then he was alone in the world. He was alone and there was no one left to tell him what happened next.
For a little while, at least.
It hadn’t always been like this. No, once Derek’s life had been his family, his friends, and the feeling of right, safe, and home. All of that was long before the smell of perfume on his clothes, the imprint of red lipstick on his cheek, and every horrible thing that continued to happen after that.
At some point in his life, everything changed. Derek changed.
And it was all bad until it wasn’t.
“You know what they call people like you?” Stiles asked, plopping down onto the couch at his side. Derek gave the boy a flat look, closing his book slightly, but Stiles didn’t seem to notice, shoveling a handful of chips into his mouth as he flipped on the TV. 
Derek sighed. “No, Stiles, I don’t. What do they call people like me?”
Stiles glanced over at him, eyes going from the book in Derek’s hands to his face, a small smirk forming on his lips. “Nerds.”
“Hell yeah,” Stiles said, smirk growing. “Derek Hale, the big bad Alpha of Beacon Hills, is a nerd. Whoever would have thought?”
Derek rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to his book. Beside him, Stiles snorted and returned to crunching chips obnoxiously loud, flipping to the first channel that was playing something superhero-y. Derek tried to ignore all of that, glaring down at pages. 
Once upon a time, he just would have growled or maybe shoved Stiles off the couch in retaliation. Or, most likely, Stiles never would have been allowed to hang out in his loft at all.
But it’d been a few years. And Derek didn’t feel like doing any of that. Instead, he suppressed a smirk and focused harder on his book.
Then Isaac came into the room and gave them both a strange look. “The energy in this room is so weird. What did I miss?”
Derek instantly tensed and he gave the beta a warning look; which Isaac didn’t even seem to notice. But Stiles’s scent just flared with confusion and he glanced away from the TV, giving the beta a look that was one of pure judgment. “Energy, scarf-boy? Really?”
Isaac’s eyes flashed gold. “Watch the nicknames, Stilinski.”
“Oh yeah? Or what?”
Isaac bared his teeth. “I’ll rip your throat out.”
“Oh, wow,” Stiles said, barking a laugh. “You’re as scary as a rabbit, scarf-boy. But Stilinski throat-ripping is Derek’s job, remember?”
This time, the look on Isaac’s face was one of mild horror and when he glanced over, Derek just rolled his eyes, burying his face in his book again. And his ears totally weren’t burning just a little. They weren’t.
“Yeah,” Isaac said, voice a bit smaller as he inched toward the kitchen. “Sure.”
Stiles snorted in triumph at that, stuffing another mouthful of chips into his mouth. And sometimes, Derek wasn’t sure if he was awed by how easily the boy could ignore certain things around him, or if he were slightly worried.
Maybe relieved. Relieved made more sense.
“Dude, Derek,” Stiles said, elbowing him in the side. Derek snapped out of his thoughts, giving Stiles a red-eyed look, but the boy ignored him. “This is my favorite part of the movie. Now tell me honestly, Batman or Superman?”
Derek didn’t answer, giving Stiles a flat look. But Stiles just elbowed him again, pointing toward the TV, and Derek slowly followed his gaze.
“I don’t know, Stiles. What’s the difference?”
“What’s the difference? What’s the difference?” Stiles gave him a wide-eyed look. “Oh my god, you’re the absolute worst, Sourwolf. I can never forgive you for that sentence. Did you really just say that to me?”
Derek rolled his eyes. “Fine. Superman.”
“I’m so offended.”
“You wanted an answer.”
“No, correction, Sourwolf, I wanted the right answer. And that was Batman one-hundred-percent.”
Derek shook his head, trying to return to his book. Except, he couldn’t remember when he had gotten another ten pages in and Stiles was pressing up against his side much too close now, still muttering his displeasure. The boy’s scent was an unfair distraction and Derek swallowed a growl, glaring at the words that didn’t make sense anymore.
What had Isaac even meant? Strange ‘energy’ in the room?
“I need some air,” Derek said, shoving himself up. Stiles floundered to the side and shot him a look of pure confusion, but Derek ignored it. Because dammit, he couldn't think clearly and— and fucking Stiles.
“I’ll be back,” he practically growled out, grabbing his jacket and keys. And Stiles’s protests were left at his back as the door of the loft slammed.
Derek didn’t know when exactly he changed. It might have been gradual. It might have been slow.
Right now, it was fucking Stiles.
Stiles found him in the diner all the way across town.
Derek was honestly more than surprised to see the boy poke his head in through the door, grinning when his eyes landed on where Derek sat in the furthest booth. He didn’t even have a chance to react before Stiles was plopping down opposite him, that stupid grin still on his face.
“If you were hungry, Sourwolf, you could’ve just said something. My dad’s on a shift tonight so I’m making dinner alone.”
Derek’s chest automatically tightened at that. But Stiles didn’t even seem to notice, picking up the menu in front of Derek and surveying the options.
“And I have to point out that the curly fries at Mel's Diner fifteen minutes down the road are way better than here, but I’d still be down to split a plate. This place does have better milkshakes, though, if that makes you feel any better. Which— hey! How do you feel about ordering milkshakes too?”
“Stiles, what are you doing?”
The boy finally looked up, scent sparking with surprise. Derek clenched his jaw, holding the amber-eyed gaze, and Stiles dropped his eyes after a long moment, wetting his lips. “I’m bothering you?”
Yeah, Derek nearly said. But the word caught in his throat at the last moment and he settled for a flat look, to which Stiles squirmed under.
“I can totally go, dude. I think I’ve got… something in my freezer at home.”
“How’d you know I’d be here?”
Once more, Stiles looked surprised. But this time, a little amused too. “I had Isaac sniff you out, Smartiewolf. Then I kicked him out of the car and I’m pretty sure he’s still moping on the side of the street somewhere.”
Derek blinked. Stiles grinned.
“Dude, I’m joking. You forget that I have to keep an eye on my dad and the meals he sneaks during work. You literally come here all the time.”
“You… what?”
Stiles shrugged. “I hang out in my car around lunchtime over the weekend. My dad thinks because this place is across town, he’ll get away with it. But let’s be honest, that only worked for like, three weeks. He always looks a little too pleased when he comes home after sneaking a burger.”
“I don’t even know what to do with that information.”
Stiles’s eyes danced. “The point is, you’re always here. And I’m definitely the smartest one in the pack, Sourwolf. Besides Lydia. But I put two and two together!”
Derek stared at him for a long moment. His head spun but no words formed. But then thankfully, thankfully, someone cleared their throat to the side and his attention snapped sideways to see the waitress.
She smiled, eyes going between them. “And what can I get you two?”
Derek didn’t even open his mouth before Stiles was handing her the menu, that little grin back on his lips. “A plate of curly fries and two vanilla milkshakes.”
The waitress nodded, turning away. And as she moved back across the room, Derek turned his attention back to Stiles. “What?”
“Er… was that okay, dude?”
Derek honestly didn’t know what to say. So he just nodded and Stiles sat back, scent flooding with satisfaction. 
“Great. Cause I’m also like, seventy-percent sure my dad might attempt picking up a grease-filled meal for his shift tonight and if I can catch him in the act, then that's another victory in my book.”
There were a lot of things about Stiles Stilinski that Derek just didn’t understand. From the first time he’d met him— and been oh so tempted to rip his throat out— to all these years later when he was still figuring the boy out. And this was definitely one of the moments.
But sese, it wasn't the distance or the milkshakes that had brought Derek here. No, it was the memories of Cora messing with the jukebox that used to be across the room, or Laura moving around, taking orders in her waitress uniform. It was homework spread across the table in front of him while he waited for his mom to come pick him up for basketball practice.
It was the prelude before act one. All the memories of a life he’d nearly forgotten in the years that had passed.
Stiles was talking about something, but Derek was barely listening. Instead, he looked at Stiles and wondered why nothing about the boy’s presence felt… wrong. It wasn't intrusive, Derek didn’t want to flash the red eyes or rip his head off.
It was the memories of the past. The smell of vanilla and fries as the waitress came back with their order. And then Stiles, looking at him with bright amber eyes.
It was the strangest of changes.
Derek glared down into his milkshake and tried to tell his stomach to stop feeling so weird.
Avoiding Stiles Stilinski really wasn’t as easy as Derek had hoped it would be.
Or, avoiding might not be the right word. Derek just made sure he wasn’t at the loft when Stiles was supposed to come over. He steered clear of the boy at pack meetings and made sure to pair him up with Scott or one of the other betas during the weekly patrols. He claimed the chair furthest from the TV during pack movie nights and excused himself to bed early when it seemed like no one was going to go home that night.
But he wasn't avoiding Stiles. And it wasn’t weird.
Boyd told him it was weird.
“In three years, I’ve never been put with Stiles on a patrol,” he said. “Do you know what we talked about all night?”
Derek raised an eyebrow. Boyd crossed his arms.
“The weather.”
Derek couldn’t help but wince at that. Though, to be fair, that wasn't the worst pairing choice he'd ever made. He’d put Erica and Isaac together due to separating Erica and Boyd, and that had ended with Isaac coming back to the loft with a broken tennis racket stuck around his neck. Derek hadn’t even dared ask for the story behind all of that.
“You’re avoiding Stiles,” Boyd continued, bringing Derek back to reality. “And everyone knows it.”
“I am not.”
“Even Scott knows it. And he’s generally clueless.”
Derek clenched his jaw, glaring at the opposite wall. Then, reluctantly, he swallowed his pride. “And Stiles?”
“Have you even caught his scent lately?”
Derek had been doing his best not to. Not to pay even the slightest bit of attention. Boyd sighed. 
“You should pay him a visit. And bring curly fries.”
Derek really didn’t want to do that. But before he could say anything, Boyd was walking away. And wasn’t Derek the alpha here? He scowled at the beta’s back and then slowly glanced toward the loft door, fishing the Camaro keys out of his pocket.
He was the alpha here. He would make the decision whether or not to visit Stiles— and it wasn’t like Boyd had made any good points.
One hour later, Derek pushed open Stiles’s window and climbed into his bedroom, a bag of curly fries in one hand.
Stiles was working at his desk, muttering under his breath. But the moment Derek placed a foot on the floor, he was jumping up with his pen pointed out threateningly. Except, then recognition flashed through his eyes and the boy’s shoulders slumped a little.
For less than five seconds. And if remembering himself, Stiles’s eyes suddenly flashed again and he straightened right back up.
“What the hell are you doing here, Derek?”
Derek pulled himself the rest of the way into the room and wordlessly offered the bag of curly fries forward. Stiles hesitated for a moment before taking it and giving the contents a sniff. Then his eyes flicked back up, narrowing, and he pulled the bag protectively into his chest.
“Okay, so you brought food. Is that supposed to be an apology?”
“Why would I apologize?”
The words slipped out before Derek could stop them and he instantly hated himself. Stiles clenched his jaw and Derek finally caught the scent in the room— that other than fries.
Dejection was probably a pretty good word for it. Dejection mixed with anxiety and a hint of anger.
Derek swallowed hard. “I’m sorry.”
Stiles didn’t say a word, still glaring at him. Glancing down at the floor, Derek shuffled his feet.
“I shouldn’t have started avoiding you.”
“What the hell was up with that?”
Internally, Derek fought the urge to turn around and pull himself right back out the window. He figured that would probably cause more problems than it would fix and he really didn’t want to have to go through this again. Ever.
“I just needed to think,” Derek said, cutting him off. Stiles drew back a little, gripping the bag of fries tighter, and Derek sighed, jamming his hands deep into his pockets. “It wasn’t you.”
“It— it wasn’t me? What is that even supposed to mean, Derek?”
Honestly, Derek was still figuring that out.
“I swear to god,” Stiles said. “If this is some sort of ‘it wasn’t you, it’s me’ speech, I’m never going to talk to you again. I’ll probably be confused as hell and more than a little concerned about what’s going on in your wolfy brain, but I’ll still never talk to you again.”
That was one option, Derek figured. Then he hated himself for that thought.
Stiles stared at him as Derek stayed silent. And it was like the boy was pleading with him now; silent and strained, knuckles white and eyes searching Derek’s face for any hint of an answer.
Derek’s mind spun. Stiles’s shoulders drooped.
“Go away, Derek.”
Before Derek could stop himself, he took a step forward. Step one. Hands in fists in his pockets, heart thudding against his chest. It had been weeks since he’d been in Stiles’s room and it all crashed over him as familiar, and home, and right.
“I don’t want to,” he said, then hesitated. Stiles blinked.
“I don’t want to,” Derek said again. “Go, be gone. Not be around you.”
Stiles’s heart audibly skipped a bit. Derek swallowed hard.
“I like it,” he said. And why the hell was this so hard? Pulling his hands out of his pockets, Derek took another step forward. Step two. “I like being around you.”
Stiles’s scent was anxious and confused now and the boy nervously licked his lips, not moving from the spot where he stood. Derek tried not to follow the action, gathering himself up to take one step closer. Step three.
“I like you, Stiles.”
That’s what crashed over the room as Stiles stared at him. The urge to flee the room struck Derek the moment the words came out, and he stuffed his hands right back into his pockets, hunching in on himself.
Silence was all there was. Stiles continued to stare at him and Derek couldn’t even hear the boy’s heartbeats over the white noise filling his ears. 
“Never mind,” Derek said, the words suddenly spilling out. “Never mind, forget it.”
Before he could stop himself, he was turning around and heading back to the window. Forget the avoidance strategy— he might just have to leave Beacon Hills altogether. Go back to New York, find a job fixing up old cars again.
But then there was a hand on his sleeve, keeping him from taking another step and Derek froze. The window— his escape— was only a few feet away.
Slowly, Stiles pulled him back and Derek didn't fight, turning around to face him. Amber eyes and a mole dotted face.
Soft lips that were barely containing a small smile.
“Derek,” Stiles said, the smile slowly growing bigger. “Did you just say what I think you did?”
But Derek was rooted to the spot and just like that time back at the diner, all those weeks ago, he had absolutely no voice.
“Derek,” Stiles said again, stepping closer. “Sourwolf?”
“Your fries are going to get cold.”
Yeah, that’s the first thing that left Derek’s mouth.
Except, Stiles’s face just lit up and he laughed, the sound like wind chimes in the breeze. There was a new scent in the room and Derek could have melted as feelings of happiness washed over him. Stiles’s hands slipped down to Derek’s own and the boy's fingers brushed against his, before threading through them carefully.
Derek’s chest tightened and it felt so weird.
“Derek,” Stiles said, eyes dancing. “Do you know what they call people like you?”
“No,” Derek whispered. Where had his breaths gone? “No, Stiles. What do they call people like me?”
Stiles beamed, bright and wide. He tilted his chin upward before leaning forward, breaths warm against Derek’s skin. “Adorable.”
Had it been any other day, any other moment, Derek would have fought tooth and nail against anyone ever calling him adorable. But then Stiles’s lips were brushing against his own and Derek all but fell into the touch, the feeling, any rational thought leaving his brain.
Adorable. Huh.
Maybe he could be that for Stiles.
If Derek thought about it, he couldn’t remember the exact time he changed. 
It might have been gradual. It might have been slow, like each step of a waltz moving closer and closer to what he never wanted to become. Losing everyone he loved, turning into something he didn’t recognize. It was the steps— one, two, three. One, two, three, and then he was all alone in the world.
He'd been alone for so long.
But then one day, Stiles Stilinski took his hand. Took his hand, kissed him softly, and showed him how to dance again.
- -
A/N: so, I’m very late to these prompts, but I finally have some motivation again! I hope this prompt came out (late) but alright @jbbarnes​ <3 
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eyepietime · 20 days ago
In the Half My Life MV, in the beginning the story is framed as Whale falling from the sky. A visual metaphor that I haven't seen mentioned yet, is how, when they're at the costume dance party, both Whale and Talay are dressed as Batman and Robin, two characters that are based on creatures that can fly. And Whale and Talay were having fun--so much fun--feeling happy and free and like they could soar together. But those were just costumes that mere men wore as disguises. These costumes could not cover up who they truly were inside, that the men who wore them would never be able to actually fly. After all, it was Whale who was trying to escape something that made him fall--not fly--into Talay's life.
So when Talay turned his attention from Whale and towards the possibility of another romantic interest, it made Whale feel like he was falling again, that he needed to escape into solitude again. So isn't it fitting that Whale went as low as he could go, he literally went underground into an empty, drained swimming pool. A whale should feel at home in the water, but Whale found the one place that should be full of water but was devoid of it. A place that would make an actual whale feel claustrophobic; the claustrophobia only amplified by the sounds of the open water lapping up on the shore that could be heard in the background. But Whale thought that maybe the claustrophobia could be comforting, maybe he could ignore the sound of the open surf beckoning him away, ignoring how the world always told him he didn't deserve a way home, but a way out. If he retreated far enough, went low enough, he could escape the weight that the fear of loss was pressing down onto his chest.
And then Talay shows up above him in his superhero garb, full of smiles and relaxation, bringing his camaraderie down to where Whale was wallowing. And maybe this was his way of rescuing Whale from his solitude once again. After all it was Talay putting his hands on Whale's face, it was Talay looking into Whale's eyes, it was Talay putting his head on Whale's shoulder. Was this him promising a companionship beyond friendship to Whale? The idea seemed impossible but also made his heart fly, so before he could talk himself out of it, Whale tried reaching for it, tried to manifest his soaring hope into reality.
But no, he asked for too much from this world. Whale tried asking for more and was once again told that he wasn't allowed to ask for anything. He can't ask people to be with him because he is the embodiment of a soul destined to be alone lest he be abandoned first. He lept towards Talay, wishing for a brief moment he could fly, but then he smacked hard onto reality. He wished for too much again. He cannot forget his life is only meant for solitude. And so Whale was left in that empty swimming pool, alone, in a place that would surely suffocate any whale just trying to survive, let alone breathe freely and fully. He's left with the bitter reminder that whales cannot fly into others' lives, but instead they're meant to swim away, letting their calls fade away into vast depths of the ocean.
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clydethaoutlaw961 · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Batgirl (Yvonne Craig)
Yvonne Joyce Craig (May 16, 1937 – August 17, 2015) was an American actress and ballet dancer best known for her role as Batgirl in the 1960s television series Batman and as the green-skinned Orion slave girl Marta in the Star Trek episode "Whom Gods Destroy" (1969). The Huffington Post called her "a pioneer of female superheroes" for television.
Yvonne Craig was born in Taylorville, Illinois, and was raised in Columbus, Ohio. In 1951, her family moved to the Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, where she attended W. H. Adamson High School and then Sunset High School, from which she did not graduate due to the lack of "a single PE credit".
After being discovered by Alexandra Danilova, a ballerina and instructor, Craig joined the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo as its youngest corps de ballet member. This training was helpful when she performed stunts while playing Batgirl. She left the ballet company in 1957 "over a disagreement on casting changes" and moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of continuing her dancing career but found herself cast in film roles.
One of her earliest television roles was in an episode of the TV series Perry Mason ("The Case of the Lazy Lover", 1958) alongside Neil Hamilton, who played her stepfather (later Hamilton played Police Commissioner James Gordon, Batgirl's father). Shortly afterwards, she appeared in three films—The Young Land, The Gene Krupa Story and Gidget (all 1959)—and also guest-starred in the TV series Mr. Lucky as Beverly Mills in the episode "Little Miss Wow" (also 1959). Craig appeared with Bing Crosby in High Time (1960) and in Seven Women from Hell (1961) featured alongside Cesar Romero. In 1962, she guest starred on the Western Laramie in the episode "The Long Road Back".
Craig starred in roles with Elvis Presley in two films: It Happened at the World's Fair (1963) and Kissin' Cousins (1964). She also starred in the cult sci-fi film Mars Needs Women (1966) and appeared in In Like Flint (1967) as a Russian ballet dancer opposite James Coburn.
During the 1960s, Craig regularly appeared in television drama series. She appeared five times on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, portraying five separate girlfriends for the titular character between 1959 and 1962. In 1960, she played Jo, a young photographer with Charles Bronson in Man with a Camera. In 1964, Craig guest-starred as Carol, an underwater photographer, on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ("Turn Back the Clock"). In 1965, Craig appeared in The Big Valley ("The Invaders") and Kentucky Jones ("Kentucky′s Vacation"),
Craig played a Navy nurse with exotic Arabian dance skills in an episode of McHale's Navy ("Pumpkin Takes Over") as well as in an episode of The Big Valley with Lee Majors and Barbara Stanwyck both aired in 1965. That same year, she appeared in an episode of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. ("The Brain-Killer Affair"), where she helps solve the mystery of a brain-endangering poison.[10] The following year she came back as an U.N.C.L.E. employee in a theatrical film, One Spy Too Many expanded from the episode "The Alexander the Greater Affair". In an episode of The Wild Wild West ("The Night of the Grand Emir") in 1966, she played an assassin who performs an exotic Arabian dance. In a 1968 episode of The Ghost & Mrs. Muir ("Haunted Honeymoon"), she played Gladys Zimmerman, a bride-to-be who was stranded overnight at Gull Cottage.
From September 1967 until March 1968, Craig appeared in her highest-profile role as Batgirl for the third and final season of the 1960s ABC TV series Batman. As Batgirl, she wore a purple and yellow outfit and rode a "purple motorcycle with white lace trim", whereas her alter ego Barbara Gordon was the librarian daughter of Commissioner Gordon. The New York Times praised her for "add[ing] a scrappy girl-power element" to a TV series it described as "campy".
During this time, Craig appeared as a contestant on the game show The Dating Game (1967).
Craig reprised her Batgirl role in a 1974 public service announcement for equal pay for women sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division. In the PSA, Batman and Robin were tied to a post amid the threat of a ticking time bomb, but Batgirl refused to release them because she was paid less than Robin, in violation of the Federal Equal Pay Law. The PSA was written and directed by Sidney Galanty, and narrated by William Dozier, who had narrated the Batman TV series. Dick Gautier played Batman this time, because Adam West was, at the time, trying to distance himself from that role.
Craig reportedly felt some connection to the character and was sad that Barbara Gordon was shot and paralyzed by the Joker in the graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke (1988).
After Batman
After Batman, Craig continued to act sporadically in movies and television. She appeared in guest roles in It Takes a Thief, The Mod Squad, Mannix and Emergency!. Craig also appeared on Star Trek as Marta, a green-skinned Orion slave girl in the episode "Whom Gods Destroy" (1969). From 1969 to 1972, she appeared in four episodes of the comedy series Love, American Style. In a 1970 episode of Land of the Giants ("Wild Journey"), she played one-half of a humanoid, time-observing duo (alongside Bruce Dern) who chase two of the Earth castaways (the series stars Gary Conway and Don Marshall) into the past, ultimately forcing them to relive the flight that sent them to the giants' planet. In 1973, she appeared in a first-season episode of Kojak ("Dark Sunday") and in 1977, she made a guest appearance in The Six Million Dollar Man ("The Infiltrators").
When her Hollywood career ended, she ventured into private business. She was briefly a co-producer of industrial shows, before starting a new career as a real estate broker. From 2009 to 2011, she voiced "Grandma" on the animated children's series Olivia. Craig published an autobiography called From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond (2000). She appeared in the documentary film Ballets Russes (2005).
She was also a philanthropist and advocate for workers unions, free mammograms, and equal pay for women.
Craig died at age 78 at her home in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, on August 17, 2015, from metastatic breast cancer that had spread to her liver.
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While she's not perfect, here's some basics about who she is as an mk oc: Hisana is a half demon that manipulates light due to a once weakened ability being awakened. She left earthrealm for a time but ultimately found her way back.
By the time she returned, she was more aware of what she was but did not have the proper capability to use her powers until Scorpion offered her assistance through training and safety in the Shirai Ryu due to seeing her potential.
With that, Hisana is currently allied closely with the Shirai Ryu, with her personal goals being the discovery and retrieval of Ashrah's sword known as the Kris and finding her missing mother who she last learned had been spotted in Outworld.
Though her simping began because she had been introduced to the elder gods through Scorpion and after working alongside them for a while, gained a crush on Fujin due to both looks and relaxed personality.
Fun fact: if she doesn't keep her emotions in check and she's channeling her powers, some people see little neon hearts dancing around her head when she likes someone, something that she denies if anyone asks about them
As for art, i can try to update since im bouncing back and forth between art and a personal fanfic about her
There is not even such thing as a perfect person. So there should be no such thing as a perfect character. Perfection is not the goal.
I absolutely love the idea of Scorpion finding a demon and being like ah yes a new ninja.
Like Batman collecting children.
Literally nobody can blame her getting a crush on Fujin. It's FUJIN. Like
I too burst with hearts when I see Fujin-
I'm kidding but I love that idea that is so insanely cute-
I'd love to read the fanfic when you're done!
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red-jayson · a month ago
Rating: Mature Category: M/M Fandoms: DC / Batfamily Relationships: Jason Todd / Roy Harper, Dick Grayson / Roy Harper, Implied Jason Todd / Dick Grayson Characters: Jason Todd, Roy Harper
Tags: Implied Sexual Content, BDSM, D/s, Switching, Blood, Knife Play, Multiple Orgasms, Aromatic Character, Poly Character, Self Harm, Mentions of Canon deaths, Implied Amputee Character, Mentions of Drug use, Open Ended
The cool air brushed through his hair gently, swirling the smoke of his cigarette, making it dance in the soft glow of the new moon. Jason chuckled soundlessly and put the smoke out on the windowsill, dropping the butt into the trashcan by the bed, right on top of the three discarded, used condoms. 
The bed made no sound as he sat back down but the other person did stir before relaxing again. It was sweet, how trusting Roy was around him. Jason knew the archer didn't tend to sleep well - unless he was with someone he perceived as trustworthy and more capable than himself. It was a compliment and one which Jason appreciated but also loathed. 
There was no love between them. None. What they shared was … complex. There was mutual attraction and respect. A shared need to feel alive. To drown out the demons whispering in their ears. 
Roy's demons were shaped like needles and spoons and the open flame of a lighter. Like tiny child sized coffins and burned, scared stumps. 
Jason's weren't quite so easy to define. His were colored in toxic green, vaguely shaped like bats and crowbars and bloody smiles. 
Neither of them ever spoke about them. They didn't do much talking period. One of them would text the other a time and location and they'd meet up to forget. To feel. To breath. To hate and hurt and fuck and exist. 
Jason shifted, hands reaching for the medical kit. Roy had offered but Jason refused. Aftercare was … not what he was here for. Sometimes, when things went just right, he'd let Roy clean him and whisper soft, easy praise but tonight wasn't one of these nights. Tonight the sex had been good and the play had eased tension in his body but his mind was still as active as before. Running a mile a minute and making it hard to just breath. 
His hands did not shake as he worked on cleaning the shallow cuts along his thighs and Jason was pleased with that. His mind wasn't silent but at least he was back in control of his body. He methodically covered each cut with anti bacterial and anti inflammatory cream and then bandaged himself up. His butt, he'd checked earlier in the shower, didn't need any care besides him being nice to it for a day or two. Just bruises, no open skin. 
He turned, ran his fingers through Roy's hair, kissed the top of his head and then stood again. His clothes were back on in a matter of two minutes and then he was - 
His heart dropped and Jason looked back over his shoulder at the sleeping figure in bed. Dick?!? That - he pushed himself out of the window, landing on the fire escape and jumping down the rest of the way to the streets. His fist hit concrete so hard, he could feel his knuckles split open inside his gloves. 
It made sense. Roy was a switch and Jason knew that someone was taking care of the submissive needs that Roy had. He'd seen the marks left behind and even found himself pause to admire some of them. A good Dom wasn't easy to find and one who made the aftermath look almost like art - well that was one to keep. Roy had laughed and shook his head, he wasn't one for relationships and that wasn't just a saying. Roy really didn't want to be with one person permanently. He never defined it but he was something like poly or maybe aromantic. Or both. Jason wasn't going to label someone who didn't use labels.
What Jason had never expected was to find out that the someone was Dick fucking Grayson. Sure, yeah, Dick and Roy had been besties before Jason ever wore the green unitard but Dick was - he was supposed to be the good one. The Golden Child. The best thing Batman had ever 'created'. 
And yeah, okay, everyone knew that Dick had been … enjoying himself thoroughly in his late teens and early adulthood but that was in the past. As far as gossip went, Dick hadn't been around the block much, if at all, since the second break up with Barbara. 
It seemed gossip wasn't up to date on Nightwing's adventures. 
Jason gritted his teeth. His hand hurt like hell and the unnecessary jump had made at least a couple of the cuts on his thighs reopen. He could feel them bleed. Not so much that it made him nervous but enough to further piss him off. How dare Dick - 
What exactly? Have sex? Play with a willing partner? Not be perfectly vanilla? Have a no strings attached arrangement? Be a normal person in their late twenties, enjoying life? 
Jason laughed bitterly at himself. Dick was allowed to enjoy himself with people who were happy to consent. Dick was a person. Dick was not a glorious idol to be worshiped. That was what Bruce wanted him to be and Jason did not subscribe to the fucking nightmare school of thought by Batman. That was like his entire fucking thing! 
And yet Jason was on his bike, driving towards Blüdhaven, because he had a rough goddamn week and Roy hadn't been able to help. And now he knew Dick wasn't being a good Jewish boy, and he just - he was going to tease him. Yes. That. Just tease him a bit. And it had nothing to do with years of unresolved emotions and wants and needs. 
No. No that wasn't it. 
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jayankles · a month ago
Something to Consider
Pairing: Diana Prince x Reader/ Wonder Woman x Reader
Summary: Diana walks in at the end of a meeting between Lex and Y/N, she warns her that he is nothing but bad news. Based on the request from lovely anon: hi !! can I request Wonder Woman x fem!reader smut please? 💞 Lex Luthor flirts with the reader and Diana gets jealous af.. Maybe the reader could be related to Batman (while Diana's like Superman) so it's like a spin on the BvS scene 🥰🥰
Word Count: 1659
Warnings: smut, angst?
Written for: @anyfandomgoesbingo​
Square Filled: Angst
Tumblr media
“Thanks for the drink, Lex.” You smirked, sipping at the whiskey, never breaking eye contact with the man. Your eyes dance over his face, trying to gage his usual stoic expression. But this time his face was one of the smallest of smiles that you had ever seen on that man’s face that wasn’t a sinister one.
“It’s just a drink, Miss Y/L/N,” Lex says, nonchalantly. Because for him, it is just a drink, it means nothing to him yet the small gesture has meant something because you had taken it from him as if it were a silent peace offering. 
“The glass I have, costs what... thirty five grand?” You shook your head at him but still took another sip. That amount of money meant nothing to Lex, it hadn’t even made a dent in his bank account.
“Unfortunately Miss Y/L/N,” Lex looked at the time on his watch. “I do have another appointment. It was a pleasure talking with you. Just think about my offer, Y/N. My door is always open, especially for a woman like you.” Lex purrs at you, his hand covering yours before he winks and walks away. You turn to watch him walk away and spot Diana in your sight. Your smile widens as you see the woman that plagues your dreams. 
Narrowing her eyes at you, she looks between you and the door Lex just walked through. “What was that all about? ‘Just think about my offer.’ What did he offer you?”
Your smile drops at the seriousness in her question. “What are you talking about? Why are you so concerned, baby? It’s just Lex Luthor, you know I can handle myself around men. It’s the women that make my legs a little shaky.”
“Do you know how dangerous he is?”
“Honey, I know dangerous. He… he is not it.” You reach out but Diana steps away, shaking her head at your actions.
“You don’t know him like I do, whatever his offer is please… don’t even consider thinking about it. He is capable of so many things that you don’t understand.” Her eyes silently plea with you, compelling you to not take Lex Luthor up on whatever it was that he had offered you. Diana didn’t want you to fall into a false sense of security to trust the man that had played a continuous game with her and the people in her team.
Your eyes hovered between both of hers and you knew she just wanted to protect you from something that you didn’t know anything about, there was something deeper going on between the two of them. 
“Okay,” you said, holding your hands out once more waiting for her to take them this time. “I’ll take care of him. I won’t accept his offer.”
“What did he offer you? Was it sexual favors?” Diana mumbles, trying to figure out what it was that Lex wanted from you to offer you something.
“Oh, Diana, are you jealous? Of a man?” you ask, your hands dropping to her hips to pull her close before you cupped her face in your hands, pressing your lips softly to hers. “I’m all yours, Diana. I promise. Let’s go home.”
You could feel Diana’s eyes burning into the back of your head as you turned the key into your home. She was on you as soon as she had slammed the door closed. Lips attacking yours as soon as she could reach you, your eyes widened before you start to kiss her back, tugging at any piece of clothing that you find so you can be closer to her.
With no struggle at all, she lifts you into her waiting arms, legs instinctively wrapping around her delicate hips as she harshly palms at your ass. She takes in your face, you’re perfect. The way your eyes never break from hers, the way your mouth falls open just after you bite it, but what tips Diana over the edge is the way she can hear your heart pounding in your chest. Like it is beating so hard just to reach out to her, to tangle with hers as if you couldn’t live without her hearing it.
“I love you.” It’s a hushed whisper and if you hadn’t been looking at her, you would have missed it but you heard the three most important words that meant the entire world to you. It was the three words that you had never heard before nor had you said them to anyone before.
Your lips connected once more. A fire burning low in your stomach, you ached for her. “I love you, too.”
Diana didn’t need to think twice about leading you to your bedroom. She gently set you down on your bed, not breaking the contact between the two of you until she kissed her way down your body, over your clothes, stopping just above the waistband of your pants. Diana looks up from her lashes and you see the desire in her eyes and you can’t distinguish whether it’s love or lust. You determine that it’s lust for now, you could be wrong after all. 
Easily, she removes your shoes and moves up your legs to unbutton your pants, seductively dragging them down your legs. You can feel your wetness seeping through your panties. Diana tilts her head to the side, a sneaky smirk on her face as she ripped your panties in half, tossing them across the room, leaving your cunt bare and in all its soaking wet glory.
“Diana…” you whispered, wriggling your body underneath her gaze. You didn’t know whether you were pleading for. Her lips on yours or on your pussy? You were happy for either event to occur. Diana, however, picked the latter, her body lowering so that she was lying flat on her stomach. Her eyes flickered from yours to your dripping pussy. She softly swept one of her fingers through your folds, licking off your arousal, humming at the sweet nectar she had collected. “Absolutely perfect.”
You whimpered at her praise, your hips rolling up, trying to find any friction to release the ache between your legs. The Amazon Warrior takes her time, pressing soft kisses from your knee and slowly travelling across your thigh, so close yet so far from the spot you needed her to be. Finally, she licked her tongue through your folds to your clit. You hiss as Diana continues to work over your pussy, her tongue flicking over your clit before she suctions it between her lips, sucking it until you are clawing at the bed sheets beneath your body, trying to grab hold of anything that could ground you as Diana drove you to new heights. Your mouth falls open, you squeak out a noise as Diana continues to lick your cunt and swallow down your arousal. She pushes your legs open, bringing her fingers up to swipe through your folds before two of them sink into your weeping cunt, opening yourself up to her, giving her everything you have to offer.
You feel your stomach tighten under her fingers and tongue, her ministrations sending sharp pains through your body, you shoot up, trying to close your legs around Diana’s head but her strength prevents you from moving even an inch away from her. “Keep going. Please… don’t stop.”
Diana obeyed, picking up speed in her movements, her tongue and fingers moving faster to push you to your orgasm. With a final pump of her fingers inside of your pussy, her fingers curl up into your inner walls and you’re putty in her hands, exploding around her digits as she rides out the waves of your high.
“Jesus, maybe I’ll have to make you jealous more often if that is what is going to happen.” You breathed out, trying to find an equilibrium. “I’m sorry that I made you feel inferior. To Lex Luthor of all people.”
Diana rolls her eyes, kissing her way back up your body. “Shut up, Y/N. Next time won’t be as pleasurable for you.”
“So, there is a next time.” You hummed, bringing her face to yours, silencing her with a kiss before she spoke again. “I’ll tell Lex no. I don’t want to upset you when you were just trying to protect me. I get it.”
Diana pulled you close, pressing her lips to the crown of your head, tucking you into her warm embrace. You felt so safe and secure in her arms. That was the point where you knew exactly what you were going to do.
“Well, well, well. If it isn’t you again, Miss Y/L/N.”
You peered over your shoulder to see the same man from a few weeks ago. “What is it this time, Lex? You bought me a house? A boat? An entire Island?”
“Oh, dear, no,” the man scoffed out a laugh. “Don’t be ridiculous. I concocted a serum. For you, I should add.”
“Lex, I told you, I don’t want any part of this and the game that we were playing. I didn’t sign up for it, please. As much as I would love to live a long and healthy life,” you breathe out, shaking your hands in front of you. “I would be forever in your debt. I appreciate your offer Mr Luthor, but I’ll have to decline. I have to live the rest of my life - whatever is left of it - as best I can, especially with the people I love. But thank you, the trouble you went through to help me means a lot.”
With your last words to him, you nod your head at the powerful man and press a kiss to his cheek. You were going to leave this earth whenever someone up there decided that it was your time to go but until then, you were going to love Diana Prince with all your heart. Nothing less.
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violentvaleska · a month ago
Sweet! (I was the anon lol) I totally get it, I take forever with ships!(feel free to request from me if you want too! )
Okay. Can I have a Gotham and DC ship? And idk how many I can ask but if it's more than two than maybe Descendants, OUAT, Marvel, and/or HP?(dont feel like you have to for those others tho! Seriously! I'm just indecisive and apparently have all the same fandoms xD) So. Im a straight female. on desktop theme I have a link to my face tag! But basically long brown hair, hazel ish eyes, 5'6, I have a really enthusiastic smile and my eyes often scrunch up
Pink is my fav color! Love tacky, extra stuff (almost kidcore?), and sparkly stuff, but half the time I'm too lazy to commit to a look and just wear like a tee shirt and leggings cause its comfortable and I'm too lazy for makeup most days.
I'm kind of an oxymoron in general, like I'm super duper shy but extremely bubbly and energetic when I do talk. I'm get like super passionate about things and excited about everything and accidently get too loud sometimes. Or, when it comes to school and work I dont talk at all. Really bad with starting conversations and thinking of things to say. I'm known for just constantly laughing in the background (my former roommate said I was like her personal laugh track 🤣)
Can be super awkward but like I think cute awkward? Super innocent. I'm annoyingly empathetic, often over little things like someone getting their feelings hurt. Extroverted introvert, I like to be included and go out and LOVE adventures and taking chances but I NEED my alone time to recharge. I can go go go but then i will need a week completely alone.
I get left out a lot but also create fun for myself and not afraid to go to places alone and have a great time. Always worried about being rejected as I have dad abandonment issues and dance world rejection because of a minor disability(mild cerebral palsy on one side), but sometimes Im so worried about being liked that it becomes a self filming prophecy, I also think everyone always hates me secretly lmao
I have tons of ambition and passion and am super sweet. Can always find a positive in any situation. I can be super over sensitive tho. I can be super intense sometimes and steam roll but it's because I'm super passionate. I get excited about any and everything. Both a kid at heart and an old soul. If you have seen The Middle, I am literally Sue Heck and Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec.
Hobbies/interests: Musical theater (cant sing to save my life tho opps), Video editing, dancing, animals, superheros, disney and disney world(worked there as a photographer), history and museums(love old artifacts and places), traveling and going on adventures, redemption arcs 🤣
Physical touch is my love language, but I'm often too scared to initiate it. But hugs and cuddling are my fav things ever. Also giving and receiving gifts and words of affirmation
Sorry this was so long! And no rush! Thanks and have a great day!
Hi :) and yea I may request a ship as Well on your block haha ^-^ so I'm gonna do DC and Gotham more detailed than the other fandoms...I hope that's ok :)
Gotham: Jerome or Edward
They both seem to match your enthusiasm
Jerome is really into your innocence and would totally cuddle with you for hours as long as you keep that smile up
He would totally spoil you with (stolen) gifts
Edward on the other hand is your comfort person
He would help you with your disability, and make you feel loved and better about yourself
Plus he likes glitter and is genus
He admires your talent with languages
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DC: Dick Grayson
Bubbly, innocent, caring, loving, loyal
You two fit together perfectly
When I read your description he was literally the first character that came to my mind
Dick is overprotective and loves to treat you like his queen
He would go to Disney World with you and even buy you a puppy as long as you are happy
You are both passionate people which makes you relationship intense
He shows you love with affection, gifts, kisses and small gestures
(Couldn't find a animated gif...hope you like the titans version of him haha)
Tumblr media
Descendents: Harry Hook
OUAT: Henry Mills (season 6)
Marvel: Peter Parker
HP: Fred Weasly
Special: Yungblud and Idk maybe you could like Jonathan Crane from batman begins
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masterwords · a month ago
So Much for Gravity
Warnings:  Anaphylaxis, graphic depiction of allergic reaction, vomiting
Notes:  To all my fellow Hotch whumpers who have made it basically canon that he’s allergic to strawberries, I offer you this with much love.  <3  I should be working on my other story but this one just popped into my head and I had to get it out. I used to work in an allergy clinic and I have a child with allergies, so my apologies if this gets...too real.  The trouble Hotch can get into over the course of a weekend is astounding.
“Any plans for the weekend?” Aaron asked as the team shuffled papers, packed up their belongings from before them.  They'd just finished their Friday debrief and were ready to head home, ready to have a weekend off for the first time in longer than they could remember.  A full weekend promised to them by Chief Strauss, no case in sight. Spencer and Penelope had plans to see a movie, Dave refused to say where he would be because he had to keep some secrets but he did let slip that there would be jazz and beautiful women involved.  Emily and Derek were going to a whiskey and cigar bar, and as Emily put it, they would see where the night took them from there.  JJ just smiled and said she was looking forward to a quiet weekend with her family, and Aaron added a quick “same” into the mix, told them all they could leave early and swept out of the room before any of them could comment on whether or not he, too, would be leaving early.  
He would not.  
In order for them to leave early, it meant he had to stay late, and that was okay by him.  Jack was spending the entire weekend with a friend, a birthday sleepover that promised to be epic according to all the boys invited, and he would be dropped off in time for dinner on Sunday.  Aaron meant it, he was looking forward to a quiet weekend, so it really didn't make much difference if it started with an hour or two of very quiet time in the office to scribble his signature on things and fire off some last minute emails.  
“We still on for lunch Monday?” Derek asked, popping his head into Aaron's office with a grin, his leather jacket already on, bag slung over his shoulder.  You didn't have to tell Derek Morgan twice that he could leave early, by the time 3pm came he already had one foot out the door on office days.  Aaron nodded and smiled.  
“Absolutely,” he replied, clicking the end of his pen once, twice, absentmindedly, maybe a little nervously.  Derek grinned.  
“Good deal.  See you on Monday.”  It would be their second  Whatever that meant, Aaron didn't know.  They were both men in their 40s who had known one another for the better part of their lives so it didn't feel as monumental as it sounded, but he somehow felt that same odd sense of nervous jitters as he had when he was 17 and taking Haley out.  You never really grow out of that feeling, he supposed.  “Don't stay too late.”  
“I'll try.”   It was 10pm by the time he packed up and headed home, but he felt good, the stack of folders on his desk was minimal and he had no pending emails.  His calendar for the following week was sorted, RSVPs were sent to all meetings, he'd even had a quick talk with Strauss about the budget without interruption.  He felt accomplished as he walked to his car, there was a little pep to his step that wasn't usually present, and he thought maybe he'd go for a run in the morning by himself.  He hadn't had time for that in months now, a good long Saturday morning run and maybe he'd grab a coffee afterward and really treat himself.  Derek was wearing off on him, he figured, if he was thinking that way – normally he'd be rearranging his to do list, making sure he checked all the boxes, but that wasn't even on his mind yet.  The drive home was quiet, he turned off his radio and hooked his phone up to the fancy bluetooth speaker Penelope had helped him put in so he could listen to a radio production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that had been on his list of things to listen to for months now.  Jack's class was working on a production of that show and he'd been wanting to give it a fresh listen before he had to really get into helping Jack run lines.  He'd never been any good at theater, that was Haley's thing, but he definitely loved watching it.  He preferred King Lear, if he was being honest.
He went straight to bed when he got home.  He didn't even bother with a shower or a meal, just right to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.  He woke in the morning to messages from Derek and Emily with photos from their night, Emily with a huge lit cigar in her mouth, the smoke was unbelievable, and Derek behind her laughing.  He was sure they were making very inappropriate jokes but they spared him the text.  They'd gone out dancing later, and finally Derek sent a picture of him at home at 3am saying goodnight to Aaron.  It was 5am when Aaron got those messages and sent a quick response, when he was lacing up his shoes and getting ready to head out and hit the pavement.  He wasn't sure how they were going to work, how he would possibly fit into Derek's life when he preferred to stay at home and Derek liked to stay out all night, but he didn't want to sit with those thoughts too long.  He managed to find a good parking spot right down the street from his favorite coffee shop, and he hit the road from there, it was a short trip up to a nice big park and he didn't mind running along downtown roads early in the morning, especially on the weekends.  The traffic was always easy to maneuver and he found it calming to know he could go anywhere he pleased on foot, he didn't have to stop when the cars did.  A red light just meant he'd take a turn instead of going straight, he never stopped to wait for a cross walk.  Downtown runs were the most spontaneous he was in his life.  He started and finished at his car, two hours later.  He'd taken a break at the park, walked a few laps around the grassy area, stopped to lie down and stare up at the sky, things he did with Jack.  He noted a few dinosaur shaped clouds, sipped his water, and smiled.  On his way back he ran into a few acquaintances also out for runs and stopped to chat about upcoming races, split times, congratulate one on qualifying for Boston, a feat he never expected to achieve.  He earned his treat, he figured, as he waited in line at the coffee shop.  His favorite barista was working, she was always so sweet to Jack, and she knew his order before he even got up to pay.  
“Twenty ounce iced Americano and a raspberry scone?” she asked, sliding him his order with a smile.  He went to sit outside in the sunlight and people watch.  He was trying to enjoy people watching more, trying not to only see the darkness, see the fear that his job had programmed him for.  Derek told him to try giving everyone a theme song and it helped, especially when he assigned people songs by the BeeGees or Journey.  He sipped his coffee, usually he liked it hot but she knew on mornings he went running he liked it iced but extra strong, and picked at his scone.  He was halfway through the scone and singing Achey Breaky Heart over a teenager in a studded leather jacket when he felt an odd tightening sensation behind his ears, creeping down into his jaw.  He reached up and rubbed at it a little, hoping his TMJ wasn't flaring up again, but it felt different somehow and he couldn't place it.  A toddler in a Batman costume walking by found him singing U2 for some reason, but he couldn't come up with the name and the words felt all wrong and suddenly he was acutely aware that he felt very hot around his collar bone.  He reached up and felt the flushed skin, felt a few raised welts and sucked in a deep breath, suddenly overcome with an aching sense of dread. He looked down at his nearly finished scone and that was when the panic set in, it didn't look like his usual scones, the red was brighter, there wasn't any of the trademark purple he was used to.  He scooped what was left of it up into a napkin and stood, feeling suddenly very dizzy and his stomach flopped, twisted.  Slowly he made his way through the door, holding the offending scone out in front of him, and waited in line even though he knew what the answer was going to be when he got to the front.  
“Is this raspberry?” he asked, pushing the scone toward the young woman.  She nodded, smiling.  
“Of course, I know you can't eat strawberries, but I'll run back and double check for ya hun.”  When she came back, she looked stricken and reached out, pulling the scone away from him, swooping it into the trash behind the counter like it was poison.  “Um.  I guess the raspberries didn't come in with this morning's delivery so they made the scones with strawberries they had on hand but didn't change the sign, I had no idea, I'M SO SORRY.”  
Panic. He tried not to, but he'd eaten so much of it already.  “Thank you, Shelly,” he muttered, turning on his heel to get out of there as quickly as his legs could carry him while she cried out sincere and terrified apologies behind him.  He was a block to his car, his epi pens were in the center console waiting for him, and he hated using them.  There was a hospital four blocks away from his car, he thought he could make it on foot and self-inject just before he got there so he didn't collapse on the sidewalk but he'd have to hurry. His jaw was set as he entered his car, pulled at the center console until it opened and rifled through for his epi pens with shaking hands.  His chest felt hot and tight, but he could still breathe fine if he would just stop panicking.  He didn't lock his car, just slammed the door and started walking, made it two blocks before he had to duck into an alley and crouch behind a dumpster, one hand against the brick wall as he threw up.  He tried to keep it quiet, as quiet as he could while his coffee and the offending scone made their way back up, and that was when his throat and nose began to burn.  It wasn't bad enough that the strawberries had gone in the first time, but here they came a second time.  He tried not to let it splash on him or he'd end up with hives in places he didn't want to consider, tried to stay away, got up and left when he thought he could move again.  He made it another block before he had to stop again, thankful for dumpsters that at least kept him invisible to the foot traffic nearby.  
“You okay buddy?” came a gruff voice from somewhere further down the alley and Aaron groaned, he couldn't justify trying to speak now, his throat was too busy passing balls of flame through its raw corridor. He grabbed his stomach, braced himself and set his eyes on the hospital.  The doors were in sight, he could make it now so he paused and injected his epi, one and two, right there and used every last bit of strength he had to push himself toward the doors.  His lungs were seizing now and his chest was so painful and so tight, his ribs were crushing him. Once the epi coursed through his system his heart beat too fast, he could feel it in his jaw, in his ears, behind his eyes, and the panic got worse, thought he was having a heart attack.  He got to the admitting desk and told the woman there that he was experiencing anaphylaxis, slammed his used epi pens down on the counter a little harder than he'd intended, and braced himself there while it felt like his heart might explode right out of his chest.  A nurse came and got him into a wheelchair, taking him right back to a small room with a bed and a TV, the only perk to having a life threatening allergy was that you got bumped right to the top of the list.  The speed with which they got him undressed and hooked up to the heart monitors, checked his blood pressure manually and compared to the machine, placed the pulse oximiter on his finger and began to try and get the IV placed was impressive.  He was dehydrated, not surprising after a long run, and they couldn't get the vein in his elbow so they called their most skilled nurse on the floor in and after two further attempts and a significant amount of pain, managed to set the IV in the back of his hand.  He told them that he'd self-injected, told them that the epinephrine gave him irregular heartbeats and chest pain, and he often passed out.  He managed to tell them that just in time for them to put the railing up on the side of the bed and his head to loll to the side, eyes rolling back in his head.  He was out for only a few minutes, but it was long enough to disorient him and it took him some time to realize where he was and why he felt so awful.  He felt his phone buzzing in his pocket and he ignored it, wasn't sure what else he could possibly do.  The bags of fluids started dripping into his line and the nurses asked him question after question that he tried to answer – he had an allergy to strawberries, yes that's what he'd eaten, quite a lot of it actually, no he had no idea.  No, this was not his first time hospitalized for a reaction, yes this was how they normally presented, yes the epinephrine always gave him heart issues, yes he knew how rare that was, yes he'd had the allergy his entire life.  He was glad when the questions stopped, and though the heart monitors were still advertising his misery, he was glad when they left, when the quiet enveloped him.  He turned on the television and found a channel airing My Cousin Vinny and settled in. His arms were covered in goosebumps but they weren't going to let him have a blanket, he had to be exposed so they could see his skin, see the redness and welts vanish with the epi and the benadryl.  He could feel the benadryl fighting the epinephrine for control, one making him unbelievably tired and the other making him jittery and anxious.  
The nurses popped in to check on him, tell him how great he was looking, and finally they offered him a blanket when his skin looked better. They brought him piles of saltines in small two packs and a popsicle in cherry flavor, he didn't care much for it, but they told him that his blood sugar was dangerously low so he'd have to have it.  They offered him orange juice too but he took the popsicle and the water and ate his way through three packets of saltines absentmindedly while he finished his movie.  They weren't going to let him go until his heart had returned to normal, and it wasn't there yet so he clicked around and found Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and ate more saltines and this time he let them bring him orange juice.  His nurse offered him a jello cup, but at the last moment started laughing when she realized it was strawberry flavored and even though she was pretty sure there were not actual strawberries used in the making of it, she didn't want to kill him.  He thanked her, he hadn’t found it very funny, and she brought him orange instead.  He pocketed it, didn't want to eat it.  It took three entire movies before his chest pain was under control and his heartbeat had resumed some sort of regularity, but they told him he'd have to keep his physical activity to a minimum for at least 24 hours to really get it back to normal.  He was okay with that, he just wanted to lie on his couch and be miserable in his own apartment by himself.  They let him leave on his own, told him it would be better if someone could pick him up but there wasn't any reason he couldn't drive if he didn't have anyone.  He considered calling Derek or Dave, Emily even, but instead he just pulled back on his shirt and walked to his car.  His bright sunny Saturday had turned into a chilly evening, but it could still be salvaged.  Maybe it wouldn't be a carefree weekend spent enjoying himself, but he'd still get his quiet.  
All day Sunday was spent on his couch with his bucket, feeling nauseous now from the prednisone they were giving him to control any secondary reactions for the duration of the week.  It wreaked havoc on his stomach for the first day he took it, every single time.  He curled up in his heated blanket, glad he had nothing in his stomach to actually throw up but every time he moved he felt the familiar sick feeling crawl up into his throat, gagging him.  He could eat, it would help, but he didn't want to eat – it wasn't that he felt too sick, it was just the fear that eating might make him end up in the ER again.  He might accidentally eat something else he shouldn't and be right back there, staring death in the eye over something as simple as food.  No, he didn't plan to eat, at least not yet.  He hugged his arms tight around his chest and tried to focus on the movie he'd put on, it was a recommendation from Derek called Half Baked and he couldn't say he was getting as much out of it as Derek probably hoped, and in a very uncharacteristic move, because he was lonely and sick, he sent Derek a text asking him what he was doing, asked if he wanted to come by and watch the movie with him.  As soon as he hit send, he regretted it, and he was glad that Derek didn't respond right away.  In fact, hours went by before Derek got back to him, told him he was busy but they were still on for lunch the next day.  By tomorrow he'd feel better, it would be fine.  
Monday morning brought his pinstripe suit and stomach cramps from not eating for days and he made it into the office earlier than everyone else.  
“I hope you all had good weekends,” he said somberly, as was his usual way on Monday mornings.  Derek set a coffee down in front of him with a smile and took his seat, he and Emily regaling everyone with stories from the cigar bar.  They'd met some real characters.  Aaron managed to stay quiet, present the agenda for the week, let them know their assignments and get out of there without having to answer any questions about his own weekend.  Derek, however, had noticed the deep purple and green bruises on the back of Aaron's hand, peeking just slightly out from under the sleeve of his jacket.  He picked up his things and followed Aaron back to his office, shutting the door behind them.  
“What can I do for you?” Aaron asked, pulling his chair close to his desk.  His stomach protested the twisting movement but he held his features firm.  
“What's on your hand?”
“A bruise,” was the reply.  He wouldn't lie to Derek, but he wasn't keen on offering up information that wasn't asked for either.  Derek leveled his gaze at Aaron and approached the desk, taking a seat.  
“An IV.  Can we talk about this later?  I've got a meeting with Strauss in ten minutes and I need to gather my things.”  
Derek looked stricken.  He wasn't sure what he'd expected the answer to be, but an IV certainly wasn't it.  “An IV?!  You were in the hospital?”  The entire floor probably heard Derek's exclamation, the entire building maybe.  
“I'm fine.  It was an allergic reaction, it's handled.  Derek, please, I need to prepare for this meeting.”
Derek was furious that he hadn't called, hadn't asked him to come to the hospital, and Aaron couldn't see the point in making someone else sit there for hours on end for no reason except that he was being watched.  He explained that he had texted, he wanted Derek to come over, and Derek felt guilty for saying no but Aaron didn't want that, didn't want his guilt.  
“We can talk at lunch,” Aaron said, pushing all of his case files into his bag and standing.  “Derek.  I'm alright.  I'll see you later.”  On his way out of his office, he reached into his pocket, pulled something out and handed it to Derek with a sly little smile.  
An orange jello cup.
Derek sat at his desk rifling through every menu for every nearby restaurant until he found one that didn't have strawberries anywhere on the menu and called ahead, making sure that they didn't even have them in the kitchen.  At least they could have a nice, normal lunch and he wouldn't have to worry that the kitchen might kill his date.  
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chickensarentcheap · a month ago
Never Gonna Be Alone -Chapter 26
Title: Preparations
Warning:  it’s filler.  I figured we needed some cute daddy Tyler. lol
Tagging:  @c-a-v-a-l-r-y​, @innerpaperexpertcloud​, @alievans007​, @miss-smutty​, @tragiclyhip​
Tumblr media
“When you met mumma, you guys were working together, right?”
Addie poses the question as she sits atop the kitchen island; legs swinging back and forth as they dangle over the edge, the heels of silver and gold glitter infused jelly sandals lightly thumping against the wood. She insisted on bringing one of her favourite pairs of shoes from home; arguing that she didn’t care that they were ‘out of season’ and that she would wear what she wants, when she wants, and no one could tell her otherwise. In the end they’d gone perfectly with the new ‘Christmas’ dress she’d picked out Bloomingdales; a vibrant yellow concoction with capped sleeves embellished with strips of lace, a sash around the waist that ties in an enormous bow at the back, and an elaborate tulle skirt several layers thick that shimmers in the light. Forgoing all the burgundy, emerald green, and red dresses that had lined the regular priced racks in favour of an outfit from the leftover and highly discounted summer section. It was a hill Esme hadn't been willing to die on; preferring that Addie showcase both her independence in choosing her own outfit, and being proud of her personal style and preferences. And it suits her; as bright and adorable as her personality with just enough ‘no fucks given’ sprinkled on for good measure.
While tiny and seemingly fragile, she can be extremely assertive and adverse to any form of compromise; tenacious to a fault and digging her heels in and sticking to her guns when she feels she’s one hundred right about her stance. Even if there’s mountains of proof to show that she is, in fact, completely wrong. Someone so stubborn and feisty lingering inside that cute, wee package; able to hold her own while out playing with her older siblings and not afraid to get a bloody nose or a fat lip or a black eye. And not deterred in the slightest when she DOES get injured; right back to what she was doing only hours after getting stitches or a cast removed. Not shying away from climbing trees or splashing in mud puddles or helping muck out the goats stalls while wearing clunky rubber boots paired with a Disney princess dress. Very much like her older sister had been at that age; enjoying being physical and active and playing sports and rough housing one minute, then showcasing her more ‘girly side’ the next. Loving trips to the salon with mummy for manis and pedis; enjoying picking her own shade of polish and then getting to sip orange juice from a champagne glass while getting a facial and her hair trimmed. Collecting dolls along with various rocks and shells and beach glass. Superhero figures taking up residence on her bedroom shelves right alongside stuffies of her favourite animals -koalas, sloths, and kangaroos currently at the top of the list- and snow globes from different parts of the world. Her closet filled with not only frilly dresses and sparkly leggings and colourful sweaters emblazoned with unicorns and french bulldogs and flamingos, but old hand me downs from her brothers; ripped and faded jeans and tattered t-shirts and board shorts.
“Right,” Tyler confirms, as he tends to running a brush through her waist length hair; damp from misting it down with a spray bottle in order to easier part it into sections.
It’s a far cry from his old life; his beaten and busted up hands with their multitude of scars and calluses once used to being soaked in blood and caked with dirt. Large and weathered with misshapen knuckles, they’d long ago gotten accustomed to hard, manual labour and the brutality that he’d had to inflict on others; fists that pummelled bodies and faces and fingers that pulled triggers and wrapped around throats and choked the life out of combatants. And while they still get caked in mud from working around the house and they’re still entrusted to load magazines and are capable of taking a gun apart in thirteen seconds flat, they’ve morphed into other uses. Beginning with diapering babies and tending to the impossibly tiny snaps on jumpers, buttons on little sweaters, and zippers on sleepers. Moving on to tying kid sized shoe laces and cleaning and patching up skinned knees and elbows. Advancing to far more difficult hair styling techniques than the simple ponytails he’d began affixing on Millie when she was a toddler; various styles of braids adorned with ribbons, and snapping barrettes and clamping clips into place.
Being a girl dad is unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. The six short years -despite the little time he’d actually been home- he’d spent with Austin had prepared him for raising boys. His son, when healthy, had been extremely active and fearless and full of curiosity and energy; getting as messy and as dirty as possible and loving every second of it. Obsessed with superheroes and sports and always clad in clothing that displayed his favourites; football jerseys and baseball caps and sweats emblazoned with Superman or Batman logos. He had been terrified twelve years ago when the news had come in that Millie was in fact going to be a girl; not only envisioning frilly dresses and a closet full of pink and those ridiculous headbands parents insist on putting on their infants, but thinking back to his own treatment of women. The days when he’d used them for nothing more than sex; random strangers picked up in bars or that he’d meet on the street in whatever city a job sent him to. A failed marriage; putting more of a priority on the military than he did on treating his wife properly. And all he could think about was how having a daughter was somehow a punishment for the bad shit he’d done. A little girl that he’d have to protect from guys like him.
It was hard to get used to; big fingers having to master putting in tiny earrings and tending to impossibly small zippers and buttons , getting comfortable with the amount of pink and purple in their rooms and closets. Eventually graduating into attending tea parties and playing with Barbies and helping make crafts; getting used to paint on his palms and between his fingers and glitter stuck under his nails and in his hair and beard. Determined to be a hands-on father even if its activities are way outside of his comfort zone; gymnastic meets and dance recitals as opposed to lacrosse matches and football games. Being a girl dad isn’t for the weak; having to worry about your little girls’ hearts being broken and if the guys they pick will treat them right and if they themselves will make smart and responsible choices as teenagers. And the hormones; the up and down emotions and the drastic switch from bitchy to overly sensitive. Having a wife go through it once a month is enough. never mind the thought of three other girls. The worry of how he’ll handle not only the emergence of puberty, but if all four female ‘clocks’ decide to sync up. He doesn’t know if he’ll be able to handle THAT; all the women in his life going through the cramps and the moodiness and the demands to be coddled and babied one minute and left the fuck alone the next.
“Does that mean mummy beat up and killed bad guys too?”
“No. She never did any of that stuff. That was my job, not hers.”
“What did she do?”
“She tracked down the bad guys. And where they were doing mean things to good people. Then she told me...or guys like me...where they were so we could go and take care of things.”
“So you could go and kill them?”
“You don’t always have to kill people. Sometimes it’s enough to just rough them up a bit.”
“And other times they fight back and try to hurt you and you have to hurt them first?”
“Pretty much.”
“Have you killed a lot of people?”
“Not that many," he lies. It's actually a staggering amount; the death toll -from his hand alone- in Dhaka putting the count well over three hundred.
“How many is ‘not that many'?’”
“I don’t know, Peanut. I’ve never kept track.”
“But you’ve helped more people than you’ve hurt. That’s what mummy said when I asked if it was true. If Tyler was lying when he told me you kill people for a living.”
“That’s a while ago. That you asked mummy that.”
“I was three. That’s a whole two years ago. But sometimes I think about it. Especially when you go away. I think about you having to kill people.”
“And what do you think WHEN you think about that? About what I sometimes have to do?”
“I dunno know,” Addie shrugs, and then lifts the spray bottle clutched in both hands and holds it towards her face; giggling when she pulls the trigger and catches some of the mist in her mouth.
“Does it bother you? When you think about it? That I’ve killed people? That sometimes I still have to?”
“Why would it bother me?”
“Kind of a hard thing to hear, don’t you think? That daddy has to do stuff like that?”
“It’s your job. It’s what you do. You have to hurt people to save other people. And sometimes, if they try and hurt you first, you have to kill them. Because if you didn’t, they might kill you and then you never come home and we never get to see you again. It’s not THAT hard to hear. I’d rather you kill someone and come home than never see you again.”
“You know,” he plucks the spray bottle from her hands and dampens a section of hair. “You’re pretty smart for only five.”
“Smart like mummy.”
He leans in to press a kiss to her cheek. “Cute like her too.”
“Are you going to get in trouble? For killing people?”
“Who would I get in trouble with?”
“God. Isn’t that one of the things we’re not supposed to do? Kill people?”
“How do you know about that? We don’t talk about that stuff at home.”
“I hear things. At school. Some of the older kids talking. Are you? Going to get in trouble? For killing people?”
“Probably,” he admits. “I’m sure I’ll face some kind of judgement for it. When my time comes.”
“But wouldn’t it be okay ‘cause you only kill bad people? That were hurting good people? Wouldn’t that be allowed? And if you had to kill someone so you could come home to us, wouldn’t that be okay too?”
“I don’t know,” he snags a yellow cloth ribbon off the island and begins braiding a section of hair around it. “I’ve never thought that far ahead about things.”
“It would suck if you got in trouble for helping people. That wouldn’t be fair at all. If you got sent to hell for doing stuff like that. I mean, you were doing something GOOD. You weren’t doing something bad. You HAD to kill evil people to help good people. And to make sure you come home to mummy and us kids. I can’t see you getting in trouble for something like THAT.”
“Doesn’t make much sense to me either. But not a lot does anymore.”
“I’ll be really mad if you get in trouble and sent somewhere different than me. I don’t want us to be in two separate places. I want us to be together. All of us. You and mummy and all us kids. I don’t want us to all be separated. Well, maybe Millie could be. Because she’s mean to me. All the time.”
“Millie is going through some stuff. She’s going to be a teenager soon. A lot of drama leading up to THAT.”
“She says I’m annoying. That she used to really like me when I was a baby and couldn’t do anything. But now I can do lots of stuff and I can talk and she says that pisses her off. That I’m a bratty little sister.”
“You are NOT bratty.”
“Right? That’s what I said. She’s bratty if anything. Am I annoying, daddy? Don’t lie. You can tell me the truth.”
“You are not annoying. If anyone is annoying, it’s Millie.”
“I said THAT too! But she’s mean. She even threatened to cut my hair off. Shave it. Because I couldn’t find my brush and I borrowed hers and she didn’t like that. So you know what I did? While you were gone?”
“What did you do?”
“I took the tops off two Oreo cookies and I ate the middle and then I put in mayonnaise and I put the tops back on and gave them to Millie. I told her I was being a good little sister and bringing her a snack. And she put a whole one in her mouth! She almost puked!”
He can’t help but chuckle. “You actually did that?”
“Yup. It was awesome. I laughed so hard, I almost peed! But then she started chasing me around the house threatening to kill me. Mummy was screaming at her to lighten up, that it was just a joke. And then she told mummy to shut up and Tyler got mad. REALLY mad. He tackled Millie and grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into the carpet. Then he put her in a figure four leg lock and made her cry.”
“Millie told your mom to shut up?”
“Oooops…” Addie tilts her head back to look at him, a sheepish smile curving her lips. “....I wasn’t supposed to tell you that part.”
“Who told you not to tell me? Millie?”
The five year old shakes her head.
Another shake, followed by a tiny “No.”
“It was mummy! She said not to tell you because you’d get pissed off and you didn’t need to. Because she took care of it right when it happened. Well, Tyler did. He was really, really, REALLY mad. She learned her lesson. I’m sure of it. He made her cry. Lots.”
“Did that happen a lot? Millie getting mouthy with your mom?”
“Not really.”
He stares pointedly down at her.
“A few times,” she reluctantly admits. “She said some things that were really mean. To mummy. And she said the F word once, too. Mixed with the B word.”
“She said that ? To your mom?”
Addie chews nervously on her bottom lip. “Yeah, she called her an f-ing B word.”
“What did mummy do?”
“She didn’t get a chance to do anything. Desi freaked out. And he’s really big and he can be really scary when he wants. Like you. Desi told her that she should never, ever talk to her mum like that. And that you’d be really mad if you found out. And that she’d rather deal with him than you. Which is true. Desi might be bigger than you, but you’re definitely tougher. I mean, he doesn’t kill people for a living. You do.”
“Things were pretty bad, huh? While I was gone.”
“A little. Millie went off the reservation. Big time. She’s lucky she’s even breathing. ‘Cause Tyler was ready to kill her. And I don’t blame him. You’re mad, aren’t you. Are you mad, daddy?”
“A bit.”
“You know how I can tell? That you’re mad? Your neck moves. Right here,” she reaches up to press to fingertips against the side of his throat. “Where the bad guy shot you a long time ago.”
“How did you know about that?”
“Mummy told me. I asked her how you got that scar. She said that a long time ago, her and Ovi were in trouble and you had to get them out of a really bad place. And then you made sure they were safe and sound, but a bad guy shot you. In the neck. And that’s why you have the scar there.”
“Did that scare you? Hearing that?”
“A little, I guess. I mean, you could have died, right?”
“I could have, yeah.”
“And then you and mummy never would have gotten married. And had kids. Millie would be the only one to exist. None of us would. So yeah, that part scared me a bit; that the bad guy could have killed and none of us ever would have been born. Did you kill him?”
“Mummy said she stayed with you. After it happened. And that she went back to Australia with you and that’s how she ended up there. It’s where you guys got married. And had Millie and me and Kota and Brookie. That we were the ones born there. So we’re REAL Australians, like you. Everyone else is American.”
“Everyone else WAS American. You’re all Australian now.”
“How does that work?”
“A lot of papers you have to fill out. To become a citizen. But you all are. Mummy and I made sure of it.”
“Is mummy an Australian too?”
“By marriage, yeah.”
“It’s a good thing she married you. You’re a lucky guy, daddy. That someone like mummy fell in love with you.”
“I am,” he confirms. “Very lucky. She’s a pretty good mummy, huh?”
“She’s the best mummy EVER. If we could pick our mummies, I’d pick her. Because she’s nice and she gives good cuddles and kisses and she tells the best silly jokes. And she’s super smart and really cute too. And little! Like me!”
“That’s where you get from. Being so cute and wee. You’re just like your mumma.”
Her eyes sparkle as she smiles broadly up at him; the corners and the bridge of her nose crinkle. “And that’s a good thing, yeah?”
“A very good thing,” Dropping a kiss on her forehead, he brushes the tip of his nose against hers; smiling at the way she throws her head back and giggles.
He’s seen her mother do that exact movement and expression a number of times; excitement while on the rides at Disney World with the kids, when she’s had one too many glasses of wine and even his terrible ‘dad jokes’ are suddenly hilarious, when they’ve been on one of their ‘mommy and daddy’ vacations and she’s gotten up the guts to try something new and exciting; emboldened by his encouragement and forever feeling safe and secure as long as he’s by her side. So much of Esme in the tiny little girl in front of him; tenacious and ferociously intelligent and loving deeply and fearlessly. Knowing the darkness and the horrors that exist in the world but not allowing herself to be tarnished by it; always finding ways to smile and laugh and find the beauty in every day.
“What do you think mummy would have done if she didn’t do the job she did?” Addie inquires, when she finally drops her head back down and he’s able to return to tending her hair.
“I don’t know. Teach? Be a nurse? Maybe a doctor?”
“How would you have met her? If she didn’t do her old job?”
“Maybe I would have met her on the beach. In Australia. Maybe she would have come there on a vacation.”
“Maybe. Or maybe you would have gone to where she used to live. In Chicago.”
“She used to live in Colorado. That’s where she was born and where she grew up. Chicago is a totally different place.”
“She used to live by the mountains. When I was in her tummy, you guys lived on a hobby farm. And you had goats and chickens. Mummy says we still own that house.”
“Yup, we do. We rent it out.”
“Can we go there one day? I’d like to see it. I’d like to see where you guys were living when I was in mummy’s belly. Is that where I was made?”
“We’re pretty sure that’s where it happened. Not many other places it could have been.”
“Maybe we can go and visit. And I can see where I was made. That would be fun. I want to see the mountains.”
“Maybe one day.” He finishes up the first braided pigtail, securing it with an impossibly small elastic before turning his attention to the other section of hair.
“If you met mummy a different way, would you have still liked her? Would you have still fallen in love with her?”
“Yup. Why wouldn’t have I? She still would have been mummy. She still would have been the same person. Still would have been the most beautiful girl ever.”
“Do you think she still would have fallen in love with you?”
“I sure as hell hope so. Would sure suck if she didn’t. Your mumma is pretty special, Peanut. She’s the love of my life. Took me until I was thirty five to meet her.”
“You were married before, though. To Austin's mom. You didn’t love her?”
“I did. But not in the way I love your mum. Your mum? That’s who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Grow really, really, REALLY old with. It’s a whole other kind of love. And you know what? It’s not easy to explain. You just know what you feel.”
“Imagine if things were opposite? If you went to Colorado and met mummy instead of her meeting you in Australia and working with you? And then you would have stayed there; where the snow and the mountains are instead of the beach and the ocean. How come you moved? Why didn’t you guys stay? Where the mountains are?”
“Things changed. We weren’t happy there anymore. We needed to get away. Go back to the place where we were the happiest.”
“In Australia?”
“That’s where I’m happiest too. I love it there. I love how warm it is; the sun and the sand and the water. I like the sound it makes; listening to it when I’m trying to fall asleep. And I like how the beach feels; between my toes and when I let it run through my fingers. And I love my room and my toys and my school and my friends and all the goats and our pigs and our chickens. And Charlie. I love him the most. I love making him peanut butter sandwiches. I’d miss him the most. If we had to leave. We won’t have to leave will we, daddy?”
“I don’t see why we would have to.”
“I don’t ever want to leave Australia. It’s perfect there. It’s where I was born. And where you were born too. We have that in common. We were BOTH born there.”
“Yeah…” he grins, and presses a kiss to the back of her head. “...we were.”
“I mean, we have other stuff in common too. Because you’re my dad and that means you helped make me so that means half of me is half of you. The other half is from mummy. And we both love surfing. And animals. And Vegemite. I LOVE Vegemite. It’s sooooo good.”
“Speaking of Vegemite, was it you that left the Vegemite and Nutella sandwich for Santa?”
Addie giggles. “Maybe…”
“Why would you ever put the two of those together?”
“Tyler made it for his school lunch once and he let me try a bit and it was really good! So I thought Santa might like to try it. Part American, part Australian.”
“You know, that’s pretty genius. And it worked. I tried a bit and it wasn’t bad.”
“Right?! You wouldn’t think it would work, but it does. Somehow. Kind of like you and mummy.”
“What’s THAT supposed to mean?”
“You and mummy are so different. You’re really tall and big and she’s really short and small. Like, you know how mummy is a morning person? She’s always really cheerful and smiley? And you’re not? You’re moody and miserable. A total grump face! And you don’t like to talk until you’ve had your first coffee. With three shots of espresso in it.”
“You notice all that stuff?”
“I notice everything. Mummy says I’m very observant. And that I have really good instincts. Like you. She says ‘cause my tummy tells me if something is right or wrong. And yours does too. You know how else you and mummy are different?”
“Mummy talks to everyone! She’s very talky talky. A chatterbox.”
“Geez,” Tyler grins, and tugs playfully at the completed pigtail. “I wonder who ELSE is a chatterbox?”
“She’s a social butterfly. She makes friends everywhere she goes. People like her. Because she’s so bubbly and cute and she makes peoples hearts feel warm because she’s so nice to them. You’re more serious. You don’t talk a lot. At least not to people you don’t know. People are scared of you sometimes. Because how big you are and because you got all the drawings on you and the scars and stuff. They think you’re mean. ‘Cause of all that.”
“And what do you think?”
“I think you’re just daddy. I KNOW you’re not mean. I KNOW you’re a nice guy. I KNOW you give awesome hugs; your arms are big but they feel nice and they wrap all the way around me! If people really paid attention, they’d see that you’re nice. You have soft eyes. They’re blue and they’re pretty and they’re kind. Especially when you smile and they go all crinkly. If people really gave you a chance, they’d see you’re not scary at all. You’re only like that if you HAVE to be. If bad people are near mummy or us kids.”
“Are you ever scared of me?” It’s a recurring thought; if his children ever pick up on the worry and the tension and the fear that comes with his issues. It’s a feat some days; forcing himself out of bed and putting one foot in front of the other. Wanting nothing more than to stay under the covers and surrender to the exhaustion that comes with doing battle with his own mind every day. But his family is his number one priority, whether it’s a good day or a horrible one. And he’ll ‘fake it until he makes it’ as long as his children and his wife know that they’re loved; provided and cared for and made to feel safe and protected.
“Why would I be? Why would I be scared of my daddy?”
“Well, you know what I do for a living. You know what I’ve had to do to people. Does that scare you?”
“Nope. Because that’s just your job. It’s not who you are. When you come home, you’re just daddy. You take us bike riding and hiking and swimming and surfing. And you help us find rocks and shells and you let me sit on your shoulders when we walk on the beach or go into town. And we take naps. On the hammock. I love our naps on the hammock.”
He smiles. “So do I.”
“Sometimes I get a little worried. When you get upset. Or you and mummy argue. I don’t like when you guys argue. I always worry that you’ll hate each other. That you’ll get a divorce. And then you won’t live with us. It makes me sad when I think about that.”
“You don’t need to be sad, Peanut. That’s never going to happen. I’m never going to go and live somewhere else. I’m going to stay right where I am; with you guys and your mumma. And just because we argue? That doesn’t mean we’re going to hate each other. I could NEVER hate your mum. And I’m pretty sure she’d say the same thing about me. We love each other. Very much. Divorce is NOT something you need to think about. But do I ever scare you? Have I ever?”
“I don’t have a reason to be scared of you. Because you love me. You’d never hurt me. I never worry about that. Not even when you yell and your voice gets REALLY loud. I know you’d never do anything mean to me. Just to bad people. And I’m not a person. I’m a GOOD person.”
“You definitely are. You’re a VERY good person. An amazing little person.”
She smiles. “Like mummy.”
“Just like her. More than even I ever realized.”
“Addie…” TJ singsongs as he saunters into the kitchen, both hands tucked behind his back. “...what are you doing?”
“Tyler!” She cheerfully greets, and excitedly waves to him with both hands. Her entire face lighting up at the sight of her second favourite male in the house
She’s become extremely close to her oldest brother during her five years on earth; idolizing him and turning to him for help and comfort when daddy is either caught up with one of the other kids, tending to work related matters, or out of the house -and sometimes even the country- all together. And TJ dotes on her in return. Spoiling her and babying her ever since she was an infant and he was always more than willing to help change her diapers and give her feedings. In awe of how tiny she was and how she’d look up at him with so much adoration. He’s the quintessential older brother; patient and loving and ready to kick anyone’s ass that dares messes with her.
“Look at my dress! It’s the one I picked out when I went shopping for mommy. That I kept a secret. Isn’t it awesome?”
“Awesome just like you. It’s really pretty, Ads. Your favourite colour too!”
“Yup! Mummy bought it for me. She said it’s perfect for me. For my personality. It reminds me of Belle’s dress. From Beauty and the Beast.”
“Looks a little like it, I guess. But you know what? It’s even prettier. And you’re more beautiful than Belle. WAY more beautiful.”
“Really?” she gasps, and a noticeable blush creeps into her cheeks, spreading all the way to the tips of her ears. “You really think so?”
“I REALLY think so. Belle has nothing on you. You’re the prettiest princess EVER. Way prettier than ANY of them.”
“Oh goodness!” She clamps both hands over her mouth in embarrassment, then giggles into them. “Like mumma? Just as pretty as her? Mumma is the prettiest EVER.”
“Just a smaller version of her.” TJ leans in close and presses the tip of his nose against hers. “Guess what I have? What you forgot in my room?”
“Adeline!” she cries, when he reveals the item he’d been keeping behind his back. And she snags the doll from him and showers its head and face with kisses as she clutches it tightly to her chest. “Adeline! I’m sorry I forgot you! I didn’t mean to!”
“I kept her safe for you,” TJ says. “So Declan wouldn’t grab her. You know how he likes to get a hold of dolls and torture them. I didn’t want him getting her. She’s way too pretty and I know how much you love her.”
“He’s mean to my dolls! He’s always taking their heads off and putting their arms where their legs should be and crazy shit like that.”
“Hey,” Tyler frowns, and tugs on the half braided pigtail. “What did I say?”
“No bad language. Especially on Christmas Day. I can’t help it though; sometimes it just slips out. If you didn’t swear so much around us kids…”
“That’s it. Throw me under the bus.”
“You swear A LOT, daddy. Especially in the car. When other people don’t drive fast enough or use their blinkers. If mummy knew exactly how much you DO swear around us, she’d be mad. REALLY mad.”
“Your mum has a worse mouth than I do.”
“As if!” Addie scoffs, and he can’t help but smile; easily hearing Esme’s voice and picturing the expression on her face; the corner up her mouth and her nose scrunched up in disgust, eyes slightly narrowed. “Thank you, Tyler!” She curls an arm around her brother’s neck, squeezing as tight as she can. “You’re the best! Thank you for keeping her safe from the Ginger. You’re the best brother EVER! I only trust you with her. And daddy. That’s it. You guys are big and strong and will keep her safe no matter what.”
“What the hell are you wearing?” He addresses his son as the latter moves to the fridge, pausing in the braiding of Addie’s hair to survey TJ’s wardrobe a pair of ill fitting and impossibly baggy jeans, an enormous untucked dress shirt with its sleeves rolled to his elbows, and a loose pink, purple, and grey striped tie.
“Your pants. And one of your shirts.” TJ reaches into the fridge and grabs a carton of chocolate milk and a jug of white. Closing the door with his hip and carrying them to the counter by the sink; pouring a mix of both into a plastic tumblr retrieved from the dish rack and then snagging two straws from the cupboard. “Mum told me to. She said none of my clothes were good enough for Christmas dinner. All my jeans have holes in them and all t-shirts have to do with surfing. We’ve never had to dress up for Christmas dinner before. Why do we have to start now?”
“Your mum’s trying to make things perfect. To avoid drama. With your grandmother.”
“Too late. Grandma brings drama with her. And drops it on everyone else.” He drags a bar stool across the floor and places it in front of his little sister. “Here Ads,” he holds the cup in front of her. “A yellow straw just for you. So you don’t have to share my germs. Let me hold it; so you don’t spill anything on your dress.”
Giving a delighted squeal and a smile of appreciation, she takes a pull from the straw. “I think you look handsome, Tyler. You’re growing up. You’re going to be as big as daddy soon.”
“It’s going to be a while before I’m THAT big. But I’m going to work on it. As soon as I’m allowed, I’m going to lift heavy too and put on ALL kinds of muscle.”
“Then you can go after bad people too. And beat them up and kill them when you have to.”
“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Tyler suggests. “Something tells me mummy might have an issue with that.”
“Why doesn’t mum just tell grandma to get lost?” TJ inquires. “It’s not like they like each other. They never have. They’ve always fought. I remember how they’d get into it at Christmas. When we were still living in Colorado. Grandma would get drunk and she’d pick fights with mum and mum would fight back and cry and then you’d go off on grandma. Is that going to happen this year? ‘Cause it’s been nice and quiet at Christmas. Do we HAVE to listen to grandma's shit?”
“What did I just tell your sister? About the language?”
“She’s five, but she’s right. It IS hard to stop and it does just come out. But do we, dad? Do we really have to put up with her?”
“It’s one night. I think you can manage. If I can grin and bear it, so can you. Suck it up.”
“If she starts in on mum about ANYTHING, I’m going to lose it. That’s my mum. No one talks to my mum like that. I almost taught Jacobi a lesson. For calling mum cute and wanting to ask her out. I’ll teach grandma a lesson too. I’m not afraid of her.”
“If anyone is going to teach her a lesson, it’s going to be me. You stay out of it. Your mum wouldn’t want you getting into it with her. You’re TEN.”
“Doesn’t matter how old I am. That’s MY mum. And no one is going to treat her bad. We’re supposed to protect her, remember? You and I.”
“You’re supposed to be a kid and stay that way as long as you can. I’M supposed to protect your mom. And I think I’ve been pretty damn good at it for the last twelve and a half years. And if your grandma starts? I’ll stop it. You don’t have to worry about that.”
“Why does she hate you so much anyway? Is it still the same crap? How she’s pissed because you stole mum away from her family and moved her all the way to Australia? ‘Cause you got her pregnant before you married her?”
Addie scowls. “Who cares? Lots of people have babies and they aren’t married. And so what if mummy didn’t go back home and she stayed with daddy? She’s an adult. She can do what she wants. And she wanted to be with daddy. None of grandma’s business. I’mma tell her that too. If she starts saying mean things about daddy or mummy. I’mma tell her what for.”
“You’re not going to do a thing,” Tyler informs her. “You’re going to leave all the telling off to me, got it?”
“I don’t like her,” Addie says. “She’s not a nice person. She has a mean smile. And her eyes are empty. They don’t sparkle or anything like that. Are you sure that’s mummy’s mummy? Because when mummy smiles, her eyes sparkle. She LOOKS happy. Grandma? She just looks mean.”
“No one likes her,” TJ grumbles. “Best thing we ever did was get away from her. But IS that why, dad? Is that really why she doesn’t like you? Because she still thinks you stole mum and took her all the way to Australia?”
“It’s a few things.”
“I bet it’s the job too. I bet she really has a problem with THAT.”
“Again…” Addie huffs dramatically. “...who cares? So what if daddy kills people? They’re BAD. They deserve it. He helps good people and sometimes when he’s helping them, he has to kill the bad guys. I don’t see a problem with that. If they try and hurt him or kill him, he HAS to kill them first. So he can come home. To us. And mummy. It only makes sense.”
“If Ads can get it, ANYONE can,” TJ says. “She’s only five. What’s grandma? A hundred? If a five year old can get it…”
“Daddy makes the world a better place because he gets rid of the bad people,” Addie continues, as she takes another sip of the drink her brother offers her. “If we had less bad people, everything would be great. There’d be less wars and less people getting hurt and everyone would love one another and be happy. Daddy’s doing a good thing. By sticking up for people. Like you do. At school. You beat up the bullies when you have to. Remember the older kid that tripped me and shoved my face in the mud? Remember him? He’s in grade eight AND you kicked the crap out of me. Because he picked on me.”
“You’re my sister. It’s my job to protect you.”
“And remember that other guy? On the playground by mummy’s store? The one that pulled my hair and told me I was adopted because I’m small and I don’t look like any of you guys. You freaked out on him and made him apologize and scared him away. He’ll cross the street now if he sees you coming.”
“You can’t let bad people get away with doing bad things,” TJ reasons. “If you don’t stop them, they’ll just keep doing bad stuff.”
“Exactly! So it’s a good thing that daddy goes after the bad guys. Grandma needs to learn. And she needs to learn TODAY. You should tell her, Tyler. You should tell her off. You’re not scared of anyone.”
“Not being scared of anyone or anything is not always a good thing,” Tyler informs her. “If you’re not scared, you don’t take a situation or people seriously. That’s when you get hurt. And you know what? No matter how big of a bad ass you think you are? There’s always a bigger one out there somewhere. Believe me. I’ve learned THAT lesson the hard way.”
“The guy who shot you just got a lucky one in,” TJ reasons. “You were already hurt. You weren’t one hundred percent. Some guy had already shot you, hadn’t he? A sniper?”
“What’s a sniper?” Addie inquires. “Is it like Swipper on Dora? Something like him?”
“We don’t need to talk about that,” Tyler says. “You don’t need to know that stuff. Not until you’re older. WAY older.”
“A sniper’s a guy that hides somewhere and shoots you,” TJ replies. “Somewhere where no one sees him. It’s why they’re so dangerous. You don’t even know where they are. They just shoot you. And they kill you before you even know what happened.”
“But daddy didn’t get killed. If a sniper shot daddy, shouldn’t he be dead?”
Combing his hand through her bangs, Tyler tips his daughter’s head back. “What did I just say? About you not needing to know about this stuff?”
“I’m curious now. Tyler said they hide and shoot people and kill them. How come you didn’t die? If a sniper shot you?”
“I guess he didn’t manage to get a good shot in.”
“It was the other guy that almost killed him,” TJ says, and takes a sip of the concoction in his hand. “The one that got him in the neck. That’s when he almost died. Mum saved him.”
“How? How did mummy save daddy? Daddy…” she swivels around in her stool to face him. “ did mummy save you? Did she shoot the bad guy back?”
“Mum stuck her fingers in his neck,” TJ says. “To stop the bleeding. Or he would have bled to death.”
Addie’s eyes widen. “She DID?”
“When you’re older, MAYBE I’ll tell you more more about it. But for now…” Tyler places his hands on her shoulders and gently turns her back around. “ don’t need to know this stuff. And you…” he stares pointedly at his son. “...don’t talk about this around her. She doesn’t need to know about this. She’s a baby still.”
“I’m not a baby!” Addie objects. “I’m five! I can almost ride my bike without training wheels. Babies can’t do that.”
“Just don’t, alright?” He addresses TJ. “Don’t talk about this stuff around her. Because she’s going to repeat all of this and she’s going to repeat it to your mum and that won’t end well. For you OR me.”
“It happened though. I mean, it’s part of how you guys met and got together and ended up getting married and stuff. It’s your history. I don’t see why…”
“I said ENOUGH. No more. Not around her. Got it?” He’s on edge; the mere mention of Dhaka and the incidents on the bridge playing straight into the anxiety and the panic he’d felt the night before; when he’d woken up from the nightmare and been on the verge of losing control and had turned to the fentanyl for relief. And it scares him; how easy it had been to not only access the powerful med, but actually take it. He’d encountered no resistance or hesitation; remorse and guilt not setting in until the following morning when he’d woken up and it had been the first thing on his mind. It’s alarming how quick things can return; an addict’s mind and behaviour.
Nodding, TJ holds his hands up in surrender.
“You’re both going to be nice tonight,” he says, and finishes Addie’s final braid. “To grandma. Because your mum is already stressed out enough and we don’t need to make it worse for her. So if the best you can do is smile and nod, just do that. I’m not asking you to kiss her ass. I’m just asking you to be civil. Can you handle that?”
TJ nods.
“You?” He tugs on one of Addie’s pigtails. “Can you do that? Be civil?”
“Do I have to be near her? Or sit on her lap? ‘Cause I draw the line there.”
“You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Just don’t be a little asshole, alright?”
“Me? I’m Mary Freaking Sunshine, remember? That’s what Grandpa Koen calls me.”
“Well then live up to it and be nice to your grandmother. Smile until your face hurts, got it?”
“What do I get out of it?”
He smirks.
“Mummy says to always negotiate. Never settle for the first offer. Can I sleep in the big bed tonight? For being nice to grandma?”
“No.” Wrapping an arm around her waist, he lifts her off the stool; pressing a kiss to her cheek before setting her on the ground.
She turns to face him. Head cocked to the side and one hand clutching her doll, the other planted firmly on her hip. “Can I have ice cream for my bedtime snack?”
“Maybe isn’t good enough.”
“You ARE just like your mom, aren’t you.”
“I’ll be nice if I can have ice cream for my bedtime snack and you snuggle with me and draw on my back for half an hour. And that’s after FOUR stories.”
“You're bossy, you know that? Two stories.”
“Three. That’s as low as I’ll go.”
“I will give you two stories, ice cream for your snack, and forty five minutes of snuggling and drawing on your back. Instead of half an hour. We got a deal?”
Her eyes narrow as she considers it; nibbling on her bottom lip and swishing her hips back and forth. “You’re good at this.”
“This isn’t my first rodeo, Peanut. I’ve dealt with tougher than you. What do you say?” He offers a hand. “Deal?”
“Deal!” she agrees, his hand easily swallowing hers as they shake on it.
Grinning, he runs a hand over the top of her head and then drops a kiss on her hair. “You really DO have a lot of your mum in you.”
“Great things come in small packages,” Addie reasons, standing on her tiptoes as he leans down and pecks her lips. “Thank you, daddy!” she chirps. “My hair looks beautiful. You always do it perfect.”
“Pretty hard not to when my subject is so cute. Good thing I married your mum, huh? So I could have a kid as cute as you?”
“You really are a lucky man!” she declares and then cheerfully skips out of the room.
“I hope grandma is on her best behaviour,” TJ says, as he finishes the drink in his hand and then slides off the stool and returns it to its place at the island. “Because if she DOES start on mum, it’s going to be a wild night. I really hope she watches her step.”
“My too, kiddo,” Tyler sighs, and reaches out to tousle his son’s hair. “Me too.”
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fridayfirefly · a month ago
Homecoming Confessions
Read Homecoming Confessions on AO3
Written for Maribat March Day 25 - School Dance
"Marinette. Wally. You two will be going undercover at the school. You'll be posing as a couple, which should give you an excuse for how much time you will be spending together. Be prepared to keep up your cover for a while - I can see this mission taking several months."
Marinette glanced over at Wally, who was already staring at her. She quickly looked away, flushing. Of all the people I could be fake dating for a mission, why did it have to be the one person I have a crush on?
The mission itself wasn't exactly standard. Young Justice usually dealt with the typical supervillain. However, this mission was a favor to Batman, who was investigating a remote boarding school in the Allegheny Mountains to be a cover for a money-laundering scheme concocted by the parents of many of the students enrolled. Marinette, Artemis, Wally, and Dick would all be playing the part of students in order to snoop around and gather evidence. Wally and Dick were in a suite with two other boys, while Marinette and Artemis shared a suite with two other girls.
After a month undercover, the teens had finally discovered their best chance for apprehending all involved in the money-laundering scheme. There would be a Donor Appreciation Night the same night of the Homecoming Dance, held in the Headmaster's Office for select parents who had donated above a certain threshold. It was the make-or-break night of their mission. No matter what, their time at the boarding school was up.
As much as Marinette wanted to focus on her mission, her mind always seemed to be somewhere else. It was torture to pretend to date Wally when that was all Marinette really wanted. Getting ready for the dance, Marinette reminded herself, It’s just for a mission. Nothing more, nothing less.
Beside Marinette, her dormmates were getting ready as well. Artemis was painting her nails a shade of green so dark it looked like black, Caroline was putting on eyeliner with the focus and precision of a neurosurgeon, and Betty was cursing as she tried to squeeze her feet into too-tight heels.
"I swear my feet grow half a size every time I go off to school. As soon as I can't buy a new pair of Jimmy Choo's, none of the ones I already own fit anymore," complained Betty.
"I think that we have a similar size. You could borrow a pair of mine, if you'd like," offered Marinette. In truth, she would be glad to get rid of some of her shoes. To blend it at the school, her wardrobe had been given a very expensive makeover. Marinette loved fashion, but even she felt uncomfortable with how
Betty brightened up right away. "I love your closet, Marinette. If my Dad wasn't so strict about my spending money, I would have a closet like yours. Could I borrow that pair of Miu Miu heels your parents sent you last week?"
"Sure." It was good luck that Betty asked for that pair of shoes. Batman had fitted a select number of shoes with listening devices, hoping that if Marinette lingered outside of doors, the shoes might catch snippets of conversation slipping out from under the door. The Miu Miu heels were one of those select pairs. If Betty's parents were involved (which, after a little snooping through Betty's laptop, Marinette was almost certain that they were) and Betty knew about it, there was a chance that the heels could be used to gather evidence.
"When is Wally coming to pick you up?" asked Caroline.
Caroline and Betty had both been very supportive of Marinette's very fake relationship. "He's coming at seven with my corsage."
"I wish I were getting a corsage," sighed Caroline. "I'm so jealous of you. I hate being single."
"Than you shouldn't have dumped Michael two weeks before the Homecoming Dance," criticized Betty.
"I didn't want him in any of my group photos," Caroline defended herself.
"Fair point, fair point." Betty shrugged.
Marinette giggled at the antics of her friends. "Can someone help me get the button on the back of my dress?" There was one tiny silver button right at the nape of her neck that Marinette could never reach.
"Sure." Artemis leaned across the bathroom counter to get the button.
The dress was custom made - but not by Marinette. Marinette secretly hated the dress, though she cooed over it along with the rest of her dormmates. It was navy blue with silver accents, and it had a microphone sewn into it, so well hidden that not even Marinette, with her knowledge of its existence, could find it.
A knock at the door startled Marinette from her thoughts. She rushed to get her shoes on, slipping her feet into the two-inch heels. "Does my hair look okay?"
Caroline nodded. "It looks absolutely perfect. Wally will be drooling over you all night long."
Marinette forced herself to giggle at the comment, even though she knew it was false. Wally would spend the night playing the part of the doting boyfriend for the mission. He would tell her that she looked beautiful and he would be lying. Marinette wanted to cry over how unfair it was to watch the boy she liked pretending to like her back.
Marinette opened the door. Wally stood behind it, holding the corsage in his hand. It was at that moment that Marinette realized she had never seen Wally in a suit before. He tugged at his collar uncomfortably, but still smiled when his eyes landed on Marinette. "You look beautiful, Marinette."
Exactly as Marinette had predicted. She forced a smile on her face, hoping that it looked genuine enough to fool her dormmates. "Thank you. You look very dashing in a suit."
"Hey Rudolph, I didn't think you knew how to tie a tie," Artemis raised an eyebrow. Artemis and Wally had been playing the part of cousins at the boarding school, their cover being that their education was being funded by their wealthy Grandfather.
"Dick tied it," Wally grumbled. He then whispered to Marinette, "I might be ditching the tie. I think Dick might be trying to strangle me with this."
Marinette giggled, whispering back, "I have a clip-on in my closet. It won't match my dress, but I can live with that if it means you're alive and breathing."
"You're a lifesaver, Mari."
Marinette's heart gave a flutter as he called her by her nickname. He had started using it in public right when they began the school year, to convince everyone that they were dating. However, when it was just the Young Justice team, Wally always called her by her full name. It was just another reminder that their relationship was all an act.
Marinette went into her room and started digging through her closet. As she searched for the clip-on tie, Artemis entered the room, lingering at the closet doors. "What were you and Wally whispering about?"
Marinette replied, "We decided to replace his tie with a clip-on."
Artemis raised an eyebrow, her tone dripping with sarcasm, "Sure."
"Artemis, I've told you a million times. Wally and I are fake dating."
"There is nothing fake about the way he looks at you," Artemis continued stubbornly.
"I already told you the truth. Just because you don't believe me doesn't mean it's not true."
"I know for a fact that there is something between the two of you."
Marinette sighed. Damn Artemis for being so persistent. "Fine. You're right that there are some feelings involved, but they aren't Wally's. I'm the one who has a crush on him, not the other way around."
Artemis looked shocked. "Really? I could have sworn..." Artemis stopped herself, a devious look growing on her face. Marinette could tell that she was scheming up some sort of plan.
"We just need to get through this one dance, and then we're done fake dating for good. Please, don't interfere," Marinette begged.
"Alright, but only if you promise that you'll tell Wally you like him. It doesn't have to be tonight, but you do have to tell him."
"Fine," agreed Marinette. With no time limit on the promise, who was to say when Marinette would tell Wally. After all, plenty of people confessed life-altering secrets on their deathbed.
By the time the group made it down to the banquet hall, the Homecoming Dance was in full swing. Pop music was blasting through every speaker in the room, and Marinette winced at the volume of noise.
Using the loud music as cover, Wally whispered in Marinette's ear. "Dick's already in position. He found a way up into the vents, so he has a good position to listen in on whatever is said in the Headmaster's Office."
"Good. I'll go find the best window to view the Headmaster's Office from, to make sure we can keep track of everyone going in and out."
Wally nodded. "I'll catch Artemis up to speed, and then I'll join you."
Marinette scouted out the tables at the edge of the dance floor, eventually finding one that had both a view out the window of the entrance to the Headmaster's Office and a view of both entrances to the banquet hall that the dance was held in. A minute later, Artemis approached, dragging Wally along beside her.
"I'll watch the entrances. You two need to go dance. It'll look weird if you don't," said Artemis.
Artemis was correct, but that didn't stop Marinette from feeling a little indignant about being bossed around.
Wally just shrugged, seemingly unaffected by Artemis's bossy tone. "You ready to dance, Mari?"
Marinette froze, searching for the words. "Uh, sure."
Marinette was prepared to dance along to a pop song. Marinette was prepared to pretend that it didn't pain her to pretend. What Marinette wasn't prepared for was the slow song that came on - a song that could only be danced to with a slow dance.
"I guess we'll have to slow dance," said Wally with a shrug. His tone was light, but there was an edge behind it. Marinette assumed that he felt uncomfortable dancing with a girl he considered just a friend.
"I guess so."
Marinette tried not to be stiff in his arms. She was acutely aware that this moment would have been perfect if it were real.
"You can relax, you know," Wally said as if his words were a joke, but his voice was flat.
"Sorry." Marinette forced the stiffness out of her joints, swaying in his arms.
Wally sighed. "I know this isn't ideal, but at least it's over after tonight."
"Yeah." Marinette couldn't keep the frown off of her face. Though it would be nice to stop pretending, Marinette was disappointed to know that she would never dance with Wally again.
Wally grimaced. "It's one more night. You don't have to look so miserable. I'm not that bad to spend time around, am I?"
Marinette's eyes widened. Wally had interpreted her disappointment over their relationship being over as something else entirely. "No. I-"
"Whatever," sighed Wally, pushing her away as the song winded down. He walked off the dance floor and toward the table, leaving Marinette behind.
"It's not what you think," protested Marinette, rushing after him to explain. "I'm upset that we only have one more night."
Wally looked shocked. "What do you mean?"
"I like spending time with you. I like you, Wally. It's so hard to pretend to date you when that's all I really want."
"Why did you never tell me?" asked Wally.
"Because I know you don't feel the same way about me. If I can't have you as my boyfriend, I at least wanted to have you as my friend."
"You think I don't feel the same way about you? Dick and Roy make fun of me for my crush on you all the time, how have you never noticed?"
Now it was Marinette's turn to be shocked. "Wait, you're telling me that you have a crush on me too?"
"Yes!" exclaimed Wally. "I thought you already knew about my crush and were ignoring it. I never brought it up because I didn't want to make things uncomfortable between us."
Marinette shook her head in exasperation. "This whole time we were both keeping our feelings a secret and it was making us miserable, and it was all for nothing."
Wally groaned. "We're so stupid, aren't we?"
"Yep," chimed in Artemis, who had snuck up behind them. "But we don't have time to unpack that. Cars have started parking out front. I think the meeting will be starting soon. I'm going out to document their license plates and plant trackers on the cars. I need you two in position to assist Dick if he needs it."
"Got it." Marinette grabbed Wally by the hand and started leading him to the door. It took them no time at all to get to the Headmaster's Office, but once they were there they needed a plan. "How are we going to remain inconspicuous?"
"Like this." Wally pulled Marinette into an alcove, giving her direct line of sight of the door to the Headmaster's Office. "If anyone catches us, the worst we'll get is detention - which we won't even have to serve, given that we're leaving after tonight."
"Good idea." Marinette stared up into Wally's eyes. "Now that we're alone again..."
The buzz of a text message distracted Marinette from Wally. It was Dick, on the team's encrypted line.
Dick: The meeting is wrapping up. Marinette and Wally, you two need to get away from the Headmaster's Office as soon as possible. I recorded enough evidence to convict, so we don't need to stay any longer. Everyone head back to the dorms and get changed. We leave in 20 minutes.
Marinette: See you in 20.
"I guess it's time to go." Wally looked disappointed, even though their mission had been a complete success.
"Don't worry, Wally. I have a sneaking suspicion that this won't be the last night of us dating." Marinette pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, then twisted out from behind him. "See you in twenty!"
Marinette turning around just before she turned the corner to get one last look at Wally. His face was lit up with a goofy smile, and Marinette couldn't help but laugh. More than one mission was a success that night.
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dsmroleplay · a month ago
#BeginsWithAHeaderNowFrienship #DSM #SPN #RP Part Four
Co written by @HuntersGirlBaby & @HuntressJo_Rp
Aly - *Ali pondered her question. Was there a time.* When we were younger, no. Because he was one that understood me when others didn’t in life. As we have gotten older. Sometimes, I think we both feel that. We were always together. We have grown so much since coming here. And  we others we lean on. We have our family. Sure we want different things in our lives. We both are finding ourselves. And that’s scary in some ways. *looking to Sis.* He is starting his own family now. He seems happy. *she snuggled back into the couch they sat on.* Yes! we can rig boxes and have things pop out! So many things for Valentine’s Day! *she wrinkled her nose softly.* He’s good, but not as good as the first Batman from the 80s! I’ve seen all the movies. But I’ll give you have good taste! Just his voice was odd to me in those! *she tried to make her voice like his.* I am Batman. *she laughed hard at her own trying to sound like him. She smiles.* Not to much! I love salty and sweet together! And in one bowl it makes it even better! *she tried to catch her own popcorn and it fell all over her shirt. she laughed hard.* Ok can’t do that! *she smiled at sis.* Do you dance? *she was curious*
Jo - *Jo smiled and listened carefully as Aly talking about her and Ian. She relaxed and helped herself to more popcorn. She liked listening to Aly stories about her and Ian. They are two peas in a pod with their differences but they were just  great in her eyes. Jo felted loved as found home with her addition family in the Winchester. They always make her feel so welcome and she would do anything to protect them. And tease and prank the boys just for fun. Jo mumbled (Crap) under  her breath and she forgets Aly told her Ian and Zoey were pregnant in the bar. * How is the pregnant going? Aly, I've forgetting to send them congratulation gift on their happy news. Can you help me pick something out? *Jo changed her  expressing on her face to being dead serious* Oh Aly you think he was better than Christian bale regarding jumping to Batman. You're crazy? *When she couldn't hold her expressing any longer and bust out laughing at Aly. Tears streaming down her face with all the laugher with Aly's voice and now her shirt stained with the chocolate mark.* Dancing? Yeah, I can but are we talking like hip pop and street dancing?
Aly - *Ali couldn't help herself talking so much. When she got on something, that she enjoyed talking about. There wasn't a lot of things that could keep her from talking about them. With sis, she felt relaxed and at ease enough to open up to her. She gave a gentle smile, her cheeks. a soft pink. She talked way to much. Rubbing the back of her neck, clearing her throat a little bit.* Well, they had to rush her to the hospital. I don't know what's going on. I assume that its not going well. *Reaching over and talking her hand in hers. Giving a gentle  squeeze.* I would be happy to shop with you for the baby. It might bring a smile to Ian's face. *Ali was thankful when their talk changed to something different. Not that she didn't want to talk about it. But she just didn't know enough about what was going on. And she didn't want to get things wrong. The look at sis's face, made her laugh so hard.* Yes! There is none like him. Christian, *wrinkles her nose.* I just...can't. Nope. nope. *A bright smile spread across her lips.* Crazy like my family and proud of it! *She jumped right on the next  topic.* Oh that's awesome! *Ali tapped her chin. Pondering her question.* Well..both have good things about them. Let's go street dancing. That's more open and you can do so much with it. *Her face going a bit serious she loved dancing.*
Jo - *let you a huge sighs* she was thankful she had Aly to count on as she was a star when it came to shopping. An element that Jo wasn't comfortable with as she wasn't a fan of going clothes shopping if you asked me to go to the gun shop well that was completely a different story. Jo would be gone before anyone had finished their sentence. She was comfortable around guns, blades and even crossbow but anything else she was hopeless. Jo had read it's bad luck to buy anything for a baby until it's here. How about we can wait until we know what going on with Ian and Zoey? The last thing I would like to do is jinx them or you from being an Auntie. * Jo wanted to change the subject as fast as she could when she starting throwing some popcorn in Aly direction to lightening the mood. When she jumped up onto her feet. Lifting the table with the snacks on carefully go against the wall near the window. When she took her phone out of her pocket to select the perfect song on Spotify. Turning the volume up. Throwing the phone onto the couch. When jo started moving her body and getting into the shape with her body moving to the music.* Come on Aly I want to see these moved of the young ones now.
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keepitmovinshawty · 2 months ago
Ok watching the Snyder Cut again but this time with notes!
Kids today will never know the struggle of buying a movie only to realize that it’s the full screen version instead of the widescreen version.
The opening sequence actually made me tear up a little.
Superman’s cry of anguish is more powerful than Zeus.
Amber Heard. Gross.
I like how the Atlanteans and Amazons have their Mother Boxes in secure locations but “man” has theirs tossed in the back of a closet. Sounds about right.
Because of course Bruce Wayne knows Icelandic too.
So Arthur takes off his shirt to swim but leaves his jeans on. God the chafing...
Alfred dragging Bruce is always hilarious.
Ok this bank scene with Diana was in the 2017 version but it’s a lot more violent in this one. And I guess the desaturation of the scene also makes it seem less like a cartoon. There’s actual tension in this. Editing matters.
“Boring.” Diana said cut to the damn chase. She doesn’t have all day.
Diana really makes use of her greaves.
Not Diana vaporizing this dude.
I want a whole movie of just the Amazons.
I actually like how they did the live action Boom Tube.
The Amazons are beasts with their lassos.
I love Hippolyta.
Part 2! I like how this was split into parts.
No one ever says Superman’s name. It’s always “him.”
Diana always wears white.
This whole scene where Diana goes to Athens is left out.
I think this conversation between Arthur and Vulko is too.
I forgot this movie is canonically before Aquaman.
Steppenwolf is an actual character in this one.
Isn’t this the second time Diana has broken into Bruce’s place?
Ooooh a Green Lantern!
Professor Lupin defeating Darkseid is a highlight.
Forever giggling at how the Amazons and Atlanteans do the most to hide the boxes while Man just buries it in the forest.
I want to meet someone who makes me stop and stare like Barry and Iris did.
There’s always a fruit stand.
Barry giving new meaning to running out of your shoes.
Cyborg’s origin story is easily one of the saddest.
Also, 2017 cut his mother entirely out. I mean, Whedon damn near wrote him out the movie.
I wonder if the Sarah they were talking about is Sarah Charles...
Victor helping the single mother was 🥲
Dr. Manhattan is Barry’s father.
Competitive ice dancing. Very competitive ice dancing.
Batman with a lasso...
Victor is still in his bitter stage.
J. Jonah Jameson and Commissioner Gordon are the same person.
Amber Heard again. Gross.
So the Atlanteans here can’t speak underwater. They only make these trill noises. But they do speak in air pockets.
How unfortunate that Arthur saves Mera just in time.
Steppenwolf wants all the smoke with Diana for some reason.
I love Wonder Woman’s theme.
Aquaman casually late but he holds the water back so it’s all good.
The Anti-Life Equation. That thing that makes earth so special.
Darkseid enters the chat.
Steppenwolf without his armor... Yeesh...
How did Darkseid forget which planet kicked his ass 5000 years ago?
Not Arthur looking incredulous about Victor being able to speak to intelligence. Dude, you talk to fish.
Why do the Nazis find everything?
The little explanation about the Mother Boxes was cool. Also a scene that was cut.
Swanwick being Martian Manhunter this whole time is wild. Also cut from the theatrical version.
You know in other versions of his “death,” Superman isn’t actually dead. His body is just comatose as he heals. But he appears dead to humans because his heart rate slows down so much.
Lol the ship AI is like “this is a monumentally bad idea I strongly advise against it please don’t do this” 🤣🤣🤣
Ironically, Superman returning is the worst part of the movie to me. Not the fact that he’s back just how it’s done. The whole fight sequence to me is ridiculous and a waste of time. Like why has he even forgotten who he is in the first place?
Well in this version there’s no awful “do you bleed” and Lois gets herself to the scene.
Bruh... Victor done watched both parents die now.
Henry Cavill is really pretty. Dude has that old Hollywood gorgeousness.
It’s come to my attention that Bruce and Clark’s mothers have the same name.
Time to go fuck Steppenwolf up!
Black suit Supes flying up into the atmosphere to get some of that sweet, sweet solar radiation.
They finally got that thing to fly only to fuck it up as soon as they get there 😅
Steppenwolf is antagonizing Diana and idk why. What did she do to you, bruh?
Wonder Woman 🤝 Aquaman 🤝 Superman
So this whole part with them essentially losing and Barry having to run back time didn’t happen in 2017 at all. Instead they just had him... save a random family?
Seriously... Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Supes treated Steppenwolf.
Y’all outchea feeling bad for Steppenwolf but let’s not forget his debt was 150K worlds. DeSaad said he still had 50K left. That means he destroyed 100K worlds already. Fuck him.
Man why they tease Granny Goodness then didn’t have her speak? And if she doesn’t sound like Ed Asner is it even worth it?
Ryan Choi! Aka Atom!
Silas’ voiceover during the ending was so touching 🥲
Words cannot express how much I hate Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. I actually like Lex as a character but I hate him in the DCEU because just ugh. Worst casting ever.
Oh look it’s Slade. Or Deathstroke. Whichever name strikes your fancy.
Just throwing Batman’s real name out there.
Amber Heard again. 😒😒😒😒😒
I actually like Jared Leto here. Tho that laugh needs work.
I know it’s the Knightmare timeline but I still have a hard time believing Clark becomes Darkseid’s lackey because Lois dies. I get the pain and anguish but dude... Lois wouldn’t want that.
This epilogue felt like the ending, a mid-credits scene, and a post-credits scene put together.
Welp that was great! And I’ll probably watch it a 3rd time this weekend with my siblings.
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occasionalstorytelling · 2 months ago
Summary: While the Teen Titans (Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven) are taking down some of Slade's robots, they bump into a robot that isn't a robot--in fact, it's a kid, about their age, with black spiky hair and a domino mask under the Slade black-and-orange faceplate. It's Slade's apprentice, Dick Grayson, rescued from the circus after his parents' death when Batman wasn't around for him. Dick (or his villain name, Apprentice) has never tangled with heroes before, but he's not going to let Slade down. If only someone had warned him that nobody can stand up to the Teen Titans.
“Okay, Titans, just like we planned,” Cyborg raised his sonic cannon and pointed it at the door.
Whoever Slade was, he’d sent villain after villain to destroy the Titans, but now he’d changed tactics, and was trying to steal a series of computer chips from tech companies around the city. The Titans had staked out Wayne Tech, ready for Slade’s next robotic army assault. Cyborg and Beast Boy were down on the main storage room floor, ready to fight off the creepy robots with their identical forms and blank masked faces. Starfire and Raven were both in flight, covering all possible other entrances and exits to the room.
They could hear a loud, repeating banging sound as the robots beat on the door. Starfire powered up, eye glowing green. Beast Boy nodded at Cyborg and turned into a T-Rex, ready for whatever was coming through.
“Here it comes!” Cyborg said. “Raven, shield us!”
Raven’s magic washed over them, a black shield against which shrapnel from the door scattered harmlessly. The shield flashed away, revealing an army of Slade’s robots standing in the doorway.
“Titans, go!” Cyborg yelled.
Beast Boy roared and stomped into the fray, tearing robotic limbs to shreds with his T-Rex teeth. Cyborg stood behind him, firing blast after blast of his sonic cannon into the robots. One of the robots was different than the others, he noticed. It was smaller, more agile. Most of the robots were big, lumbering tanks that would keep charging forward until they met their goal or got destroyed. This robot was light, and Cyborg watched it cartwheel one-handed out of the way of one of Beast Boy’s swiping attacks. Cyborg pivoted to face it, but it was fast. It almost danced around him, the way it moved. It leapt into the air, making a grab for the chip, when Cyborg finally caught it in the leg with the sonic cannon. It wasn’t a good enough hit, though. The robot still had both legs, and it kept coming. It reached into a pocket and threw something at Cyborg. The something exploded on contact, clogging up Cyborg’s sensors with smoke and ash. It almost destroyed his power cell in one hit.
“Star!” Cyborg coughed.
“I see it,” Starfire said. She flew over Cyborg’s head and attacked the smaller robot. It turned and ran from her, towards one of the walls. She threw starbolt after starbolt at it as it ran, then it ran up the wall a few steps, did a backflip over her head, and threw another something at her. The explosive force slammed Starfire into the wall as the robot jumped away, heading for the chip again. Cyborg fired another few sonic cannon shots, but it rolled and ducked like none of the other robots could.
Raven swooped down, putting herself between it and the chip. The robot froze for a second, as if sizing her up. “Azarath metrion zinthos!” Raven said, and the floor panels under the robot’s feet began to rise, shoving it away as they formed a protective wall around the chip. The robot pulled out another device, one that looked like a gun. It shot at Raven, and she threw up a shield to protect herself, but the robot hadn’t been aiming for her. It was a grappling hook, and the robot used the line attached to her makeshift wall to swing under it and grab the chip out of the security force field.
“It’s got the chip!” Cyborg yelled. “We can’t let it take it!”
The robot launched itself back towards the crushed lab door and the safety of numbers, but Beast Boy had left the robot army not much more than a pile of parts. He was now an octopus. “Got you!” Beast Boy said, grabbing the little robot with a few of his arms. The robot pressed a button on its belt and Beast Boy yelped and twitched as electricity flooded through him. He dropped the robot and collapsed, shifting back to himself as he did. Raven used her power to raise the rubble into the air, blocking the robot’s escape. The robot turned to face the Titans, the only one of its peers left standing. It pocketed the chip and raised both fists, ready for a fight.
“This one is…smaller than the others?” Starfire frowned.
“That doesn’t mean it’s any less of a threat,” Cyborg scowled. He fired another sonic cannon blast, but the robot had already moved. It had used the grappling hook to connect to a vent close to the ceiling, and was making a run for it. Before any of the Titans could stop it, it was inside the vent and on the move.
“Throw me!” Beast Boy said. Cyborg picked him up and launched him. Beast Boy turned into a mouse mid-flight, and landed inside the vent. “It’s heading for the roof!” Beast Boy yelled back, already on the move following the robot.
“Then let’s go get it,” Raven said. She raised her teleportation raven to encircle the three of them.
“Wait,” Cyborg frowned. “Did any of us get hit?”
“I for one was hit most strongly, but I am fine,” Starfire said.
“Beast Boy’s blood is green, Star’s is orange, Raven’s is black, mine is blue,” Cyborg said, tracing one finger through the sticky red pool on the chip platform. “So whose is this?”
“The robot… It’s not a robot,” Raven said.
“Do you think it is Slade himself?” Starfire asked.
“Cyborg to Beast Boy, it’s not a robot,” Cyborg spoke into the communicator. “We’ve got to try and take him alive. We’ll meet you at the roof.” He nodded at Raven, who cloaked them. They reappeared on the roof. It was night, and the huge WAYNE TECH sign glowed white in the darkness. The vent clattered open as Beast Boy emerged as a badger holding onto one of the not-robot’s legs with his teeth. The not-robot landed a solid kick to Beast Boy’s face and tried to escape, but it was surrounded by the Titans, with weapons hot. The not-robot raised a weird-looking gun of some sort, attached to his wrist, but Starfire swooped down and crunched it into useless dust with one hand. “I believe we have caught you,” she said, keeping her grip on his wrist. The not-robot suddenly tensed and threw her over his shoulder, slamming her head-first into the ground and leaving a crack in the rooftop cement. He ran at Cyborg, fists raised.
“Dude, you do not want to fight me!” Cyborg said. “We know you’re hurt, and your fists won’t—hey!” After a few futile punches from the not-robot, he’d given up and tried his electrical attack on Cyborg, who just barely managed to dodge it. The not-robot didn’t even pause, he just ran for the edge of the roof and threw himself off of it.
“Raven!” Cyborg yelled.
“Got him,” Raven said. Her eyes glowed white as she held up a sphere of energy, trapping the not-robot inside of it. He struggled against it for a few moments, tried out a few gadgets on it, before seeming to give up. He slumped on the floor of the sphere.
“So…what do we do now?” Beast Boy sat up, rubbing a bump on his head.
They took the not-robot back to the Tower, careful not to let him out of the sphere until they were ready. They dumped him in a secure room, but nobody wanted to be in the same place as him. He was tough, and probably strong enough to take any of them down in a one-on-one fight. The not-robot sat in the secure little cell, and the Titans watched him from a connected window.
“Should we…turn him over to the police?” Beast Boy asked.
“I’m not sure,” Cyborg frowned. “We’ve been fighting Slade for so long, I don’t think we can afford to miss out on whatever we can learn from this guy.”
“Who is he?” Starfire asked.
“He’s not Slade, that’s for sure,” Raven grumbled. “Maybe Slade finally decided to find some new friends.”
“He looks like a robot,” Beast Boy shrugged. “With the faceplate and all…are we sure this isn’t just one of Slade’s fancy new toys?”
They looked down into the room, where the not-robot was ripping his shirt sleeve into pieces and tying them around his leg. There was a little red stain on the floor below him.
“Huh,” Beast Boy said. “Well…okay.”
“He is injured. Should we not help him?” Starfire asked.
“We can give it a try,” Cyborg shrugged.
“Not it!” Beast Boy tapped his nose. “I do not need to be alone with that guy. My head’s gonna hurt for a week.” He rubbed the bump where the not-robot had kicked him.
“Starfire, you think you can handle him?” Raven asked.
“Surely,” Starfire said. “Though I may require additional instruction in your Earth medicine.”
Loaded up with a box or two of medical supplies, Starfire opened the door to the room. Without even taking a moment to hesitate, the not-robot stood and leapt at the door, but Starfire held him back with a starbolt. The not-robot faltered, and took an awkward step back onto his hurt leg. The security door closed, the the not-robot slumped sadly.
“For your leg,” Starfire said, as brightly as she could. She held up the boxes of supplies. The not-robot didn’t move, he just seemed to stare at her from behind the faceless mask.
“You are hurt,” Starfire said, pointing at his leg. When he’d tried to escape, he’d ruined his own makeshift bandages. He took a hasty, nervous step away from her, holding up his fists.
“No, I am not here to fight you,” Starfire shook her head. “I am here to help. I will not hurt you.”
The not-robot froze for a long, horrible moment, considering her. Then he sat against the wall and tucked his hands behind his back, as if promising he wouldn’t hurt her, either. Starfire came closer and examined the injury.
“I will have to remove some of this material,” Starfire said. The pant leg was torn and bloody, and the armor was preventing her from seeing much more. The not-robot didn’t comment one way or another, so she removed the metal plate armor and used a thin beam of energy to slice away the torn fabric. The not-robot stayed very still as she did so, clearly not entirely convinced she wasn’t going to hurt him.
There was a long, angry slice of red where Cyborg’s sonic cannon had grazed him. “You are lucky,” Starfire smiled. “If you were less agile, you would be missing the whole leg.”
The not-robot continued his silence as she gently wiped the wound with a damp cloth and bandaged him. “There you go!” Starfire said. “Does that feel better?”
The not-robot nodded carefully. “…Thank you,” he said, after a long hesitation. His voice was muffled behind the mask.
“Oh! You can talk?” Starfire tried not to sound as surprised as she was.
The not-robot nodded slowly.
“Um…” Starfire looked up at the window for help. Cyborg just shrugged. “Um, my name is Starfire! It is nice to meet you,” she said.
“I’m Apprentice,” the not-robot said. He took off the faceplate mask, revealing a secondary domino mask beneath it. He looked about 15 years old. His hair was black and spiky, but a little misshapen after being under the helmet for so long.
“It is…nice to meet you,” Starfire said again, awkwardly. She looked back up at the window, where the other Titans were kind of flailing around unhelpfully.
“Aren’t you going to kill me?” Apprentice asked dryly.
“What? Of course not,” Starfire said, confused. “We—”
“Don’t talk to me,” Apprentice said. He pulled his legs up and hugged them to his chest, with only a slight wince of pain as he did so.
“We can help you,” Starfire said. “Are you inured anywhere else?”
“You don’t care. It doesn’t matter,” Apprentice said, glaring at her from behind his knees.
“Perhaps I could—” she reached towards him and he visibly flinched away from her. She looked back up at the window once more. The Titans had disappeared. She squinted, trying to confirm this, when the door opened again and Cyborg came into the room, leaving Beast Boy and Raven outside. The Apprentice turned back into a ball of rage and energy until the door sealed shut, trapping him once more.
“My dude, we caught you, fair and square,” Cybrog crossed his arms. “You’re not getting out of here.”
“So I’m supposed to stop trying to escape?” Apprentice spat angrily.
“I’m Cyborg,” Cyborg said.
“I know who you are,” Apprentice glared. “I know who all of you are. The Teen Titans…” he scoffed and shook his head. “You’ll never stop Slade. No one can.”
“So are you a showoff, or do you have a broken arm?” Cyborg said.
“What?” Apprentice went white.
“You do all your fancy cartwheels, but you haven’t been putting weight on your right arm,” Cyborg said. “You keep it held close to your chest as much as you can. You’re doing it right now.”
Apprentice hastily dropped his arm and held it behind his back.
“Did we do that?” Cyborg said, a little softer. “I’m sorry. I thought you were a robot, and, you know…”
“Robots don’t stop until you break them,” Apprentice sighed. “Yeah…I know. But it’s fine, and anyway, you didn’t do it.”
“Wait, you came to the secure weapons facility with a broken arm? Why?!?!” Cyborg gestured angrily.
Apprentice just glared back at him in silence.
“We can hook you up with a cast,” Cyborg offered.
“I can’t fight in a cast,” Apprentice said.
“You can’t fight like this, either!” Cyborg gestured again. “What is your problem?!?”
“Cyborg,” Starfire said, putting a hand on his shoulder, “perhaps we should try a different approach.”
“I won’t talk,” Apprentice interrupted quickly. “I may not be a robot, but I won’t—I mean, I…I won’t…you can’t—”
“Woah, woah, slow down. We’re just trying to help you,” Cyborg said.
“No, you’re trying to soften me up so I give away Slade’s secrets,” Apprentice said. “I won’t do it. So you might as well kill me now, because I won’t talk, no matter what you do to me.”
“No one’s going to kill anyone,” Cyborg started to say, but the door opened again as Raven and Beast Boy entered with the x-ray machine, and Apprentice launched himself at the Titans with complete disregard for life and limb.
“Titans, careful!” Cyborg said. “Beast Boy, don’t—”
“I can take care of myself,” Apprentice wrenched his broken arm away from Beast Boy and ran for the door, which Raven sealed with her magic just before he got there. Apprentice beat his fist on the door, just once, and leaned against it heavily.
They were finally about to coax the dejected Apprentice into the x-ray machine. “Dude, you’re covered in broken bone scars,” Cyborg frowned as he looked at the readings. “Half your ribcage is messed up.”
Apprentice just grit his teeth in response, staring pointedly up at the ceiling.
“Slade sure sends you on a lot of missions, doesn’t he?” Beast Boy shrugged.
Apprentice refused to answer, he just kept glaring at the ceiling like it was personally responsible for his failures.
“I’m not sensing any kind of mind control,” Raven said, touching her temple as she felt around with her magic.
Apprentice snorted at that, laughing a very teenager-y laugh. The hollow sound echoed in the secure room. It made the Titans shiver. Apprentice wasn’t some evil adult villain, he was the same age as them. He might as well have been laughing at one of Beast Boy’s jokes, he sounded so normal.
“And I’m not detecting any kind of mechanical control, either,” Cyborg continued.
“Maybe I just work for Slade, okay?” Apprentice sighed. “Maybe, just like you all chose to be ‘heroes,’ I chose to work for Slade.”
“How did that happen?” Beast Boy scoffed.
Apprentice clammed up again.
“Wait, I’m picking up something,” Cyborg frowned. “A signal of some kind, originating outside the Tower. We—”
Apprentice rolled out of the examination bed, took a small device from his ear, and smashed it onto the ground with one heavily armored boot. He didn’t stop until the device was completely destroyed.
“—and, the signal’s gone,” Cyborg sighed, snapping the plate on his arm closed again. “Let me guess, that was so Slade could communicate with you?”
“I don’t have to talk to you,” Apprentice raised his fists.
“Let’s end this,” Raven frowned. She drew herself up to full height and stood in front of Apprentice, who glared up at her as he held onto his fighting stance. “Apprentice, was it?” Raven raised an eyebrow.
Apprentice just glared up at her and clenched his fists a little more tightly.
“Raven, you do not have to do this,” Starfire said quietly.
“If anyone has a better plan for figuring out what Slade wants before he blows up the whole city, I’m listening,” Raven said.
“Do it,” Cyborg nodded.
“Whatever it is, I won’t let you,” Apprentice said desperately, backing up against the wall. “I won’t talk. It won’t work. Don’t—what are you doing?”
“Best Boy, can you hold him?” Raven asked.
Beast Boy turned into a gorilla and grabbed Apprentice in a hug, holding him still.
“Don’t! Stop! Let me go!” Apprentice struggled in the tight grip.
“Ow! He bit me,” Beast Boy grumbled.
“Azarath metrion zinthos,” Raven breathed, and she closed her eyes as she drifted into Apprentice’s mind.
She opened her eyes and found herself standing in a circus tent. Everything was tinged brownish-grey, more with Apprentice’s emotion than with age. Raven looked around. It was a strange, creepy place. There was a tightrope, but the netting below it had been replaced with a pile of crushing gears. There were gears everywhere, Raven realized—they lined the floors of the animal cages, they made up platforms and audience seating…
It was deathly quiet, except for a repeated shing…thunk sound. “Hello?” Raven called. “Apprentice? Anyone there?”
The shing…thunk sound stopped for a moment, then it picked back up again. Raven followed it around a corner, to where a boy in a blue uniform sat on one of the giant gears. He had spiky black hair. Raven watched him draw a small, thin knife from one of his pockets—shing—and throw it across the room, where it landed in a wooden target with deadly accuracy—thunk.
“Apprentice?” Raven asked.
“Huh?” the boy looked up at her and smiled. “Are you looking for someone?”
“Are you Apprentice?” Raven asked.
“My name’s Dick,” the boy shook his head. He jumped down from the gear and did a lazy backflip towards her. “Who’re you?”
“I’m Raven,” Raven said. “What is this place?”
“You don’t know?” Dick’s smile dropped. He gave her a sad look. “You should probably go, then. You don’t belong here.”
“I can’t go until I find Apprentice,” Raven said. “I need to talk to him.”
“I can show you around, I guess,” Dick shrugged. He led her through the circus, pointing out the attractions as they went. If he noticed the creepy stillness, the emptiness of the circus, the dark energy flowing around them, he didn’t say anything, and it didn’t seem to dampen his smile.
“This is where I grew up,” Dick was saying. “I used to do an act with my parents, before.”
“Before what?” Raven asked.
“Just before,” Dick said, smile never dropping. Now it looked more like a facade, though. Like an act. Like he was performing for her benefit. “Anyway, after it, Master found me. He’s been training me. That’s what I was doing when you found me.”
“Training?” Raven asked.
“Yeah,” Dick said, and he moved quickly then, the way Apprentice had. Knives appeared in his hands like magic, and he threw them at her. She raised both arms to shield herself, but they whizzed harmlessly past her. She turned, and saw Dick had made a perfect outline of her in knives behind her on a wall.
“Can we have some applause for the audience volunteer?” Dick beamed and raised his hands wide, turning to face an invisible audience like he’d performed an excellent trick. Then a shadow slammed into him from the side, hitting him in the chest and knocking him to the floor. “Ouch,” Dick winced from where he’d landed in a pile of rubble.
“You know the rules,” Apprentice growled.
“I know. I’m sorry,” Dick hung his head.
“Get up,” Apprentice held out his hand and helped Dick to his feet. “Sorry doesn’t matter.”
“I know,” Dick said, accepting the help and standing up.
“Apprentice,” Raven said. “Why are you working for Slade?”
“I already said, I don’t have to talk to you,” Apprentice growled. “What makes you think I’d be more willing in here?”
“Tell me what he’s planning, and I’ll get out,” Raven said.
Apprentice crossed his arms. “It’s my mind. You’ll get out anyway.”
Dick pulled a short stick from a pocket, which extended into a long bow staff. “Sorry,” Dick smiled apologetically at Raven. Then he leapt at her with the staff.
Dick stabbed and jabbed at her again and again. It took all of her concentration to fend off his attacks, even though as far as she could tell, he didn’t even have powers. Dick somersaulted away from her and grabbed a chair and a whip. “The lions have nothing on you,” Dick grinned. Raven flew up into the air, out of his range.
“Now that’s what I call high-flying!” Dick said. He dropped the props and clambered up one of the tightrope poles like a monkey. “But can you do this?” He swung down at her, and kicked one of his shoes to reveal a knife coming out of one of the toes. Raven dodged it and used her magic to detach the ropes holding up the bar. Dick fell, and Apprentice leapt into the air to catch him before he hit the gears below.
“Look, I don’t know what Slade’s planning. He doesn’t tell me that stuff. Will you just get out of here?” Apprentice set Dick down and glared up at Raven.
“No. Why are you working for him?” Raven asked.
“There was nobody else after,” Dick said.
“Shut up,” Apprentice said.
“Slade said he could be like a father to me,” Dick said.
“I said shut up,” Apprentice growled at him.
“He protected me,” Dick said, looking up at Raven.
“He’s going to hurt a lot of people,” Raven said. “That’s why my friends and I need to stop him.”
“This is why we’re not talking to you!” Apprentice said. “You’re just going to stop me too, like you stopped all those robots.”
“No…the Titans don’t kill people,” Raven said.
“Oh, sure you don’t, you just invade minds and try to poison me against Slade,” Apprentice rolled his eyes. “Much nicer.”
“Master could hurt a lot of people, though,” Dick said quietly. “He cares about you, and he still hurts you. Imagine what he could do to people he didn’t care about.”
“You know that was for training!” Apprentice rounded on Dick angrily. “Once I’m good enough at fighting, he won’t be able to hurt me anymore. That’s the whole point.”
“Slade can’t hurt you while you’re with the Titans,” Raven said.
“Wanna bet?” Apprentice scowled.
“If that’s why you’re working for him, because you’re scared of him—”
“I’m not scared,” Dick said, at the same time Apprentice said “Of course I’m scared.” They looked at each other, then both looked up at Raven.
“Keep talking,” Dick said.
“Shut up,” Apprentice said.
Raven made a solid attempt. “You don’t have to do what Slade says anymore. You’re safe from him here, we can—”
“We’re not listening!” Apprentice roared. He grabbed Dick by the shoulders and threw him into the gears, then leapt down after him. “This is what happens to us because of you! You make us weak!” Apprentice pummeled Dick with punch after punch, not giving him time to get up.
“Stop it!” Raven swooped down and tried to pull them apart.
“You’re the one who’s weak!” Dick got a grip on Apprentice and pushed him into the pile of gears. As they fought, they began sinking into it, like quicksand.
“I’m not the one who says ‘thank you’ to my captors,” Apprentice pulled Dick’s hair.
“I hate you!” Dick jabbed an elbow into Apprentice’s side.
“I hate you!” Apprentice got the upper hand and put it around Dick’s throat, squeezing, seeming not even to notice as they sunk deeper between the gears.
“Let him go!” Raven yelled, trying to get a grip on them with her magic, but they slid out of her grasp. She tried to grab Apprentice’s shoulders, but his head turned around backwards and he grabbed her with both hands, pulling her down into the gears. She struggled to pull away, but more hands appeared, grabbing her, pulling her down into the darkness and the crushing weight—
“Get out!” Apprentice yelled, and Raven opened her eyes. She was back in the secure room with the Titans and Apprentice, still being restrained by Beast Boy.
“Slade can’t hurt you in here,” Raven said. “He can’t even hear you.” She gestured at the broken communications device where Apprentice had crushed it on the floor. “Why are you so desperate to get back to him?”
“He’s all I have,” Apprentice said, giving her a pleading look behind the domino mask. “Why won’t you let me go?”
“He’s not training you for anything, he’s just using you as a punching bag,” Raven said. “At best, you’re a human shield.”
“I’m not listening to you!” Apprentice screamed and slammed his head backwards into Beast Boy’s forehead.
“Ow!” Beast Boy couldn’t keep hold of him, and Apprentice dropped to the floor. He lunged at the door, trying to figure out how to open it.
“You’ll never get out,” Cyborg said. “That door is reinforced with the best security I know how to make. You’d have to be some kind of genius to hack out of—”
The door opened and Apprentice bolted down the hall like a scared rabbit.
“Get him!” Cyborg said.
“What happened to ‘he’ll never get out?” Raven raised an eyebrow.
“We can update the security after we catch him!” Cyborg groaned.
Apprentice was learning his way around their powers. He dodged starbolts, anticipated Beast Boy’s animal changes, and sealed himself in their living room, jamming the door mechanism to buy himself some time.
He had to shield his eyes against how bright it was. The room was basically all windows. He went to their massive communications screen and controls, trying to open a line to Slade.
“Slade, it’s me,” Apprentice said. “I need help. The Titans got me, but I can escape, I know it. I need—”
“Whatever you need, you must hope the Titans will provide it,” Slade’s face appeared on the screen, larger than life and imposing as hell. “You are no longer welcome, my old apprentice.”
“What? But Slade, I did everything just as you said. I didn’t tell them anything. I’ve even still got the chip!” Apprentice took it out of his pocket and held it up.
“You’ve been with the Titans for multiple hours now. That is more than enough time for you to have been compromised,” Slade said. “We had a good run, but I’m afraid I can no longer trust you.”
“Master, you can trust me,” Apprentice said, almost in tears. “Please, I—”
“If I see you again, I will kill you, Dick,” Slade said. “Goodbye.”
“No,” Apprentice fell to his knees as the computer screen turned off. “Wait, don’t…” But it was too late. Slade was gone, and he didn’t want Apprentice back, even if he could finish escaping from the Tower. Which didn’t seem likely, as the Titans were already busting down the door to the living room.
Apprentice stared down at the chip. If he’d just refused the mission to go after it, the pain from Slade’s punishment would already have gone away by now. He clutched it close to his chest. Surely, he could still deliver it. Even if Slade didn’t want him, he’d want the chip, right?
“Drop it,” Cyborg said, pointing the sonic cannon at him. It wasn’t a suggestion, it was an order. There would be no more orders from Slade anymore. Apprentice dropped the chip and stared down at it. In a matter of hours, Apprentice had become less valuable to Slade than this piece of computer technology. Apprentice was envious. He wanted to smash it into a million pieces.
“Hands in the air,” Cyborg said.
Apprentice obeyed. “This is your fault,” he said quietly, staring at Raven. “If you hadn’t captured me—”
“Then Slade would be one step closer to taking over the city,” Raven said.
“Guys, I think we really took out Slade’s second in command!” Beast Boy beamed. “Titans rule!”
“So,” Apprentice sighed heavily, hands still raised. “What are you going to do with me now?” Unfortunately, it was seeming increasingly unlikely that they were going to kill him.
“Um…” Beast Boy looked at Cyborg.
“That’s…a good question,” Cyborg said.
Apprentice just sat there, motionless, keeping his hands raised, staring down at the chip. Apparently, he had all the time in the world to wait for their answer. It wasn’t like he had anywhere else to go.
I hope you enjoyed! This was just chapter 1. You can read the rest on my AO3, @OccassionalStorytelling. Link above!
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aion-rsa · 2 months ago
Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Joker Epilogue Explained
This Zack Snyder’s Justice League article contains spoilers.
Despite the heroes’ best efforts throughout the four-hour epic, Zack Snyder’s Justice League still ends in scorched earth, with Darkseid’s forces decimating whatever’s left of the planet’s surface, turning it into a wasteland. Even after defeating Steppenwolf and preventing the disaster of Unity, it’s still not enough to stop what’s been coming to Snyder’s version of the DCEU since Bruce had his first “Knightmare” in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Or so it seems in an almost 10-minute-long epilogue, which includes a cameo from Jared Leto’s Joker especially shot for the Snyder Cut.
Joker’s inclusion in the movie might seem jarring to some, considering he has no bearing on the actual story being told for most of the film’s runtime. In fact, you could pretty much skip the epilogue completely and not lose much of the experience if you’re only watching for the main plot. That said, the tense conversation between Batman and Joker — as they look upon what Darkseid’s wrought on their planet — does raise some interesting questions as to what might be next for these archnemeses were Snyder to get yet another shot at the DCEU.
Ironically, Snyder actually shot the brand-new footage for Leto specifically because he thought he’d never get another chance to work with these characters. The director “couldn’t leave this universe without having a Joker/Batman scene,” according to producer Deborah Snyder in an interview with CBR. But shooting the scene in the middle of a pandemic was tricky: it involved sending a truck full of costumes to Leto’s house, who would then try them on for the director during Zoom calls to see what worked. According to Deborah, “there was a lot of Zooming and photos and things like that, but so much thought went into creating the character.”
This might explain why the “Joker Christ” look — a version of the villain wearing a crown of thorns featured in a Vanity Fair article — didn’t actually appear in the movie. It was likely one of the costume ideas that were nixed before filming. Something similar happened with Leto’s now-infamous “We live in a society” line in one of the trailers for the Snyder Cut, which the director says was ad-libbed by Leto himself while filming the epilogue. As you now know, that line is nowhere to be found in the scene, either.
So, what did make it into the epilogue? How did Snyder use his final chance to have these versions of Batman and Joker meet in a DCEU movie?
The Batman/Joker History
cnx.cmd.push(function() { cnx({ playerId: "106e33c0-3911-473c-b599-b1426db57530", }).render("0270c398a82f44f49c23c16122516796"); });
For one thing, Snyder touches on some very familiar elements of their dynamic. Like with past iterations of this relationship, Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight and Leto’s Joker are truly inseparable. Even when faced with the end of the world, when all bets are off and the rules no longer apply, the hero and the villain still decide to team up instead of settling the score once and for all. Joker is especially cognizant of their connection, mentioning how Batman created him and how his beloved Bat now needs him to undo what Darkseid did, even though it’s unclear just what the clown can do against such insurmountable, cosmic odds.
Bruce’s threat that he’ll eventually kill Joker is a particularly weak one when he’s also welcomed the Clown Prince of Crime onto his team, and equipped him with a bulletproof vest and an assault rifle no less. Their tense back and forth in this scene is just another section of their eternal dance, even as the Joker dares Batman to kill him. But if Bats were to give in to the temptation and end the clown’s life, who would be there to give him a reach–
Harley Quinn is Dead
We learn a few other things from their brief conversation (and one has to wonder why they’ve decided to do this in the open where they can be spotted by Darkseid’s parademons or Evil Superman): Harley Quinn has died in this possible future, but not before expressing her true hatred for Mr. J. Whether it was always the plan for Harley to break away from her insane beau in time for Birds of Prey or Snyder was trying to connect the dots after the fact is unclear. But her death is clearly a particularly sore spot for Joker, who for a second seems to want to break his own proposed truce and take a shot at the Batman.
“You’re good,” Joker finally says when he regains his cool, realizing the Dark Knight wants the clown to give him a reason to put him down for good. Self-defense ain’t the same as murder in the Snyderverse, right?
The Death of Robin
Robin’s death is finally addressed with one of the coldest lines in the entire epilogue: “I’m happy to discuss in any way you like, why you sent a Boy Wonder to do a man’s job?” the Joker asks Batman. This is in reference to a couple of things. The vandalized Robin suit displayed in the Batcave is a stark reminder of what is likely Bruce’s biggest failure in this universe, but we’ve never actually learned how the Boy Wonder died despite the references to the meteoric death sprinkled across Snyder’s earlier DCEU work. We know the clown did it but not how (perhaps for the best) or the events that led up to Robin’s death.
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But that single line of dialogue delivered by the Joker suggests that some version of the 1988 comic book storyline “Death in the Family” has happened in this universe. In those comics, Robin (the second one, Jason Todd) goes off on his own to find his biological mother against Batman’s wishes, and instead comes face to face with the Joker, who murders him in extremely gruesome fashion. It’s a death that haunts Bruce as much as the deaths of his parents, which Leto’s Joker also references, along with Batman’s real name.
Batman Must Die
Most importantly, the epilogue seems to exist so that the Joker can plant a seed in Batman’s head: only his own self-sacrifice will be enough to stop Darkseid once and for all. This is a storyline that Snyder had planned to explore further in future Justice League sequels, a proposed trilogy that would have culminated with the Dark Knight’s death and the rise of a new Caped Crusader.
It’s unlikely that we’ll ever see this trilogy now that Snyder and the DCEU are parting ways, but the epilogue leaves the road clear for a sequel nonetheless, with Joker alluding to a time-travel plot that would involve Batman’s new crew going back in time to undo Lois Lane’s death and Superman’s villainous turn.
The DC Comics Inspirations
This is hardly the first time the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime have joined forces to fight a greater evil. Most recently, they’ve teamed up in the DC comics by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, particularly in Dark Nights: Metal and Last Knight on Earth, post-apocalyptic stories set in nightmarish wastelands that the director might have at least skimmed while writing this epilogue. In both of these stories, Joker is a key part of Batman’s ultimate victory. In Last Knight on Earth, Joker even finally become’s his “best friend”‘s sidekick.
But in terms of what inspired the grungier look of Justice League‘s Joker, it seems that the filmmaker and Leto went back to the Grant Morrison era of the character for inspiration. Just as Morrison and Tony Daniel’s “reborn” Joker was a clear influence on Leto’s get-up in Suicide Squad, the jarring butcher (?) costume worn by the clown in the epilogue might have been inspired by a similar look introduced in Morrison’s Batman and Robin series (above). Either way, it’s a very odd fashion choice when you’re about to go fight a New God, but then again, Joker isn’t exactly your average dresser.
With this Batman and Joker scene, Snyder reaffirms his love for these characters. Regardless of whether you find his take on their relationship worthy or not, it’s impossible to deny Snyder’s attention to detail when crafting his final DCEU scene, one full of references to Batman and the Joker’s past as well as their potential future. In his own divisive way, Snyder writes a love letter to these characters and goes out with a smile.
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