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#both good
redhedwitch · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
If I could love you more than this,
If I could give you more than I have to give,
You know that I would give it all to you.
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birf · 4 months ago
you SEE
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kprapture · a month ago
Lumity culture made me believe The song Señorita was a Sapphic/Lesbian song until I just now found that was a cover since the radio decided to played the original with Shawn Mendes
Tumblr media
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milftalia · 9 months ago
Superbat is like. they're soulmates, they complete each other, Bruce is the night and Clark is the sun.
And Batlantern is just. they call each other out on their bullshit, their opposites attract, they evolve with each other. Bruce is the night and Hal is a Glowstick.
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stupid-sloot-headcanons · 7 months ago
Big strong yandere good. Carries Darling like a sack of potatoes and physical threats and tantrums mean nothing to them. Very intimidating. Very hot. Pin me to wall please.
Master of manipulation yandere also good. No need to show off power because they so smart and know how to keep Darling trapped. Very clever, maybe even enjoys seeing Darling struggle to escape only to unwillingly submit. Also very hot
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jaskierswolf · a year ago
When Geralt had his shirt sleeves rolled up... that was the best look.
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vampiredust · a year ago
large fascist fitposter bf or commie catboy twink bf. choose wisely 
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fencecollapsed · a year ago
what are your thoughts on,, chubby paul,,
good! very good!
I like chubby Emma too, I,, try to draw her like that but it doesn't read very well. I'm working on being better and more consistent with that
but yes chubby Paul is very good!
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hectic-lesbeab · a year ago
Would you ever write a story purely about Scorfuma or Glimfuma?
No, I don't think so
And not because I don't enjoy both ships, particularly Scorfuma (so wholesome and good and deserving of one another hell yes I love them)
But it takes a certain ...uh... *oomph*, I guess, to hook me enough to write for a ship.
Okay..... hang on.
Sooo maybe a oneshot? For both or either? Upon request maybe? But since you used the word "story", I'll make my basic answer: No, at least not on my own volition.
(Although some ship writing prompts might be a good way to get my interest back? 👀)
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incomingalbatross · a year ago
Things Cassandra Presumably Doesn’t Know, as of “Once A Handmaid...”
All the drama with Varian and her ex-boyfriend and the Memory Wand (sure, she knows Varian isn’t evil, but does she know anything about that process?? I don’t think so)
Catalina is a werewolf now.
(Also, Catalina and Angry have real names)
“Hey, y’know that super historically-important book Andrew tried to steal? Like, you had this whole plot about saving it to save the kingdom? Yeah, uh, King Trevor stole it and basically destroyed it. ...Yes, THAT Trevor. Yes, we’re all very embarrassed.”
Oh yeah, Pascal has an adopted dragon son!! He’s cute!! :)
Presumably her dad did tell her about the whole wishing-for-a-second-chance debacle between her last two scenes... but yeah. That happened too.
Her dad resigned rather than have to choose between her and his oath, and gave the position of Captain of the guard to EUGENE. EUGENE
Seriously, how did she maintain her cover when she walked into the palace courtyard and saw Eugene in that uniform. HOW
Brock Thunderstrike... exists
I just... I want to see Cass reacting to ALL of these things. The POTENTIAL.
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benedettabeby · a year ago
Should I re-read the deathly allows or the Phoenix order?
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snaxel69420 · a year ago
i’m curious, what r y’alls other tag-along kinks? like more me this is my main jam, but there are a couple other things that could heighten a scenario
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pathologising · a year ago
white corn v yellow corn!!
why must we compare two bad bitches...stop pitting talented women against each other 💖
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potcpoi · a year ago
i've latched onto another ship but still haven't been able to invest emotionally and intellectually with any other piece of media after poi & it's been 3 years BC IT'S SO HARD TO FIND ANOTHER SHOW AS WELL WRITTEN AS THIS. also the part i miss most is ppl coming up w meta that breaks my heart on the regular
I feel this on a spiritual level anon! 
I’ve watched quite a lot of shows (awesome shows, shows I like, shows that are masterfully created) but none have managed to level up to being “My Show”
And hear hear about painful meta and wild speculations tbh, I spent so much of my time just yelling with y’all and being yelled at in turn. Awesome times!
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persianmom · a year ago
i posted a picture of tahdig and some white girl messaged me saying “biryani baby” lmfao
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daechwita · 2 years ago
my playlist shuffled from no more dream to boy with luv and i experienced auditory whiplash
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