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I swear to god that this painting looks REALLY GOOD in real life, but i CANNOT photograph it properly. It refuses to be pictured and thus looks like this shit. Sorry.

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Lol..I can’t wait till I get to Gerudo bit and get the armor. I’m a little bit surprised that this game introduces unisex outfits. I’m not sure if the creators purposely did it to target female gamers. But if it wasn’t, then maybe this game is hinting non-binary themes? 


This isn’t a screenshot taken by me but by someone else. It depicts Link actually liking wearing female Gerudo outfits. And he doesn’t seem to be angered or annoyed that he looks like a girl. He actually likes the compliment lol. So it makes me question whether he is non-binary. Trans is a bit of heavy topic, but it doesn’t seem like any of the NPCs are hinting it. They use ‘him’ most of the time. 

Well, this is a shocking revelation if the creators did introduce non-heteronormative ideas. That would be something. This is kid’s game so I wasn’t really expecting much out of it.   

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