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ashersskye · a day ago
Life is filled with things you don't want to hear. Take a deep breath. Relax yourself. You can make it through this moment. Then ask yourself what's the most uncomfortable part to acknowledging this truth? The more you know about yourself, the easier it gets to dismantle the parts of you stuck in denial. But be gentle with yourself. Hearing the truth isn't always easy. It's normal to want to bury the hard, uncomfortable, & uneasy in the back of your mind and look for other answers. However, inevitably, we have to face our truths in the end. And I know you can do this.
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thepeacefulgarden · a day ago
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And that includes this Tumblr. By all means, if you feel that this isn't the right blog for you, or it doesn't resonate with you, or whatever, feel free to unfollow, or even block me. I promise, I won't be offended.
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whollesome · a month ago
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this is the recovery bee popping in, gently booping your nose and landing on your shoulder to remind you that things will be okay, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. you’re loved, you’re worthy and you’re important.
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parasitichoney · 5 months ago
Just came across this on Reddit and felt it was important enough to share here.
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777shawty · 2 months ago
my boundaries 🕊.⋆。
i will take care of myself first.
i will not allow others to guilt or manipulate me into doing things i'm not comfortable with.
i will stand up for myself and voice my opinions with confidence.
i will not hold myself responsible for the things beyond my control.
i will not let my happiness depend on other people.
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mentalhealth---awareness · 9 months ago
Yes, your boundaries are still necessary even with people who do nice things for you or are really nice to you. I know sometimes when someone is really kind to you or you feel like you don't deserve the kindness you get from someone, it makes you want to violate your own boundaries out of gratitude for them or because you're afraid it will make them treat you differently. But in the long-term, this is only more harmful. Your boundaries are not an act of unkindness and are always relevant. And people treating you with respect and kindness is the bare minimum you deserve from others. Don't let someone's kindness or favours or respectful treatment make you abandon your self-worth and your needs to please them.
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missbond · 3 months ago
Advice your mother should’ve given you.
Stick by your word and stand firm with your boundaries. Don’t allow people to poke, probe, and push your limits, boundaries, and no zones after you told them not to. Don’t be fooled, all people need is one warning to get the memo that something is off limits, but no one will respect a person who is all talk and no action. Put action behind your words, no one will take your words seriously if you don’t, empty threats get you nowhere. People only continue trying you when they know/think they can get away with it. Say it with me, first times a warning, second times a done deal. Don’t disrespect yourself by going against your boundaries and personal code. 
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c-ptsdrecovery · 6 months ago
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[image ID:
How to set a boundary: turning down an invite
1. be gracious. “That sounds like an amazing time”, “I really appreciate you inviting me”, “I heard that new bar is really nice”
2. decline. “but I won’t be able to make it.” do not offer an excuse or reason. you can say NO without cause.
3. work through discomfort. not offering an excuse will feel very scary and awkward but gets easier with practice. You have a right to NO.
image is marked as coming from @the.holistic.psychologist
/end ID]
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thotsfortherapy · a month ago
don't ever feel bad about muting, unfollowing, or blocking someone online. you have a responsibility to take care of yourself, and if that person is disrupting your peace, there's nothing wrong with removing them from your online space.
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whollesome · a month ago
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please rest. you can try again tomorrow. it’s okay, i promise.
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minnietalks · 10 days ago
it is okay to say no to someone...
even if they will be disappointed
even if you love them
even if saying yes will make them happy
even if you saying yes will help them out
even if saying yes is “not a huge burden”
even if you are scared of an adverse reaction
even if they might try to push
even if you think you owe them something
even if they have never said no to you
even if you think its rude to say no
it is okay to say no to someone.
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desultory-suggestions · 2 months ago
It is not unkind to set boundaries. On the contrary, by being clear and honest about what you are comfortable with creates a space for others to do so, and builds a stronger connection with those around you.
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