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#bow spop
haro-ra · 4 hours ago
W-would you draw seabowmista? Or just seamista 🐬✨🔥🏹
Tumblr media
They're talking smack
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tippenfunkaport · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Does Bow know one of those columns of magic he’s looking at is Glimmer’s? Can he sense it? He and Entrapta were so close to the Fright Zone, they had to have been able to see hers.
He’s a smart boy, he has to at least suspect it. 
This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.
(Credit to @dragonbearyscarpel for the screenshot.)
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haro-ra · 7 hours ago
Y'all send me doodle requests and you will get a sketch.
I'll take just about anything but no gl!tra, gl!mmadora, or entr@ptdak
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cowboy-is-queer · 15 hours ago
please tell the characters’ age in canon or im just gonna guess it from their height
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tippenfunkaport · a day ago
She’s afraid to say she’s in love with him because she doesn’t think he feels the same and he’s been her only friend for most her life and she’s terrified of screwing everything up.
And he’s afraid to say he’s in love with her because she’s a literal QUEEN dealing with running a kingdom and the loss of both her parents and a massive WAR that could mean the end of the universe as they know it.
Shut up. I love it.
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chippedcat · a day ago
Fic Notes- Characters of “Golden Arrow”
Writing a fic for Glimbow Week that I’m pretty excited about, but I can’t release it until the 15th. I’m gonna put a bunch of my thoughts here to help stave off the pain of sitting on a fic for a month.
- This is a Bow-Ra fic, meaning Bow is She-Ra
- He and Glimmer grew up in the Horde and were raised by Light Spinner for most of their lives
- Glimmer is the Princess of the Fright Zone, once kingdom of Brightmoon, but she’s never told this before the story starts
- Her parents died sometime in her early childhood and she’s raised by Light Spinner to hate Princesses like the rest of the Cadets 
- Bow is one of the many orphans the Horde took in and his origins are unknown
- It can be assumed he was taken from his dads after a raid on the Whispering Woods, but this will likely never be confirmed or addressed
- Catra and Adora are rebels who from the village of Halfmoon, an offshoot town of the Animalia Kingdom that’s just big enough to have a monarchy.
- Catra is the Princess of Halfmoon, but despite her openly being a Rebellion fighter, Halfmoon is considered neutral in the War with the Horde
- Her connection with the Nature Rune let’s her shapeshift into a “Beast Form” similarly to a werewolf, where she can shift at will but also accidently transform when she’s upset
- Adora pretty much appeared one day near Halfmoon and was found and adopted by two married Magicat scientists tracking mysterious energy waves set off by the Portal she came through
- She has 13 adopted Magicat siblings, all of whom are closeted Rebellion fighters, unlike Adora who is open about it
- In this AU, Adora is still a First One but has no connection to She-Ra and retains the ability to read the First Ones’ language as her only power
- The duo, and later trio once Bow comes on board, spend most of their time in Animalia, the center of the Rebellion, along with the few other members of the Princess Alliance (before the Alliance is reassembled similar to the canon)
- Spinerella, Netossa, and Scorpia are the only Princesses aligned with the Rebellion when the fic starts
- Once Bow joins the Rebellion, he, Adora, and Catra become the Best Friend Squad while Glimmer takes a role similar to canon-Catra’s
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likeshe-raorleave · a day ago
Bow: I made tea
Mermista: I don’t want tea
Bow: I didn’t make you tea, this is my tea
Mermista: Then why did you tell me?
Bow: It’s a conversation starter
Mermista: It’s a horrible conversation starter
Bow: Oh, is it? Well we’re conversing. Checkmate
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ga-bitch · a day ago
comments my mom has made while watching she ra and the princesses of power, part 4
(episode: princess prom)
*adora strategizes while glimmer tries to get her to try on dresses*
mom: hehe
me, waiting anxiously for my mom to make a comment about catra wearing a suit:
me: :0 :)
*entrapta does her spiel about 'social experimentation' with 'mingling of cliques' or whatever*
mom: she looks like a fly ! :)
mom: her goggles !
me: ,,, yep
*mermista and sea hawk do their whole 'he's just my ride!!' 'im her plus one ;)' thing*
mom: oooOOO !! i knew it!!
me: :))
*bow gets stung*
mom: NO!!
*dance sequence, glimmer crying over bow*
mom: *laughs* oh, poor thing! so emotional!
mom: *does not comment on the catradora dance*
*glimmer gets stung*
mom: nO!
my mom, calmly: adora is going to save her
*adora saves catra*
mom: *nods*
*catradora falls off cliff, catra drops & taunts adora, leaving adora alone to cry*
mom: oh, poor adora :(
*episode ends*
mom: well, i knew she would save her. she's her best friend
me: *nodding, waiting for her to realize they are MORE than friends* yes, yep, mhm, glad you liked it!
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ga-bitch · a day ago
comments my mom has made while watching she ra and the princesses of power, part 3
(episode: in the shadows of mystacor)
*bow appears*
mom: oh, that's so cute!
me: what?
mom: he looks like he has a heart on his shirt! :)
me: oh, yeah, he actually does!
mom: aww!
castaspella: oh, is it once in a blue moon already?
mom: *laughs*
castaspella: *does anything aunt-like*
mom: *giggles*
*adora is scared and flinchy*
mom: oh, poor thing. she needs sleep :(
*any time shadow weaver appears*
mom: ew, she is EVIL!
me: i know, poor catra and adora
mom: :/
catra: if you want to take her down, you have to go for the heart
mom: *gasps* BOW! NO!
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cowboy-is-queer · a day ago
Bow, watching Glimmer and Adora fight: if i don't have some cake soon, i might die
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katra-connor · 2 days ago
Holding out for a Hero indeed. I hope you'll enjoy it. CW: flashing images Had massive ADHD zoomies today and I needed to get this out of my system asap. Hope it makes the rounds because I think its pretty great, let me know what you think and reblog it ; )
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