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Teenage Bounty Hunters - 1x09 - requested by @piratekane​
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sigh.. anyways fuck netflix
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Bowser: Hey guys, guess what I got?
Sterling: A woman?
April: A real job?
Blair: Friends your own age?
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Sometimes I think about how we'll never get to see
Debbie telling Sterling that she'll always be her real mother, and Sterling's journey towards accepting that
Blair's journey towards feeling secure with herself as she is, and Debbie being a part of that
Blair and Bowser discussing how their relationship has changed both of them for the better and Bowser ultimately rehiring the twins
Bowser continuing to work on his life and becoming happier and more fulfilled
April confronting her father and everything leading up to it
April saying the words "I'm gay" in like any context imaginable
Luke and April becoming close friends and Luke being April's biggest supporter even after she lets him down
Sterling coming out to her family
April learning to change her behavior and becoming actual friends with Ezequiel and Hannah B.
Anderson finally standing up to his family
Miles finally standing up to his family
And finally, more bounty hunting shenanigans in which the twins are now competent
So many amazing threads the show set up, only to be forced to leave them hanging.
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Bowser: what do we say when something goes wrong?
Sterling: that’s homophobic
Bowser: no
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Bowser calling Blair “baby girl” when he was asking what was wrong was so precious. He will tell them that he doesn’t like them or finds them annoying, but he’s adopted those girls so fast.
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geekofchaos · a year ago
Teenage Bounty Hunters Final Thoughts
Okay, this post will contain spoilers so avert your eyes if you haven’t seen it all yet. But here are my final thoughts: 
- I won’t call the first scene date rape since at the end he clearly did want to but it’s very iffy and I wish Luke had been just as into it as she had since it makes far more sense for BOTH character arcs. I feel like it was done to reverse the image of the “pressuring guy/reluctant girl” but it’s honestly not that funny. There were many ways they could have used to show that Sterling very much wanted sex. 
- One “stereotypical gender reversal” which I DID enjoy was Luke’s parents with the Dad trying to be supportive of Luke’s new music hobby and the Mom bemoaning that he was no longer part of sports. I wish they’d actually explored more into this as I was wondering why Luke’s Dad who was being supportive but had been golf captain was being so supportive. I know it’s a side character but it felt like a plot thread that was dropped. 
- Honestly, I liked Luke a lot more than I was going to. 
- I know I said earlier that despite Blair’s attempts to portray herself as a hard-edge rebel she’s still a soft marshmallow who thinks drinking/smoking is bad. But even the “bad kids” at her school are also just marshmallows who want to help underprivileged kids. 
- I like April/Sterling. I like it a lot and it’s cute but man, I really hate April’s dad. Is he going to be a major antagonist next season? 
- Speaking of Sterling, I get that this season she’s just exploring her sexuality but PLEASE PLEASE say the word bi or pan next season. Please. 
- I liked Miles actually being rich. I’ve got to admit my own subconscious bias got me - although helped by the show - that he had to be poor. Got to work on that. 
- I’m wondering if Miles is done now. Personally, I hope not. I think there was an interesting position at the beginning of the season where he was pursuing her, then she turned to the pursuer while he often had things to teach her (it’s shitty to assume my opinions, wealth status, etc). Now he’s on the lower moral ground and needs to be taught because not telling his family about her was shitty. But if he’s done, he’s done. That being said, I can’t help but side with him at the time when he dumped her - he is right, he did deserve better than that - but she also deserves better than somebody who is going to hide her from his family. 
- I really liked how the creators really tried to frame female sexuality as a good and enjoyable thing and not something to be shunned at whether that’s Blair’s constant thirstiness or Sterling exploring her new feelings for girls. 
- This isn’t a criticism so much as a bit of culture shock. Having been raised on the East Coast by an atheist family, it’s so insane for me to think of all the little things that they just do and don’t even think about that would seem strange to me. 
- I like Bowser a lot. He’s just an island of sanity in an ocean of teenaged hormones and craziness. But now Blair and Sterling’s parents(?) know or will know that he’s a bounty hunter and that he’s closer to Blair/Sterling than they’ve been letting on. 
- Blair and Sterling constantly trying to hook Bowser and Yolanda up. 
- Blair saying “I’m stupid and hungry and not a criminal,” was possibly the best line of the season. 
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“Okay, take a breath.”
Teenage Bounty Hunters, 1x05 - Death Is Bad
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Episode Two of Teenage Bounty Hunters
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Teenage Bounty Hunters - 1x07 - When your twin has all the answers » requested by anonymous
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Blair: Can I say something?
Bowser: No.
Blair: Okay so...
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tag dump 2/2
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blair and sterling:
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incorrecttbh · a year ago
Target: we have your daughter.
Bowser: i don’t have a daughter?
Target: then who just asked for warm milk and made us cut the crust off her sandwhich?
Bowser: oh my god you have Blair.
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Daily Doodle (Day 51) - Bowser
Turtles and plumbers don’t mix.
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Chapters: 16/? Fandom: Teenage Bounty Hunters (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: April Stevens/Sterling Wesley, Luke Creswell/April Stevens, Sterling Wesley/Reese Ryan (OC), Ezekiel/making amputee jokes, Blair/Chick-Fil-A Characters: Sterling Wesley, April Stevens, Blair Wesley, Debbie Wesley, Anderson Wesley, Luke Creswell, Reese Ryan (OC), Yolanda Carrion, Bowser Simmons, Ellen Johnson, Ezekiel (Teenage Bounty Hunters), Hannah B (Teenage Bounty Hunters), John Stevens (Teenage Bounty Hunters) Additional Tags: here's season 2, it's way better than the trash streaming service tyvm, Slow Burn, Stepril Endgame, April has Luke as her beard and it's strange, the artist formerly known as Bad Girl Sterl, April the theatre kid, Sterling plays with her newfound bisexuality idk, April's a huge nerd, that bitch Reese Ryan, yes it's part of a series yes you can still read it without reading the rest, Soundtrack Included, Angst, John Stevens is a warning tag Series: Part 2 of The Wonderous and Epic Life of Stepril Summary:
With John Stevens out of prison, Dana Culpepper in prison, Sterling dealing with an identity crisis, April dealing with a boyfriend crisis, and Blair dealing with everyone else, surely there's no way Willingham's production of Jesus Christ Superstar can go off without a hitch. Especially not with the ever-present tension between the assistant director and the female lead.
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Chapters: 4/? Fandom: Teenage Bounty Hunters (TV) Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: April Stevens/Sterling Wesley Characters: April Stevens, Sterling Wesley, Blair Wesley, Ezekiel, Hannah B (Teenage Bounty Hunters), John Stevens (Teenage Bounty Hunters), Luke Creswell, Ellen Johnson, Debbie Wesley, Anderson Wesley, Bowser Simmons, Yolanda Carrion Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, April’s POV, Canon Lesbian Character, Character Study, Christian Character, Closeted Character, Slow Burn, Episode Related Series: Part 1 of A Spectacle of Everyone But Me Summary:
April knows she is a lesbian, she’s even okay with it despite her bigoted community. But that doesn’t mean she can come out.
An in-depth in-canon character analysis of April Stevens, the Christian gay girl so many of us remember being. She crushes hard on girls and only girls. But nobody can know her secret. That is, until Sterling Wesley comes breezing back into her life with a kiss and so many dreams of a life together open and out.
If you haven't read it yet, here is chapter 4 of my April-centric canon based fic. Please leave a comment if you can, love hearing from fellow fans of this amazing show.
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