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oh my goodness, bed time with my boyfriend has to be one of my favorite feelings in the world. slowly pulling the blanket over him when he falls asleep without it, gently moving his hair off of his face and giving him a soft goodnight kiss on the forehead, then cuddling up next to him and hearing his quiet sleepy breathing…and then usually he grabs me and pulls me closer to him and kisses me and whispers that he loves me all while still asleep 🥺 i don’t know what i did to deserve his sweetness, but i am so thankful 💛

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july 12, 2020 (194/366)

-happy sunday!

-slept in today

-ordered clothes from shein using my gift card

-had trevin help me decide bc i’m indecisive af

-also had our first dinner at ian’s new house

-takeout from louisiana chicken & schlotzsky’s (their brownies r so good)

-stayed & hung out w the sibs while our parents left early

-i have this huge pimple or whatever on my butt cheek & it hurts so bad

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Escape the Night AU-Sacrifice

Markiplier Imagine

You and Mark were chosen to go into a challenge together. You were so scared. You knew you couldn’t win - you wouldn’t let Mark die like this.

As you were led to the area, you saw an obstacle course.

“We have to race,” Mark whispered.

“Let’s try our best to make it a tie,” you replied. “They’ll either kill both of us or let us both live.”

Mark agreed, and as you began the race, you both kept glancing at each other to make sure you were tied. As you crossed the finish line, you felt that you had succeeded in your plan. Then, a menacing voice announced, “Markiplier wins!”

“What?” Mark shouted.

As a huge monster approached you with a sword, you put your hand out towards Mark to keep him from coming near you. You didn’t want him to get hurt. The monster pulled the sword back before driving it forward. You closed your eyes to prepare for the pain, but it never came. You opened your eyes and screamed as you looked down. Mark was on the ground with a stab wound in his stomach. You crouched down beside him, sobbing.

You walked back into the house as the others’ surprise. “He jumped in front of the sword. It was supposed to be me,” you said, tears streaming down your face. You looked up at the others, angry.

“WHO PUT HIS NAME IN THAT PILE?” you yelled, pointing to the tarot cards on the table.

“Y/N, you know no one wanted this to happen,” Joey said calmly.

You wiped away your tears as you looked at Joey. “I’m gonna kill whoever voted for him,” you muttered through gritted teeth.

Later on during the night, a genie offered to let one person come back to life. Everyone was debating on who to pick.

“Why is this even an argument?! Give me the damn pen!” you exclaimed, grabbing the pen and quickly writing ‘Markiplier’ on the piece of paper. The others looked at you with dropped jaws.

“Why did you do that?!” Alex asked.

You heard footsteps behind you and turned around.

“Mark!” you said, running to him and hugging him. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

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