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Hello My dear Mochlings! I hope you are all well. Mochi is here once again with a new review!

Today’s review is on another collection app called L.O.G or Love stories & Otome Games by Ciagram CO. From what I researched this game was released in March and was updated on September 12th of this year. I haven’t heard much on this app so I figured I’d check it out!  Now what is L.O.G?

L.O.G is described as an app where one can experience love. 

Basically, like most Otome collection apps it combines standalone apps in one place but the standalones still exist (for those wondering) and not all of them are on this app. 

On a personal level the only Ciagram CO. Game I ever played was Princess Closet and I only played the prologue because the device I was using at that time was so old I had to unfortunately remove it and had forgotten about it!  I only recently rediscovered Ciagram after I heard that My Bewitching perfume was being added to the Nintendo Switch’s Library of Otome.(Side note, It seems to be a pretty extensive list? Maybe I’ll cover it) That in turn made me remember Princess Closet. ٩(♡ ω ♡ )۶

Now onto the app itself, When the app is first started there is a policy that must be agreed on before use of the app, basically saying that any images in game like CG’s, etc. cannot be claimed for your own as in you can’t say they belong to you, the basic policy to be found. Also, regarding user data if you choose not to use the app anymore and want to delete user data, for example if you had saved data to transfer, then you can opt-out and they will delete your data after a certain time. If you want to return after that then you will have to restart the game and agree to the policy once again. 

The layout reminds me of the Dear Otome app by NTT Solmare, it is a basic layout. There are six titles on the Title List screen, Princess closet and My Bewitching Perfume included! With four language options provided, Japanese, English, French, and German. Two out of the six titles are voiced. Then a my page section with your character name, and purchase history if you so choose to buy hearts. Then in the top right corner there is a setting section including how to play, FAQ’s, and the policy and Opt-out section.  

Now the good part is that you don’t have to buy hearts! You have five free hearts everyday, it resets at midnight JST. You can also watch ads for heart fragments 3 fragments make 1 heart, you get a total of two extra hearts so that equals six fragments from six ads. You don’t have to use them right away if you don’t want to either but beware, they do expire after a certain amount of time so check your my page section and look for Heart, there will be an expiration date underneath. 


I have only started to play but I may do an individual review on the separate games at a later date so keep an eye out.

Have you tried L.O.G? Or any of the Ciagram CO titles before? Let me know! Who is your favorite?  ♥ ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) Happy Playing!

-Mochi Out!


Originally posted by deseos-de-la-via-lactea

ps. My inbox is open for requests  ☆⌒(ゝ。∂)

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so basically, my ex brags about his Instagram post and what not and how many more followers he has then me. i have an empty instagram because of the anxiety him and others gave me over it and i would love if some of you could go follow it so i can tell him my empty ass instagram has more followers than him (he doesn’t have a lot). my account is basils.basement  , follow it if you have time
i’ll also start posting my art on it again soon, i deleted everything after he got to my account but i’m trying again

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November 25, 2020

           Last week I didn’t post a blog because Vocal failed to review my blog on time and it stretched out until a week later! As I waited and waited for them to review and publish my blog Wednesday turned into Thursday. By the time I realized they didn’t publish for whole other week it was the weekend, and we were on the road. To the few that read me, I promise to just continue to publish blogs regardless of it being published or not. Not only to my readers but also for myself. Publishing weekly blogs helps me maintain a routine in something, even if it’s just a personal, uninteresting blog. These help me develop myself as a writer and I thoroughly enjoy it.

           ANYWHO, this past week was very uneventful so in reality there wasn’t much missed. I worked through a lot of personal emotions and issues this week. I was able to really talk about how I feel and make some progress with all the important people in my life. That was just one thing that I felt needed to be done. This week was just emotionally heavy, whether it was because of PMS or mental instability I won’t know. That’s the burden of being a girl, having hormones go a little nuts during menstruation cycles. Regardless it made my heart heavy and it made me want to really analyze the way I have been toward all my loved ones. Now that I was able to express my feelings, I feel so much more resolved and at ease. Back to the regular program, right? Things align when you do what feels right for your soul.

           So, this past week might have been uneventful, but the weekend certainly was not. Chris and I went on a small trip back home to the Valley. Saturday morning Chris worked until one in the afternoon. As soon as he got home, he showered we packed up last minute things and hit the road. I drove most of the way and Chris finished getting us all the way to our hometown. We mainly went to visit both our families even if for a minute and to pick up Chris’s huge 70-inch Smart TV. Not only that we planned a small BBQ with all of Chris’s friends. What I thought would be a small gathering turned out to be a sort of party. There were so many of Chris’s old coworkers from the Discount Tire in the valley and a couple of old friends of ours as well. Everyone was enjoying themselves and catching up and it was such a fun time.

            As we drank and talked and got to learn about each other’s experiences and what has happened in the time since we moved, we all bonded a bit. I felt Chris get closer to the guys and I got to meet new people. I thoroughly enjoyed most of their company. I always welcome a group of guys that openly invites one of their friend’s girlfriends into the conversation. That is when they see that I too am a dude’s dude, for lack of better words ha! I grew up a tomboy so I always vibe so much better with guys. It’s just the truth of the matter. The great thing is that my boyfriend is amazing. He knows I am an amazing girl and that he can trust me, so he doesn’t hover over me. I can mingle on my own while we still always gravitate back to each other at the end of the day right before we say our goodbyes. It was a fun night full of laughter and alcohol. Nights we love to remember.

          Other than that, this week is thanksgiving and then the next Monday is my birthday and I am turning 26 years old. I do not feel afraid of the number because honestly, I feel young and great. But I do realize I am getting older and life is happening all around me at a terrifyingly fast rate. Can’t things just slow down for a second? I hope they do for the weekend. We are going to be Austin bound with the girls for an early birthday celebration for me. We are planning to go to this cute museum then go eat and explore around the city. Then we are going to party Saturday night. Hike and possibly thrift the next day and then party all over again. Monday we will be back on the road to home for a chill evening of wine and music. I look forward to a great trip and loads of fun. Cheer to 26, have a shot for me friend. Enjoy a celebration with me.

Send me a birthday surprise if you’d like November 30th $MelonzG

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Jun as your boyfriend

pairing: Junhui x reader

genre: boyfriend fluff

type: scenario, bulletpoint

extra: there are some parts i written in chinese but i’ve translated them as well

  • i feel that junnie is pretty energetic, but also very laid back guy
  • Jun would be very willing to do stupid stuff with you
  • Going to buffets and challenging each other to eating the most amount of food in one meal
  • getting indigestion and almost puking later
  • but that doesn’t matter
  • Jun would go through thick and thin with you
  • his dream would be hiding in the ikea closets, jumping out and screaming at passer bys 
  • “I’m back from Narnia”
  • One adorable trait or habit jun will develop around you would be to always hold your hand.
  • Whether you guys are outside, with the members or sleeping.
  • Sometimes it’s way too hot to hug and cuddle , but he would always be satisfied if he could hold your hand, and play with your pretty fingers
  • his favorite places to kiss you would be your fingers, or your cheeks and nose 
  • he loves hearing you giggle whenever he tickles your waist while leaving multiple kisses on your face 
  • Jun would definitely be more of a baby around you 
  • he loves pampering you but he also loves being pampered
  • asking you to feed him, or pat his head and comb through his soft hair
  • Jun loves animals and is pretty good with them as well 
  • so most of the time the two of you would visit animal cafes or shelters, as dates 
  • you still have the plush of an owl that jun bought you, when the both of you visited the owl cafe 
  • Jun would definitely do anything for you 
  • i feel like he’s a natural protector and giver 
  • so please treat him right 
  • he deserves it anyways
  • when you’re in a bad mood or feeling down, jun would make you noodles to fill you 
  • and afterwards he would also play your favorite tunes on the piano 
  • all for you 
  • he would also send you many selfies
  • funny unglams or cute ones 
  • there is a variety 
  • makes you keep all of them in your gallery 
  • and also help you set up a folder for just his pictures 
  • calls you baobei (baby in chinese), Honey and sweetie 
  • i feel that the both of you would have the least problematic relationship 
  • even when he’s on tour, you have his selfies, and he definitely tries to call you every night, just to check up on you and ask you about your day
  • no matter how tired he is 
  • If you understand or is able to speak chinese, the both of you would have a very, very good time pranking the rest of the members
  • except Minghao of course
  • but Minghao wouldn’t stop you guys
  • since it was pretty hilarious watching the faces of members contort into confusion, when you guys say tongue twisters in chinese 
  • or ask members to repeat compliments about you guys, or dumb shit about them without them knowing 
  • “Mingyu repeat after me ‘我是个笨蛋,俊辉是世界上最帅,最聪明的男人。他也是很好的男朋友。’”
  • translation: “Mingyu repeat after me, ‘i’m a big dumbass, Junhui is the most handsome and the smartest man in the whole world. He is also a very good boyfriend.’”
  • You and minghao rolled your eyes at his childish antics
  • but Mingyu just repeated it. at least tried to
  • and this left jun trying his best to hold his laughter in
  • you also couldn’t help but snicker slightly
  • Minghao slapped his forehead and told Mingyu what that sentence meant, and it left Mingyu pouting and glaring at the both of you
  • who were laughing together
  • But anyways
  • you guys would be very good together
  • every night, Junhui would wish you goodnight with well, a kiss definitely
  • and whispering to you, while holding your hand and you close to his chest
  • “晚安宝贝,你要记得我非常非常地爱你,也为你希望明天也会是一个很好的日子。去睡了,我会在这里,永远在你的旁边”
  • translation : “Goodnight baby, always remember that i love you a lot, and i hope tomorrow would also be a good day for you. go sleep, i will always be here, by your side”
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To the man who just not give me butterflies but the whole damn zoo and makes me feel home, safe and calm even far away.


I wish I could be with you in person to celebrate your special day, but we will make up for it with extra special celebration when we’re next together!

I’m always being asked if it’s really difficult being apart from your love for so long at a time, and I tell them that it is of course. But I don’t regret a thing. I would rather have you far away than not at all. I’m really lucky to have you in my life.

I am in serious need of some of your big warm hugs and gentle kisses on my forehead. I love you! ❤️😘😍



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It’s not normal for your boyfriend to ignore you when you want to talk to him.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to shove you when he’s angry.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to call you a dumba$$ or a b!tch when you’re in an argument.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to threaten to leave the relationship every time you defend yourself.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to invalidate your feelings.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to not tell you who he’s with or where he’s going.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to keep making the same detrimental mistake over and over.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to use your insecurities against you.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to make you feel guilty for having desires and needs.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to tell you that you’re stupid when you cry.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to cheat on you because he’s “just a stupid guy.”

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to rely on you when he doesn’t do a thing for himself.

It’s not normal for your boyfriend to hurt you intentionally.

Please stop normalizing toxic romantic relationships. It’s not healthy for your partner to upset you and behave recklessly as long as he apologizes later. Apologies mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. Kisses and hugs mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. Public displays of affection mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. Promises mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. It is not okay for him to hurt you physically or emotionally because he said he’ll change. He hasn’t. He won’t. Get out now because THIS! IS! NOT! NORMAL! Other couples do not go through this. Other couples did NOT have to go through this to be in a happy, wholesome place.

He is manipulative and selfish and he is making you weak every time you agree to stay. Even when you feel like “maybe this time, things will be okay,” they won’t – that’s what he wants you to think so you never slip from his grasp. You know as well as I do, you’re 50 times overdue for “this is his last chance.” This is not normal.

{Lori Sweet. 9.19.20. Facebook.}

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