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La verdad es que me da mucha felicidad de que usted ya la esten considerando para sus fandoms UwU, la amo mucho!! Es una de mis artistas favoritos!! Si arte es increíble!! ... Puede dibujar angelen?? XD ❤️❤️

Primero que nada… GRACIAS!! Realmente me hace muy feliz personas enmascaradas!! (つ✧ω✧)つ!!

Vaya que ustedes han enloquecido por mi ship jajdsa XDD!!

Y pues la verdad es que también a mí me gusta mucho y por eso lo dibujo


No iba a dibujar el +18 porque se que ustedes pedían el sexo!!! Entre estos dos personajes!!! XDDD!!!

Así que pasa(?

Espero que les guste

Angel es de @angela-paint

Leneb Odagled es de @leneb-odagled xD JAJSJ!!

Angelen!! :D!!

Y con la ventana abierta, porque tengo valor en este momento xD

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Story time!!!

Being on lockdown in the UK.

We are allowed to work (only if your a key worker - eg. Medical staff, shop workers or delivery drivers). We are allowed out for one hour of exercise a day, withing 1 mile of your home. Only allowed to the shops for essentials. You must stay at home, and not visit other family or friends. You stay in.your house and yours alone.

This means that me and my boyfriend of 5 years are currently not allowed to see each other, because we live with our parents and the intermixing of households is not allowed. Also both of our dads have diabetes, which puts them in the high risk category.

We’re having to find ways to have things to do together, to get us through this hard time of not seeing each other.

The first thing we did was play an online game together.

Then we facetimed and watched TV together, synchronising our TV’S. (We’ve got to get through the new Brooklyn 99 season together, I’ll be so angry if he watches it without me)

When we Skype, we are currently tallying a ‘question a day game’ : testing how well we know each other. Basically re-dating and making sure we know all of our 'get to know yous’. (It’s currently 2 all for right answers, and 2 all for wrong answers.)

I’m sure the coming weeks, we’ll find other things to do together. ( If you have any suggestions let me know!)

I suppose the purpose of this post is, I know that it can be tempting to go and see loved ones. I know how hard it is to without seeing them. But, the wonderful internet has the magical ability to keep us connected. In these hard times, when all you want to do is be with that person or your family, but you can’t, please remember that everyone feels the same. The sooner we all listen, and follow instructions, the sooner this nightmare will be over.

So please.

Stay inside.

Exercise for that one hour a day.

Shop only when necessary.

Essential travel only.

Because, like so many of you, I really want to see my loved one.

Oh and also….


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