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Stop complaining that I am incapable of being loved. The right one will come eventually; there is no need to sweat it just because the people I was interested in do not feel the same way about me. Those people were not meant to be to begin with, and there is no way that no one that I will take interest in in the future will all collectively not feel the same way about me. Even if there were to be no one out there for me, I need to get comfortable with being satisfied with myself at the least. I should devote my time in developing myself into someone I can fully appreciate, if I don’t already, and appreciating my family and friends that give me wholehearted support by expressing that I truly do appreciate them and the way they care for me. No time to linger on those that do not appreciate me for who I am, because quite frankly, I believe that I am well-deserving of being loved the way I am able to love others. Although I am not completely satisfied with who I am, I do believe that I have good morals. Although it can work against my favours, my empathy allows me to seek beyond what is presented to me and relate to people on higher levels. No more simp energy; big dick energy only from now on. 

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