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someplacehigh · 2 days ago
Today I am angry about my trauma. I am angry that it still affects me to this day, I am angry that I am the one who has to work to fix the damage it caused, I am angry that you are okay and I am not. I am so angry.
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siickangel · a day ago
you left me when i needed you the most and i’ll never forgive you for that :)
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disabled-kain · a day ago
Instead of saying how people with personality disorders are "pure and perfect" or saying that we're "irredeemably evil", how about you do not attach moral judgements to our mental illnesses.
We are simply people. Please treat us as such.
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borderlinereminders · 17 hours ago
Having a personality disorder does not automatically make you abusive. You are just as deserving as support and respect as anyone else.
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putrid0 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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guilt-tw · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ah. Yes. My superpower, over-analyzing everything and taking just about everything literally.
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bloodhonnie · 3 days ago
Finding out that a lot of us with bpd relate to yandere is both concerning and hilarious and I wanna like make a poll and see like why just for shits and giggles
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cluster-b-culture-is · 2 days ago
Cluster B culture is never having inner peace
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theemotionalkiwi · a day ago
I'm tired of living in constant fucking anxiety of thinking everyone around me hates me or is weirded out by me
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idkmaybeitsbpd · a day ago
It’s a scary, heart dropping feeling when you think you gained this new self confidence about being able to navigate through a relationship and maintain a healthy mind until you hear those self deprecating thoughts creep up on you and realize you still have so much work to do
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cooksforkisses · 2 days ago
Something that’s helped a lot since hearing it — “if it’s coming up, it’s coming out.”
My intrusive thoughts, out-of-the-blue anxiety or trauma stuff, and random mood swings/dark spells scare the shit out of me, especially if seemingly nothing triggered them and they just hit me. I start fearing that I’m not actually getting better.
Telling myself that if it’s coming up, it’s coming out has helped me so much this month to remain curious when those things DO hit me “randomly”…I’m slowly getting better at observing these things from a bit of a distance, asking what might’ve prompted them, asking what about this thought/feeling/urge scares me so much. I’m starting to learn that my body/mind/soul give me things to process when I am ready to process them, so although they might feel unprompted or random, if I’m crying all of a sudden about a painful memory it’s because that memory is coming up for me SO that I can process it, learn from it, and let it go on its way out. Just a lil nugget that’s helping ✨❤️‍🩹✨
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