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05-30-2020. 1:38 pm

I honestly don’t remember if I posted this here or not. But a little while ago my fp was giving a different girl attention and of course it was driving me insane cause why wouldn’t I be a jealous psycho?

Well as far as I know they haven’t been talking anymore. Probably because I was making it out to be way more than it was and it was as causal as it gets. She hasn’t been playing video games with us or anything so I’m sure it was literally nothing going on.

Well, I keep having fucking nightmares about it and it sucks. Like this girl is my friend and I’m beginning to hate her and I don’t want to and I don’t know how to stop it. It’s so frustrating.

On a different note, my fp was having a panic attack and decided to come to me to talk it out and try to help him. Obviously it sucks he was having a panic attack and shit but it’s so validating when he chooses me. Hope that doesn’t sound too fucked up.

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