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#bpd fp
bpdamn · a month ago
i‘m nobodys first choice. instead, i’m everyones last resort. the only thing i‘m good for is being used until i‘m no longer wanted. i‘m the broken toy rotting in the corner of the room; used, replaced and ultimately forgotten about
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the-starflower-system · a month ago
Me: *goes from happy to sad to numb to angry to sad to happy to feeling everything all at once and then numb again in the span of 10 minutes*
My friends: what
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nymph3tam1n3 · a month ago
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sickandinlove04 · 2 months ago
You know what sucks? Not only do I constantly want to see you and hug you and talk to you, I constantly want to talk about you to whoever will listen. I want to talk about how I miss you and want to see you. I want to ask people how you’re doing and what you’re up to. It sucks and I hate it.
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xxxtitchiexxx · a month ago
Bpd is being suicidal one minute then all giddy and excited about the idea of your favorite person simply existing the next
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dj-maemae-bpd-bimbo · 2 months ago
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If I send you 13 things I wanna hear back, and you only send back 12, I’m taking that personally, just try and stop me
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