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#bpd thoughts
s4dbunn1 · a day ago
the idgaf energy while being manic is the scariest thing
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xxx-maris · a day ago
no one loves who i’m really am, just what they think i could be
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thatfattbixtchjenna · a day ago
Trigger warning -suicide-
All I can hear in my head is
“Kill yourself. Kill yourself. Kill yourself. Kill yourself. Kill yourself.”
How do I make it stop
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anezkadragon · 11 hours ago
bpd also means -
chronic feelings of emptiness
basically having no hobbies
not being able to find a passion
not experiencing happiness trough hobbies
but really wanting to do something fun and fulfilling
being tired, having depression
rushing into new hobbies and needing equipment immediately, spending a lot of money
but loosing interest quickly and easily
not pursuing hobbies due to no instant success
not being able to act on a hobby cause you’re highly agitated
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siickangel · 7 months ago
“you’re so quiet” bro everyone ignores me and nobody cares about what i have to say
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nymph3tam1n3 · a month ago
Tumblr media
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funeral-derangements · 10 days ago
sometimes I get a little sad by the fact that I'm fucking insane
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siickangel · 4 months ago
“you’re so quiet” i’m dissociating and ive lost connection with reality
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