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First time taking a bath instead of a shower purely because I don’t trust myself to stand that much and I’m already way past when I should be cleansing myself. I always forget to list BPPV in my chronic conditions because it gives me trouble so rarely and the only common effects I get is that I can’t go on roller coasters and certain video games give me hella vertigo from almost nothing. But sometimes it’s just like “hey bitch, remember MEEEEEE?”

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This bitch is and I couldn’t be happier!

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That awkward moment when a patient walks in complaining of (newly diagnosed) BPPV and you commiserate with them and then they ask you how long it lasts and you tell them you’ve had it since you were 15………..

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This vertigo can just go fuck itself today, thank you very much.

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Ah, the great straw debate.

I now really understand both sides. I realize that for the most part, the plastics problem is more industrial/commercial than consumer, but it’s still a good gesture to try and reduce it (even if just a tiny bit). I also recognize that for various reasons, some people need straws, and it isn’t always just the fact that drinking a Frappuccino without one is awkward at best.

I will also admit that, until today, I didn’t really understand how some people need straws. I mean, I respected that it was a thing, but I couldn’t really think of a situation that fit.

I’ve been trying to be at least a little plastic-conscious, and when I get a fast food drink, I’ll forego the lid and straw if I’m dining-in and don’t expect to take the drink with me when I leave. I did so today, and apparently just the act of tipping my head to drink out of the cup triggered the HELL out of my vertigo. It’s never been this bad before. Augh. This freaking sucks.

It wouldn’t have happened if I’d used a straw.

Think I’m gonna be one of those people who needs to stick with straws now, until/if this vertigo nonsense ever clears up.

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I don’t think I have any regular readers, because I don’t post regularly, but if you are one, apologies. This isn’t really for you. This is for anyone who has BPPV and is worried about trying the exercises that treat it at home. It’s also for people who know someone with BPPV and can’t work out why they’re such a mess. 

I was recently diagnosed with BPPV (it’s going now). For some reason all the stuff on Google is written in textbook format. I couldn’t find a human voice in there to tell me what I was experiencing was normal, and yes it was frightening, but it would be ok. 

If you’ve never had it, the descriptions don’t really do it justice. ‘The sudden sensation that your head is spinning’ sounds like ‘a bit of a dizzy spell, have a little sit-down and it’ll be alright in a minute.’ In reality it’s nothing like that. It can be incredibly sudden, genuinely terrifying and it can make you feel perhaps more sick than you’ve ever felt before. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. If you have it, I’m really sorry.

When it’s not doing the out-of-blue sudden thing, it just makes you feel low-level sick all the time, and unstable. I was bumping in to things a bit because I was losing my balance and couldn’t walk straight.

If, like me, your doctor says to “Google the exercises and do them at home”, this is a good video to show you what to do: the Brandt-Daroff exercise, which you can do alone. (There are others, but they specifically need people to help.)

Important things to note - and the actual reason I’m writing:

  • If you’re getting BPPV symptoms really badly, you won’t want to do this exercise, but you should. It was only talking to a friend who’d also been through this that convinced me to do it. I just couldn’t face it. You should do it. You will get through it. The exercise will help.
  • If you’re really worried about it, and you have someone you can ask, ask someone to sit with you. Get them to just talk to you, tell you to breathe, tell you you’re doing brilliantly. If you’re doing the exercise at all, you are doing something brilliant and brave and it will help.
  • You could ask them to put their hand on your shoulder or your back when you’re sitting up to help you reorient yourself if the room is spinning too much. They can also reassure you that you won’t fall.
  • If you don’t have someone who can sit with you, try and sit back and do the exercises in the middle of the bed. You’ll feel like you’re falling but if you have enough bed around you it’s just a sensation. You shouldn’t fall, and if you need to, you should be able to fall back onto the bed itself from a sitting position in the middle of the bed. 
  • Make sure you do things as slowly as you need to. Some instructions tell you to do this quickly. If you can’t, don’t. Go at your own speed. You’ll be able to worry about doing them faster in a day or so. Just get through it to start with. It won’t feel good straight away, but if you keep trying, it should get better.
  • Make sure you can rest straight after. In the beginning you might not be able to do anything else, so there’s no point forcing it.
  • And that’s it.

Really, the point is, yes, it’s horrible. But you can do it, and it will probably start getting better when you do.

I’m obviously not a doctor, and this is just my experience, but I wanted to tell you to stick with it, because it was something I really needed to hear too.

Good luck.

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Now I cannot exercise 😓

I did not let my hives stop me from exercising, but now something else has stopped me in my tracks.

I am having an episode of Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), where I have a loss of balance, and a dizzy spinning sensation whenever I move my head.

It all started when I had a concussion about 7 years ago. I was asleep when the car went over a bump and I hit my head hard on the right side window. I got out of the car and couldn’t stand or walk without falling over. It was scary at that time as I frequently had to carry my 8 month old daughter. I was afraid I might have gotten a stroke and couldn’t care for my daughter anymore. The neurologist sent me for CT scans and MRI scans, and luckily nothing too alarming was found. After a long series of physiotherapy sessions, I got better.

Ever since then, I get an episode every 1 or 2 years, and 3 days ago on Wednesday, BPPV hit me again when I woke up in the morning. I tried to exercise through it and it got worse yesterday. I found that the only thing I could do is sleep. I slept for about 18 hours today. I can walk, but very slowly.

I’ve been doing the epley maneuver every night to try to set my ear’s semi circular canals back to normal. I’ve been listening to frequencies that are supposed to help ease vertigo. I also tried accupressure on my third eye meridian and p6 meridian.

I hope to go back to normal soon. I wanted to enjoy this weekend at the beach with family and friends, and also go to an archery meet up. I don’t know if I can enjoy those now.

I always felt that I will let nothing stop me from my fitness goal. But I guess BPPV did.

Well, if I can’t exercise, I can fast. Let’s go for 3 days.

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Vertigo eyes.

I always imagine that this must be what it feels like when the Ninth Doctor talks about being able to feel the rotation of the earth and the earth hurtling through space. If that’s true, maybe I’m glad I’m not a Time Lord. Nah, I’d still trade places.

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Also but how tf am I supposed to exercise with BPPV the only things I can do with fibro is yoga and an elliptical and I don’t own an elliptical so what do I just warrior pose for 20 minutes CUZ I SURE CANT DO ANY OTHER POSES i just gained weight cuz of a metformin lapse and I’m trying REALLY HARD not to get all rating disorder up in here and I need to feel like I’m in control of SOMETHING up in here

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