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Any of the Sweet heirs/spares and spouses are available for download upon request. If you want a Sweet, just ask. I’d love to see any of my sims in your games. I’d put them all up but I use mediafire and I don’t have unlimited space for files… So yeah ask and I’ll transfer the requested ones there so you can download them for your game. 

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Victoria: I just wanted a chance to make my own decisions for once. In the Hollow, everything’s decided for you–what to eat, how to dress, what to do, who to marry–

Gillian: Yikes. All right, point made. I see why you left.

Victoria: And now I’m here with your brother–

Gillian: –who’s not, like, into you. You got that, right?

Victoria: Yes. I understand.

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Flamingo: I’m sorry for getting so upset last night. I shouldn’t have behaved that way, especially with it being our last night together for a while. Selfishly, I still wish you were coming with me. It’s enough to know that you’ll be happy here, even if missing you is going to hurt like hell. 

Opal: I’ll miss you like crazy. This is for the best though, I know it. Promise to call me when you land safely?

Flamingo: As soon as I’m back on the ground. I love you.

Opal: I love you too.

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