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POV: Your camera roll if Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin was your husband
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All too well
Pairing: Bradley 'Rooster' Bradshaw
Summary: You're at dinner with your boyfriend and some of his colleagues at a restaurant he chose when you look over the menu and realize there's no vegetarian option, but he's too busy with his friends to realize that. Bradley isn't.
A/N Ignore the text on the gif. It was just perfect for this fic
Tumblr media
"Babe, did you say this was formal or more casual?" you yell from the bedroom. Clothes are currently covering the bed as you attempt to find the perfect outfit for tonight. It's the first time he's ever brought you to an event with his colleagues from the Navy, and you want to make sure you look like someone who belongs next to him.
"I sort of like you like this," he murmurs, wrapping his arms around you from behind. You chuckle as you peel off his hands from your exposed stomach.
"You're saying I can go in my underwear?" He seems to consider it for just a moment before he picks up a black turtleneck.
"It's more casual than formal. Wear this. You always look amazing in it." He places a kiss on your cheek before leaving you to get ready. Carefully, you paint your lips red as the final touch before grabbing your bag.
"So, who exactly are we meeting?" You gently scratch his neck with your nails as he drives.
"Just a few of my colleagues from Top Gun. For the first time in a few years, we're all stationed in the same area. I'll introduce you when we get there," he says, keeping his eyes on the road. The rain is pouring down heavy outside, and you find yourself thanking the universe for the inkling you'd had when you left home to bring an umbrella.
"Damn, looks like we're the last to arrive," he mumbles, parking as close to the restaurant as possible. He grabs the umbrella and gets out. You wait for exactly thirty seconds before you realize that he's not coming to open your door. He actually just left you without an umbrella in the pouring rain. You roll down the window slightly to yell after him at the same time as he turns around.
"Could you grab the keys? I think I dropped them on the floor." Rightly so, the keys are on the floor of the car. But you're still without an umbrella, and he hasn't even noticed that you haven't gotten out of the car yet. As they start moving inside, one of them breaks apart from the group and rushes over to the car. Even though you're pissed, you put on a smile as he opens the door.
"Figured you might prefer to stay dry," the stranger laughs except he's not a stranger at all. No, you know that voice very well. Your smile tightens when you look into Bradley Bradshaw's taupe eyes. His jaw drops when he notices who you are.
"Shit," he breathes, but you're not about to let this ruin the night.
"Tonight is a big night for him." He nods - just once. And then he walks you to the door, making sure to cover you with his umbrella. Thankfully, there's an empty seat right next to him, and you hurry over to occupy it. Introductions are made, and you should get an Oscar for how well you pretend to have never ever heard the name Bradley Bradshaw before.
"So, Y/N, what do you pass the time with while this knucklehead is away?" the girl, Phoenix, asks with a kind smile. You're about to answer when he cuts in.
"Knucklehead? Who are you calling a knucklehead, Slippery Joe?" Then he embarks on the story of how Phoenix came to be known as Slippery Joe for dropping several valuable engine pieces and breaking every single one of them. You try to smile as they all joke around because you know how happy he is about tonight. So, you look over the menu and to your horror, you notice there's not a single vegetarian meal on this.
"Babe," you say quietly to get his attention, but he's too busy talking to one of the guys you can't remember the name of. That's when you notice Bradley staring directly at you with a menu in hand. You give him a pointed look.
Keep your mouth shut.
Only if you say something yourself.
Once again, you attempt to discretely get the attention of your boyfriend. You try to intertwine your fingers with his, but he moves his hand and inadvertently claps your hand before dropping it. With burning cheeks, you excuse yourself and head up to the bar.
"Is there any chance you can prepare a vegetarian dish?" you ask one of the waiters who passes by. She gives you a funny look, and you're well aware of the irony of asking that question at a steak house.
"The best we can offer is the salad bar," she apologizes before rushing off to another table. When you turn around, Bradley is standing right there.
"He picked the restaurant, you know." Clenching your jaw to keep from outright crying, you walk past him without even acknowledging him.
"He dropped your hand. What sort of dick does that?" Of course he noticed. Spinning around, you point to his chest.
"Not another word, okay? We happened years ago. You don't get to pretend like you know me or my relationship now," you say in a hushed voice to keep the rest of the table from hearing it. With a heavy heart, you return to your seat where your boyfriend continues to completely ignore your existence.
When the waiter comes over, you keep quiet while everyone else orders. When it finally becomes your turn, you smile and say: "I'm not that hungry, so can I just have the salad bar as my meal?" All the guys start howling and crying about how you can't turn down the meat in this place. You insist that you're not really that hungry even as Bradley looks like he's about to explode.
"If you're worried about the bill, I can cover it," your boyfriend whispers, and you can't believe that he thinks this is about money.
"I can't eat a single thing here. I don't eat meat." You try to keep your tone neutral, but you can't help sounding a little disappointed in him.
"Really, you want to pick a fight right now?" Before you even have a chance to respond, he turns back to his friends and throws himself into the conversation. Dumbstruck by his audacity, you keep quiet as the night goes on. Every time someone tries to bring you in to the conversation, he finds a way to make it all about him. And you really try to tell yourself that these people are his friends and he hasn't seen them in forever, but you can't help the nagging feeling that he'd prefer it if you weren't here. Too engrossed in the role of entertainer, he doesn't even notice when Bradley slides a plate of fries across the table to you.
'Clean' he mouths and then rejoins the conversation. With a grumbling stomach, you pull the fries over and notices that he's used his bread plate to make sure they haven't been touched by the meat juice. Despite your best intentions, you can't help but smile as you dig in. But the joy is short-lasting when your boyfriend finally notices.
"You could've just told me if you wanted fries," he says, giving Bradley a side eye that he politely ignores. But you see the smirk he's trying to hide.
"I think I need some air before dessert," you excuse yourself and walk outside. The rain has finally stopped so you take a deep breath and revel in the smell of wet earth.
"Petrichor. It's what the smell after rain is called." You don't have to be a mind reader to know he too is remembering mornings spent on the balcony right after heavy rain.
"Right." Wrapping your arms around yourself, you take several deep breaths. Suddenly, a coat is draped across your shoulders.
"I know you get cold," he mumbles looking just about every direction except for yours. For once, you accept his kindness. Together, you enjoy the quietness of the evening as the party continues on inside.
"I know this isn't my place to ask but what the hell are you doing with that guy?" You don't immediately shut him down even though you should. This is dangerous territory.
"He's not normally like this," is your only response. And it's true. He's not normally this bad, but he doesn't always treat you like you deserve. You know. You've had many conversations with him about it.
"So, the Navy, huh? I didn't think you wanted that." You'd known Bradley when you were both young, and he'd sworn he wouldn't follow in his dad's footsteps if only to keep his mother from worrying.
"I didn't know what else to do when you left for college. I needed some sort of structure. The Navy offered me that and then I realized just how badly I wanted to be there." He takes a step towards you, and you're stupid enough to stay put. You and Bradley didn't break up because you stopped loving each other.
"What are you doing with him?" he asks again. This time quietly and... hurt? And you truly don't have an answer for Bradley because in this moment in time, you have no idea.
"Why do you care?" you counter.
"Because I love you. Always have, always will," he says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. You take several steps back to create some space between you.
"You can't just say stuff like that!" you exclaim.
"Why not? I've flown with him, I've seen him with other women. He is a prick and one of the worst ones." You push past him and lets his coat drop to the floor before entering the restaurant again.
"Hey, I'm not feeling too good. I'll grab a cab home," you whisper and he doesn't even bother to offer to drive you home. He just smiles at you briefly before returning to the conversation. Making a beeline for the parking lot, you try to ignore Bradley. Even as he comes over to stand next to you. And especially as you start shivering from the cold. He doesn't dare offer you his coat this time.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have sprung that on you."
"No, you shouldn't have." A silence much different from before settles on you as you wait for the cab. You rub your arms to try to stay warm but it's impossible. God, why didn't you just bring a coat?
"I can drive you home. It's no problem." You wait at least five more minutes before you begrudgingly walk over to his car. He tries and fails to hide the smirk on his face when he doesn't even have to point it out to you.
"I remember stuff too," you say under your breath as you get in. This has always been his dream car. Even at the age of 16 with absolutely no money or prospects to ever earn enough money to pay for this. The drive back is quiet but you're so acutely aware of how close he is to you, you feel like you're going insane. He looks good. Even you can't deny that. And his cologne... God, his cologne is going to be the reason you lose your last shred of dignity.
"Thanks for the ride," you say once he pulls over outside your apartment.
"No problem." Get out of the car. You tell yourself over and over to get out of the car, but your body seems to have grown roots. Finally, you look over at Bradley only to find that he's already watching you.
"I won't invite you in." Because I might do something I'll regret.
"Okay." Just get out of the damn car... He's too close, and you can't think straight.
"For what it's worth I'd never treat you like that." For just a brief second, you try to convince yourself that you heard wrong, but you know he really just said that.
"I know." He inhales sharply but keeps quiet otherwise - letting you decide how to end the night. Seeing him, hearing his voice, it's all bringing back feelings you've kept buried for so long. You never imagined that you'd see him again but now he's sitting right next to you, and you can't ignore that feeling in your chest. Your heart used to beat for Bradley Bradshaw... it still does. Painfully slow, you reach out to grab his hand. He clutches it tightly in his.
"I've missed you," he whispers, baring his heart to you. Nothing happens that night. You need to end things with your boyfriend, be a decent person. But a week later, Bradley knocks on your door and when you open it, he kisses you instantly. Your hands are in his hair and his... they roam every curve of your body. He groans as you kiss his neck and let your tongue lick that sensitive spot right below his ear.
"You're so beautiful," he murmurs.
"Take me to the bedroom, Lieutenant."
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Tumblr media
Baby Steps || Rooster
✧ summary: It's a special day for you and Bradley when baby Nick takes his first steps.
✧ pairing: Bradley 'Rooster' Bradshaw x Wife!Reader
✧ requested: yes
✧ Rooster masterlist
Tumblr media
Rooster sat in the center of the floor, toys, a bottle, and a few pacifiers on the baby blanket. His legs were spread, and you held baby Nick by his waist across from him. 
“Come on, Goose. Come to daddy!” Bradley says, wiggling his fingers. Nick had reached the milestone where he pulled himself up on everything. The boy wasn’t happy unless he was placed in his walker and given free rein to roll around the house. 
You swore that he had some of Maverick in him due to his constant desire to always go fast. Rooster was the same way, but those reckless tendencies had Maverick written all over them. 
Nick flashed his daddy a smile, a few teeth exposed. He had celebrated his first birthday just a couple of weeks ago. Many of your friends��� babies had already taken their first steps. At first, you wondered if Nick wasn’t developing right, but Rooster, Penny, and Maverick assured you.
“Babies do things on their own schedule.” 
It was words you had engraved in your mind. Nick was talking; his first word was “dada,” and he was a very smart baby. He blew your mind every day with the new things he could do. 
“Dada!” Nick babbles on. 
Rooster reaches over and grabs the freshly made bottle. 
“You want some milk, bud? Come and get it… Or, could daddy interest you in this exquisite pacifier? It’s even got an airplane on it. Or! Would you prefer the one that says Goose?” He holds up both pacifiers, Nick’s smile widening. He’s chewing away at his fingers, his legs wobbly as you hold his waist. 
“Goosie, are you gonna go to daddy?” You ask him, blowing raspberries into the rolls of his neck. He squeals with delight, blonde strands of hair pushed up into a faux-hawk style. 
Rooster holds his arms out, and you can feel the sudden shift in Nick’s feet. “Babe, I think he’s going to try!” You exclaim excitedly. 
Rooster scoots a little closer, so Nick doesn’t have much space to cover. Holding his Goose emblemed pacifier by the corner of his mouth, he stretches his hands out. 
“Come on, kiddo! Come to daddy!” Rooster says excitedly.
You slowly remove your hands from Nick’s waist. He wobbles, but he stands upright. And the most magical moment ensued. He put one bare foot in front of the other, followed by the other until he took three steps. Rooster refrained from proclaiming excitement, not wanting to scare his son.
Nick fell gracefully into Rooster’s opened arms.
“YOU DID IT, GOOSE!” Rooster cries aloud, falling onto his back. Nick erupts in delighted shrieks as he scrambles on Rooster’s chest. You have tears in your eyes at the sight of your baby boy taking his first steps. Bradley rises up with Nick in his arms.
“Alright, buddy. Let’s go back to mommy, okay?” He sets Nick in the same stance as you had him in. 
“Come on, Angel! Come to mama!” You open your arms. 
Nick stumbles forward, taking this time four steps before he falls into your arms. You and Rooster erupt with proud squeals, tears overwhelming both your visions. Rooster crawls over to wrap his hand around your cheek, moving his head in to kiss you deeply. 
He kisses Nick’s head, pushing his fingers through his blonde locks of hair.
“We’re so proud of you, buddy!” Rooster tickles his stomach. “Wait until Papa sees it!”
“PAPA!” Nick cries at the mention of Maverick, another toothy grin greeting your and Rooster’s eyes. 
You smile, kissing his warm cheeks.
“We’ll go over to Papa and Gigi’s later to show them that you’re a big boy, okay? Will you walk for Papa and Gigi?” You ask Nick, who nods his head.
Maverick and Penny would be elated to see this new milestone in who they see as their actual grandson. Even Amelia would be a proud auntie when she sees Nick walk to her for the first time. 
Rooster covered Nick’s face in kisses and squealed with excitement. 
This was the proudest moment of his life.
Tumblr media
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You’re Dating My Sister?
Tumblr media
Prompt: Y/N and Bradley have secretly been dating but then Jake, Y/N’s brother, finds out
Warning: Fighting
Words: 979
As usual the Hard Deck was busy on a Friday night. Regulars were out celebrating the end of the work week, while the pilots were taking a break and having a casual night out. When Jake had called Y/N to tell her that everyone was going to the Hard Deck and he wanted her to join, she had quickly accepted.
She hadn’t seen her brother in three weeks and she was excited to see him again. After losing both of their parents, they only had each other. They had grown close over the years and talked everyday. She had also grown close with two of his friends from Top Gun, Phoenix and Rooster.
Phoenix spotted Y/N as she walked in the door and waved her over. Hangman and Rooster were playing a round of pool as Phoenix watched.
“Hi Y/N,” Phoenix greeted her, pulling her into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re here!”
“I’m glad I was able to make it!”
Y/N glanced over at the pool table and locked eyes with Bradley. A smile flashed across his face before glancing away. Her cheeks turned slightly pink as she looked at her boyfriend. Nobody knew they were together. They had been seeing each other for almost a year without anyone finding out, especially her brother. If he knew that his twin sister was seeing Bradley Bradshaw, Bradley would not be here right now.
“Hey sis,” Jake said, giving her a quick hug. “Let me get you a drink.”
“I’ll come with you,” Phoenix offered, following behind him.
Phoenix was the only person that knew about Y/N and Bradley. Y/N had needed someone to talk to about it and she knew that she could trust Phoenix.
Bradley walked around the pool table and stood next to her. He was looking extra good tonight with his blue jeans that showed off his backside and his typical white tank under his Hawaiian shirt. His aviator sunglasses hung off the collar of his white tank.
“Hey babe,” he said, reaching down and squeezing her hand before quickly letting go.
Y/N glanced over towards the bar and saw that Jake and Phoenix were already on their way back.
“Here you go Y/N,” Jake said, handing her favorite beer.
“Thanks,” Y/N said, taking a sip.
A while later, while everyone else was a couple drinks deep, Bradley sat down at the table next to Y/N. Together they watched while their group played pool together. No one had a second thought when he sat down at the table with her.
“Want to get out of here?” Bradley asked, nodding towards the beach.
“Yea,” Y/N answered.
She walked through the crowded bar with Bradley following behind her. She opened the back door and stepped onto the sand. The beach was quiet. She could hear the waves crashing along the shore as they walked to the water together. Bradley reached down and laced his fingers in hers. Since it was dark out, Y/N wasn’t worried about anyone seeing the two of them together.
As they approached the water, they pulled off their shoes and rolled up their jeans. The water was warmer than she expected it to be.
Bradley stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “I want to talk to about your brother,” he said.
His statement surprised Y/N. “You do?”
“Yea…Y/N I love you and I don’t want to keep this a secret anymore.”
He turned her around to face him, placing his hands on her hips. Y/N stood up on her tiptoes and placed her lips against his. “I love you too.”
“Y/N?” a familiar voice called out from behind them.
“Uh oh,” Y/N whispered.
Within moments, Jake was next to them. “What the hell is going on here?” he cried, pointing between Y/N and Bradley.
“We’ll tell you but first you need to calm down!” Y/N told him.
“What the fuck Bradshaw?” Jake said, pushing Bradley backwards. Bradley stumbled but was able to catch himself. He stood up and towered over Jake. “Have you been fucking my sister?”
“She said we would explain but first you need to calm down!” Bradley said.
“How can I be calm when my friend has been fucking my sister behind my back!”
Jake reached out and punched Bradley in the face. Bradley stumbled but quickly recovered and ran towards Jake, wrapping his arms around his waist and slamming him backwards. Together they fell onto the ground and Bradley placed his hands on Jake’s shoulders, attempting to calm him down.
It took a minute but Jake finally calmed down. When he was ready, Bradley stood up and offered him a hand. Jake silently accepted and Bradley pulled him up.
“Can you please explain what is going on?” Jake asked, running his hand through his hair.
“We’ve been seeing each other for a while now,” Y/N told him.
“How long is ‘a while?’”
“Almost a year,” Bradley told him.
Jake’s eyes widened from Bradley’s comment. “You’ve been seeing each other for almost a year? How has nobody found out?”
“We didn’t tell anyone and we made sure to not make it obvious,” Bradley said.
Jake sighed. “Wow…and no one knew?”
Bradley shook his head and our eyes locked together.
“Nat knows,” I told them and both of their eyes went wide.
“Nat knows?!” they said together.
I threw my arms up in the air. “I had to talk to someone about it!”
It was silent for a moment before Jake spoke. “Do you love her?” he asked, looking over at Bradley.
Bradley nodded. “Yea.”
Jake looked between the two of them before saying “If you hurt her, I will come after you.”
“I promise I won’t do anything to hurt her,” he told Jake, meaning every word.
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Phoenix: Where's Rooster?
Hangman: Don't worry, I'll find him.
Hangman, shouting: Y/N sucks!
Rooster, distantly: Y/N is the best person ever! Fuck you!
Hangman: Found him.
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The Only Thing (Hangman - Part Two)
Pairing: Jake Seresin x Female!Reader; some Rooster x Seresin!OC
Word Count: 11.2k
Summary: Jake Seresin is madly in love with (Y/n). This is not an opinion or a feeling; it is a fact. A law of the universe that will never change. As long as the world is in motion, as long as the sun is in the sky, and possibly even after, Jake Seresin will be in love with her. So why, for the love of all that is good in this world, are they not together? Rooster intends to find out.
Warnings: Angst, Objectively excessive amounts of pining, also Jake Seresin can be an asshole sometimes but so can his sisters, cursing. An emotional amount of found family. Also Christmas is featured, but in a very non-religious celebratory way. Also no Beta-reader, sorry.
Notes: Thank you to everyone who partook in Part One. I hope you all find Part Two, and I hope you all love it. There will be a spinoff oneshot of little tidbits from Jake and Addie's life growing up together and falling in love, etc. etc. If you have any thoughts on particular moments you'd like to see either in that or just in general as blurbs lemme know.
Part One
Tumblr media
“Not that star! It’s falling apart. Use the new one we bought last year!”
“Seriously Ma, you couldn’t have said that before?” Hangman huffed and readjusted Ronnie higher up on his shoulders. “Bradshaw, get Ronnie whatever fuckin’ star Ma’s talking about.”
Rooster snorted but began rummaging through the ornaments and assorted other tree decorations without much protest. There was a newer looking star topper still in the box at the bottom of the storage bin labeled ‘Tree Stuff’, and Rooster pulled it out.
Holding it up in Debbie’s general direction at the far end of the hall, he asked, “This one?”
“Yes, honey, that’s the one.” Debbie gave him a thumbs up then, satisfied, darted back into the kitchen to continue cooking.
Rooster handed the star up to Ronnie on top of Jake’s shoulders and took the older, beat-up star off her hands.
The Seresins were a very last-minute family when it came to decorating. Mostly, it was that the sisters, Ronnie in particular, considered decorating for Christmas to be a family affair, and they collectively refused to decorate anything at all until their brother was home.
Hangman had, of course, written this off to Rooster as the three of them wanting him to do all the heavy lifting, and while Ronnie and Andy adamantly refused the accusation, Kate nodded along when Hangman’s back was turned. It’d made Rooster chuckle which earned Kate a glare from her brother.
Debbie was milling around the kitchen with Andy, baking and mixing an assortment of things that could be made in advanced of Christmas Day, while Kate draped bannisters in garlands. and Ronnie, Hangman, and Rooster decorated the tree.
They were finally finishing up the tree with the star on top when the front door burst open without any knock or warning.
“I brought candy!”
Rooster would recognize (Y/n)’s voice anywhere by now. As much as he’d heard it over the last couple days with Hangman, he was sure he could pick it out of any crowd.
“I’ll help her.” Rooster quickly volunteered as Hangman was still acting as a step stool for Ronnie to reach the top.
“Thanks,” Hangman bristled as he was forced to walk into the needles of the tree so Ronnie could reach.
With a chuckle, Rooster wandered into the foyer to find (Y/n), arms laden with far too many paper bags.
“Jesus! Did you buy out the whole store?” Rooster rushed forward to take some of the bags out of her hands before a catastrophe occurred.
(Y/n) laughed and pawned off most of the bags on the pilot. “I work at the bakery part-time during the Christmas rush, and Mr. Donaldson always gives me all the imperfect batches that he can’t sell.”
Rooster followed (Y/n) to the kitchen to see what Debbie wanted done with all of it.
“Aren’t you going to keep some of this for yourself?” Rooster lifted the bags of candy in his arms as indication.
(Y/n) shrugged, “No, I'm always here for Christmas anyway. My family don’t really celebrate Christmas.”
“Not Religious?”
“Eh, we all just hate each other. Dad hates my brother. My brother hates me. I hate Mom. Mom hates my brother and me… You get the picture.” (Y/n) waved off Rooster’s question as they entered the kitchen, and Rooster wasn’t sure whether she thought it was unimportant or if she wanted to stop talking about it.
“Besides, why would I want to be anywhere else but here?” (Y/n) loudly announced as she entered the kitchen.
Debbie smiled warmly at (Y/n) as she entered. Her fingers were covered with cookie dough, but she leaned in to kiss (Y/n) on the cheek in lieu of her usual hug. “We wouldn’t want you anywhere else. It wouldn’t be Christmas without you.”
“No cause who else would bring the peanut butter fudge.” (Y/n) turned and eyed the bags in Roosters arms before carefully selecting one in particular and holding it out in her fist as far from her body as possible.
Andy didn’t seem to care about the dough all over her fingers. She greedily snatched the bag from (Y/n) and gave her a one-armed hug in reward, only just avoiding her fingers getting in any hair. “You’re my favorite sister.”
“I won’t tell Kate and Ronnie.” (Y/n) teased.
“Bradley, dear, if you could just set the rest of those on the side table over there.” Debbie pointed to a table that was littered with assorted baking and desert making supplies.
“Of course Debbie,” He’d finally gotten past calling her ma’am, and the smile his familiarity brought to Debbie’s face cemented him using her name.
(Y/n) wandered over to start sorting the bags into different piles. One for fruit candies, one for mint, one for chocolate, etc. She glanced over her shoulder with a faux-sneaky look and passed one of the bags to Rooster. “Try this one. It’s the best candy in the store, and Jake’ll steal it if he finds out I brought some.”
Rooster thanked her, popping one in his mouth. It was some kind of mix of raspberry and chocolate and something else. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but it was utterly delicious. The grin on (Y/n)’s face, like school kids who were stealing sweets before dinner, was enough to make him break out in a massive smile in return.
“I’m right, right?” She whispered, stuffing her hand down in the bag and palming several for herself.
“Absolutely,” Rooster quietly agreed, putting an arm around her shoulder and squeezing in what was meant to be a show of affection.
They both turned, sheepish and wide eyed like they’d been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Hangman was standing in the doorway with his eyes narrowed in on them.
For a brief, shining moment Rooster was genuinely worried. There was an angry look to Hangman’s brow. Rooster couldn’t tell what it was directed towards, but he had just had an arm wrapped around Hangman’s girl, leaned in inches from her face, as they whispered and smiled at each other. The thought of how it might’ve looked to the other pilot was enough to make him pale.
“Are those the raspberry ones you two are hiding?” Hangman pointed an accusatory finger at the bag half hidden behind Rooster.
“Nope,” (Y/n) stole the bag from Rooster’s hand and took off, shouting unconvincingly as she went, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”  
Hangman rolled his eyes and waved a hand after her. “Little does she know I bought a box on her lunch break that’s hidden in my room, and I’m not sharing.” Kissing his mom on the top of her head as he passed, Hangman wandered over beside Rooster to observe the assortment (Y/n) had delivered to them.
Hangman’s brow was still a bit furrowed.
“Hey, man,” Rooster didn’t whisper, but he did speak under his breath so the other Seresins wouldn’t hear, “I’m sorry if I crossed a line with (Y/n).”
Hangman turned his head and raised an eyebrow, his expression thoroughly disinterested. “You cop a feel or somethin’ I didn’t see?”
“No, never, I-”
“No harm in makin’ friends, Rooster. I know that’s all it was to her. You tellin’ me it’s somethin’ more to you?”
“God, no.”
Hangman turned back to the candy nonchalantly, “Then what are you apologizin’ for? I’m an asshole, but I’m not that kind of asshole.”
Hangman’s sisters were very invested in his love life. Mostly, they were very invested in finally getting him and (Y/n) together. It was pretty much the first thing Rooster learned about each of them upon spending time alone with them. Kate had pushed him to knock some sense into Hangman. Ronnie had interrogated him to make sure her brother wasn’t seeing anyone else. Andy had taken to calling (Y/n) her favorite sister or sister-in-law when Hangman wasn’t around.
Clearly born out of a deep love for their brother and a want to finally see him happy, they had all seemingly made it their life’s mission to make him see reason, and with Rooster in town, he had inevitably been drafted in to help.
“I think you may have actually got through to him.” Kate dragged Rooster through the house to the dining table where Ronnie and Andy were already sitting. “But Jake needs a lot of hand holding with things like this. He can’t possibly admit he might have been wrong and making himself miserable for years for no reason.”
Debbie was out running errands, and (Y/n) was helping set up the town’s Christmas Eve parade, which of course meant Hangman was helping set up the town’s Christmas Eve parade. So it seemed prime-time for the Seresin sisters to congregate.
“This is the year. I can feel it in my bones, Kate.” Ronnie was practically bouncing in her seat with excitement at the prospect. “This is the year we finally get him.”
“Get him how?” Rooster took the seat across from Kate and next to Ronnie.
Andy leaned across the table with the closest thing to a serious expression Rooster had seen from her since he arrived. “Every year without fail we plot some storybook, romance novel worthy moment for Jake to finally see reason and declare his love for (Y/n), and every year it fails.”
“It’s a Seresin family tradition at this point,” Kate informed him with a matter-of-fact nod.
“We’ve staged them on a blind date with each other.” Ronnie counted off one on her fingers.
“Jake figured it out when he got there, and they just ended up hanging out.” Andy explained.
“We’ve trapped them in elevators. Twice” Two and three.
“The first time she fell asleep with her head in his lap because she was so tired, and the second time he pried the doors open like fucking He-Man or something.”
“We tried to make Jake jealous and set (Y/n) up with the hottest, richest guy we knew.” Four.
“He got so sad that year and said he hoped the other guy could give her everything she deserved.”
“Yeah, that one was depressing. We’re never trying that again.” Andy and Ronnie nodded along in agreement to Kate’s interjection to their list.
“We trapped them at the top of the ferris wheel the year the town rented one around Christmas.” Five.
“It freaked (Y/n) out too much to be romantic.” Andy added, unhelpfully, “She would not be a good fighter pilot.”
“So what are you three doing this year?” Rooster cut them off when it became clear the list was going to continue.
In a simultaneous motion that would’ve been absolutely horrifying in any horror movie, all three sisters looked up and smiled at his question. “See,” Kate addressed him, “we don’t know. We’re hoping that’s where you come in.”
When exactly Rooster became part of some romcom movie, he wasn’t sure. He was unabashed about the number of romcoms he’d watched over the year, with and without girlfriends present. So he felt pretty educated saying that sitting around a table coming up with a plan to set up two people who were already in love with each other was pretty romcom-esque. It’s just usually in the romcom they didn’t realize they were in love yet.
Rooster didn’t see how any ‘plan’ would work. None of them would resolve the real problem.
Hangman and (Y/n) were both very much in love and very much aware of the fact that they were in love. Neither of them needed to be told or reminded that they had feelings for the other. They were even both aware of the fact that the other was in love with them. There was no moment of realization to be had here. They both knew, and it didn’t seem to change anything..  
Hangman – shockingly – wasn’t selfish enough to ask her to make the sacrifices it would require to follow him, and at the end of the day, Hangman was still going to be a TopGun pilot, and he was still going to be constantly moving, constantly in danger, and constantly away. No romcom movie moment was going to change that.
And (Y/n)… Well Rooster wasn’t sure about (Y/n). He liked her, a lot actually. He could certainly see why Hangman was in love with her, but he just didn’t know her well enough to know what made her tick, to know why a woman so clearly in love with a man who was so clearly in love with her wouldn’t just say ‘screw it’ and show up at his door in San Diego, why she wouldn’t have confronted Hangman at any point in all their years of being ‘not-together’. He couldn’t see what was stopping her, but something clearly was.
Hangman’s sisters were absolutely convinced that they just needed to get through to Hangman, but Rooster wasn’t so sure. There was something nagging at him about (Y/n), telling him that, if they really wanted to make this happen, he needed to talk to her. Easier said than done since she never left Hangman’s side.
He asked the sisters if they could make that happen, if they could separate the two of them for longer than a couple minutes so he could talk to her, and the trio had exchanged long glances before they all burst out laughing like he’d just told the greatest joke they’d ever heard. Kate, promptly, informed him that while their mother made them go to church every Sunday as kids, none of them believed in miracles.
It was oddly endearing watching the sisters plot and scheme, not for their brother’s demise or embarrassment, but for his happiness. Their words did not match their angry, sinister tones. They said things like ‘Why won’t he just tell her he loves her?’ and ‘She already knows he loves her!’ and ‘Well, why won’t he just let her love him back, that asshole!’ and ‘I just want them to be happy and make babies!’ were snarled like insults. They all spat on Jake’s name like it was a vulgar word, while simultaneously trying to come up with ways to make him smile.
Rooster’s heart ceased up in his chest, and he knew he needed to get out of there. “I’ll be back.”
Andy and Ronnie waved him off, barely noticing as he left. They were still batting around ideas about what to do for Hangman. Kate was a different animal. Rooster could feel her eyes on him as his shoulders hunched in time with his constricting chest.
He made a swift exit onto the patio, inhaling fresh air deep into his lungs in an attempt to open up his chest. He was out there alone for less than a minute before a hand touched his shoulder. He should’ve known it was coming, but it still made him jump and turn around defensively.
“Sorry,” Rooster’s voice cracked slightly on the word, and he quickly diverted his eyes away from Kate.
“Are you okay?” Kate asked, leaving her hand where it fell on his arm. “Is something wrong?”
“It’s just that…” Rooster wasn’t sure why, but he felt like he couldn’t stop the words coming out. It was something in the water, or in the town, or just in the house. Something that made him want to open up. “I don’t know. Seeing the way you guys are with Jake, it makes me think about what my siblings would’ve been like if my dad hadn’t…”
Kate placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze, pulling Rooster’s eyes up to hers “Well, you don’t have to wonder if you don’t want to. I know, we all know, we aren’t replacements, and we won’t try to be. No one can replace what you’ve lost. But just because what you’ve lost is irreplaceable doesn’t mean there aren’t… alternatives.”
It was a sensitive subject, and Rooster could see the way Kate’s eyes darted around, searching for the right words. “We don’t need you to think of us as your real family or as replacements for them. If it helps you open up or cope, we won’t be offended by you thinking of us as a backup, Bradley. I know you’ve only been here for a little while, but we care about you. We will be what you need us to be. So don’t think you have to betray your family to stay here, and don’t think you’re hurting us by thinking of your family first.”
She gave his shoulder one last squeeze then stepped away. “We’re all here for you, even Jake. He wouldn’t have brought you here if he didn’t want you to be part of this, and we wouldn’t be spending so much time with you if we didn’t want it too.”
It was the Eve of Christmas Eve, and Rooster woke up to (Y/n) already at the Seresins’ frying up some eggs for breakfast. Even on leave, Rooster woke with the sun, yet somehow (Y/n) was already there.
She loudly announced that she was kidnapping Jake so they could go into the city to shop for Christmas presents. Rooster was welcome to join or stay at his own risk.
“Do you want to come? Everyone else will be out, so there won’t be much to do here. But if you really wanna stay, you can use my car. It can’t make the trek to the city, but it gets around town in a pinch.”
When she asked, an image of Kate the night before, ‘He wouldn’t have brought you here if he didn’t want you to be part of this, and we wouldn’t be spending so much time with you if we didn’t want it too,’ flashed through Rooster’s mind.
Jake brought Rooster here, not just to his family home, but to (Y/n), and as he stood – finally alone with her – in the kitchen, Rooster saw it for what it was: the most open and honest way Jake could place his trust in Rooster. It was as good as if Jake had ripped his heart from his chest and put it in Rooster’s palm.
“Of course I’ll come along. Can’t leave you alone with Jake that long. That would be torture.”
(Y/n) beamed. She had a witty retort, but Rooster didn’t hear it. He was too distracted by the way she turned back to the stove, still smiling away, as comfortable in his presence as she was in any of the Seresins.
She looked as ready and willing to accept him into the family as Kate the night before, and Rooster wondered if the two women, or more likely (Y/n) and Jake, had talked about it. If Jake got her permission to bring him here, or if Jake let her deliver her final verdict when he drove her home after the barbecue. Either way, Rooster knew he wouldn’t still be here if she didn’t want him around. But (Y/n) seemed to go so far beyond tolerance, so far beyond acceptance.
When Rooster thought of his family, of his parents and of the siblings he was sure he would’ve had. He found himself picturing (Y/n). Her open smile and accepting nature. He imagined a hellraiser of a baby sister with a nickname like Adrenaline that he was constantly trying to keep out of trouble. He could picture the little girl’s unbridled chaos mellowing into a mischievous glint in the grown woman’s eye. He could see himself bringing home his Navy buddies and giving them all an earful for checking her out.
Void of a biological family that had any real meaning to her, Rooster could pick (Y/n) up and put her seamlessly in his memories with his mom around the dinner table.
Rooster opened his mouth to speak. If he wanted his moment alone to talk with her, this was as good as it would get.
But before he could say anything, Jake came traipsing into the room. “Something smells good.”
“This is your payment for driving me to the city.” (Y/n) informed him.
“Oh?” Jake clearly didn’t know he was going to be doing that today, but he took the surprise easily in hand. “Sounds fun. When are we going?”
“Absolutely not!”
“Why not? She would look so nice in this one.”
They’d been in the city shopping for the better part of three hours, and all that was left was to help Jake find one last present for Andy.
Jake and (Y/n) had already gotten presents for each other, or at least Rooster assumed they had because, even after several hours wandering around the mall from store to store, neither of them had picked anything out for each other.
Jake wasn’t really known for being a thoughtful person, and Rooster never would’ve thought he was a romantic or generous person at heart. Before this trip, if he’d have had to imagine Jake buying presents for any occasion, it probably would have been a last-minute whirlwind of boxed chocolates and flowers to get laid on Valentine’s Day. And yet, since coming to Texas, Rooster would bet every dollar to his name that whatever Jake gave (Y/n) was so thoughtful it would make her cry. 
(Y/n) was obviously the kind of person who put a lot of thought into Christmas presents. She’d already gotten gifts for each of the Seresin sisters and Debbie before they went out shopping that morning, but her basket was still laden with little knick-knacks that reminded her of each of them. ‘Stocking stuffers’, she waved off the raised eyebrow Rooster shot her as she picked up a set of shot glasses that looked like beakers for Ronnie. He couldn’t imagine her forgetting to get Jake something. She seemed too good at this.
Jake had defaulted to (Y/n)’s opinion on gift giving up to the last moment, but now he’d fallen at the final hurdle.
“There is no way I am putting Andy in that. Addie, they’re all already picturing her naked. We don’t need to encourage them.”
The issue, a debate that was about as close to a fight as (Y/n) and Jake were capable of, centered around a beautiful, though very skimpy sundress hanging off of (Y/n)’s finger. “They will not be picturing her naked. I have this same one in a different color.”
“Yes, and I’ve been to the beach with you in it. All the guys are picturing you naked too.” Jake said with a roll of his eyes, as if it were the most logical conclusion, and he couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought of it.
(Y/n)’s eyes narrowed slightly, and she suddenly sounded less sure of herself on that fact. “No they aren’t.”
Jake tilted his head to the side and gave her purse-lipped expression that said she ought to know better, “I have to beat the other guys back like flies, Addie. You just don’t notice any of them.”
There was a rule between the two of them, one that Rooster had quickly caught onto, that in each other’s presence neither addressed the elephant in the room. In keeping with that rule, neither Jake or (Y/n) confronted why it was that (Y/n) wouldn’t notice all of the guys staring at her while Jake was around.
“Look, I won’t tell Andy what to wear any more than I’ll tell you what to wear, but I’m not gonna gift every guy on that trip a wet dream.”
(Y/n) rolled her eyes, “It’s really not that bad. You’re exaggerating.”
“No, they will definitely be picturing her naked in that.”
“See!” Jake shouted triumphantly, pointing at Rooster, “Rooster agrees with me! He never does that!”
(Y/n) bit back a laugh at Jake’s excitement. Defiantly, though certainly amused, she shoved the sundress in her own basket. “I’ll have you know I met the one that invited her along as his plus one, and he’s a perfectly nice guy. Practically a gentleman.”
“What branch did you say he was?” Rooster piped in.
“Army… I think he’s Special Forces.”
Rooster chuckled, and Jake fumed. “No. Absolutely not.” He stole the dress out (Y/n)’s basket it and hung it back on the rack. “Next you’re going to tell me Kate needs these art supplies so she can paint some Marine in the nude.”
“Well,” (Y/n) hedged, “he’s not a Marine…” Her tone was teasing, and there was just the right amount of mischief in her eyes.
“Ugh!” Jake walked back passed her towards the luggage section, ringing his hands in the air.
(Y/n) burst into a round of giggles as Jake wandered off, and Rooster couldn’t help joining her with a chuckle of his own. “Really though,” (Y/n) said, still trying to sober up, “What’s wrong with Army guys?”
“Well, for one, if he’s Special Forces, he has definitely already seen her naked.” Rooster spoke under his breath, not wanting to tempt fate with Jake’s foul mood, even if he would never actually unleash it around (Y/n), “And for two, Jake can’t scare an SF guy into line.”
“Well I, for one, think he’s great. And I think that will be totally unnecessary.” (Y/n) led their way through the racks, following Jake towards the matching set of bags he was no doubt going to buy Andy instead.
Rooster shrugged, not that (Y/n) could see from in front of him. “He might be a great guy, but still. Jake wants to protect her. He’s just trying to help.”
“Oh of course.” (Y/n) made a point to turn back so Rooster could see her playfully roll her eyes, “Because we women need a big macho man to help us with everything.” The pair broke out into the wider aisle and began walking side-by-side.
“Aren’t you the same girl I just watched pout her way into getting Jake to carry all of her bags out of the last store?” Rooster grinned down at her.
At the reminder, (Y/n) couldn’t hold back the devilish, gleeful smile, “Yeah, because I needed a big macho man to help me with it.”
Rooster chuckled, “You know when I got here I didn’t get it, but now I do. You and Jake make total sense.”
“I choose to take that as a compliment.”
“It was meant as a compliment.”
“For who?”
“Both of you.”
Every shop in the quaint downtown area of the small Texas town was strung with twinkling white Christmas lights along its roof. They shown down on the street like stars blinking invitingly to all the parade-goers, drawing them further into the crowd, further into the festivities. The lamps lining the street were all turned off, and the world had taken on a glow of red and green at the street level from countless, lit window displays of reindeer and Christmas trees and Santa Claus.
It was one of those magical scenes from the romantic comedies Rooster always unapologetically watched. Something in the air just screamed excitement and joy. It permeated his skin and filled him with an overwhelming sense of amusement and happiness. He was edging towards belonging, but he drew himself back, fearfully, from the feeling.
Christmas was never a holiday Rooster was particularly attached to. His family had never been particularly religious, and while his mother always made a point to make sure he had the best Christmas she could afford to give him – presents, dinner, family, lights, music – there was always something noticeably absent from Christmas with the Bradshaws. It always rang a little hollow. There was always one too many chairs around the table, one too many servings of pudding, one too many of everything.
But here, in podunk, middle of nowhere Texas, where half the people on the street remembered his name from the cookout and waved and said ‘Hi Rooster’. Where his friend – he felt far less hesitant calling Jake a friend now – walked a few feet ahead of him with the love of his life, and where Debbie clutched his arm and excitedly pointed out every family-owned store in town and raved about the town’s parade and its history.
Where Kate playfully berated her mother for boring him to sleep. And Andy whispered to Ronnie behind him about how she really did like the guy who’d asked her to go on the trip with him and his friends. And Ronnie told her to tell Jake, or Bradley, about the guy just to be safe.
Where he blinked a few times more than was strictly necessary as Andy mumbled that she’d probably talk to Bradley about it later.
“It’s beautiful Debbie,” Rooster barely knew which storefront Debbie was talking to him about this time, but her tone told him she was excited about it.
“Isn’t it just,” She beamed up at him, “The Newman’s always do such a great job. They didn’t make the cookout this time, but when you come back ‘round I’ll be sure to introduce you to ‘em. Their son and Jake were best friends when they were kids.”
Jake seemed to hear what Debbie was saying, and he craned his neck around in their direction, clearly unwilling to remove his arm from (Y/n) long enough to actually talk to them, “His dad used to own the plane, Rooster.”
“Why did you two stop being friends again?” Kate’s question sounded innocent enough, but there was an undercurrent to it that Rooster had come to recognize as common to all Seresin’s.
Debbie leaned around Rooster to give her eldest daughter a playful whack on the back of her hand, “Enough of that.”
The group all laughed.
They soon had to move to a single file line as they hit the town’s main square where the parade actually began, and the street was filling up with people camping out on the sidewalk for the best seats, leaving only a narrow walkway to get around. Kate side stepped in front of Rooster, between him and Debbie.
Rooster took the chance and leaned over Kate’s shoulder, “So why aren’t they friends?”
“Why else,” Kate turned her chin up to say it but didn’t face him, keeping her eyes forward as they duck and weaved their way through the people to keep up with the group, “Newman threw a basketball too hard at (Y/n) in P.E. She fell over, hit her head. Stitches. It was all an accident, but Jake wasn’t so forgiving back then. He’s always been a stubborn ass. They didn’t make up till college.”
“Funny, I thought around here Hangman didn’t have any flaws,” Rooster dared using the callsign. It seemed fitting in the moment.
Kate approved, grinning up at him, “You tellin’ me my brother isn’t an ass?”
“Oh no, he definitely is.”
“I’m gonna go get drinks. Wait here?” Jake asked (Y/n).
“Course, we’ll hold down the fort.” (Y/n) reached across the bench and patted Rooster on the knee, the last remaining members of the group.
The Seresins’ had secured a bench and the lip of sidewalk in front of it near the back of the circular route the parade would be taking through the big open square. There were people crowded in around them in lawn chairs or sitting on picnic blankets. Groups of children ran around and played in the empty path that was cleared out for the parade, one of them accompanied by Kate.
While they were waiting on the parade to start, Kate had run off to play with her godchildren, a pair of little girls belonging to her high school best friend. Mrs. Seresin had promptly taken that as her cue to abduct Ronnie and make her talk to someone named Taylor that she swore was just perfect for her. Andy had followed along behind snickering the whole way.
Objectively, it wasn’t that many people. A parade back in San Diego would’ve gotten ten or twenty times as many people as this one, but the shouts back and forth between different little families and the way everyone made room for the next group that came along later spoke volumes about the fact that this wasn’t just a collection of people. It was a community.  
Rooster was pretty sure that, even if they stood up and completely abandoned their stuff, no one would steal their spots or any of their belongings. ‘Holding down the fort’ was almost entirely unnecessary, and yet it provided him the opportunity he had been looking for.
He watched Jake’s back retreat towards a small makeshift shack that appeared to be some kind of concession stand. If he wanted to talk to (Y/n) alone, this was the only chance he’d get.
“Well (Y/n),” He broached in a gentle tone.  He had to be careful about this. (Y/n) didn’t strike him as the tattling or whining sort. If he said the wrong thing, she would probably grin and bear it. But of course, Jake could read her so well. It didn’t matter if she told him or not; Jake would know. So he had to be careful. “Jake’ll be leaving the day after tomorrow.”
(Y/n) gave him a sad smile. “So will you,” She added, “we’ll all miss you.” (Y/n) didn’t mean to redirect him. Rooster knew she wasn’t as sneaky as that. His first night in town she’d done quite a bit of redirecting, but all of it was incredibly obvious and usually accompanied by a look to Jake. This was just (Y/n) being (Y/n), welcoming him into the family.
“Of course,” He’d almost – almost – grown used to the Seresin brand of open affection, “but I’m not Jake.”
The smile stayed on her face even while the light in her eyes seemed to dim. “Well, no, you’re not, and I might miss him a teeny bit more if I’m being totally honest with you.” Her chipper, teasing tone didn’t match the sadness that was coming into her gaze, rolling in like dark clouds signaling a coming storm.
“Can I ask you a personal question, (Y/n)?”
“Of course,” (Y/n) shuffled on the bench. She turned to face him and brought her feet up onto the bench, pulling her knees into her chest.
He wondered absently if it was so she could look him in the eyes or if having her legs in front of her was more of a safeguard, a defense mechanism. Rooster had had several open, honest conversations with (Y/n) during his time in Texas, and some of them had actually been quite personal. But the few times he’d gotten her alone had only ever been long enough for a joke here or there, an offhand teasing comment.
He wondered if she could sense the change in atmosphere, in tone, as much as he could. If she could, she didn’t let on any more than the arm wrapped around her knees.
“Why aren’t you in San Diego? You don’t… really seem like you care about Texas that much, and I kinda get the feeling you’d rather be there.”
(Y/n) sighed like a weight had compressed the air out of her chest, a gust that looked and felt more like it was forced from her lungs than actually given freely. She knew this was coming. Rooster could tell from the way her eyes tilted down as she sucked air back in. “It’s complicated. It’s not as easy as just moving.”
“Well no,” Rooster conceded. “You would need… Well, you’d have to be with Jake, I suppose.”
“Why aren’t you?”
Her teeth caught her bottom lip, and (Y/n)’s eyes darted away as fast as the words left his mouth. They flitted along the crowd. She wasn’t really searching for anything. There was no urgency to her gaze, but she still seemed to be looking into every face that she passed. If for no other reason than to not look back at him.
“Is…” It was a wild thought, an impossible thought. But it was truly the only explanation Rooster could think of, “Is there someone else?”
(Y/n) came to a stop. Her shoulders, going up and down with the weight of her breaths froze in a sort of half shrug. Her eyes came to a stop on some unknown face in the crowd and glazed over as she stared through whoever it was into something that wasn’t there. Her fingers, twitching against the denim of her jeans, stilled and flattened against the fabric. It was like someone had a remote to a tv and hit pause.
Then, all at once, they were in fast forward.
(Y/n) threw her head back and let out an absolutely raucous laugh. If not for the packed bodies filling in the space around them with a buzz of noise, it would’ve echoed into the night. If not for the Christmas music playing in the background of the entire scene from speakers situated at the base of the sporadic trees decorating the square, her laughter would’ve been so disruptive it would’ve drawn the eyes of everyone in town to them. Not that any of them would’ve said anything beyond a cool, disapproving stare.
As it was, her laughter seemed to only add to the merriment of the moment, a merriment that Rooster’s chosen topic of conversation had pulled the pair of them out of.
Rooster let her have several rounds at his expense, going through another bout of quieter laughter then a few rounds of giggles before she finally managed to settle down enough to address him again. “I’m sorry; I don’t mean to laugh at you. Just the idea.”
“There isn’t someone else then I take it.”
“No.” She said emphatically, one last chuckle leaving her lips. “And there never will be.”
Rooster shifted himself to face her this time. A knee pulling up on the bench between them, his elbow resting on the back of the bench, propping up his head to stare her down. “Why not?”
The jovial, amused expression coloring her face softened. They were talking about Jake. Rooster made a note of it; her expression softened when she got to talk about Jake. “I believe it was Betty White who said, ‘When you have the best, who needs the rest?’”
Rooster raised an eyebrow. This was shaky ground. “You don’t have Jake though.”
“Bradley,” (Y/n) sighed and brought her knees down, crossing her legs between them. She leaned in, the amusement and merriment of moments ago, the soft loving expression she got when talking about Jake, gone. “You’ve been here for a little over a week now. Do you think there is anyone in this square, anyone in this town, who could ever love me as much as Jake?”
“No,” It was the easiest question Rooster had ever answered.
“Do you think anyone else in this square, anyone in this town… Fuck it, do you think anyone in all of San Diego could ever love Jake as much as I do?”
“No,” The second easiest question.
“I have Jake.” (Y/n) said, matter-of-factly. Her eyes implored Rooster to see her truth. “He’s mine. In every way that matters, he will always be mine.”
“But he’s not… here.” Rooster hesitated to point out, not because he thought (Y/n) would balk at the reminder. She seemed more sure of herself now, talking about how much she loved Jake and vice versa, than ever. Rooster just didn’t want to cause her pain in his path to answers. “He’s gone, and …. Much as I hate to admit it, he’s probably the best pilot at TopGun besides Maverick. The Navy isn’t gonna let him go any time soon.”
“And I wouldn’t want them to.” (Y/n) agreed.
Rooster raised an eyebrow, “Where does that leave you?”
“Waiting.” Rooster had his answer. He thought about stopping there, turning around and laughing at Kate dancing through the parade route with a little kid holding each hand, wandering over to join Andy teasing Ronnie about Debbie’s latest setup attempt… but he couldn’t.
Rooster saw him approaching behind (Y/n) from his peripheral vision. He tried not to focus on him, to not draw (Y/n)’s attention away. His eyes stayed on her even as the blonde head of hair drew close and closer through the crowd.
This was, he thought, his chance. If he was ever going to get one. His chance to finally do what Kate asked and knock some sense into Jake, and his chance to do what he knew needed to happen and knock some sense into (Y/n).
“(Y/n), you’ll have to forgive me.” Rooster’s next words were for Jake, for Hangman. “I like Jake. And I like you, and I like you both together. But he left, (Y/n).”
(Y/n) was shaking her head before he even finished speaking. “He left because I told him to go. He loves flying planes; he loves the Navy. I can wait a little longer.”
Jake was passed the last group now, coming up behind her. Even in his peripheral, Rooster could make out his face now.
“Does he love you more?”
“Of course,” (Y/n) didn’t hesitate.
“Then why aren’t you there with him?”
“I don’t know!”
She shouted then buried her head in her hands. Rooster had never heard her raise her voice before. His entire body drew back. Being shouted at in general wasn’t a pleasant experience, but there was something so much more disquieting about it being (Y/n), about it being someone who was otherwise so unshakably good natured and caring towards everyone. It was his intention to pull the anger and frustration, the sadness, out of her, but he hadn’t realized just how close she was to boiling over.
A few groups near them turned to stare, not just from the volume. Rooster glanced over and saw their faces colored in shock. He saw their eyes flit to Jake, just over her shoulder, and then to him in concern.
They were all right to be concerned.
Rooster made eye contact with Jake and instantly realized it was a mistake. He wasn’t looking at Jake. There was nothing of the mildly mischievous, but secretly kind-hearted family man in the eyes boring into his.
Rooster was staring down Hangman. Hangman with vicious, vengeful eyes. Hangman that could, and had, killed. Hangman that would readily take up a cause as honorable as avenging (Y/n)’s tears with Rooster's blood.
It sent a chill down Rooster’s spine, and for a moment he thought about running, jumping up and sprinting into the crowd for the safety of Debbie or Ronnie or Andy, someone Hangman would never commit a murder in front of. He might be able to duck Hangman’s first blow and make it to Kate and the kids somewhere behind him, but he was also pretty sure Hangman would be willing to commit a murder in front of that particular sibling.
But none of those were really options, and Rooster wasn’t one to run from a fight. There was only one solution here.
“Why haven’t you gone to San Diego, (Y/n)?” Rooster asked, his eyes staring down Hangman’s even as he spoke to her.
Hangman’s hands clenched into fists at his sides; his lips pulling back in a sneer.
“I don’t know,” (Y/n)’s voice, quiet and muffled by her hands over her face, cut Hangman off, “Maybe because… because there has to be a good reason.”
(Y/n) looked up, and Rooster quickly diverted his gaze down to hers.
There were tears welling up in her eyes. She was practically swimming in them, but none had spilled yet. It would probably be Rooster’s only saving grace if (Y/n) didn’t stop Hangman. “Jake has to have a good reason. Right?”
Rooster opened his mouth to respond, to assure her that, whatever else Hangman is, he is in love with her. To tell her she’s right, that Hangman wouldn’t do this without a good reason; it was just a question of whether she accepted his reason. But he didn’t get to say any of that.
(Y/n)’s voice picked up, strength and speed. She was spiraling. “I’m in pain every day, and I hate it. I hate going to friend’s weddings knowing that will never be me. I hate coming home every night to an empty house and an empty bed. I hate that every morning I wake up from blissfully happy dreams about a life with him, and that every morning I have to remember that’s a life I’m not living.”
Rooster chanced a glance over her shoulder.
Hangman was gone.
Rooster didn’t let his gaze linger any longer on Jake than was necessary to ascertain that he was listening. Rooster had tried to get Jake to see sense before, and it had only had marginal if any success. But this was the wakeup call he needed, and Jake was finally hearing it.
“I hate knowing that this is my life until Jake retires from the Navy in like thirty years, but it is. Because there isn’t anyone else, Bradley. There will never be anyone else. I don’t care if that means I have to wait till he retires or if I have to wait for the fucking ocean to dry up. There is nothing and no one that will ever replace Jake for me.”
(Y/n)’s eyes implored Rooster to believe her in a way that was wholly unnecessary. Rooster believed every word she was saying, not just because he thought her incapable of lying about this but because he knew the truth of every word even as she spoke it.
He’d seen it for himself in the way she looked at Jake, the way she smiled at him, touched him, the way her entire body relaxed just at the sight of him. Rooster didn’t need her to tell him how long she would wait for Jake. Rooster had already watched his mother wait.
“I want nothing more than to drop everything tomorrow and buy a ticket to San Diego. Whether there’s a house with a white picket fence or a tiny room with a bunk in an aircraft carrier, I want to be wherever he is. Being without him hurts me every day, but the only thing I know to be absolutely true in this world is that Jake Seresin loves me as much as I love him… and he would never hurt me like this without a good reason.”
“Yes he would.” The words came out broken, as broken as the man who said them.
(Y/n) lurched to her feet and whipped around. “Jake…”
(Y/n) didn’t seem to know what to say.
Rooster felt a pang in his chest at the desperation in her tone. He’d caused that. It wasn’t entirely his fault, but he had staged the moment unfolding before him. He put (Y/n) in position, in the position to stand in front of Jake and falter. Distress didn’t suit her; it wasn’t an emotion Rooster had ever heard (Y/n) express, ever. Certainly, she had never expressed distress towards anything regarding Jake; Rooster doubted she’d ever had cause to even know what distress felt like in the presence of Jake Seresin.
From the corner of his eye Rooster saw Kate take a stumbling step back in their direction. Jake had his back to her, and her eyes were trained on (Y/n)’s face. Kate looked shocked, concerned, possibly even terrified though he couldn’t tell from that distance.
“Jake, I-I can explain. I didn’t… I don’t….” She couldn’t explain.
Jake’s face was in a state of pain Rooster had rarely seen before. Early in his flying career, Rooster had briefly been given a backseater who ejected at too low an altitude and ended up breaking nine ribs. The look on Jake’s face was something akin to that, to his chest caving in.
“It’s not… I mean… Jake,” She sobbed his name.
Whatever else Jake was feeling, he couldn’t stand to hear that. Jake took a slow, deliberate step forward. “There is no reason, (Y/n).”
(Y/n) was struck dumb, and Rooster felt it in the way her knees began to shake that at any moment she was going to crumble. If Jake didn’t explain himself immediately, Rooster was sure she would disintegrate.
Jake clearly felt it too. His hand reached out for hers, but for once, she didn’t offer it freely. He had to take it for himself. Tears streamed freely down his cheeks. Even as people watched, he was completely unashamed to be crying in this moment. He made no move to stop them, no move to wipe them away.
Jake took another step forward, standing chest to chest with (Y/n) and spoke so low that only she and Rooster could hear over the noise of the throng. His voice had a reverence to it that was reserved for religious ceremony – or in Jake’s case, saying (Y/n)’s name. “There is no reason good enough to hurt you, (Y/n). You are the only thing in this world that matters to me.”
(Y/n) flung her arms around Jake’s neck. She buried her face in his chest, and her entire body shook against his from the force of the sobs that overcame her. If not for the arm Jake put around her waist, she would have collapsed against him.
“Please,” (Y/n) mumbled into his chest. One broken, unspecified plea.
Jake’s eyes turned skyward, tears still pouring down his cheeks. “Anything, (Y/n).”
(Y/n) pulled her head back from his chest, and Rooster watched their eyes meet through a web of each other’s tears. They stared at each other for barely a moment. Decades they had waited, but in that moment, they couldn’t wait a second more.
Jake’s hands came up from her waist to cradle her face between his palms as (Y/n)’s hands threaded through his hair and pulled him in.
Their lips met in the middle in a passionate, unhurried kiss, and Rooster smiled. He felt as if he’d put something wrong in the universe right again.
Somewhere in the distance, someone cheered. Rooster thought he recognized it as Ronnie, but before he could turn and find the source, the first voice was joined by a chorus of others and then a resounding, deafening applause.
Jake and (Y/n) hardly seemed to notice at all, their entire beings – as they always were – consumed with each other.
Kate showed up at Rooster’s elbow a tear rolling down her cheek. “Thank you,” She wrenched Rooster into a bone-crushing hug.
The parade started, but in a town where everyone knew everyone and everyone knew everyone else’s business and everyone knew how in love Jake and (Y/n) were, the parade seemed so anti-climactic, not just to the Seresin’s who were practically screaming with joy but to all the onlookers who had also been wondering not if but when.
“Rooster, I’m sorry.” (Y/n) held out a Christmas bag to him, “I didn’t have time to wrap it.”
“You…” Rooster stared at the bag in her outstretched hand. “You really didn’t have to, (Y/n).”
(Y/n) rolled her eyes, but her smile remained unshakeable on her face. Rooster was pretty sure (Y/n) would never be able to stop smiling for the rest of her days.
The thought did momentarily cross Rooster’s mind that she might stop smiling one day because Jake might not be at her side anymore, but that thought was quickly quashed as impossible. Rooster couldn’t see the future, but he was pretty positive that Jake would live exactly one day longer than (Y/n) so he never put her through the pain of living without him, then he would promptly keel over and die from the pain of being without her.
“Of course we did. You put up with this one,” she elbowed Jake in the side, “all the time, so we don’t have to. It’s the least we could do.”
“We?” Rooster tentatively took the bag from her hand and glanced between her and Jake.
Jake, with the arm draped around (Y/n)’s shoulders, pointed at the tree in the corner and a small pile of presents underneath it. “Seresin family tradition to sneak downstairs and steal your presents before morning without getting caught by Ma. Those’ll be yours. You’re the only one left.”  
“I mean, won’t those be…” He nodded his head towards (Y/n).
“No,” (Y/n) shook her head, “I usually break in, but I stayed in Jake’s room last night so I didn’t have to.”
Unsurprisingly, little had changed around the Seresin now that Jake and (Y/n) were finally together. They were so inseparable, so effectively a couple before, that there was virtually no adjustment needed. The arm around her shoulder, the adoring look in their eyes, the way they couldn’t be separated from each other, it was all almost exactly the same. The only difference was this time no one had to pretend it was normal and that nothing was going on. There was something going on, and now it was perfectly normal.
“You usually what?” Rooster doubled back.
(Y/n) shrugged like it was nothing to say she’d broken into someone’s home. “You have to open them before Ma finds you. It’s tradition, and I’ve never been caught.” She grinned at the second half of her comment.
Rooster turned around to look at the tree. There were about half a dozen small packages wrapped in garish red and green paper sitting under it, and now that he was looking at them, he could see the tag on the top one with ‘ROOSTER’ written in massive letters across it.
His words caught on a lump rapidly forming in his throat. “I-I,” He didn’t know what to say. There really wasn’t anything to say.
He’d never gone a year without a Christmas present. Even when he didn’t feel like celebrating all that much, even when they weren’t on speaking terms and he hated his guts, Mav had always sent Rooster something. A few of those years, Rooster wasn’t even sure how Mav had found him and was positive he’d made Iceman pull strings to find out.
“The top one’s from Mav and Penny.” Jake confirmed what Rooster already knew.
It was the others that he wasn’t expecting. A red and green package that was so clearly a book, folded in the neatest wrap job he’d ever seen with a delicate matching bow on top. One misaligned mess that, judging by the poor attempt at wrapping he’d witnessed from her a couple days ago, was almost certainly from Kate. A weird oval shaped thing that had paper twisted and tied at the ends so it looked more like a piece of candy. Two matching square boxes behind those. And a bag, still dangling off of (Y/n)’s outstretched finger.
Rooster blinked rapidly. It felt like there was something in his eye.
Jake cut the tension. He dragged (Y/n) back into his side and whispered conspiratorily into her ear, “He’s just trying to figure out which one’s mine cause he knows about the stink bomb I put in it.”
(Y/n) giggled and laid her head against Jake’s shoulder.
Rooster turned back with a smile, one that he hoped conveyed everything he was feeling towards the couple in that moment, the depth of love he’d developed for them, for all of them really, in just a week.
(Y/n) was still holding out the bag to Rooster.
Rooster cautiously took it from her hand and gently removed the obstructing paper from the top.
“It’s not much, but it seemed your style.”
Rooster let out a full belly laugh as he pulled out one of the most atrocious tropical shirts he’d ever scene. It was dark blue with waves patterned across it, interspersed with tiny spits of islands covered in palm trees and tiny propeller planes of various makes and models.
“Thank you.” His smile was both grateful and relieved. He didn’t have anything to give her in return. If it had been any more than a gag gift…
“There’s actually more in the bottom.”
Rooster pulled the shirt the rest of the way out of the bag and set it to the side. Down in the bottom was what looked like a picture frame.
“We always give Jake a new one every year because the sun bleaches out the photos.” (Y/n) explained as Rooster pulled it out of the bag. “You don’t have to keep it if it’s weird, but he always seems to like them. So I thought you might too.”
Rooster glanced up at her with a furrowed brow before he looked back down and flipped it over.
“It’ll stick to the dash of the cockpit,” Jake explained.
Most of the small frame was taken up by a large picture of his parents, a familiar picture to him of his mom and dad at the piano bench that Mav had taken not long before his dad died. Smushed into the bottom corners were two tiny group photos, one of the TopGun squad posing on the deck of the aircraft carrier after the successful uranium mission and a candid of the Seresin family, plus (Y/n) sans Jake, having a blast on their patio.
“We won’t be mad if there’s someone else you wanna put in there instead. We just…”
“No,” Rooster cut her off, looking up with a teary smile. “I love it.”
He didn’t have anything to give her in return, and the war going on in his head must’ve been written on his face because Jake gave him a small almost imperceptible shake of the head.
A resounding ‘no’. Rooster didn’t need to give them anything else.
“Open mine next!” Andy came screeching down the stairs into the living room, shouting as she went. “You’re gonna love it!”
Fanboy spotted her first. He and Payback had a rule for as long as they’d been flying together, a rule that the rest of the squadron all subconsciously adopted for themselves. Whoever saw her first got to take a crack at her. It wasn’t like dibs, because if the woman said no and was particularly into someone else they were allowed to go for it, but only the first pilot to spot her got to approach. Everyone else had to hope she approached them.
Gorgeous women in a skimpy, flowery sundress walking into a bar like this tended to stand out from the crowd, so it wasn’t surprising that Fanboy clocked her the moment she entered the bar, still standing in the doorway looking around like a lost puppy trying to find its owner in the crowd.
Fanboy whistled, low and long, under his breath and elbowed the nearby Phoenix, nodding in the woman’s direction.
Phoenix appraised the woman appreciatively. Whoever she was, she definitely came here dressed like that for a reason. That dress was the dress of sexual awakenings and wet dreams, and gods Phoenix hoped Fanboy wasn’t her type.
“Good luck, man,” Phoenix leaned over the table, eyeing the woman, “She looks like she’s already got somethin’ on her mind.”
“I bet I can take her mind off it,” Fanboy grinned and turned to walk away.
He brushed passed Rooster on his stool, and Rooster glanced around to see who Fanboy’s latest target would be. For Fanboy’s sake, thank God he had.
“Absolutely not.” Rooster’s hand lurched out and caught the back of Fanboy’s shirt, yanking Fanboy back to the table he and Phoenix were currently occupying.
Fanboy stumbled back to the open barstool next to Rooster. “What the fuck man?” Fanboy shrugged Rooster off with an expression that was more confused than angry. “What’d you think you’re doin’?”
Rooster had already turned away, offering Fanboy a half-heartedly, “Saving your fuckin’ life.” He let out a loud whistle, not of the wolfish-catcalling variety, but a loud clear note meant to get attention as it echoed across the bar.
(Y/n)’s eyes darted towards the pool tables, and Rooster tipped his sunglasses up onto his forehead, not that she really needed the help recognizing him. Even as he was reaching for them, (Y/n)’s nervous, overwhelmed expression was giving way to a wide, relieved smile.
(Y/n) darted down the steps and began weaving her way through the thick crowd. Most of the men turned to appreciate her as she passed them by, but none of them made a move to impede her progress – not in this bar, not with the group she was making a b-line towards.
“Wait, is that… that can’t be your girl?” Fanboy pointed between Rooster and the woman rapidly approaching.
“It’s not,” Rooster agreed, hopping to his feet and moving to stand beside the pole at the corner of the pool area. As he went, he thumped Hangman hard on the back where he was bent over the pool table.
“What the fuck, man,” Hangman exclaimed as he missed his shot, standing up and glaring at Rooster’s retreating back.
“8 o’clock,” was all the information Rooster offered up as he walked past.
Hangman’s eyes followed where Rooster was headed, and he suddenly couldn’t give a damn about the shot he’d just missed.
“I saw her first, Bradshaw,” Fanboy declared. His steps followed Rooster’s retreating back up even with Hangman.
Instinctively more than anything else, Hangman’s hand, still holding the pool stick, whipped out, smacking the long rod hard across Fanboy’s stomach, making him double over around the piece of wood.
“No you didn’t.”
As Hangman completely abandoned the table, (Y/n) finally spotted him, and the second she saw a gap in the crowd, she ran the last dozen or so steps to him.
Rooster wasn’t offended or at all surprised when (Y/n) breezed passed him and flung herself into Hangman’s arms.
Hangman caught her with ease, one arm tightly gripping her around the small of her back as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. Her face burrowed into his neck, and he buried his free hand into her hair, holding her there as his fingers wove into her hair.
Fanboy wandered, stunned, to stand at Rooster’s side. “Hangman has a girl?”
“Told you I was saving your life.”
Fanboy numbly nodded his head in agreement.
Rooster knew from experience that the two of them could stay like this for at least an hour without moving, and he highly doubted Penny would appreciate such a prolonged display of PDA. Or Hangman for that matter, because the pilot clearly didn’t realize the way his hand was fisted in the back of her dress was pulling it slowly further and further up, mere inches from flashing (Y/n)’s ass to the whole bar.
“Oi, lover boy,” Rooster leaned forward and flicked Hangman in the ear, “do that on your own time.”
“Fuck off Rooster,” Hangman grumbled, but he gently lowered (Y/n) down anyway.
(Y/n) stayed pressed against Hangman for another second or two before she took a deep breath, seemingly composing herself, and turned.
“Bradley,” she smiled, genuinely ecstatic to see him despite moments before ignoring his presence. “It’s so good to see you,” (Y/n) pulled him down into a hug.
“Good to see you too. Glad you’re here. Jake was getting intolerable without you.” Rooster said the last part under his breath in her ear as he bent down returning the hug.
(Y/n) laughed and pulled away. “Oh I can imagine,” she agreed. Her hand blindly reached behind her, and Hangman stuck his own out, lacing his fingers through hers and dragging her back into his side.
“What are you doing here?” Hangman punctuated with a kiss to her temple.
“Thought it’d be a nice surprise. After all my friend, Bradley here, promised to get me on base since you were less than forthcoming.” (Y/n) teased him.
Hangman smiled, one of his rare, real smiles that Rooster had never seen outside of Texas. “My apologies, ma’am, but I’m a bit of an asshole sometimes if you haven’t already noticed.”
“Oh we’ve all noticed,” Phoenix butted in.
The four other members of the squad at the Hard Deck that night were all crowded in the space between the couple and the pool table. Completely abandoning any semblance of a game in favor of this utterly stunning development surrounding the squad’s resident asshole and the hot, but entirely random, girl. She had marched into the Hard Deck and, without so much as a flirty wave, laid claim to the Jake Seresin, and the Jake Seresin had accepted it without question. The squad looked varying degrees of stunned, confused, and suspicious.
Phoenix most of all. She stuck out her hand, “Hi, I’m…”
“Phoenix!” (Y/n) happily declared, taking Phoenix’s hand and shaking it enthusiastically. “I know. Jake’s told me all about you. Which means you must be her backseater Bob, and Payback, and Fanboy.”
“Guys,” Hangman seemed to realize at this point that introductions were unavoidable, “This is (Y/n).”
Rooster leaned back against the pole and stuck his head out around the pair with a shit-eating grin, “Otherwise known as Addie.”
There were several long moments as realization slowly dawned on all of their faces.
“Is there anything you care about beside yourself?”
“Addie maybe, but she’s probably it.”
“Addie’s off the table.”
“You’re Addie…” Phoenix said it like it was an epiphany she’d just had, not something Rooster had told her five seconds before.
“Yes, I am.” (Y/n)’s head jerked up to look at Hangman, “And why does everyone around here seem to think I’m a plane? At the airport, Omaha said he thought I was a Cessna, and Fritz said he didn’t know I was a person.”
Hangman’s mouth mimed words but none came out as he searched for an explanation.
Rooster, ever the helpful friend, leaned forward and told her point blank, “He talks about you all the time, but since he named the plane after you, and he’s such an asshole, we all assumed he was in love with a plane this whole time. It seemed more plausible than him being in love with a person.”
“Really?” (Y/n) met Rooster’s mischievous grin with one of her own, “But he’s so clearly in love with himself?”
“Ugh,” Hangman buried his face in her neck to hide the heat (Y/n) could feel rushing to his skin as it pressed into hers, “I really hate that you two are friends.”
“We’re not friends; we’re family. Right, Bradley?”
“Right.” Rooster chuckled.
(Y/n)’s fingers instinctually went about carding through his hair, completely unbothered with messing up whatever product he’d lathered in it that day. The prospect of his messy hair didn’t seem to bother Hangman much either when it was (Y/n) doing it. “Really Jake, I think it’s sweet.”
Hangman pulled his face out of her neck and pulled her against his chest, pressing kisses in quick succession to her lips.
“You knew about this?” Payback asked Rooster, gesturing vaguely to Hangman and (Y/n).
“Oh,” (Y/n) turned her head away from Hangman, but he just continued kissing down her cheek to her jaw then her neck, “We only met when he came to Christmas, but I’ve known Coyote for years.”
“For years?” Bob.
“For Christmas!” Phoenix.
“Yeah.” (Y/n) answered Bob, “Since Jake was at TopGun at least. Coyote picked us up from the airport.”
Hangman’s ministrations froze. “Us?” He said into her neck. This time Hangman stepped back. His hands stayed in place on her hips, but his expression was wary.
“Well you know I hate being in planes unless you’re flying them. I wasn’t going to fly out here alone, and really, Andy and your mom were already both going to be out of town. It seemed rude to leave them behind.”
“Don’t look so scared Jake,” Kate’s voice cut through the moment as she appeared at Rooster’s right hand. “We won’t embarrass you too much.”
No one needed to ask who Kate was. The family resemblance struck each of them as hard as it did Rooster the first time he saw her.
“Kate,” Rooster smiled down at her.
“Bradley,” She returned, wrapping an arm around his waist to hug his side.
Rooster threw an arm around her shoulder returning the hug, though he left his arm in place.
“Where’s Ronnie?” Hangman demanded of Kate. His eyes searched anxiously around the room for his middle sister. Not anxious for her safety, not in Penny’s bar at least. Anxious for a very different, far more pressing reason.
“Oh leave her be,” (Y/n) playfully swatted his shoulder. “You know,” She turned to Phoenix, who still appeared to be processing an overwhelming amount of information, “this reminds of one time in sixth grade. Mr O’Connor’s class had a pop quiz in earth science-”
“Absolutely not!” Hangman threw a hand over her mouth and lifted (Y/n) up around the waist. He set her down behind him, putting his body between her and the rest of the TopGun graduates. “You are not making friends with her.”
(Y/n) said something that was muffled by his hand, and Hangman cautiously moved his hand.
“If you stop me from talking to her, who’s gonna stop Ronnie from flirting with Coyote at the bar?” She nodded in that direction.
Hangman’s eyes whipped around. In mere moments, the trio of women had taken him from cocky, asshole pilot to a frazzled hall monitor trying to keep track of too many children. “I hate you,” Hangman murmured down to (Y/n).
“You love me more than life itself.” (Y/n) dismissed offhand.
“I do,” Hangman agreed and kissed the top of her head before he let her go and disappeared to find Ronnie.
(Y/n) turned around with a smug grin on her face, staring down four dumbstruck TopGun aviators. “That was exactly as much fun as I thought it’d be.” She glanced up to look at Rooster, “Wait till he finds out Andy’s trip got canceled for a storm, and she’s outside talking to Yale.”
“I think that’s Special Forces guy’s problem now.” Rooster reminded her.
Kate shook her head. She leaned in closer to Rooster’s side seemingly to reassure him. “Nah, you were right to talk her out of it. He was a nice guy, but they weren’t a good fit.”
Phoenix cleared her throat awkwardly. It would be days, weeks, potentially months, beforte she processed the series of events that just happened. But one thing did stick out in her mind that she was capable of processing right then, “What’s this about a pop quiz?”
Kate and (Y/n) both burst into fits of laughter. (Y/n)’s hand shot out and took ahold of Kate’s.
“Oh I really,” a tear leaked from the corner of (Y/n)’s eye as she laughed, “I really can’t tell you that one, but I promise I’ll help you make Jake think I did.”
Phoenix smiled, “That’ll do.”
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swirlysmile · 2 days ago
Hey i see that ur request are open!!! I wanted to request super angsty thing if you’re okay with it. I wanted a rooster x reader, where the reader is bob’s sister and she get badly hurt because she protect rooster in the uranium mission, so the three of them fell to the enemy territory and when mav and roos wanted to stole the f14 she also stole a plane but got shot at a vital part of her body but made it. She got back to the base but didn’t realize she’s hurt and lose a lot of blood to the point of almost dying until rooster was asking her to come down from her plane and rooster was losing his mind when he sees the bloods. Please make it super angsty where they have to resurrect her in front of roos, i wanted that suspense and angst. Thank you sm🤍🤍🤍
a little switched up, but the idea is the same! i’m not super great at writing angst, so let me know what you think of it.
thanks for the request, i hope i did your idea justice. i have some writers block so requests are taking me a bit longer, sorry!
Tumblr media
word count: 3.5k
warnings; somewhat graphic mentions of blood and injuries, ends sort of happily
“Bradshaw, as I live and breathe.” 
You’re off to the side, opting to watch Hangman and Rooster argue while Bob makes a miserable attempt at cleaning up the drink he spilled. They haven’t noticed you yet, and you’re deciding to make a game out of it. You straighten out your service khakis and play a game of rock paper scissors with Bob before they even think to look your way.
Honestly, it’s kind of hilarious.
You’re more outgoing than Bob, you’d have no problem revealing yourself. It’d be pretty funny to see their faces when you tell them you’d been there the whole time tomorrow, though.
“Well, what do we have here? Another Floyd?” Hangman says. He’s poking at your nametag and you smile uncomfortably, opting not to say anything. Bob is practically thrown a cue stick, and you’re trying not to laugh at his slight distress.
“Hands off my sister, Hangman.” Bob says, a little sheepishly, and Hangman drops your nametag that he was fiddling with. The bell rings for the third time tonight, so you’ve sort of caught on.
“Overboard!” The bar chants, and you don’t really have a great view of the man that Hangman and Coyote are throwing out. When the keys begin pounding, you follow your fellow pilots over to the piano.
What a night.
The next morning, you’re glad that Bob stopped you from having that last drink. You quickly do your hair and rush out of the military issued housing to make it on base in time. 
You slide into an empty seat in the back, Bob already being next to Phoenix. Rooster strolls up next to you, making it in in the nick of time before they call for attention. 
Honestly, you were expecting to see someone more renowned, certainly much less, what’s the word? Notorious. Rooster's friendly grin shifted into more of a hostile scowl, his distaste for Maverick being made known. You glance over at him in confusion, but the dull thud of an instruction manual hitting the wastebasket makes you snap your head back towards the front.
“So does your enemy.” At this point you wish you had been listening because everything coming out of Captain Mitchell’s mouth is concerning. 
“Good morning aviators! This is your captain speaking,” 
You’re up in the air right now while Maverick explains the rules. If you squinted and tilted your head, maybe you’d have a chance. 
Thanks to Payback and Fanboy’s big mouths though, Maverick is going all out when it comes to his already-fancy-flying. You end up back on the tarmac, cursing them for the 200 push-ups you have to do. 
“Lucky son of a bitch!” You say, lightly punching Bob’s arm when he and Phoenix get out of the air. They narrowly avoided the punishment because of Roosters pride. 
He’s out on the tarmac now, doing his push-ups. 
“I’m gonna go try and figure out his problem,” Phoenix says. 
You see them talking for a second, or moreso see Rooster sitting while Phoenix awkwardly squats. 
“No luck.” She shares when she returns, not giving you the full story, she’s wiping dust onto her pants. You groan.
You’re having a great time getting to know your colleagues over the course of the week, even enjoying some time with Hangman. He’s not so insufferable once you get to know him, and you’re thanking Coyote who begged you to give Jake a second chance.
Then, you move on from dogfighting and onto flying the course and everything falls to pieces again. 
“You just don’t get it. Either a man flies like Maverick here, or a man does not come home. No offense.” Hangman grins at Rooster, glancing at you and Phoenix.
“Yet somehow, you always manage.” Bob says, a tight lipped smile gracing his face. You’re about ready to tackle him yourself, and it had all been so good just 5 minutes ago, but Rooster beats you to it the second Hangman mentions his dad. Mavericks old RIO.
Nick ‘Goose’ Bradshaw.
“I’m cool, I’m cool!” Hangman shrugs everyone’s hands off of him, but Rooster still needs to be held back.
Well, that answers a question. 
Not by who should have answered it, but it was known now nonetheless. Rooster did not enjoy the looks of sympathy he was receiving, and the second you were dismissed he made a quick escape, avoiding any further conversation. You’re absolutely livid with Hangman, and the rest of the group is pretty upset with him too. You even hear Coyote say “Too far, man.” and murmurs of agreement are thrown out among the group as well.
At first, you think Maverick is crazy. It’s hot, and you feel pretty sweaty, but after a few minutes? You’re having the time of your life. Your hands are shaking while you hold the football. “Where do I run?” You ask, a little too loudly and Bob throws his hand up, pointing to the left. “Thanks, Bob!” Hangman and Rooster come flying towards you, and your legs start to move. 
The group erupts in cheers, and Maverick seems even more sane. This team building exercise was doing wonders for you, for Hangman. Hell, even for Rooster and Maverick. Rooster actually helped Maverick up, and the sight makes your heart swell a little. 
“Keep it up, Halo!” You call, taking a sip of your water. These are the people you’re starting to see as family. Sure, it’s quick, but being on a team for an incredibly difficult and dangerous mission brings people together. Rooster joins you, twisting off his bottle cap. 
“Hi Rooster.” You say, and with a minute of awkward silence, you set your water bottle down and run back to the game. 
A few more minutes and you’re sweating your ass off, and the only thing that would make this a little better is some frolicking in the ocean. One of the many perks of being stationed in California. 
You splash Bob, and he makes it his life’s mission to drown you. 
“Siblings,” Phoenix sighs. Rooster watches with curiosity. He never had the luxury of a sibling, someone who’d make him feel less alone. He’d always had his mom, and sometimes Maverick, and occasionally Ice and Sarah, and it sounds so weird to say that they didn’t understand him. They tried their hardest to play and entertain him, but it wasn’t the same. He wasn’t exactly the most popular kindergartener, always talking about planes and such, so he missed out on that too. Luckily, it got better as he got older. 
“Don’t just stand there, Bradshaw!” He hears from you, a huge splash of water hitting him. He slides his aviators back on and joins the rest of the team in the water, ready to take revenge. 
Everything was great for a little while, minus the not so great parts. Like Admiral Kazansky’s funeral, a man who you’d never had the pleasure of personally knowing. The aftermath was crazy, with Maverick stealing a plane. Then, your mission got bumped up, and it was terrible.
Everyone was right back to being at each other’s throats, specifically Hangman and Rooster. Yay team. Since the mission is bumped up, so is training.
“But nobody has successfully completed the course!” 
“Nevertheless, we have to move on.” 
You had a bad feeling about this settling into your stomach. Like some sort of void that everything your body uses has dropped into, you feel like an empty husk, like you’re spectating yourself. Especially after the climb out. You missed the shot, much to your dismay, but god the force. Maverick wasn’t lying when he said that your lungs would feel compressed. You aren’t even shocked when moments after you get down, Coyote passes out.
Or at least you don’t feel shocked, but you do feign it. Of course you’re concerned, but you almost passed out yourself. 
“Shit, I’m going after h-” Maverick says, and the comms cut out. You don’t know what’s going on, your hands are shaking a little bit. So, Rooster grabbed your right hand, on instinct, giving it a little squeeze. He always did that for Carole when he was little, before she started crying, her hands would shake a little bit. Even when he felt like crying himself.
Then, the reality of it all settled. One of his friends was going down, and he didn’t know whether or not he was okay because of a stupid malfunction. 
“m’ okay!” Coyote says, comms cutting back in before going out again, and he thinks that it’s an insane stroke of luck.
“Bird strike!” Suddenly the comms are crystal clear, and your head starts to spin. You grip Rooster’s hand tighter than you were before because, Bob. All of Phoenix’s ramblings about emergency protocol are lost in your head because, Bob. 
“Phoenix, you can't save it!” Mav says, and that resonated with you. “Eject, eject!” 
Your heart is pounding, practically beating your chest, and then Maverick announces that he saw parachutes. There’s still a chance Bob isn’t okay, but you’d take a chance over knowing he most definitely was gone. 
Your hand relaxes a little bit, so Rooster lets go. He didn’t know how thankful you were for his gesture, but no way in hell were you going to tell him.
“They’re alright Rooster, just being kept in the hospital overnight for observation.” You hear through the door, and maybe it’s not your place, it’s definitely not your place, but you’re curious.
“Why did you do it?” 
“Why did you stand in my way!” 
You can practically feel the wince that Maverick is wearing. 
“You weren’t ready.” 
“Ready to what? To fly like you?” 
“No!” Maverick snaps, and you think that you’ve heard enough. The brisk walk down the hall feels much longer than it actually is due to the shouting.
It’s hard to hear your family fight.
The next day, everything is relatively normal, minus the glares that Rooster shoots Maverick. He hadn’t done that for a whopping week and a half. How do you even bring that up? Hey Rooster, bud, I have to be honest. I was eavesdropping yesterday, you good? 
Definitely not.
So, you didn’t. Didn’t ask about it, didn’t think about it, didn’t pay it any attention. “You okay?” Bob asks with worry. Your face is scrunched up in a mixture of confusion and sorrow, and you send him a measly thumbs up in confirmation. Some things you just can’t speak about.
The next day, your head was spinning. Goosebumps adorned your arms, and you weren’t so sure vomit wouldn’t decorate your uniform. Today was the day, would you be picked, would any of your family be left to die? It was terrifying.
“Phoenix and Bob,” Your heart drops a little knowing he’d be out there, “Payback and Fanboy.” 
“For my wingmen, Rooster and [callsign]” Bob shoots you a look, and you’re not sure if he's pissed or excited for you. You and Rooster share this glance, one that’s like Holy shit? This is happening? You hadn’t talked to him much since Bob had to eject, nerves getting the better of you. 
“Good luck.” Maverick says.
You’re sitting in the common room in the carrier, probably far past the acceptable hours, getting into your own head. Psyching yourself out. Rooster could relate, so he steps out of his room using water as an excuse. 
“Hi Rooster, what are you doing up?”
“I could ask you the same thing.”
He snorts and grabs a cup, heading towards the tap. 
“I’m thinking a bit too much.” You say, twirling the class ring on your finger. “About this mission, I’m actually scared.” He takes his cup of water and comes to plop down next to you on the couch. 
“Me too.” It sounds more like a confession than anything, than a comfort. 
Then, he does it again. He sees the shake in your hands, puts down his cup, and grabs your hand. The one closest to him.
“We can do this,” He affirms.
“We can do this.” And you go to bed more confident than you’ve been in a while. 
You step out of your room, trudging through the narrow halls while you attempt to get to the runway. Everything is basically set up, you’re just being re-briefed and then thrown out there.
“Give ‘em hell,” Hangman says to Rooster. Rooster is surprised that Hangman didn’t come up and harass him for Mavericks' choice, it’s as if they have some unspoken pact now. 
“Bob, be safe.” 
“You too,”
“Don’t do anything stupid,”
“Tell that to Phoenix.” 
“I won’t!” She calls over the wind. 
“I love you,” You say to Bob, then it’s like clockwork. You “saddle up” and prepare for possibly the hardest mission of your life. 
“Good luck,” Rooster calls out to you just before you climb into the cockpit. You send him a half assed salute, nerves taking over. 
You felt like you were on autopilot, doing everything asked of you when it was asked of you. You’re flying behind Payback and Fanboy as a last resort in case Rooster missed. “Speed up!” They say, and when the plane in front of you starts to move, you clutch the yoke a little tighter and follow. It’s underwhelming to hear “We made contact!” and even “Smoke on the air!” On Maverick and Phoenix's end, even if you’re worried for Bob.
“Dammit, this laser isn’t working!”
“That’s it, I’m dropping in blind”
You’re close behind, but not too close, so when the huge explosion happens you’re still climbing. “Success!” You speed up even more, rushing to enter Coffin Corner. 
“Smoke in the air!” 
Once it’s you being targeted, you become much more aware of your surroundings. You start effectively communicating, the shock of the situation wearing off.
“Shit, I’m out of flares!” Rooster says. Maverick immediately switches course, his plane getting blown up in the process.
“I didn’t see a parachute!” You're still trying to shake some SAMs, but the second that more are on Rooster's tail, you’re rushing to help him. Maybe it’s stupid, it’s definitely stupid, but you cant watch him go down too. “[Callsign] no!” Bob shouts, but it’s too late. You’ve already intercepted, taking the likely fatal blow. “No,” 
The last thing you remember is pulling the ejection handles a little too late, winding up too close to the crash and passing out.
The second you wake up, there’s a searing pain in your wrist and ribs -but you conclude that they’re definitely not broken. You’re bleeding through your flight suit, pieces of shrapnel impaling you in various places. God did it hurt, but you’re not a pilot for nothing, so you brush it off as best you can. 
“Hello?” You utter, attempting to see if your comms were still working, and when you receive no reply you sigh. It’s likely they won’t send a rescue chopper for another few days, if they even decide to. They lost two pilots already, and Cyclone definitely wouldn’t risk more. 
“We can’t circle back,”
“Rooster, they’re gone.” Bob says, holding back some tears. He’s trying to keep a level head, but Rooster won’t say anything. “Rooster!” Payback calls the second Rooster turns his plane around, but his mind is made up. 
He’s going back for Mav, he’s going back for you.
Maverick is contemplating his life decisions, two life threatening crashes in the span of two months? Maybe he needs to reevaluate his piloting, but his thoughts are cut short when the whir of an enemy aircraft approaches. He’s dropping all his gear in an attempt to run, his radar, his parachute, everything. Maverick hops over a fallen tree, ducking down to avoid the shots being fired. When the aircraft follows him, he thinks he’s done for. And he didn’t even make up with Bradley. 
It’s cold, and it hurts to move. You’re shaking with every step, but if you’re correct and not hallucinating from blood loss, you saw something go down -or up- in flames. It’s dangerous to have hope, but hope may be the only thing saving you now.
“What were you thinking?!” Mav shouts, equal parts annoyance and anger. 
“You told me not to think!” Rooster yells back with just as much ferocity. They stand there for a second before he awkwardly clears his throat.
“It’s good to see you.”
“It’s good to see you too,” Rooster chokes out. 
There’s a thud in the snow alerting both Maverick and Rooster. They turn their heads to see you fall into the snow, and Rooster is rushing to get to you.
“[Callsign]! Are you okay?” 
“Just peachy, Rooster.” You cough a little bit while he pulls you up.
Maverick immediately gets to work, doing his best to temporarily patch the wounds you procured.
“All done, now let’s go.” 
You’re still a bit woozy, and definitely need some better patchwork, but that will have to wait until you’re out of this hellhole. You’re sitting on a ledge, staring down at the blown up runway. There are two planes, and Maverick has the bright idea of stealing them.
“Mav, no, this is not a good idea!”
“Best one we got,” He says 
“She can’t even fly!” 
You sigh and roll up the sleeves of your flight suit. “I’m trained for this Rooster, we’re trained for this. I can do it,” Your voice quivers a little bit, as if you're unsure of yourself. Maverick runs off anyways, leaving Roosters' protests in the dust. You follow at more of a hobble, and that’s when Rooster decides to go. 
Before you hop into the plane, you try fiddling with your suit, hoping it will make the comms work again. It doesn’t, so you’re flying with minimal communication.
“See you on the other side,” You nod in appreciation. 
It’s harder than you thought it would be, trying to follow Maverick’s lead without the guidance of his voice, but you’re the best of the best. If anyone can do it, it’s you, and the graduates selected for this mission. Even with impaired judgement, you’re following along. Down in the canyon, you’re being shot at. You narrowly avoid any bullets hitting your plane, but Maverick and Rooster aren’t so lucky. When they finally shoot the plane down, the pilot ejects.
Then you race out of there, being met by even more hostile jets. Your consciousness is bordering on loss, but you’re trying your hardest to push through. The sound of shots being fired, at you, is what snaps you out of it. The pain of being shot a few more times doesn’t really register, you’re already aching all over.
Then, Hangman saves the day. You’re assuming he says something cocky, but without working comms, you don’t know. It’s just you, the roar of the engine, and your thoughts. 
The second you land your plane, you take notice of the celebration crowding Maverick and Rooster. You hop out, and the second you do the weight of your injuries hits you, and you drop. 
“[Callsign]!” Both Bob and Rooster are shouting, Maverick is trying to find a medic, and Phoenix is standing there in shock. Your eyes drift to a close, the world around you fading into nothingness. 
Maverick brings a medic back onto the runway, they don’t even try to bring you down to the medical wing. It’s too urgent to wait that much longer, so the man drops down to his knees to make sure you’re still alive.
“She’s not breathing!” He says, and Rooster's head is spinning. He’s pinching himself while they try to save you, like this is all some kind of sick dream that he’s having. One that’s going to mess him up for the real mission, but the pinches aren’t doing anything. It’s real, scarily real. 
Blood is literally covering your flight suit, and he wants to say “Great Mav! You did a bang up job!” but he knows it’s not the older pilot's fault. He knows that it’s his fault. 
Even Hangman is staring, in a mixture of awe and worry. Phoenix is hugging Bob, having snapped out of her daze while Fanboy is running around trying to help. 
“She’s breathing,” The medic says, sounding sorrowful. “but she’s unstable, get a stretcher up here!”  
Rooster swears it was the scariest moment in his life, seeing you dragged away on that stretcher before he had the chance to have a real, good, and not awkward conversation with you.
Hours later, and there’s still no news. Rooster wishes it was anything but anxiety swelling within him. Pride? Totally, sign him up. He’s sure Bob is feeling just as bad, if not worse. Poor guy is literally shaking in the corner.
“She’s fine!” Maverick bursts into the room, the loud slam of the door making the group of pilots jump. “She’s out of surgery, and she’s alive. [Callsign] won’t be awake for a few more hours, but she’s alive.” He sounds exasperated and exhausted and excited all at the same time. 
You bet that he was in there right as you woke up, second only to Bob.
“Hi Rooster.” 
He’s holding your hand, the same way he did when Bob went down, and the feeling makes your heart race a little bit. 
“Can I kiss you?” He says, and the nod he receives is all he needs.
So much for conversation.
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sonjacassel · a day ago
Tumblr media
Imagine: Bradley trying to do your makeup… like carefully doing your lip stick, trying not to smudge. Or when it comes to your eyeliner he’s freaking out trying not to stab you 😌
—There was a scene like this in book I read years ago. Where he bought her lipstick and did it for her. So carefully tracing her lips before doing the rest 😫
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beeeeeta · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Salt "Bae".
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lemonsuponlemons · a day ago
Rooster has a tight grip around your mouth, making sure that no obscene sounds can be heard by anyone, no matter how much he loves the pathetic and completely embarassing whimpers only he can coax out of you. Your nails are digging into the mattress and bedsheets, probably ruining your manicure but you can worry about in the morning. With each rough thrust of his hips, you can feel your pelvis hitting the bedframe - no doubt leaving very unambiguous bruises.
"Be a good girl and keep quiet," he whispers into your ear. His raspy, authoritative voice makes it even more difficult for you to comply. "Or do you want everyone to know who’s ruining your tiny cunt?"
Even your most unsavoury of fantasies couldn’t compare with the sheer eroticism of Rooster. Little did you know, that you, too, outperformed his wet dreams. After all those early morning when he woke up with cum staining his underwear, now that he has the real thing, Bradley really can’t control himself. Not that you mind.
It’s difficult to keep your eyes open. No coherent thoughts exist in your headspace, only Bradley Bradshaw and the way his dick is deliciously stretching your vagina. You can feel his swollen tip hitting all the right spots and tears begin to stream down your face. Maybe it’s a good thing he is keeping your mouth shut - the lewd screams of unimaginable pleasure would surely wake up everyone on the base.
"Go on, pretty thing." His big hand slaps your ass and you yelp, feeling how your legs are shaking. Bradley’s fingers sneak around your waist only to sensually rub your clit in circles. "Cum on me."
And who were you to disobey Lieutenant Bradshaw? He sticks out his tongue slightly feeling you scream in his palm. Your body withers and squirms underneath him and Rooster revels in the tight clench of your vagina around his cock.
He’s still thrusting into your cunt until you stop shaking. Then you feel him pull out and, although you’re tired, you can’t help but whimper in displeasure at the sudden lack of his dick inside you. Bradley chuckles, proud of the effect he has on you. It drives him tirelessly insane that the main star of his sexual fantasies, of all the obscene scenarios he played out in his mind while jacking off, can’t get enough of him.
Just when you think that fun time’s over, Rooster grabs your waist and tosses you farther onto the bed. He wastes no time climbing on top of you and kissing up your legs. Bradley’s much bigger than you are, instilling a certain feeling of powerlessness in you - the same sensation of defenselessness against his prowess that made you ride your pillow on so many lonely nights.
His hand gently squeezes your neck, forcing you to look at Bradley’s face. In his eyes you saw a loving devotion, now clouded with primitive desire, primal lust.
"I’m not done with your sweet pussy."
And you can’t decide which one is more true: is Rooster pussydrunk or are you cockdrunk?
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suck4angststory · a day ago
One Shot: Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw X Wife!Reader
Where Is My Daddy?
Tumblr media
Warning: Allusion to sex, but no smut. Sad Bradley, fluff (my first time writing fluff story), a little bit angst. English is my second language. Feel free to give me a comment about my writing and grammars mistakes.
Author Note: this is my first time writing fluff in this blog, I hope you guys like it. If you want to be tagged just let me know in the comment. I can't reply to any of your comments because it's sideblog. But I really thankful for your comments and responds.
Summary: Bradley have to shave his moustache, this is how he's children reacted.
Bradley Bradshaw steps into his house with a grey mask covering half of his face. His aviator is on her eyes. He walked into his house without saying anything. Normally, he'll shout out called his wife or children to notify them he's home.
But he just walked in without saying something. He let out a sigh and walked toward the living room. He sit down on the couch and remove his aviator from his eyes, he placed it on the coffee table. He rest his head on the armchair and closed his eyes.
(Y/N) heard the front door open but no sound of someone called, she pause her task washing the fruits and washing her hand on the sink, she then turn off the faucet.
She walked toward the living room and furrowed her eyebrows seeing her husband sleeping on the couch with a mask on, his flight suit still on. She walked to him and sit down beside him. She placed her hand on his biceps.
"Honey." She called out gently and Bradley open his eyes. He turned his head to her.
"What's wrong? Why do you sleep with a mask on" She furrowed her eyebrows at him.
"Nothing baby, I just want to use a mask" his voice is muffled with the mask on and shrugs of his shoulder.
"Are you sick?" She touched his forehead with the back of her hand but his temperature is normal.
"I'm okay, I just want to put the mask on" Bradley lifts her (Y/N) hand from his forehead and kisses the back of her hand. But something feels different. Bradley hold her hand and rub it with his thumb
"Honey, can you open your mask?" (Y/N) ask him gently.
"Why?" Bradley's voice laced with scared.
"I just want to see your face" (Y/N) shrugs and smile at him.
"You can see my eyes, you said you like to stare at my eyes" Bradley's voice is disturbed now.
"I know, but I want to see your face" (Y/N) try to open the mask but Bradley pulls his body away from her. (Y/N) pouted at him and give him puppy dog eyes, his weakness. Bradley let out a defeated sigh and nodded.
"Okay" Bradley then lifts his hands to his ears and opens the strap mask that hooks in his ears. When his mask is off, (Y/N) covered her mouth with her hand and lets out a gasp. She looked at him with wide eyes.
"What the fuck happened Bradley!!" (Y/N) shout out to him when she saw his face. There, his moustache was cut out into a square, like a Charlie Chaplin style.
"It was Hangman's fault" Bradley exclaimed, he folded his arms in his chest.
"What're you two doing this time" (Y/N) asked him, she can't believe they actually shave Bradley's moustache. The Dagger team always told her that they want to see Bradley without stache. But she just thought, it was just a utterance, she didn't believe they actually do it.
"I didn't do anything. I just lost a game with him" He mumbled to her.
"What game?" (Y/N) stared at him with raised eyebrows. Bradley mumbled something that (Y/N) can't hear.
"What?" She asked him again to speak louder.
"UNO" Bradley declared to her.
(Y/N) let out a sigh and shook her head. "You know you can't play UNO without me, Honey.." She touches Bradley's face and turns his face to her.
"I know, I just want to prove to him that I'm better than him in anything" Bradley exclaimed throwing his hands on his thighs.
"Yeah, but not with UNO. I bet he has Phoenix as his backup" (Y/N) claimed.
"Yeah" Bradley mumbled under his breath. He renews how he lost the game this afternoon.
It was a free day for Dagger Team on Top Gun class. They actually have a class with Maverick today, but Maverick have to attend a meeting with Admirals so he ended the class early and dismissed them.
But the team have something in their mind. They decide to play a little game before going home.
They suggest every game that they have in mind like hand wrestle, but Phoenix suggested something different, UNO.
Phoenix said she 'accidentally' bring UNO in her pocket and she thought it'll gonna be fun to play it with the team.
The team merge four tables became one and sit down, circling the table. Hangman shuffle the card in his hands and told them the rules. "The last person that still has a card is considered a loser, and they have to do whatever the winner says, deal?"
"Deal," They said in unison. Rooster was so confident he's gonna win and have a smug smile on his face during the entire game.
The first people to finish their card is Phoenix and Bob. They make a handshake when they became the first ones to finish. Next is Coyote, despite he got two +4 from Bob he manages to finish after them.
Next is Payback after got reversed a fourth time by Rooster. And then Fanboy after he got the jackpot, four of his card is the same number. So he slams all of his cards on the table and does a little dance.
"In your face Bradshaw!" He yelled at Rooster after Rooster gave him +4 when he just got one card left.
Now it's just Rooster and Hangman, Rooster has two cards left and Hangman has three cards left. Rooster is so confident he's gonna win this game. He has one yellow +2 and the number five in yellow. He'll gonna place the +2 first and after Hangman got two cards from the stack, He'll gonna slam the remaining cards he has left in his face.
"You know, I want you to cut your hair in buzz after this" Rooster spoke confidently to Hangman. Hangman just gives him a smirk and a little laugh.
"In your dreams bird boy" Hangman taunted him. Rooster then placed his +2 on the table, Hangman then let out a laugh at him, a mocking laugh.
How shocked Rooster is after Hangman placed his remaining card that is contained with +4 . He placed one bye one in dramatical way. Hangman stand up and laughed mockingly at him.
"Fuck!!" Rooster shouts out in disbelief staring at Hangman's card.
"No!! You're cheating! How can you get three +4!" Rooster stand up and pointed at Hangman.
"I'm not cheating" Hangman offended at Rooster accused him. "You're the one that sucks at playing"
"Maybe you shouldn't try to play UNO without your wife around, Bradshaw" Phoenix give him a mocking smirk.
"Now, I want to shave your moustache" Hangman pointed out.
"What!? NO! I'm not gonna shave my moustache, It's a saint for me" Rooster covered his stache with his hand. Hangman let out a sigh of Rooster's wrong accusation.
"I. Want. To. Shave. Your. Moustache" Hangman emphasised to him.
"That's so much worse! As I said, it's a saint for me. You can't shave it. Besides you can't make the decision, there are still other people that finish before you" Rooster step back from his chair and walked backwards.
"They want me to decide what punishment you should get," Hangman told him, Rooster looked at them behind Hangman and they just smirked and nodded their head.
"Oh no no no. You guys collude to do this to me" He shakes his head in disbelief and pointed his fingers at them. Phoenix rolled her eyes, done with Rooster's accusations.
"Rooster, you make a deal. A soldier never breaks their deal" Phoenix remarked to him
"But not with this!" Rooster snaps at them. Hangman has enough, he rolled his eyes and told the boys to hold him. "Boys, hold him"
Rooster tries to run away but Coyote is in front of him. "NO! Coyote, backup!" He warned him.
Behind him, Payback tackles him to the ground "No No No. Let me go Payback. LET ME GO" Fanboy got hold of Rooster's left hand. Coyote spring in action and got to hold his right hand, Bob helped with holding his legs. They lift him and sit him down on the chair, still got hold of him. They laughed at Rooster.
Hangman then bends down to face Rooster, he gives him a triumphant smirk.
"FUCK YOU SERESIN!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP" Rooster moved his head side to side when he saw Hangman bringing an electric shaving blade. Phoenix who just sit and watched the entire scene, decide to help and holds Rooster's head.
"PHOENIX, I HATE YOU TOO. YOU SUPPOSED TO HELP ME NOT HIM" Phoenix got this weird bond with Hangman after the uranium mission, it makes him happy at first because he knows Phoenix had a little crush on Hangman on their first day at Top Gun, but knowing he's an asshole, she buries her feelings and turns it into hating him.
But now, this weird bond cost him this. How he wishes Hangman is still an asshole right now. No, He is still an Asshole!!
Hangman placed a chair in front of him and sit down facing the back chair. He scooted his chair closer to Rooster.
"Relax Bradshaw, it's not gonna hurt" Hangman give him a sarcastic smile. He turn on the shaver and brought the shaver closed to his moustache.
"HELP ME! I'VE BEEN ABDUCTED. HELP ME!" Rooster shouts out and tries to release himself from their grip, but their grip is too strong.
"MAV! HELP ME!" He called out for Maverick but no one is in the hangar. All of the students have been dismissed because the meetings called out all of the Top Gun Instructors and staff.
Hangman tries to shave Rooster's stache but he always opens his mouth and makes him struggle to do his task.
Hangman let out an annoyed sigh.
"If you don't stop talking, I'll accidentally cut your lips," Hangman told him. Phoenix in action put her hand on Rooster's mouth to stop him from opening his mouth.
"FUCK YOU GUYS" his voice is muffled in Phoenix's hand. Hangman happily cut his stache.
"HAHAHA..." (Y/N) laughed double over at Bradley's story. She can imagine Bradley's face when being held.
"It's not funny" He whined. But (Y/N) just keep laughing at him. She placed her hand on her stomach because it hurt from laughing. She falls to her back and lands on the couch behind her, but half of her body doesn't touch the couch which makes her fall to the floor butt first. She let out a shrike.
"Aw shit" Bradley laughed at her falling. (Y/N) stand up and rub her sore butt.
"It's not funny" she pouted at him.
"Yes, it is funny," Bradley says between his laughter.
"I hate you" (Y/N) pouted and stomped her foot on Bradley's feet. The impact is not that hurt because Bradley using his combat boot. But it still stings. Bradley let out a hiss.
(Y/N) walked away from him.
"Wait! baby! I'm just kidding" Bradley called out but (Y/N) had already disappeared on the stairs. He stands up and tries to catch her.
"Baby, I'm sorry, I'm just joking. I know it is hurt" He called out from the stairs. Guess Bradley needs something to make it up.
After buying her a bouquet of her favourite flower, a box of chocolate, and one bag of her favourite foods. (Y/N) forgive Bradley.
After she got their ten months baby to sleep, they lay behind the duvet, naked, reminiscing after their lovemaking. (Y/N) lay her head on Bradley's chest and he rub his hand up and down in (Y/N) naked back.
(Y/N) shift her head to look at Bradley and Bradley looked at her, a goofy smile on her face. She then giggles quietly at him.
Bradley smile and leaned to kiss her and she kiss him back. She deepened the kiss and push her body forward with her elbow propped on Bradley's chest. (Y/N) move forward to straddle Bradley's waist.
They parted apart to catch their breath. They breathe heavily with their foreheads touching. (Y/N) lift her hand to touch Bradley's lips, she rubs his upper lips with her thumb.
"Wow, it feels different without the stache" (Y/N) muttered to him, she remove her thumb from his lips and peck his lips.
"How different?" Bradley asked.
"There's no tingling thing on my lips whenever I kiss you" She shrugs her shoulder.
"Tingling thing?" He lifts his eyebrows, intrigued.
"Yeah, It gets itchy when we kissed but I kinda like it. It adding some sensation" She said huskily and give him a seductive smirk.
Bradley decided to shave his stache, he said he can't live with that ridiculous style of the stache.
"Oh, so you have kink with my stache, Mrs Bradshaw?" Bradley snake his arms on her waist and turn her around so she was beneath him now. (Y/N) let out a squeak and give him a peck on his lips when she was under him.
"You know, I agreed to marry you because I'm in love with your stache," she said playfully. She traces her finger where his stache before.
"Oh, my stache huh?" He scoffed playfully. He planted his hands beside her head so his weight did not crush her.
"Yeah, whenever you between my legs, I just thinking about your stache, whenever you kiss my skin, I'm thinking about your stache," She said seductively at him and kiss him at every end of the sentence.
"I feel betrayed now. So you don't love me now because I don't have stache anymore?" He said dramatically, he make a pouty face.
"Of course not silly, I still love you, but I love Bradley 'Stache' Bradshaw more. So you better grow it fast, Mister" She bob his nose, Bradley grinned at her and leaned in to kiss her. When the kiss gets heated, the baby monitor on the table turns on, and a soft cry comes out from it. Bradley lift his face from (Y/N) and stared at the baby monitor.
"Oh shit, I think we awake the soldier" (Y/N) turn her head too and stared at the baby monitor.
"I can get him" Bradley turn to the side of the bed and begin to stand up, but (Y/N) placed her hand on Bradley's chest.
"No, you stay here, I can get him" (Y/N) stand up and find her robe at the end of the bed.
"But he'll sleep faster with me, so we can get our third round faster" Bradley suggested, he lift his upper body with his hand and saw (Y/N) tying her robe.
"So, I'm a bad mother because I can't get my son to sleep myself?" (Y/N) turned to face him and scoffed at him. Bradley looked at her with wide eyes, it was two in the morning and they had just made up in the fall accident, he doesn't want to sleep on the couch now.
"Th-that's not what I mean, baby, You know.." he stammer, but (Y/N) face changed and she let out snorts, she giggles at him.
"I'm just kidding, honey, he's probably hungry now because he sleeps from 7 PM. Unless you can produce milk now, I'll let you get him" She folded her arms and suggested to him. Bradley now moves into a sitting position on the bed.
"For that special duty, I hand it to you, Your Majesty," He bowed his head a bit, and stick his hand in please manners.
(Y/N) shake her head and giggles at her husband's silliness.
The sound of a bell ringing in her front door makes (Y/N) attention from the TV change. She stand up from the couch and walked towards the front door. When she opened it, her Mom and Five years old daughter with the pink dress and little pony backpack stood on her porch.
"Mommy.." her daughter throw herself on her waist and make her lean back slightly.
"Hey princess" (Y/N) caress her daughter's hair.
"Hey mom" her mom smiled and (Y/N) leaned to hug her but struggle with five years old still clinging to her waist. Her mom ended up moving forward to hug her. "Hey, sweetie,"
"Come in mom" (Y/N) then lift Elle to her hips and Elle circle her arms on (Y/N) neck. She then placed both her hands on Ella's butt to support her.
Elle, their oldest, spent three days with her parents. Her parents said, they miss her granddaughter and want to meet her. Despite, they just live 10 minutes away from her.
"Oh no sweetie I can't" Her mom waved her hand, rejecting.
"Why?" She furrowed her eyebrows at her.
"Your dad is in hospital, he broke his hips while playing scooter with Ella" Her mom shrugged nonchalantly.
"He playing what!?" (Y/N) shout out looking at her mom with wide eyes. "Is it bad?" She asked worried about her dad state.
"I don't know, when I left him to take Ella home, the nurse still examined him," Her mom shrugs her shoulder.
"Oh no," (Y/N) covered her mouth with one of her hands.
"No worries, I think it's not that bad, sweetie, it's your dad," her mom waves her hand telling her not to worry.
"Can you call me when his results come out?" (Y/N) grabbed her mom's hand, her face full of worries. "Of course sweetheart?" Her mom nodded at her, her mom places her hand on her biceps and squeeze it.
"Where's your husband, bye the way?" She looked over (Y/N) shoulder, trying to peer for Bradley. "Bradley still taking a shower upstairs"
Her mom then moves forward to hug her, she then kisses (Y/N) and Ella on the cheek. "Send my love to him. Bye sweetie, Bye Princess"
Ella and (Y/N) waved at her goodbye
"Bye Nana..." Ella said happily, they waited until her mom drive away from their house.
(Y/N) bring Ella inside of the house, she closed the door behind her with her leg.
"Did you have fun with Nana and Pappy?" She asked Ella while walking toward the living room. Ella nodded happily.
"Yeah, they brought me a lot of things. Pappy teach me how to ride a scooter. I can ride my Scooter, but Pappy fell off from it" Ella fidgeting with (Y/N) hair in her hand. Ella continues her story, (Y/N) just listening to her story until it is finished. "And and we go to the hospital because Nana said, Pappy broke his hips again"
"What you mean again?" (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows at Ella's story about her father breaking his hips again.
"Yesterday we climbed a tree and Pappy fell off from it." Ella shrugs her shoulder. (Y/N) then sit her on the couch and take off her shoes and backpack. "Where's my Daddy, Mommy?" Ella asked, swinging her tiny legs on the couch.
"He's upstairs princess, taking a shower" (Y/N) sits beside her and kisses her forehead.
"I want my daddy Mommy" she stared at her with puppy dog eyes.
"Why don't you surprise him upstairs?" (Y/N) suggested, Ella then happily jump from the couch and run to the stairs.
"Don't run on the stairs princess" she called out to her. She heard Ella opening Her and Bradley's bedroom door.
When (Y/N) continues watching TV, she heard Ella shrinking upstairs.
(Y/N) run upstairs and open her bedroom door harshly, there, Bradley kneels in front of Ella, his hair still wet from the shower. And Ella just stood there and looked at Bradley terrified.
"What's wrong princess?" (Y/N) kneeled beside her and embraced her.
"Who is that?" Ella hide her face on her (Y/N) neck, she peeks a look at Bradley and pointed her finger at him, she looked terrified.
"It's me, princess it's Daddy" Bradley moves forward to them but Ella hides her face further to (Y/N) neck and (Y/N) rubs her back. "You're not my daddy," Ella sniffles on (Y/N) neck.
"Princess, it's me, it's daddy" Bradley try to touch her but Ella shrieks at him. "No!! I don't want you, I want my daddy. Mommy, I want daddy"
Bradley face is full of shock and sadness, his daughter don't recognise him, she despise him.
"That is Daddy princess," (Y/N) reassurance her, Ella lift her head to look at (Y/N), her tears spill down on her cheek and she pouted "No, my daddy has hair on his lips, he doesn't have any hair, Mommy" her finger pointed to Bradley behind her.
"But princess, it is daddy, look," Bradley lifts his shirt and repeals a faded fish drawing in his stomach "I still have fish you drew on me last week" Ella looked at the drawing for a second and drew her face back to (Y/N). "Mommy I want daddy" she begins crying now, her tears streaming down her face, and she buries her face in (Y/N). "Shush princess, Mommy's here" (Y/N) rub her back trying to calm her down.
Bradley looked hurt, he gave (Y/N) a sorrowful look and slumped his shoulder. He stared at crying Ella, (Y/N) looked at him feeling guilty and sympathy.
A baby monitor on the bedside table suddenly turns on, and a sound of the baby babbling and mumbling 'dada' come out through the monitor.
"Honey, can you go see Andy?" (Y/N) give him an apologetic look, she feels bad for Bradley.
"Yeah.." Bradley nodded and stand up. He walked to (Y/N) and bend down to kiss her hair. Ella cries tenser when Bradley wants to kiss her. Bradley let out a sigh, he looked at Ella crying in (Y/N) before he closed the door.
When Bradley step inside his baby room, Andy is standing in his crib. Andy babbled the word Dada in his crib and giggled happily.
"Hey, Buddy.." When Bradley walked closer to him. He stopped babbling. He stared at Bradley, curious and trying to figure out who he was.
"Dada.." he called out.
"Yes, it is Dada Buddy" Bradley smiled brightly at him, when he stepped closer to try to pull him out from his Crib, Andy started crying.
"Dada......." His cheeks were red and tears streaming down freely on his cheeks. He mumbled Dada in his cry.
"What? It's me, Buddy, It's Dada" Bradley's voice is now full of panic, he tries to touch him but Andy pulls himself down from his crib and crawls to the side. "Dada..." His cry was louder now.
(Y/N) came rushing with sobbing Ella in her arms. "What happened?" She asked Bradley, panic about what has gotten to their son that made him cry out loud.
"I think they hate me" Bradley mumbled, his eyes watered, his face full of sorrow and dejected. He turns and walked out of the room.
(Y/N) try to call him but Bradley ignores her, "Honey.." she call again but he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.
After making Ella sleeps and feeding Andy until he sleeps, (Y/N) walked inside their shared bedroom, she saw Bradley laying on his stomach and his face buried in the pillow beneath him. She gets to her side of the bed and sits down crossed legs beside him, she places her hand on his back.
She heard him sniff a few times, he must be crying, she thought.
"I hate Hangman. I hate him" his voice muffled in the pillow. "My kids hate me now, my princess hates me, my buddy hates me"
"Oh honey, they don't hate you, they just don't recognise you without the stache" (Y/N) caressing his hair. Bradley then turn his head to faces her. His face is red, his eyes are glistening and bloodshot, and his cheeks stained with tears. (Y/N) heart broke seeing Bradley like this.
"Oh Bradley, come here" (Y/N) patted her lap and Bradley turn his body and lay his head on (Y/N) lap, he buried his face on (Y/N) stomach and hug her waist.
(Y/N) massage Bradley's head and brush his hair with her hand.
"My princess hates me, baby, she hates me, she's crying when she saw me. She adores me before, whenever she wakes up I'm the first person she asked for, I'm her daddy, my princess (Y/N), she hates me now, she despises me" His voice muffled in her stomach and he begin crying again.
"She doesn't hate you, honey, she just doesn't recognise you without the stache. You know she always saw you with the stache, and now seeing you clean-shaven it's new to her. Give her time, she'll come to you soon, you know you're her hero." (Y/N) reassurance him.
"What about my buddy, my son (Y/N)? He was crying when he saw me, my buddy, my son, my baby, he saw me like I'm some monster. His first word is dada, he just knows dada as his word, and now whenever he saw me, he's crying. He hates me (Y/N)" Bradley's crying is louder now and he shouts out (Y/N) names. (Y/N) turn Bradley's face to look at her.
"Hey hey hey, no one hates you, not even Andy, he doesn't hate you, He. Just. Doesn't. Recognise. You." (Y/N) emphasised her last sentence to make her statement clear. "He's ten months Bradley, and he always saw you before with a stache and now you shave it, of course, he doesn't recognise you," she said firmly. He sniffed a few times, (Y/N) and then wiped his tears with her thumb.
"But I want to play with them, I want to play with my Princess and Buddy. I want to take her on a date like we always do, I miss them, especially my princess, I've never saw her for three days." He pouted at her.
When Ella is at her grandparent's house, Bradley always facetime her, three times a day.
"Soon when your stache grows back" She wipe the new tears that escaped his eyes.
"That's too long" he whined.
"Then We can buy a fake stache in the store" (Y/N) suggested.
"No, Hangman side that thing is itchy" He pouted.
"So, you have to wait until your stache grows back" (Y/N) said to him firmly.
"But I want to play-"His voice cut out by the bedroom door being open. (Y/N) and Bradley whips their head to the noise.
"Mommy.." Ella with her Beauty and The Beast pyjamas and little pony doll in her arms step inside the bedroom. Her lips jutted out and tears streaming down her face. Bradley lifts his head from (Y/N) lap. she then stands up and walked to Ella.
"Oh, what's wrong princess.." she coos. She lifts her and places Ella on her hips. Ella buried her face in (Y/N) neck.
"I have a nightmare, Mommy" she sobs and (Y/N) rubs her back to calm her down. "What nightmare, princess..?"
"Daddy leaves us.." She sniffed
"Daddy doesn't leave us, princess, Daddy's here" (Y/N) reassured her and walked her towards the bed. Bradley sits cross leg on the bed and wipes his cheeks with his shirt.
(Y/N) place Ella standing on the bed. Ella lift her head to look at (Y/N). "Where's Daddy..",
"That's daddy Princess." (Y/N) pointed to Bradley behind her and Ella turned her head to look at him.
"Hey, Princess.." Bradley waved at her and give her a smile.
Ella walked towards him. "Are you really Daddy?"
"Of course, You remember you drew this flower on my arm before you go to Nana and Pappy's house? You said it was for me so I'll always remember you when you're away from me" Bradley lifts his sleeve and show a daisy flower drawing with a permanent marker on his bicep. Ella touch the drawing and giggle, she then threw herself on Bradley's neck.
"Daddy.." she squeals happily and smiles on Bradley's face is back. "Hey, my princess.." Bradley hugs her and smoothed her hair. (Y/N) smile at them and shook her head. She sit down on the bed and watched carefully their interaction.
Ella lifts her head and sits on Bradley's lap. She touches his upper lips. "But where your hair Daddy?"
"Daddy has to shave it because it's itchy, Princess" Bradley brought Ella's hand to his lips and kiss it.
"Is it really itchy?" She asked, wondering.
"Yeah, it's Itchy sometimes" He scrunched his nose to her.
"Oh," Ella said, disappointed, she pouted her lips and looked down. Bradley lift her face with his finger,
"What happened, princess?" He asked softly. he then brushes her hair that got into her face.
"I just like you with hair on your lips, you're more handsome with the hair" Ella shrugs her shoulder. "Is it?" He asked, inquisitively.
"Yeah" Ella nodded and giggle when Bradley playfully poke her stomach. He then brought Ella to lay down with him on the bed. Ella squealed and giggle happily.
"You and your Mommy are the same, Princess" Bradley looked at (Y/N) whose laying on her side and watching them with one hand propped on her head. "It's a prove she's my daughter, Bradshaw" (Y/N) gives him a small smile.
"Can I sleep with you, Daddy?" Ella asked him, her head resting on his shoulder, she trace the outline of Jet's figure on his shirt.
"Certainly, My princess, here, get comfy" Bradley adjusts Ella in his arms to make her comfy to sleep in his arms.
"Is your hair gonna grown again, Daddy?" Ella lifts her head to look at him. "Of course Princess, but it'll gonna take sometimes"
" That's Good" Ella nodded and back to trace the outline on Bradley's shirt.
"Why's good?" Bradley lifts his eyebrows to her, curious. "Because I like to play with it, and Andy loves it too, it makes him laugh when you kiss him"
Ella like to play with Bradley's stache, she said it was soft like her barbie hair. Sometimes, whenever Ella sleeps with him, she'll have her hand on his stache, when Bradley tries to lift her hand, she'll place her hand back on his stache again.
"Okay Princess, "Bradley kissed Ella's cheek. Ella giggles at him.
Ella then move forward to him and whispered to his ear "Good night Daddy, I love you" She then kissed his cheek.
"I love you too Princess" Bradley kisses her forehead.
Ella turns to (Y/N) and kisses her cheek. "Good night Mommy, I love you"
"Love you too Princess" (Y/N) kisses her cheek and forehead. Ella back to Bradley's arms and let out a yawn. Bradley rubs her back until she falls asleep. (Y/N) stared at them and brush the hair that got on Ella cheek.
"What about Andy?" Bradley whispered to her. After silence for a minutes.
"Guess, we should buy that fake stache, Bradshaw" (Y/N) told him playfully.
"Oh no..." He whined.
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mothdruid · a day ago
plans for the day
pairing: bradley ‘rooster’ bradshaw x fem!reader
summary: during morning breakfast, bradley asks if you have any plans for the day. after you tell him your plans, he decides to show you his. 
wc: 2.5k
warnings: 18+, smut, minors dni, vaginal sex, oral sex (m to f), vaginal fingering, pet names, dirty talk
a/n: aye!! my first fic post surgery! my treat the day before surgery was to see top gun maverick alone. so i’ve been waiting until i was well enough to write again. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Plans for the day?” Bradley asked as he rinsed off his plate. You looked up at your husband from your breakfast. You took another bite of the french toast on your plate before setting the fork down next to your plate. Bradley set his plate in the sink before turning back and leaning against the counter. 
“Not really, might take Henry for a walk.” Brad nodded while crossing his arms over his chest. “Why? Did you have something in mind?” 
A soft chuckle emanated from him, as he pushed up off the counter. His lips gathered to one side of his face while he looked at you. He brought a hand up to rub and knead at his neck. One of your eyebrows raised as you gave him a questioning look. “What?” He nodded with a chuckle again as he inched closer to you. You turned your head around to see him moving closer to you, closing the space between you two. His arms draped down around you, caging you in against the island. 
“Well, I was thinking,” his breath ghosted over the skin of your neck, “what if we spent all day together?” You tilted your head to look at him. Big puppy dog eyes met you, pleading for the answer he wanted. Hot wet lips attached to the sensitive part of your neck. A soft moan fell from your lips as Bradley continued to suck and lick at the spot. The small hairs of his mustache scratched at your skin, making your insides clench a little. You kept one hand planted on the counter while the other moved up to rest on the curve of his neck. 
“Brad.. B, let’s take Henry for a walk first.” Bradley’s lips trailed up underneath your ear, his teeth capturing your earlobe before he pulled back for a moment. Without warning you felt one of his hands snake down and press against the apex of your thighs. Your hand grabbed at the back of his neck, pulling him a little bit closer. Another moan left your lips as his hand rubbed circle onto your clothed cunt. “Rooster.” 
“Hmmm?” Bradley mumbled as his lips attached to your neck once more. They moved up and down your neck, marking it up as he moved down to your shoulder. Your insides fluttered at the blunt attention Bradley was providing you. The subconscious roll of your hips into his hand was urging him to continue. The broad feeling of his chest covered your back. You felt like you were slowly being consumed by him. 
Your head rolled back onto his shoulder, giving him better access to your neck. His other hand came around to cup at your chest, kneading the supple flesh covered by your thin t-shirt. “B, we can’t just waste the day away like this.” 
“I wouldn’t call it wasting the day away.” His voice was laced with lust at this point, making you start to give in. His teeth nipping at your neck, causing your back to arch Your back arching pressed your breast further into his hand. He dragged his mustache against your skin, making you shiver. Your hand on his neck tightened, urging him to continue. The hand between your legs slipped underneath the band of your lounge shorts. Bradley was relieved to feel your bare cunt touch his fingers. A moan escaped his lips as he felt how wet you had already become. “Fuck.” 
The hand on your breast kept kneading as his fingers slipped between your folds. Bradley immediately started to rub circles on your clit. The kitchen was becoming more and more filled with the sound of your breaths and moans. Bradley had slowly started to rut into the top of your ass and lower back. He nuzzled into your neck while his fingers on your clit sped up, circling more and more aggressively. 
Your abdominal muscles clenched, tightening with every circle of Bradley’s fingers. The building pressure caused your hips to stutter forward, searching for the climax you knew would be approaching. “Bradley!” You moaned out and his lips latched onto your neck, sucking on it fervently. The hand on your chest skated down your body, grabbing at the inside of your thigh. Bradley kept the grip on your thigh tight, forcing your leg to stay open while his fingers worked your clit. 
The two of you sat like that for a few moments. His fingers worked your clit while his breath was heavy on your neck. Your palms were flat on the counter, trying to center your brain on the pleasure boiling in your core. Bradley’s grip on your thigh had you squirming now, knowing that there would be small bruises covering that spot tomorrow. “Close?” His voice was raspy as he whispered against the shell of your ear. 
A gasp left your lips as you nodded your head. “Please, B.” Your voice was soaked in need, as his fingers suddenly dipped inside of you. Moans escaped you as he started working his fingers in and out of you. Your hands grabbed onto his arm, melting further back into him. His cock pressed into your lower back as you rocked back and forth on his hand. 
The hand on your thigh snaked into your pants, fingers moving to play with your clit. A string of moans and groans streamed out of your throat, flooding Bradley’s ears as he edged you closer to your climax. One set of fingers pounded into you while the other circled on your bundle of nerves. 
Bradley pressed his forehead to the side of your head as our orgasm flooded your system. His groans mixed with your moans filled the air. Your cunt squeezed and fluttered around his fingers, your hips rocking violently as he kept pounding his fingers into you. The other hand was still rubbing your clit, making sure you got the utmost pleasure you deserved. Bradley pressed his hips harder into your lower back, yearning for his own pleasure. Bradley had another idea though, hoping to make sure this wasn’t the only time you came today. 
Without warning his hands left your shorts and grabbed your hips, swinging you around on the bar stool at the island. Lips smashed into your own, his tongue forcing its way into your mouth. The slick muscle explored your mouth, swirling with your tongue as his hands kneaded your hips. As he pulled back from the kiss he nipped at your bottom lip with his teeth. “Fuck, I need to taste you so bad.” 
One of his hands quickly pushed your plate and fork off to the side. Bradley grabbed your hips again and lifted you up, sitting you on the counter. Your hips automatically lifted when his hands tugged at your shorts. After throwing your shorts behind him, he bent over slightly and kissed the inside of your knee. A trail of kisses made their way down the inside of your thigh, accompanied by the scratch of his mustache. Wet sloppy kisses made their way down your thigh. 
Bradley brought a hand around your thigh to the top of your cunt, opening it up with his fingers. You rested back on your elbows watching as your husband started licking at your clit. Rooster started to flick his tongue on your clit, making your toes curl as you watched him. His green orbs looked up at you, locking with your own eyes as he engulfed all of your clit into his mouth. 
His mustache pricked at the top of your lips as he opened his mouth on your cunt. His tongue lapped at your clit and hole while he moaned into you. Your hand sat at the top of his head as your fingers threaded through his locks. “Fuck, B.” Bradley sucked on your cunt then started shaking his back and forth, ripping a moan from you. The familiar tightness in your abdomen had returned as he kept enjoying everything you had to offer. His other hand snuck up below him, fingers prodded at your hole. 
“How did you get so wet?” Bradley groaned while watching as he pushed his fingers inside of you. He could feel his cock twitch while watching you stretch open around his fingers. He rested his head on the inside of your thigh while watching his fingers thrust in and out of you. “That feel good? That fill you up?” 
You nodded quickly as you started to rut your hips into his hand. He craned his fingers as you rode them, trying to find that sensitive spot inside of you. The feeling of his mustache reappeared at the top of your cunt as his lips wrapped around you clit once more. Your fingers tightened in his hair and pulled him close as you started to ride his face. “Yes, baby. That’s it.” Bradley’s moans filled you up as you rode his face, inching you closer and closer to your orgasm. 
With one more flick of his tongue and brush from his fingers you were coming undone. Your hips gyrated on his face as you let your head fall back from the pleasure. His mustache pressed hard on your lips as he lapped at your clit. His fingers continued to work you open, thrusting in and out of your cunt. The sensation started to become too much making you quiver as you started to push Rooster back off you. You tightened your fingers in his hair and pulled you up towards you. His fingers kept pumping slowly in and out of you as he moved up your body. 
His lips smashed into your own, the taste of you hitting your tongue. His damp mustache pressed into your upper lip as your tongues mingled. The feet of the bar stool skidded across the floor as Bradley pushed them out of the way. Your skin stuck to the counter a little bit as Bradley pulled you close to the edge of the counter. A smirk gathered on your face as you felt a hand move from your sides, “Were these your plans for the day?” 
His damp mustache dragged across your skin as he left a trail of wet kisses. “You fucking bet it was.” You felt his cock rest against your wet cunt. His one hand came down and pressed his cock on your cunt, sliding it through your wet lips. The head of his cock brushed up and down on your clit, making your insides flutter. Bradley dragged his cock down, pushing the head of his cock against your entrance. 
The head of his cock entered you slowly before he pulled it back out, grinning as he did so. This small game of his kept going for a little bit as he rambled. “Look at you, so needy for my cock.” Bradley pressed his forehead against your own, his hot breath fanned over your face. “So fucking wet for me. Aching for my cock aren’t you?” You brought your hand up to his neck, grabbing at the back of it and crashing your lips with his. 
While the two of you fought for dominance in the kiss, Bradley pushed his cock inside of you. A gasp escaped you as you were stretched around him, making you feel like you were being split in half. Sometimes you were shocked at how you were able to take him time after time. It always felt like you were being split in half, stretching you as far as you could. Bradley groaned as he felt you squeeze around him, your cunt gently fluttering around his cock. 
“Fuck.” Was the only word that came out of you. Bradley started rocking into you as he nuzzled into your neck. His mouth attached to your neck while your nails dug into the back of his neck and shoulders. It was a slower rocking that picked up quickly. The sound of skin slapping joined the moans and groans in the air. 
One of Rooster’s hands moved down to your thigh, hiking it up on the side of his hips. Your hand loosened around his neck as you laid yourself back. The cool countertop met your searing skin, trying to level your mind. Bradley stood up and grabbed at your other leg, holding it similar to the leg already against his hips. 
“This is exactly what I wanted today.” Bradley kept fucking into you as he spoke. You brought your hands up to your breasts, kneading them yourself while staring at Bradley. “This was my plan today, making you come as much as I want you to.” Bradley’s hands wrapped around the underneath of your knees and pushed your legs slightly up. He groaned as he watched himself fuck into you, your cunt glistening as he fucked int you. “So fuck hot and tight for me.” Your back arched hard when Bradley hit into that sensitive bundle inside of you. 
The tightening in your abdomen had returned as Bradley kept ramming into you. Bradley’s groans grew louder and louder as he felt you flutter around him, squeezing him tighter. Bradley dropped his head back for a moment just to listen to your moans. His thrusts stopped just so he could feel you clench around him. You continued to knead at your breasts as you tried to roll your hips, wanting him to move inside of you. 
“Bradley, you need to move.” And with that simple statement he slammed back into you at a brutal pace. Bradley let your legs wrap around him, letting them go and snaking his hands up your shirt. He quickly pushed your shirt up and latched his mouth onto one of your nipples. The other breast was groped by one of his hands, kneading at the flesh while he sucked on your nipple. His cocked brutally pounded into the sensitive bundle of nerves.
A moan ripped through you as your third climax roared through your body. Your muscles clenched tightly around Bradley’s cock. Bradley groaned as he felt your grip on him, pushing him closer to his own orgasm. His thrusts got faster as he tried to close in on his orgasm. You moaned loudly as you felt Bradley let go, slamming in you only a few more times. With each thrust his cum filled into you, mixing with your own fluids. 
“Fuck.” You whispered as Bradley rested on you, his head settling on your chest. You carded your fingers through his hair, trying to catch your own breath. Bradley’s hands ghosted up your sides, squeezing you every now and then. “So that’s why you asked.” 
“That’s why you asked about my plans.” You stared down at him, waiting for him to look at you. He raised up at you a little bit, eyes peeking up at you. 
“Maybe.” Rooster cracked a smile at you as he rested his head back on your breasts. The two of you sat there for a moment, waiting for either of you to gather some type of energy. You shifted underneath him, grabbing at the hem of your shirt to pull it back down. Bradley caught on and grabbed at your shirt too, pulling it down back around your waist. 
“Can we walk Henry now?” You asked. 
“Sure,” Bradley propped himself up on his elbows,” but be ready for when we get back.” Your eyebrows knitted together at his reply.
“What does that mean?” Bradley gave you a grin before placing a small kiss on your chest. 
“Just know that I have more plans for the rest of the day.”
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You're Pregnant While He's Deployed || Rooster [h.c]
✧ Rooster masterlist
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You found out you were pregnant the week Rooster left for a 6-month deployment. You were petrified to tell him, considering the circumstances you two would be enduring this time
You finally broke the news to him four days before he was set to leave
He was holding Nick in his arms, giving him nightly cuddles before bed, when you handed him the pregnancy test
"There's something you need to know."
"Y-you're pregnant?"
"Sure am, babe... I guess that weekend Penny and Maverick kept Nick; it worked."
You were smirking, holding your chin
Rooster immediately stood to his feet, pulling you forward with one hand. He kissed you passionately while Nick was beginning to fall asleep in his arms
"You hear that, bud? You're gonna be a big brother!"
Nick just smiled, his eyes fluttering to a close
After Rooster put Nick down for the night, he returned to you but with a dreadful realization
He was going to miss at least the first 6 months of this pregnancy
"I know, Bradley. I know."
Rooster walked over and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his lap
He remained silent, instead kissing your nonexistent baby bump, his fingers trailing up and down the length of your spine
"I feel horrible now."
"Rooster, we had no idea this was going to happen. We'll be fine. We've done a deployment before."
"Yeah, but not while you were pregnant. I was here the entire time while you were pregnant with Nick."
He wanted to be there for you; he wanted to experience every emotion with you all over again
You two only wanted two babies together, which meant he'd miss the first 6 months of your last pregnancy if everything went well
"We're going to be fine, Rooster. I promise. You'll be the best aviator, and I'll hold down the fort here with Goose. I'll have Maverick, Penny, and Amelia, too."
That alleviated some of his nerves
Needless to say, when the day came for him to leave, you two were in tears as you held each other
Nick was even crying as he said goodbye to his daddy
"Miss you!"
"I'll miss you too, buddy. Daddy loves you so much."
"Love you!"
Rooster kissed you long and hard before he dropped to his knees and kissed your belly
"And daddy will miss you too, kiddo. Whatever you may be."
"Rooster, I love you."
"I love you more, sweetheart."
Once he left, you and Nick ventured on your own. You did tell Penny and Maverick about being pregnant again; both of them elated to hear that you and Rooster were expanding your little family
And so the 6 months began
Your morning sickness was pretty tame this time around
Since Rooster was at a different Naval base and ship port than the one at home, and he was working, he hardly had time to communicate with you. But he made the most of it when he did get to see you and Nick on video chat
Oh, but when he did get to see his two favorite people
You were updating him with reports from the doctor on how the baby was doing
Every time you two started to log off, he would make you stand up and lift your shirt so he could look at your belly
When your bump finally popped out? Rooster nearly lost it
He thought it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen
Thankfully, you and Rooster agreed that you wouldn't find out the sex until he got home from his deployment
You even mailed him pictures of the sonograms so he'd have something to look at when the nights got lonely
He tacked it beside the one of him and Nick, as well as the family picture the three of you had together
He was counting down the days until he got to come home to his babies
Rooster always asked how you were feeling, how the pregnancy was treating you, and he was elated to hear that it had been smooth for the most part
"I felt the baby kick for the first time today. You won't believe it, but the kid loves Maverick's voice."
"Well, tell them they better stop."
"I'm serious!"
When Nick saw Rooster on screen, he'd always tell his daddy about his baby brother or sister
"Goose, what do you think mommy's having?"
Nick swore from the very first ultrasound that every time you would ask him, he'd always tell you he had a little sister in there
The day that Rooster finally got to come home, it was a joyful one. When you go to pick him up, he is elated when he sees you wearing a sundress, your bump exposed
"There's my girl!"
You and Nick were racing to greet him, pulling Rooster into your arms. He swept Nick up and kissed him over his face while he wrapped an arm around you. He was touching all over your belly, grateful that he would have the last 3 months of the pregnancy to spend alongside you physically
He couldn't believe how much your bump had grown
"Well, now you don't get to miss any more pregnancy milestones... We find out tomorrow what we're having."
And Nick was right. You guys were having a little girl
Tumblr media
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TEARS OF RAIN. rooster + “come here, hold my hand.” “you’re washing the dishes.” “..i can do both…” 
“i got it, baby.” it’s the first thing he said after dinner, ushering you off into the living room to pick out something to watch while he cleaned up.
and you’re about halfway through the new releases tab on netflix when you hear him grumbling about something in the kitchen, just barely above his breath.
“what’s up, honey?” you ask after a couple more of his mumbles.
“i can hear you groaning, bradley. what’s wrong?”
“nothing, just-“ he sighs. “come here, hold my hand.”
“you’re washing the dishes,” you say, though you’re already dropping the remote onto the couch and walking over towards the kitchen.
“i can do both,” he says.
“sure you can, baby,” you say as you come up behind him, tucking your arms around his hips and your hands into the pockets of his shorts.
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Miles 🖤
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Rooster: I did a bad thing.
Hangman: Does it affect me?
Rooster: No.
Hangman: Then suffer in silence.
Y/N to Phoenix: They’re so supportive of one another.
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