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boopfox · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
left and right
left and right
left and right
left..and right
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k3nz-x · 19 hours ago
The Fair
I love the fair. It is truly one of the best times of the year. The smell of the sweets and junk food, the bright, beautiful lights of the rides at night, the shared excitement of everyone in attendance. I honestly cannot think of anything better than the fair.
Although rides are some of the best and most beautiful parts, I always love the booths that offer a little more. When I say booths, I know most people expect the bottle toss, balloon darts, and rigged games; however, I mean attractions. I love the magic, the ventriloquists, the stuff that is more rare and unexpected.
I walked up to the sign to see what kind of entertainment there was tonight, the sign read Hypnotist Blake. I had never seen a hypnotist in real life. However, I was always attracted to the idea. I looked at the time for a show, and I went walking around until it was time.
As I walked around I watched the carousel go round and round, the horses going up and down with the rhythm of the songs as the lights played with the melody. I saw the orbiter lifting up with people strapped in as the light underneath them sped as fast and the ride itself and how dizzy and are as they came off and tried to refind their footing. The lights on the Ferris wheel were attractive as well. Neon shades of reds, blues and greens lightning up what seemed the entire fairground as it slowly lifted the cars to the top and back down over and over again.
The smell of salty snacks and sweet treats filled the air all around. The candy floss was being wrapped so beautifully and they were displayed outside the food trucks. Other people in attendance at the fair walked around with popcorn and fries. There was so much sugar filling the air it made it hard to be upset as the scents made the environment feel safe a warm allowing everyone to enjoy themselves and relax.
Later they were setting up the stage when the sunset, so I took a seat in the front as they prepared the hypnotists booth. To take my mind off waiting, I looked around at the beautiful lights some more, and they moved and blinked and shined all throughout. Before I knew it, the crowd was packed, and the hypnotist took the stage.
Hypnotist Blake had the most captivating eyes, the ones anyone could get lost in before helping themselves. The way they swaggered upon the stage was so confident; they appeared so powerful. They welcomed the audience and exclaimed their excitement to be here. As they explained hypnotism and how long their show would be, they also asked for volunteers, my hand and dozens of others, shot up. I don't know why I was suddenly so attracted to the idea, perhaps to see if I could prove them wrong and fight their hypnotism.
Blake had selected about ten individuals, and I was included. As we got onto the stage with them, they told us that only half of us would be the proper subjects as hypnotism will only work if the participant is willing and open to suggestions. They warned us that if we wish to fight the control, it is not worth staying up as it will certainly not work. I weighed the option in my head and took a seat; ready for the trial process, I decided to cooperate to see more about this whole hypnotism. By the end of the trial, I was selected, and it gave me a rush of excitement.
As we started and the five of us selected were placed in chairs close enough to each other Blake pulled out a crystal pendant. The crystal almost looked like an icosahedron. The bright lights from all the rides shined through the crystal forcing my attention to stay on it. Following it and Blake’s words of ease and relaxation was so easy. I let the lights take total control and started until my eyes were forced shut and my body could not keep itself up.
The session was over just as fast as it started from what I could remember, but it was unclear. When we all woke, a good two or three hours had passed. As I went to leave the stage and go home, someone had grabbed my hand, it was Blake. I looked at them and thanked them for amusing many of us at the fair. They laughed and thanked me for being so willing and easy to work with. I wasn't sure how I felt about being called easy, but I was happy to talk to them.
"Well, I'll let you get going, but I also wanted to give you my contact information," Blake told me. "I find after my sessions some people get caught up with questions about the sessions and hypnotism, and I have no issue answering anything of the sort" I nodded.
When I first returned to work and told my co-workers about the fair we all had a good laugh about me becoming hypnotized. There were many questions about it but I had to be honest and let them know that all I could remember was drowning out the word, focusing and then I couldn’t remember much other than relaxation.
For the next few days, I was at work, and it was hard to concentrate. I wasn't sure why something like doing something out of my routines like the fair or the moon. I did all I could to continue my work. The more I tried, the harder it seemed. Some days it was like I was back at the fair smelling sugar filling the air of the office but I knew that couldn’t be true. Finally, at 5 PM, I got my things and went home.
My home was not much better. I got in and daydreamed most of my night away thinking of the lights and the attractions and how entrancing the neon bightness was, it was almost like the reflections from the crystal were shining in front of my eyes, but as I looked over there was no crystal and no Blake. Also, once I got into bed, I tossed and turned, unable to shake off this odd feeling that had developed over the last few days.
Throughout the next few days, the feeling became more and more intense as well as the aroma and the thoughts of the bright entrancing neon lights. They got so fierce to the point where I had to take time off a few times. I was restless, unable to focus; it felt all so unreal. Every time I tried to think my head felt like it was spinning as fast as the orbiter stuck on an ever-going carousel that was not stopping anytime soon. Every thought crashed with another like bumper cars that they did not last much longer than a few seconds
Suddenly somehow, between the lights and rides and sugary feeling, I remembered Blake and what they told me about having questions. The worst I could do was call and see if they could help me. I got my phone ready and called them. Once on the phone with Blake, they made me explain everything I was experiencing. Blake was so understanding and sent me numerous natural medicine recommendations to try and help me. I tried them all, and strangely enough, I started to feel better.
Eventually, I did have to return to work. I brushed all the feelings off as a cold. I went to my desk and began to write a report. I kept messing up words as the sugary air filled my head again making the report take longer than expected. As soon as I gave into the sents I saw the neon lights take over the regular harsh lighting of the office. I left my desk and went to the washroom. There was a distracting feeling as if the lights were trying to tell me to do something. I finally acknowledged where some of the strongest feelings were coming from, my crotch. I tried to scratch, thinking it was an itch. I felt intense pleasure from touching myself. It was like my body was crying for release. My eyes started to cross, and I could hear Blake's voice and see the shiny diamond pendant swinging in front of me. I stopped. I would have to continue this at home. I struggled and pushed myself through the workday still occasionally getting distracted by the sugar, the lights and the feeling in my pants. The workday had finished and I rushed home as fast as I could.
I reached home. I took out my phone and started to touch myself right away. It was as if Blake was already with me, telling me what to do to myself. Unconsciously I called them and begged for them to come over. They did not hesitate. I continued to touch myself on my bed with the door unlocked, waiting for their physical form to appear. I had the pendant still swinging more and more in my head, their voice becoming louder and louder. My entire house smelled like candy floss, there was nothing else but the lights of the attractions around me and the reflections of them coming through the pendant.
They came into my room, seeing what a mess I had made myself into. They smirked and stepped closer to me I was almost getting lost into those magical eyes, until Blake pulled out the pendant that had been swinging in my mind. I came forward to them on my knees, and my tongue was out as I looked up at them. Blake used me as they desired, and they instructed every movement I made and every feeling that there was in my body. My mind was blank, and the only thing I knew was Blake's Owner's voice. I did everything the voice told me and felt however the voice commanded.
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iamsorryiamaustralian · a month ago
It is so interesting
How much of trance
Is based upon rhyming
Little mantras
That send you deeper
Like the bimbo mantra
Don't think
Become the pink
Tumblr media
They are simple
Easily repeatable
Or even simply just
Don't think
Just sink
Tumblr media
It isn't hard
It isn't difficult
Just breathing
And talking
Sometimes it is just an antimetabole
That's a big word
But it makes you realise
Obedience is pleasure
There is pleasure in obedience
Tumblr media
It is easy
These little devices
That make you
Into my good good pet
Tumblr media
Don't think
Just sink
Don't think
Just sink
Don't think
Just sink
Tumblr media
Reblog so others
Don't think
Just sink
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nickyforyou · a month ago
Tumblr media
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hypnohose · 3 months ago
Christina was excited to meet her friend after a few months of traveling. When she arrived Mel was her usual happy self but it soon became evident to Christina that something was off. Mel kept on trying to show her things on her phone. She was also using vocabulary that you wouldn’t class as totally regular. Words like compliance, contentment, purpose seemed to find there way into every sentence some how. When Christina had asked how Mel was the following had been the reply.
‘I’m perfect thank you. Compliance with my new purpose has made me happier than I could ever know. Let me show you.’ And at the the same time she tried to show the phone again .
Only this time Christina looked.
Tumblr media
As she did her world was hit with an field of colours, shapes, words, thoughts, ideas. She just smiled and stared as the new thoughts washed over her. She even let her had move to touch the phone. The action starting a whole new set of images.
Tumblr media
‘How are you feeling?’ Mel asked her friend.
As if on autopilot Christina let her mouth open. ‘I feel good. I feel….. I feel…’
‘Compliant’ Mel said helping her friend.
‘Yes compliant’
‘And obedient’ Mel continued
Mel then closed the phone and told her friend to follow her. She had something Christina needed to see. For her part Christina knew she should follow her friend. When they arrived at the building, that she might have recognised as Mel’s place had she more of her brain working, she knew she should go inside. When she was handed the new clothes she knew exactly what to do.
As Mel guided her down onto the floor Christina knew that she should pose like her friend.
‘Hose go on’ Mel said
‘Brain goes off’ Christina shouted back and she smiled along with her friend. So happy that they had managed to meet up.
Tumblr media
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gaycelebhypnostories · 5 months ago
Himbo Vincent
Vinnie was just a normal TikToker. Pretty popular, good-looking TikToker.
Vinnie just moved to LA when someone messaged him during his dinner. It was an e-mail about some promo for his TikTok. Vinnie didn’t really think of it too much. He gets these types of e-mails all the time, but this one caught his eye.
The email was about doing promo for product called him-drops. The special earbuds for especially males. These earbuds could of course play audio from the device they were paired, but they could also play subliminal beats that can totally relax male mind, put it into sleep and then with the power of subliminal beats “play” any dream user wants.
It was a really special device and Vinnie was really interested. Plus, he was looking for some good earbuds for a while, and some extra money wouldn’t hurt.
He replied to the offer and few days later he met with the owner of the company.
Tumblr media
“Hello Vincent.” greeted him the owner
“Hi, you can call me Vinnie by the way.”
“I prefer Vincent, but that’s alright.”
“Okay.” said Vinnie little nervous
Vinnie felt a little authority from the owner of the company, but he didn’t know why.
“So Vincent. These are Him-drops. This device is the future of sleeping. I assume you know what these can do.”
“Yes, of course. I am so honored to be the first to promote these. You know, I really admire your work and I wouldn’t imagine in a million years this could even be possible.”
“Well, after years and years of trying, it actually is possible. I am going to give these to you to review. Remember, these are only prototypes and there is no way for you to set another dream then the one that is defaulted.”
“Yes, of course. I am so excited.”
“Very well. We’ll be in touch, and you can give us your honest review.”
“Thank you very much.”
After that Vinnie left and later, when he was ready to sleep, he went to try them.
He put the earbuds in and the subliminal beats started playing. After a while, he noticed his whole body being tingly and becoming more and more relaxed. After a while he fell asleep. But not really.
Tumblr media
Well, these earbuds aren’t any “future”. Vinnie was tricked by the owner to be hypnotized and turned into his personal dumb obedient himbo.
The whole night he was programmed into himbo. This programming included addiction to “the dream” and suggested putting the earbuds in every night without even knowing it. He was made to forget everything about the promo deal and everything he would experience during his “time off”.
After the first night be felt a massive motivation to work out more. So he did.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vinnie was doing this for almost a month when the owner first reached out.
The earbuds also had a tracking device and a hidden camera, so the owner would know what or where his himbo is.
Vinnie was just in his car, listening to something with his earbuds, when he got a message.
“SLEEP” wrote the owner
Tumblr media
Vinnie’s eyes rolled, and he fell back into a state of total relaxation, mindlessness and bliss.
His music was interrupted by the owners voice.
“Hello Vincent. Fall deep for me. Deeper, deeper, feeling better and better. Remember the last time you felt like this. The last night. Relax, Breathe, Empty, Obedient, Mindless, Aroused. Yes, very well. Now listen carefully. This night, when you come home. Your mind will completely shut off. You will be totally mindless and obedient until I will revert you. When your mind shuts off, you will message me and obediently wait for the next instructions. Now, you will wake up. Thinking you just got distracted by outside. WAKE.”
Vinnie woke up and carried about his day as usual.
Then, when he came home, his mind has been completely shut off. He just closed the door and as soon as he did he just slumped. Blank expression on his face. Totally mindless, totally obedient.
Tumblr media
He messaged his owner and after a while he responded. As soon as his owner responded, he became incredibly horny.
“Good Himbo. Now come to the closest mirror and take off your clothes except your underwear.”
“Yes master.”
“See how with every layer down, your dick is becoming more and more aroused and your body more and more relaxed as you strip down. When you are only in your underwear, you will completely freeze and the only thing that can move are your fingers and send me a pic from your mirror. ”
Vinnie wanted to resist. His body was fighting every urge to strip. But he just couldn’t help it. The pleasure was getting stronger with every layer of clothing he stripped. And then he just..obeyed. Blankly standing. Not moving. Just obeying.
Tumblr media
The picture went through and Vinnie felt so much pleasure, his dick was throbbing so much he just couldn’t handle it.
“Good Himbo. I see you’ve been working out. As a good himbo should. Feel incredibly intense pleasure now from obeying.”
Vinnie was shivering. His body was frozen, but his dick was rising and throbbing.
“Yes, I know you want to jerk off so much. So as a reward, you will be able to. Call me on video chat.”
Vinnie made as he was told.
The owner ordered Vinnie to sit down on his bed and start to stroke.
Tumblr media
“As you stroke, you feel your smarts and memories slowly stroking out of your mind into your cock. You can feel your conscious state of mind joining them. You also feel all the remains of your free will coming down into your cock. You know what will happen. You will cum. And when you do, you will be completely mindless, dumb, and traced forever. You will be my himbo forever. And you want it, don’t you ? Yes, you do. ”
“Now, 3, 2, 1 CUM”
Vinnie came. He felt an intense surge of cum come out from his cock, and now he stayed dumb, mindless and obedient forever.
Now he just blankly stared into his phone, just waiting for his owner to arrive.
Tumblr media
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zeanzi · a month ago
Pro Tip for Brainwashingg Yourself :
Bite down on aa penicl while doing It It Makes you smile, and causes you to drool more wihch makes you feel like the dumb happy drooly slut you are
I Just Did it and my brain is more fucked now then ever before I nearly came so many times but managed to edge like a good girly 
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rhlover · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There's a segment in Lily's latest vid (available now at the usual place) where Lily is programmed to need to take selfies for us, but each selfie robs her of more of her thoughts and will. Watch the progression in the 1st 3 pics compared to the last 3. If you like what you see, consider checking it out. Did i mention its on sale now? 😁
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k3nz-x · 17 days ago
Fingers, toes and eyes crossed
(This is my first time writing any story like this; however, I am excited. I appreciate any constructive criticism. If you just don't like it, that is okay, it may just not be your interest, but I plan on posting a long array of different kinds of stories.)
You know superstitions? They start off pretty young, step on a crack and break your mother back, seeing a black cat is bad luck etc. And of course, some people believe in more than others. I was never too keen on them, of course, little things I guess I picked up by habit, knocking on wood not to jinx something, saying break a leg rather than good luck before someone goes on stage. Little things, nothing huge.
On the other hand, my friend was hugely into superstitions, from finding a penny on the ground to avoiding the number 13 and never sitting at the corner of the table. I thought it was a little foolish, of course, but it could never harm anyone.
One day we decided to hang out. We watched some sports betting on what teams would win; somehow, they always got it right. We took a break during commercials and went to the kitchen to grab some snacks.
"You always win. I don't know why I keep playing with you" I joke around with them. "If we bet money, I would be so broke by now. Is that your evil plan?"
They laughed, grabbing a snack tossing it into their mouth. "Oh, you know me, evil plans for you all over" they relaxed on the wall, scanning my body, to which I was oblivious. "I never want to take your money, but I do have a wager if you're interested."
I looked over cocking my head to the side, wondering. What was going on in their mind? "What kind of wager? You're not trying to talk me into those superstitions again, are you?" We laughed. They always tried to talk more into me; it never really worked, though. It was always silly things like not pointing at a rainbow or coming in a different door than you left in bad luck.
"Come on, it's nothing big, something people do for good luck," they said, getting closer to me. "You get to pick your options first, and you just got to cross your fingers for good luck" I shrugged, not really seeing the point.
"I don't know-" I started off with before they cut me off, "I won't cross my fingers or anything, plus it's just a little game" I sighed. "What's in for me if I win?" I asked, and they got excited.
We headed back into the TV room with our food and drinks sitting on the same couch on opposite sides. "So If you win, my dear," always using pet names, they did. "I will never pressure you into my long list of superstitions ever again." I nodded; it wasn't a bad wager, it was a constant thing, but it was almost badgering. "But?" I asked, and they continued, "If I win, we have to play a little experiment I've been dying to try out." I weighed the options in my head. They weren't horrible options, and no harm, no foul, it's just a little game, I agreed, and the game was about to start.
We picked our teams, and I was crossing and uncrossing my index and middle fingers on both of my hands. I looked at them when their team was winning. It seems even when I pick first the team, they win.
At the end of the game, I sighed and looked at them. They shook their head. "How about we do this. We'll play best two out of three. You crossed your fingers for this one. Perhaps you need extra luck, I don't do this myself, but you can cross your legs; some people think it helps." I looked at my legs and crossed them. They looked over. "Keep your fingers crossed along with your legs. You can't have too much luck, right?" I nodded and crossed my fingers. We picked our teams for this next game and continued.
I watched the game, but for some reason, I kept looking down at my fingers crossing and uncrossing along with my legs. I continued to cross and uncross, almost fixated on how it looked. I would keep looking up every now and again at the game, and it seemed that the score turned more and more to their advantage every time I did. However, the longer I looked at my fingers and legs crossing and uncrossing, the harder it seemed to look away. I was so wholly fixed on the movement of my legs and fingers that I couldn't bear to look away for even a second to see that I had lost our wager.
My friend got up and touched my shoulder, which caused me to look up at them and away from my fluttering fingers and legs. "here, how about you lay down, take the couch, and I'll take this chair right next to it" They said getting up and moving into their chair. Without thinking twice, I moved my legs up onto the couch and stretched out. I had crossed my feet together at the end and kept looking at my fingers.
My friend smirked and started speaking softly to me. "Now I can tell how distracted you are by all the crossing and uncrossing you have been doing, and it seems that although my superstitions do not work for you, they seem to be working for me" They leaned in a bit and instructed me to breath slowly "Breath in...and out...nothing to worry about...breath in...just follow my breathing...and pet have nothing to worry about...breath in...let your body relax...and out...let all the tension flow out with those breaths...breath in...fill your body with calm, peaceful thoughts...breath out..."
As they continued, I followed their instructions of breathing in and relaxing, letting all of the resistance and tension flow out of my body. It was getting hard to focus.
My legs felt stiff as if they were tired down to the couch. When I looked at my crossed feet, nothing was holding my feet or my legs. I just figured that they were tired. "Worry not about your legs, pet, it's natural, just let your body relax...breath in...breath out," My friend instructed
I let my hands drop; as much as I loved watching my fingers my arms and hands felt so heavy. It felt impossible to move them from my sides. "It's okay, pet, I'll wave my fingers in front of you," they instructed, and so they did. Their hand was making their four fingers in a fluttering motion in and out. I could not help but allow my eyes to follow their fingers.
Suddenly my eyelids now felt heavy too. Everything felt heavy except my mind; my mind felt so light and disconnected from my body. It felt hard to keep my eyes open until they commanded me to look at them.
"Oh, you poor thing," they said, "You conditioned yourself almost, now all I ask for you with your complete relaxation is to drop, let go of consciousness and thought and just do as I ask. It will be so much easier than trying to think with that foggy-minded head of yours" They were right. It was getting so hard to think. They're my friend; they'll guide me right and keep me safe- SNAP
I dropped, and their words became my thoughts. "Now since you crossing your fingers and toes worked out so well for me, my pet, I was to see those pretty little eyes of your cross too, come now we must practice and get that pretty pathetic Agehgo face on you, so we know when you drop, and you show all that beautiful pleasure," they instructed.
They taught me how to sit, and I followed their words. I sat up on my knees, my legs spread, my hands on my knee caps (finger still crossed for their luck), my chest forward, my eyes looking up at them. They guided my motions and my actions as my pretty little eyes crossed just as they wished. Not much more could be remembered.
Suddenly I awoke on the floor, their index finger on my forehead, un dressed, wet between my legs, something almost like a collar on my neck, looking up at my friend. Before I could even say anything, they spoke, "Hey buddy, here cover yourself up," they said, passing me a blanket. Just as I wrapped myself up, they told me about the game "Really, maybe you're right about those superstitions, you had your fingers, toes and eyes crossed, and you still lose."
I tilted my head. "Oh man, are we going to do that experiment you were trying to do?" I questioned, not remembering anything other than the game and my entrancing my hands were. I didn't even remember crossing my eyes.
SNAP, I tumbled over and they shook their head at me. "My my. You truly are a pathetic little pet for me. Show me that pleasurable face again".
I could do no more but follow their instructions. I genuinely am a pathetic little pet.
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hypnoking42 · 2 months ago
Focus on the spiral
It's soooo easy to stare into it
Sooo easy to allow your mind to go blank
You like to be told what to think
You like to obey
Tumblr media
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censoredjandy · a month ago
Cloudy Descent
Warning: Color-shifting spirals
The endless staircase is so exhausting, if only there was a quicker way to drop even deeper...
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hypnohose · a month ago
Sometimes simplicity is key. Simplicity of packaging. No fuss, no clutter, just clarity.
This was the case with a hot new brand of pantyhose that had hit the market. People were drawn to the simple style and compelling campaigns.
Tumblr media
Once they opened the packaging a simple note offered a telephone number where people could call for advice on styles, fit and the best way to ensure a perfect look. While not universally taken up some people welcomed the chance for more information.
Upon dialing number a strange static could be heard and the person in question often felt compelled to hang up and put on their new purchase before calling back.
Tumblr media
As they would lift the phone to their ear a happy smile would often come across their face. On the second call no static could be heard. Just a simple message. You see simplicity is indeed often best. After hearing the message their brains were cleared of fuss, of clutter, with only perfect clarity remaining.
Hose go on brain goes off
Hose go on brain goes off
Hose go on brain goes off
Hose go on brain goes off
Hose go on brain goes off
Tumblr media
See. Simple pantyhose pleasure with a happy obedient mind.
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iamsorryiamaustralian · 3 months ago
Constant Compulsion
Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool, when utilised correctly can lead to rewarding results. The simply dizzying feeling is fine, however, establishing a compulsion is the ultimate goal.
I want my voice, my words gnawing at the back of your mind constantly. Relentlessly transforming you, corrupting you, and making you into the true pet I want.
It should be a constant battle for you, at work, in the gym, or simply just at the supermarket. That desire, that compulsion to simply edge away your voice, your identity, your purpose and become your perfect self, mine.
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pinklemons2020 · 3 months ago
Reblog if you want a dominant stranger to hypnotise you in your dms and use you ❤
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