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Maison De Greef 1848 facade

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Logo design & branding for a jewelry business 💍

Why it’s important to have a professional logo design?

The answer is simple: because first impact, impression is visual. Investing in a great, unique and creative visual identity will lead to more customers.

PM us and let’s make your business successful, creating a nemorable logo/branding 🧡

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How to Connect Your Branding and Online Advertising Efforts (w/ Cynthia Sandoval)

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Hi guys!

Today I’ll talk about how to brand yourself as an artist. 

Before you have a brand, you have to decide what you’re going to offer. This can be anything you want it to, but you MUST be incredibly clear on what it is. Think about the benefits as well as the results. What will people feel when they have your product, how will people identify themselves, and what will people think of themselves once they buy.

STEP 1. Remember why you’re making: remembering your Why is crucial to playing the long game in business. 

STEP 2. Test your products: this is not just your products, but who you’re marketing to, how you’re getting it out into the world, and your visual branding.

STEP 3. Find your unique value proposition: once you know the person who will buy your products, you know how to visually and verbally present it to them in the most attractive way - and you have to know why you’re unique.

Hope this can be useful to you!


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beneficial Vibes Branding Kit

beneficial Vibes Branding Kit

beneficial Vibes Branding Kit is a set of animated icons, logos, patterns and templates to create the branding of your dreams.
It’s perfect for businesses and bloggers with a modern feminine feel, a muted colour pallet and in want of well designed contemporary branding.
**The Pack Includes**
– Modern, simple Design
– 55 icons (gif, ai, mov, svg, png)
– 5 patterns (jpg, png, ai, eps)
– 4 business…


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