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Pairing: Brandon Cutler/Kelani Johnson Quote: After all, waking him up in the middle of the night. Wouldn’t you be grumpy too? Verse: Pokemon
Tumblr media
This reunion was not going the way that Brandon Culter had expected this reunion to go. He had expected to surprise a woman he cared about deeply after hours at the Pokemon daycare she owned. What he had not expected, however, was to have the large turtle-like Pokemon slap him to the ground with one of its strong fins.
Not that Brandon often made smart choices.
It was true he was book smart. Brandon had gone to trainers school, even if he didn’t prefer training. The only reason he had taken the classes to be a better trainer was to work for his best friends gym, even if it was unaccredited. No, to Brandon the joy wasn’t in training to work for the Jackson brothers, Matt and Nick, but instead it was in photography. He loved traveling the world to take photographs of the different regions unique creatures. Not only pictures, but Brandon also loved getting video evidence.
But common sense?
If Brandon had any common sense, he wouldn’t have tried visiting a friend of his in a region that he barely knew alone. He had grown up in Castelia City, after all. He was a Unova boy, a city boy through and through. The wilds of a place like Alola, specifically a city as quiet at Seafolk Village, were not a place he was familiar with. Surprising his friend in her home region, this was dangerous.
Hence the Carracosta ready to attack him yet again.
The turtles' strong jaws could easily break his arms if it wanted to, Brandon knew that much. The orange camera emitting the blue glow that he held in his hands, his Rotom, was his only defense. “C’mon big guy. You don’t want…”
The light of the small building further up the lawn clicked on, different than the lights from the houseboats he could see from the top of the hill. The Carracosta turned to face the light, waddling towards the door where there was a woman’s voice, “Whattya doing out here, Crush? Everything okay?”
Brandon shakily stood, a small smile on his lips. Even in the dim light, he could see Kelani Johnson for what she was. His friend had a warm presence, strong but not overbearing. After all, her bloodline had a presence all its own. They were trainers and gym leaders who others both revered and acknowledged as some of the most powerful in any region. Kelani had never chosen that life, that power, and that impressed Brandon. 
“He thought attacking Rotom and I was a better thing to do,” Brandon chuckled as he moved up the walkway. He watched as Kelani looked up from her crouched position, scratching under her Carracosta’s chin.
“You probably scared Crush. He’s a big softie, really,” the woman protested, a small and impatient huff to her voice, “After all, waking him up in the middle of the night. Wouldn’t you be grumpy too?”
Brandon sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, though his ribs were still in pain. “Guess that was on me. I just came to see you, Lani. I shoulda waited ‘til morning.”
Kelani stood, wrapping her arms around him tightly. He could smell the coconut from her shampoo as his face pressed into her shoulder, “You’re awful clingy, Cutler, but I’m glad you didn’t wait. I missed you.”
He pulled back, hands on her shoulders as he looked her over with a gremlin-esque grin, “Missed you too. Thought maybe we could go on an adventure. Whattya say?”
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So Im watching dynamite and I AM LIVING for the group of dudes dressed up as Brandon
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Calling it now. The Bucks' tag team partner next week:
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If BTEs Cutler cam footage of Wednesday doesn’t have Brandon yelling “NOOOO Bobby the Fish!” when Bobby attacked Nick then what was he even doing?
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Can i get uhh....Brandon Cutler 15?
He also needs more love!
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It's a long shot, but yandere Brandon Cutler?
Yandere Brandon Cutler
Tumblr media
An: y’all do not understand the obsession I had with him for so long. All I want is to give him the world🥰
Taglist: @fiskers7136 @peachmango-kombucha @kcloveswrestling @bellalutionn @xkennyxomegax @tummyyellin @cuzimacomedian @auburnwrites @damnnhausen @thesusbunny @blaquekittycat @writtingrose
Brandon is always doing things for other people
And he really wants to be selfish when it comes to you
He would try to do it right at first
Taking you on cute dates, being a gentlemen, bringing you flowers
But he is worried that you will not like him because of how the bucks talk to him
And he can’t lose you 
So he takes you
But he would try to be such a gentleman about it
You have your own room to have your own space
Would never force anything on you
He wants you to truly love him, not to be forced to by him
The main thing he would be strict about is cuddling
Doesn’t care where it happens, laying together, on the couch
It doesn’t matter
As long as he gets to hold you
He doesn’t want to ‘break’ you like others, he just doesn’t want you to leave him
So you probably won’t ever be allowed to leave to see people
But he would take you out on hikes and such
He doesn’t really do punishments
He basically wants a normal relationship, just you can’t ever leave
The only reason he would kill is if someone was trying to help you escape
At that point they are trying to take you from him, and he can’t have that
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Brandon Cutler for the song meme thingie?
honestly my immediate thought was the Being Ian intro lmao, an actual song tho hmmm Circle of Friends by Gorillaz cause isnt that all that he wants
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Brandon Cutler Masterlist
Family Dynamics (Headcanon)- Feat. The Young Bucks, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly
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If wrestlers were memes:
Brandon Cutler as tracksuit Robert Pattinson standing in the kitchen
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aw yay cutler’s back! HI CUTLER
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