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Virgil Abloh x Braun Chrome ‘Wandanlage’ stereo inspired by the significance of Chrome in black culture
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Reiner Braun x F!Reader
Overview: Reiners s/o from Paradis Island pays a ‘visit’ to him at Marely
Warning: Cursing, mentions of nsfw, angst
Season: 4
Love has always been overrated. The fairytales all the young kids read didn’t include the heartache, the lying, the hurting. It painted a pretty picture anyone and everyone to fantasize about. Love is cruel and can trick you, and sometimes you look back on it and question if it was even real. The concept of loving and being loved is praised, but no one talks about the sickening feeling it can give you.
Y/n is one of those souls who learned the hard truth about loving someone. It was too good to be true, and she should have saw it coming. The boy was too sweet, too kind, too loving. Many think there’s no such thing as too much of any of those things, but a line should always be drawn. Too much can become suspicious at certain points, as if it’s trying to cover up something else. And she found out that it was definitely covering up something.
Even after all these years she still scolds herself. How could she have been so naive? Being around him for so long, getting to know him, talking about life, letting him touch her in ways she’d never experienced. She learned that love can blind you worse than the sun. Reiner blinded her.
Y/n hated him for what he did, what he’s done. But deep down her love for him still sits. It sits alone, and cold, and untouched. She never lets herself remember how he made her feel or the things he said to her with a spark in his eyes. It was all a lie to seem more normal and to fit in with the crowd. To not come across as the monster that he was, and that he still is.
She wouldn’t utter a word about him, even after all these years. After he transformed infront of all of them she was interigated by her captain and comrades. They shouted in her face but she stayed silent, biting her tongue. The moment her eyes filled with tears they knew she was embarrassed and ashamed. The girl truly had no clue, even after being with him for three years, and it made her want to crawl into a hole and hide forever. For no one to see the girl who was blind sighted by love.
Sometimes she refused to believe any of it was real. As if it was all one crazy dream and she’d wake up on that day again, and someone else would be the titan that terrorized her home. Who sent her crying and screaming in the streets as she ran for her life, her entire family already wiped out. But the past can’t be changed, and she has to live with that. Her comrades noticed how her personality completely changed after Reiner and Bertholdt revealed themselves.
Y/n was bubbly, outspoken, and always had the solution for hard situations. Now she sat quietly by herself, not engaging with her friends. It was rare for her to even make eye contact. She became stronger physically, and her titan kill ranking sky rocketed. It was no secret that the girl is angry. She’s been heartbroken, and that’s the worst type of pain.
Four years later, Reiner still crosses her mind even if she tries everything to block it out. He creeps into her dreams and touches her, kisses her, whispers sweet nothings. Then she wakes up and is reminded of what he did, how he changed her life for the worse, and how mentally broken she is. To let yourself become vulnerable to someone who never really loved you hurts. But the boy did love her, with his entire soul, and she had no clue. After what happened most would assume it was all just apart of the plan.
She replays every little thing she can remember about him. The re-runs in her head show her the signs she missed, the hints thrown her way. The faces Bertholdt would make at Reiner, as if what he was doing was stupid. And now she knows it was, it was extremely stupid.
When mentions of going to Marely, undercover, were starting to surface it was kept on the low. Especially from y/n. She soon caught drift of what was going on, and what the plan was, and insisted she be in on it. It took some convincing, and more talking than she’s done in years, Levi granted her permission and shocked everyone. Erin didn’t like the idea at all, he wasn’t the biggest fan of the girl. Even if he believes that she didn’t know jack-shit about Reiner it still aggravated him.
In a way, it bothered him the same way it did her. He didn’t understand how after all those years of being alone with him, getting to know him, she had no idea. But she asks herself the same things, almost everyday. The anger and frustration that has built up from those questions is what fuels y/n today. She wants to go to Marely and get answers, but she never lets that slip. If anyone knew part of her reason for going was based on personal reasons she’d be ripped out of the plan in an instant.
It may be selfish of her, but at the same time she needed it. She needed to know why he did it, why he hurt her, why he left her. Ymir went back for Historia without a question, yet Reiner ran for his life away from y/n. Even as she stood on his titan form screaming into his face with tears to let Erin go, to not leave her, he just kept going. As if she wasn’t there, as if he couldn’t see her breaking down infront of him.
When she’d first gotten to Marely it was like entering a different dimension. Even if no one knew she was from Paradis Island she still felt the unwelcome-ness. She knew she didn’t belong here, and somehow she knew Reiner felt the same way. His soul wasn’t mended for a place like this. A place full of fake people coursing with hate and anger. He couldn’t stand negativity, which goes against all of his past actions. Everything he said to her in the past contradicts what he’d done to her home. She never understood.
After a few weeks of being there she saw him, just a glimpse. She’d seen some plums and couldn’t stop herself from getting in line. As her eyes scanned the scenery around her she saw as he crossed the street, accompanied by children. It may have only been for a few seconds, and only a small portion of his face was visible, but she knew it was him. There was no question. Even if he’s gotten taller, and his face has matured, she still would know it’s him by the back of his head.
She saw him again only a few days later as she walked the street with Jean as he talked mindlessly. As soon as she saw him, standing there with a smile on his face, her heart sank. It was so different than the first time. His smile was so fake and forced, nothing like his sweet smile he’d show off when she’d compliment him or say how much she loved him. The better look at his features had her chest tightening. He’d grown so much, looking at him now made the four years apart seem longer.
Jean saw as y/n’s body began to freeze up and the lump in her throat formed. He spotted Reiner and immediately pulled her into a nearby ally. Her breathing increased as the tears formed in her eyes. “Breath, y/n, breath.” Jean held the girl as she cried into his chest, body trembling. No one had seen her cry or even heard her over the years. “I thought I would be stronger,” she sobs, “but i’m not.” Jean pulls back to gaze into her eyes with a stern look, “He broke your fucking heart y/n, and I can’t imagine how you’ve felt all these years. You’ve held it in and it’s just now coming out, cry for as long as you want. I’m gonna be here to comfort you the entire time.” She sniffles, “Thank you so much Jean.”
The next time she sees him Jean is not around, but she has prepared herself. She watches from a distance as he stand with a group of men, who she assumes are soldiers, with that same fake smile on his face. The urge to smack it off of him is at an all time high, but she must stay hidden. As she thinks this, Reiner gets the feeling of being watched. His eyes scan the crowds of people around him, and he sees her.
Standing there with broken eyes. It feels as if the wind is being knocked out of him as the two’s eyes lock. But as soon as he sees her, she’s gone. A group passed in his line of vision, and she disappears into the crowd. Reiner is quick to excuse himself and push his way through the people. Feet stepping on others as he bumps and runs into people around him, not even paying attention. All he was looking at was the direction she could have possibly went.
He finally makes it through, but to no avail. She isn’t there, and no where around either. He feels that he’s finally reached insanity. It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch for him to say he imagined y/n standing there. He’s dreamed about her almost every night since he’s gotten back home. It’s the same thing over and over again, the way she looked and the things she said as she yelled into his face while he was in titan form. He curses himself everyday for not saying something back, for not explaining himself.
Everything reminds him of her, even if it has no correlation. He’ll see a pretty dress, or a field of flowers, and imagine her with him in the dress as they lay in the beautiful flowers. Reiner rubs at his face, taking in a deep breath. “She’s not here,” he whispers to himself, “you’re never going to see her again.” When he’s done collecting himself he joins back with the group, making sure to put on the fake smile.
It’s almost a month before he sees y/n again, and this time he’s alone. He sees the back of her head from a distance as she hands a coin off for a couple apples. His feet carry him faster than he can think, swiftly winding his way around the surrounding people. As he gets closer he notes that her hair has gotten shorter, much shorter. She begins to walk away and around a corner, and he finds himself running after her.
Y/n hears the loud footsteps and her stomach begins to twist in knots. She increases her speed, but his are too fast. “Excuse me!” He yells, but she keeps walking faster with her head down. “Miss, excuse me miss!” There’s no one else around on this back road, that’s barely lit by a few empty shops, and she already knows where this is heading. She stops abruptly, and he does the same from a few feet behind her. “What do you want?” She asks, trying to keep her voice monotone. The sound of her voice has his heart skipping a beat. She came her wanting answers from him, but as he stands so close to her it’s almost.. scary.
“Y/n?” It’s all he can think to say right now. His heartbeat is coming up his throat and moving down to his toes. Instead of saying anything she turns around, facing him with eyes full of hurt. He’s at a loss for words. Tears are already forming in her sweet eyes and he feels himself break even more.
Reiner steps closer to her, until they are almost touching. “Y/n,” he says without question, as if answering himself from before. The tears have already made their way down her crimson cheeks, and he feels his eyes beginning to water as well. “H-How are you here?” He asks in disbelief, but she doesn’t answer. Only takes in every curve of his face, and the light beard he has grown.
“You’ve changed,” she says softly. Her voice gives him goosebumps being this close. “So have you.” They look at one another for several moments, trying to figure out if this is even happening. He steps closer, almost too close, breathing in the smell that he hasn’t smelled in what feels like forever. She smells of vanilla, sometimes cinnamon, and it brought him the comfort he’s been craving for years. “Tell me why,” she softly cries, “tell me why you left me, Reiner.”
Usually his name from her lips was music to his ears, in many forms, but now it felt like poison. Like she didn’t want to say it, as if it makes her sick. He doesn’t even know the answer to her question, he’s been asking himself the same thing for four years. “Was it ever real,” her sobs become louder, “did you ever love me?”
Y/n’s hands ball into fists and she slams them against his chest. He’s at a loss for words, he’s frozen. “I told you things i’ve never told any body else,” her nails dig into his chest, “I let you see every inch of me, inside and out.” Sometimes she can still feel his lips on her neck, hands tangled in her hair, and arms wrapped around her middle.
“It was all real,” he finally says, “I loved you from the moment I saw you, and I never stopped. I’ve thought about you everyday since I left, and i’m so sorry that I did. I’m so sorry i’ve left you with all this hurt for these past years.” His strong hands grab ahold on hers that are still assaulting his chest.
The feeling of touch sends electricity through the both of them. “You broke me,” she chokes out, “Yet I still love you.” Anyone would think hearing that would be reassuring, but it only made Reiner’s heart break further. Of course he still loves the girl with every inch of himself, but secretly he hoped she moved on. That she’d found happiness and hated him, but he want that for himself too. If she hated him it’d help his guilt, but he could never stop loving her.
“I’m sorry,” he says again with tears now escaping his orbs, “It’s the only thing I can say.” He takes this opportunity to wrap his arms around her shaking frame. Even if she was pissed and hurt beyond repair because of him, she still felt safe in his arms. Love is a dangerous battle, and they are right in the line of fire.
His embrace makes her breathing even, and her body becomes warm. Being in his arms after all this time felt odd, but also as if a day hadn’t passed since the last time they’d seen one another. “I should hate you,” y/n mumbles into his chest. “You should.” She didn’t expect him to agree with her. He’s first to pull away, looking into her eyes. The eyes that still love him after what he’d done, after what he’d taken away from her.
“I have to go, my family is waiting on me. If i’m not back they’ll send out someone for me,” his thumb comes up to wipe her tears and she leans into his warm hand. Her eyes close as she takes in a sharp breath, letting the feeling of his touch take over. She missed it too much, the softness of his skin. The all so familiar feeling.
“I won’t tell anyone about this.” Reiner didn’t need to say that for her to know. He’s already hurt her enough, he’d never do it any further. “Why haven’t you asked why i’m here?” His body stiffens as he looks at her. “Because I don’t want to know.” She found that hard to believe, but his face was sincere. He didn’t want to know what his past comrades could possibly be up to. He’d rather just be left in the dark.
“Reiner!” a voice yells in the distance, not too close but still too close for either of their liking. Without warning he presses a kiss to y/n’ lips, it’s hard and messy and has her knees buckling. He pulls away with a pop, “I need to go,” his eyes begin to gather tears once again, “I love you.” “I love you.” she says back weakly.
He runs away in what seems like the blink of an eye. Leaving her standing there, starring off into the darkness. Her lips are tingling and her body feels like it’s on fire. That one little kiss sent her to another world. She looks down at the ground, seeing the bag of apples she’d bought earlier not even remembering dropping them. They’re picked up with a shaky hand as she replays the events in her head.
Y/n walks back to her shared home with Jean, still in a daze as she opens the door and shuts it behind her. “Where have you been?!” Jean asks comcerned, immediately grabbing ahold of her shoulders. The paleness of her face is evident, it’s like she’s seen a ghost. “I’ve been out.” She walks past him without another word before going into her room, shutting and locking the door behind her. The small two bedroom, dirty, home is everything but luxurious.
Yet she still imagined herself here with Reiner, alone. Finally getting to talk without a care, touch, and kiss. Most would think after all he’d lied about she’d atleast not let him kiss her. But she did. Now her mind is spinning and he’s all she can think about, it’s like she has a crush on him all over again. Reiner is the same exact way at the moment. Laying in bed while starring up at the ceiling.
His fingers lightly dap at his lips, wondering when the tingling sensation is going to stop. He hopes it never does. All he wants is to run away with her, get away from this hell hole. He can’t take it anymore. This place isn’t his home. Y/n is his home, she makes him feel wanted. But the running away wouldn’t be much fun, he only has a couple years left to live. She knows this, she’s done the simple math, yet she’d go with him in a heartbeat.
They both go to sleep thinking about one another, and hoping fate will bring them together again soon.
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F1 Mactron Lighter.
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Size kink 塩遠ニ
Being turned on at a distinct difference in size in comparison to your partner.
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Cooking with the Warriors
Zeke Yeager x Reader, Porco Galliard x Reader, Reiner Braun x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: EDITED as of 7/08/2021 to be slightly suggestive
A/N: I hope you enjoy, anon!! Sorry if you wanted this to be SFW, I GOT A LIL CARRIED AWAY. ALSO I LOVE YOU AND HOPE YOU STAY SAFE- Birch <3
Zeke Yeager
~ As much as I hate to say it, this man would be awful at cooking. Absolutely no feel for how a kitchen should run or work.
~ Constantly bumps into you, causing you to almost cut yourself or pour too much broth or milk into a dish.
~ Feels horrible about it, thus is banished to watching you from the bar stools, a big pout on his lips.
~ After a while of watching you and growing bored, he will slide into the kitchen to wrap his arms around your waist as you pan sear chicken. He would nestle his scruff against your ear and tell you how delicious everything looked.
~ Would start kissing on your neck, and you would try to stay focused on not burning your dinner. If he would start biting and nipping at your collarbones, you would have to booty bump him away so you could focus.
~ Did not like getting cockblocked by dinner. Would continuously pout until you tell him to set the table. 
~ He would try to set up the table as nice as possible, it's the least he can do. Your dinner wouldn’t even be fancy, like he sets up a table cloth and everything even though it’s just an after-work dinner.
~ He would take the first bite and just groan. You would flush because “it’s really not that good” and Zeke would argue with you, saying it's better than anything his mom or grandma ever made.
~ Super helpful when it comes to cleaning up, he will clear the table while you put any leftovers in the fridge. Zeke would clean the dishes too while you heat up pie for dessert.
~ Even though he might not be the best partner for cooking, he’ll do anything he can to aid you and support you. Loves to watch you dance and sing to yourself while you cook, admiring the love of his life.
Tumblr media
Porco Galliard
~ It might just be me, but I think this man can cook. Like really well. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he looks sinful when eating that sandwich.
~ He will boss you around, telling you to chop up lettuce and tomatoes for your salad, or to start the oil on the pan for fries. He’s a sassy sucker, and is a quick worker, fluttering around to get 8 things done at once.
~ This man knows how to make the fanciest dishes for no reason. He’ll have all of these intense and foreign ingredients in his pantry. Like he’ll ask you to go get some special type of bread and you just look at him like 0.0
~ Because he likes to cook so much and he’s good at it, you get him a small apron for Christmas one year. “Babe I can’t believe there is a pig face on this apron.” “I thought it was cute!! My lil Pock🥰”
~ Would wear it religiously, it’s covered in flour, soy sauce, egg, oil, and some sticky substance. Anything you could think of, it’s on his apron. You’ll have to sneak around to wash it, and Porco will pout when he sees it hanging, with the little pig face staring back at him.
~ You love to tease him when he’s in the middle of making a dish. Soft touches on the arm when handing him a spatula, quiet murmurs in his ear of what ingredient he has to add next.
~ He would get so flustered, recipes running through his mind at the speed of light while his body starts to focus on your presence. Things would get, well. Hot in the kitchen.
~ While the steaks are marinating for a half hour, he would take the time to set you on the counter, attaching his lips to your own. If that lasagna’s going to take an hour to bake, you can bet he’s doing some unsavory things to you...
~ “This is only the appetizer, Y/n, dessert comes later.”
~ He’s such a little shit in the kitchen, but makes bomb ass meals with some of his own ~spice~ tossed in there.
Tumblr media
Reiner Braun
~ This guy is a huge softie in the kitchen. Loves to do things with you every step of the way, having you read ingredients to him while he retrieves them from the pantry.
~ Will definitely initiate food fights. It would start with him leaning in to kiss you on the forehead, hand cupping your face before swiping a line of flour across your cheek.
~ You would glare at him in shock, reaching down to into the bread crumbs to toss some at him. This would lead to a full on food war, sending the smoke signals and water spouts from the ceiling into a disarray.
~ You would both stop and start cackling, starting to clean everything up as best you could while covered in a disgusting mix of ingredients.
~ “We should have just ordered some takeout” “Yeah, I know, but watching your face when I chucked that cup of water at you was worth it” “Get back here!!!”
~ Running to the bathroom to get cleaned up, Reiner would have no mercy on you, licking the small smear of honey that landed behind your ear away and teasing you like no tomorrow
~ He would love on you after though, giving you a shirt of his while he pays the delivery man at the front door. 
~ Just to be a goof, he would fork out the delivery food onto your nicest plates and set it up as if he had made it. You would walk into the kitchen for a cup of water to see the table set up with candles and everything around it.
~ You can’t help the laugh that escapes your lips, but you feel bad when you see Reiner cross his arms and pout from where he’s sitting. “I worked really hard on dinner!” “Maybe if you spent more time practicing your cooking, you would have actually made dinner.”
~ You would press a kiss against his pouty lips afterwards and tell him how much you appreciate spending time with him. He might make a good meal here or there, but he gets distracted by your beauty too many times to count.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Braun Domino Lighter (1976)
Source: Flickr/Teddy
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reiner dating headcanons
oops, hey guys! i’ve been gone for a while, but hopefully this is well recieved! i wrote this for the fanfiction i’m currently writing for him, so i thought it would be nice headcanons! 
warnings: fluff? does fluff count as a warning?
Tumblr media
the energy i wanted was something like ‘butterflies’ by kacey musgraves!
The relationship would be very calm and sincere, with a very gradual growth on Reiner’s part to feel 100% comfortable. He trusts you a lot more than he trusts other people, but he would still be pretty closed off about everything (like his problems, his past, his regrets, etc.) and he maintains almost like a prim and proper personality for the first part of the relationship. 
You guys probably met before he left for Paradis and though you guys weren’t close friends, you always had a crush on him. It hurt when he left but you made it your goal to get him to fall for you when he came back and it didn’t take much convincing because he returned the feelings! 
Dates would include: walks (around Liberio, the Harbor, parks), picnics (!!!), cloud or stargazing which would happen every single time after a picnic, and if he’s feeling fancy, he’ll get reservations to the nicest restaurant they’ll allow you two in. 
This man would be INSANELY romantic, his bones would literally be built on Jane Austen and E.E Cummings. 
He’s a bit reserved, so he’d totally be affectionate in ‘appropriate’ settings. But he’d love to lean his forehead against yours and kiss your nose, trace the palm of your hand when having sentimental kisses, extremely cuddly, BUT he will hold your hand outdoors and throw quick kisses against your cheek. 
He’d, for sure, call his significant other his in a weirdly charming possessive kind of way. Example of some pet names would be: my Angel, my Spirit, my Star. Just anything kind of ethereal and loving because he feels like only someone from up above could love a man like him. 
One of those guys that would start dancing with their significant other in a room to soft music but Reiner would sometimes do this thing where he would ‘forget’ to put the record on the record player just to hear you hum a tune. 
Sometimes he would hum along with you. 
He would also do that thing guys do when they’re growing out their hair and the hair is prickly enough to kind of hurt so they rub their cheek against any kind of exposed skin. He’d love to see you laugh and push him away.
Will constantly shower you with gifts like: a bouquet of flowers, a wool blanket in your favorite color, delicious candies he’d find in the market, little jewelry he thinks you’d like, or just anything that reminds him of you. 
But that is not the only thing he’d shower you with and it starts with a P! Praise! The way this man’s inner poet would come out when speaking to you:
“The love I feel for you should be illegal,” he’d whisper when you two were exchanging sweet nothings. 
“You bring so much beauty into my life.”
“I am so proud of you, my Angel.”
He would also love simple compliments to throw at his lover, loving how your eyes would glimmer at his loving words!
“You’re a wonderful cook my Love,” he would say while eating a nice soup you made for him. 
“You dress so nicely... you’re so elegant.”
“You are the most wonderful woman on this planet!”
At night, he would love to wrap his arms around you and just feel you close to him. It would actually take him a while to relax enough to go into a deep sleep because he’s embarrassed about his night terrors, but! One day, you two were asleep and you suddenly heard him whimpering and hugging you tighter so you would wake him up and kiss his lips, reassuring him he’s okay and with you at this moment. 
This would lead him to fall more in love with you because he’s never seen someone care so much for him, especially in the middle of the night. He’d probably see you as some kind of actual angel that was sent down for him.
You’d bring him out of his shell after he came back from Paradis, so people around see him smile a lot more and his mother thanks you once in a while for protecting her son. 
He would do this thing where he’d follow you around, so if you were taking a bath he would just sit on the toilet and watch no, not in a weird way and just talk to his lover. 
Once he followed you into the bathroom while you were trying to pee so you had to kindly say that he couldn’t follow you into the restroom or maybe you let him, I’m not judging, I feel like I’d let him lol. 
After the relationship was definitely long term (and some mental help for him), Reiner would definitely slip into a more cocky personality just because he feels like he can around you.
Would be more teasing, more playful, and more talkative on good days and you cherish the moments you can get with him because you obviously hate to see him in so much pain. 
Just an overall kind, supporting, and adorable relationship.
thank you for reading!! have a nice day today! 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Virgil Abloh x Braun "Functional Art" (2021)
Marking 100 years since the German company was first founded, and celebrating a century of changing the landscape of design and bringing Bauhaus art and German functionality to the world, Braun teamed up with designer, entrepreneur, and DJ Virgil Abloh to reinvent one of its classic products.
The product in question is the 1965 Wandanlage (last Image), a hi-fi audio wall unit that Abloh sought to update, turning it into ‘functional art’ that reflected Braun’s design values along with Abloh’s eclectic cultural and musical references from the past 100 years. 
In its 2021 edition, the new Wandanlage sports a beautiful chrome design that unites Braun’s love of the material (as seen in its 1960 SM3 shaver and 1961 T1 toaster) with Abloh’s hat tip to the glitz and the shimmer of chrome accents often associated with hip-hop culture through the later years. 
The design still reflects Braun’s ‘less is more’ philosophy, while the company also ensures that the original hi-fi audio remains the hero of the collaboration – and the technology still functions today as it did back in 1965.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She will learn to rely on her own sword in every battle, in every struggle, in every war because she will learn how to devour every single monster from their very core
Her name will be fearless.
    ↬ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GABI BRAUN! - April 14th
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Tumblr media
Braun regie 308 / PS 358 - Photo by  das programm
Follow “a day in the land of nobody” on tumblr
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you Braun for having me as the Brand Spokesperson Very blessed
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Braun Portable Record Player
Designed by Dieter Rums
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Attack on Titan | Shingeki no Kyojin – Chapter 46
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Braun Tv3 (1986)
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Tumblr media
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