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silent-insanities · 6 months ago
I wish I could change my mind about you.
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c0ldheartedbitch-fuck0ff · 6 months ago
I just want to message you and tell you I miss you, it’s a shame I don’t think you’ll feel the same
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trafficlightchild · a month ago
“Darius? Darius! Darius, wake up!” Hunter baby
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clockworkbee · 3 months ago
Baz really said “you don't have to ask” and didn't just mean about Simon kissing him or killing him, he also meant about Simon breaking his heart. Like yeah, here's another ficitonal boy so in love, he tells his beloved you can break my heart
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iconsfinder · 6 months ago
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daily911 · 7 months ago
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MEGAN WEST AS TAYLOR KELLY 911: Season 5 Episode 7, Ghost Stories
Image ID: gifest of a scene from 911
gif 1: Taylor says, with conviction, “The truth is worth everything, Buck.”
gif 2: Taylor pauses, and then emphasizes, “Everything.”
gif 3: Buck asks, “What does that mean?”
gif 4: Taylor tries to play off her moment of seriousness and replies, “I don't know. I just-”
gif 5: Taylor finishes, “I guess Unsolved Mysteries just never sat right with me.”
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spider-lilies-if · a month ago
Made myself cry thinking of a MC who calls him Papa when they are little and then changes to Dad/Daddy/Father or something and then. The day comes where they have to kill him and before his last breath he says "I have one last wish, if I you will humour me. I know you have grown so much and it's embarrassing but... Would you call me Papa one last time?" ;_; </3
asdfghjkl///Break our hearts-but, also, imagine this;
Aris, in MC’s arm as they bleed out, surrounded by spider lilies as Aris gazes lovingly at MC, slowly and weakly, lifting his hand to his lips to pull off his gloves. Him reaching out for MC to caress MC’s cheeks, lifting a bit higher to wipe away the tears from their eyes should MC be crying.
“Why are you crying... Aha... Come now, you should smile. I adore it the most when you smile.” He coughs, blood drips from his lips as the wounds bring him closer to Death’s embrace. “You’re a hero. You slew the villain, a hero always has a smile on their face, do they not? Just like in the stories I’ve told you before...”
Him slowly growing weaker, his voice being so low as you can feel Aris beginning to slip away from you, despite being in your grasp. It quiet, So quiet. At least, it sounds quiet as the you zone everything else out and only focus on Aris.
“Say, was it not enough? The time we had together, the moments we shared and the happiness we had during our time in the garden? Was... Was the love I had for you enough?”
So much angst potential. I can’t wait for us to to get to it.
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euesworld · 7 months ago
"You are the most dangerous person that I know, you could break my heart in a second.."
Be gentle with me cause you are the one holding my heart - eUë
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fell-star-if · 3 months ago
Sometimes I think about young MC, and their past… I like to personally picture mine as probably starting out super hopeful, happy, sweet, maybe even a little bit naive, only to be torn down over and over again. Being labeled a monster and constantly looking over their shoulder, paranoid about being attacked, losing the few people that did treat them with kindness…
over centuries poor MC keeps taking blow after blow, slowly becoming this somber, tired husk that reluctantly plays into the villain role. Just wanting to rest but couldn’t even get that since death rejected them, probably making them think ‘o cool, not even death wants me’
then I cry, cause I claim to hate angst, but I always find myself kinda peeking over the fence to see why it’s so popular, and now I’m going down this angst rabbit hole and I’m crying but I feel alive 😂 idk if that makes sense lmao, sorry for rambling, I just genuinely love your work and I’m so smitten with the world you created and it’s characters, and just wanted someone to talk about this with, fangirl a lil bit!
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Break my heart with these lovely headcanons and scenarios you beautiful people have created asdfghjkl//
We may be able to see some of MC's past in the next update, each varying on what emotion MC feels and if they touched the light in Chapter One. As if they didn't touch the life...
We may be meeting a particular individual again from the abyss 👀
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heretherebedork · 4 months ago
Sean finally found a reason to live in White and Black just punched it right back out of him.
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lovers-of-tomorrow · 10 months ago
why do people find it so difficult to just tell you that they’re no longer interested? being ghosted hurts way more than being allowed to say goodbye.. 
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silent-insanities · a year ago
I see you in everything.
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theamoristwriter · 4 months ago
When Mary Oliver said "It is better for the heart to break, than not to break" and "Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift"
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youllfindmewiththetrees · 3 months ago
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Attempted Lover.
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clockworkbee · 10 months ago
Fictional boys saying “Break my heart”
“Break my heart. Break it in pieces. I give you permission.” —Julian Blackthorn
(Lord of Shadows | Cassandra Clare)
“Come home and shout at me. Come home and fight with me. Come home and break my heart, if you must.
Just come home.” —Cardan Greenbriar
(Queen of Nothing | Holly Black)
“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.” —Maxon Schreave
(the selection | Kiera Cass)
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livelovecaliforniadreams · 7 months ago
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143bc · 5 months ago
She ruined me ❤️🌹
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spider-lilies-if · a month ago
last ask got me thinking about my MC leaning down, kissing Arises forehead and softly going "you were the greatest treasure I've been given Dad... Please, be my father in our next lives as well"
Aris would want nothing more, should Fortuna be with him and the stars align, than to be MC’s father once again, if possible.
It would be his greatest joy to be able to raise and watch MC grow again, happy and free from the burdens of fate as he’s sure he’d be a proud father again, just as he is now.
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fififeelsmellow · a month ago
Her number from her dad again 😌😌
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magicreatorsland · 2 months ago
"If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello"
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