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#break up

Holy shit

For someone who never got on fb (literally did not change his profile picture for the entire 7 years we were together), he jumped on there and changed all his shit real quick.

And he’s still bragging about how many girls he’s tried to hit up.

Like damn guess you can really misjudge a person.

Edit: not only that but took him to the hospital bc he had a cyst in his mouth, then went to his mom’s to get him pain meds, and on the way back home he was talking about finding a hot 18 or 19 year old to get into a relationship with.

I told him that was fucked up and gross and when he asked why I was like “Because you’re 32 dude!” And he was like “well you know I’ve always been into younger women!”


I was 18 and he was 24 when we got together and I’m just like 🤔

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Und das Ding ist halt auch: bisher waren meine annahmen immer richtig.

Immer wurde ich verlassen, immer wollte man mich nicht mehr.

Immer so wie ich es von Anfang an erwartet hatte.

Wie soll ich da das Gegenteil glauben, wenn es immer so ist, wie ich von ausgehe? Immer vom schlechten.

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Beautiful handmade piece featuring Rose Quartz and Herkimer diamond on a beaded chain.
This piece represents compassion, love, and self activation.

Electroplated jewelry is a time consuming process that includes days sometimes weeks of designing, compiling, molding, painting, sanding, polishing, and a multi-day electrocuting alchemy process.  Please understand that this reflects in pricing as well as materials.
 Copper is a very beneficial metal for the wearer. Though some bodies may react to it initially it is not harmful and helps balance out the metals in your body.
 5 Potential Health Benefits Of Wearing Copper 

  • Joint stiffness and Joint pain. Thousands of people have felt relief and relaxation from joint problems, especially those with joint stiffness. 

  • Mineral absorption. A pure copper item has micro minerals such as iron and zinc.

  • Increasing cardiovascular health. 

  • Healthier immune system. 

  • Anti-aging.

     -My copper pieces come standard with a soft black adjustable cord, unless otherwise pictured with a chain.
     Chains may be purchased separately or requested but may have an additional cost.



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