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chaoticsweetheart · 8 months ago
I do not know how to unlove you I have burned the memories I have deleted the messages I have sent your number away I have told myself that it is over it is over it is over it is over at least for you it is over but for me I remember the sunsets glittering rays on the skin music echoing around like fairies dancing fingers in my hair with a touch I didn’t know I could have every time I look at someone else I feel an ache every time I know that you don’t care it is over for you I don’t know how to make it over for me I pretend you are dead to me but even the dead can be loved so what am I to do when I remember the sunlight while you are gone into the night
- Chaoticsweetheart / Miranda B
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I’ve been good for a while,
I think?.. I’m good.. but then,
I wonder if I’m trying to convince myself..
because lately it’s been all to easy..
starving myself, of love, closeness, of art and all it’s richness,
to lay and decay.. all day, alone.
Anyways.. that’s all grown easy for me you see..
but.. to do a damn thing else feels worlds away
and I couldn’t swim or run there if I tried with all my might,
not even with my largest of stride.
Maybe that’s why I lay up sleepless every night.
I can see it just there, it keeps out running me,
just as all the things I love, try as I do.
It evades me just the same as the words that hang above me do.
So plain to see yet in a language I can’t ever learn to read.
So I don’t want to eat,
I barely even need to drink,
my need for life is gone.. it seems,
as I sort out my thoughts to pages..
that an improbable truth is, that..
Try as I do, I can’t stop from thinking of you.
Every minute of every day.
“It’s not fair” roars inside my head on repeat,
“none of it, not a god damn part of my life.”
But I’m happy with how I turned out,
I’m happy with who I’ve grown to become!
That should be enough.. all the work that I’ve done,
all the tears I’ve bleed for the fears I’ve faced.
That should count for a hundred times over all the hurt I can’t stop myself from fixating on.
Cause you’re gone,
and i should know better by now,
to let you stay gone.
But I always reach out,
hand caught once more in the trap.
You hurt but you mend.
I break and bend.
Over and over for you, again and again.
Doesn’t matter how alone,
how blue..
how long?..
doesn’t matter, one bit,
cause when you’re not with me time drags on,
when you are it’s suspended like us.
When you left me hanging in the bomb dust,
breath labored,
scared as I was,
I stayed there waiting for the smoke to clear..
but you weren’t there.
I have learned, never to trust.
Nor love or lust.
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gay-poet-from-hell · 6 months ago
i feel so naive to think
you could’ve loved me
and could’ve stayed in my arms for just a little longer
and we could’ve been happy
and i could’ve been happy
and i feel so foolish and stupid
and i feel lied to
and it’s not your fault
of course it isn’t,
you can’t control who you are,
but my heart is broken.
my heart is broken
and i’m alone
and you’re fine.
because you didn’t love me
and you never could.
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fireinthebreeze · 6 months ago
this is not a poem this is a mourning for the lost lovers that have left me on the side of the highway this is for the countless times I felt like I was reaching for something,  could feel the light on the tip of my fingers and then only found your dark. this is for the heartache of 3am, the crying time, choking down the tears sometimes I listen to my own sobs and they sound like a hurt animal.  all whine, but I promise I do have bite. I can tear away the rotten, the dank the dead. that's why you loved me in the first place. but this is not a poem, this is a graveyard. you took the best bits of me and buried them 8 feet below. you stole bits of me and I want them back.  look, im not a poet who can make this sound good, make it sound beautiful.  I just want you to know that the things you did were wrong, that you think you're good but Ive seen you, I know the skin of your belly and the way you hold fragile things with no care. you said you value truth over everything, that you wanted one place to be honest with it but you forgot to tell me that my heart would be the collateral.  this is not a poem, this is a retribution. this is a crime scene. an accident on the highway you can’t look away from. this is two people in a standoff, one of us clutching the smoking gun -b.date
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rawritsnikky · 3 months ago
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starsmattersinpoetry · a month ago
you said loving her came easy while loving me came like a firing squad but today she flinched when the door slammed
now it’s my turn to speak. i’m not the soft place to lay your head you wanted me to be but i’m also not the girl who towered over you either..
i’m not any version of me that lives in you, but you are the beast that hunts her moments of peace
-you never knew how to let a good thing rest
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macieles · 8 months ago
sometimes and only in the safety of the dark of the night I whisper your name to myself like a prayer in a way I haven't in years, out of nostalgia for the flowers that used to bloom from my mouth whenever I said it. they are long gone. dead and dry with no room to grow. there is no fertile ground in this poisoned tongue but I still find myself coughing up loose petals when waiting in line at the grocery store, walking the dog and cooking lunch, while out for dinner with friends, and when trying to write about anything else that isn’t you. it’s just me in my office, in front of a blank document, me and the remains of what you were to me. I wonder if I’ll ever run out of parts of you to choke on or if I’m meant to be this endless dichotomy, trying to kill the love I keep and keep growing, almost unconsciously. are you choking on my flowers, too? did I even bloom something kind in your gut to begin with? (I hate that I want to know. that even after everything, after all this time I’d rather be a haunting, a tickle of the throat, a bitter swallow, stealing your breath than nothing at all. I picture you sweeping the petals under the rug when people come over. watching out every morning for thorns on your side, and I wonder if you’d know they were mine. those remains, those mementos. I don’t know if I’d rather have nothing of you or these dead flowers, these loose petals and the question of how the hell we ended up becoming nothing but this.)
take your flowers and go by ella macca
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isyourbedroomceilingbored · 6 months ago
i'm forgetting how to write as i attempt to forget you (the stab reopens each time i see you)
— cas fairchild · isyourbedroomceilingbored
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yugenandthekaleidoscopemind · 5 months ago
I used to hate the hurt away but sometimes the hurt hurts so much that you have to love it away. Sometimes love really is the only way. It’s never the easier way though. I used to think that killing it with kindness was bullshit. But it’s not. Loving it away can sometimes be even more violent than hating it. Hating it away is submission, surrendering your ability of free will. It’s like canon balling into shark infested waters just to create waves. Waves big enough to drown your enemies. Mutually assured destruction. Loving it away though, loving it away feels like resilience. Courage to love yourself enough to love everything else, even what you cannot fully understand, even what refuses to understand you. It’s like a bitter sweet sting. Like when our mothers used to clean our scraped kneecaps as children after long summer days. Like hickeys up and down your neck. It’s the only time bruises look a lot like blossoming flowers. -M
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dialvenus · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Antares — red supergiant star in the constellation of scorpios and the enemy of Ares (alternatively, the yearnings of a scorpio mars) // © dialvenus
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courtneyohpoetry · a year ago
the reality
Reality is always more intricate
than straight love or straight hate
No evil and no good, mostly yearning
and always lots of pain - all the worst, ache unfelt
You were there by my side, I called you my love
Dark chocolate but chocolate on my tongue
You broke me down. You tore me in pieces.
Bitter hours and sugar coma minutes.
Fuck the modern day romance,
I never wanted a diamond ring,
I never wanted to have your second name,
I just wanted a safe haven, a sparkly place
I thought it was your embrace,
I thought you felt the same
I blossomed, though, the moment the clouds
discharged its load
I was purified, I was electrified, with rage,
and will to carry on
I was on the road!
the moment the rain poured,
the moment I was on my own
it was hurtful at first, but I'm finding
that place
bitterness just won't save my soul
but a
stirring discomfort. An itch you won't scratch,
not anymore, no more care, no more love.
I think I'm sick, maybe just tired - maybe it was you
. I'm a mock Sylvia Plath.
Lazy hands, lazy mouth, lazy heart.
Now things look a different way
I can't predict what comes next
I never could, anyway
my ears
shut blind to the word in the street
that screamed you don't love me back
Also, kept my eyes shut blind to the light
that beamed from strange blue eyes
I can't shut down, not anymore,
my gates are all open
It wasn't you! It wasn't you! You weren't the one
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poemsonmars · a year ago
everyone tells me that
i will find love again
and it will not end with her.
but how could it not end with her
when she is the reason it began?
let me have my grief.
this is the only thing
that makes sense.
this is the only thing
that feels right.
this is the only thing
that i have left of her.
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psyche-tips-the-candle · a year ago
The version of you
That lives inside my head
Loves me better
Loves me harder
Than you ever did.
And her
Hands are softer
And her
Mouth is kinder
And I'm longing for this woman
When it's impossible to find her.
But she's left
Her fingerprints
Across your skin
They're begging me to
Let you back in
This version of you is nothing
If not insistent and I
Forgot you could be
This persistent.
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gay-poet-from-hell · 6 months ago
i dreamt of you last night
you were in my arms
and i was in your heart
we laughed and talked
we kissed and more
and i miss you so bad.
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theehonestpoet · 11 months ago
It is funny how you can always feel the end coming. You can't say it out loud, but it is just something different about how you feel, how the sun shines through the window, about losing track of the days and time. There never seems to be enough air in your lungs and your imagination feels bigger than every moment. There is only you and your memories, yesterday and tomorrow both feel so far away. Hand grip so tight, you might break a few fingers in order to let go. Why does running away feel like the only answer to every question, yet, the most paralyzing thought?
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keroseneskin · 4 months ago
If breaking is my birthright,
Catastrophe my crusade,
Then at least, my dear,
We were a sight
As our love reduced to flames
-our love is doomed, my dear
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letlovelightlife · 5 days ago
These boys are all talk. But I can’t seem to stop Checking  the clock. Even though the door’s unlocked– I leave the mat over the key, And tell them not to fall in love with me. But these boys are all talk, And I can’t seem to stop. Cause they’re louder than when I heard your bomb drop. So I keep them around To drown out your sound. And they break my fall Before I hit the ground.
Talk, April Dawn
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muerchimo · 6 months ago
i want to bury you under the floorboards
deep in my heart, my body and soul
bewitch me no more
i want to hide your face in obscurity,
making it appear like i’m high again
bewitch me no more
forget every detail of the very subject of you
suffocate you out of existence in my mind
bewitch me no more
break off your tiny wings
grind up your hollow bones and burn them to ashes
bewitch me no more
burn off the memories of my skin from your fingertips
and wash off humanity out of your image
bewitch me no more
sew up your mouth and starve your body
make your flesh rot until
you’ll have no right to call yourself a human
bewitch me no more
deprive you of any sincerity
make you sick of the salt of my tears
leave you emasculated
and weak
bewitch me no more
maybe i’m unnecessary cruel
pathetic and sad
i reclaim my right of revenge
reinstate my agency
bewitch me no more
Tumblr media
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nohatefornate · 11 months ago
Today i took a nap and you were in my dream
Today i took a nap and you were better in my dream
Today i took a nap and you were so romantic in my dream that i wanted to go back to bed when i woke up  
Today i took a nap, and you called to ask me for my mailing address.
Today i took a nap and in it you had said you wanted to write me a letter because a text could not fully capture the emotions you were feeling for me
Today i woke up from a nap to see you had still not responded to my text message
from yesterday
Today i had to refrain myself from double texting you because i saw a man on the bus who made me think of you.
You see, Today i saw a man drinking out of a gallon of milk on the bus on this 82 degree day.
and well, Today that made me think of our second date- the date where we spent too long talking about cows milk.
Because well, Today i was reminded that you genuinely like cows milk but when i told you i found that gross you said you were just joking
But Today, i feel insecure about being the girl who double texts. Today i don’t want to be the girl who is so obviously begging for love
so Today, i do not text you about how i’m thinking about you.
Today, i tell another friend about you.
You see, Today she sent me a tiktok about men who know how to dress
Today, i admit that i’m currently into a man who does not know how to dress.
To prove it, Today, i sent her the picture my friend took of us when you were walking me home from our fourth date.
Today, i sent her the picture of us holding hands while i’m in leather pants and a tight white crop top.
Today, i sent her the picture of us holding hands while you’re wearing board shorts and a t-shirt.
Today, my friends burn me in the group chat and well, Today, I have no defense
Today, i daydream about you asking me to wait for you and i can’t help but smile
Today, i’m almost thankful that you did not ask me to wait for you- because Today i realize that if you did i would have said yes
Today, i think about what love is to me
See the whole point of this poem is that Today and Everyday, i see things everywhere that i want to tell you about.
I dream about you, i want to tell you
i see something on the bus that makes me laugh, i want to tell you
my friend sends me a tiktok, i want to tell you
i daydream about you, i want to tell you
Today, i wonder is love a connection with someone that is so strong that everything makes you think of them
Today i think about how everything makes me think of you
Today and Everyday, all i do is think about you.
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ms-march · a month ago
Tumblr media
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