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Remember New Moon when Edward left and burnt the meadow down so it would be like he never existed — it is canon in my head ok?

Ok hold that thought

What if when he got back he called Benjamin to blossom it up again because it was his and Bella’s place and he knows how she loved their little paradise and like it is way more flower-y and bright in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn right? That’s how Edward apologized for everything and showed Bella nothing would go back to be the same because it would be better right? Can we all please agree to make it canon because I am such a hopeless romantic?

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- Him first of all, adoring you 

- This boy would literally do anything for you


- Obviously loving it when you use him as a personal heater

- So used to it, he puts his arm around you even when you’re not cold

- “Em, I’m not cold.”

- “Yes you are.”

- Trying to cook for you

- Trying

- You guys end up breaking the microwave/stove a lot

- Occasionally hearing something in the house shatter/break

- Because you both are extremely clumsy

- “I thought you were supposed to have super senses wolfie.”

- “Me too.”

- Him taking you to secret hideouts/meadows he discovered on patrol

- Him being THE definition of a hopeless romantic

- Him giving you piggy back rides 24/7

- Just overall being the perfect boyfriend

- Him always stopping by your house/window on his way home from patrol

- Even if you’re sleeping, he just peaks to make sure you are okay

- Bragging. About you.

- Especially to Quil

- You guys making weird faces at each other when you make eye contact from across the room

- Having SOOO many inside jokes

- Being each others best-est + closest friend

- Not every thing being sunshine and rainbows

- Fights and arguments occasionally

- But always working it out because you guys are soulmates

- And because you literally can’t live without each other

- Knowing every thing about each other

- From their biggest regrets to their favorite soda flavor

- Quil 3rd wheeling like a BOSS 

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Carlisle: Finally some relaxation. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son and Bella, but they have just been a lot of trouble lately. We had to hunt down a vampire for Bella, fight an army of newborns for Bella, move to another state for Bella. It just feels nice to get a little bit of a break from those angsty teens

Bella: I know this is impossible, but I think that I’m pregnant



Originally posted by septiceye-girl

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Breaking Dawn Plot Twist:

What if Bella died in Breaking Dawn before Edward could save her?

I think it would have been cool if maybe (just maybe) imprinting didn’t exist and Jacob never tried to kill Renesmee, but tried to raise her with Edward.

And during this time, the two fall in love, realizing that they had loved both Bella and each other.

Now I know this may sound controversial but I think that if Stephenie Meyer had done this, it would have been better than actual Breaking Dawn.

Just think of all the possibilities.

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I had this account for less than a week and I already have 100 followers. This is crazy, I thought making a Twilight account in 2020 was a too little too late, but this shows that the Twilight fandom is still vibrantly alive to this day!!! You guys are so vocal too. I love seeing the passion you guys have for this series. Wether you loved it, hated it, have a love-hate relationship with it etc. You guys have so much to say about this dumbass series and I love it!

Never loose that fire in you! Love you guys!

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so leah is the only female in the pack because she, like her brother, got the gene. the movies don’t make any mention, at least from what i remember, of jacob having two sisters. so was the only reason they didn’t turn because they weren’t around when everything started going down with bella and the cullens? or does smeyer just hate leah (like she hates and gives trauma to the rest of her female and native american characters) so much that she’s the only quileute woman to ever become a werewolf?

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Can we discuss the fact that Breaking Dawn is honestly quite a disappointing book? I love the Twilight books wholeheartedly but it feels so rushed like smeyer was just tryna get it over and done with. The first two actually allowed the reader to engage with the characters. The emotions they felt you felt. The imagery of the scenes and settings were vivid and you essentially became a part of those books. BD just like kinda washes over emotions and shit.

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