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#breaking spooktober for a day
opaljm · 19 days ago
scream your panties (m) – pjm
Tumblr media
➺ pairing: jimin x female reader
➺ genres/tropes: fluff; humor; smut; minor angst; panhellenic college au ; established relationship ; halloween shenanigans
➺ warning/content tags: 18+; swearing (cuz issa fic by me), extremely inaccurate depictions of Greek life (I used PBP because I have friends from there and it’s the only one I feel safe making fun of); mutually jealous Jimin and Y/N who are in a deeply symbiotic relationship and are somehow the same person, sexualized Toy Story Halloween costumes, Y/N is prone to murderous fits of rage but so is Jimin (he just pretends he isn’t to look more civilized), haunted houses are scary (includes jump scares, scary themed rooms, and also taegiseok n yeonbin in creepy costumes), fighting n misunderstandings (gets scary for a sec but its quick like ripping off a bandage), smut: boob enthusiast Jimin, tons of breast play n nipple play, chest enthusiast Y/N cuz Jimin has nipple piercings 😏, Jimin likes to spank you both inside and outside the bedroom, hand job, unprotected penetrative rough sex (multiple times), Jimin n Y/N get randomly into the feels all the fucking time so if you hate intimacy this fic aint the one for you, copious marking/biting, spit play, panty thief Jimin returns (sorry but this is canon to my Jimins I can’t make him stop 🤡), big dick size king Jimin, creampies/pussy stuffing, blow job, sixty-nine action (yes they blow and eat out each other at the same time), fingering, multiple orgasms, riding, cock warming, showering together
➺ word count: 17.4k
➺ summary: As your midterms have ended and Halloween has arrived, you are looking forward to a pleasant time relaxing and enjoying the festivities at your sorority and Jimin's frat houses. Luck is not in your favor, though, because things keep going wrong like a trail of dominoes falling – the only upside to your slowly deteriorating day being that you get to end it with your boyfriend's delicious self between your legs.
➺ author’s note: Yo sorry for being a hot mess 😭. I had to change my fic idea for this collab last minute (literally on like Oct. 29) and since then it's been a mad dash to get this fic out. I didn't abandon the vampire fic idea, I'm just gonna write it outside a collab with deadlines don't fret! Anyways I hope you really enjoy this fic, it was supposed to be a short lil cute pwp and I made it a super long smutty mammoth fic because I'm obsessed with Jimin 🙄. Btw I amped up the steamy factor and length cuz I'm going on a writing break after Nov. 15 since I’m not really going to have much of free time to write. I’ll still attempt to post once a month but if that doesn’t happen please don’t pressure me about it? I posted like 100k for you guys this year and the year isn’t even over. I hope this tides you over until you get the second half of LOTL. Cuz like, is it a Halloween fic? Sure. But also, do sororities and frats always have random ass costume parties in the middle of the year? Yeah, man. You can read this fic at any time of the year honestly. Please leave some love for this fic if you did like it 💕 feedback is always incredible to receive. The validation I get on each fic I post increases my confidence and allows me to feel secure in continuing to write and post more stories for you guys. I love you a lot and I’ll miss you when I’m on my writing hiatus. These exams are absolutely critical though; I can’t manage both the stress of tumblr and school at the same time for Nov-Jan tbh.
This fic is a part of Jimin’s Sunset Spooktober! Banner made by my darling @knjsnoona & me! It’s just collaboration after collaboration in this household lmaoo 🥰. Beta-read by @jimilter she’s on payroll now! Jimin writes the checks to my lovely bff for all of her help (this is a joke I hope you understand that 😭). I feel like I should credit Ash as a ghost writer. I mean she didn't write this fic but she basically could've with how much I told her and how much she helped. I’m truly blessed to have such lovely and supportive angels as friends 🥺
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Tumblr media
It’s hot in your bedroom but you don’t want to push the male who’s got his face buried in your chest off your body.
Stifling a sigh, your left hand caresses his scalp, long fingers threading themselves into the messy overgrown gunmetal gray strands. Jimin slides his palms over your sides, grasping a hold of your tiny waist and pulling you closer to him as you throw a leg over his hips. His hands move north as he brushes them past your ribs and grabs your bare breasts, uncovered since you are mostly nude underneath him and only wearing a scrap of red lace to cover your lower half. He presses your breasts together, bunching the round full globes together before swiping a thumb over the puffy nipples until they start to harden. He finishes the job by enclosing his mouth over one of them and then the other, sucking and nibbling on those stiffening points until they tighten into sensitive, rigid peaks.
It’s not unusual for you to be wrapped around your boyfriend’s body, his slim yet muscular limbs grasping you like a vice, on a Friday afternoon. You don’t have classes on the last day of the week, only a morning shift as a writing tutor at the student center, and Jimin only has his Philosophy discussion on Fridays, led by the course’s TA. The two of you always find your ways back to each other on this day, hence, making up for the lost time over the rest of the week.
Today, you met him for lunch at the Panda Express on campus and then walked back with him to your apartment. Which brings us back to now – Jimin with his shirt off, only wearing the sky blue jeans that make his ass look divine, hovering over your body with his overly long, steel colored bangs falling into his eyes as he sucks on your tits and hums absentmindedly.
The two of you have come to prefer your place over his for moments like these. In freshman year, you were in a triple in the dorms while he had a double with Kim Taehyung, so you two would usually find yourselves fooling around in random empty classrooms in the Physics department. In sophomore year, you lived in your sorority which had much stricter rules than the apartment Jimin had gotten with a couple of his friends. But this year, Jimin is living in his fraternity and you are the one with the apartment which you don’t have to share with anyone. You’ve slept over at the frat before; Beta Tau Sigma doesn’t care if they have girls over, but sometimes you both prefer the privacy here. Jimin and you are usually insatiable; two and a half years together and you’re both still exceeding horny when it comes to each other, and if Jimin’s frat knew how often you two actually were fucking rather than doing anything else, they would never let him live it down as they hurled teasing but impressed compliments his way.
“Jimin?” you murmur, tightening your grip to tilt his head upwards so he can meet your gaze.
Jimin looks at you, heated dark brown eyes under hooded eyelids, his soft silvery hair a rumpled mess clinging to his forehead. “I love you,” he mutters, locking his eyes with yours, pushing his lips out into a puckered pout that eagerly seek yours.
Fuck. He’s so hot.
You move your head towards his and sigh as your lips meet. Jimin slots his lips over yours again and again, their plush pillowiness feeling like heaven against your mouth. He languidly darts his tongue out to press against your lips until they part enough that he can slip it inside. As your tongues twine together, Jimin sucks on yours, his cheeks hollowing out. A moan slips out from you, unbidden as you’re unable to control your urges around this man. One would think that time would make it easier for you, make you less susceptible to the temptation that was Park Jimin, but they would be wrong.
You still make a valiant effort to pull away from him, breaking apart from the kiss. You press your palm against his chest, flush against the Nevermind tattoo crawling up the right side of his torso, to keep him from drawing even closer to you although his grip around your waist keeps you from getting too far.
“Jimin,” you whine trying to engage your boyfriend into conversation.
The male lets his face fall into your chest, banging his forehead lightly against your sternum, “No,” he protests, his straight, dark eyebrows getting pushed together as he furrows his forehead. “Lemme kiss you. I just wanna spend time with you here in your bed until I’m forced to leave and help the Beta Tau Sigma set up for the haunted house. You’ll let me fuck you, won’t you baby?” he needles, “We have all night to talk.”
You scowl, not that he can see it, and push him off of you. Jimin rolls his body around, flopping next to you in bed, immediately wincing when he notices your narrowed eyes. “What is it, Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asks it sweetly and it seems at odds with how his previous sentence caught your ire and made you instantly see red.
“Why do you never want to talk to me?” you demand, crossing your hands over your bare breasts. You irately sweep your long mess of dark hair over your shoulder to let it hang down your back.
You barely got to speak to him this week; when you delivered a bag of hot tofu stew and rice to the study room he had booked, he snapped at you when you hung around, though you were only planning on sticking around long enough to kiss Jimin and force him to put down his books to eat. But this feels different from how Jimin goes radio silent during the weeks when he has a heavy school load filled with studying for exams. Both of you were done with midterms. You wouldn’t have tests again until finals. Jimin even made up his mind to come out and celebrate Halloween with you and his frat, even though he has his Autumn showcase the next evening.
You don’t know if you’re being entirely too sensitive but you don’t like this. It’s hurtful that Jimin says he doesn’t want to talk to you right now—right?
Jimin stares at you, pink mouth wide open as he looks aghast. “I know. I messed up. This is my fault. I shouldn’t have worded it like that, but you know I love talking to you. That’s all we ever do, baby. I text you more out of everyone. I facetime you at all hours of the day. It’s never ever a silent meal when we’re eating together. And I love every bit of it. You know that, right? Y/N, I just. Baby, I miss you. I haven’t seen you all week. I want physical intimacy with you, not just emotional.”
Your frown softens. Fuck, you are being overemotional. He’s right. He’s a great boyfriend. He always tries his best to stay close to you and make your relationship seem special. You were especially craving Jimin’s soft words after so long without (or so it felt, anyways), said in that husky yet sweet toned drawl, fanning over your heated skin as he delivered them with hard kisses from his plush, Bratz doll-esque lips. Your love language was words of affirmation, after all. But in that way, perhaps Jimin needed to slowly ease his way back into talking to you. He did get frighteningly shy. Your sweet loveable boyfriend grew quiet and uncomfortable with people, even those he had known his entire life if he hadn’t seen them for a while. It never took him too long to get back into the flow of his old ways, but he was always a little awkward at the beginning. How had you forgotten that?
You bite your lips as you frown and you let yourself get wrapped in his embrace again, remembering that Jimin craved physical intimacy with you and that that was his love language. For a moment, you allow yourself to enjoy the warmth from his hold, cherishing the way he buries his nose into your crown and tenderly drops light kisses on the top of your head while you attempt to calm your breathing and reign in your emotions. This has nothing to do with him. You’re overreacting.
Striving for a lighthearted tone, you let out a hopefully airy laugh that doesn’t ring too hollow. You brush your fingers along his spine, where you can feel the ring of bones going up his back, softly letting your fingertips tickle his sensitive skin.
“We’ll have sex, I promise. I just need to talk to you about tonight first, before I forget.”
“What’s there to talk about, babe? You got me the costume; I’ll wear it and show up to the Pi Beta Phi manor and we’ll win the thing. And then we go over to my frat to go through the haunted house.”
There were multiple reasons why Jimin walked you home today, but the most important one in your eyes is to pick up his Halloween costume. You have grand aspirations of winning the costume contest at the function your sorority is holding. The winner of the couple event will not only get a month off of required duties at the sorority but also a weekend stay at a fancy hotel room in the city. You are so tired of the mac n cheese lunches they held for philanthropy events. You gain ten pounds, or so it feels, each time. And the date parties? The themes are always so weird and unique that you have to buy a completely new outfit for yourself each time because you can’t reuse anything that was already in your closet. That’s not even the worst of it but you’ve gotten your point across. This sorority is bleeding you dry.
“Ugh, the haunted house,” you groan, burrowing your face into Jimin’s shoulder. His skin is warm and flushed, but he smells amazing and his hugs always give you the instant boost of serotonin you desperately need. Which you now need more than ever. Tonight has to be good for both of you.
Jimin thinks you’re only upset because you hate being scared and bemoans, “Hey! You said that if I let you pick the costumes you would come with me to my Beta Tau’s event too. It’s not Jack and Sally, is it?” His lower lip juts out into a pout that you’re too distracted to notice.
“I thought you guys would throw a Halloween party,” you grumbled.
“We’re doing that too, babe. It’s just half the first floor and all of the second floor we’re converting.”
You suddenly remember the second part of Jimin’s question which makes you laugh lightly, more genuinely this time, before pressing a soft kiss against his throat, “Sorry, ’Min, I didn’t have time to hand make costumes for The Nightmare Before Christmas. Next time, okay? I still think this is good. We could win.”
“What is it?” he asks, sounding full of suspicion. But his attention is wavering again and he’s more focused on groping your ass and pulling on your red lace panties before they snap back softly against your skin.
“You’ll see when you get ready,” you murmur, “But, Jimin,” you hedge.
“Hmm?” He's not paying attention at all. Not when he gets to grip at your luscious hips and squeeze your juicy ass.
“I need you to look very sexy. Pull out all the stops when you’re getting ready, baby.” It’s not that Jimin doesn’t look good when he doesn’t put in effort. He has a casual beauty that is heightened by his effortless style. But you need him to look lethal. Park Jimin when he wants to slay is a whole other kind of demon, one that you are glad is your boyfriend. You would cry if you got to see Jimin looking fine as hell but he wasn’t going home with you.
He bends his neck, nuzzling his face into your chest again, “Sure thing, baby. I won’t forget. Do you need to do my makeup? Should I just ditch helping with the setup?”
You tighten your grip, “Stay with me. Fuck Beta Tau Sigma.”
He chortles, letting out peals of pleasured laughter, “Babe. I wish.” Jimin’s so fucking cute, you wanna pat his head and thus you immediately do so, not even attempting to curb the urge, and then you finger comb back his silver gray locks that you had twisted into a mess earlier.
“No, you don’t need any face makeup, unless you want to. You just need to look hot and be shamelessly confident. Maybe you can channel Seokjin?” you suggest. You heard that Seokjin has a nautical themed costume to wear tonight. If he’s going as a sexy merman that bares all, then Jimin could probably stand to borrow some of his confidence.
Jimin narrows his eyes, looking affronted, tightening his grip on one asscheek before spanking it loudly, “I don’t need to channel Seokjin hyung when I can channel myself, Y/N.”
“Okay, okay,” you easily acquiesce, your own hand moving down to your backside and attempting to rub the reddened flesh. “You’re right, but… remember to do that please.”
“Okay, I don’t get all this remembering business. Y/N, I always look hot,” Jimin tilts his head looking down at you, “What the fuck are you dressing me up as, dude?”
You blink. “Something sexy?”
“Then explain your comment or I’m pushing you off me. You don’t deserve me or my body,” he sasses, already with his hands on your shoulders, prepared to throw you off. “Y/N, you do think I’m the hottest guy you’ve ever seen or been with, right?”
You nervously giggle and lightly scream. How the fuck do you explain that you need Jimin to pull off a very specific look without spoiling the surprise and telling him what it is? “Of course, I think you’re the most attractive man that’s ever lived. Jimin, you are pure aesthetic excellence,” you quickly interject.
“You know how there are several kinds of attractive men? I need you to put on the costume first and let that influence how you do your hair. Like remember when we watched 50 Shades of Grey and you said you were Christian Chim Chim. Don’t fucking do that shit. I need—oh shit, you’re right. I need you to channel yourself. Baby, when you pick your filter for tonight, I need you to be the frattiest, most cocky, and confident fuckboy ever. Give your entire frat a run for their money. Baby, you need to be able to get any guy or girl. That Jimin. The one that bagged me. Be that Jimin.”
“Wow, I didn’t think you were going in that direction,” he laughs, sheepishly, “I came at you too hard. Of course, I know my girlfriend is fucking attracted to me. Sorry, babe, my head isn’t right this week.”
You look up at Jimin, “What’s wrong?” the words aren’t delivered lovingly – no, they’re delivered like a threat; like you’re fully prepared to go find the bitch or asshole who knocked down Jimin’s self esteem and tear them a new one. Nobody gets to hurt your baby like that. Not even you. And if you did do it, accidentally, you would usually wallow in a pool of despair ,begging for Jimin’s forgiveness while at the same time knowing you didn’t deserve it.
And that had only happened once and only because you didn’t know that his hand size was a trigger for him. They’re bigger than yours by a centimeter, though his pinky is about a millimeter or two smaller and you had laughed about how you found it funny that your pinky was longer. But then you cried yourself to sleep when you noticed that Jimin had gone quiet for the rest of the date and didn’t even bother to kiss you goodnight before leaving.
Right now, Jimin snorts, “I’m just being dramatic. Jungkook said I looked like a hot mess this week. And I know that my hair looked like a haystack and my clothes weren’t coordinated, but it’s not like I had time to blow dry my hair or plan outfits or even breathe.”
“Well, Jungkook’s an ugly jock, so what does he know about sexiness?” you scowl, “Stupid fucker with his big, ugly muscles and his meatheaded coconut shaped skull.”
“I have muscles,” Jimin interrupts, rolling the two of you around again until he's caging you under his body. His hands are right by your ears, fingers splayed out and his 13 tattoo looks so starkly black from where it is on his flexed left wrist. The devious male smirks before he subtly rolls his hips into you, hard zipper from the denim pressing against your messy and flushed front.
“Sexy muscles,” you sigh immediately, “Jungkook wishes he looked like you.”
He bites down on his lower lip to hide his smile but it still breaks free, the curve of his lips curling up as it spreads wide to show how happy he is. “Pretty girl,” he mumbles, “I want to destroy you but you’re too sweet.”
At that, your legs immediately surge upwards to cross over his ass, thighs hugging either side of his hips while meeting those shallow rolls of his. You gyrate your own hips until you can get your folds perfectly aligned with his zipper and his cock beneath it, an angry hard length that’s desperate to break free.
Jimin inhales loudly, a sharp sound that makes your skin breakout with goosebumps even with your warm skin pressed against his hot flushed one. You’re hyper aware of his every move and sound. When he moves his hands over your ass-cheeks, palming them, his dexterous fingers are restless as they seek to make you whimper and keen before he squeezes your ass, pushing you up to draw your hips to him until your pelvis is flush against his. He grasps you so tightly that there’s barely a hairsbreadth of space in between the two of you. Jimin loves going commando and his cock head breaches the waistband of his jeans, the tip stabbing you in the belly button because of its monstrous length.
He’s looking down at you with his eyelids hooded. His blackened eyes are dark from desire, the pupils so blown out you can barely make out the brown irises that edge them. The heat terrifies you but also makes you yearn for more, and you haphazardly move your face in the direction of his, almost missing his mouth as you sloppily join lips together. Your arms go up, twining around his neck, both your hands have their fingers buried in his gunmetal colored locks, palms supporting and cradling the back of his head lovingly.
His jaw almost crashes into your chin as he vigorously leans into the kiss, greedily inhaling through his nose, reluctant to pull apart from your mouth as he keeps swiping his lips over yours, sucking at your plump lower lip and nibbling at your cupid’s bow, before he eases you into opening your mouth again. All the while he’s got a hold on your ass, using it to further push you into him instead of crashing down on you, suffocating you with his heavy weight and pressing you into the mattress. The act is thoughtful, though born out of desperation, and your fronts collide with each other, your breasts clinging to his chest as your hardened nipples brush against his metal adorned ones. You hiss when you feel the round ends of his piercings drag against your soft skin, dimpling into them when you’re pushed even tighter against Jimin.
One of Jimin’s hands wander from your ass to clench your thigh, gripping your smooth, supple flesh as his fingers, with the nails slightly grown out since he had forgotten to cut them this week, dig into your skin while he pulls your legs apart and bucks against you. It’s not hard enough to truly hurt but his fingernails do leave temporary red crescent indentations and make you whimper from the tiny bit of pain.
Your tongue, meanwhile, is still roving around Jimin’s mouth and brushes over his reddened swollen lips, and you can taste the mint from the Listerine strip he had dissolved on his tongue after lunch, as well as the peach flavored lip balm he had swiped from your book bag. After a particularly hard nip from Jimin’s teeth, you break apart from his lips to let out an embarrassingly loud wanton moan. He doesn’t let a single second go to waste as he drags his lips along your jaw, nibbling along the way as he moves lower in the direction of your throat. Once there, he bites roughly at the sensitive skin above the hollow of your neck, sucking on it harshly until it leaves a blossoming mark of reds and violets. As he darts his tongue out to soothe the aching flesh, he sneakily dips it into the hollow of your neck and then your collarbones as well, messily licking up the flushed expanse of your skin.
Jimin soon finds his way back to your cherished breasts that he loves so ardently. As he wraps his mouth around a still angrily reddened and tender nipple, you make your hand sneak in between the two of your abdomens, not playing the role of an idle participant. Your hand grips at the front of his pants, holding his cock against your palm as your thumb rubs at its swollen head. You stop your movement over his dick to turn your attention to undoing his button and Jimin growls out in frustration, biting down on your soft underboob, leaving a half circle of teeth marks.
“Chill, baby,” you soothe him, and as soon as you free his cock from its confines, your hand tightly grasps the member to stroke it.
The tight, suctioning grip of your fingers and palm around his heated shaft makes him sigh lewdly in relief as his eyes flutter closed in ecstasy, his long dark eyelashes fanning the apples of his cheeks. He slumps against you, his sweaty forehead pressed against yours as one of his dampened locks of hair falls over his left eye. His nose brushes against yours, and if you wanted, you could place gentle open mouthed kisses on his slightly parted lips, but you ignore them to focus on his cock, while Jimin turns his attention to wetly press his mouth against your cheek and then your jaw.
His moans go up a pitch, filling your ears with his musical sounds of pleasure. Biting your bottom lip, your teeth sinking into it as you press your forehead against Jimin’s even harder, you switch up your form and go to fondle his balls with your nimble fingers. As you tug on them, Jimin lets out an anguished sound that's a cross between agony and elation.
“Y/N, don’t. Don’t tease me. Please?” he begs, “I haven’t had time to get off all week. Baby, please. I’m gonna blow my load. Let me fuck you, beautiful.”
You quit teasing him and instead, your hands got to his waistband on either side, fully determined to shove his pants down his thighs. You don’t even need them down fully, just enough so that Jimin could fuck you without any complications.
He backs up from you and you sigh in discontentment the second Jimin’s flushed peaches n’ cream skin is no longer clinging to yours as the male hops off your bed to tear his jeans fully off his legs. He struggles a little, jumping lightly as the tight material clings to his sweaty thighs and you almost swoon when you see his ass jiggle. What was that thing Doja Cat said? Oh yes, “if you could see it from the front wait till you can see it from the back.” And you can definitely see Jimin’s from the front while also confirming that yes, the backside view is even more mouthwatering.
The pants successfully taken off and thrown to a far corner of the room, Jimin immediately hurls his whole body onto the bed, catching himself with those toned arms whose biceps have started to look shockingly large in the past couple of months and made you demand Jimin carry you everywhere around because he was definitely strong enough to. The thought makes you smile and you immediately smack a kiss against Jimin’s lips because he always carried you whenever you asked.
“Hi, baby,” he whispers against your lips, nuzzling his nose against yours. His thick thighs are bracketing yours as Jimin hovers above your lap, his cock bobbing against your pelvis and its head getting caught onto your lace underwear as it soaks it with precum. As he pulls your panties off, he asks, “Can I keep these? I’ll return them to you later. Hand washed and folded.”
You snicker, “Sicko,” teasing him, but then you press your lips against his before they can droop down into a frown. “Yeah, go ahead, baby. Thanks for remembering that they don’t go into the washer.”
And then you and Jimin are finally getting to the main event. Bare as always, because while you had been on the pill since you were fifteen, Jimin and you hadn’t started having condomless sex until the third month of dating. But once you started, you never went back. Your clit doesn’t need much to get it going and you’re already gushing like a broken faucet so Jimin thrusts his cock into you without much pomp or circumstance. As always, you gasp at the intrusion. Not only does your boyfriend have a sizable length, but he’s also girthy as hell and whenever he first fills you up, he takes your breath away.
According to Jimin, it’s because you don’t work out and you’re possibly asthmatic. At that you always smack the back side of his head and tell him no, it’s grossly romantic that he can take your breath away with his fine ass dick game, and your lung capacity is fine for someone who wasn’t in the church choir for twelve years. Yes, your boyfriend is a former church boy. If only Father Thomas could see how low he had fallen. But compliments about Jimin’s dick always makes the cocky, pun intended, jerk smirk like a self-satisfied Cheshire cat and giggle adorably. He is a stunning contradiction of a man. Sometimes you want to suffocate him with your thighs, other times with a pillow.
He shallowly thrusts in you once, twice before he unexpectedly takes almost his entire dick out of your folds before slamming back into you so vigorously that it makes your thighs quiver, wrapped as they are around his waist. He’s so deep in you that you can feel the clean shaven base of his cock pressed against your mons. From there on it’s a frantic joining of the two of your bodies as Jimin furiously pounds into you, letting out all of his frustrations from the past week onto your body in the form of turbulent love making. You hold on for dear life, clutching onto his broad shoulders as your mouth slides against Jimin’s ear, softly whispering how much you love him and how you’ll always be there for him and how there’s no one else in the world more perfectly suited for you than your beloved boyfriend.
When he finally cums into you, a messy and molten flow of whiteness that paints your insides and then leaks out from the overflow, proof that your poor darling truly didn’t have a moment recently to let off some steam, the male wearily drags his body away from yours so he can return with a damp cloth to clean you up between your legs. As you drowsily look up at him and make grabby hands, he gently slaps them away, before placing a loving kiss on your forehead and brushing back your hair, tucking in a lock behind your ear.
“I need to go, baby,” he bemoans, “But I’ll see you tonight, okay? I’m setting an alarm on your phone to wake you up in an hour so you don’t oversleep and then have to rush to get ready.”
“Sweet baby,” you murmur, locking your arms around his neck and keeping him in place.
“Considerate baby,” Jimin argues, tenderly moving his hands up to encircle your wrists and pull your arms away from him so he’s no longer trapped in your hold. “I love you, Y/N.”
“Love you,” you parrot drowsily, your eyes slowly falling shut as Jimin walks around your room to gather his clothes and then get ready to leave. He remembers to grab the shopping bag from Nordstrom you stuffed his costume in, not that you would ever shop there to buy a one time Halloween costume. It’s more likely that you reused the bag. He squints in confusion when all he sees is a mess of brightly colored fabric within it but he just shrugs, too tired from the sex to work up enough brain power to guess what his costume is. He then heads out the door, not forgetting to lock it behind him.
Tumblr media
When you wake up to your annoying ass alarm an hour later—now why the fuck did Jimin use the quacking ducks preset as the ringtone? You feel boneless yet still exhausted. You tiredly drag yourself into the shower to get the smell of sex off your body and wash your hair, though it’s going to be hidden under a wig, just so you can feel squeaky clean before you put on your costume.
You and Jimin are dressing up as Ken and Barbie from Toy Story 3, and in your opinion the costumes don’t look half bad. You were running late with the costume planning in between everything you had on your plate this month but a successful run at the thrift store has given you plenty to work with. You ended up with explosively colored outfits for both of you, although they were more loosely inspired than exact replicas. After all, this is Greek life, you have to amp up the sex appeal for both of your costumes.
For yourself, this means that instead of wearing Barbie’s electric blue jumpsuit, you are wearing a bright turquoise bodysuit with a deep plunging neckline that divides your bust in two and goes all the way to your midriff, fortunately keeping your navel concealed even as it dips dangerously low. The pink belt that goes around Barbie’s waist is instead a hot pink belted choker around your neck but you are rocking the green, white, pink, and blue 80s inspired leg warmers she was wearing as well as patent leather stiletto pumps in the same pink as your collar. Your look is finished off with a wild blue smokey eye and iridescent pale pink lips, and after you are done with your makeup, you struggle to make your synthetic blond wig not look completely awful on your head.
As you leave for Pi Beta Phi, you grab your purse, keys, and phone but a quick step outside reveals that the weather has gone unexpectedly chilly, making you rush back to the apartment and grab the first piece of outerwear you see – which happens to be Jimin’s oversized light colored denim jacket he left in your apartment two weeks ago.
It’s probably for the best that you’re wearing the jacket, you think to yourself as you wobbly make your way across the hilly sidewalks that lead to Greek row in your stiletto heels. Your entire ass is out in the leotard-esque bodysuit and had you not been wearing a coat, the boys walking behind you surely would’ve gotten quite the show all the way uphill.
At the house, your sisters are busily running around making sure everything is perfect and ready for the party. They have made Pi Phi manor look great, although it leans towards the glitzy and glam side of decorations rather than the cute and spooky side. Black and orange is prominent throughout the entire house however, with the grand staircase railing done up with black poofy garlands and glittery orange streamers. You sign yourself and Jimin for the costume contest and then grab a red solo cup of apple cider – non-alcoholic since sororities aren't allowed to serve substances on their grounds, thanks to a decidedly sexist rule that never gets changed no matter how many elections pass – before heading back outside to watch the costumed guests walk up.
Your sisters and their guests are hanging around the cute little games that were set up on the grass. There’s a beanbag toss where the bags are all white and decorated with the faces of various mischievous ghosts as well as a cider bottle toss. You know that your boyfriend will get excited by the pumpkin smash station so you pointedly walk far away from it to the other side of the lawn where you see a couple of your friends surrounding the giant tin containers that have been set up for apple bobbing. Jimin’s fraternity brothers Seokjin and Namjoon are on their knees, since the basins are too low for their tall statures, while Namjoon’s girlfriend cheers for them as Jungkook simultaneously jeers them on.
Seokjin is dressed in a sailor costume that leaves little to the imagination. He has a peaked captain’s cap placed jauntily on his dark brown hair while his slutty outfit consists of white suspenders strapped onto navy skin clinging short shorts. A white and navy striped sailor collar hangs over his Pacific Ocean wide shoulders that ties in the front with the two floppy end pieces bouncing against his pecs from any sudden movements. Apparently, you were mistaken when you had thought that his nautical nod for the night meant that he would be a sexy merman. Seokjin seems to prefer a slutty sailor. His hands are clasped behind his back as he bends down to bite down on an apple.
Namjoon on the other hand is fully prepared for the costume contest in a TV accurate depiction of Khal Drogo. You don’t doubt for a second that it was his girlfriend’s idea as the brown girl is dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and looks picture perfect as the mother of dragons with her freshly bleached hair. She keeps rubbing her hands over Namjoon’s bare shoulders and back as the male bobs for his own apple, all while keeping the lookout for Jungkook with narrowed eyes since the male seems dead set on shoving one of his hyungs’ heads underwater.
Just as Jungkook nudges Seokjin into the steel bucket of water with his knee, you hear someone shout your name. You look towards the sidewalk where Jimin’s walking up, looking like the perfect Ken from Toy Story 3 and you immediately dart away from your friends to jump into his arms.
“Jimin,” you hum, kissing his cheek as your arms tighten around his neck. The male strengthens the hold he has on your thighs, holding you more securely against him as he walks the two of you back to the apple bobbing crew.
“Y/N, what is your costume?” he asks while perplexedly scrunching his slightly pinkened face up, flushed from the biting cold air of the autumn night, as he easily sets you down and looks at the denim jacket swallowing your frame and the blonde wig that seems strangely out of place, “Now I’m even less sure of who I’m meant to be.”
You stare at Jimin. He’s wearing the brightly colored abstract print shirt completely open, letting you stare at his sunkissed rock hard abdominal muscles as well as the platinum bars that decorated his pecs. You sneakily stretch your hand forward so that you can possessively press your palm against his Nevermind tattoo and he snorts, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and squeezing you close to him. Your eyes make their way from his face to his neck where he haphazardly tied the blue bandana you got for him, the shade matching the exact color of your bodysuit. You untie it and redo it for him in a perfect Ascot knot.
“You’re Ken from Toy Story 3,” you explain, “It was hard finding the right shirt though,” you pout cutely at him.
Jimin tucks his hands into the small pockets of the light blue shorts he is wearing, cuffed to be even shorter. You forgot to account for how bootylicious Jimin is or how thick his thighs are because the cloth is tighter than you anticipated, clinging to his lower half like a second skin. You frown, biting your lip, no one better stare at his ass, suddenly possessed by jealousy. This peach is for your viewing pleasure only.
“Barbie doesn’t dress like that,” Jimin nods at his jacket, clearly indicating that he wants you to take it off so he can see what you’ve got on underneath.
“I was cold,” you defend yourself, but you slip off the outerwear and give it to the male to hold onto.
Jimin narrows his eyes as he walks around you to get the full 360° view, taking his chance to smack your ass lightly when he’s behind you. “You can put the coat back on if you’re cold,” he says nicely, sounding chivalrous though you know it’s more likely because he is just as possessive of your ass as you are of his, and both of your cheeks are practically hanging out due to the high cut of the leotard.
“Nice costume, hyung,” Jungkook nods in Jimin’s direction, handing him off an apple he clearly swiped from the game.
“Thanks,” Jimin snorts, putting the apple into your pocket instead of having it rest against his warm thighs in his shorts’ pockets. “What the hell are you supposed to be?”
Jungkook is shirtless and wearing a pair of crimson colored hot pants. You don’t have a damn clue what he is meant to be either. “The devil.”
“Where are your horns,” you scoff, crossing your arms as you narrow your eyes at him, very visibly and judgmentally looking him up and down, unimpressed by his lack of effort.
At that Jungkook’s eyes widen as he frantically pats the top of his curly black locks, “Shit, Sooyeon is gonna kill me.” And with that the male disappears into the fray, heading back into the sorority house to find the headpiece to his costume.
Jimin smiles, rocking back and forth on his feet, “I saw a jar of candy corn. If I guess the amount in it correctly or get the closest to it, I get to keep the jar.”
“Jimin, you hate candy corn,” you complain as you take his hand and allow him to pull you through the party so that you guys can walk around and see all the attractions.
“I could donate it. Or,” your boyfriend pauses, lower lip getting bitten as his brows become furrowed, “Halloween’s actually on Sunday. I could give it to the trick or treaters.”
“Children come by to the frat to get candy?!” you shriek, aghast at the thought. Those poor kids, getting scarred for life. The thought of them witnessing the shenanigans that Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook get up to has you distressed.
“Actually, we have a little event we do at the local elementary school. We play games. They show a PG-rated spooky movie in the auditorium and there’s little goodie bags we made earlier this week with individually wrapped candy and ghost and pumpkin stickers,” Jimin rambles, his cheeks going up and his eyes getting all squinty as he excitedly explains to you.
A soft smile overtakes your face as well, “That’s really sweet, Jimin, but what if you don’t end up doing anything with the candy corn because you forget? Wish it were jelly beans. Or even gummy worms.”
“I would do so well, though,” he grumbles, running a veiny hand through his silver locks, pushing the strands back and off of his forehead, “I’d win.”
“I know you would. You’re really good at estimating, but since we both know you’d win... Do we really need a 6 pound jar of waxy corn syrup flavored junk?”
“Disgusting,” mutters Jimin, and then he gently swings your attached arms back and forth as you both go deeper into the fray.
There’s a Quidditch themed butterbeer pong game that you’re pretty sure has been illegally set up, that you and Jimin spend most of your time at, drinking the disgusting butterscotch flavored soda – when you’re not at the snacks table eating the Southern bbq your sorority had catered, as well as all the sickeningly sweet seasonally appropriate desserts your sisters had either baked or bought.
Slightly sluggish from your full tummies, you guys finally go up to the cute little section inside the front entrance to the house where the formerly giant open space has been turned into a little stage with seats for the audience wishing to watch the costume party. Your Pi Beta Phi president, Sariya, is waving her little bedazzled orange and purple gavel like she thinks she’s a judge requesting order in the courtroom. You and Jimin speed walk your ways to getting seats in the far back, where you can make a quick escape if necessary.
You guys make it through several of the costumes, the highlights being Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé being dressed up as the teletubbies; Namjoon and his girlfriend providing steep competition as a Dothraki and Daenerys although you don’t think they’re going to win since pretty much everyone hated the last season of “Game of Thrones;” and several groups and couples embarrassingly dressing like characters from the ever popular Squid Game which is 2021’s version of how literally every couple dressed like Harley Quinn and the Joker from “Suicide Squad” in 2016. Then, it’s finally time for you and Jimin to hit the stage. You pull off the denim jacket and put it on a chair off to the side of the stage before you rush to catch up to your boyfriend and walk on stage with him hand in hand.
Your sorority’s chapter president announces that the two of you are dressed up as Barbara “Barbie” Roberts and Kenneth Carson as the two of you spin around and do little twirls to let everyone see your costumes from all angles. This is met with a second of split silence since no one knows the iconic Mattel couple’s full names but then she continues to tack on, “Barbie and Ken from Toy Story 3!” At that the audience is wracked with cheers since the third movie has always been the fan favorite out of the franchise. Though it could have easily been just as likely that they were screaming at how much skin you and Jimin were both revealing. The two of you skip off the stage feeling pretty secure about your victory since the cheers for you two were the loudest they’ve been all night.
“I think it helps that you have such nice muscles and proportions, you look like the perfect male,” you smirk as you feel your way up Jimin’s chest, smoothing your palm over his abs and flicking one of his nipples. Your/Jimin’s jacket is hanging in the crook of your other arm, you’re reluctant to put it back on until after your victory lap from being announced as the winners.
Jimin immediately grabs you by the wrist after the nip flick, “Don’t do that,” he reprimands gently and then he pulls you into his arms, resting his chin on your shoulder and trapping your arms under his embrace so your sly hands can’t feel him up some more. He has the two of you facing the stage as Jungkook and his girlfriend Sooyeon take the stage. Jungkook’s in the aforementioned bright red booty shorts but has somehow managed to find his devil horns and is using a red silicone spatula as a pitchfork. His girlfriend is dressed in a white lace babydoll nightie from Victoria’s secret and has a fuzzy white halo on, though her wings are nowhere to be seen.
“Who would vote for that,” scoffs Seokjin, materializing next to you two from out of nowhere, making Jimin let out a surprised shriek that he attempts to conceal by turning it into a deep grunt. “He stole that spatula from our kitchen.”
Yeah, all of you are judging their costumes hard. It’s easily the outfits where the least amount of effort was made. Every single person dressed as a Squid Game character looks better than them. Unlike you and Seokjin, who are embroiled in a heavy discussion of Halloween costumes, Jimin is distracted as he contemplates how to get snacks and get back to you before the announcement is made. When his perusal of the space makes his eyes catch on two gentlemen looking you up and down, their gazes trapped to your chest, he immediately makes you put the jacket back on. You smile at him thanking him, because God, there’s nothing worse than creepy unwanted attention. Like, why can’t men ever let you be a baddie in peace?
When the winner gets announced ten minutes later as Jungkook and Sooyeon, you start screeching and attempt to run up to the stage to fight the judges. Jimin, knowing what would happen if you lost, grabs a hold of you and hugs you to his chest as you kick and squirm. When you break a hold of Jimin’s grasp to lodge the apple from Jungkook that had remained in your jacket pocket this entire time at the aforementioned male, Jimin grabs onto you again, tightening his arms around you and locking you against him even harder. Beside you two, Namjoon is similarly enraged, having found the group with his girlfriend after the announcements were made. He says it screams rigged since Sooyeon is the chapter vice president, and his girlfriend lets him rant to her though it’s clear from the way she’s undressing his already half naked body with her eyes, she’s not listening to a word he’s saying.
As you glare at Jungkook, giving him a stink eye from where he’s accepting the dumb little trophy on stage, Jimin takes the chance to hike you up over his shoulder as he carries you away from the sorority. He keeps dragging your jacket down to cover your cute butt from where it is beside his head, not only because it distracts him while he’s walking but also because he doesn’t want any other perverts looking at it. Jimin is the only pervert that’s allowed to openly fawn over you.
You let him carry you this way halfway down the street before you start squirming and tell him you can walk by yourself. The male hesitantly lowers you beside him, watching you with narrowed eyes as you stalk forward, growling under your breath about stupid nepotism and how you could never hold a more important role at your sorority because you weren’t a legacy Pi Phi, wishing you had a dozen more apples you could aim at Jungkook and Sooyeon’s heads.
“Hey,” Jimin protests as he runs ahead to catch up to you, “Community outreach chair is very important too, Y/N. Don’t undersell yourself just because Sooyeon got all her friends to vote for her.”
“It’s not fair, Jimin—” you cut yourself off, clearly holding back the meaner things you wanted to say. Instead, you change the subject, “Are we really going to the haunted house, Jimin? Last year you abandoned me in a corn maze.”
“I didn’t abandon you,” Jimin argues immediately, still disagreeing with you a year later, his brown eyes glinting as he rolls them at you, “You got lost… in a maze… because it’s a maze. They’re designed that way.”
“You let go of my hand,” you pout, your lower lip quivering, the pale sparkly lipstick making it look like your mouth is covered in fairy dust.“You left me. I still have nightmares. I found a random ass crop circle. I was literally seconds away from being abducted by aliens,” You declare dramatically before then crossing your arms, frowning deeply though you don’t change paths and continue to walk in the direction of his fraternity.
“I won’t do that this time, Y/N, I promise. And this is just a basic frat run haunted house. It won't be anything like Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Hobi hyung and Yoongi hyung got dragged into playing the role of the scarers. Hobi hyung is dressed as Edward Scissorhands but honestly, do you really think he is the type of person who is good at scaring others?” Jimin has to admit he had to bite his tongue to keep himself from snorting the second you mentioned the crop circle and aliens. You are literally the most paranoid person he knows. Even worse than Hobi hyung although he knows you’ll disagree.
You furrow your brows, they got the resident scaredy cat Jung Hoseok to participate in the haunted house? Hoseok’s fear tolerance is much lower than yours. Last year, you and he ended up alone in Jimin’s apartment while Jimin went downstairs to pick up the pizza delivery and Hoseok ended up screaming his head off when the two of you saw a giant spider on the ceiling. He demanded that as his junior, you kill the creature – which you tried, but it only resulted in failure. After all, Jimin is the one that kills bugs in your relationship. When Jimin came back into the apartment, half of it was burned down from the two of your attempts. Well… not really, but you are exaggerating to make a point.
“Come on, Y/N, one quick run through the house and then we can go to my room on the next floor. I bought you snacks and we can watch Nightmare Before Christmas together,” he suggests biting down on his lip.
“Fine,” you whine, stomping with one of your pink leather encased feet, “But this time, no letting go of me!” And with that you speedily shuffle into Jimin’s arms and make him awkwardly walk with you the rest of the way since it felt like you two were practically conjoined with how close you remain to him the entire time.
“It’s going to be fun, Y/N,” Jimin murmurs as he takes out the tickets he got for you two earlier in the evening and hands them off to Taehyung who is manning the entrance as the clown from It. He has a face full of white makeup on and had even drawn on Pennywise’s terrifying red smile with the crimson paint running through his cheeks to cut right across his eyes and go into his forehead in two curvy lines from the end of his smile. The male had teased his blond hair into the shape of the dancing clown’s iconic hair before spraying with temporary orange hair chalk.
“For you,” you grumble, pointedly stepping around Jimin to his other side to avoid Taehyung and his unnerving costume, “But as long as you play the role of my dashing protective knight in shining armor, I shall try to persist.”
Beta Tau Sigma is the first male fraternity that was founded in your university. Though their massive mansion gets major renovations every five to ten years, the Victorian structure was built in the 1800s. So when the boys convert it into a spooky haunt, it is successfully terrifying.
From the moment you step in, fog clouds the interior, making you clamber to Jimin’s side, pressing into him when you can’t see more than five feet ahead of you clearly. To your utter dismay, the frat’s brothers have taken advantage of the location’s history and how it houses so many young individuals and made that the central theme for night. It is designed like a cross between an asylum and a school for troubled minds and Yoongi leaps out scaring the living shit out of you three minutes into your traipse through the first floor, dressed up as Hannibal Lector in his bright orange prison garb and tiger-esque hockey mask.
Jimin is, of course, unfazed. He stares at Yoongi with a wry lopsided smirk gracing his lips before striking a conversation with his hyung. You try to justify your reaction, and Jimin’s lack thereof, by convincing yourself that your boyfriend didn’t react because he already saw Yoongi today in his costume and you hadn’t, so your jump, followed by the screech that had you ducking your head into Jimin’s chest, was a reasonable reaction.
“Do you think I would be less scared if I closed my eyes and had you blindly direct me through this place?” you ask, seriously considering it, quickly flapping your shimmery blue lids shut.
“Don’t do that, Y/N, it’ll make the music seem even louder to you,” Jimin warns, as he gently pushes you forward so that the two of you can now make it up the stairs to the second floor.
Your neck hairs stand at his words as goosebumps take over your entire body. Now that Jimin has mentioned the music, you can hear the eerie Tethered remix of “I Got 5 On It” as it finishes off and is replaced with a creepy instrumental remix of Melanie Martinez’s “Carousel” as though the playlist is blasting in your ears, attacking your eardrums. “Okay, maybe you’re right. But, Jimin! I hate this,” you cry out, sharply snapping your eyes open, before you gingerly make your way up the stairs.
Each step is covered with fake cobwebs and as you move your legs the giant spider and snake decorations on the banisters and railings start to move, activated by motion sensors and making weird broken noises. It’s definitely not the scariest part of this entire thing but you flinch every time a fuzzy pincer or a plastic reptilian tail brushes against you and you find yourself dashing through the rest of the stairs though Jimin hurriedly calls out for you to wait for him.
At the landing for the next floor, you wait for your boyfriend and when he finally slings an arm around your shoulders, the two of you take off again. This floor has bedrooms, though, and some of the brothers that live on it have given up their spaces to be used as miniature themed scare rooms, though not every door is open and available for the public to walk into. You and Jimin make your way through one of them that has been set up to look like a medical operating room as well as another set up like a bedroom with screaming frat members strapped into beds with metal frames that try to grab you as you wake by them before the trouble starts.
Later, Jimin will say he told you not to move and wait for him while you will argue with him that you heard him say nothing so you moved on like everything was fine and dandy. You’re in a room that looks like an abandoned classroom or something of the sort when things go awry. You won’t be able to appreciate how they converted the study room until months later because you receive the worst fright of your life there.
As you make your way through the desks towards the whiteboard at the front, the lights flicker before turning off completely and then the room, that’s already cold from the air conditioning blasting throughout the entire fraternity, begins to fill with fog. When the lights turn back on five seconds later, you blink, seeing dark spots from the abrupt brightness. As your eyes focus, you let out an earth shattering scream when you notice that there are two grown ass men who are much taller and bigger than you dressed like the Grady Twins from The Shining, brown shoulder length wigs, light blue dresses, white stockings and all, standing two feet away from you looking both incredibly imposing and impossibly threatening.
You fall to the ground and let yourself crumble into a ball, wrapping your arms around your legs as you press your shiny cobalt eye-shadowed eyelids against your icy knees. Jimin bursts into the room a minute later, following the sound of your shriek and immediately drops down on the ground next to you to wrap his arms around you and hugs you to his chest, squishing your face, the part that's not pressed against your knees, against his shoulder. He cradles your head into him as he brushes his hand over your hair several times soothingly.
You can hear him gruffly asking Soobin and Yeonjun to take five and vacate the room. The underclassmen readily do so since Jimin is a vice president of the chapter this year. Unlike your sorority, which has one president and vice president and then several chairs, Jimin’s fraternity has three vice presidents since it has a much larger student body. Namjoon’s the president, of course, while Yoongi is the external vice president with Hoseok dealing with internal affairs. Jimin is the member development vice president and since rush is over, his workload is a little lighter than the other heads’ at the moment.
“Y/N, I told you not to leave me,” he chastises as he somehow manages to pick you up from the ground and carry you as you wrap yourself around his body like a koala, clinging to his front. You burrow your nose, which feels like an icicle, into his collarbone as you tighten your arms around his neck like a noose. Your boyfriend, feeling horrible about your scare, ignores the discomfort that comes from the frosty contact of your skin against his.
As Jimin grasps your thighs more securely, you cross your legs even more tightly over his hips, “You didn’t tell me anything! I thought you were with me the entire time,” you cry out. You have no idea how your mascara and eyeliner are holding up but you hope they keep their waterproof promise as you start to sob again.
He brushes a kiss across the top of your head before he unexpectedly rushes to spit out a plastic strand of hair out of his mouth, having forgotten that you were wearing a wig since it was so dark inside the mansion. “Y/N, I don’t want to play the blame game with you when you’re in distress but, sweetheart, you walked away from me in the corn maze too. Y/N, if I’m going to be holding your hand the entire way through so you don’t get scared, you can’t let go of my hand and then blame me when you get frightened later on,” he harps softly, trying to keep condemnation out of his voice.
You pause your crying to protest, “You let go of my hand!” You still haven’t quite regained your senses and you keep attacking Jimin, whether validly or not… who’s to say? One thing’s for sure: the shock from your fear is keeping you from reacting rationally.
“Y/N, I told you I was going to tie my shoes and to not move, didn’t you hear me?” he asks, walking through the rest of the attractions without any harassment from the scarers. He’s guessing that Soobin and Yeonjun told them to leave the two of you alone, or the sight of Jimin carrying his obviously distressed girlfriend throughout the second floor has the other scarers giving you two a wide breadth. Hoseok even walks in the opposite direction with his cool scissor hands as he sees Jimin going for the next flight of stairs to the floor that has his bedroom.
“I didn’t hear anything, baby,” you mumble honestly, biting on your lip again, the soft waxy pink from your lipstick having long been worn off, “I swear.”
Jimin squeezes you around the middle, “Maybe it was just a misunderstanding,” he seems willing to let it go. He obviously doesn’t want to spend the rest of the night arguing with you.
Though it would have been infinitely easier for him to get his keycard out and open his dorm door if he put you down, Jimin lets you cling to him and one handedly hunts for the card in his wallet and then pushes the door open wide with his back, allowing the two of you to enter.
“I’m gonna set you down on my bed and change out of this costume okay, Y/N?” he asks, “Just because the costume party and this didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean we have to end the night on a bad note, yeah? Take off your shoes and wig, baby, and put Disney+ on. I’m going to get the snacks I bought yesterday out.”
You stare at Jimin, forgetting to do as he’s told you as you gaze enraptured by his handsomeness and natural charisma. As you watch Jimin peel off his multicolored shirt and shorts to abandon them in favor of a pair of black sweats, he mischievously smirks at you, playfully winking and giving a little strip tease which then shifts to him dragging his hand down his bare abdomen as he cutely yet sexily performs a hip roll for you which ends with a violent hip thrust that makes it clear that even with how cold it’s been tonight, the male is already at half-mast and still growing, his arousal undeterred by the chill.
The light smile that has been gracing your face disappears when Jimin sinks to his knees before you to pull your pink leather pumps off and you unexpectedly find yourself bursting into tears, distraught from the immense kindness and care Jimin has shown you tonight. This results in your boyfriend looking sharply up at you in abrupt alarm, puppy eyes widened as a look of deep concern takes over his entire face.
Jimin wiggles his way in between your legs, standing on his knees which make him basically the same height as you even with you sitting on his bed which is much higher. His hands, a little red from earlier outside, are freezing as they palm your cheeks and swipe both of his thumbs under your eyes at the same time to wipe away the fallen tears.
“Y/N, you need to tell me what’s wrong, right now,” your boyfriend stresses as he worries his bottom lip with his teeth, his crooked tooth digging into the plump flesh. As he pulls your blond wig off your hair he continues, “Baby, you’ve been off all day and it’s been getting worse and worse. You’re crying. What is it? Did I break a boundary in the haunted house? You wouldn’t cry over not winning a contest, right?”
You pull the wig cap off your darker natural hair, undoing the bun and finger-combing through it. Your bottom lip quivers as you pointedly look away from Jimin. How can you tell him? It’s your burden, not his. But how can you not tell him? It’s been eating you up inside, keeping it all to yourself.
“I can’t do this anymore,” you confess, pulling Jimin’s hands off you to bury your face in your own as you sob loudly behind your palms. Even as your eyes leak with salty tears you’re unable to control, you know that Jimin’s probably looking at you in bewilderment and possibly a little frustration that he can’t fix this for you since you still haven’t told him what’s wrong. You wish you had a makeup wipe to rub off all the makeup on your face that’s getting muddled from your tears.
“Do what? That sounds like something you say to someone when you want to break up,” he angrily spits out.
That makes you peek out from behind the darkness and protection of your hands. You look at your boyfriend and he looks livid. He looks like you have completely blindsided him and as though he immensely resents you for it. His thick eyebrows are furrowed low and his plump rose colored lips are pressed into thin white lines. His eyes are tinged with red and watery as they hold in unshed tears and glare at you with hard brown irises full of indignation. He has his arms crossed over his bare chest as he backs away from you, standing stiffly as he stares you down and you already know he’s closing up and getting his guard up. Soon, he won’t listen to a word you say.
Shit. No. NO NO NO. You’re panicking immediately, your hand coming up to your mouth but you instantly force it aside, knowing you can’t bite your nails anxiously when your relationship is falling apart right before your eyes.
“Jimin, no—Jimin, I wouldn’t,” you stammer hurriedly, tripping over your words in your rush to get them out fast enough while Jimin still is open to hearing you out.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Why did you have to stumble over your words like this? You can’t even talk properly, you think in disgust. You tried to blurt out your words fast enough so Jimin’s mood doesn’t darken over the heavy misunderstanding even more, but you can’t even speak.
NO! This can’t be happening to you two right now.
Finally you just scream out, the words frantically being pulled from your throat in your incredible frustration and distraughtness, “Jimin, I’m not breaking up with you. I swear to God. Jimin, I swear on my own fucking life, too!” You sob in anguish, “Jimin, please? Listen to me. I swear—I wasn’t thinking when I said that. Baby, please! This has nothing to do with you. Baby, this is just a miscommunication error—Please?” you implore, gulping and gasping in between every inconsolable plea, “I can’t lose you.”
“Tell me right now, Y/N,” Jimin spits out. His words are so hard they pierce through your heart like ice. He’s closing off, you despair. “I am so sick of today, Y/N. Maybe it’s gone on for even longer. I don’t like this month. We can’t continue like this.”
You ignore the anger that prickles through you. It’s not as though this is your fault entirely. He’s the one who is rude to you when you reach out. Maybe you’re more mad about him saying earlier that he didn’t want to talk than you thought. But this isn’t the moment for that fight. You need to rein in your temper and tell him what’s been eating you up inside. That thing with Jimin? It could be dealt with at another time.
You exhale shakily. It’s loud and uneven but you manage to get in and out a few more pulls of air before you attempt to talk to him. He stares at you stonily from where he’s perched against his wooden dresser the entire time. How has the night gone so wrong? Oh right—you ruined everything.
“This is humiliating, but. God, Jimin. I had to drop my Chemistry course. I was failing it,” you bitterly bite out, wiping away angry tears, “But it was far enough along in the semester that I couldn’t just drop it and enroll myself into another class to replace the units. And then I got a call from the financial aid office that this would drop my standing from a full-time to a part-time student this semester and I would have to pay them back part of my aid since they had disbursed it already, but part time students receive less money than full time students.
“And I thought it would be fine because, you know... I dropped a class and I suddenly opened my schedule up for more shifts and a second job.
“But God. My landlord increased our rent starting from October because he only lets us pay month to month in that stupid building and not have yearly leases. I never saw that as a problem before when I used to think it meant I could leave at any moment but... Pi Phi has gotten so fucking expensive too.”
You clamp down hard on your lips tasting wax and something vanilla-y from the remnants of your lipstick. As you think about Pi Phi, you are suddenly filled with a blistering rage. It causes you to growl out, “And I hate the stupid sorority, Jimin! They keep asking more and more out of me in every single way. They not only want my money but they want my time. My fucking blood, sweat, and tears.
“WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR A MEAL PLAN AT THE PI PHI HOUSE WHEN I DON’T EVEN LIVE THERE OR EAT THERE?” you suddenly lose even more of your cool, screaming about it for the first time. Finally able to unload your frustration at the events that have upended your entire life, “For the monthly chapter dinners??” you hiss and then venomously bite out, “Why aren’t the chapter events paid for with what they take from us in the form of dues already?!” It’s obvious you think you’re being swindled.
“I don’t have time either, Jimin. I picked up so many extra shifts for everything since I was low on cash after paying back the university. My grades have even started to suffer. What am I supposed to do? I’m trapped in this stupid sorority. I can’t leave or my children and I will be blacklisted from Pi Phi forever. I won’t have the damn connections I spent the last three years building when I start job hunting. And I already spent all that money and it’s gone down the drain if I leave.” you lividly brush away the tears that fall from your eyes, immensely chagrined at your delicate emotions and how you seem to be spilling tears at the drop of a hat, unable to control them.
“But, Jimin... I might be fucking homeless too if I can’t pick up shifts because of Pi Phi obligations. What am I supposed to do?”
Jimin rushes to you, basically tackling you as he wraps his arms around you and the two of you fall back onto the bed. Your hair is a dark halo around your head as Jimin squishes you into the mattress. “Y/N? My lovely Y/N. My precious angelic Y/N. My darling sweet Y/N. Why didn’t you tell me, baby?” he murmurs as he brushes soft kisses all over your face as he overwhelms you with tender compliments to make up for earlier when he mistakenly accused you of attempting to break up with him.
“I don’t want handouts from you, Jimin,” you fiercely protest, your eyes still glittering from unshed liquid, “I know you. You can’t stand it when someone you love or care about is going through something terrible. You want to fix it immediately, You’re a problem solver but I’m not your damsel in distress, Jimin. This isn’t your burden to carry or your problem to solve.”
Jimin just smiles at you lightly, evidently your boyfriend feels incredibly terrible about his outburst earlier that had led to his unfounded accusations. He also smiles in an attempt to control his anger, since it shouldn’t be entirely directed at you anyways, so it comes out a little rough and toothy, “It’s okay to ask for help, Y/N. You might not be my damsel in distress to save but no one said you had to slay all your dragons by yourself.”
“I don’t want your money Jimin,” you push against his shoulder, trying to wriggle out of his grasp, but his dumb muscled frame doesn’t move an inch. Why is he so strong and solid? You’re no longer appreciative of how he can cart you along without breaking a sweat.
“I wasn’t going to give you money but I do have an idea,” he admits, tightening his arms around you as he rolls the two of you around so he’s no longer suffocating you underneath him. You struggle against his hold but are unsuccessful at loosening it even though your chances of escape should have increased since you are no longer buried underneath him. Quickly, you give up and flop back onto him, resting your head on his hard pectoral muscles. You can hear his heartbeat and it feels terribly intimate, making you struggle once more restlessly. You can’t stand this overwhelming downpour of love and acceptance from Jimin when you’ve treated him like shit today and continuously implied that he had a tendency to ditch you in scary situations.
“No ideas. I can do it by myself,” you protest stubbornly, lightly banging your head against the smooth silken expanse of his chest. You eye the tanned surface with narrowed eyes and contemplate whether you should bite him to show your ire, leaving a crescent of teeth marks on one of his generously endowed pectorals. You will that urge away and sigh.
“But you don’t have to,” Jimin cheerfully sings, with your eyes snapped shut against his warm skin you can’t see his face, but you have no doubt that he’s smiling widely at the moment. “Clearly, you can’t manage the stress.”
“Don’t, Jimin,” you warn, turning your head to the side so your lips are right by a tender nipple before taking it between your teeth, rolling the nub between it and biting down roughly. Evidently, you don’t have remarkable restraint. “I’ll hate you forever.”
“That’s an interesting dilemma you’re presenting me,” Jimin grins through the pain though you felt his full body wince and the way his body flinched away from you when you bit him, making you smirk deviously. His voice takes on the same tone as when he makes you listen to the stupid shit his Philosophy professor makes them argue about which then results in Jimin forcing you to counteract all of his arguments before the debates in class. “I don’t think you’ll hate me for what I’m going to suggest. But you know what, Y/N? If I ever had the opportunity to save you from ruin but it would result in you resenting me, I think I would still do it. I love you too much to let you live in misery.”
“I’m only in misery when I don’t have you, Jimin,” you disagree, pouting, “Everything else doesn’t matter.”
“Great,” Jimin grins, smacking a loud kiss against your lips, taking advantage of how enticing your puckered up lips look, rubbing off the remnants of your lipstick even more, “You’re gonna love my suggestion.”
“Ugh,” you groan in defeat, “Fine, let's hear it.”
“Let me move in with you.”
“Absolutely not!” you immediately protest, slapping a beefy bicep, and then pinching it lightly because that’s a dumb idea. No. He’s not moving in with you.
Jimin rolls his eyes, “Oh, come on. I spend more time at your apartment than my frat because you can’t fall asleep when you’re alone. You think someone is going to break in and murder you. You desperately need a roommate, or a better long term solution, and who is better than the guy who already spends so much time at your place that he should’ve probably started paying rent all the way back to August? Y/N, you spend so much money buying groceries that I end up finishing because you feel bad for making me spend nights with you that you feel like you have to pay me in ‘dinner and sex.’ Which, by the way, I don’t need constant food and sex, Y/N. I mean it’s nice but you’re not obligated to fulfill both those needs every time I’m at your place.”
“Jimin, you already paid for the entire year at your frat. You’re the vice president. You need to stay on deck at all times. You’re so important to Beta Tau,” you were not going to let Jimin waste money on an empty dorm. You knew how expensive Panhellenic housing was. Jimin probably paid for an exorbitantly expensive meal plan too. You ignore the comments about the food and the sex. You and Jimin cannot last more than five days without touching each other. Also, despite what Jimin says, he fully believes that you make the best Korean food out of anyone he knows at university. He’d probably wither and die if he had to live without your cooking since his diet otherwise consists solely of greasy takeout and energy drinks.
“First of all I’m a vice president not the vice president. Also, officers actually get free housing. That’s why the elections are so stiff every year. It’s the same reason that most of us decide to stay here instead of getting an apartment. We’re not being forced to stay and there’s no evil landlords trying to hike rent up illegally. Besides, it’s likely that a sophomore is going to be praising God the second he gets notified he got taken off the housing waitlist because a room just opened up. And it’s a single! Only officers get singles. Let me make that guy’s entire year, Y/N.”
“Are you sure you’re okay with that?” you shyly mumble, looking down at Jimin’s chest and the glittering jewelry on his nipples to avoid eye contact.
“Mmhmm,” Jimin agrees, placing two fingers under your jaw and tilting your face up, “Let me help you,” he whispers across your lips before pressing them against his own.
You break apart from the languid kiss to gasp softly, your breathing still raggedly from your crying earlier, and finally concede, “Okay.”
And just like that. It’s like a switch has been flipped. Now that your boyfriend is under the understanding that he has just fixed everything, caring thoughtful Jimin goes away as horny wicked Jimin takes his place.
The look Jimin casts over your entire body as his darkened brown eyes nonchalantly track their way down is diabolical. He has no idea how your body suit is staying attached to your chest when its cut down the middle to your navel and he immediately has both of his hands going up to your breasts to cup them – his fingers slipping into your bodice, gripping onto the sparkly blue cloth before he roughly pulls them off the soft mounds. You glare at him as the sticky tape you used to keep the cups in position gets pulled off your body, leaving red marks on your skin where the adhesive had been.
Jimin ducks his head down, nosing your puffy nipples that begin to tighten once exposed to the chilly air, in apology. As his nose brushes against the sensitive nubs, hardening them, his mouth seeks those agitated red patches of skin, swiping fat strokes with his tongue over them, massaging in wet circles with its tip, as he sloppily layers them in his spit, soothing the flesh before puckering his lips around the sore areas, sucking on them until the marks darken into more vivid reds and purples, sometimes even adding the sharp bite of his teeth to deepen their permanence. He kisses all around your breasts, leaving marks from all over, even on the valley in between – almost as though he wants to make sure you can’t wear anything low cut or this daring without everyone seeing how you are his like he is yours.
You rake your nails down his back when you realize that, scoffing at how he’s still possessive almost three years into your relationship. Jimin looks up at you as he feels your nails dimpling into his skin, a shy but proud lopsided smile on his swollen, fuschia colored lips. He’s so fucking unapologetic. You roll your eyes before you return his grin and it’s only then that he returns his attention to your breasts, finally wrapping his lips around a pebbled peak, gently nipping them before his cheeks hollow out from the force that he’s sucking them, suddenly taken over by desperation. He swathes his tongue over and over the hard nub, before deciding to drag his teeth along the sensitive bud, rolling it between his teeth and then closing down, making you squeal, your head lolling to the side.
His intensity has you losing your mind underneath him. You writhe restlessly beneath Jimin’s body, your limbs spasming while your hips keep surging up, knocking against Jimin’s front frantically, seeking friction in vain. The stupid thick cloth of his dark colored sweatpants don’t let you feel anything but the faint shadow of Jimin’s dick, despite all your frantic bucking.
“Jimin,” you cry out in frustration, “Jimin!” You don’t even know what you want. Do you want him to take his pants off and furiously rut against you through your panties? Or do you want him to stop making you fall apart into pieces with his mouth that doesn’t cease its relentless besiege on your breasts?
Your boyfriend hears you, though, and it has him backing away from your body so he can look down at you to figure out the dimensions of your costume and how the fuck to get that thing off of you so you can be completely nude in his bed. You immediately whimper at the loss of contact. Jimin’s like a furnace and without his body covering you or his hot mouth against your skin, you can now feel the chill in his room which has not been excluded from the icy drafts that the fraternity has blasting through the mansion with the aid of central air conditioning to further the intensity of their haunted house. The entire place is temperature controlled which means the only thing Jimin can do to keep you warm is to wrap his frame around you since both of you are unwilling, at the moment, to put on more layers.
When Jimin finally rips the bright turquoise suit off, you’re left in only your mesh thong – the panties are made up of a diaphanous pink fabric that covers your mound, but lets Jimin see everything underneath as the golden tint to your skin peaks out through the cloth, and is edged with a lime green scalloped ribbon that has a cute little green bow on the center. Jimin can even see how the swath of fabric that’s pressed against your folds is darker from how wet you are, dripping into the material, deepening the color. “I love how you matched your panties to your leg warmers, Y/N. That eager to have sex with me tonight? You already creamed, no oops – screamed, them, and we’ve barely done anything,” Jimin goads, shamelessly staring down at you, his lips curling up devilishly as he can see the visible effect he has on your body.
“I always want to have sex with you,” you shrug blasély, unashamed of your desire and immune to Jimin’s taunts after so many years. He doesn’t embarrass you with how vulgar and descriptive he gets anymore.
But when Jimin starts to pump his fingers through your folds, the incessant speed and fervor has you whimpering to the point that you have to purse your lips in an attempt to conceal them. Jimin’s prodding fingers leave your pussy revealing that it has completely soaked them, making the male hold his hand up to his mouth, swirling his tongue around the pads of his fingers as he rejoices in your delicious taste.
“Come here, baby,” Jimin hums, his chocolate brown eyes sparkling warmly as he lulls you into a false sense of confidence. His fingers wrap around your smooth, shaven calves, gently dragging your cotton leg warmers down your legs.
In the blink of an eye, before you can even realize what has fully happened, your boyfriend has tied you up with those dumb multicolored striped pieces of fabric to his headboard. Your hands are bound together at the wrists and then closely tied to one of the headposts, limiting your upper range of motion. The most you can do is buck up, your back arching as you struggle and your legs kick about, but then even that motion becomes limited as Jimin straddles your abdomen. He’s up on his knees, his legs on either side of you and then the male pushes his black sweats and the navy boxer briefs he had worn for the party, so that he wouldn’t flash anyone in those tight costume shorts, halfway down his bulging muscled thighs, moving up your body until the pinkened mushroom head of his dick nudges against your lips, wordlessly telling you to part them.
Feeling defiant, you turn your face to the right and the precum that was beading the head of his cock smears against your cheek at the sudden movement. Your entire face heats up at that, a scarlet flush deepening the color of your cheeks, reddening your throat and décolletage.
“Y/N,” Jimin growls lowly, biting harshly down on the inside of his cheek and that’s all it takes for you to reposition your head, though you glare at him before you slowly spread apart your lips and take in just the bulbous tip into the warm wet cavern of your mouth. You suckle it languidly, focusing on just that part for a moment, twirling your tongue around it and sucking it hard, the point of your tongue poking the slit and eagerly lapping up every bit of precum that leaks out.
But soon you get into it, your neck stretching as you eagerly attempt to take in more of his length, hollowing your cheeks as you slide your lips over it. His tip drags against the roof of your mouth and you splutter in frustration around his cock that you can’t move enough to get even more of his length down your throat. At that Jimin moves even more up your chest, his bony knees almost digging into your armpits since your arms are thrown over your head in their tied position, though he carefully keeps himself perched so none of his weight is pressing down on your delicate rib cage. The male leans one of his arms back to rest his weight on his hand which is fisting his sheets, his fingers digging into his mattress while your actions pick up fervor as you eagerly bob your head forward to enthusiastically deep throat him. His other hand blindly reaches behind him in the direction of your folds, traveling down your continuously clenching tummy and pelvis, the delicate digits traversing the tightened muscles to successfully find the opening to your core, his thumb brutally pressing down on your pulsating clit, striving to hurl you towards release as you do the same to him.
His thumb furiously rubs at that sensitive bud while his other fingers roam your folds, two of them breaching your entrance to plunge into your gushing center, thick digits knuckle deep as he multitasks, pumping two of them in and out of you, curling them up with his fingertips brushing against the furled grooves of your walls, his hard fingernails raking against your insides to making you wail in discontent as his thumb keeps building up that pressured assault against your battered clit.
Meanwhile, you’re gagging on his cock as it sits heavily on your tongue, allowing you to feel the protruding vein along the underside, jutting further into your mouth, brushing against the back of your throat, stabbing your tonsils. You curl your tongue upwards, trying to follow the path of the vein with the tip. The ribbed, warm skin of his shaft against your tongue makes you salivate, drool dripping out your lips while you similarly drench yourself down south as a flood of arousal flows through your core.
But after a moment Jimin snarls, “No,” in frustration, his flushed forehead scrunched up as he seeks something more, something that will perhaps yield more satisfaction and result in greater relief, moving off of your body to agitatedly pull at the fabric of his pants, shredding them off completely.
When the male returns to you, completely nude, all warm peach, soft cream and blush pink shades, he decides to straddle you in the opposite direction, facing away from you. He grips your thighs firmly to maneuver your legs in a bent position, his palms feeling rough as they grasp onto the round globes of your ass to lift your pelvis off the bed, making your back arch as your pussy becomes level with Jimin’s mouth so that he can eat you out. He slides backwards after he properly positions you like you’re his feast so that you can once again take his dick in your mouth, allowing the two of you to properly sixty-nine.
Jimin’s cock twitches in your mouth in excitement and you quickly suckle it to keep it from jerking unexpectedly again, slowly teasing it and building up the pressure. As you keep things slow, Jimin shudders against your mons, his breath seeping through the mesh fabric of your thong, falling over your sensitive skin and making you get goosebumps all over. His lips close over your engorged clit through your panties, sucking so hard he wets the material so heavily it becomes transparent. But after a moment he abandons it, using his nose to nudge the cloth aside so that your folds are finally bare before he eagerly sets in. He sloppily licks fat stripes from your clit to your core, jabbing the tip of his tongue into you, nipping at your petaled folds. In his hunger, he doesn’t realize that he is slowly moving away from your mouth until your lips frantically wrap themselves around his mushroom tip, as you struggle to keep him in your mouth, back to only being able to suck on that upper part of his shaft. He grips your thighs even more soundly, slurping at your juices as your thighs quiver and jiggle on either side of his face. He can’t get enough of how you taste, his grunts mingling with your lustful moans and whimpers that pierce through the air. It doesn’t take him long before he successfully catapults you into a powerful climax, your soft thighs trapping his head as they close around it. Jimin ignores the constraint, sniffing at your delicious scent, lapping at your folds until he has successfully slurped up every bit of your orgasm.
When he releases his grip on your ass, no longer holding you up, your legs unbend, falling as you can no longer hold the position on your own due to the current jellylike state of your limbs. He climbs off your body to sit beside you, his back against the headboard as he finally takes off the bindings around your wrists. The second you’re free, you don’t get a chance to do much before you find yourself hauled up by Jimin and dumped on his lap, your still sensitive cunt brushing against his painfully hard dick as your thighs bracket his, making you twitch in his embrace.
You face him, taking in the messed up hair, voluminous and in disarray, the puffy reddened lips, and the coral colored flush that overtakes his skin from his ears to his cheeks to the entirety of his throat. He looks delirious, so terribly fucked out, and when you eagerly seek to touch his plush lips with your own red bitten ones, his eyes close softly, his black eye lashes fluttering closed as he lets out a blissful sigh. The kiss is earnest and gentle, Jimin’s fingers lightly twitching against your chin as they delicately grip it. “I love you,” you hum into the kiss, when you break apart for the smallest of moments, your lips trembling against his.
His heart skips a beat at your sincere declaration, blood surging to both his cheeks and his cock as he becomes even more maddened at those words, filled with an overflowing amount of love and lust for you as they take over his mind and make him lose control. He leans more deeply into the kiss, intensely passing his lips over yours again and again, too restless and greedy to let you part for a second or breath.
You’re his, he’s yours; he will never let you two be anyone else’s. This is forever for him.
“Ride me, Y/N?” he begs, when he finally is able to let you go, comforted by how your arms are wound tightly around his frame. His gray hair is darkened at the roots to a sooty charcoal color from how much he’s sweating even in this freezing room and as you brush it back, away from how they’ve fallen into his eye line, he murmurs, “At least in the beginning. Please, baby.”
You press your hands against his chest, your palms brushing against the rock hard points of his nipples as you lift your ass off his lap. You ask Jimin to help line your folds up with his cock because you’re too busy with your sudden obsession with the furled buds of his dark mauvy brown nipples. You find yourself too busy flicking them and rolling them between your forefinger and thumb, to be bothered to make sure that his cock would enter your opening. Honestly, if Jimin left you to your own devices, distracted as you are by the pretty shiny jewelry adorning his pecs – you would probably just absentmindedly sit down on him, rubbing your pussy against his length, too lazy to make sure he was actually penetrating you with his fat cock, fine with just getting off by humping each other.
You continue to swirl your tongue around the beaded nubs. Jimin hisses and groans when you nudge the metal ends of his piercings with the pointed tip of your tongue. The hardness of the platinum bars brushing against your taste buds seem so at odds with the silkiness of Jimin’s skin and you find yourself moaning as you lick up his chest, your tongue capturing the saltiness of his sweat on it.
Jimin sighs as he continues to let you dart little kitten licks against the hard points of his nipples. It always surprises him just how similar he and you are. You say it’s because he’s a Libra and you’re an Aquarius and that makes you both air signs, but honestly – he doesn’t know. What he does think is that he’s glad you two still get along, even though not only do you both have the same personalities down to a tee, the two of you often blow your lids at the most random things – fortunately, it’s usually not over the same things. But you both are also infatuated with the exact same features on each other, often wanting to perform the exact same sexual act on each other, even if you guys sometimes have to determine an order when it’s not possible to do it simultaneously.
He can’t blame you for wanting to suck his nipples right now when he spent over an hour with his face pressed to your breasts earlier in the afternoon, at one point even motorboating you until you shoved him away rolling your eyes, pretending it wasn’t enjoyable for you at all. This means that he'll happily let you hum against his sweat slickened skin in pleasure as you lick and nibble while he grabs ahold of your shapely hips and makes you slide up and down against his length. When you finally stop your adoration of Jimin’s chest, you sheepishly take back control and increase your speed, enthusiastically bouncing up and down on his dick, using his shoulders to clutch onto.
As the pace picks up momentum, you get sloppier, resulting in his cock dragging against your folds roughly. It makes you mewl mindlessly and Jimin moves his hands away from your hips now that you’ve taken back the reins. Instead, his hands go upwards, fingers knotting themselves into your hair as his palms cradle the back of your head, he gently nudges your head forward with his hands, guiding you towards his lips before you meet them in a desperate kiss that has you both sighing intermittently against each other’s mouth.
It’s taking you more and more effort to lift yourself off his cock and fall down onto it again as your thighs tighten with another approaching orgasm. When Jimin finally notices your struggles, he quickly rolls the two of you around so that he’s on top of you and you’re lying on your back with your legs wrapped high around his waist as he energetically jackhammers into you with tight, lethal snaps of his hips, keeping up a furious pace. His fat, monstrous length pounds into you again and again as you mindlessly rake your nails down his back, struggling to find purchase. He rams his cock into your hole as your walls quiver and tighten around him, reluctant to let him go.
Too enraptured by your beauty as he is full of both love and lust, it’s not enough for Jimin to just stare down at you, maintaining eye contact as he snaps his hips, pistoning into you. No, Jimin has to remain busy, giving you as much pleasure as possible, and so his head ducks low, wetly and messily kissing and biting his way from your throat to the expanse of your chest, littering your smooth skin with even more torrid love bites and hickeys. It’s fortunate that it is sweater weather because there is no way you can wear a bikini top without showing everyone the, at least, twenty impassioned marks that stain your skin as proof of Jimin’s adoration and devotion. His hand also sneaks its way down to increase the intensity, fiercely rubbing your clit to stimulate you. This time when you come, you squirt, drenching Jimin’s bed sheets. And all it takes is you gushing around him from your orgasm for your boyfriend to come powerfully inside you, collapsing onto your frame.
For a long moment, you let Jimin crush your body under his weight, welcoming the closeness and how his skin sticks and clings to yours with how sweaty you both have become. You tighten your legs even further around his hips, keeping his warm cock buried within you for as long as you can, but when it starts to erratically twitch from the overstimulation, you know it’s time for Jimin’s exhausted cock to pull out.
“Shower with me?” Jimin whispers against the shell of your ear, making you shiver. All of your senses are still overwhelmingly heightened after that second orgasm, “We can use up all of the hot water since they turned on the fucking A/C even though it’s almost winter.”
You let Jimin pull you along to the ensuite bathroom, both of you thanking God that he’s an officer who gets several privileges. Jimin lets you remain a little longer in the shower than himself, escaping early since you two couldn’t agree on the temperature. You had wanted it warmer than he did and he could only stand it for so long. You use the time to scrub every bit of Halloween makeup off your skin. As the water runs a bluish gray, you wonder how the fuck Jimin had sex with you when you looked properly fucked out and a right mess with your makeup running all over your face. Surely you could not have looked very pretty. You bite your lip, making yourself blush, but Jimin certainly must’ve thought you did with the way he kept staring at you the entire time. The heat of a thousand suns were behind his eyes as his eyes swept over your body and locked with yours.
When you exit the bathroom, in an oversized fuzzy Beta Tau crewneck that belongs to your boyfriend and one of his thicker pairs of sweats, your hair is blown dry since you didn’t want to drip water onto Jimin’s bed, wetting the sheets, when it was already so cold. Looking over the room, you find that Jimin has changed his bedding so it no longer has the evidence of his cum and your squirting splattering it.
Jimin’s already on top of the new sheets with, what do you know, Toy Story 3 all queued up on Disney+, though you know he takes any and all opportunity to rewatch The Nightmare Before Christmas that he can. The male hurriedly opens his arms out wide for you when he notices that you’re back in the room and you launch yourself into his embrace. Once you’re comfortable with your back pressed against his chest, he covers the two of you with his thick, warm blankets.
“Jimin?” you ask, twirling a flat lock of hair. Unless you style it, your freshly washed hair never has any volume.
“Yes, baby?” he answers dutifully, kissing your forehead. He’s warm and cozy, smelling like orange blossoms and citrus trees, both floral and woody and you love it, inhaling deeply.
“Can you come over on Sunday? I want to eat dinner together with you,” you admit, pulling the sleeves of his crewneck until your fingers are no longer visible and you have sweaterpaws.
“Depends on what you make,” he teases, nudging his nose against yours.
But you don’t realize, answering him seriously with thoughtful consideration to your dinner menu, “I was thinking I could make kimchi jjigae and maybe also dakgalbi?”
“Y/N, I was gonna be there with you regardless,” Jimin murmurs, raking his hand through his hair, pushing back the long straight strands of gunmetal colored hair from falling over his eyes and impeding his vision, “I’ll start moving in from tomorrow but it might be a little hard since I have rehearsal and then the actual showcase in the evening. But I figured I could get a huge chunk done on Sunday. Of course, I’ll eat dinner with my baby.”
“Yes, baby?” Jimin giggles before grinning at how you keep hesitantly repeating his name first before just saying whatever you wanted to tell him.
“I love you very much,” you admit, shyly, worrying your teeth over your lips that are covered with Jimin’s cherry chapstick you found on his sink’s counter. It’s not gross to share lip balm when you two are always kissing anyway. At least this way, neither of your lips are ever chapped and flaking.
“I know, baby. I love you, too. I’m sorry about snapping at you on Tuesday when you brought me food,” he confesses, his hands sliding up and down your arms, attempting to increase the friction to warm you up as you curl into his form.
“Oh. No, baby. That’s okay. It’s already forgotten, don't worry about that.”
“Yeah?” Jimin asks, hugging you tightly from the back, burrowing his nose into your hair. It smells like his Aromatica shampoo and you.
“Of course. You were just under a lot of pressure from midterms, baby. Don’t fret.”
“Yeah?” Jimin repeats, quirking his eyebrows playfully, “So you know that I don’t hold anything that happened today against you, right? Let’s just move forward, baby.”
“Oh, I see,” you opine, “This was a trap.”
“Don’t look at it that way,” suggests Jimin, cackling his head off, his cheeks stretched high and his eyes closing in the shape of half moons that are edged with his long dark lashes, “It’s a testament of my love for you.”
“What a forgiving and reasonable boyfriend I have,” you giggle, playing along, knocking your shoulder back into his chest, “He’s probably the best boyfriend to ever exist.”
“He is,” Jimin agrees.
“And I love him so much,” you declare, punctuating your statement with a happy kiss.
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This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License
©OPALJM 2021
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jimilter · a month ago
the prince’s cinderella syndrome (m) | | teaser
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🎧 moon - jin of bts willow - taylor swift
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader (ft. a dash of jungkook x reader)
rating: m (18+)
genre: angst | smut | fluff | cursed!jimin | supernatural!au | strangers to lovers!au
summary:  He shows up at Halloween, every year, dressed the same, and leaves at midnight like some Cinderella. You would think he was a prankster if his eyes didn't look like they contained all the sadness in the world. You don't know him - no one on campus does. You don't know why he appears only once a year. You don't know why he never smiles. But you can't help falling in love with him. Even if he breaks your heart when he abandons you at midnight, again.
warnings: swearing + alcohol consumption + allusions to substance abuse + black magic and curses + heartbreak + mention of minor character deaths + inaccuracies abt the american education system + inaccuracies abt nasa & astronomy majors + a mish-mash of american and british english + explicit sexual situations (fingering, oral (m+f), unprotected penetrative sex, semi-public sex, some marking, some dirty talk, some roughness, slight cock warming? maybe? mostly pretty missionary stuff tbh) + oc is a v. v. lonely girl :( + jimin is a v. v. sad boy :( 
word count: ~30 k (1.2 k for the teaser)
note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST HUBBA MINE! 🥺💗 and happy jimtober to the rest of the world! 🎃
written for jimin’s sunset spooktober, a supernatural, halloween themed jimin collab hosted by three very talented godesses: @jamaisjoons​​, @opaljm​ and @chateautae​. 💗 make sure to check out the rest of the fics’ summaries in the masterlist!
i have been slaving off on this one so harD for a month, i broke some of my own records by getting to 40 wpm and writing 7k words in a day, smh. and even though i have somehoW finished it up, it’s still not ready to be posted, currently undergoing some major editing. prepare yourselves for some pain, y’all~ 😩💜
Tumblr media
— masterlist
— feedback is always appreciated!
Tumblr media
“If we end up getting kidnapped by ghosts or some shit, I will kill you.”
You rolled your eyes at your roommate’s antics, ignoring her and walking ahead with intent. Street lights took turns to bathe the three of you in the color yellow, becoming your only source of light on the otherwise dark street. 
“I really do not understand how this is gonna help," Taehyung mumbled from next to her.
"I never understand anything she does, Tae, I'm—"
“You don’t have to understand your best friends to support them, Hyejie,” you teased, shoving your hands into your denim dress’ pockets. 
“I’m regretting giving you that title, just so you know. They're not even throwing a party tonight, why the heck would your guy be there?" Hyejin lamented to you. 
"I never said he would be. I just wanna check, in case he is. Just keep walking and we'll know."
It was Halloween and you were on your way to the place where you had met Jimin for two consecutive years.
"If we miss JK's thing because of this, I’m not gonna suck his cock to cheer him up."
You and Hyejin snorted at Taehyung’s words, with you looking at the guy over your shoulder with a deadpan. “I’m pretty sure he’s already getting it sucked as we speak, Tae.”
“I second that.”
“Hey!” Taehyung pouted at his girlfriend. “You’re not supposed to support her!”
“Didn’t you hear what she said? You don’t have to understand your best friends to support them,” Hyejin reiterated your words from earlier, and you laughed at the long face Taehyung pulled in response.
“Don’t make that face, you used to be like that, too, before I tamed you.”
You groaned at Hyejin’s words, already anticipating a fight. 
Taehyung proved you right by immediately scoffing with a, “you haven’t tamed me, I’ve just decided to calm down with my casanova days for a while.”
Your eyes widened. Did he just say ‘for a while’? Oh, no—
“Taehyung Kim, are you fucking kidding me?”
And there they went. 
You grudgingly slowed down to match the quarrelling couple’s pace, now really starting to regret bringing them along with you. You’d just felt wary because of the abandoned state of this place. But now that you thought about it, a pepper spray would’ve been a better companion.
You eyed the way you still had to go, noticing the familiar frat house a short distance ahead.
Hyejin and Taehyung had stopped walking, choosing to shout in each other’s faces as they stood nose to nose. With a sigh, you turned on your heels and decided to make your way down to the building.
It was becoming more apparent how this whole excursion had been a dumb idea as more time passed. But now, standing so close to the building that very obviously looked empty with no soul in sight anywhere in or outside of it, your lips turned down in acknowledgment of how ridiculous you had been.
You walked right up to the looming, triple storied house painted a beautiful olive green with white accents. Your eyes traced the balcony, similar to the one the building had in its back – the one you’d been on, last year, with Jimin.
“Oh, Jimin,” you morosely breathed, missing him so much that your chest felt tight.
A whisper of your name sounded from not far away, making you look around in alarm.
And then you saw him – sitting on the sidewalk, under the streetlight opposite the frat house, with his head lowered and eyes full of gloom. He hadn’t seen you yet, and your heart thundered in your ears at the realisation and he’d been saying your name to himself just as you had been his.
You kept staring at him, feet slowly coming to a stop. You'd looked for almost an entire year, came here to see if you could find him. But now that he was here, you had no idea what to do. You wanted to make your presence known and approach him, but you felt weirdly shy and awkward, thinking of the crush you had on him and the way it had made you act these past few months.
Then suddenly, as if having sensed your presence, his head suddenly shot up, alert eyes looking in your exact direction. You stood frozen to your spot like a deer caught in headlights.
Until, that was, he yelled your name across the empty road, his face split into a huge grin. You immediately jogged your way across the road to his side, meeting his grin with a shy smile of your own as he stood up to welcome you.
"Hey," he whispered, eyes running over your face like he had missed it.
Just like you had missed his. You did your own scanning of his features that seemed to elude joy and excitement instead of the heavy misery you’d noticed just moments before. 
You ducked your head with a timid wave. "Hey, yourself."
"What are you doing here?" He gestured around the empty street, tossing a glance past you at your friends. "It's past eight in the evening and this doesn’t look like a very proper or safe place."
“I came with friends, but… they got occupied with some stuff, half a mile back,” you explained, clearing your throat. "And I, uh, was actually hoping to find you here? Which I did. What are you doing here? The frat house is being renovated, so they moved the party this year.”
Jimin reached out with a hand to take yours, nibbling on his lower lip. “Would you believe me if I said I was hoping to see you?”
Well. Given how he had seemed to light up on discovering your presence, you kinda would believe him. 
Just as you had opened your mouth to respond, your eyes caught his dress-up. The same damn Prince outfit you’d been seeing for the past two years. You frowned in confusion. Even if you ignored the repetition, you were left wondering why he’d be dressed up in a costume when a party wasn’t even happening. Until you recalled Namjoon’s theories.
And then it felt like you were beginning to understand what was up; Jimin didn’t even just live off campus, he didn’t even study at your university. He just came here for this one party. He probably didn’t belong to a very well off family, which was why he wore the same outfit every year. 
You stepped closer to him, squeezing his hand. “I do.”
Jimin’s smile grew, pushing his eyes into the adorable, tiny slits you’d seen them be only once before. Your heart warmed at the sight.
“Good. But don’t be roaming such dark streets with friends that are irresponsible enough to leave you alone so carelessly.”
His concern made you bite your lip to hide your giddy smile. “Yeah, well. They’re kind of idiots, but they’re all I got, so…”
You looked over your shoulder, squinting in the dark in hopes of spotting their silhouettes.
“Uh, I think they actually left. Or they made up and are fucking in some alley,” you mumbled, bitter and irritated at the duo’s neverending drama.
Jimin laughed, pulling your grumpy self into his form, his arm curling around your back to hold you to him, and started to walk you both down the street. You smiled at the feeling of it.
Tumblr media
note: look at me fool y’all with the fluffiest bit from the whole fic hahA!
send me an ask if you wanna be tagged when i post this!
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Our third spooktober/kinktober installment brings our favorite purple banded lad into the mix of it. Let’s put the quiet ninja skills to an interesting use.
TW: consensual vouyerism, predator/prey? Slight verbal degradation, NS*W themes, you get the gist of it
Rated Explicit (18+ only)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New York was a buzz on any other day but today was special.
It was Halloween after all.
Tonight was special, the festive ambience, the pulsing of the noises around you and the small personal detail that at exactly 11pm, a game would commence between you and a certain terrapin.
Details had been discussed, rules and boundaries as per usual because Donnie was nothing if not proficient in details. He could’ve made a detailed contract if given the opportunity.
A group of kids ran passed you screaming in delight, the girls in the group shrieking at they were frightened. Many horror movie characters went up and down the streets, the parade had finished not too long ago and now it was the time to hit up bars and clubs. None of those were in your itinerary of course, as your phone marked 10:50pm you had to get ready to make it to the starting check point.
There was a particular subway station you had to get to just as eleven hit. From there on it would be a straight shot to your apartment building and once there up to the rooftop.
But half the fun would be to somewhat disobey those orders. You grinned to yourself, hands in the pockets of your jacket as you quickened your pace to the subway entrance. It was 11:02 when got there, groups of people in random costumes came and went. With a deep breath you started your chosen route.
It was almost immediate, like a chill down your spine that wasn’t simply the windy weathers fault. You knew you were going off route, you turned several times with your eyes to the tall building in curiosity that you might see something. Naturally that wouldn’t be the case of course, it never was that simple.
Not with how skilled he is.
Your pace quickened once more, you felt like you were power walking and no amount of that could put run him obviously but there was something in those winds.
Up one of the busiest streets is where your phone buzzed and when you pulled it out you were greeted with UNKNOWN in its bold letters. You held your breath with a smile and answered.
“You think you’re cute?” Came his voice and it took so much of your resolve to not laugh nervously.
Looking up you tried to catch him, he had to be somewhere maybe not visible to the untrained eye but-
“You’re not gonna find me, you know?” That made you swallow but a stubborn idea came to mind.
You lifted your hand that held your phone, wanted to make sure he saw wherever he was perched when you hit the END button. Changing route again you cut through an alley and kept making the trek towards your building. Past one of your frequented coffee shops your phone started to ring again. Picking it up you grinned, he was panting, probably making a new route as well to catch up or place more distance.
Maybe you were ahead of him?
“Aren’t you proud, you think I didn’t expect this behavior from you?” There was a grunt and the sound of him landing somewhere.
“Yeah? Well where’s the fun if I don’t trick you once in a while? Oh and guess what? Im gonna piss you off even more in about ten seconds” You looked at the screen, your cheeks hurt from how hard you were grinning.
“Y/n, you better not do what I think you’re going to” Getting Don to use a stern voice wasn’t often and right about now? It twisted your insides in the most delicious of ways.
You turned off your phone.
‘Cant track me now huh tech boy?’
You ran up the street you were and took a shortcut that should deliver you to the building you intended to go to.
Which wouldn’t be exactly the one that housed your apartment. Once there you’d call him and tell him where exactly to go and enjoy the victory, even if obtained in the most dishonorable fashion.
The chosen building was a favorite of his and you, the rooftop was spacious and long ago you and Don had gotten keys to access the fire escape entrance. Unlocking the gate with said key you jogged towards the middle with a triumphant clap. Just as you reached for your phone in a spin your eyes landed on him.
On Donatello.
Hands stuffed in his pockets and an amused gleam in his eyes.
You were frozen on the spot, finger hovering over the power button. The fish out of water look must’ve been precious to him but he made no move to hop down from the ledge. A hand exited his pocket with a cellphone in it, the red dot on the screen blinking in what felt like the same pace of your heart.
“But… but my phone was off” Your eyes remained wide, throat dry.
Donnie squatted, hands playing with the phone as he watched you try to make heads or tails of this.
“You’re a damn brat, you honestly thought I wouldn’t expect this? That you’d veer off and try to cheat your way to victory?” He hopped down, an almost bored aura to his stride as he approached you.
Wow your boyfriend could be… menacing.
“So I got a little creative, just like you did” His fingers found your necklace, thumb and forefinger playing with the pendant that hung from it. A small yank and the tiniest of mechanism came off of it. You blinked several times, mouth parting to speak but words simply escaped you. “It really pays to be a genius, guess I got to trick my silly little doll” That very hand found the back of your neck, a possessive grip landing there. He didn’t shove you, just simply operated you towards the ledge of the roof where he had been second before.
Donnie bent down towards the shell of your ear, voice just above a whisper. “Don’t you ever, and I do mean, ever…” He nosed the spot behind your ear, the outline of his smile against it made you shiver. “Disobey me again” All you could do was nod slowly at his chastising.
Then you felt a strong forearm wrap around your chest and pull you against him.
“Color?” He whispered softly.
“Fucking green” You offered in an excited huff. This was making every hair in your body stand up. There was a pleasant pin prick sensation coursing through your limbs. Donnie made an approving sound, a soft caress across your chest to satisfy more himself.
Back to the game.
Back to the persona.
“Get on your knees”
You swallowed, too loud for you.
“Like, here?” The question felt immediately dumb and Donnie didn’t waste his time in chuckling.
He turned you around to face him, cupped your face and traced your bottom lip. “Yes you silly little doll…” His strong hands landed on your shoulders as he dipped down to press a soft chaste kiss to your lips.
“How else am I going to fuck your throat?” The mock innocence was the cherry on top, and you’d be a damn liar if you said your knees didn’t wobble as you took to your knees before him. “Been thinking about this while I chased you around half of Manhattan, that when I won, I’d shove myself so deep down this tiny precious throat of yours, you’d never forget what happens to silly brats” He moved a few strand of hair from your face in the most gentle way he knew.
Your hands trembled towards the button of his pants, his knuckles ran down your cheek and soon enough enough you found his thumb inside your mouth. It was instinct to close your lips around the digit, give him a preview of thing to come. Those pretty brown eyes searched for any hesitation, any need for this to stop or take a break but your muffled ‘green’ around his digit reassured him he was still on the right track of things.
He felt the palm of your hand run the outline of his hardening cock, stopping at the head to tease him through the fabric of his underwear. Donnie played with a few strands of your hair, watched his thumb leave your wanting lips.
“Go ahead, show me how good you’re at this” His eyelids fluttered just enough when you pulled him out, both hands wrapping around the base to pump him. As your lips found the head of cock and began to tease him, Donnie took the chance to grab a fistful of your locks, he gentle pulled to test your reaction.
The pace was slow, your lips teasing him to full hardness as you savored him. Your mouth pushed passed the head, feeling the texture and moisture of his precum.
One little moan, one yank of your hair and half of him was inside. You choked but tried to regain your composure as he gave shallow little thrusts into your mouth. Each gag, each attempt to try and keep your gaze on him, all of it music to ears, art to his eyes. “Wish your mouth could take me the way your pussy does” He bit his bottom lip and thrusted a little harder, watching how your eyes water with yet another choke. He yanked you away from his stuff cock, a spit line connecting it to your shiny lips.
He allowed a few seconds of recovery before he yanked you back and fucked your mouth with a couple more quick hits. With half of his cock in your mouth, the tip just a tad past the point of your skills he stayed the faintest of moments, tapping your cheek with a smirk before pulling out. You took in greedy huffs of air and licked your swollen lips, the small tear tracks stained your cheeks.
“You’re so beautiful, a pain in the ass but the most beautiful one ever” Donnie spoke as he took himself in hand began to stroke himself. You felt a tired smile grace your lips, bitting your lip before opening your mouth. Oh that gutted him, made him stroke faster.
Your hands caressed his thighs, kneading the muscle and keep the salacious display of your parted lips for him. “Just-fuck-just like that, always dreamt of you like this, such a good doll, my little doll” His fist quickened, right around himself with every intention of spilling. The stutter of his hips was the tell tale sign, his palm flying to cover your eyes the next and the hot spurts of cum that landed against your tongue and chin the final. It was a shame he didn’t let you see him cum undone but judging from the size of his release he didn’t want you getting it in your eyes.
When he uncovered your gaze you took the moment to lick your lips clean just as his pumps settled into lazy stroking.
“Fuck, that was so good” You huffed out in laugh, fingers loving caressing his thighs again. Donnie chuckled, the final pumps to his spent dick sending a pleasant shudder. “You did so friggin good babe” You praised, even as ached for him.
But this was Donnie, he wouldn’t leave you hanging too long.
As he wiped a thumb across your soiled face, and plucked it into his mouth, his eyes said at all.
“I’m not through with you” He sucked the digit clean, brown eyes shinning with excitement still
“Take your pants off” Was all that demanding tone of his said.
And you wordlessly did as told.
You obeyed.
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monstersandmaw · 2 months ago
Spooktober Prompt #1: ‘Witches’
Edit which I’m including in all my works after plagiarism and theft has taken place: I do not give my consent for my works to be used, copied, published, or posted anywhere. They are copyrighted and belong to me.
I’m seeing if I can do at least something every day for this Spooktober prompt list and here’s my first offering. I wrote this in two hours this evening, and it’s nearly 3000 words long.
Content: a coven of witches, background wlw relationships, sfw, a curse and a transformation, a sassy woman without magic, and a bit of a lost soul... Lemme know if there are any spoiler-free warnings I need to include, but otherwise, enjoy?
Tumblr media
“I was raised by witches for a time,” he said with an affable smile, dark eyes twinkling. “What makes you think I’m going to hurt you?”
Panic flared and Liara glanced around the marketplace, head twitching like a bird’s as she checked to make sure none of the Order was listening, or one of their informants. The market seemed ordinary in its bustle and clangour beneath the baking afternoon sun, with no one skulking around, eavesdropping like furtive fishwives.
Looking back at the young man who had approached her, bold as brass, and asked if she’d break a curse on a friend of his, she raked her eyes up and down his body. The ostentatious sweep took in the sword buckled at his hip, and the smaller dagger beside it, the sturdy, practical, madder-red arming jacket, and the bronze medallion around his neck bearing a wheat sheaf and a sickle moon. It showed a family crest, but not one she recognised.
Then she raised an eyebrow. “Oh, I don’t know,” she drawled. “What could possibly have given me the impression that you want to hurt a woman? Publicly calling her a witch, perhaps?”
His darkly tanned face turned ashen and his playful expression shattered. So he had been telling the truth then, and he was just an idiot. He shook his head, thick, black curls bouncing. “No, truly, I don’t want to hurt you. I’m sorry. It was thoughtless of me.” He took a deep breath, eyes flitting about, and then he hissed, “Please, I really do need your help.”
She narrowed her eyes. “I honestly don’t know what you think I can do for your friend; I’m just a cloth dyer. I can’t help you.”
Fear crystallised in the young man’s eyes, and mouth opened as if to argue, to plead, but she cut him off before his growing panic attracted an audience.
“Seek a physician or a priest, sir. I cannot help you.”
His lips twitched into a snarl of frustration, but he did let her go.
Fear boiled inside her as she took her new bolt of undyed linen through the narrow, winding streets — fear of the Order, and fear of nosey townsfolk. Doubling back on herself and taking the long route home, she finally reassured herself that she wasn’t being followed, and eventually ducked into a dark alley so tight it was barely big enough for a cat to squeeze down.
Inside the shadow of the buildings though, it was wide enough to drive a horse and cart along the flagstones; another one of Allegra’s masterful illusions.
At the brush of her own magic against the peeling paint of the old, warded, green door, it was opened from inside by Gioconda, who offered her a sweet but fleeting kiss on the lips as she moved gratefully from the baking heat of the afternoon into the cool, stone house beyond.
“Everything alright?” Gioconda asked, taking the bolt from her and replacing it in her hands with a turned wooden cup of sweet elderflower cordial. “Liana, you look frantic.”
“A man was asking around in the marketplace for a witch to cure his cursed friend. Came straight up to me, though I don’t know how he singled me out.”
At that, Gioconda’s joyous face fell and she turned serious. From a side chamber, Cassia strode over to join them, her face like a thunderhead. Unlike the others, who wore simple dresses, she wore the clothing of a man with a short sword at her hip and more throwing knives stashed about her person than the entire armoury in the garrison on the neighbouring hill.
“What happened?” she demanded, her dark, thick brows heavy with concern as she regarded Liana with her brown eyes intense as ever. She wasn’t traditionally beautiful, but she was so striking that it was hard to refuse her anything, so Liana told her. “And did anyone see you with this big dumb ox? Hear you?”
“I have no idea,” she sighed, sinking into a chair and draining the drink Gioconda had offered her, wishing for something a little stronger. “I didn’t exactly hang around long enough to find out, and, yes, I made sure I wasn’t followed, Cass,” she added with a playful smile.
Cassia didn’t respond in kind, but turned on her heel and began to pace.
Come sunset, the group of five women gathered with candles lit and dried herbs smoldering in a brass dish on the table. The rite of protection was as familiar to them as brushing their hair, but it still sent a thrill through Liana each time. With Gioconda’s hand in hers, their magic connected them like threads in the skein of life, winding each of them closer, more tightly; stronger as one. Cassia sat alone and apart in a chair at the end of the trestle table, watching. She held small goblet of dark wine in one hand, and a dagger twisted idly in the fingers of her other, its point pressed against a dark knot in the wood as it flashed in the firelight.
Once darkness had settled around the house outside, like Gioconda’s black cat beside a roaring fire, Cassia slid out into it, dressed in black hunting clothes with her wild hair plaited into a semblance of a restraint. Allegra surprised her by appearing out of nowhere and grabbing her by the wrist as she made to leave, and hissing, “Where are you going?”
“I’m going to find him and shut him up,” she snarled, twisting free of her sister’s delicate fingers. “He’ll bring the Order on us if he keeps asking around for witches in a town like this.”
“Take one of us with you,” she begged, dark eyes wide and pleading.
“I have my blades,” she said. “And this,” she added, brushing her fingertips over the small amber pendant they’d all given her for her birthday. “I don't need to be a witch to shut a man up for good, Allegra.”
Her little sister lingered in the doorway as she strode off, and the warm tingle of a protection spell settled around her shoulders like a cloak. She paused at the mouth of the alley, ostensibly to listen for anyone on the street beyond, but as she glanced back over her shoulder, she managed a grateful smile and a nod before vanishing out of her sister’s sight.
The market square lay empty and echoing beneath a full moon, without reveller or beggar to be seen. The air felt different; colder than it should have at the tail end of summer.
Cassia strode right out into the centre and stared around, unnerved. There was always someone here, day or night. Movement atop the wall drew her eye but it was only a lone patrol. The hilltop town wasn’t large enough to warrant a full guard, but men in rusty armour with rustic polearms did patrol the high, stone walls, and the gates were shut at dark.
She checked the taverns along the east side of the square, but found no one quite matching Liana’s description of a man in his early twenties, with guileless eyes and an easy smile that hid a wellspring of panic just beneath the surface. Oh, plenty of men jeered at her, laughing at Pietro’s eldest child, yelling that she’d never be the swordsman he had been, simply because of what she was. This time, she ignored the jibes and set off again, heading for the main gate on a whim.
“It’s closed, sweetheart,” the guard chortled as she approached.
“So open it before I open you from tongue to testicles.” He looked on the point of scoffing, but she added, “Get over yourself. There’s no law to say they can’t be opened after sunset. This isn’t some big fancy city, and you’re not a member of the Queensguard.”
He spat a glob of something foul behind her as she stepped through the wicket gate and out onto the pale gravel road beyond. It gleamed through the dry hay meadow below like reticulated silver in the moonlight, and for a moment she just stood there, listening.
Somewhere far off along the hulking city walls, someone was in pain.
Turning left, she followed the line of the sandstone walls until she thought she saw a figure, hunched against the base of the stonework, rocking and moaning in the shadow.
“Are you hurt?” she asked.
“S-Stay back…” a man’s voice hissed. “Please. I… I’ll hurt you…”
At that, her dark eyes narrowed. “Hurt me? How?”
“C-Cursed…” he grunted, whimpering and doubling over like a man with a fatal gut wound.
“You the one with the friend asking around in the marketplace for a witch?” she barked as she came to a halt at a safe distance. If he were mad or carrying some kind of disease, she wanted to stay well out of range.
The man, still drowned by the dense shadows of a jutting section of wall, just huffed a weak laugh. “Doesn’t matter now, does it?” He coughed and wheezed. “Ran out of time.”
“Show me your face,” Cassia said carefully.
After a pause, during which he seemed to be weighing his options, the man lifted his head. At first, she saw only thick, dark curls, but beneath them, she saw the beginnings of a muzzle beginning to form as the bones of his face cracked and reshaped themselves.
“Wolf,” she hissed, reeling back.
“I told you,” he said again, voice deepening, the change gaining momentum beneath the draw of the silver moon as it sailed towards its zenith.
“Tell me your name! Your full name!” It was a long shot, but the old lore was usually right.
“Luca… Luca di — ” He cut off as a fierce snarl tore through him, and he doubled over again with a garbled howl.
The fabric of his arming jacket split right up the centre back seam, and he reared upwards, clenched hands becoming clawed fists, fur rippling beneath the shreds of red cloth, trousers sloughing away as an eight foot, bipedal wolf stood on its hind legs, raised its muzzle to the stars, and howled.
The sound went right through her and stole her breath.
The town behind turned utterly still. Not even a cricket chirruped in the grasses away to her right, and the wind itself fell silent in the distant trees.
Cassia held her breath. ‘Luca’ would just have to be enough.
When the werewolf finished his mournful song, he lowered his head and turned to look at her, and her blood froze in her veins. Blood red eyes blinked out of a silvery grey face, and his jaws parted to reveal a maw of deadly teeth.
He dropped to all fours and paced towards her.
If she ran, she was dead.
Slowly, she worked a blade loose from its holster in her sleeve.
“Luca,” she murmured, and his ears pricked. He faltered, startled. “Luca. Your name is Luca.”
As if fighting off a wasp, he tossed his head in annoyance, snapping his jaws and snarling, and resumed his steady approach. He didn’t want to hear his name. He didn’t want to know himself.
“Luca,” she chanted steadily, over and over, wishing just a little bit for her sisters and their magic. They could contain him. Together, they could contain him with spells like silver ropes.
The wolf advanced, slathering and champing his jaw, scenting the air, nose held high. The dry grass whispered beneath his hand-like front paws and moonlight licked along his spine.
He came so close that she could make out the individual hairs of his smoke-grey coat, and the detail in his scarlet eyes looked like dark blood on a bright, fresh-cut ruby; a thousand hues shimmered in their depths, and behind the moonbeam glitter, she saw something else.
This was no mere wild beast.
“Luca,” she said again, raising her hand slowly towards his cheek. She knew she was likely to lose the hand if she’d miscalculated, but he seemed to let her, to want her to touch him. She sank her fingers into the coarse fur on his face and his eyes fluttered. Something rumbled deep inside him, like a bolt sliding home on a locked door.
He tilted his face into her hand and let out a long, hoarse whimper. Like a hound called to heel, he grew docile.
A twig cracked behind her, and before she could withdraw her hand, the wolf yelped and snarled, spinning away in a panic, galloping on all fours across the sloping meadow towards the forest in the river valley beyond.
Cassia spun to find Gioconda and Liana with their hands linked, Allegra beside them, and wraith-thin Marcella completing their circle. Shimmering light glowed around them in a protective aura, flashing like cold steel.
“Fools!” she spat, not realising she was shaking. “I almost had him. Now he’s run off to terrorise the charcoal camps in the forest and maybe even the farms beyond. I could have stopped him!”
“Cassia,” Marcella said, stepping forward. “Are you alright? He didn’t bite you?” Her dark, woollen cloak swirled around her in the night, swamping her tiny, wiry frame.
“No, he didn’t bite me,” she retorted in exasperation. “And if he’d tried, I’d have stuck him in the gullet with this —” she gesticulated with the dagger she’d drawn from her sleeve. She went slack as the fear passed, and leaned against the city wall for a moment. With her arms folded across her chest, she muttered, “There’s no use trying to track a wolf in the dark. I’ll head out tomorrow morning into the woods and see if I can find him.”
On their return journey through the deserted town to the house, the coven kept tossing her looks, as if she might have been hiding something from them, though once they were safely within the warded walls, they paired off to their respective chambers easily enough.
Sleep never came for Cassia.
She sat beside the embers of the fire — embers the same colour as Luca’s eyes — and replayed the encounter over and over.
Everything in their library and in the grimoires of their forbears told of rabid beasts, driven mad by the beauty and terror of the full moon, but this man, Luca, had seemed curious, inquisitive, and gentle. Of course, that had been until he’d found himself face to face with four witches with their power at full flow beneath the same moon that lent him his power. Surely… Surely the old legend that spoke of twin souls entwined couldn’t be true…?
As a child, she’d have given anything to share Allegra’s gift, but now she had her blades and her fists and her sharp tongue and prickly demeanour, and that worked just as well to keep her safe as spun illusions and smoking herbs. She wasn’t the special one in the family. She didn’t have exciting, magical things happen to her. Did she?
Cassia was gone before dawn, striding though the dew-damp meadow towards the trees, following the swathe of trampled grass that even a child could have tracked.
Not half a mile into the woods, she found him. The young man lay naked and curled into a tight ball against the roots of an oak tree, shivering and whimpering.
He twitched and raised his head. A long moment passed between them where he only stared up at her, and she remained at the edge of the clearing, waiting.
“I know you,” he rasped, choking as his dry throat constricted.
Cassia crossed to kneel beside him, taking off her cloak and laying it over him. “Here,” she said, offering him the fresh water skin she had filled on her way past the town’s fountain. “The witches you were seeking, it wasn’t for your friend, was it?”
Tears sparkled along his lashes and he blinked big, docile eyes up at her. His curly, black hair was matted and littered with leaves and twigs and debris from the forest, and he was shivering all over. He shook his head. “No.”
“Come with me,” she said. “We can help you.”
“You can cure me?” he asked, taking her hand and letting her haul him upwards while he tried to keep the cloak closed to preserve at least a modicum of dignity.
She shook her head. “I don't think there is a cure,” she said, “None that I’ve heard of. But we have journals we can consult, and herbs we can prepare. We can help you keep your mind when you transform.”
He paused, standing barefoot in the clearing, and looked at her. They were almost exactly the same height, and not far off in age too, and she felt something swoop unexpectedly in her stomach as she met his steady gaze.
“You were there last night,” he said. “I remember. Normally I don’t remember anything. I wake up somewhere, and I don’t know where I am or what happened, or if I bit someone or not… but…”
He looked down at the forest floor for a moment, still trembling. She reached for his shoulder and squeezed. “You don't have to bear it alone, Luca.”
“You spoke my name,” he said. “And I heard you.”
It didn’t take a witch to know what that meant.
Cassia bit her lip and gestured towards the town. “Come on. It’s still early. Maybe we can get you back home before you cause too much of a stir, hmm?”
Battered, broken, exhausted, Luca managed a tiny, lopsided smile and nodded. “Sounds good,” he said, and began to follow her home.
I may have fallen a little in love with Cassia, and I definitely ship her and Luca... What do you think? Lemme know if you like it by reblogging.
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xpeachymilkteax · a month ago
can i have prompt 3 with kaeya?
a/n: i love this with my entire being istg 😭✋
also i know i said i’d be writing drabbles for the event but every one i’ve written so far turned into a oneshot so im just gonna roll with it 😏✌️
prompt 3: Horror Movies
Spooktober Event 🎃🍂
Tumblr media
modern au, gn!reader
It was the night of Halloween, and your boyfriend, Kaeya, had the amazing idea of staying up late and watching horror movies..
“What’s with the look, dear? It’ll be fun, I promise.” Kaeya said with a sweet smile. You sighed.
“Kaeya, love, you know how this goes..” you began. “You watch a scary movie, pretend to not be scared by it. Then as soon as it ends and we go to bed, you won’t be able to sleep.”
He scoffed with a cheeky smirk. “Oh nonsense, y/n.” he made his way in front of where you were sitting at the counter, and leaned over, cupping his face with one of his hands. “You really think I would be scared over a little scary story and CGI? I’m almost offended.”
You couldn’t help but chuckle and blush at his antics. Even after over a year of dating, his flirty aura still had a way of working wonders. “Kae, you had trouble sleeping for 3 days after we watched the Conjuring last year..”
You could’ve sworn it took all the power you had to not laugh at the shocked expression that painted his face. “I-I wasn’t scared!” you raised an eyebrow at him with a smirk of your own. “Okay, maybe I was a little spooked but that was because it was based on a true story..” he said with a pout. You could’ve sworn you heard him mumble ‘you were scared too...’
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I’m just pulling your leg, Kae” you said with a chuckle as you patted his head. “What movie would you wanna watch?”
You watched him walk his way to the living room to get a DVD. He brought it out and set it front of you, it read “The Conjuring 2”.
You giggled at the irony. “What am I gonna do with you, Kae?”. He chuckled and kissed your forehead. “We have to watch it tonight, I heard it’s really good.”
You sighed in defeat. “Alright, but I guess we’re both not going to sleep tonight, apparently it’s scarier than the first one.” He kissed you again, but this time on the cheek. “That’s fine by me, dear.”
You just finished making popcorn, the movie was already loaded up on your flatscreen tv that you had in your living room. Kaeya wrapped himself under the many blankets he stole from your shared bedroom. When he saw you approach with the bowl of popcorn he lifted his arm moving the blankets to open up a spot beside him. Setting the popcorn bowl on the coffee table in front of the couch, you snuggled beside him.
When you started the movie, at first things were going smoothly but about halfway through the movie it came to a very suspenseful scene. Kaeya had his arms wrapped around you, the side of his face pressed against yours. Whilst you had covered the bottom half of your face with the blankets bundled up in your hand.
You both were aware a jumpscare was about to happen at any minute, and braced yourselves. Kaeya gripping your arm, and you clenching onto the blanket in your hand. When the haunting image of a nun with vibrant yellow eyes flashed on the screen, you and Kaeya cursed simultaneously.
After a taking brief moment of recovering from the scare, the two of you couldn’t help but laugh at each other.
Before you knew it, the movie was over and the evidence videos from the actual case were playing. You flipped off the TV quickly. “Nope, Nope, Nope! That’s enough for tonight! Knowing that that shit is real isn’t healthy for my conscience.”
Kaeya laughed. “You know what, maybe you were right, y/n. I don’t think I’m sleeping tonight.”
“Honestly, me either. That movie was a whole different breed of messed up.” you admitted.
A moment of silence passed before Kaeya spoke up again.
“Wanna play some Mario Kart?”
You paused for a second before breaking out into a smile.
“Yeah, that sounds fun.”
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jshkspooktober · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
-†- Wanna Listen? -†-
Mystery No.5 : The 4PM Bookstacks
Playlist - Day Five: Spiders | Spell Books (click to play!)
Witchcraft | Vian Izak
Spiders | System of a Down
The Chamer of Secrerts | Harry Potter
Writer in the Dark | Lorde
My Girlfriend is a Witch | October Country
Black Widow | Cage the Elephant
Hex Girl | The Hex Girls
Crawling | Linkin Park
BLK WICCAN | Zebra Katz
Black Magic | Magic Wands
Hands on the Bible | Local H
The Dairy of Jane | Breaking Benjamin
Fireflies | Chris Garneau
Spider Dance (Cover) | Undertale
Spiders in the Roses | Sonia Leigh & Daphne Willis
Aquarium | The Carnival of the Animals
The Spiders | John Williams
CW: Some songs on the current and upcoming playlists may feature sensitive content. Please look over the playlists before giving a listen. Enjoy!
Join the JSHK Spooktober event happening Oct 25th - 31st.
Oogie boogie (or click) on over to the Guidelines|Prompts ! ! !
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rebelwrites · a month ago
As promised last night here is a current WIP list, this doesn’t include the Spooktober fics or the Love Is A Battlefield series or the Fate Entwined In The Stars series.
Some of these may end up NSFW (the plus sized reader fics) I haven’t quite decided yet.
x Plus Sized Reader
Why Her? - Clay Spenser
Summary: Clay has to be held back when someone bad mouths his girl in the bar.
Don’t Change, You Look Perfect - Clay Spenser
Summary - Y/N starts to regret their outfit choice and Clay reminds them how good they look.
We Should Stay Home - Harvey Specter
Summary - Harvey considers ditching the gala when he sees his wife dressed up.
Navy Ball - Jason Hayes
Summary - Jason cannot wait to show you off at the ball, he wants everyone to see how good his girl looks.
Say That Again - Jax Teller
Summary - Jax nearly gets arrested for murder after he hears comments about his old lady.
That’s My Girl - Jax Teller
Summary - Jax is just in awe of his old lady, watching how she takes control of the room.
We Are Going To Be Late - Thor Odinson
Summary - The first time Y/N is dressed up for a ball on Asgard, they nearly do not make it on time.
Even If It Takes All Day - Thor Odinson
Summary - Thor hates when his lady talks bad about herself and puts plans on hold to change her view point.
She’s All Mine - Dominic Toretto
Summary - Dom realises that his girl is the best, not only is she into cars but she has the body to.
I Am All In - Tony Stark
Summary - Y/N has some doubts and Tony puts a stop to that
All Of You - Chibs Telford
Summary - Late night conversations in bed.
Own Personal Hype Man - Sonny Quinn
Summary - Sonny knows the beauty of his girl and never lets her forget it.
I Don’t Pick And Choose - Clay Spenser
Summary - Things have been playing on Y/N’s mind and Clay finds out.
I’ve Got You - Jax Teller
Summary - Jax senses his old lady is super nervous and makes a fool of himself to make her forget her worries.
No One Fucks With Family - Clay Spenser
Summary - A bond that cannot be broken, and Clay is hella protective of his baby sister.
Welcome To The Jungle - Thor Odinson
Summary - After a few drinks the karaoke session gets a bit steamy
General Requests
I Can’t Do This Anymore - Clay Spenser
Summary - Y/N breaks down to Clay when he gets home finally admitting her ex is stalking her.
Stop Teasing Me - Jax Teller
Summary - Jax is in a teasing mood.
Not Gonna Fall For it - Sonny Quinn
Summary - Sonny is determined to make Y/N his girl.
Let Me Patch You Up - Chibs Telford
Summary - Chibs makes things awkward for Y/N to stitch him up.
Talking Out Loud - Clay Spenser
Summery - Y/N word vomits and gets extremely embarrassed.
I Am Not Leaving - Eric Blackburn
Summary - Eric will not give up even when things get tough
Worst Week Of My Life - Jason Hayes
Summary - Jason loses his shit when his girl gets kidnapped on a mission and will not stop until she is back in his arms
Tumblr media
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amatchinwater · 20 days ago
Thanks for the tag @jimmy12427 and @msmischief101 🥰
Post a list of your un-started ideas and have your followers ask you about one. Then tell them something about your idea. Numbered for simplicity, not in order of priority.
I have...lots...I'll try not to make it too long.
Power out for Steo
Temporary Bliss for Steo
Bad for Steo
BTHB Bruises for Sterek
BTHB Hurts to Breathe for Sterek
BTHB Attending a Funeral for Sterek
BTHB Memory Loss for Steo or Stisaac (undecided but I know what I want to happen)
BTHB Insecurities for Liolan
BTHB It's All My Fault for Liolan
BTHB Don't Let Them See You Cry for Steo
BTHB Bloodstained Clothes for Briles
Cabin in the Woods for Briles
Masquerade for Steo
Continuation/Expansion of this Steo
Derek Hale appreciation week Lyrics
Derek Hale appreciation week Quotes
Derek Hale appreciation week Fix it Friday
Blood Bound continuation from Steo Spooktober
"I've had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with." for Steo
Canon rewrite/divergence for Steo
Derek takes Theo under his wing for Steo
Theo, Isaac, and Jackson are brothers for Steo
"Stop looking at me like that or my knees will not hold me up any longer." For Sterek
"I want to give you a hickey, so everyone can see how I feel about you." for Sterek
Roommates BFF AU for Steo
"Do you want to tell me why you keep insisting on breaking into my home?" "Would you let me in if I asked?" for Steo
The one where Isaac kills his dad (that's literally what I called it haha)
"Hey, listen to me. You're safe. Nothing is going to hurt you." for Steo
Blatant PDA for Steo
New Orleans prompt for Steo
Rainy Days for Steo
Alpha's Touch continuation
5 times Stiles admitted his feelings for Theo in his sleep and the 1 time he wasn't dreaming
Soft Sterek prompt
"If you feel safer with me being there, you know I will always be there." for Steo
"Sure, you can use me as a pillow." for Stisaac
I had to make myself stop when I looked at the number 36 and see no end in sight...
I tag @ash-mcj @arewordsenough @greyhavenisback and anyone else should they want
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ianandmickeygallavich · a month ago
Tumblr media
Day 9: Calli’s Spooktober Speed Edits 🎃👻💀
They haven’t been communicating well and they’re both on edge. It’s gonna end in a big argument sooner or later. Ian just wishes Mickey knew what it was like to walk in his shoes for a bit, to see things from his point of view. But he didn’t mean literally. Everything blurs and shifts and breaks apart and then suddenly they are still both sitting at the bar, but they are in each other’s bodies. No-one notices when they wordlessly make a swift exit…..their most recent argument seems irrelevant now they are faced with the fact they have swapped bodies.
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kosmosguk · a year ago
5 days of spooktober~ #3: purity
Tumblr media
day #3: angel hoseok x reader x demon yoongi
word count: 2.1k
summ. it seems like mortal beings, too, can fall from grace. 
warnings: smut, dubcon/noncon themes (mindbreak), yandere themes, 18+, blasphemy/sacrilegious acts, violence, abuse, explicit language, kidnapping
a/n: this was lowkey rushed (so lemme know if I made any spelling/grammar mistakes) because I’ve been super busy and I caught a mild cold because I was outside in freezing weather for several hours, but I hope you guys like it. Less than one week until Halloween <3
You were kneeling in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary, your hands clasped in prayer, and your eyes firmly closed. Your lips moved, softly and then rapidly, and a soft breath left them whenever you closed the last syllable of a word for the prayer. Even then, you could feel the marble eyes of the benevolent statue in front of you on you, watching you with serene eyes as a stone snake wrapped around her bare feet.
“For the strength to resist temptation, and for purity so that I may live clean of sin. Blessed mother, look upon me and guide me.”
You pushed yourself up onto shaky legs. When the door of the chapel shut clicked behind you softly, the building returned to a hush…
Until the eyes of the angel in the stain glass blinked open and the tongue of the stone serpent by Mary’s feet flickered out.
The convent was the safest place. As an orphan abandoned by your parents on the front steps of the building, you were left under the care of Benevolent Sister Bernadette and the other nuns of the convent. There, you had grown up, sheltered from the cruelty of the outside unforgiving walls, biblical scripture leaving indents in each bump of your tongue.
It was to no surprise that you had never encountered a man before. The sisters had told you, along with each of the girls you had grown up with, that God was your husband and that looking at a man with impure eyes would put you at the level of sinners banished to hell. So, it was a surprise when the sisters had let in two men.
They were travelling holy men, and they were seeking rest during their tiring journey. And they were handsome young men too, the kind that attracted the innocent-minded young girls of the convent’s school and left them giggling and whispering softly when the sisters had their backs on them.
You were at the back of the crowd, your fingers rolling on the beads of the rosary you kept firmly clasped in your grip at all times. You had no time to be giggling hopelessly about men who had sworn their own vow to God, not when you were only a few steps away from swearing yours. Having safely passed adulthood, you had made the decision to become a sister yourself.
You stepped back from the crowd and moved back to the sanctuary you found within the pews of the old abandoned chapel no one frequented. As you walked away, the echo of your footsteps on the cobblestone grounds drowned out by the hum of frivolously murmuring voices, you did not pay heed to the contemplative gaze that lingered on your retreating back or the lecherous eyes pinned to you.
“What was the sin of Eve? What had tempted her to be lured in by the Devil’s words?”
The ear-scraping echo of Sister Antoinette’s voice resounded in the walls of the nearly silent room. You propped your chin up on the palm of your hand, your eyes pinned to the carefully dried ink of the Bible in front of you. You had heard the creation story hundreds if not thousands of times to the point where you had memorized each verse and could recite it blindfolded and upside down.
The same situation would happen once more. After Sister Antoinette’s question, a girl would raise up her hands and answer in the same old way: “Her sin was that she did not know her position in the world. She was to be man’s wife.”
And like always, the words would leave a bitter taste in the back of your throat that you would swallow as you watched Sister Antoinette smile, pleased. And you would move on because moving on was the only way to don your habit and continue living a safe, sheltered life.
One of the younger girls was called on instead. You waited for the usual answer, but this time…this time was different.
“Sister Antoinette, I believe Eve had no sin. She did not want to live a life in which her position would be unequal to man, in which she would be trapped in a role subservient to him just because she was made from his rib. That was why she was tempted. She was not tempted by the apple, but she had been tempted through freedom.”
You couldn’t help the curve of your smile, and you shielded it with a careful hand. There was a sweeter taste in your mouth, but it quickly went bitter at the harsh sound of leather meeting tender palms.
Your eyes were drawn to the outside of the window, to the lush blue sky and the gray walls that shielded almost everything. Even then, your fingers couldn’t stop rolling over the wooden beads of your rosary.
Freedom, freedom…was it worth the cost of instability? In that very moment, for the first time in your life, you couldn’t help leaning on the side of agreement.
You were in the chapel again, your knees turning numb on the worn-out cushion as you recited your prayers. You were alone once more, until the soft swing of the door broke the soft hush of silence, and you swung around to look at the intruder.
There was one of the men that the sisters had let in. He seemed kinder than his counterpart, a warm smile brightening his features, and he shook his head softly as you got up to leave.
“Sorry, I did not mean to disturb your prayer. I was simply searching for a quieter place to meditate. Continue on and pretend that I’m not here.”
You nodded silently before turning back and clasping your hands back together.
“What’s your name?’’ his voice broke once more through your peace. “I’m Jung Hoseok.”
Your eyebrows crossed in agitation before they smoothed out. God would not want you to be angry at anyone, especially if they were one of his holy men.
“Reverend, it is the sanctity of the house of God that we as mere mortals of His creation do not dare to break. If you wish to know my name, ask me when we leave. But there can be no more earthly matters that exist while we are in His house.”
You heard him chuckle, the sound strangely dark compared to the light voice he had, and you heard him come closer to you.
“It must be lonely to be in here, no one by your side. How about we become friends?’’
“Hoseok, what are you doing here?’’ you heard another voice break out in your silence. This voice was richer than the Reverend’s voice, a deeper timber that sent unsettling shivers down your spin. While Reverend sounded like warmth, this voice sounded like a chill.
You did not make a peep to answer his question nor a move to look at the second intruder. Instead, you silently got up and bowed respectfully towards the Reverend and his counterpart before you swiftly left the chapel.
Your dreams were plagued that night. Soft hushes of low moans brushed your ears, and you felt hands curve around your breasts and brush the place that the sisters had warned you to never touch with impure intentions. Your fingers wrapped tightly around the sheets, a haze in your mind as you panted out hopeless cries to be touched, to be fucked. Your back arched as you felt a tongue swipe at your pussy, lapping up juices as you twitched in lustful agony, and your lips, stretched out in moans, was covered by another mouth.
“Give in, (y/n). We’ll take care of you,” a voice purred into your ear, gentle and sweet and God you were melting.
You woke up in a cold sweat, shivering, and you startingly realized that your fingers had been buried deep within your forbidden heat. You pulled them out, shame flickering against the heat deep in your stomach, and they made a soft schlick sound. You frantically wiped them against your sheets and tried to go back to sleep, but the heat of lust never seemed to cool.
You were disoriented when you woke up for morning prayers. You felt something sticky stain against your inner thighs, and your mind was in a haze. Every touch from another human being left sparks that seemed to build the heat of desire within you, and it wasn’t until you were back in the chapel in the middle of the night that you dared to let out a breath.
You kneeled in front of the statue, ready to pray once more, but your hands slipped from their position and slid down until they were pulling up your skirts. Your body didn’t feel like it was yours anymore, and you were slipping one and then two fingers and then three. Your eyes burned in shame, but your body didn’t care. It begged to be touched, and the plea seemed to grow even more insistently when you couldn’t get relief.
“Ah, what a whore you are.’’
Your head spun around to look at the intruder. Instead of feeling ashamed and pulling your fingers out to restore some kind of dignity, you could only spread your legs wider, whimpering for relief.
“Yoongi, I suppose it is part of our fault that she’s been dragged to such a state. Why don’t we help her?’’
Your vision was blurry, but you felt a cooling touch on your feverish body and grabbed at it desperately, trying to press it down to where it was the most hot. You heard a low chuckle, and you only grew more desperate.
Your memories spun together, your thoughts dizzy, and before you knew it, your skirts were ripped off, and you were on someone’s lap with their cock so deep in you that you could only press closer.
“Yoongi, isn’t she so pretty?’’ you heard a voice call out, and a part of you that was still rational realized it was the Reverend.
The man underneath you laughed, the sound rich, and you let out a muffled cry when he pulled you up off his cock and slammed you back down onto it. He was pounding you, and the Reverend behind you was nipping brutally at your neck and leaving bruises on your flesh.
“Hey, hey, recite your prayers for us, won’t you? Pretty little angel, why don’t you—,” you heard a grunt that choked the remaining words,” Why don’t you—fuck she feels so good—why don’t you recite them?’’
Your brain was automatic; you had no more control over it. You could only obey the commands of the two men that you had once perceived to be holy men.
“For the s-strength to—ah...! Resist tempt-tempt…temptation!’’ you cried out as one particular thrust pried open your walls and pressed against your cervix,” And for…for purity nngh! So that I…So that I may live…oh my God, please, please, harder! L-live free from…sin!’’
He was spilling his cum within you, filling up your womb, and you could only twitch as he let out a husky moan. When he finished cumming deep in you, you let out a breath of relief as the heat within you cooled down, but just a few seconds later, it was coming back, and the Reverend was pulling you off the man’s cock. You let out a startled cry between clenched teeth as you were spread back open on another cock.
“Please, please! Ooh, it feels so good…,’’ you were drooling now, looking ever much like the whores that the sister had disdainfully warned you not to become.
You met eyes with the statue of the Virgin mother as you were being bounced on the Reverend’s cock and, just like Eve, fell into the temptation of freedom.
It had been years since your disappearance from the convent. Another girl pried open the door of the abandoned chapel and carefully walked in, her footsteps sending clouds of dust in the air. She scanned the chapel building, and her mouth fell open in surprise as it lingered on the stained-glass window that strangely seemed new.
The stained-glass window had a depiction of a young maiden, just like her, with a snake coiled around her neck and a white dove perched on her wrist. Her hands were raised up, an apple the color of blood gingerly clasped in her hand with a bite taken out of it.
Marked on the glass were the words of a prayer:
“For the strength to resist temptation, and for purity so that I may live clean of sin. Blessed mother, look upon me and guide me.”
And as the girl finished reading the words, the door clicked open.
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lilolilyr · a month ago
I've decided to do some october challenges as prompt memes instead- send me a number (& what challenge it's from) + a ship, and I'll try to finish a shortfic for it for that day - or just some time this month, if it's a prompt for a day already in the past :)
Spooktober | Kinktober (nsfw)
Taking prompts for:
Gunpowder Milkshake: Floreleine, Scarletmay, Librarywives, Killercule
Holby City: Berena
Reef Break: CatAna
The Devil Wears Prada: Mirandy
The Old Guard: Andromaquynh, Andronilynh, Andy/Celeste, Andy/Quynh/Celeste, Polyguard
Star Trek: Milippa (all versions), Janeway/7, kiradax
Warehouse 13: Bering&Wells
No mcd, no noncon, no angst without happy endings! All ratings, but only ask for nsfw if you are 18+
If you're a mutual or sb who regularly comments on and/or reblogs my stuff, and you send an ask off anon, your prompt takes priority over anons and such :)
This post is just as an info for my own followers & ppl in the ship tags, do not reblog!
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btsmosphere · a year ago
Crossfire | KTH
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8
Moodboard Masterlist
~summary: The night your life blew up sent you on a collision course with the campus bad boy, Kim Taehyung. Though you were well aware of his reputation, it was his doorstep you ran to when you were bleeding with nowhere to go.
~word count: 5k
~gang!au, mafia!au, college!au, angst, fluff, action, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers
Warnings: swearing, mentions of cheating (warnings apply to each part individually, please read them)
~a/n: this week our gal gets some shit done and comes to a realisation due to Yoongi... also I am once again thanking everyone for supporting this story💜💜love you all,, n for those of you who haven’t heard I’m going to be posting a spooktober story soon so stay tuned...
Tumblr media
“I want to help.”
Tae paused in the doorway, a steaming plate in each hand, staring at you with a dumbfounded expression.
“I want to do something to help, you know, with the plan,” you eagerly pressed on.
“Oh,” Taehyung nodded, but a pout remained on his face as he kicked the door shut gently behind him, “the plan with Shinhyuk?”
Nervously eyeing him as he shifted onto the bed, you waited for him to speak. Instead, he just passed you one of the plates and began to tuck in.
“Mmm,” he hummed indistinctly, looking up at you, cheeks full of food.
“So… can I help?”
For just a moment, his bewildered stare  was all that greeted you and his chewing slowed.
“Mmhmm,” he nodded, as if it was obvious.
“Oh. Okay.”
Admittedly, you hadn’t expected it to be that easy. As you began to eat yourself, Taehyung quickly went back to devouring his own meal without a second thought.
For once, the two of you were inside together during the day as it was the weekend and he wasn’t required for anything except a meeting, which was happening at his place anyway. With him here, you didn’t really need anything else to pass the time, but he had still vowed to bring you some more books soon, given that you had worked your way through the first pile completely now.
After last night, and if you were honest with yourself, even before that, any worry about being around Taehyung had faded away. Not only could you easily pass the time chatting, you very much enjoyed your time with him.
However, once you had both finished your food, it wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door announcing the arrival of the boys and the start of the meeting.
Only four had come as Jimin and Yoongi were out, doing ‘something’. You didn’t ask for details.
Taking the seat furthest from the window, hopefully hidden by Taehyung who sat beside you, you simply stayed quiet for most of the conversation. They didn’t need your input anyway; the plan sounded like it was progressing as well as it could be.
First of all, Jungkook and Namjoon confirmed the first members of Shinhyuk’s group they had managed to pick off, including the leader of a base inside his territory, though the rest were low-level: drivers, informants, dealers, fighters. Not enough to make his gang disappear by any stretch.
Not yet anyway, as Namjoon kept saying in encouragement.
As they resolved to keep digging through rival members, the real challenge was finding an in within Shinhyuk’s immediate circle – the ones who apparently were mainly stationed at what used to be your house.
“All I have is names,” Jungkook sighed, “even though I’m one of them, no one reveals anything about themselves.”
“Even the names might be fake,” Jin reminded him.
“I know,” Jungkook jammed his hands through his hair, “and there’s one – Jintao – he really doesn’t trust me. Makes it difficult for me to do anything. Always has his eyes on me.”
“Y/N can help,” Taehyung cut in then, causing four heads to turn sharply in your direction. You refused to squirm under their glares.
“Tae…” Jin was the first to speak, “it’s dangerous. I’ve been staking out Shin’s clubs and I’ve almost been caught so many times trying to talk to people-“
“She doesn’t have to go out on missions,” Tae reasoned, “a lot of snooping can be done from inside, and since she doesn’t have much else to do…”
“We have access to hackers, Tae,” Namjoon dismissed.
Biting your lip, you looked down. Since Tae had accepted your request to help so easily, you weren’t exactly prepared for this analysis. Perhaps it was stupid to think you would be able to assist these boys.
“She’s just as much a part of this as we are,” Taehyung surprised you with the ferocity in his voice, “she’ll be able to help. And I’ll let her even if you guys don’t.”
Namjoon in particular looked shocked by the younger boy’s unwavering words, but you watched in relief as he gave his assent with a nod, the others raising no further argument.
“What raids are coming up, Jungkook?” Hoseok brought the meeting back on track, prompting Jungkook to relay all the dates Shinhyuk had deals or attacks planned.
You listened as the boys decided which to focus on, though again they were frustrated by their lack of progress. Until Jungkook felt safe again, they weren’t going to counter any attacks, but they could make sure no one would be in the target properties to keep their allies out of danger.
Overall, the meeting left each of you feeling unsatisfied. This war with Shinhyuk was like having an unbearable itch while your hands were tied behind your back. You could only hope their careful preparation would eventually lend them the upper hand when they felt confident enough to retaliate.
With restless minds but nothing to do, Taehyung asked his friends to stay and a movie was agreed upon. As you had observed before, the boys relaxed remarkably quickly, and you were soon laughing with Hobi and Tae as you poured out snacks in the kitchen.
As you collected the packets, Hoseok returned to sit down. You and Tae had barely set foot around the corner when Hoseok let out a yell.
Startled, your head whipped around to find Yoongi standing silently in the doorway, leaning against one side, arms folded and a murderous expression.
“I didn’t see you there,” Hoseok breathed, laughing with a hand over his heart.
Before you could stop it, a snort escaped you, barely choked back, remembering exactly what you had said about Yoongi the night before. Luckily, you weren’t the only one, as you heard Taehyung beside you laughing through his nose, more successful at suppressing the sound.
“I hope there’s good news from the meeting,” Yoongi glared at you two, “I’m going bloody insane dancing around Shinhyuk like this.”
Everyone switched straight back to business mode around you, but you made the mistake of glancing over at Taehyung.
As soon as you made eye contact, neither of you could control yourselves and you had to fight to keep in your mirth. The dark warning glances from the other boys did nothing but fan the flames. Taehyung bit down on his lips as they threatened to break out into laughter; your cheeks ached.
Sinking onto the sofa, Taehyung looked pointedly away from you, shoving his fist into his mouth, shoulders still shaking.
With the tears brimming in your eyes, you didn’t care to listen to Yoongi as he talked about whatever he and Jimin had just come back from. When Jimin came in, a strangled laugh leapt from your mouth before you clamped it shut again, but you had set Tae off again.
The orange-haired boy across the room stared at you both like you were crazy.
“What’s your problem?” Yoongi’s sour face only made it harder to remove him from the ridiculous cartoon stereotype and Taehyung finally broke, guffawing loudly with his head thrown back, before falling against you and clinging to your shoulder, tears running down his face.
Shocked to find Taehyung’s head suddenly pressed into the crook of your neck, your breathless laugh was finally cut off. All you could do was stare down at him with a smile as he pulled himself together, wheezing dramatically the whole time.
At last, he seemed to realise himself and abruptly let go of your shirt. Pulling back, you were face to face for a second, expressions reflecting each other’s surprise, before he closed his mouth and turned back to Yoongi with a flawless poker face.
And then you were laughing again.
Tumblr media
The prospect of Yoongi almost definitely hating you now didn’t bother you anymore. In the days following the meeting, you had begun to work through the list of names Jungkook had scribbled down of the members of Shinhyuk’s current inner members:
-Gi Beomho- has a Gwangju accent?
-Chaewon/known as Seb
-(Lee?) Minho
Taehyung had told you his laptop password and you began trawling through the internet for any traces.
Though you were by no means a hacker, one of your friends at college, Jake, had once showed you a few things he knew how to do from his course in computing. Not to mention you were able to stalk someone very efficiently on social media from investigating the hot guy Lisa had seen on the street, or finding Soo’s mysterious girlfriend she refused to introduce to your group.
Now, though, there were no friends laughing around you as you tried to take apart the gang that was living in your house.
After your first afternoon of searching, nothing fruitful came up. When Taehyung had come back in the evening, you were more than happy to abandon the task and join him in your usual dinner routine, falling asleep soon after when you settled down together to watch a film.
But as the days progressed, you became more determined and frustrated in equal measure as you came across few things. You had worked your way through 3 people, giving up only after you had exhausted every avenue you could think to investigate.
Lee Minho took you even longer than the others to rule out, though you suspected from the beginning it was an alias since he shared the name with the famous actor, meaning there was an immense amount of unrelated material cluttering any path to finding the gang member, no matter what you searched.
Slumping back against the headboard, you set the laptop aside and flipped it shut.
Your attempt at working your way through the newest stack of books Taehyung had brought you was much slower than the first time around. Until he came back home, you barely took in the words.
At your side, a notebook containing the few possible leads consistently stole your attention instead.
You had managed to gain access to a couple of police reports on a Gi Beomho in Gwangju, but you would have to verify with Jungkook whether the photo was of the right person, or if you were barking up the wrong tree entirely.
When Tae finally arrived, you anxiously greeted him. Today Shinhyuk had planned his largest attack yet, on a shop that was a front for gang activity, and you knew all the boys had been on standby.
Taking in the scattered books, paper and laptop on the bed, his shoulders slumped.
“Nothing yet?”
“No, sorry,” you confirmed with a sigh.
“Don’t apologise,” he reached out and rubbed a hand along your upper arm to your shoulder. There it lingered, fingers slowly massaging for a moment.
“Were you hurt today?”
In only the short time since he came in, he had only squeezed out a smile once as he tried to reassure you.
At the shake of his head, you felt a knot in your chest release. But he still wasn’t happy.
“So what happened?”
“We didn’t go in at all. It was a lost cause,” he sat on the bed and kicked his shoes off without energy, “he shut the whole place down. It’s done for.”
With another huff, he fell back to lie on the bed. You did the same.
Weighty silence hovered over you both.
You had no idea how long you merely stared up at the ceiling, paralysed, before Taehyung moved. Slowly, he reached his hand out, fingers finding yours. As he intertwined your hands where they lay between you, you simply let your eyes slide shut, squeezing back.
“I know you’ll find something.”
Though you appreciated his support, he said it to assure himself as much as you.
Whether he could see or not, you nodded.
Just then, Tae’s familiar ringtone chimed in the silence. Pulling his phone from a pocket, he held it above him, checking the caller. Deciding it was worth it, he reluctantly pulled his had from yours to push himself up as he swiped across the screen and held the device to his ear.
Sitting up too, you could hear Jungkook’s voice crackling out from the phone.
“Hyung, I think I-I messed up-“
“Woah, Jungkook, what happened?”
“I was in Shinhyuk’s car, and I saw a file in there, he was looking through it, and it had you guys in it! It was labelled ‘bangtan’ and it’s full of information on everyone- I didn’t know he had that, but I just- I panicked, and I stole it, and now I have it but Shinhyuk’s leaving before me and he’ll notice it’s gone and- fuck-“
You caught Tae’s eye as you both listened in horror to the scared maknae.
“Where are you Kook?” Tae demanded, eyes breaking from yours.
“Um, at Y/N’s,” he replied, “the others are just packing away-“
But before he could finish, you had reached over and pulled the phone right out of Taehyung’s grasp.
“Jungkook,” you hissed into the receiver, “there’s two loose floorboards under my wardrobe at the back, they’re pretty quiet to move, can you hide it in there?”
“Uh, yeah,” the boy responded, “thanks.”
You lowered the phone to return to Tae, but suddenly brought it back to your ear.
“And don’t look at any of the stuff that’s already in there!”
“Oh- okay,” the boy sounded startled, but Tae seemed to find your miniature panic hilarious as he took the phone back and hung up.
Saying nothing, he wiggled his eyebrows and smirked at you.
“Oh, shut it,” you ignored the heat rising in your cheeks and shoved him lightly back onto the bed, where he only laughed louder.
“It’s not even- oh you are ridiculous,” you cried as he pulled you down on top of him, only making you turn redder.
In your embarrassment, you tried to wriggle away from him, pushing on his chest, but he grabbed your wrists, bringing you back down, grin ever-present on his face.
“Hey!” you protested, and then, “Ya! Stop! Tae-“
His hands reached down to tickle your sides, and you squirmed away from him again, only to have him follow, ending up on top of you as he mercilessly continued his attack, enjoying himself far too much.
“Ohmygod, ahh, Tae, please, aaaahahaha…”
Struggling, you writhed around, legs kicking out as you shrieked in protest before you finally reached his sides and exacted your revenge. He curled in on himself, giggling and apologising to get you to stop. You did, eventually, only to throw a pillow right at his face, though he easily caught it in the hands he had held up in surrender.
Both collapsing back onto the bed, you turned your head to one side, but you found he was already looking back at you. His laughter had dissipated into a smile which you returned.
“Thanks for helping out Kook,” he said earnestly, eyes boring into yours, “I told you that you would be helpful.”
This time, your heart soared with his praise.
Tumblr media
You weren’t hopeful about finding ‘Soonjae’, or anything that could bring him away from Shinhyuk. Having gone through half the list already, the remaining two were the people Jungkook had the least information on.
Trudging through the morning, you were reluctant to take to the computer and be met with more inevitable defeat. Today you felt particularly tired, which didn’t help.
It was strange since you had slept for a long time, waking only after Taehyung had gone, leaving you missing his presence, even if you barely touched him while you shared a bed.
Nonetheless, you found yourself sifting through links and articles online, far from the first page of Google filled with celebrities and international news. With the little information you had on the man, you ended up reading through anything and everything containing the name Soonjae. Facebook profiles, comments on newspaper articles, a GoFundMe page…
Taking a sip of water, you scrolled idly to the bottom of the GoFundMe, which was for a child after all, no gang member, and read the ‘recent’ donations (the most recent being over a year old) and comments. Nothing.
Clicking on ‘show more’, you pulled up the full comment list and scanned through. For what, you weren’t sure. Most donations were small bits and pieces, but among the ones from three years ago, one was a little more sizeable. Along with it came an interesting comment: a woman called Sara was apologising for her ‘previous words’ and wishing the boy well.
You frowned as you read it. Though it was almost certainly unrelated, you were undeniably curious as to what she might have said to target an ill child.
Clicking next on the woman’s account, you decided to try and log in. After employing the password tricks Jake had showed you, you made it. The account had been created the same day as the donation was made on little Soonjae’s page, and appeared untouched since. You supposed this tangent had come to nothing, though you were certainly pleased with your skills after getting into the account.
Closing down the tab, you searched next for ‘Soonjae GoFundMe’. There was the campaign you had already seen, followed by a few that proved to be unrelated as well. You selected ‘next page’ with little hope.
Then something caught your eye.
About halfway down, the name Sara.
Quickly selecting the page, you found yourself on Facebook instead of GoFundMe, but what you found was certainly interesting. It was the same woman from the earlier page. This time she had posted a status:
If anyone on here donates to Soonjae’s fucking gofundme get ready to be cut out of my life XD cheaters don’t deserve your pity
That was certainly interesting. No wonder she had apologised to the boy – it also explained her big donation – probably given out of guilt.
But re-reading the status, you realised she couldn’t possibly be talking about the boy. Unless by ‘cheater’ she meant that he had cheated on a test in school, but you suspected that was not the case.
You clicked on her profile.
Her profile picture showed her holding a little boy that must be around ten, standing on a beach. Flipping through her older profile images, they stopped three years ago. Perhaps she had deleted all previous ones?
Only friends can see Sara’s photos
Only friends can see Sara’s timeline
“Not just friends…” you muttered, getting to work.
Unluckily for Sara, she had used the same password as on her GoFundMe, so you logged in easily.
The first thing you saw was that she reportedly lived in your city: a promising start. Scrolling through to three years ago, you saw only one other post close in time to her attack on Soonjae and his fundraising page:
Sara is feeling: heartbroken X(
That lead you nowhere, so you made your way back up her feed, seeing photos of her son and meals with friends. Few stuck out as anything but happy, all possibly related to the mysterious events of three years ago.
That’s right, delete your fucking facebook. I don’t need to worry about blocking you now XD
Sara is feeling: defeated☹: Just got out of court. Nrs
What was the point in all this? Just to prove something? Well you did, you proved I was right all along
Now you really were intrigued. You needed to find out what was going on, she was definitely linked to a Soonjae in your city, so you had reason to investigate further. Still, as you clicked on the messages icon, you felt very much like a trespasser.
Searching for ‘Soonjae’ at the top, two conversations were pulled up, both from three years ago. One with ‘Park Soonjae’ and one with ‘Help Soonjae’.
First choosing ‘Help Soonjae’, recognising the profile picture as the same image used on the GoFundMe, you read the exchange of messages.
Sara: What the fuck is this?
Sara: I can’t believe you’re pulling the pity card after what you’ve done
Help Soonjae: Excuse me?
Sara: You know what I mean
Help Soonjae: Ma’am, I don’t know you but please calm down. I will block you, this page is only trying to raise hospital funds for my son. I’d thank you to explain how this is ‘pulling the pity card’
Sara: Wait… Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!
Sara: I can’t apologise enough, I thought this was my husband’s page, he has the same name as your son! I didn’t check the page before messaging, I didn’t mean to offend you or your son
Sara: I’ll make a donation to your page to make up for this. I wish your son the best
Read 15:47
And that was the end of that. Wincing with second hand embarrassment, you quickly moved on to ‘Park Soonjae’.
Soon, you realised that the message history was long, but it all ended three years ago. You gave up on scrolling your way to the top, seeing that most messages consisted of ‘I love you’s and reminders to buy milk. The final conversation, however, gave you a lot more information.
Sara: What the fuck is this?
Then followed a screenshot of a GoFundMe page: Help Soonjae win Custody
Sara: You cheated. Maybe you should write that in your description.
Soonjae: Sara, I’ve told you I’m sorry
Sara: And I’ve told you that’s not enough. We are over
Soonjae: I can understand that. I just can’t understand why you want to keep my son from me!
Sara: I never want to see you again, and I don’t want kai to either
Soonjae: How can I make it up to you without going to court? I can’t afford the fees and you know it
Sara: You can’t ‘make it up’ to me. And it’s not my problem anymore if you can afford it or not. I’m blocking you
And that was it.
You wasted no time in opening Soonjae’s profile in a new tab, before taking a screenshot of the messages and logging out of Sara’s account.
Soonjae’s account was indeed deleted, confirming him as the target of Sara’s earlier status update. One search for new profiles under the same name showed no one promising. Your ‘breakthrough’ seemed more trivial now you had taken a step back from it. Without a picture of the Soonjae you had found, you couldn’t confirm if you were on the right target.
You had one last option, and searched for the GoFundMe Sara had sent a screenshot of. At last you found it, though it took a while as it had been declared finished and was from so long ago.
But, once you opened it, it turned out Sara’s screenshot hadn’t included the full photo at the top of the campaign. It had only showed a baby cradled in someone’s arms, but on the site, the full photo extended to show the man’s face.
This time, you did not scroll down.
You just stared.
There would be no need for Jungkook to verify if this was the right man. Those eyes had stared at you before from underneath a hoodie in your own bedroom not so long ago. And the hands that held his son had given you the wound in your side.
“Holy shit…” you breathed, taking a screenshot when you recovered from your shock.
Then you proceeded to scroll down. And it seemed like you had hit the jackpot.
The description had been updated, and the last lines read:
Thanks for the generosity. This page will be deactivated as I have now sourced funding from a private benefactor. Will update those who donated on the court result.
Tumblr media
“Tae! Oh my god-“
You froze on the stairs.
On hearing the door opening downstairs, you had presumed Taehyung had returned, but instead, Yoongi stood in the hallway.
“Hi,” he said coolly.
“Sorry,” you murmured, but didn’t retreat back upstairs. Staring back at him, laptop and notebook clutched in your arms, you felt the need to share your breakthrough.
After a few seconds glaring at you, Yoongi moved away down the hallway. Taking a breath, you followed.
“Um, sorry, I thought you were Tae,” you spoke from the door.
“Ok,” came his short reply as he rooted in the fridge.
“Actually, er,” you pushed, making the boy at least turn around and acknowledge your presence, “I wanted to show him something. But… I can show you instead. You know how I was searching up Shinhyuk’s closest members, well, I think I found something.”
His unimpressed face vanished at least a little, and he nodded, taking a swig from the drink he had picked.
“Okay,” you placed the laptop on the island and opened the screenshots you had saved, “so I found this woman’s messages with a Soonjae in the city, they were getting divorced but he couldn’t afford the legal costs to fight for custody of their son.”
Yoongi leaned forwards to read the screen and you stepped aside, worrying your lip. Watching him read, you leaned against the counter to support your tired legs.
“Bastard,” he muttered.
“He cheated on her,” he said simply, gesturing towards the screen, drink in hand.
You hummed in agreement and flipped onto the second image.
“He set up this GoFundMe, but see how it says he then received funding from elsewhere.”
“Could be Shinhyuk, definitely,” Yoongi agreed, “I can send Jungkook this guy’s picture-“
“Actually, you don’t have to,” you cut in, “I, er, I recognise him. He was one of Shinhyuk’s that broke into my place.”
“Shit,” Yoongi breathed, turning to take a look back at the man on the screen, “good catch.”
“Thanks,” you couldn’t help but smile, “so… what now?”
Setting his drink aside, Yoongi bent over the counter and opened a new tab, sending the images to his own email, along with a final one of Sara’s details on Facebook.
“I think we have enough to work with. We can use the details for leverage and approach him.”
“Nice,” you couldn’t keep yourself from smiling. Even if only Yoongi was around to see it, you were just proud to have hopefully helped bangtan get another rival under their belt, and get closer to defeating Shinhyuk.
It seemed Yoongi had finished with the laptop, even though he hadn’t yet left the kitchen or even picked his drink up again. Awkwardly, you stepped closer to shut the laptop and slide it off the counter.
Taking a stride back towards the door, you hesitated.
“Well, erm, thanks, I’ll just- yeah.”
You turned back around, surprised at just how small Yoongi’s voice sounded. Not knowing what to say, you waited as he stood shuffling his feet.
At last he cleared his throat and spoke.
“Listen, I’m sorry for, you know… trying to kill you that time,” he said. His voice was quiet, as if a lower volume would allow him to pretend he never said it.
“Well there’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear,” you chuckled.
“No, I really am,” he spoke stronger this time, actually looking at you, “I know I haven’t been the nicest and-“
“No, it’s okay,” you flashed him another smile, “I know you were just trying to protect Tae.”
He fell silent again for a moment, and you thought that might be it. But something was still on the tip of his tongue and he looked down, one hand coming to scratch his ear.
“I want to tell you I’m happy for you guys. You seem… well, really nice, and I know Tae thinks so too, and I trust him, so… yeah.”
Gulping, he looked up at you, trying to hide his mortification at the barrage of emotion he had just released. You just stared back at him, lost for words.
Maybe he had said something wrong?
“A-and, thank you for doing this work on Shinhyuk’s gang, it’ll really help us. What you did was really impressive-“
“I-I’m sorry,” you finally spluttered out, “what did you mean when you said you- you’re… you’re happy for us?”
Looking back at you, his eyes widened.
“Shit, are you guys not-“
You tried to swallow down any signs of how flustered you were, clutching the laptop tighter in front of your chest. Perhaps he didn’t mean what you thought he might-
“I thought you guys were dating. Shit.”
You couldn’t agree more with that last sentiment.
Just as you opened your mouth, without knowing what you planned on saying, you were saved by the bell. Or rather, the door.
Tae had finally come home. It would be an understatement to say he was surprised to find you and Yoongi together, in conversation too apparently. Hopefully Yoongi had finally quit his tough act and exposed his softness that Tae had insisted you would find eventually.
Yoongi was quick to inform Tae of what you had dug up on Soonjae. Taehyung put his hand on your shoulder, sending you a proud grin that made your heart race as he told you he knew you could do it.
The whole time you were aware of Yoongi watching the interaction, and you excused yourself as soon as you could, leaving the boys to themselves.
Practically running up the stairs, you were left panting as you closed the door to the bedroom. Just one short burst of speed had knocked you out, but that concern barely crossed your mind as you surrendered to the mattress, thinking only of what Yoongi had told you.
He thought you were dating? Ridiculous…
But then why had the suggestion got to you so much? Sure, you shared a bed with the guy, and you enjoyed being with him, and liked it when he held your hand or hugged you…
Tumblr media
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demigoddessqueens · a month ago
Day 7: Trick
Headcanons for Halloween Tricks
For the record, this is Spooktober month so they kinda deserve a bit of a break for the fun
- ofc the antics are started by the Kenways and Shay. Harmless pranks but still with flair
- And it’s not just some here and there pranks, it’s an ongoing thing all Halloween night that involves just about everybody
Bonus: they rope in the sibling pairs (Kass and Alexios, Fryes and Auditores) to help pitch in for a haunted house That’s going to be part of the “pranks”
-3/4 of the Templars are in on it and go “fuck it let’s have fun” for the night and the other 1/4 stay at home cause they’ve had it
-Malik and Altair have to go with Maria cause it’s 50/50. She’s down for fun but again, this is Halloween night
Desmond is 110% the enabler for everything that goes down
Connor invites Aveline (no he doesn’t have a crush what makes you say that? 👀 ❤️)
Arno and Eivor let loose 🔥 🍻
Aya and Bayek catch up with Altair and Co. (Of course the little one is at home snoozing after his sugar rush)!
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honeybunnyvns · 3 months ago
Spooktober VN jam + Colorful Mirai DLC
As many already know, Spooktober Jam's is happening this month. It’s a contest where the participants need to submit a Halloween VN to have a chance to win prizes.
When we first heard about it, we thought:
"aa, this is so cool… we love halloween, but… ugh, our hands are already full of Colorful MIRAI’s work… we can’t-"
But then a fabulous idea popped in our minds!
“What if we join it to make… a halloween DLC for Colorful MIRAI!”
MC and the boys in a horror story?! A HALLOWEEN DLC?! Yes, this would be awesome!
So, to sum up, we joined the jam😅
For now, there's only a few art concepts in papers. We are still planning the plot, but things are already getting in somewhere in the first day :D  
so since we only have one month to work in the jam, we thought would be better to give a short break in the original, so then we can also make a enjoyable dlc :D 
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bush-viper-cutie · a year ago
The Dare - DAY 5
Pairing: young!severus x fem!reader
Word Count: 2,570
Rating: E for Everyone
Plot:  Severus and his housemates decide to go into the forbidden forest on a dare.
Warnings: none
A/N: Day five! Sick/fever from snapetober! HAPPY SPOOKTOBER! >:D
Posted: 10/5/20
~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~
The moon shined over the tops of trees and illuminated the sparkling lawn of the grounds as Severus and his friends approached the dark boundary of the forbidden forest where the moon didn’t shine. Severus felt weak already at the very idea of entering the dangerous forest with nothing more than a wand and cloak.
He wiped a bead of sweat from his brow quickly, not wanting the other Slytherins to see he was already frightened. Avery couldn’t make it out – something about feeling ill but they were all sure he was just faking to get out of the dare – but Avery’s friends were well and willing to risk their lives to prove they were brave. How he ended up tagging along with them he couldn’t quite understand, but he was glad to be accepted into their group nonetheless.
They approached the forest and illuminated their wands as they stepped into the shadows just at the border of the trees. It was another sixth year like himself, three seventh years, and a fifth year. He knew the fifth year was the younger sister of the tallest seventh year. She was the only one with any sense among them, warning them not to do the dare because it was stupid and reckless and apparently someone had gone in there and never returned. Severus had only known her a week and a half but he believed her completely.
“Look, we just have to stay in there for two hours… Right? That’s all the dare is?” one of the seventh years said, the shortest of the three.
“But you have to be deep inside. The farther the better.” The fifth year put her hands on her hips and smiled. She turned to Severus. “Though don’t go in. Last warning.”
Whose side was she on? Severus rubbed his arms with his hands, feeling a chill travel down his spine slowly. “S-so just two hours? As deep as possible?”
The sixth year next to him laughed. “Scared already Severus?”
He would have glared at him if it weren’t for the tremble in the sixth year’s voice.
“On your marks?” The tallest seventh year stretched his legs out ready to run. “Go!”
Severus bolted into the forest with the rest of them – except for the girl who claimed to be the referee – and held on to his hood as he ran, staring at the ground for visible roots or stones that could trip him and leave him behind.
He heard the grunts and pounding footsteps of the others as he ran and followed their sounds as focused on not falling, occasionally getting smacked by branches and cut by low-hanging leaves. After a few minutes of running after the others, his cheeks burned with what felt like dozens of little papercuts and his throat tasted of iron from breathing through his mouth.
He stopped and leaned against a tree, trying to catch his breath as his friends’ footsteps got farther and farther. Soon it was only his wand light illuminated in the dark and he realized he was alone. He pushed off the tree and started walking in the direction they were headed.
It was silent, except for the rustling of leaves and the snapping of twigs under his feet. There was a distant howl and he froze. It’s not a full moon, he told himself and kept walking. He could only see the trunks of two or three trees ahead of him as he walked. His eyes darted from dark corner to dark corner just beyond the light, as if he’d be able to spot something hidden soon enough to protect himself.
It was eerie all by himself, and he wondered how deep they rest had decided to go. What am I supposed to do for two hours? He heard a twig snap and spun around, squinting into the darkness. “Knox,” he whispered. The light went out and he was surrounded by darkness. He couldn’t see light in any direction but he did sense eyes on him. “Lumos.” There was a circle of light again and in the distance two small orbs looked at him from the darkness.
His heart leapt into his throat and he turned and ran faster and faster, hearing his shoes slap the ground and the very faint and distant breaking of twigs following him through the forest. He was feeling hotter, his cheeks were burning and his neck felt on fire. He was sweating through his clothes from the very fear of being caught up to by whatever beast was gaining on him. Please let it not be intelligent!
He heard a loud ruffle and then something was tackling him to the ground. Paws. He laid there panting, catching his breath as the thunderous purrs of a large wild cat rumbled through his ears. The cat sat on him making him wheeze and stepped off with a sneeze.
“You didn’t have to scare me,” Severus coughed, getting up. He rubbed his ribs and sat on his heels. “You’re supposed to be out there. What if one of them turns back and sees you’re gone?”
The pacing paws turned to feet and the fifth year laughed. “They’ll think I got eaten or something. My brother will be glad for it.” She took his elbow and helped him up, kissing his cheek as he rose.
Severus smiled and then frowned. “You didn’t think I’d make it all the way in.”
“You are all the way in, and I didn’t think you’d be dumb enough to follow them in at all.”
Severus crossed his arms. “I’m not deep in, I meant. And I thought you liked brave guys.” She hugged him but her warmth didn’t reach. He felt the air stinging his exposed skin and shivered. Although he didn’t know how he got wrapped up into this dare with the other Slytherins, he did know he chose to go along with them partly because of her.
For a week now they’d been hanging out and talking and it was just a few days ago that she’d sprung a kiss on his lips near the fire, after everyone had gone to bed. Since then they’d been stealing kisses behind shelves, inside closets, in the shadows of the castle hidden from view of snooping eyes. But he couldn’t tell if she liked him as much as he liked her. She was always teasing and joking around, flirting, but never doing anything to cement any sort of relationship with him.
When several students had gotten dared to prove how brave they were, he’d stuck around because she was cheering people on, and then when Avery had pulled him into it he let him in hopes of impressing her. Severus was frightened of the forbidden forest but at least Avery was going to be with him… but then he got ‘sick’ and she started telling everyone they were insane for going along with it. His plan had clearly failed.
“Oh, I was only teasing about that.” She waved her hand in the air, dismissing the assumption. “I mean I do… but I don’t think going into this forest on a dare is very brave is all.”
Severus’ shoulders slumped and he nodded. I don’t think it is either. “Did you follow just me? Did you know I’d fall behind?” He crossed his arms and slid down a trunk to the forest floor feeling defeated.
“Well I didn’t want you hurt…” she whispered.
He looked up into her eyes. She was being genuine, he could tell. She swung a leg over his and slid down onto his lap, seizing his lips. She kissed him gently at first, and then as her hands wound around locks of his hair her kisses grew rougher and more intense.
He liked her a lot. Every time she kissed him he felt all sorts of things; seen, accepted, happy, liked, needed. He slid his lips down her chin and trailed them down her neck, undoing as many buttons as the sweater over her dress shirt allowed. They were all still in their school uniforms in case they got caught or killed – they’d be easier to identify as students if that were the case.
He pressed his lips to the plump softness of her skin, pulling the sweater down to better expose her breasts to him. He kissed each on and left little red marks all over them as she hummed into his hair. “I really like you.”
“Do you? Well I’m glad.” She laughed, teasing him again.
He chuckled. “I’m serious. I really like you…”
She pulled away and kissed his lips, holding the sides of his jaw to angle him up to her. Her thumbs caressed his cheeks and she smiled when she finally released him. “Severus…” she whispered.
“Hmm?” He kept his eyes closed, hoping she’d keep making him hers. He opened his eyes finally. “Yes?”
“Did you really come in here because you thought I liked ‘brave guys’?”
His cheeks flushed and he nodded. “I wanted to impress you.”
She giggled and hugged him close. “But you impress me with your brains all the time. And your skills.”
He gave her a weak smile that faded fast. “Then why don’t you like me?”
“I do.”
“If I asked you out right now… Would you say yes?” He squeezed her to him and closed his eyes, pushing his nose into her freezing neck. He opened his eyes and frowned with worry. “Your skin is ice cold…”
She pulled back and put her hand to his forehead. “No, you’re just burning up.”
“What?” He thought of Avery sick in bed. “Oh… Maybe Avery really is ill.”
“If you hadn’t been all worried about going in here you’d’ve realized that sooner and been in bed resting.” She got off him and pulled him up. “I’ll run back… you make your way out and you’ll just be the first to lose.”
Severus nodded but he wanted to shake his head. Now not only had he failed in impressing her, he’d be humiliated when the others found out he was the first one out of the forest. He saw her turn into a panther and run out of his wand light’s boundary.
He brushed pine needles off his trousers and started walking back when he heard distant screams. He turned in the direction of them and realized the screams were coming from the same direction the others had run to. Severus cursed to himself and ran towards the screams.
He ducked under branches and leapt over larger and larger roots coming out of the ground. The trunks were getting larger and the trees denser. He was wheezing and his energy felt like it was evaporating off him with every passing second.
The screams were getting louder until finally he reached them. There were four Slytherins hanging upside down on a giant spider’s web, stuck on like flies. He looked around but didn’t see anything around that could have caused it. He came out into the clearing and the screams turned to cheers as Severus came into view.
“We were knocked out and then – ”
“Before they come back!”
Severus aimed his wand and cut them down. They fell and hurried to their feet, quickly grabbing hold of their wands again.
Severus looked around, fear seeping back into him as the initial wave of adrenaline wore off. “What did this?”
“Acromantulas! Must be!” the sixth year shouted.
They all shushed him. The tallest seventh year shook his head. “There can’t be any here. They don’t live in this part of the world…but let’s go. I don’t want to find out what actually did that.”
~ * ~ * ~
They all managed to run back out of the forest the way they came from. The firth year was pacing back and forth. Her eyes darted to him when they reached the clearing and glared furiously at each of them.
“What happened!” She flung her arms up. “What on earth could have – ”
“We were taken!” the sixth year yelled.
“Look, someone must have pulled a prank on us. The whole house knew we’d be entering the forest and someone took the chance to stick us on an enlarged spider’s web.” The tallest seventh year turned to Severus and crossed his arms. “How come you weren’t stuck up there with us? What happened? Got scared and stayed behind on purpose?”
Everyone looked at Severus down on the floor trying to catch his breath. He was sweating and shivering like crazy. “N-n-n-n-no. I-I,” he sighed.
The fifth year scoffed. “Severus didn’t get scared. He just wasn’t stupid enough to go that far in.”
The sixth year nodded. “And he’s the one who came looking for us after we started screaming. I’d’ve run away.”
Severus looked at fifth year and saw a sparkle in her eyes as his delayed exit was explained.
“Then its settled. Severus wins the dare,” she said.
~ * ~ * ~
After they all made it back to the common room unseen they said their goodbyes and parted, except she held him back. As the other boys walked into the dormitories, he stayed behind and sat with her by the fire.
“That was really brave of you. To help my brother and his stupid friends.” She moved onto his lap and held him close, playing with a strand of his hair around her finger.
He was cold and shivered under her touch but enjoyed her hands on his hair, and any other part of his body.
She pulled back. “Severus? Do you promise not to do anything stupid like that again?”
He looked into her eyes, full of concern for him, and nodded. “I promise.”
She smiled and kissed his nose. “You’re still burning… And… about that question. Yes.”
Severus pulled her back and held her arms so she would fall off his lap. He looked at every inch of her face and raised a brow. “‘Yes’? Yes to if I asked you out?”
She pulled on his sweater to get closer again and laughed. “Will you do it already?”
Severus pushed her onto the couch and got on both his knees. He’d never felt such intensity towards anyone else. All year long he’d felt foolish and acted too reckless for his normal self. Last year everything around him had shattered and it wasn’t until he’d met her and started speaking to her about everything that he’d started to feel like himself again.
He wasn’t hurting anymore. He shifted his weight on his knees and looked deep into her eyes, maintaining the seriousness he felt despite her giggles. “Will you be my girlfriend?”
She slid off the couch and got on her knees as well, slowly sliding her arms up his until she was hugging his neck. “Yes.” She pulled him into a kiss and quickly pushed him away. “I forgot! You’re sick!”
She helped him up and pushed him towards the dorms. “Get in bed! I’ll be there in the morning with some soup from the kitchens or something. Now that I’m your girlfriend I get to take care of you.”
“You sound too happy about this. Did you plan it?” He smiled at her laugh.
Tucked in bed he thought back to the giant spider web the others were hanging from and frowned. Though it did look like an acromantula web…
~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~
Day 5 Prompt: Sick/fever + acromantula (eight-eyed giant black-haired spider capable of human speech; usually inhabits dense jungles)
General Taglist:
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astudyinfic · a month ago
Tumblr media
Spooktober 2021
Day 13 - Mythical
Fandom: Cut & Run
Also on AO3
~ ~ ~ 
"And you," Ty continued his voice breaking. "You're a phoenix, Zane. Rising from the ashes. And all I do is make you burn."
Zane blinked rapidly, trying to figure out what Ty meant by that. Why would he say something like that at all? His mouth opened and closed a few times as he tried to come up with the proper words, though nothing came out. What could he say? It was simultaneously the most romantic and most idiotic thing Ty had ever said to him. And that was remarkable considering how romantic and idiotic Ty could be. "You don't make me burn," he finally said, though it felt insufficient. "That isn't how it works."
"How what works?" Ty asked, briefly distracted from his confession made only seconds before. 
"Burning. It's natural. It's just something that happens. It isn't something that someone does to you."
This time it was Ty's turn to blink in confusion, looking at Zane like he was speaking nonsense, which Zane realized a moment later, he probably was. "Zane, I feel like we're having two very different conversations here. Tell me what you are talking about."
Zane didn't want to. He never wanted to tell anyone. It was part of the reason for his separation from his family. They didn't even know, though how he had kept it from them, he still wasn't sure. Becky might have suspected but Zane doubted it. His wife had always been a practical sort. Never had much in the way of faith or superstition. It wouldn't have been like her to go from ' my husband acts strangely sometimes' to 'my husband is a mythical creature that no one actually thinks exists'. 
But Ty deserved the truth. If Ty could tell Zane that he was an assassin, then Zane could do this. "You're right."
Ty looked as if he was debating between punching him and screaming in frustration. Maybe both. "I'm right about what? Come on, Zane, make sense."
"You're right. I'm a phoenix."
"I know, that's why I said it."
Zane shook his head. "No, I mean, literally. I'm a phoenix. I've never actually told anyone before."
"You're...a phoenix? Like a big bird that catches on fire?"
"Occasionally." Zane shrugged. "You don't actually think I survived in Miami that whole time, did you?"
The color drained from Ty's face as he contemplated what Zane said. "Wait, are you telling me that you die, burn, and then are reborn?"
"That is what a phoenix is, Ty. I mean, maybe not in every story but that is what I am." Zane knew this was hard to believe. It was one of the reasons he never told anyone. What good would it do for them to know?
Ty was quiet for some time, thinking about everything, Zane assumed. There was a lot to consider, and Zane didn't envy him. "So, you're immortal. Not really a giant flaming bird."
"I'm immortal - I think, at least, I haven't found a limit - and I'm a giant flaming bird as you put it. I didn't figure it out until after the first time I died but occasionally, it just feels good to let it go."
"Can you show me?"
Zane had never shown anyone before. He didn't know how people would react. Even people he didn't know had never seen this. It was utterly private and Zane found that he wanted Ty to know that part of him. "Alright, but no screaming, okay?"
"I do NOT scream."
Ignoring that, Zane took a step back. He closed his eyes, focusing on the fire within. Only a moment later, he felt the flames burst into life on his body and spread outward, forming the full phoenix. Opening his eyes, he saw Ty watching him with nothing short of awe. There was no screaming, for which Zane was thankful. He pulled the fire back in and stood in silence, waiting for Ty to say something. 
It took a moment for him to find his words. When he did, they were about as "Ty-esque" as they could be. "One, I didn't scream," Ty pointed out with a smirk, stepping forward and placing his hands on Zane's hips. "And two, I was right."
"You were, yes."
"I hope this proves to you that I am always right and from now on, you will just agree with whatever I say."
Zane rolled his eyes and pulled Ty closer, wrapping him up in his arms and relishing the closeness. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves now, Beaumont. Why don't we start with going home? I'm sure you have a hundred questions and I'm exhausted."
Ty was tired too and eagerly nodded. Knowing he had a long night in front of him, Zane pulled strength from Ty's hand and led the way to their car, anxious to start this new part of their lives, this time with no secrets between them.
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amatchinwater · 2 months ago
Another square done!! I wanted to squeeze one more in before Kinktober and Steo Spooktober take all of my focus!
X's are completed, O's are wips, feel free to request a square if you'd like!
Thank you @msmischief101 for letting me pick your brain with this, it really helped!!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steo
Warnings: Mentions on Non-Con (literally only mentioned in like 2 sentences) underage drinking
Rating: Mature, just to be safe
Words: 3240
Square filled: Love Potion/Spell
Read on Ao3
When Theo showed up, Stiles didn't trust him. When the werewolf saved his life from a chimera- Josh, so Scott told them- he broke a little. Only a little. He didn't necessarily trust Theo so much as Stiles trusted the wolf would keep him safe. Which was enough to develop a crush. Then shit got worse. Turns out Theo is a chimera- the first chimera. So that small crush turned into bona-fide pining. Because who doesn't have the hots for something forbidden? 
He likes to think that he handled himself well enough that no one noticed. Boy was Stiles wrong about that. The first person, unsurprisingly, to say something about it was Lydia. The fact that the banshee wasn't even angry was strange to him seeing as how Theo attacked her. And left her catatonic. So Stiles made it clear that it's nothing serious, just a little crush he's intent on smothering with a pillow. 
Cut off its oxygen and move on with his life without Theo.
That's just not how life works for Stiles however. Fortune is rarely in his favor. So he really shouldn't have been surprised that the chimera also discovered the feelings tickling at Stiles' heart. Because of fucking course he did. Nothing gets past Theo. What Stiles wasn't prepared for was Theo to flirt with him; annoyingly so. It made the suffocation of his feelings really fucking difficult. But Stiles is nothing if not stubborn. He can ignore shit like nobody's business. 
Eventually the chimera stopped. Or at least decreased his efforts at Stiles' indifference. So Stiles' emotions settled, fading back to a gentle pine that was much more manageable. They were still there, but diminished enough that when Theo offered to be friends, Stiles felt comfortable enough to agree. 
Two weeks. It took a measly fucking fortnight of being friends with the chimera for Stiles to crack. His feelings hitting a breaking point from Theo's niceness now. It was fucking bullshit if you ask him. Stiles worked so hard to squish his heart back to normal. But the Alpha- which he still doesn't understand how that happened- wormed his way into Stiles' heart without even trying. 
Somehow, Stiles is still trying to work out how he agreed and when it all happened, but he's in Theo's pack now. All he knows is Scott told him one day that he couldn't feel Stiles anymore. The wolf wasn't mad either and Theo fucking killed him! Scott said that as long as he was happy that's all that mattered. 
Was he though? Happy never telling the chimera how he feels because Stiles is stuck on who Theo used to be rather than who he is now. But he's pack nonetheless now, and that means participating in pack nights. They agreed on pizza and game night this week. Something Stiles could absolutely get on board with. Plenty to focus on and not deal with the rantings of his heart. It was going great, until Theo broke out a bottle of crown. 
That's when shit started to take a turn. 
At first, they spent the night drinking- save for Josh because of his addiction and Mason simply not wanting to- joking, and playing video games. It was fucking fun and felt damn near normal. At one point, Tracy offered to refill his and Theo's drinks so they could keep playing Mortal Kombat together. Despite being well past tipsy, Stiles agreed. He was winning and was not about to lose whatever upper hand he managed to have by pausing it. 
Clearly that last drink had gotten to his brain and shattered the cage he put his unwanted attraction to the chimera. Stiles felt himself gravitating closer to Theo as the night went on. He found himself wanting to tell the Alpha. Finally give in to what his heart wants. What it needs. 
So naturally, that's when it happened. Proof of why Stiles guards his heart as well as the damn president. Why he doesn't take risks. 
While Josh and Corey are playing and Mason has passed out on the couch, he finds the courage. "Hey, can I steal you for a minute?" Stiles asks, nudging the Alpha's knee with his own. "There's something I wanted to ask you." Theo's brows pinch, but he nods, getting up from the couch with him. They make it halfway to the kitchen before Tracy walks out. 
"Theo, the bottle-" the kanima and their Alpha lock eyes and Theo's suddenly grinning like an idiot. All Stiles can do is stare as she asks, "what?" 
Theo says nothing minus a rumble in his chest as he rushes the wide-eyed kanima, crashing their mouths together. 
"What the fuck, Theo?" Josh calls from the living room as slack jawed as Stiles. It was loud enough to wake Mason who also stares in a mixture of disbelief and confusion. Corey manages something that sounds like um. 
To be perfectly honest, Stiles can't really hear over the blood rushing in his ears. But he doesn't say anything, knowing that if he speaks, he'll break as his eyes already sting. Stiles just spins on his heel and stalks out the front door, not answering the Betas calling after him digging his keys from his pocket. He makes it almost to where his jeep is parked on the curb before a hand on his shoulder stops and turns him. 
"You aren't driving like this," Josh says, the most stern Stiles has ever heard him be. 
"Trust me," his words sound as sour as they taste, "that was a pretty sobering sight." 
Josh yanks his keys away, "you're pack and it's my job to keep you safe. I'm driving you home." Turning Stiles by his elbow, "fuck those two," the chimera directs him to the passenger side. "For what it's worth," Josh gets in the driver's seat and starts the car with a sigh, "I am sorry." He drives off in silence.
Sniffling to himself, Stiles curls into his seat, hugging his legs with his head on his knees. "I'll be fine," he sighs heavily, "I've kept quiet about it for this long. What's never talking about it again?" 
Josh doesn't reply, just pats Stiles' knee with a pinched smile. If anything, at least the rest of his packmates care enough about him. His phone vibrates in his pocket, unlocking the device he sees a text from Mason telling him they're on their way over too. By the time Josh pulls in his empty driveway, the grip Stiles had on his emotions snaps and a few tears trickle down his cheek. He wants to go upstairs and cocoon himself in his bed, but his limbs aren't agreeing with him. Stiles' chest hurts enough that it's a struggle to breathe. 
"Do you want to sit here for a minute?" Josh asks, killing the engine. Stiles shakes his head no. "Okay, I'm gonna help you then," another car pulls up when Josh exits the jeep and Mason and Corey get out. "Oh good, Corey, help me out, would you? Here, Mason," the chimera tosses him Stiles' keys after opening the passenger door. 
"What can I do?" Corey appears beside their packmate, Mason heading to open the front door. 
"It's stupid," Stiles croaks, shoving both palms in his eyes like that'll stop their leaking. "I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack. All over him kissing someone else," tears roll insistently down his chin as Josh helps him out of the car, Corey shutting the door behind him. "I shouldn't have this reaction over a fucking guy!" 
They walk into the house, both chimeras helping him up the stairs. Mason's already waiting in his room with a bottle of water. Josh gets him in his bed while Corey takes his shoes off. 
"You really like him. Maybe even love him." Stiles really appreciates no one actually saying the Alpha's name. Mason offers him the water and Stiles takes a small sip. "And you're drunk. Take it from experience, heartbreak and alcohol aren't friends." 
"And you're prone to panic attacks already," Josh says, settling in bed next to him. Stiles' face scrunches at the chimera. "I told you, we're pack, Stiles." Corey and Mason curl close too, each of them making a point to hold some part of him. "It's in our nature to take care of one another. We don't like when you're hurt. So we're staying." 
They lay in silence after that. Stiles is busy trying to stop his tears and let his pack console him. Doing everything to not think about what Theo and Tracy are doing now that they're alone. Before he knows it, Stiles falls asleep nuzzled into his pack, letting the bond do its job. 
That was a few weeks ago. Stiles stayed in the pack. He's not petty enough to leave because Theo doesn't want him like that anymore. He wouldn't say things have gotten better, it still hurts like a mother seeing them together because apparently Theo is very big on pda. More so it's gotten just a shred easier seeing the guy he loves with someone else. Stiles did it with Lydia for years. The only difference is he thought he had an actual chance with the chimera. It was hard to admit that the reason it hurt so badly was because he actually loves Theo. 
It was another kick to the balls he really didn't need. 
One of the Betas stays with him every night to make sure Stiles actually sleeps. And to keep the nightmares away. It's a comfort he's extremely grateful for. 
“I just don’t understand,” Josh huffs, holding tightly to the crying human. They were all at Theo’s again for pack night and Tracy coaxed the Alpha upstairs. Let’s just say even his human ears heard what was going on. It’s one thing to more or less know it’s happening and a whole different monster of pain to actually have to listen to it. Josh pointedly slammed the front door when they left. 
“Neither do I,” Mason chimes from his desk chair, his boyfriend sitting on the desk itself. 
“I know you can’t smell him,” Corey says, “but we could. I was so sure he still likes you. This just doesn’t make any sense.” It does to Stiles. The Alpha got tired of trying only to be rejected and went to something better. It makes perfect fucking sense. Theo said it himself, he doesn't take rejection well. 
“Maybe Theo didn’t think you wanted him and Tracy is an easy rebound?” His fellow human mules. See? There’s a reason he likes Mason so much. The kid’s fucking smart.
“I still think you should tell him how you feel.” Josh rubs his back when Stiles turns into him, trying to not be present in the conversation anymore. “They might at the very least not be so sickening if he knows he’s hurting you.” 
“Stiles,” Corey sighs, “you’re never going to feel better until you tell him the truth. Even if he doesn’t say anything or it goes badly, keeping this bottled up is worse. It’s arguably hurting you even more.” 
“He’s right, you know,” Josh pokes him in the shoulder. “You never know, maybe him knowing that you’re an actual option will be the push he needs.” The chimera moves until Stiles is forced to make eye contact, “I need you to listen to me when I tell you that Theo has feelings for you. Whatever is going on with Tracy doesn’t smell the same as he did with you. It’s like it’s-” he waves his hand around, struggling to find the word. 
“Artificial,” Corey tries and Josh snaps.
“Yes!” The electric chimera remarks, “it doesn’t feel real. I really think you should tell him.”
“I’m not putting myself in some goddamn soap opera, middle school bullshit.  It's not worth it.” Stiles rubs his face, now frustrated on top of being upset. This is stupid. “I’m not going to go up to Theo and tell him how I feel. Beg him to love me instead of Tracy. That’s childish and pathetic.”
“But what if it works?” Mason asks softly.
Groaning, “he’s never not with Tracy, it’s pointless,” Stiles argues. “I’m not doing it. I’ll be fine eventually.” He doesn’t like the look the three Beta’s share, but at least they don’t push him further. 
Not once has Stiles ever wanted to strangle Josh since they’ve become packmates. But he fucking does right now. He had gotten a text that Theo wasn’t home, so it was safe to come hang out there. Lies. All of it. Not only was the Alpha there, but Josh fucking wasn’t. Traitor. If he has to listen to Theo say one more thing about how amazing Tracy is, he’s going to snap. Seriously, it’s making his eye twitch. He’s fuming but can’t bring himself to walk out on his Alpha. Stupid authority bullshit. 
“She just makes me so happy, you know?” Theo smiles, it’s a dopey thing with too many teeth that would ensure dimples if the chimera had them. The human hums, staring at his phone as he sends yet another threat to Josh. “Stiles,” the softness of the Alpha’s tone gets his attention and he looks up. “You’re my best friend,” that’s fucking rich, “why don’t you seem happy for us?”
You’ve got to be kidding me.
His phone chimes with a text from Corey:
Tell him!
Growling the best way a human can, Stiles shoves his phone in his pocket. Of course they’re fucking listening. Standing up from the bar stool so he can walk out if things go badly, he wrings his hands out. Now or never. “You really want to know why?”
“Of course,” Theo shrugs a shoulder.
Inhaling deeply, Stiles steels himself, realizing he could be seconds away from losing his best friend for real this time. “It’s because I hate seeing the two of you together. It actually makes me kind of sick.” Theo opens his mouth but Stiles puts his hand up, “let me finish before I lose my nerve, please.” The Alpha nods just as the front door bursts open.
A growling Tracy stumbles in, Josh and Corey trying to hold her back, “Stiles, spit it out,” the latter chimera says quickly. “She did something to him! I don’t know what, but I heard her on the phone saying something worked on him and now he’s not right in the head. He needs to hear the truth. Now!”
Their Alpha is snarling at his Betas. “Theo,” Stiles speaks softly and blues eyes snap to him. “I love you. I have for a long time. That’s why I can’t be happy for you.”
“Don’t listen to him, T, please,” Tracy sounds desperate. Which is super weird on top of all of the other weirdness. 
“I love Tracy,” the Alpha almost looks pained to say it. That’s even weirder. Theo tries to walk past him to get to her.
“Stiles,” Josh growls, “do something!”
Not thinking or processing anything, Stiles grabs Theo’s elbow, pulling the chimera in front of him. “Don’t hate me,” he whispers as his eyes burn. The Alpha looks confused before Stiles closes the distance and their lips collide. Theo freezes.
“No!” Tracy snarls, though still manages to sound upset.
Before he can feel bad about his decision and pull away, the Alpha’s arm wraps around the small of his back, pulling him closer. Inhaling sharply, Theo returns the kiss, free hand cupping his neck. Stiles’ hands find the chimera’s chest, every cell in his body screaming right. Josh and Corey whoop and wolf whistle at them. 
“Stiles?” Theo pulls back and the human struggles to open his eyes for a minute. Pleased to see the Alpha smiling when he does. “Thank you,” Theo leans in for another, softer kiss and Stiles is confused about the gratitude. Tracy is seething and the Alpha shields Stiles behind his back. “How dare you keep me from him?” He growls, “I was still in there beside the potion you made.” Potion? “I couldn’t do anything to stop it and you were so meticulous with your doses. Y-You fucking raped me!”
“What?!” Stiles, Josh, and Corey shout in unison. 
Tracy scoffs, “you certainly enjoyed it at the time.” This. Bitch.
“Because you drugged me into thinking I loved you,” Theo snarls, because that’s definitely not how consent works. “You all know how I feel about Stiles and yet you force me to be with you. I should kill you for what you did to me!” Stiles entwines his fingers in the chimera’s hand, seeing his claws fighting to spring free.
“Theo, please,” the kanima cries, sinking a little into the other chimera’s hold, “I love you.” That only makes the Alpha roar angrily, legs shifting like he’s ready to lunge.
“Theo, don’t kill her,” Stiles speaks carefully, squeezing the hand still in his.
The Alpha whips to face him, totally bewildered as he cups the human’s cheek, “aren't you hurt? Aren’t you angry?” Theo’s eyes dart around his face, “don’t tell me you seriously expect me to forgive her.” 
“Fuck, no!” Stiles’ face twists, “of course I’m mad and hurt.” He sighs, “but I know what it’s like to love you. To want to be loved by you. What she did was far from right and honestly kill her if you really want to. But I’m asking you not to, for your sake. It won’t make you feel better.” Stiles rubs his thumb along Theo's knuckles and smiles at him.
The Alpha’s face loses its rage, blue eyes boring into him once more. “I can’t believe I’m actually saying this,” the chimera steps closer, resting their foreheads together, “but you’re right. Killing her won’t make me feel better. But this will,” Theo takes Stiles’ chin with his thumb and pointer finger, tilting his head up into a kiss. He rubs Stiles’ cheek before turning to face the kanima, “you’re out of the pack. And if I ever, and I mean ever see you again, not even Stiles can stop me from tearing you apart. Got it?”
Growling through her tears, Tracy nods, jerking her arms out of the other chimera’s hands and storming out of the house. Theo pulls Stiles close to his chest, arms wrapping around his back to keep him close. “Thank you,” the Alpha says, “both of you. For taking care of him and for helping me.” 
“Of course,” Corey says.
“I’d do it again, “Josh chuckles, “but you know, don’t put us in the position of having to do it again. We prefer when Stiles is happy.” 
The Alpha laughs in his hair, nose rubbing against the strands, “that’s something we all can agree on.” A yelp rips out of Stiles when Theo scoops him up and carries him into the living room, curling Stiles into his chest as he lays on the couch. 
“I could’ve walked myself,” he chuckles into the chimera’s neck. 
“I haven’t had you for far too long now,” Theo tucks an arm under his neck, the other tracing shapeless designs in his lower back, “I’m not taking my hands off of you for a long time.” The Alpha kisses the top of his head, “and one more thing,” Stiles looks up at him, “I love you, too.” Theo kisses away the dopey smile plastered on Stiles’ face as his heart swells in his chest. 
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nakunakunomi · a year ago
Hello sweetheart ❤ Hope your doing well ☺️ Now... I recently got into BNHA (and i read all the scan in 2 days vidhsbr) and I discovered that I was very week for another blond man aka Twice 👉👈 So, can i request relationship hcs (declaration, first kiss ...) with him and a fem s/o? She can be a part of the League of Villains if it's easier to set up! A lot of luv 😘
A regular request answered? In spooktober? In my good suburbs? Honestly, just as surprised as you are. I spotted this one in my drafts and it was nearly finished so I figured I’d feign some more productivity. I hope these are all right, I am not really caught up with the manga so I feel like I missed loads of things, but i hope you can enjoy them nonetheless <3 
Relationship Headcanons - Jin Bubaigawara / Twice 
Tumblr media
Being in a relationship with Twice, is… interesting to say the very least. You have to be able to deal with him and his dual character. 
When he is ‘himself’, having a good day where the other part of his dual identity isn’t trying too hard to take control, he’s actually really sweet. Not the most intelligent, but definitely street smart and the kind of guy you can actually share a great conversation with. Just accept that after every other sentence and every compliment, there may be a snide remark coming your way. 
Jin has been extremely lonely for most of his life, and however confident he may seem, there are some extremely deep-rooted insecurities in this man, endlessly amplified by the other identities relentlessly taking over.
He compliments you (and insults you) loads, but will never take initiative to start actually flirting. It’s a bit of a back and forth until you eventually almost get pushed together by everyone in the League because they cannot handle anymore how much you’re tiptoeing around each other. 
He will need loads of reassurance and affection, and during any form of physical intimacy, he gets calmer, quieter. Something about feeling truly loved and accepted eases his mind, even if it is only for a little while. 
There is not really an actual declaration of love moment, there is mostly a whole bunch of villains putting the two into a room together, a quite literal ‘get a room’-situation, and not letting you out before you finally do something about the undeniable romantic and other tensions you have between you. 
It’s super awkward, the more mean side taking over, insulting you, and Jin usually only getting a few apologies in until you completely silence him by covering your mouth with his.
For a rare moment, he’s completely silent and stunned, all the gears in his head going into overdrive trying to figure out what has happened. 
In the relationship, he's beyond honest, besides the regular snarky remarks from the other side, he has no intention of hiding something from you. The moment you got in this relationship you had to make sure you accept him with everything that entails and he will pay you back in all the affection and all the trust. Don’t break it, because he will break you if you do. 
Dates, when no one is following you around, can actually be kind of fun. It’s when his most goofy side comes up, even when the costume is not on. He loves making you laugh because nothing can make him as happy as seeing you happy. Smiling lips getting ready to press onto each other in playful kisses make him feel in control. Like he is himself. For a little while, he can be one. 
They will never say it, but the rest of the league super approves of your relationship. It keeps twice in check and even more motivated than he already was. It benefits everyone. It helps you through the rough patches. Of course, it’s not all roses and moonlight, but hey what relationship is? 
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kosmosguk · a year ago
--copyright © 2019-2020 under kosmosguk. do not repost, reuse or translate my works without my explicit permission.--
Those marked with ★ are SMUT; those without the ★ are sfw; all of my works are YANDERE, have dark themes, and are reader insert! PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF THERE ARE ANY BROKEN LINKS. 
Other Masterlists: 5 Days of Spooktober
Tumblr media
Yandere BTS World: Choose Your Own Route
BTS as Yanderes based on their MOTS7 Song
BTS with an emotionally detached S/O
BTS when they discover that their S/O has been faking their love
BTS when they first meet you [Hyung Line] [Maknae Line]
Mafia BTS when they find out you’re in love with their rival
Tumblr media
★ Forêt de Cauchemars [ Plagued by nightmares of your boyfriend’s death, you turn to sleep psychiatrist Kim Namjoon for help. What you find in him is condolence in your isolated world, a ray of sunlight breaking through gaps of rotting leaves. What you find in him is a dream, a beautiful dream, until that dream shatters to reveal the true nightmare underneath. Sometimes, nightmares seamlessly blend into reality, and, unfortunately, waking up simply won’t make them go away anymore.]
Dedication  [Prompt #20: ‘’Dedicate yourself to me or else.’’]
★ 7 Days of Christmas: No Objections [Holiday cases are always the worse. But the lawyer on the opposing counsel, although he always manages to piss you off, has an idea to make the time outside court a bit better.]
★ Namjoon x Cat Hybrid Reader
Tumblr media
Fics: Drabbles:
★ Punishment [A tiny mistake leads to a larger consequence than you had intended to happen.]
★ 7 Days of Christmas Day: Wrapped up and Gifted [As insufferable as your boss is, you find a small festive part in you to give him a present. You just aren’t expecting what he gives back in return. ]
Tumblr media
★ Deal [The warlock in your bedroom is saying something about a deal, a contract that had occurred years ago that you can’t for the life of you remember. But rest assured, warlocks never forget, and this particular one is hellbent on trying to get you to remember, although in a rather…strange way.]
Lineage [When an engagement locks you, the 8th and forgotten princess, to the duke infamous for his cruelty, you find yourself counting your days until your inevitable death. It’s terrifying to think of your end, but when you arrive at his property, you realize there’s a more morbid reason behind your marriage and that the duke is much worse than the rumors have painted him out to be. ] |Preview| |Part One| Part Two | Part Three | Part Four |
★ 7 Days of Christmas: Holiday Melodies [The Mall’s piano player has a voice that sounds just exactly like your favorite music producer who hides his identity. Call it a fan’s intuition, but whatever it is, you just have to get his autograph. And it seems that he just may be a bit of a fan of you too.]
Tumblr media
★ Caged [The beast that’s kidnapped you and has been holding you captive has a reason on why it’s chosen you, and you’re about to find out in the most obscure, animalistic way exactly why.]
When their S/O gets upset because they left them alone [Hoseok] [Jungkook]
★ Hoseok’s Birthday
Tumblr media
★ You. Me. Us. [The handsome guy you meet briefly in a bookstore is intent on intertwining his fate with yours, although his methods themselves are unorthodox. After all, he’s intent on his belief that in the end, it’s you. Him. And the word Us. And it doesn’t matter how he gets to the ending he deserves.]
Only Answer [There's just something about the open vulnerability the buzz of the night brings that forces him to come to terms of what he really wants: you. ]
Yandere Mafia Jimin  
Tumblr media
★ Deceptively Angelic [There’s something darker about the strange man that you’ve wondered upon and let into your home. But you’re convinced he’s an angel, a celestial being from heaven, and everyone knows angels can’t sin.]
★ Bloody Artistry [When the scrutiny of fame becomes too much, perfect Kim Taehyung finds his peace within a lavish bathroom located two blocks away from the nearest club, a corpse in the bed with him. the fans have never questioned his behavior, not when his company is much too good at cleaning up his mess to not have done it before, but when a reporter with too many questions threatens to break the peace he’s established, he finds himself in a tango with the devil that he can’t bring himself to want to break.] |Part One|
★ Dog Hybrid Taehyung
Tumblr media
Insatiable [You never would’ve thought that the boy you rarely talked to would harbor such a sinister secret, and that you’d be the one to suffer from it.]
★ Temptation [If you could describe the man that you’ve encountered in the bar in one word, it would be that he’s absolutely insatiable. But when a daze leads you into his bed, you find out that there’s something darker that lies within the man you just encountered.]
When their S/O gets angry because they left them alone [Jungkook] [Hoseok]
Clingy, More Submissive Jungkook 
Sasaeng Jungkook x Reader
★ Kitsune Jungkook
★ Siren Jungkook
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