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only you who could leave me as empty and as lonely as the day you came.
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Moving on is not for the weak - Theo Nottt
Summary: Theo and reader breakup, and when Theo sees reader on a date and regrets everything. Angst to fluff
Warnings: mentions of smoking, swearing 
AN: hardly edited sorry for any mistakes lmfao 
“You know it's not easy me either Theo!” you say entering the common room, Theo trailing behind you 
“Oh no Darling I’m sure it must me SO HARD for you” theo spits back 
this was not unlike the two of you lately, fighting. You hated it, and to some extent you started to convince yourself Theo enjoyed it, how heated you both got in the moment, the sleepless lonely nights, the constant headache. He had been picking so many fights, he must enjoy it.
Storming towards the couch to the group you sat without greeting anyone.
"It’s pathetic” Theo huffed taking a seat not too far from you.
“Here we go, trouble once again in paradise” Draco laughed 
“fuck off Malfoy” Theo spat 
you looked at Draco with apologetic eyes.
“do you really have to do that here?” meeting eyes with your boyfriend 
“do what?” Theo said reaching for his packet of cigarettes
“constantly being awful, to me or to dray, to all of us Theodore” you complained as you reached for a cigarette
“so I’m back to just Theodore now?” He questioned 
“well yes that is your name” you said 
“Fuck you” he muttered lighting the dart laced between his fingers 
“Pass around the pack please” said Pansy prompting to the packet he had just returned to his pocket, he threw to to her 
“thanks” she smiled taking one and passing it around to Blaise and the rest of the boys 
“So are we all going to the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw game?” Asked Matteo lighting a cige himself
“yeah I’m down” you said 
“of course you are” stated your boyfriend 
“meaning?” Pansy asked, as you both look at him with confusion
“Oh come on you're just gonna love wishing Weasley goodluck for the game, aren't you baby” He smiled spitefully
“excuse me?” you stood up 
“he was drooling all over you in dark arts today” he stood matching you 
“no Theo, he wasn’t, you are always looking for a fight” you said exhausted 
“yeah well you give me reason, and maybe if you were a little easier to be with then it wouldn’t be this way, I mean seriously darling sometimes I can’t fucking stand you” He ranted inhaling his smoke
teary eyed you stared into his eyes 
“if that's how you feel teddy, then consider this done I’m- I’m done” you said weakly putting out the cigarette that occupied you hand. 
and that's when Theodore Notts stomach dropped, teddy. He hadn’t heard you use that name in too long, he remember it all, falling in love with you and how he wasn't ready to fall out of love with you. He was angry with his father, and he had been missing his late mother and he didn’t even realise he was taking it out on you. But it was done, the damage was irreversible. He knew how cruel he had been over the last month and he understood your reaction. 
By the time he had proceeded what you had said all he could manage to say was 
and that broke your heart. so you left to your dorm accompanied by Pansy who was shaking her head at him as she threw an arm over your crumbling figure. 
Days passed, then weeks, then it had reached two month since you had spoken to your lost love. Sure you were both still in the same group but you couldn’t even meet his eyeline. 
But Theo looked at you, too much, he saw the red and puffy eyes during the first weeks, he saw in your face, you coming to terms with the situation then finally he saw you pick yourself together, and fuck, you looked good.
It was late when you entered the common room, theo was there in conversation with the group awaiting your arrival.
A wolf whistle left Enzo's lips as you joined the group 
“what was the occasion?” Blaise asked 
“I had a date, nothing special really” you smiled conscious of Theos presents 
and with that his eyes darted towards you in shock
you observed his breathing getting heavier 
“WHO?” Pansy smiled jolting to your sit, forcefully sitting you down
“adrian pucey“ you shrugged 
“Do tell all about pucey the little git” Draco followed, protective of your former relationship with his best friend.
You looked up at Theo, sadness written all over his face 
Merlins beard did you miss him.
“I really don’t wanna talk about it” You said, as a mutual sadness filled your system 
“anyway off to bed for me” you smiled 
“Us too” Pans said pulling Blaise by the arm. With that your whole group walked towards your dorms.
Theo and yourself had fallen behind the end of the groups trail, self consciousness filled the air. Your hand left draped close to Theos, intentionally and Theo wanted more than anything to intertwine his in yours. You feared you had fallen out of things to say, something you never thought possible.
he cleared the silence
“so um Pucey, huh” he said 
“Oh come on, I saw you with Daphne the other day” You immediately shot back
“She's nothing to me” he said stopping both of you 
you both stood there. Close. Too close. 
You deeply sighed looking down at the floor 
“What’s wrong, darling?” he questioned lifting your chin 
“missing you a little’ you softly confessed 
“missing you a lot” he loudly whispered 
“I don’t want to fight you” You said as tears threatened to fall 
Theo grabbed you hand and rushed you both to his dorm 
as the door closed, he held you, so tight.
And you sunk into him, as he reacquainted himself with your skin
“never again, I promise baby I’ll never fight you again, I promise” He rushed 
you left his hug and kissed him. 
“we’ll be alright” You smiled 
He lead you both to bed and old routine slept into new practice as he held you through the night
“I love you, darling” He said kissing your temple.
The morning was better than either of you imagined, a new chapter for the both of you, together.
together entering the great hall together, sat updating the group of your rekindled love.
“I’ll be back, grabbing you some coffee” Theo said kissing your head before leaving 
within moments adrian pucey had occupied Theos seat 
“how’s about I take you out again?” he smiled 
as if on cue Theo returned 
“Fuck off git” Theo exclaimed prompting him to move
without hesitation he did so, Theo taking his sit back draping an arm over his girl while the other handed her coffee followed by a soft peck.
“Thank you Teddy” You smiled.
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“She just gets me that’s what makes me want her so bad.”
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holisticallygrace ~ Instagram
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Never forget how they gave you distance when you needed love
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I hate that sometimes two people only meet to say goodbye at the end.
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Missing you became a daily routine for me.
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letstalk.mentalhealth ~ Instagram
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Just imagine- your ex coming back from the grave to haunt you The glitch effect on procreate is working very well, and my scratchy handwriting finally has some use
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The most attractive thing to me is effort. Someone who really wants to talk to me, wants to see me, wants to make me a part of their day.
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I think a big part of healing is gaining self respect. You begin to realize your value and take note of what you’re worth to people through their actions (not their words). You stop settling for breadcrumbs. You start craving consistency. You walk away from people who don’t know themselves or what they want. You stop looking behind you and move towards people and a lifestyle that is congruent with your journey. You stop wasting time and you stop breaking your own heart by holding onto things that no longer serve you. SR
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Click goes through a breakup, eat a healthy meal
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