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never-ending-thought · 3 months ago
“Knowing that even though I am his, he will never truly be mine; eats me alive”
- Myself, one year and six months into our relationship…
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breakuppoetry · 4 months ago
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lovablegf · 3 months ago
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chaoticsweetheart · 10 months ago
I do not know how to unlove you I have burned the memories I have deleted the messages I have sent your number away I have told myself that it is over it is over it is over it is over at least for you it is over but for me I remember the sunsets glittering rays on the skin music echoing around like fairies dancing fingers in my hair with a touch I didn’t know I could have every time I look at someone else I feel an ache every time I know that you don’t care it is over for you I don’t know how to make it over for me I pretend you are dead to me but even the dead can be loved so what am I to do when I remember the sunlight while you are gone into the night
- Chaoticsweetheart / Miranda B
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heavenswereabell · 3 months ago
I used to think I was too much for her. I was told I wasn't, I wasn't too much for her, she told me. I never quite believed her. I realise now I was just more than her. I felt more, I loved more, I gave more. It wasn't that I gave too much, I was just giving it to the wrong person. I was giving it to someone who wouldn't give it back, who would never choose me over herself. Who wouldn't give it back even a little bit. I gave everything so easily, a bottomless pond of love and life. And I begged her for droplets in return, condensation on windows, a watery afterthought.
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darkfaeluvr · 28 days ago
the thing about falling in love with every little thing
is that heartbreaks exist in minor and major keys
the thing about falling in love with me
is that i wouldn’t have it any other way
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ellepacca · 7 months ago
I wish you well, my king of hearts but I really must be going the tea is cold / the cookies are gone I'll take the cat / be off by morning Climb out the rabbit hole greet the sun arms outstretched and soaring! booked a one-way ticket to neverland   where grownup life never grows boring Took home a twenty-something captain hook cinderella / elsa too ballroom slumber parties fairy nights loving every moment without you
- single
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ryelandordyeland · 7 months ago
And i said "You will always have a place in my heart, even if you choose to never visit, and your memories will collect dust with time. It will stay there for you" and then we ended.
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melindacarolinee · 9 months ago
He would always try to come back
Promising me the world
telling me how much he loves me
about the future we were going to have
how I’m the only thing he ever thinks of
And right when he had me
where he wanted me?
He showed up empty handed
with love nowhere on his lips
no future with me in his destination
thinking of me only in the heat of the moment
And after getting what he wanted?
leaving me with a heavy chest
weighed down with regret and shame
with empty promises lingering in the air
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avanillaopus · 10 months ago
There is nothing complicated about it: I don't want to do this without you. I'm simply not going to try and find peace in your absence, I'm not going to try to move on. No. I'm going to watch my own body eat itself alive from the inside out so nobody else can ever touch it. I'm going to scream myself hoarse so nobody else can ever hear me sing, listen to me whisper sweet nothings into their ears. I'm going to become unrecognisable so that when I look into the mirror, I don't see the woman that you loved, the face you cherished, the body you held so close to yours. There is nothing complicated about it: I'm going to kill her because the sight of her hurts too much.
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poeticanonymoussoul · 4 months ago
2 am texts to my ex I deleted again
I don‘t want a life without my best friend
This isn‘t fair
And it‘s not fair that some stupid person decided he‘s gonna be an asshole and destroy someones life
And it isn‘t fair that I had a family I couldn‘t talk to and didn‘t get support from when I was so small
And it‘s not fair how you treated me and the way it ended isn‘t at all how it should have and we could have been good together if you were the type for it, but you aren‘t and it‘s not fair that I am and you aren‘t
It‘s not fair I feel so depressed when I‘m trying so hard to be positive and keep fighting and keep working, I‘m sure I‘m trying more than some other people to be okay but for them it‘s just normal
It‘s also not fair how it ended with my new boyfriend because I liked him and because I just started opening up and it hurt me again and it‘s not fair I‘m so emotional and attached to people I‘m always sad when someone leaves even if it felt bad, and he promised he was the kind of person who wants to stay but apparently his tolerance to go through rough patches is lower than mine
It‘s not fair the things that make me feel safe always get taken away and all so quickly after one another, and the new stuff I try to find also gets taken away apparently so wtf why
Like try and build a house of cards in a hurricane
I‘m so sick of it all, I just want one single thing to work out for me, one thing to keep me sane
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never-ending-thought · 3 months ago
Thoughts 25.0
If only he could remember
That I was there for him
When everybody left,
When he was all alone in the world
I was there.
Now that I am alone
He is nowhere to be seen.
Just the ghost of him dancing around my room,
While I’m left
Picking up the pieces on my own
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breakuppoetry · 6 months ago
after all that we’re just strangers again
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poemsandhoney · 3 months ago
Grace Sinkins
Dusky skies
And the little lies
That made up that late November night
We were slow dancing to Elliot smith
And the fire pit glowed in the dark
You whispered to me “be my queen”
We were so naive
To think this could last forever
You craved her and that was no secret
But I was oblivious to it
Trapped in the fantasy that you surprised me with
It was you and me
Or at least supposed to be
Until december rolled around
When I found out
I caught you in the woods behind your house
Our spot that we used to stargaze and lay together
She was your mistress
And I was your queen
I treated you as a king
To find out I wept all this time for a joker
Who swept me aside when he got the chance
One day he will regret it
And look back on that dusky November night
As he retraces the steps to the dance
And realize he threw away his only chance
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hopelessaroace · 5 months ago
Loving you was like a drug—
I was curious at first,
But then I kept coming back,
It was like a thirst
That I couldn’t get rid of,
Like an addiction I couldn’t shake,
Because when I was with you,
Everything hurt, but it would also make
Me feel needed,
Even if every time
I was with you,
I died a little inside,
You killed me slowly,
But I didn’t care,
I was your servant,
You stripped me bare
Of stability,
Of self worth,
And you fucking wondered
Why I looked so hurt
On the day you told me
To swallow my pride,
Cause there was
Nothing left inside
Of me, except
My love for you,
And I thought I knew you better, but
That was exactly like something you’d do.
You’d kill me slowly,
And you’d act like I’d won,
You were my drug,
Pretending you didn’t know what you’d done.
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heavenswereabell · a month ago
I keep adding songs to the playlist I made you. I hope you notice. I hope you care. I tell myself I'll be able to see if I'm being mistreated again, but my hope in my heart gets in my way. Will you want to kiss me? Do you long for that, too? To be held and loved and touched-- I need to know you are here with me, I'm not just a ghost haunting your life. You put up with me blowing over papers. You respond to my cries, tongue in cheek, never in mine. I am just a novelty. You let me pass the time freely until I ask to pay rent with you. Stop myself squatting in your house. You change your mind, and the locks. I need someone to look at me and tell me I'm here. Do you dream of me, too? I am the ghost, but it seems I only haunt my own heart with hope of you loving me.
Talking Phase
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darkfaeluvr · 2 months ago
Everyone tells you how great it is to fall in love
No one tells you what it’s like to fall in love with the wrong person
I fell in love with the wrong person
And the earth shattered with my heart
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