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#breakup quotes
i-wrotethisforme · 4 months ago
If I stayed with my ex, I would be married with kids right now and honestly I would be really happy, I know that. But I wouldn’t have met you or your sister or my neighbors or any of the guys I’ve dated in the past 5 years or any of the people I consider my best friends right now. And there are thousands of pictures I wouldn’t have taken and memories I wouldn’t have made and trips I wouldn’t have gone on and favorite outfits I wouldn’t have bought. And I wouldn’t live in this apartment and I wouldn’t have taken this job. I was so close to my entire life being completely different. My life that I’m in love with almost didn’t exist. That’s why I’m thankful for that breakup and all the worst moments of my life. Because I wouldn’t have what I have right now without every decision I’ve made leading up to today, even the bad ones.
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londonfromparis · 6 days ago
I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t remember what it was like to be alone. I erased the photos off my phone, I put the picture frame face down, I threw your shirts in the hallway - but still I couldn’t remove you from my mind. I just laid there and cried. I loved you so much - now what was I supposed to do?
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ink-and-oceans · a year ago
I admit to being capable of an astounding level of selfishness, caprice, and cruelty. Many storms I weathered were those that I summoned. But even on my worst days, did I deserve the pain you inflicted or the nightmares you inspired?
tara love / what did i do to deserve this
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i-wrotethisforme · 8 months ago
I wanted him to be right for me so, so badly. And the truth is we could have forced it. But I decided I didn’t want something I have to force when there are things out there that will come straight to me and want to stay. And I still think about him and check in on him and he still has everything on paper, but it doesn’t matter how much of a perfect fit it was in my head when he was standing right in front of me and something felt missing.
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